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beth M. C, dau. of the late Major-Gen. John William
Frederick Bean, Bengal Suff Corps. Sir Thomas
Graham is a Major-Gen. ret., late R. (Bengal) A., and
commanded a 2nd Class Dist. Bengal 1890-4. — Glencoc,
Camberley, Surrey.

GRAHAM, Major-Gen. Sir Edward Ritchie
CoRTTON, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.— Cr. K.C.B.
1915, K.C.M.G. 1918.

B. 1858. Sir Edward Graham is a Major-Gen. late
Cheshire Regt., of which he is Col., and Commandeur
Legion d'Honneur; was D.A.A.G. Madras 1885-95;
A.A.G. in India 1895-9 ; Assistant Provost Marshal




:iiul A.A.G. in S. Africa 1900-2; A.A.G. at Head- 1
.|u:irters 1905-8, and in command of the 8th Infantry
I'.rigade, S. Command, 1908-12 and of the S. Midland
lliv.,T.F., 1914; appointed D.A.G. I9\i.—Armi/ and'
ytii'j/ Cluh, s.w. j

GRAHAM, Sir John James, K.G.M.G.— Cr. i

Eldest son of Robert Graham, Esq., of Fintry, For-
farshire, wlio d. 1887, by Eliza Anne, dau. of the late
Col. Charles Gray, Kifle Brigade; b. 1847; m. 1873
Anne Julia, dau. of the late Hon. James Murison,
M.L.C. Sir John Graham, who was educated at St.
Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, is a J.P. for Cape Colony,
and was Chief Clerk to the Attorney-Gen. and Clerk
of the Peace, Cape Town, 1878-82; Secretary to the
Law Department 1882-4; High Sheriff and Taxing
Officer Supreme Court 1884, and again Secretary to th e
Law Department 1889-1908.— i\'cwian(£s, near Ciipe
Town, S. Africa.

GRAHAM, Sir Ronald William, K.C.M.G.,
C.B.— Cr. 1915.
Eldest son of Sir Henry John Lowndes Graham,
K.C.B., Clerk of the Parliaments, by his 1st wife Edith
Eliaabeth, who d. 1876, 2nd dau.of Gathorne, 1st Earl
of Craubrook, G.C.S.L, P.C. ; J. 1870; m. 1912 the
Hon. Sybil Brodrick, who has the Grand Cordon of the
Egyptian Order of El Kemal, 2nd dau. of William St.
John Fremantle, 9th Viscount Midleton, P.C. Sir Ronald
Graham, who was educated at Eton, entered the Diplo-
matic Service 1892, and was appointed a 3rd Secretary
1894, a 2nd Secretary 1897, and a 1st Secretary 1904";
was employed in the Foreign Office 1903-7, as British
Agent before the Muscat Arbitration Tribunal at The
Hague 1905, and on Special Service in Crete 1906, and
was Councillor of Embassy at Cairo and Acting Agent
and Consul-Gen. 1907-10 and Adviser to the Egyptian
Ministry of the Interior 1910-16, with the rank of
Minister Plenipotentiary 1916 ; appointed an Assistant
Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1916;
has the Grand Cordon of the Egyptian Order of the
m\e.— Travellers' CTkJ, s.w. ; TurfClub,-w. ; 19, Queen
Street, Mayfair, w.

GRAHAM, Fanny, Lady.

Dau.of the late Rev. G.W.Millard, M.A., of Newcastle,
N.S.W. ; m. 1890 Sir James Graham, M.D., M.L.A. of
N.S.W., -who was Mayor of Sydney 1901, and who was
cr. Knt. 1901 and d. 1913.— 183, Liverpool Street,
Sydney, N.S.W.

GRAHAM, Sir Claveehouse Frederick
Charles, Knt.— Cr. 1905.

