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John, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., C.M.G.— Cr.
K.C.V.O. 1908, K.C.B. 1917.

Youngest son of Ferdinand Hanbury- Williams, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Coldbrook Park, Monmouthshire,
who d. 1887, by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Jane, eldest
dau. of the late John Pomeroy McRobert, Esq., formerly
78th Highlanders ; b. 1859 ; m. 1888 Annie Emily, a
Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem,
elder dau. of Emil Reiss, Esq., of Swynccmbe, Oxford-
shire. Sir John Hanbury- Williams, who was educated
at Wellington Coll. and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst,
is a Major-Gen. late Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
L.I., of which he is Col., and a Comm. of the Por-
tuguese Order of San Bento d'Aviz ; was A.D.C. to
Lieut.-Gen. Sir E. Hamley, Comm. 2nd Div. in Egypt
1882, Mil. Secretary to the Governor and Commander-
in-Chief of Cape Colony 1897-1900, Private Secretary
to the Secretary of State for War 1900-3, Mil. Secre-
tary to the Governor-Gen. of Canada 1904-9, and OfiBcer
in Charge of Administration, Scottish Command, 1909-
12 ; appointed to the Gen. Staff 1914 and was Chief of
the British Mil. Mission in Russia 1914-17, since when
he has been specially employed at The Hague ; has the
Orders of the Medjidie, 5th Class, the Dannebrog of
Denmark, St. Anne of Russia, 1st Class, with Swords,
and St. Vladimir of Russia, 3rd Class, with Swords.—
Army and Navy, and Travellers' Clubs, s.w. ; 11, Eaton
Place, s.w.

HANBURY-WILLIAMS. See Hanbury, of Nant
Oer, Monmouthshire.


Alice Maud, dau. of the late Rev. John Nankivell,
Chaplain of Crediton ; m. 1895, as 2nd wife, Sir Henry
James Burford Burford-Hancock, of Standen, Wilt-
shire, Chief Justice successively of the Leeward
Islands, Gibraltar, and Jamaica, who was cr. Knt.
1882, and d. 1895.— 10, Penywem Road, Earl's Court,



HANCOCK. See Liebenraod.



HANCOCKS, William, Esq., of Blakeshall
Hall, Worcestershire.
Second and elder surviving son of Alfred John Han-
cocks, Esq., of Blakeshall Hall, and Woodfield House,
Worcestershire, -who d. 1897, by Caroline Louisa, -who
d. 1884, 3rd dau. and co-lieiress of the late Samuel
Hancocks, Esq., of Woodfield House ; b. 1857 ; m. 1885
Edith. 7th dau. of tlie late Edward Paris, Esq., of

Claughton, Chesliire, and had a son, William, Lieut. 7th „ a TkTT^r-itT- -.r • r^ t, -r..

' Batt. Worcestershire Regt.; b. 1890, and killed in action j HANKET, Major GeOEGE FREDERICK BaRNA

Capt. ret. E.M.A., Capt. Reserve of Officers, temp.
Lieut.-Col. R.M.A., a Coram, of the Italian Order of
the Crown and an Officer of the Legion of Honour ;
served in the Naval Intelligence Department 1902-7;
was Intelligence Officer, Mediterranean Fleet, 1907-S
and Assistant Secretary to the Committee of Imperial
Defence 1908-12, when he was appointed Secretary,
and Secretary to the War Cabinet \'i\%.—Highstead,
Limpsfield, Surrey ; United Service Club, s.w.; 2', White-
hall Gardens, s.w.

1917. Mr. Hancocks, who -s
London, is Patron of 1
Wolverley, Kidderminster.

> educated at King's Coll.,
■Blakeshall Hall,

HANDCOCK, Mrs., of Sally Park, co. Dublin.

Ellen Olivier, only dau. of Major Rooke ; m. 1862 Wil-
liam Domville Handcock, Esq., of Sally Park, a Magis-
trate for CO. Dublin, who d. 1887.— Sally Park, Tal-
laght, CO. Dublin.

HANDCOCK, William Frederick Betanton,
Esq., of Ballyknockan, co. Tipperary.
Only son of Robert Ball Handcock, Esq., of Bally-
knockan, and of Cole Hill, co. Longford, who d. 1894,
by Frances Jane, who d. 1897, youngest dau. of
Abraham Symes, Esq., of New Ross ; b. 1874. — Bally^
knockan, Ballypatrick, Clonmel.

