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vannah, U.S.A. ; 6.1893; edu-
cated at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; was formerly
Lieut. 15th Hussars and is temp. Lieut. Machine Gun
Corps iCav.). - Craigie, Dundee; East Haddon Hall,

GUTHRIE, John Douglas Maude, Esq., of
Guthrie, Forfarshire.
Only son of John Guthrie, Esq., D.L., of Guthrie,
who d. 1877, by Harriet, who d. 1879, eldest dau. of
the late Barnabas Maude, Esq. ; b. 1866 ; m. 1884 Mary
Macpherson (Myra), dau. of the late Duncan Davidson,
Esq., of TuUoch, Ross-shire, and has, with other issue,
a son, *Ivan Douglas, M.C., Capt. 17th Cav., Indian
Army ; b. 1886. Mr. Guthrie, who was educated at
Harrow, is a J.P. and D.L. for Forfarshire, Capt. ret.,
late 19th Hussars, and Lord of the Barony of Guthrie.
— Guthrie Castle, Guthrie, N.B. ; Gagie House, Dundee,
N.B. ; Junior United Service Club, s.w.

GUTHRIE, of Torosay Castle, Argyllshire.

See Stirling.

GUTHRIE. See Lingard-Guthrie.

GUY, Mrs., of Turoe, co. Galway.

Mabel Agnes, youngest dau. of the late Henry de
Blaquiere, Esq., of Fiddane House, co. Galway ; m. 1st
1899 Hubert Peter Dolphin, Esq., of Turoe, who d.
1907, leaving a dau., *Sheelah ; 2ndly 1909, as his
2nd wife, the Right Hon. Lord Justice John Francis
Moriarty, a Lord Justice of Appeal in Ireland, who
d. 1915; Srdly 191-5 Major and Brevet Lieut.-Ool.
Robert Francis Guy, C.M.G., D.S.O., Wiltshire Eegt.

GWYN, Major Reginald Preston Jeemt, of
Stanfield Hall, Norfolk.
Only son of Lieut.-Col. Reginald Thorsby Gwyn, late
4th K.O. Royals, by his 1st wife Sophia Henrietta,
who d. 1870, only child of the late Isaac Jermy Jermv,
Esq., of Stanfield Hall ; b. 1869 ; m. 1895 Isabel Mary
Gertrude, younger dau. of the late Major William
Nicholson, of Thelwall, Cheshire, and has, with other
issue, a son, ■* Anthony Joseph Jermy, Lieut, h.p., late
Norfolk Regt. ; was temp. Capt. employed under the
Admiralty 1918-19; educated at Stonyhurst and at




the_E. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, b. 1896. Major Gwyn is
Major Reserve of Officers, Major ret., late R. Fusiliers I
and Brigade Major 17th Reserve Infantry Brigade.

GWYN". See Moore- Gwpi. '

GWTNNE, Lieut.-Comm Alban Lewis, C.B.,
of Monaohty, Cardiganshire. {

Only son of Alban Gwynne, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Monachty, who d. 1904, by Mary Edith, who d. 1917,
3rd dau. of tbe late John Battersby Harford, Esq.,
of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire; b. 1880; m. 1912
Kuby, onlj' child of Col. Wensly James Hodson Bond,
C.B., late Indian Army, and has, with other issue, a
son, » Alban Patrick, b. 1913. Lieut.-Comm. Gwynne
is Lieut.-Comm. and Acting Comm. ret. R.N., and has |
the Order of the Osmanieh, 3rd Class. — United Service '
Club, B.w. j

GWYNNE, Mrs., of Folkington Manor, |
Mary Earle, younger dau. of William Purvis, Esq.. of
Edinburgh, who d. 1856, by Cornelia Infield ; m. 1862 '
James Eglinton Anderson Gwynne, Esq., F.S.A.,
F.R.G.S., M.Inst.G.E., of Folkington Manor, a J.P. for
Middlesex, for co. London, and for Westminster, who
d. \9lf>, leaving, with other issue, a son, *Rupert
Sackville {whom see). Mrs. Gwynne is Patron of 3
livings.— i^oU-OT^'^rt Manor, Polcgate R.S.O., Sussex, j