Son of the late Henry Sutherland Graham, Esq.. of
Dundee; b. 18—; m. 2ndly 18 — Mary Newman, who
d. 18—, dau. of Thomas Whitehead, Esq. ; 3rdly 1906
Emily, 2nd dau. of the late George Moulson, Esq., of
Hove, Sussex. Sir Claverhouse Graham is a Magis-
trate for Derbyshire, a C.C. for Staffordshire, Past
President of the Licensed Victuallers' Society, Founder
and Past President of the National Old Age State Pen-
sions League, Past Parliamentary Secretary (1903-4-5)
and Trustee of the Manchester Unity, and the Author
of "Old Age Pensions for the Thrifty, the duty of the
State" (1885, 10th edition 1905) and other works on
friendly and thrift development. — Uelmsley, Lennox
Road South, Southsea.

GRAHAM, Sir Cecil William Noble, Knt. —
Cr. 1911.

Younger son of Sir John Hatt Noble Graham, Ist ;
Bart., of Larbert, and Househill, Stirlingshire, by his
1st wife Jane Brown, who d. 1890, 4th dau. of the

late James Graham Adam, Esq., of Deuovan, Stirling-
shire ; b. 1872. Sir Cecil Graham, who was educated
at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Oxford, was President
of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce 1909-10 and
1911-12; a Trustee of the Victoria Memorial and
Chairman of the Executive Committee 1909-10 and
1911-12, and an Additional Member of the Council of
the Governor-Gen. of India for making Laws and
Regulations 1909-12, and is a Partner in Messrs.
William Graham & Co., Glasgow, and its allied firms in
Manchester, Liverpool, Portugal, and India. — Larbert
House, Larbert, Stirlingshire ; White's, New University,
R. Automobile, and Sports' Clubs, s.w. ; Bath, and
Oriental Clubs, w. ; City University Club, E.c. ; Western
Club, Glasgow ; Bengal, and Turf Clubs, Calcutta.

GRAHAM, Anne Margaret, Lady.

Dau. of the late John Patrick Lyons, Esq., of Cornwallis,
Nova Scotia; m. 1875 the Hon. Sir Wallace Graham,
who was for 8 years Standing Counsel in Nova Scotia
for the Canadian Government ; a Commissioner to re-
vise the Statutes of Canada 1883 and to revise the
Statutes of Nova Scotia 1889; Judge in Equity of the
Supreme Court and Judge Ordinary of the Divorce and
. Matrimonial Cause Court of Nova Scotia 1 889-1 91 5, and
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
1915-17, and who -was cr. Knt. 1910 andrf. 1917.— 37,
South Pari; Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

GRAHAM, Sir Robert, Knfc.— Cr. 1917.

Son of James Graham, of Beith, who d. 1889 ;
b. 1846 ; m. 1878 Eliza Hood, dau. of the late John
Bishop, Merchant, of Dalkeith. Sir Robert Graham,
who was educated at Beith and at Glasgow, and wa.s
for over 30 years a Member of tlie Gl.isgow Corporation,
i.s a J.P. and D.L. for the co. of the City of Glasgow ;'
Head of a firm of Wholesale Newsagents and Bookstall
Lessees, and a Member of the Clyde Navigation Trust
and of the Glasgow Univ. Court— Ardoch, Nithsdale
Road, Glasgow; Liberal, and Scottish Automobile
Clubs, Glasgow.

GRAHAM, Major Douglas William, of
Hilston Park, Monmouthshire.