HANDCOCK. See Castlemaine, Lord.

See Davenport-


Handley -Humphreys.

HANPORD, Major Robert Thomas Hanford,
of Farmley, and Flood Hall, co. Kilkenny ;
and of WooUas Hall, Worcestershire.
Second son of William Hanford-FIood, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Farmley, and Flood Hall, who d. 1892, by
Frances, who d. 1875, dau. and heiress of the late
Charles Edward Hanford, Esq., of Woollas Hall ; b.
1860 ; s. his brother Col. John Compton Hanford, C.B.,
J.P. and D.L., late 19th Hussars, 1911. Major
Hanford, who was educated at Harrow, and assumed
the surname of Hanford only by royal license 1912, is a
J.P. and D.L. for co. Kilkenny (High Sheriff 1918) and
Major ret., late The Queen's R. W. Surrey Regt. — Flood
Hall, Thomastown, CO. Kilkenny; Junior United Service
Club, S.W.; Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

HANHAM, Sir John Ludlow, Bart., of Dean's
Court, Dorsetshire. — Cr. 1667.
Elder son of Sir John Alexander Hanham, 9th Bart.,
by the Hon. Cordelia Lucy, 2nd dau. of Henry Charles,
1st Lord Ludlow; b. 1898; s. 1911; educated at
Winchester ; is Lieut. Grenadier Guards, Special
Reserve. — Dean's Court, Wimborne, Dorsetshire ;
Guards' Club, s.w.

Beir Pres., his brother Henry Phelips, b. 1901.

HANHAM, of Manston. See Swinburm-Hanhatn.

HANKET, Lieut.-Col. Sir Maurice Pascal
Alers, K.C.B.— Cr. 1916.

Third son of Robert AlersHankey, Esq., of S. Australia,
and of Brighton, Sussex, who d. 1906, by Helen, who
d. 1910, dau. of the late William B.akewell, Esq., of S.
Australia; b. 1877; m. 1903 Adeline, dau. of the late
Abraham de Smidt, Esq., formerly Surveyor-Gen. of
Cape Colony. Sir M.aurice Hankey, who was educated
at Eucby and at the E. Naval Coll., Greenwich, is

of Fetcham Park, Surrey.
Eldest son Of John Barnard Hankey, Esq., J. P., of
Fetcham Park, who d. 1914, by his 1st wife Fanny
Helen, who d. 1886, eldest dau. of the late Frederick
Pratt Barlow, Esq. ; b. 1873 ; m. 1900 Olive, 3rd dau.
of Henry Sturgis, Esq., of Givons, Surrey, and has a
son, *Hans Mark John Barnard, b. 1905. Major
Hankey, who was educated at Eton and at the R. Mil.
Coll., Sandhurst, is Major Reserve of Officers, Capt.
ret., late King's R. Rifle Corps, and Lord of the Manor
of 'PtitQha.m.— Fetcham Park, Lcatherhead, Surrey;
Army and Navy Club, s.w.

HANKEY, Sydney Alers, Esq., formerly of
Heathlands, Berks.

Son of Thomas Alers Hankey, Esq., of Epsom, Surrey,
who d. 1872, by Elizabeth, dau. of the late George
Green, Esq., of BlackwaU ; b. 1839; m. 1865 Louisa
Fanny, dau. of the late Thomas Thornhill, Esq., of
Riddlesworth Hall, Norfolk, and has, with other issue, a
son, Sydney Thornhill, Lieut.-Col. Reserve of Officers,
Major ret., late 2nd Life Guards, and Major and Hon.
Lieut.-Col. ret., late Siu-rey Yeo. ; was temp. Lieut.-
Col. 2Dd Life Guards Reserve Regt. 1917-19 ; 4. 1869 ;
m. 1st 1895 Gertrude Elena Elizabeth, who tZ. 1913,
eldest dau. of the late William Knox D'Arcy, Esq.,
of Stanmore Hall, Middlesex; 2ndly 1914 Helena
Constance, elder dau.' of Major Henry Nugent Head,
Reserve of Officers, formerly The Cameronians (Scot-
tish Rifles), of Ferry Quarter, Strangford, co. Down,
and has, with other issue, a son, Thomas Sydney
D'Arcy, Lieut. Reserve of Officers, late 9th Lancers ;
educated at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst; b. 1896.
Mr. Hankey, who was educated at Harrow and at
Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1862, M.A. 1865), is a
J.P. and D.L. for Berks (High Sheriff 1885).— TOe
Breck, Knyvetun Road, Bournemouth.