GWYNNE, RoPEET Sackville, Esq., of,
Wootton, Sussex ; and of Rosnashane,
CO. Antrim.
Third son of James Eglinton Anderson Gwynne, Esq., |
J.P., of Folkington Manor, Sussex, who d. 1915, by
Mary Earle, younger dau. of the late William Purvis,
Esq., of Edinburgh; i. 1873 ; m. 1905 the Hon. Stella
Ridley, 2nd and elder surviving dau. of Matthew White,

1st Viscount Ridley, P.C., and has 4 daus. Mr.
Gwynne, who was educated at Shrewsbury School and
at Pembroke Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1894), and called
to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1898, is a J.P. and C.C.
for Sussex, Lord of the Manor of Folkington and
Milton, and Patron of 1 living, and has been M.P. for
the Eastbourne Div.of Sussex since Jan. 1910; appointed
Parliamentary Private Secretary (unpaid) to the Par-
liamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food 1917.
— Wootton, Polegate R.S. 0., Sussex ; Carlton Club, s.w. ;
Bachelors' Club, w. ; 47, Catherine Street, Buckingham
Gate, s.w.

GWYNNE-EVANS, Sir William, Bart., of
Oaklands Park, Gloucestershire ; and of
Penlan Hall, Essex.— Or. 1913:

Only son of Evan Evans, Esq., of Wain, Cardigan-
shire, who d. 1855, by Mary, who d. 1855, dau. of the
late William Evans, Esq., of St. John's, Breconshire,
and widow of Charles Gwynne Pryse, Esq., of Gogerd-
dan, Cardiganshire; b. 1845; 7ii. 1st 1866 Mary Anna,
who d. 1902, 2nd dau. of the late Evan Williams,
Esq., of Berthllwyd, Carmarthenshire; 2ndly 1909
Blanche Sophia, eldest dau. of the Rev. John Charles
Eldridge Besant, M.A., Vicar of Lydney, Gloucester-
shire. Sir William Gwynne-Evans, who received a
royal license 1913 to continue to use the prefix sur-
name of Gwynne, is a Director of the Real Estate
Corporation of S. Afiiea.— OaMands Pari, Newnham,
Gloucestershire; Penlan Hall, Fordham, Essex ; Rand
Club, Johannesburg.

Heir, his son Evan Gwvone, educated at Eton and at
Lincoln Ooll., Oiford (B.A. 1901); b. 1877; m. 1908 Ada
Jane, 2nd dau. of Walter Scott Andrews, Esq., of New
York, U.S.A., and has a son, • Ian 'William, i. 1809.

GWYNNE-HOLFORD. See Holford, ofBuckland.

GWYNNE-HUGHES. See Philipps.



Deborah Vernon, 3rd dau. of the late Frederick Slade
Drake-Brockman, Esq., Surveyor-Gen., of Guildford, !
W. Australia; m. 1905 the Hon. Sir (John) Winthrop
Haekett, K.C.M.6., LL.D., a Barrister-at-Law, a J.P. I
for W. Australia, Registrar of the diocese of Perth,
Chancellor of Perth Cathedral and of the New Univ. of
W. Australia, President of the Zoological Gardens, W. [
Australia Museum, Library, and National Gallery, 1
Perth, Editor and proprietor of the ' W. Australian ' and |
'Western Mail ' newspapers, Perth, and the only Member ,
of Parliament of W. Australia who sat continuously i
in either House since Responsible Government was
granted in 1890, who was formerly a Member of the '
Federal Council of Australia and Delegate to the National
Australian Convention 1891 and to the Federal Austra-
lian Convention 1897-8, and who was cr. Knt. 1911,
K.C.M.G. 1913 and d. 1916.— 248, St. George's
Terrace, Perth, W. Australia ; Mandurah, W. Australia.