Only son of James Graham, Esq., late of Hilston Park,
who d. 1908, by Emily Sophia, who d. 1889, 3rd dau. of
the late Henry Robert Kingscote, Esq. ; b. 1866 ; m. 1st
1889 Mary Emmeline, eldest dau. of Major J. O.Carnegy;
2ndly 1902 (Frances Joanna) Maud, 2nd dau. of William
Pinney, of Blackdown, Dorsetshire, formerly Rector of
Llanvetherine, Monmouthshire, and has, with other
issue, a son, »William James, M.C., Capt. Gordon High-
landers; educated at Pembroke Coll., Cambridge; b.
1890; m. 1915 Baronne Yvonne d'Anethan, only
dau. of the late Baron Jules d'Anethan, of Brussels.
Major Graham, who was educated at Eton, and called
to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1895, was formerly
Lieut. R. Highlanders, and subsequently Major 2nd
Batt. Monmouthshire Regt., and is a Magistrate for
Monmouthshire, Major ret., late 3rd Co. of London
(Sharpshooters) Yeo. and an Hon. Major in the Army ;
was a Draft Conducting Officer, with the temp, rank of
Major, 1916-18. — Hilston Park, Monmouth; Welling-
ton, and Arthur's Clubs, s.w.; R. Yacht Squadron,
Cowet. -

GRAHAM, Hector Robert Lushington, Esq.,
of Ballinakill Lodge, co. Galway.
Only son of Francis John Graham, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Drumgoon, co. Fermanagh, and of Ballinakill
Lodge, who d. 1902, by Minna, 2nd dau. of the late
Charles Hugh Lushington, Esq., of Rodmersham, Kent ;
b. 1888 ; m. 1909 Ellen Violet Maudsley, only dau. of




the late Charles Francis Silcock, Esq., and has 3 daws.
— Ballinakill Lodge, Lctterfrack, co. Galway ; Kesi-
dence : Summerhill, Thomastown, co. Kilkenny.

GRAHAM, James Hope Stewart, Esq., of
Dunnabie, and Crafchat, Dumfriessliire.
Son of the late James Graham, Esq., of Dunnabie, by
Anne, dau. of the late James Hope Stewart, Esq., of
Hillhead, N.B.; h. 1856; m. 1888 Isabella, dau. of
Robert Carlyle, Esq., of Waterbeck, Dumfriesshire, and
has a son, * James Stewart, b. 1892. Mr. Graham is
a Writer to the Signet (1881), and a J.P. for Dumfries-
shire. — Dunnabie, Ecchfechan, N.B.

GRAHAM, James Noble, Esq., of Carfin, and
Stonebyres, Lanarkshire.

I'oungest son of John Graham, Esq. (6th son of the
late William Graham, Esq., of Burntshields, Renfrew-
shire), who d. 1886, by Elizabeth Hatt, who d. 1889,
dau. of the late John Hatt Noble, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Leckhampstead, Berkshire; b. 1846; m. 1873 Jean
Rose Lovett Frazer, 3rd dau. of the late William
Lochiel Cameron, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and has had, with
other issue, a son, the Hon. William Lovett Cameron,
M.L.C. Bombay, Capt. Indian Army Reserve of Officers,
Hon. A.D.C.to the Viceroy of India, Assistant Quarter-
master-Gen. Expeditionary Transport Service, and
President of the Bank of Bombay ; late Lieut. 4th
(Militia) Batt. Highland L.I. ; b. 1876; m. 1903
Marion Bethea Alexander, elder dau. of the late R.
Dundas Alexander, Esq., Indian Civil Service, and
was accidentally killed on active service 1916, and
left, with other issue, a son, * James Malcolm, b.
1905. Mr. Graham, who was educated at Harrow,
is a J.P. and D.L. for Lanarkshire. — Carfin, Carluke,
Lanarkshire; Stonebyres, Lanarkshire; Union Club,

GRAHAM, [His Honour Judge] John Cameron,
K.C., of Ballewan, Stirlingshire.
Only son of John Graham, Esq., who d. 1869, by Mary
Hannah, dau. of the late John Woodcroft, Esq., of Ben-
net Grange, Yorkshire; b. 1847; s. his uncle Thomas
Graham, F.R.S., Master of the Mint, 1869 ; m. 1886
Annie, eldest dau. of the late Stewart Pixley, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., and has a son, * John Malise, b. 1899. Judge
Graham, who waseducated at Univ. Coll., London (B.Sc.
1872), called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1879, and
appointed a K.C. 1906, is a J.P. for Stirlingshire and
for Bradford; appointed a County Court Judge 1908. —
Ballewan, Blanefield, Stirlingshire ; Bennct Grange, near
Sheffield ; Beform Club, s.w.