HANKEY, Col. Walter Childe Alers, of
Beaulieu, Sussex.
Only son of Stephen Alers Hankey, Esq., of Beaulieu,
who d. 1878, by Lilias Agnes, dau. of the late Andrew
Mackenzie, Esq.; b. 1839; m. 1867 Caroline Jane
Anne, whorf. 1897, 2nd dau. of the late Capt. Rochfort,
R.N., and has, with other issue, * Cecil George Herbert
Alers, an Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Lieut.-Col. ret.,
late Comm. 3rd Batt. R. Sussex Regt. ; b. 1874 ; m.
1899 Gertrude Clare, only dau. of Albany Fetherston-
haugh, Esq., and has, with other issue, *Walter Charles
John Fetherstonhaugh, b. 1903. Col. Hankey, who
was educated at C.C.C, Oxford (B.A. 1864, M.A. 1865),
is a J.P. for Sussex, and Col. late Comm. Sussex Art.
Militia. — Beaulieu, Hastings; New University, and
Junior United Service Clubs.'s.vr.

HANMER, Sir Wyndham Charles Henry,
Bart., of Bettisfield, Flintshire.— Cr. 1774.
Only son of Sir Edward John Henry Hanmer, 5th
Bart., by Mary Elizabeth, who d. 1914, dau. of the late
Richard Cottenham Fosse, Esq., of Lillybridge, co
Dublin ; b. 1867 ; «. 1893 ; m. 1890 Essex, eldest dau.
of William Selby-Lowndes, Esq., of Whaddon HaU,
Buckinghamshire. Sir Wyndham Hanmer, who was




educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, is a J.P.
and D.L. for Flintshire (High Sheriff 1902), an Hon.
Major in the Array and Patron of 4 livings ; was
Superintendent of a Remount Dep6t, with the temp,
rank of Major, 1915.— BeUisfield Park, Flintshire;
Bedbrook Lodge, Flintshire ; Carlton C/xb, s.w.

Beir, his son Griffln Wyndham Edward, Oapt. Shropshire
Teo. ; educated at WelUugtou Ooll. ; b. 1893.

HANNAN, Cornelius, Esq., of Riverstown, co.
Eldest son of Benjamin Hannan, Esq., of Riverstown,
who rf. 1897, by Mary, who d. 1869, eldest dau. of
the late James"Brady, Esq. ; b. 1853; m. 1881 Mina,
eldest dau. of the late Capt. P. O'Higgins McCartan, of
Brooklyn, U.S.A., and has, with other issue, a son,
•Benjamin Claude McCartan, b. 1883; m. 1906 Alice
Edith, youngest dau. of the late Henry Mont-
ford, Esq., M.D., and widow of George E. Croys-
dale, Esq., of Liverpool. Mr. Hannan, who was
educated at Stooyhurst, is a Magistrate for eo. West-
meath. — Riverstown, Jorisiown, Kilhican.

HANNAT, Mrs., of Dalgairn, Fifeshire.

Isabella Dalgairns, only surviving child of the late
William Scott, Esq., of Dalgairn; m. 1875 George
Hannay, Esq., of Kingsmuir, Fifeshire, a J.P. for
Fifeshire, who was formerly Lieut.-Col. Eife Art.
Militia, and who d. 1909, leaving a dau., *Eobina Anne
Marjory; m. 1899 Samuel Beveridge Armour, Esq.
(see Armotir-Hannay). — Dalgairn, Cupar, Fifeshire.

HANNAT. See Armour -Hannay ; and Sains/ord-

HANNIGAN, David O'Leaey, Esq., of Kilbo-
lane Castle, co. Cork.

Youngest son of David Quaid Hannigan, Esq., of
Gardenfield, co. Limerick, who d. 1870, by Catherine,
who d. 1886, dau. of the late William Joseph O'Leary,
Esq., of Castleishen, CO. Cork; b. 1848; m. 1st 1884
Heleaa, -who d. 1885, only dau. of the late Dr. John
Rahilly, of Kanturk, co. Cork; 2ndly 1906 Mary,
only surviving dau. of the late Edward Burke, Esq., of
Kingstown, co. Dublin, and has 2 daus. Mr. Hannigan,
who was educated in Cork, is a Magistrate for co.
Limerick. — Kilbolane Castle, Charleville, co. Cork.