HACKETT, Charles Bernard, Esq., of
Riverstown House, co. Tipperary.
Only son of Lieut. -Col. Charles Haekett, J.P., late I
6th Fusiliers, of Riverstown House, who d. 1909, by I
Alice Harvey, who d. 1887, 2nd dau. of John Prankerd, I
Esq., of Bleadon, Somerset; b. 1886; m. 1912 1

Dorothy Hobart. eldest dau. of R. H. Dorman,
Esq., of Tullymore Park, co. Armagh, and has, with
other issue, a son, * Thomas Bernard, b. 1913. Mr.
Haekett, who was formerly Lieut. Alexandra, Princess
of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regt., is temp. Capt. 6th
(Service) Batt. Leinster Regt. — Riverstown House, near
Birr, King's Co.

HACKING, Sir James, Knt.— Cr. 1918.

Second son of Henry Hacking, Esq., of Oswaldtwistle,
who d. 1900, by Ellen, who d. 1880, dau. of the late
Edward Chambers, Esq., of Oswaldtwistle ; b. 1850.
Sir James Hacking, who was educated at an elementary
school, is a Cotton Manufacturer, a J.P. for and a
Councillor of Bury (Mayor 1913-18); one of the
promoters of the Bantam Batt. and Chairman of the
Bury Tribunal and of its War Savings, War Pensions,
and Prisoner of War, &c., Committees. — South View,
Bury, Lancashire ; National Liberal Club, s.w.

-t-HADCOCK, Lieut.-Col. Sir Albert George,
K.B.E.,F.R.S.— Cr. 1918.
Son of the late Capt. G. Hadcock; b. 1861 ; m. 1889

.youngest dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. John Wood

RideouU-, I.S.C. Sir Albert Hadcock is Lieut.-Col.




Coram. 1 St Northumbrian Brigade, R.F.A., T.F., T.D
a Member of the Northumbrian T.F. Association ;
Director of Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co,
Ltd. and of the Thames Ammnnition Works, and an
Associate Member of the Institution of Naval Archi-
tects. — Elswick Wor?cs, Newcastle-zipon-2^ne.

HADDEN, li[ajor-Gen. Sir Charles Feederick
K.C.B.— Cr. 1908.

Only eon of Charles Stanton Hadden, Esq., J.P., of
Eossway, Berkhamsted, and of Ingleside, Sunning-
dale, who d. 1905, by Fanny Anne, who d. 1904, only
dau. of the late Frederick Fowler Robertson, Esq.,
of Bath; *. 1854; m. 1885 Frances Mabel, youngest
dan. of the late Col. Clement Strong, Coldstream
Guards. Sir Charles Hadden, who was educated at
Elstree, at Cheltenham Coll., and at the R. Mil.
Academy, Woolwich.is a Major-Gen. ret., late R.A., and
a J.P. and D.L. for Hertfordshire (High Sherifif 1919),
and was Inspector of the R. Laboratory, Woolwich,
1885-8; Inspector of Laboratory Stores there 1888-
93; Chief Inspector 1893-6; Chief Inspector Army
Ordnance Department 1896-1901 ; a Member of the
Ordnance Committee and an Associate Member of the
Explosives Committee 1901-3; Commandant of the
Ordnance Coll., Woolwich, 1904; Director of Artillery
at Headquarters 1904-7 ; Master-Gen. of the Ordnance
andFourth Mil.Memberof the Army Council 1907-13,
and President of the Ordnance Board and R.A. Com-
mittee 1913-16. — Eosswat/, Berkhamsted, Hertford-
shire ; United Service, and B. Automobile Chilis, s.w.