GRAHAM, Miss, of Airth, Stirlingshire.

Helen Christina, elder dau. of Col. Thomas Philip
Graham, late Scots Guards, of Airth, who d. 1898, by
Jemima Barbara, who d. 1878, youngest dau. of the
late Robert Clerk-Rattray, Esq., of Craighall, Perth-
shire.— ^!>tt Castle, Larbert, N.B.
Ileirest Pres., her Bister Agnes.

GRAHAM, Mrs., of Airthrey Castle, Stirling-
Gertrude Lawrence Clara, 2nd dau. of Col. James
Barnes Dunsterville, C.S.I., Commissary-Gen. Bombay
Army, who d. 1870, by Harriet, who d. 1892, dau.
of the late George Birch, Esq. ; m. 1872 Donald Graham,
Esq., CLE., of Airthrey Castle, a J.P. and D.L. for
Stirlingshire, a J.P. for Lanarkshire, and a D.L. for
Glasgow, who d. 1901, leaving, with other issue a son,
* James Dunsterville, Major Territorial Force Reserve,
late Lothians and Border Horse Yeo. ; previously Capt.
3rd Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ; i. 1 873 ;
m. 1895 Ann Orr, dau, of the late James Stewart, Esq.,

and has had, with other issue, a son, Malise Stewart,
Acting Sub-Lieut. R.N. ; b. 1897, and accidentally
drowned on active service 1917. — Airthrey Castle,
Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire.

GRAHAM, Mrs., of Skipness, Argyllshire.

Emily Eliza, youngest dau. of Joseph Alfred Hardcastle,
Esq., M.P., who d. 1899, by his Ist wife Frances, who
d. 1865, dau. of the late Henry Lambirth, Esq., of
Writtle, Essex ; m. 1875 Robert Chellas Graham, Esq.,
F.S.A., of Skipness, a Barrister-at-Law and a J.P. and
D.L. for Argyllshire, who d. 1908, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Robert Francis, educated at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1897, M.A. 1902); b. 1876.—
Skipness, Argyllshire.

GRAHAM, Ogilvie Blair, Esq., of Larch,
field, CO. Down.

Elder son of Ogilvie Blair Graham, Esq., D.L., of
Larehfield, who d. 1897, by Louisa Sara, who d. 1907,
dau. of the late Ambrose Lanfear, Esq., of New Orleans,
U.S.A.; b. 1865; m. 1890 Grace Cottnam, 3rd dau. of
the late Right Hon. John Young, of Galgorm.co. Antrim,
and has, with 2 other sons, * Ogilvie Blair, D.S.O., Capt.
Rifle Brigade and Acting Liout.-C'ol. on the iStaff;
educated at Trinity Coll., Oxford; b. 1891; m. 1919
Winifred Maud, younger dau. of the Rev. John
Battersby Harford, M.A., Canon of Ripon. Mr.
Graham, who was formerly Capt. 5th Batt. R. Irish
Rifles, is a Magistrate for co. Down (High Sheriff
1918). —Larehfield, Lisburn, oo. Bourn.

GRAHAM, Percy North, Esq., of Busbridge
Hall, Surrey.
Third son of Christopher North Graham, Esq., of
Silwood, Tulse HiU, Surrey, who d. 1889, by Isabella,
who. d. 1909, dau. of the late William Peter McAndrew,
Esq., of Croxted, Dulwich; b. 1865 ; m. 1890 Marion
Child, 4th dau. of James Child McAndrew, Esq., of
Grafham Grange, Bramley, Surrey, and has a dau.,
Isabella Julia. Mr. Graham was" educated at Ton-
bridge. — Busbridge Hall, Godalming, Surrey.

doch, Dumbartonshire.