HANSON, Sir Gerald Stanhope, Bart.— Cr.

Eldest son of Sir Reginald Hanson, 1st Bart., F.S.A.,
by Constance Hallett, 3rd dau. of the late Charles
Bentley Bingley, Esq., of Stanhope Park, Middlesex ;
b. 1867; s. 1905; m. 1st 1899 Sylvia Linda, who d.
1909, only dau. of the late E. Dutton Cook, Esq. ;
2ndly 1912 Dorothy Gwendoline (whom he div. 1918,
and who d. 1918), only dau. of the late Alfred Peel,
Esq., of Lincoln. Sir Gerald Hanson, who was edu-
cated at Magdalene Coll., Cambridge, is one of H.M.'s
Lieuts. for the City of London and was temp. Capt.
Labour Batt. R. Fusiliers 1916-17, late Garrison Batt.
Suffolk Regt., previously R.A. ; formerly Lieut. 4th
Batt. Oxfordshire L.L — Et/e Kettleby Hall, Melton
Mou'bray ; Badminton Club, w.

Eeir, his son Richard Leslie Reginald, b. 1905.

HANSON, Sir Charles Adgdstin, Bart., of
Fowey Hall, Cornwall.— Cr. 1918.

Eldest son of Joseph Hanson, Esq., of Fowey, who
d, 1870, by Mary Ann, who d. 1905, dau, of the late

William Hicks, E.sq., of Fowey; b. 1846; m. 1869
Martha S.ibina, dau. of the late James Appelbe,
Esq., of Trafalgar, Halton, Canada. Sir Charles Han-
son, who was educated at Fowey, is a Magistrate for
Cornwall (High Sheriff 1907), one of H.M.'s Lieuts.
for the City of London (Sheriff 1911-12 and Lord Mayor
1918), Hon. Commandant 4th Batt. City of London
Vol. Regt., a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John
of Jerusalem, a Knight of the Order of Francis Joseph
of Austria, a Grand Officer of the Order of the Saviour
of Greece, of the Italian Order of the Crown ; and of
the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, and a Comm. of
the Legion of Honour ; was a Member of the London
C.C. 1915-19 ; elected an Aid. of the City of London
1909, and M.P. for the Bodmin Div. of Cornwall 1916.
— Fowey Hall, Cornwall ; Carlton, and Junior Carlton
aubs, s.w.

Heir, his son Oharles Edwin Bourne, one of H.M.'i Lieuts.
for the Oity of London, an Hon. Capt. in the Army, and
Major 3rd Batt. W. Hiding Hegt. ; educated at Clare Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. 189S, M.A. 1899) ; b. 1874 ; m. 1908 Violet
Sybil, 3rd dau. of the late John Brown Johnstone, Esq., of
Coombe Cottage. Kingston Hill, and has, with other issue,
a son, • Charles John, b. 1919.

HANSON, Pearl Norcott, Lady.

Dau. of Charles Albert Winter, Esq., a J.P. for
Northamptonshire, by Annie, dau. of the late William
Gordon Cunningham Watson, Esq., of Edinburgh ;
VI. 1897 Sir Francis Stanhope Hanson, one of H.M.'s
Lieuts. for, and an Aid. of, the City of London (Sheriff
1908-9), an Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Lieut.-Col.
late 6th Batt. R. Fusiliers, who was formerly a Member
of the London CO., and who was cr. Knt. 1909 and
fZ. 1910.— 15, Cornwall Gardens, s.w.; The Grange,
Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire.

HARBBN, Henry Devenish, Esq., of Newland
Park, Buckinghamshire.
Elder son of Henry Andrade Harben, Esq., J.P., of
Xewland Park, who d. 1910, by Mary Frances,
youngest dau. of the late Charles Francis James, Esq.,
of London ; h. 1874; m. 1899 Agnes Helen, 2nd dau. of
Edward Ingram Bostock, Esq., J.P., of Horsham, Sussex,
and has, with other issue, a son, * Henry Eric Southey,
b. 1900. Mr. Harben, who was educated at Eton and
at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A. and M.A. 1900), and
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple • 1903, is a
Magistrate for Buckinghamshire and a Governor of
the London School of Economics. — Newland Park,
Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire; Bath Club, w.