HADDINGTON, Earl of (George BiaiiE-
Hamilton, M.C.)— Cr. 1618-19.
Elder son of Col. (temp. Brigadier-Gen.) George
(Baillie-Hamilton), Lord Binning, C.B., M.V.O., late
Comm. R. Horse Guards, Lieut. -Col. Lothians and
Border Horse Yeo., who d. 1917, by Katharine Augusta
Millicent, only child of the late William Severin
Salting, Esq.; b. 1894; s. his grandfather George
(Baillie-Hamilton-Arden), 11th Earl, K.T., a Repre-
sentative Peer of Scotland, 1917. The Earl of
Haddington, who was educated at Eton and at tlie R.
Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is Lieut. 2nd Dragoons (R. Scots
Greys). — Tyninghame House, Prestonkirk, Haddington-
shire; Mellerstain, Kelso, Roxburghshire ; Jerviswoode,

HADDO, Earl of. See under Aberdeen and Temair,
Marquis of.


HADEIELD, Sir Robert Abbott, Bart.,
D.Sc, D.Met., F.R.S., M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.,
M.I.E.E.— Cr. 1917.
Only son of the late Robert Hadfield, Esq., of Sheffield,
i. 1 859 ; m. 1894 Frances Belt, C.B.E , a Lady of Grace of
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, dau. of the late Col.
Samuel M. Wickershim, of Alleghany, Pennsylvania, j
U.S.A. Sir Robert Hadfield, who was educated at
Sheffield Collegiate School (Hon. D.Met. Sheffield 1911,
Hon. D..Sc. Leeds 1912), is a J.P. for Sheffield (Master
Cutler 1899-1900), Chairman and Managing Director
of Hadfields Ltd., and a Member of the Senate of
Sheffield Univ., was President of the Iron and Steel
Institute 1905-7 and is on the roll for High Sheriff of ■
Yorkshire for 1920.— 22, Carlton House Terrace, s.w. ; |
Parkhead House, near Sheffield ; Athenaum, Brooks's,
Reform, National Liberal, and R. Automobile Clubs,
s.-w. ; Burlington Fine Arts' Club, w. ; Sheffield Club,
Sheffield; Phyllis Court Clnb,Hcnhy-on-Thames. '


HADOW, Sir (William) Henry, Knt.— Cr.
Eldest son of the Rev. William Elliot Hadow, M.A.,
Vicar of S. Cerney. Gloucestershire, who d. 1906, by
Mary Lang, who d. 1917. 2nd dau. of the late Henry
Cornish, Esq., of Tavistock; b. 1869. Sir Henry Hadow,
who was educated at Malvern and at Worcester Coll.,
Oxford (B.A. 1882, M.A. 1885, B. Mus. 1890, Hon.
D. Mus. 1909, Hon. Fellow 1909), -/.-&% Fellow, Tutor
and Dean of Worcester Coll. 1888-1909. Proctor 1898,
Examiner in Litterse Humsniores 1900-2, in Modern
Languages 1905, and in English 1907-9, and Assistant
Director of Staff Duties (Education) at the War
Office 1918-19; is a Member of the Council the
R. Coll. of Music and Editor " Oxford History of
Music"; has been Principal of Armstrong Coll.,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, since 1909 and Vice Chancellor
of Sheffield Univ. since m9.— Armstrong College,
Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Athensum, and Oxford and
Cambridge Clubs, s.w.

HADWEN, Frederick Walter, Esq., of
Kebroyd, Yorkshire.

Only surviving son of George Burgess Had wen, Esq.,
of Kebroyd, who d. 1895, by Georgina Selina, who d.
1 895, dau. of the late Rev. Alfred Eyles Davies ; A.
1850; m. 1882 Anna Mary, dau. of the late Edward
Waugh, Esq., M.P. for Cockermouth, and has, with
other issue, * John Walter, b. 1883. Mr. Hadwen was
formerly Capt. 2nd W. Riding of Yorkshire Yeo. Car.,
and a Magistrate for the W. Riding of Yorkshire. —
Kebroyd, Halifax.