Elder son of William Cunninghame Graham Bontine,
Esq., of Ardoch and of Gartmore, Perthshire, who d.
1883, by the Hon. Anne Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the
late Adm. the Hon. Charles Elphinstone Fleeming, of
Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire ; b. 1852 ; m. 1877 Gabriela
Marie, who d.s.p. 1906, dau. of Don Francisco iosk da
Labalmondiire. Mr. Bontine Cunninghame Cunning-
liame Graham, who was educated at Harrow, is a J.P.
and D.L. for Dumbartonshire, and a J.P. for cos. Perth
and Stirling, and was M.P. for N.W. Lanarkshire
1886-92. — Ardoch, Dumbartonshire ; Devonshire Club,
s.w. ; Savile Club, w.

GRAHAM, Robert Douglas, Esq., of Cos-
sington House, Somerset.
Second son of Allen Dowdeswell Graham, Esq., of
Cossington House, who d. 1905, by Helen Sophia, dau.
of the late Henry Pyne, Esq., and widow of Edward
Frederic Grenfell, Esq.; b. 1887; s. his brother
George Roland Graham, Esq., Lieut. 112th Infantry,
Indian Army, whose death is presumed, by Order of
the High Court of Justice 1907, to have taken place
on or since March 17th, 1905; m. 1910 Aileen ap
Rhys, elder dau. of Lieut.-Col. Douglas Davidson

♦ Mr. Bontine Cuiiningbame Ouaninghame Graham claims tl,e
dormant Earldom of Aii-th and ilenteitli, besides representing the
Cunnlnghames, Earls of Glencairn, bj succession to Fiulayitone.


Pryce, u.s.I. Indian Army, and has, with other issue,
a son, *John Douglas, b. 1913. Mr. Graham, who was
educated at Bradfield Coll., is Comm. Emergency List,
late Lieut. R.N. — Residence: Stawell House, near
Bridgwater, Somerset.

GRAHAM, Thomas Henry Boileau, Esq., of
Edmond Castle, Cumberland.
Eldest son of Reginald John Graham, Ksq., of Edmond
Castle, who d. 1897, by Ellen Leah, who d. 1918, dan.
of the late Thomas Ebenezer John Boileau, Esq., a Judge
at Madras ; b. 18.57. Mr. Graham, who was educated at
Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1880, M.A. 1885), and
called to tlie Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1882, is a Magis-
trate for Sussex and for Cumberland. — Edmond Castle,
Carlisle ; Oxford and Cambridge Club, s.w.

GRAHAM, William, Esq., of Crosbie, Ayr-

Only child of James Graham, Esq., LL.D., F.R.S.E.,
J.P., of Crosbie, who d. 1899, by Elizabeth, eldest dau.
of the late Alexander Paterson, Esq., of Irvine; b.
1863 ; m. 1895 Emmeline, youngest dau. of the late
Charles Henry Haldane Wilsone, Esq., of Dalnair,
Stirlingshire, and has, with other issue, * James
Douglas, b. 1904. Mr. Graham, who was educated
at Loretto and at Glasgow Univ. (B.L. 1894) and
was a AVriter in Glasgow 1895-1911. is a J.P. for
Ayrshire. — Crosbie, West Kilbride, Ayrshire; Western
Club, Glasgow.

GRAHAM, WiLLUM Fergus, Esq., of Moss-
know, Dumfriesshire.
Eldest son of Major-Gen. John Gordon Graham, J.P.
and D.L., late 1st R. Dragoons, of Mossknow, who d.
1911, by Susanna Elizabeth Tuchet, who d. 1905, elder
dau. of Sir John Hay, 7th Bart., of Park, Wigtown-
shire ; b. 1874; m. 1917 Elsie Helen, younger dau.
of Jolin Bell-Irving, Esq., of White Hill, Dumfries-
shire. Mr. Graham, who was educated at Rugby, is a
Magistrate for Dumfriesshire and Lieut, ret., late K.O.
Scottish Borderers. — Mossknow, Kirkpatriek-Flemiiig ,
Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire ; Boodle's Club, s.w.