HARBEN. See Wharrie.

HARBERTON, Viscount (Ernest Arthur
George Pomeroy). — Cr. 1791.

Elder son of James Spencer, 6th Viscount, by
Florence Wallace, who d. 1911, only dau. of the late
William Wallace Legge, Esq., D.L., of Malone House,
CO. Antrim; b. 1867; s. 1912; educated at Charter-
house and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; was formerly
Capt. 3rd Batt. R. Dublin Fusiliers and previously
Lieut. 20th Hussars. — St. James's, and Queen's Clubs, w.

Heir Pres., his brother Ralph Legge, O.B.E., Capt. Reserve
of OfBcers : late Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards ; educated at
Obarterhouse and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1891) : i>.
1869; m. 1907 Mary Katherine, dau. of Arthur William

Esq., J.P.. formerly of Miserdeu Park, Glouces-
tershire and has, with other issue, a son, *Henry Ralph
Martyn, b. 1908.

HARBIN, Mrs. BATES, of Newton Surmaville,
Hilda Geraldine, 3rd dau. of Sir Theodore Fry, 1st
Bart M P., who d. 1912, by his 1st wife Sophia, who

MM $09




d. 1897, elder dau. and co-heiress of the late John
Pease, Esq., of East Mount, Darlington, and Cleveland
Lodge. Great Ayton, Yorkshire; m. 1908 the Kev.
Edwin Harbin Bates Harbin, M.A., of Newton Sur-
maville, a J.P. for Somerset, who was Rector of
Puckington, Somerset, 1898-1909, and Prebendary of
Wanstrow in Wells Cathedral 1915-18, and who d.
1918, leaving a dan., .Sophia Wyndham. Mrs. Bates
Harbin is Patron of I living. — Newton Surmaville,

HARBORD. See Suffidd, Lord.

HARBORD-HAMOND, Rear-Adtn. Richard
MoEDEN, of The Manor House, Swaff-
ham, Norfolk,
fourth son of the Eev. the Hon. John Harbord, M.A.,
Eector of South Repps, Norfolk, who d. 1900, by
Caroline Penelope, 4th dau. of the late Anthony
Hamond, Esq., of Westacre High House, Norfolk; b.
1865 ; s. his maternal uncle Thomas Astley Horace
Hamond, Esq., J.P., 1917; »i. 1913 Nina Annette
Mary Craufuird, eldest dau. of the late Jolm William
Hutchison, Esq., J.P. and 1).L., of Edingham, and
Laurieston Hall, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and has
2 daus. Bear-Adm. Harbord-Hamond, who assumed
the additional surname of Hamond by royal license
1917, is a Rear-Adm. ret. R.N., an Officer of tile
Legion of Honour and Lord of the Manor of Swaflfham.
— The Manor House, Swaffham, Norfolk ; Residence:
Shirley House, Swaffham, Norfolk.

HARBOTTLE, Sir John George, Knt.— Or.


Eldest son of William Harbottle, Esq., of Great Ayton,
who d. 1908, by Annie, who d. 1896, dau. of the late
George Garbutt, Esq., of Hurworth-on-Tees; b. 1858.
Sir John Harbottle, who was educated at Preston
Grammar School, Stokesley (Hon. M.A. Cambridge
1917), 'is a Stock and Share Broker; an Hon, Free-
man of the Co. Borough of Darlington ; a J.P. for co.
Durham ; a J.P. for and an Aid. of Darlington
(Mayor 1900 and 1913-17) ; Organiser and Controller
of the local War Relief Fund ; President of the Soldiers'
and Sailors' Buffet at the Station and Chairman of the
Cambridge Local Centres Union (Univ. Extension) —
Millburn, Darlington; National lAheral Club,^s.w.

HA.RCOURT, Viscount (Lewis Harcouet,
P.O.).— Cr. 1917.