HADWEN, Mrs., of Bal Blair, Sutherland.
AdWe Louise, dau. of M. Philippe FrM&ie Rougemont,
of St. Aubin, Neuch4tel, Swit?erland ; m. 1881 Sidney
Hadwen, Esq., of Bal Blair, a J.P. and D.L. for
Sutherland, who d. ISSi.— Bal Blair, Invershin,


HAGGARD, Sir William Hene\ Doveton,
K.C.M.G., C.B., F.R.G.S., F.R.A.S., of
Bradenham Hall, Norfolk.— Cr. 1908.
Eldest son of William Meybohm Rider Haggard, Esq.,
of Bradenham Hall, who d. 1893, by Ella, who d. 1889,
elder dau. of thelate Bazett Doveton, Esq. ; b. 1846 ; m.
2ndly 1887 Emily Margaret, dau. of the late Joseph
Hancox, Esq., of Rio de Janeiro, and has, with
other issue, a son, * Andrew Henry Meybohm, Lieut.
R.N. ; b. 1894. Sir William Haggard, who was edu-
cated at Winchester and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford,
is a Magistrate for Norfolk, and Lord of the Manor of
West Bradenham ; was Secretary of Legation at Athens
1887-90; Minister Resident and Consul-Gen. at Quito
1890-4; Consul-Gen. at Tunis 1894-7; Minister
Resident and Consul-Gen. at Caracas 1897-1902, and
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to
the Argentine Republic 1902-6, and to Brazil 1906-14;
late Lieut. E. Norfolk Militia. — St. James's Club, w. ;
Wellington Club, s.w.; Norfolk Club, Norwich.

HAGGARD, Sir (Henry) Rider, K.B.E.,
of Ditchingham House, Norfolk. — Cr
Knt. 1912, K.B.E. 1919.

Sixth son of William Meybohm Rider Haggard, Esq.,
of Bradenham Hall, Norfolk, who d. 1893, by Ella,
who rf. 1 889, elder dau. of the late Bazett Doveton, Esq. ;
b. 1856 ; m. 1880 Mariana Louisa, only child of thelate
Major John Margitson, 19th Regt., of Ditchingham
House, and has, with other issue, Angela Agnes Rider ;
m. 1907 Thomas Barker Amyand Haggard, Esq.'




Sir Rider Hageard, who was educated privately
and called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1885, was
formerly in H.M.'s Colonial Service, and a Member of
the Dominions R. Commission 1912-17, has held
various Comraissionerships under the British Govern-
ment, and is a J. P. for Norfolk and for Suffjlk, and a
Viee-Prjsidont and Hon. Fellow of tlie R. Colonial
Institute; in 1916 he visited all the self-governing
Dominions as the Hon. Representative of the R. Colonial
Institute to promote the After-the-War Settlement
of British Ex-Service men throughout the Empire.
—DUehingham House, Norfolk; North Lodge, St.
Leonards-on-Sea : Athenieum, cmd Windham Clubs,
s.w. ; Pilgrim's Club. w.c.

HAGGERSTON, Sir Edward Charlton de
Marie, Bart., of Haggerston, Northumber-
land.— Cr. 1642.
Younger son of Sir .Tohn Haggerston, 8th Bart., who
d. 1858, by Sarah Ann, who d. 18S3, dan. of the late
Henry Knight, Esq., of Terrace Lodge, Axminster,
Devon; b. 1857; s. his brother Sir John de Marie
Haggerston, 9th Bart., 1918: m. 1904 Florence, 3rd
dau. of the late William Henry Perrin, Esq., C.E., of
Dublin. Sir Edward Haggerston, who was educated
at Ushaw Coll., Durham, and at Prior Park, Bath, is a
J. P. for Northumberland.— £«(\9*(MH Hall, Chathill
S.O., Nortlmmberland ; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.
Heir, his boh Hugh Oarnebjr de Marie, h. 1906.