GRAHAM. See Atholstan ; Bams- Graham ; Maxtoue-
Graham; Montrose; and Murray -Graham.

GRAHAM BONTINE. See Graham, of Ardoch.

GRAHAM-CAMPBELL, Robert Charles,
Esq., of Shirvan, Argyllshire.
Eldest surviving son of John Graham-Campbell, Esq.,
of Shirvan, who d. 1889, by Jessie, who d. 1901, dau,
of the late Charles Saunders, Esq., of Fulwood Park,
Liverpool; b. 1862; m. 1887 Alexandra Graham,
youngest dau. of the late jEneas Mackintosh, Esq., of
Daviot, and has, with other issue, a son, *John, Lieut.
8th Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; edu-
cated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; b.
1888. Mr. Graham-Campbell, who was educated at
Eton and at Edinburgh Univ., and admitted a Member
of the Scottish Faculty of Advocates 1885, is a J.P.
and D.L. for and Vice-Convener of Argyllshire. —
Shirvan, Lochgilphead, N.B.

GRAHAM-CLARKE, Leonard John, Esq., of
Frocester Manor, Gloucestershire ; and of
Glanrhos, Breconshire.
Only son of John Altham Graham-Clarke, Esq., of
frocester Manor and of Glanrhos, who d. 1897, by
Emma Jane, who d. 1904, dau. of the late Rev. John
Eagles, M.A., of Clifton; b. 1841 ; m. 1866 Flora Eliza,
younger dau, of the late Henry Brown, Esq., formerly



Judge at Poona, E. Indies, and has had, with other
issue, Lionel Altham, D.S.O. (eldest son), Capt.
Reserve of Officers, Capt. and Hon. Major late fi.
Gloucestershire Hussars Imp. Yeo. ; previously Capt.
R.A. and 1st Batt. Imp. Yeo. in S. Africa; b. 1867;
m. 1893 Frances, dau. of Charles Ernest Charlesworth,
Esq., of Conyngham Hall, Yorkshire, and d. 1914,
leaving a son, John Altham Stobart, temp. Lieut. 9th
(Service) Batt. K.O. Scottish Borderers ; b. 1 894, and
killed in action 1916; and *John Eagles Henry
(2nd son), a J.P. for Gloucestershire (on the roll
for High Sheriff of Radnorshire for 1920) and
Lieut, and Hon. Capt. Territorial Force Reserve, late
Lieut, and temp. Capt. Glamorganshire Yeo.; b. 1868;
m. 1913 Margaret, dau. of the late Harry Rouse, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Firby Hall, Yorkshire, and has, with
otherissue, ason, *Lionel John, A. 1916. Mr. Graham-
Clarke, who was educated at Winchester and at Ch. Ch.,
Oxford (B.A. 1865, M.A: 1867), and called to the Bar at
the Inner Temple 1868, is a Magistrate for cos. Brecon
and Gloucester. — Glatirhos, Rhayader ; Frocester Manor,
Stonehoti.se ; Arts' Club, w.


GRAHAM-STIRLING, Major Carolus Home,
of Strowan, Perthshire.

Elder surviving son of Thomas James Graham-Stir-
ling, Esq., of Strowan, who d. 1896, by his 2nd wife
Jane, who d. 1892, youngest dau. of the late William
Hugh Hunter, Esq., of Auchterarder, Perthshire ; b.
1866 ; m. 1903 Sybilla (whom he div. in Scotland, for
desertion, 1916), dau. of the late Major-Gen. John
Agmondesham Vesey Kirkland, of Fordel, Perthshire,
and has a dau., Sybilla Jean. Major Graham-Stirling,
who was educated at Repton, is a J.P. and D.L. for
Perthshire, and Major ret., late 3rd Batt. Black Watch.
—Strowan, Crieff, Perthshire.