Second and elder sui-viving son of the Right Hon. Sir
William George Granville Venables Harcourt, M.P., of
Nuneham Park and Stanton Harcourt, who d. 1904, by
his 1st wife Maria Therese, who d. 1863, dau. of the
late Thomas Henry Lister, Esq., of Armitage Park ; b.
1863 ; m. 1899 Mary Ethel, U-.B.E., a Lady of Grace of
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, only dau. of the late
Walter Henry Burns, Esq., of New York, U.S.A., and
of North Mymms Park, Hertfordshire. Viscount
Harcourt, who was educated at Eton (Hon. D.CL.
Oxford 1911), and assumed the surname of Harcourt in
lieu of Vernon-Harcourt by royal license 1905, is
a Trustee of the British Museum (elected 1913), of
the National Portrait Gallery, of the Wallace Col-
lection and of the London Museum, a Member of the
Council of the British School at Rome, Lord of the
Manors of Nuneham, Hinksey, Stanton Harcourt,
Northmoor, and Cogges, and Patron of 2 livings ; was
M.P. for the Rossendale Div. of Lancashire 1904-16 ;
First Commissioner of Works 1905-10; Secretary of
State for the Colonies and an Ecclesiastical Com-
missioner 1910-15, and First Commissioner of
Works 1915-16 ; appointed an Army Trustee 1918.—

Nuneham Park, Oxford ,- Stanton Harcourt, Eynshum ;
Beform, and National Liberal Clubs, a.w.; \i, Birkeleij
Spuare, w.

Heir, his son WilUam Bdward, to whom H,M. King
Edward VII. stood sponsor ; b. 1908.


Elizabeth Cabot, eldest dau. of the late Hon. John
Lothrop Motley, formerly U.S. Minister at the Court of
St. James's ; m. 1st 1865 Thomas Poynton Ives, Esq., of
Rhode Island, U.S.A., who d. 1865; 2ndly 1876, as his
2nd wife, the Right Hon. Sir William George Granville
Venables Harcourt, of Nuneham Park and Stanton
Harcourt, Oxfordshire, who was called to the Bar at
the Inner Temple 1854, appointed a Q.C. 1866, was a
D.L. for Hampshire; Solicitor-Gen. 1873-4; Home
Secretary 1880-5; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1886
and 1892-5; M.P. for Oxford 1868-80, for Derby
1880-95, and for Monmouthshire 1895-1904; who
assumed the surname of Harcourt only, in lieu of
Vernon-Harcourt, on s. his nephew, Aubrey Harcourt,
Esq,, at Nuneham Park and Stanton Harcourt, 1904,
and who was cr. Knt. 1873, and d. 1904. — Malwood,
Lyndhurst, Hampshire.

HARCOURT. See Vernon-Harcourt.


HARDCASTLB, Alfred, Esq., of New
Lodge, Hawkhurst, Kent.
Eldest sou of Edward Hardeastle, Esq., M,P., J.P.
and D.L., of New Lodge, Hawkhurst, who d. 1905, by
Priscilla Buxton, elder dau. of the late Samuel Hoare,
Esq.; 6.1857; ?n. 1892 Caroline Foster, youngest dau.
of the late Lieut.-Col. Edward Loyd, of Lillesden,
Kent, and has, with another son, * Alfred Edward
Loyd, Lieut. 5th Batt. The Buffs (E. Kent Regt.) ; b.
1893. Mr. Hardeastle. who was educated at Eton and
at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, is a Magistrate for Kent.
— Residence : High Field, Havikhurst, Kent.

HARDOASTLE, John Norman, Esq., of
Broughton Hall, Oxfordshire.
Elder son of Jonathan Hardeastle, Esq., J.P., of
Blid worth Dale, Nottinghamshire, who d. 1862, by
Mary Frances, who d. 1887, dau. of the late James
Layton, Esq., formerly of Baldock, Hertfordshire ;
6. 1855 ; m. 1882 Mary Rose, dau. of the late George
Gordon Balfour, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, and has
had, with 3 daus., au only son, John Balfour, Lieut,
and temp. Capt., Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
L.I.; b. 1893, and killed in action 1916. Mr. Hard-
eastle, who was educated at Winchester and at Oriel
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1877, M.A., 1881), is a Magis-
trate for Oxfordshire (High Sheriff \%\i).—Broughton
Hall, near Lechlade, Gloucestershire; Oxford and
Cambridge Club, s.w.

HARDCASTLE, Thomas Augustus, Esq., of
Blaston Hall, Leicestershire.
Eldest son of Thomas Hardeastle, Esq,, J.P., of Brad-
shaw Hall, Lancashire, who d. 1902, by Emily Augusta,
youngest dau. of the late Rev. William Purdon, M.A.,
Rector of Seaton ; b. 1866 ; m. 1st 1895 Ruby Adelaide,
whom he div. 1908, elder dau. of the late Rev.
Cliarles Fryer Eastburn, Rector of Medbourne,
Leicestershire, and Rural Dean ; 2ndly 1918 Katharine,
3rd dau, of the Hon. Frederick John Bruce, of Seaton
House, Forfarshire, and has a son, ♦Edward George
Augustus, b. 1902. Mr. Hardeastle was educated at
Charterhouse and at Jesus Coll., Cambridge (B.A.
1887, M.A. 1891), and is Patron of Horninghold.—
Blaston Hall, Oppingham ; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.