HAGGERSTON, Marguerite Sarah, Lady.

Second dau. of Lewis Eyre, Esq., of Redeliffe Gardens,
S.W. ; m. 1887 Sir John de Marie Haggerston, 9th
Bart., who d. 1918.

HAGUE, Mrs., formerly of Corker, co. Roscom-

Mary Jane, eldest dan. ofCapt. Thomas Philip Howard
Fitzmayer, 61st Regt., who d. 1850, by Ellen, dau. of
the late Thomas Stafford, Esq., of Portobello, co. Ros-
common ; m. 1872 Richard Hague, Esq., of Corker, and
Cloonahee, co. Roscommon, a J.P. for co. Roscommon,
who d. 1914, leaving a dau., Mary Catherine Johanna
(now of Cloonahee, whom see), m. 1913 Laurence S. Cuffe,
Esq.— Cloonahee, Elphiii, co. Roscommon.

HAGUE. See Cuffe.

HAHLO. See Barker-Hahlo.

HAIG, F.M. Sir Douglas, K.T., G.C.B.,
G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., O.M.— Cr. K.C.V.O.
1909, K.C.I.E. 1911,K.C.B. 1913, G.C.B.
1916, G.C.V.O. 1916, K.T. 1917.

Youngest sou of John Haig, Esq., J.P., of Cameron-
bridge, Fifeshire, who d. 1878. by Rachel Mackerras,
who d. 1879, 4th dau. and co-heiress of the late Hugh
Veiteh, Esq., of Stewartfield, Midlothian; b. 1861 ; m.
1905 the Hon. Dorothy Maud Vivian (a Lady of Grace
of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who was a
Maid of Honour to H.M. Queen Victoria 1899-1901
and to H.M. Queen Alexandra 1901-5), 2nd dau. of
Hussey Crespigny, 3rd Lord Vivian, G.C.M.G. Sir
Douglas Haig, who was educated at Clifton, at B.N.C.,
Oxford (Hon. Fellow 1915, Hon. LL.D. Glasgow,
Aberdeen and Edinburgh 1919, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford
1919 ), and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is a Field
Marshal, late 7th Hussars and 17th Laneera (of which
Regt. he is Col.), and Hon. Col. 14th Batt. London
Regt , and was an Extra A.D.C. to H.M. King I
Edward Vll. 1902-3, Inspector-Gen. of Cav. in India'
1903-6, Director of Mil. Training at the War Office'
1906-7, and of Staff Duties there 1907-9, Chief of '
the Staffin India 1909-12, Gen. Officer Commanding-in- 1

Chief the Aldershot Command 1912-14 and in com-
mand of the l6t Army Corps, B.E.F., 1914-15, of the
1st Army 1915 and of the B.E.F. in France and
Flanders 1915-19; appointed A.D.C. Gen. to H.M.
King George V. 1914, Lord Rector of St. Andrew's
Univ. 1916 and F.M. Commanding-in-Chief the Forces
in Great Britain 1919 ; has the Grand Cross of the
Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus of Italy, the
Grand Cordon of the Legion of Honour, of the Order
of Leopold of Belgium, and of the Japanese Order
of the Rising Sun, with Paulownia, the Order of
Danilo, Ut Class, and the Obilitch Medal of Monte-
negro, the Russian Order of St. George, 4th Class,
the Roumanian R. Order of Michael the Brave,
2nd Class, the Serbian Order of Karageorge, 1st
Class, with Swords, the American Cross of Honour,
the Croix de Guerre of France and of Belgium, and
the French M^daille Militaire.— CaraZr;/ Club, w. ;
Marlborough, and AthentBum Clubs, s.w.

HAIG, Alexander Price, Esq., of Blairhill,
Perthshire ; and of Coldon, Kinross-shire.