GRAHAM- STIRLING. See Miller- Stirling.

GRAHAM-TOLER, Mrs., of Beechwood Park,
CO. Tipperary.

Emily Alexina, youngest dau. of Robert Balfour
Wardliiw-Ramsay, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Whitehill,
Midlothian, and of Tillicoultry House, Clackmannan-
shire, who d. 1 882, by Lady Louisa Jane, who d. 1 882,
3rd dau. of George, 8th Marquis of Tweeddale, K.T. ;
m. 1885 Lieut.-Col. James Otway Graham-Toler, of
Beechwood Park, an Hon. Major ret,, late Capt.
Highland L.I., and Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. ret.,
late 4th Batt. Highland L.I., who d. 1913, leaving,
with other issue, a son. * Leopold James, Capt. 6th
Batt. Middlesex Regt. ; b. 18S8.— Beechwood Park,
Nenagh, co. Tipperary.

-(-GRAHAM-TOLER, Otway Scarlett, Esq.,
of Durrow Abbey, King's Co.
Only son of Hector Robert Graham-Toler, Esq., of
Durrow Abbey, who d. 1899, by Alice (who m. 2ndly
1909 Major Arthure Lockwood Trevor- Boothe, late 4th
Hussars), dau. of the late Charles Steer, Esq. a Judge
of the High Court, Calcutta : b. 1886. Mr. Graham-
Toler, who was educated at Wellington Coll., was High
Sheriff of King's Co. 1911, and formerly Lieut, (on
probation) Irish Guards, Special B.&imve.— Durrow
Abbey, King's Co. ; Guards' Club, s.w.

GRAHAM-TOLER. See Norbui-y, Earl of

GRAHAME, Sir George Dixon, K.C.V.O.—
Cr. 1918.

Only son of Richard Grahame, Esq., who d. 1874,
by Sophia Lydia (who m. 2ndly 1877 Col. WUliam
o 561




I.isle Blenkinsopp Coulson, of Newbrough Park, GRANT, Sir LdDOTIC JameS, Bart., of Dalvey,

Northumberland, -H-ho d. 1911), 2iid dau. of the late ' ' "

John Dixon, Esq., of Astle Hall, Chelford ; b. 1873.

Sir George Grahame, who was educated at Charterhouse

and entered the Diplomatic Service 1896, was a 3rd

Secretary 1898-1902, a 2nd Secretary 1902 9 and a 1st

Secretary 1 909-16 ; appointed Councillor of Embassy at

Rome 1916, and Minister Plenipotentiary at Paris 1918.

—British Embasay, Paris ; Travellers' Club, s.-w. ; St.

James's Club, w. ; Beefsteak Club, w.c.

GRANARD, Earl of (Bernard Aethdk

William Patrick Hastings Forbes, K.P.,

G.C.V.O., P.O.).— Cr. 1684.