HARDEN, Major James Edwards, of Harry
brook, CO. Arinagli.
Eldest son of Ricliard James Harden, Esq., J. P. and
D.L., of Harrybrook, who d. 1918, by Annie Johnston,
only dau. of the late Joseph Atkinson, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Crowhill, co. Armagh ; b. 1873 ; m. 1904
Letitia Grace Campbell, eldest dan. of the late Robert
Nutter Campbell Connal, Esq., of Glasgow, and has,
■Vfith other issue, a son, *Richard James Edwards, b.
1916. Major Harden, who was educated at Bedford
Grammar School, and was formerly Major 3rd Batt.
E. Irish Fusiliers, is a Magistrate for co. Armagh, an
Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Major 3rd Batt. Counaught
'Ra.TigeTS.^Harrybrook, Tanderayee, co. Armagh.

HARDIE, Sir David, Knt., M.D.— Cr. 1913.

Youngest son of John Hardie, Esq., of Westerton, who
d. 1896; b. 1856 ; /«. 1883 Marianne, dau. of the late
Alexander Jeans, Esq., of Nairn. Sir David Hardie,
who was educated at Old Aberdeen Grammar School, at
King's and Marischal Colls., Aberdeen, and at Aber-
deen Univ. (M.B. andCh.M. 1878, M.D. 1887), is a
Member of the Medical Board and Central Board of
Health, Queensland ; Hon. Consulting Physician to
Lady Lamingfon Hospital for Women, to Lady Bowen
Lying-in Hospital and to the Children's Hospital,
Brisbane, and was temp. Hon. Lieut.-Col. R. Army
Medical Corps 1915-16.— J^ie^-^am Terrace, Brisbane,
Queensland ; Queensland Club, Brisbane.

HARDING, Peancis Egeeton, Esq., of Old
Springs, Staffordshire,
Eldest son of Egerton William Harding, Esq., J.P.,
of Old Springs, who d. 1884, by Harriet Georgina,
dau. of the late Sir William Howe Mulcaster, C.B.,
K.C.H., R.C.T.S.; b. 1866; m. 1st 1882 Frances
Pauline Somers, who d. 1887, 2nd dau. of the late
Hon. John James Thomas Somers Cocks, and niece of
Philip Reginald, 5th Lord Somers; 2ndly 1889 the
Hon. Emma Mary Agnes, youngest dau. 'of Charles
Hugh, 8th Lord Clifford, and has, with other issue, a
son, * Egerton Stephen Somers, O.B.E., educated at
King's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1908, M.A. 1912) ; b.
1886; m. 1917 Elsie, youngest dau. of the late Major-
Gen. Sir James Browne, K.C.S.I., C.B., R.E., and
has a dau., Stephanie Elizabeth Frances. Mr. Harding,
who was educated at Eton, and was formerly Lieut.
94th Regt., is a J.P. for cos. Salop and Stafford.— OW
Springs, Market Drayton.

HARDING, the Rev. John Tatloe, of Pentwyn,
Eldest son of the late John Harding, Esq., of Henbury
Hill, Gloucestershire; b. 1835 ; m. 1857 Patty, who d.
1919, 2nd dau of the late John Etherington Welch Rolls,
Esq., of The Hendre, Monmouthshire, and has, with other
i6sue,a sou, *John Reginald, 6. 1858; m. 1890 Elizabeth
Margaret, dau. of Capt. Saunders, of Foochow, China,
and has, with other issue, a son, * John Charles Ether-
ington, M.C., Lieut. R.A. ; educated at the R. Mil. Acad-
emy, Woolwich ; b. 1898. CanonHarding, whowasedu-
cated at Eton and at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1857,
M.A. 1862), is Prebendary of Llandaff Cathedral. Rural
Dean of Monmouth and Proctor in Convocation for
Llandaff Cathedral Chapter. — Pentwyn, Monmouth;
Junior Constitutional Club, w.


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