Eldest son of James Richard Haig, Esq., of Blairhill, and
of Highfields Park, Sussex, who d. 1896, by Jane, who
rf. 1877, dau. of thelato James Thompson, Esq. ; b. 1863 ;
m. 1885 Jessie Louisa, 2nd dau. of George Armstrong,
Esq., and has, with other issue, » James Leslie, late
Lieut. The Black Watch (R. Highlanders) ; educated at
the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, b. 1886. Mr. Haig, who
was educated at Wellington Coll., and is a J.P. for,
and Vice-Lieut, of, Kinross-shire, and a J.P. for Perth-
shire, was formerly Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards. —
Blairhill, Rumbling Bridge, Perthshire; Army and
Navy Club, s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh.

HATG, Lieut.-Col. Arthur Balfour, O.M.G.,
C.V.O., of Bemersyde, Berwickshire.

Youngest son of Robert Haig, Esq., Fane Valley, co.
Louth, who d. 1878, by Magdalene, dau. of the late
John Murray, Esq., of Whitehouse, Midlothian; b.
1840; inherited this property under the will of his
kinswoman Miss Sophia Haig in 1878 ; m. 1874 the
Hon. Frances Charlotte Harris, only dau. of George
Francis Robert, 3rd Lord Harris, and has had, with
other issue, Guy Arthur George (eldest son), late
Lieut, and temp. Capt. R. East Kent Yeo. ; b. 1876,
and d. 1919; and * Nigel Esm6 (only surviving son),
M.C., temp. Capt. R.F.A. ; educated at Eton ; b.
1887; m. 1918 Unity Burdett, dau. of the late
Alexander E. Morten, Esq. Lieut.-Col. Haig, who
was educated at Rugby and at the R. Mil. Academy,
Woolwich, is a Magistrate for Berwickshire, and
Lieut.-Col. R.E. ret., and was Equerry to the late
Duke of Edinburgh 1865-81, and an Extra Equerry
to H.R.H. 1881-1900 and to H.M. King Edward VIL
1902-10, and has been to H.M. King George V. since
1910.— Marlborough Club, s.w.; 75, Elm Park Gar-
dens, s.w.

HAIG, David Price, Esq., of Highfields Park,
Second son of James Richard Haig, Esq., of Blairhill,
Perthshire, and of Highfields Park, who d. 1896, by
Jane, who d. 1877, dau. of the late James Thompson,
Esq.; b. 1868; m. 1896 Edith Mary, only dau. of
Charles Frederick Wacher, Esq., and has, with other
issue, a son, * Ronald Price, Lieut. Q.O. Cameron
Highlanders ; educated at the R.Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ;
h. 1899. Mr. Haig, who was educated at Wellington
Coll. and at Magdalene Coll., Cambridge, is an Hon.
Capt. in the Army, Lieut.-Col. ret., late Comm. 3rd
Batt. Q.O. Cameron Highlanders, and temp. Lieut.-Col.
Comm. a Garrison Batt. The Cameronians (Scottish
'Rifies).— Highfields Park, Withyham, Siisscr ; Junior
United Service Club, s.-w.





HAIG, Major John, D.S.O., of Lovel Hill,

Younger son of Hugh Veitch Haig, Esq., of Ramornie,
Fifesliire, who d. 1902, by Archie Anne Lindsay, who
d. 1898, dau. of William Nathaniel Fraser, Esq., of
Tornaveon, Aberdeenshire, and widow of Major Foote
Morrison; b. 1878; m. 1902 Rachel Dorothea Wolseley,
only dau. of the late Charles Edwin Haig, Esq., of Pen
Ithon, Radnorshire, and of Orchardwood, Berkshire,
and has, with other issue, a son, *John Lindesay, b.
1903. Major Haig, who was educated at Eton and
at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and was formerly Capt.
Fifeshire and Forfarshire Imp. Yeo., is Major 2nd
Co. of London (Westminster Dragoons) Yeo., V.D., and
was formerly Acting Lieut-Col. M.G.C. — Lovel Hill,
Windsor Forest ; Cavalry Club, w.