Eldest son of George Arthur, 7th Earl, by his 2nd

wife the Hon. Frances Mary, eldest dau. of William,

12th Lord Petre ; h. 1874 ; s. 1889 ; m. 1909 Beatrice,

dau. of Ogden Mills, Esq., of Staatsburg, Dutchess I

ity, U.S.A. The Earl of Granard is Vice-Adm. of

Banffshire.— Cr. 1688.
Klder siu'vivingson of Sir Alexander Grant, 10th Bart.,
by Susan, who d. 1895, 2nd dau. of the late James
Frederick Ferrier, Esq., Professor of Moral Philosophy
at St. Andrews Univ. ; b. 1862 ; s. 1884 ; m. 1890
Elizabeth Ethel Graham, eldest dau. of the late Henry
Hill Lancaster, Esq., Advocate, Edinburgh, and has a
dau., Kosalind Margaret Innes, m. 1918 Capt. Edward
Coverley Kennedy, R.N. Sir Ludovic Grant, who
was educated at Fettes and at Ballio! Coll., Oxford
(Hon. LL.D. Glasgow 1904), and admitted a Member of
the Scottish Faculty of Advocates 1887, was appointed
Professor of Public Law in Edinburgh Univ. 1890,
and a Trustee and Commissioner of the Board of
Manufactures in Scotland 1901, and represents Edin-
burgh Univ. on the T.F. Association of the City of
Edinburgh. — 4, Belgrave Orescent, Edinbnrgh;
Athenatim, and Caledonian Clubs, s.w. ; New Club

HHr Pre:., his brother Sir Alfred Hamilton, K.O.I.E., C.S.I.
(jehom see).


Connaught, H.M.'s Lieut, and a J.P. for co. Longford, i
Capt. Reserve of Officers, an Hon. Lieut. -Col. in the
Army, an Officer of the Legion of Honour, and a Com- 1

SS:'^o:s^d'!LS^St.^^^!^| GRANT^ Sir ARTHUR,^Bart., p.S.0., of Mony-
don) London Regt., a Lord-in-Waiting to H.M. King

vard VIL 1905-7; Minister Assisting the Post-
master-Gen. 1906-15; Master of the Horse 1907-18;
in command of 5th (Service) Batt. R. Irish Regt., with
the temp, rank of Lieut-Col. in the Army, 1914-16 ;
an Assistant Mil. Secretary, with the temp, rank of
Lieut.-Col., 1916-17 ; Assistant Mil. Secretary on the
Mil. Secretary's Staff, with the temp, rank of Lieut-
Col., 1917, and aMemberofthe Irish Convention 1917-
18; appointed Chairman of the Irish Food Control
Committee 1918 ; sits in the House of Lords as Lord
Granard, U.K. (cr. 1806); has the Grand Cross of the
Order of Isabel the Catholic of Spain, of the Order of
Charles III. of Spain, of the Portuguese Order of
Christ, and of the Order of the North Star of Sweden,
and the Orders of the White Eagle of Serbia, 4th Class, ^ _,. „_
with Swords, and the Redeemer of Greece, 3rd Class, i trKAJN 1 , LAURA, Lady,

musk, Aberdeenshire. — Cr. 1705.
Elder son of Sir Arthur Henry Grant, 9th Bart., by
Mary, eldest dau. of Capt. Henry Sholto Douglas,
formerly 42nd R. Highlanders, of Moorlands, Hamp-
shire ; b. 1879; s. 1917; m. 1909 Evelyn Alice
Lindsay, 6th dau. of the late CoUingwood Lindsay
Wood, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Freeland, Perthshire.
Sir Arthur Grant is a J.P. and D.L. for Aberdeenshire,
Capt. Reserve of Officers, Capt. ret. late 12th Lancers,
and Lieut.-Col. Territorial Force Reserve, late 6omm.
5th Batt. Gordon Highlanders. — House of Monymusk,
Aberdeen; Carlton Club, s.w.; Cavalry Club, w. ;
15, Shane Court, s.w.

//eir, his son Arthur Lindsay, h. 1911.

-Castle Forbes, Newtown Forbes, co. Longford; Guards'
Club, 8.W.; TtirJ Club, w.; Forbes 'House, Halkin
Street, s.w. !

GRANBT, Marquis of.
Duke of.

See under Eutland,

GRANDISON, Viscount. See under Jersey, SarZo/".

GRANET, Sir (William) Guy, Knt., of The
Plas, Harlech , Merionethshire.— Cr. 1911.

Second son of William Augustus Granet, Esq., of Genoa,
who d. 1878, by Adelaide Julia, who d.l913, dau. of the
late E. Le Mesurier, Esq. ; b. 1867 ; m.

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