HAIG, Mrs., of Broomfield, Midlothian.

Emily Martha, dau. of the late Rev. William Newman,
Rector of Ringrone, co. Cork ; m. 1871 William Henry
Haig, Esq., of Cameronbridge, Fife.shire, and of
Broomfield, a Magistrate for Fifeshire, who d. 1884,
leaving, with other issue, *Hugh Anthony De Courcy,
b. 1882.— Broomfield, Davidson's Mains. Midlothian.

HAIG, Lieut-Col. Oliver, of Ramornie, Fife-
Elder son of Hugh Veitch Haig, Esq., of Ramornie,
who d. 1902, by Archie Anne Lindsay, who d. 1898,
dau. of William Nathaniel Fraser, Esq., of Tornaveen,
Aberdeenshire, and widow of Major Foote Morrison ;
b. 1875; m. 1904 Esme Armstrong, dau. of the late
Herbert George Crabbe, Esq., of Beckenham, K
and has, with other issue, a son, * Oliver Peter, b. li
Lieut.-Col. Haig, who was educated at Eton and at
Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and was formerly Lieut. 7th
Hussars, is Lieut. Col. ret., late Major and temp,
Lieut.-Col. 3rd Co. of London (Sharpshooters) Yeo,
. — Ramornie, Ladybank, Fife ; Pait, Strut/, by Beatily,
Inverness-shire; Bath Club,^. ; Marlborotigh Club, s.w.

HAIG, Col. Robert, of Dollarfield, Clack-
Eldest son of William James Haig, Esq., of Dollarfield
who d. 1905, by Margaret Christian, dau. of the late
Rev. Peter Balfour; b. 1865. Col. Haig, who was
educated at Dollar Institution, at Loretto School and at
Edinburgh Univ., is a D.L. for Clackmannanshire and
Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. ret., late Comm. 7th Vol.
Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, V.D.—
Dollarfield, Dollar ; University Club, Edinburgh.

HAIG, Lieut-Col. (temp. Brigadier-Gen.)
Roland, D.S.O. (with 2 Bars), of Pen
Ithon, Radnorshire ; and of Orchardwood,

Only eon of Charles Edwin Haig, Esq., J.P., of Pen
Ithon, and of Orchardwood, who d. 1917, by Janet
Stein, 2nd dau. of the late John Haig, Esq., J.P., of
Cameronbridge, Fifeshire ; A. 1873; ?«. 1899Geraldine
Dorothy, elder dau. of the late Rev. Beauehamp Kerr
Warren Kerr-Pearoe, Rector of Ascot, Berkshire, of
Batts Park, Somerset, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Rupert, A. 1904. Lieut.-Col. Haig, who was educated
at Winchester and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is
M.ajor and Brevet Lieut.-Col. 6th Batt. Rifle Brigade
and Capt. ret. pay, late 7th Dragoon Guards ; was temp.
Lieut.-Col. R. Berkshire Regt. 1916-17, late Comm.
Divisional Mounted Troops, 8th Div., 1st Army;
previously Lieut. 16th Lancers; appointed to command
24th Brigade, 8th Div., with the temp, rank of
Brigadier-Gen., 1917. — TAe Vale, IVmdsor Forest,
Berkshire ; Pen Ithon, Newtoivn, MontgomerysHire ;
Cavalry Club, w.

HAIGH, George Henrt Caton, Esq., of
Graiusby, Lincolnshire.

Eldest son of George Henry Haigh, Esq., of Grainsby,
who d. 1887, by Adelaide Emma Jane, who d. 1919,
youngest dau. of Sir Robert Way Harty, 1st Bart. ;
b. 1860. Mr. Haigh is a Magistrate for Linc

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