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of Nuthall and Hawton and Patron of 2 livings. —
Nuthall Temple, Nottingham.

HOLDEN. See Rendall.

HOLDER, Sir John Charles, Bart., of Pit-
maston, Worcestershire. — Cr. 1898.
Only son of Henry Holder, Esq., of Hanley Castle,
Worcestershire, who d. 1880, by Maria, who d. 1893,
dau. of the late Isaac Purser, Esq.; b. 1838; m. 1872
Geraldine Augusta Baynton, dau. of the late John
Williams Knipe, Esq. Sir John Holder, who was
educated at Camp Hill, is a J.P. and D.L. for Worces-
tershire (High Sheriff 1903), a J.P. for Birmingham,
a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusa-
lem, and Patron of 1 living.— Pitmaston, M '




Worcestershire ; Constitutional Club, w-o. ; Unioii, and j

Conservative Clubs, Birmingham.

ffeir, his son Henry Charles, a Magistrate for 'Worcester-
shire ; educated at Eepton and at B.N.C., Oxford (B.A.
1896) ; b. 1874 ; m. 1898 Evelyn, 3rd dau. ot Col. Sir Emil i
Hugo Oscar Robert Ropner, I st Bart., of Preston Hall, co. i

HOLDER, Jdlia Maeia, Lady.

Eldest daii. of John Ricardo Stephens, Esq., M.D. ; ?«.
1877 the Hon. Sir Frederick William Holder, a Member
of the House of EepresentatiTos of the Commonwealth
of Australia, who was Treasurer of South Australia
1889-90; Premier and Treasurer 1892 ; Commissioner
of Public Works 1893-4 ; Treasurer 1894-9 ; Premier
and Treasurer 1899-1901, and Speaker of the House of
Eepresentatives of the Commonwealth of Australia
1901-9, and who was cr. K.C.M.G. 1902 and d. 1909.—
Wavertrce, Adelaide, South Australia.

HOLDERNESS, Sir Thomas William, G.C.B.,
K.C.S.I.— Cr. K.C.S.L 1907, K.C.B. 1914,
G.C.B. 1917.

Eldest son of the late John AVilliam Holderness, Esq.,
of Liverpool; b. 1849; m. 1885 Lucy Shepherd, dau.
of the late George Robert Elsmie, Esq., C.S.I., LL.D., of
Torquay. Sir Thomas Holderness, who was educated
at Cheltenham and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1872),
and entered the Indian Civil Service 1872, was a Mem-
ber of the Famine Commission 1897, Secretary to the
Government of India, Revenue and Agricultural Depart-
ment, 1898-1901, and Secretary in the Revenue and
Statistics Department of the India Office 1901-12 ;
appointed Permanent Under Secretary of State for
India 1912. — Flagcuurt, ladworth, Surrey; Athenaum
Club, s.w.

HOLDICH, Emily Hallward, Lady.

Dau. of the late Rev. Crosbie Morgell, Rector of East
Knoyle, Wiltshire; m. 1st 1862 George Goodwin
Buckston, Esq., who d. 1877 ; 2ndly 1880 Sir Edward
Alan Holdich, a Gen. ret., and Col. of the Lancashire
Fusiliers, who was formerly in the 80th and 20th
Eegts. and commanded the Cork Dist. 1871 4 and the
Dublin Dist. 1874-6, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1876,
G.C.B. 1904, and d. 1909.— 19, Onslow Square, s.w.

HOLDICH, Sir Thomas Hungeefokd,
K.C.M.G., K.C.LE., C.B., D.Sc, F.R.G.S.
— Cr. K.C.I.E. 1897, K.C.M.G. 1902.

Son of the late Rev. Thomas Peach Holdich, Rector of
Dingley, Northampton; h. 1843 ; m. 1873 Ada Maria,
dau. ofCapt.J. Vanrenen.lateH.E.LC.S. Sir Thomas
Holdich is an Hon. D.Sc. Cambridire 1907 and a Col.
ret. R.E., late Superintendent of the Survey Department,
India. — Aihenttitm, and Army and Navy Clubs, s.w. ;
41, Courtfield Boad, s.w.

HOLDING, William, Esq., D.C.L., of Elm
Grove, Kingsclere,. Hampshire.
Only son of the late Charles Holding, Esq. ; b. 1836 ;
m. 1869 Mary Alice, who d. 1918, dau. of the late
John Fielden, Esq., of Greenbank, Caton, Lancashire,
and has, with other issue, an only son, *William, called
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1900, late Capt. 3rd Batt.
R. Irish Rifles, previously Lieut. 1st Vol. Batt. Hamp.
shire Regt., and 8th Batt. Imp. Yeo. in S. Africa; *.
1873; m. 1906 Gertrude Ahce, eldest dau. of Lieut.
Thomas Ramsbotham, ret. R.N., and has a son,
♦William Walter Michael, b. 1907. Mr. Holding, who
was educated at St. John's Coll., Oxford, of which he
■was formerly a Fellow (B.C.L. 1869, D.C.L. 1864),

called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1862, and joined the
Western Circuit, is a J.P and D.L. for Hants.— E?/n
Grove, Kingsclere ; United University Club, s.w.

+ HOLDS WORTH, Edward Holt, Esq., of
Sandal Hall, Yorkshire.
Only son of Thomas Holy Holdsworth, Esq., J.P., of
Sandal Hall, who d. 1911, by Catherine, who d. 1918,
2nd dau. of the late Edward Tew, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Crofton Hall, Yorkshire; b. 1859; m. 1905
Frederica Dorothy, elder dau. of Col. John Edmnnd
Groom, J.P., of Ashwicken Hall, Norfolk, and has 2
daus. Mr. Holdsworth, who was educated at Jesus
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1883), is a J.P. for the W.
Riding of Yorkshire.— Sandal Hall, Wakefield, York-

HOLDSWORTH, Capt. Frederick John
Cropper, of Widdicombe, Devonshire.
Only surving son of Arthur Frederick Holdsworth,
Esq., J.P., of Widdicombe, who (^. 1919, by Florence
Anne, 2nd dau. of the late Edward Cropper, Esq., and
the Hon. Mrs. Cropper, of Swaylands, Kent ; b. 1886 ;
m. 1914 Mary Wilmot, eldest dau. of the Rev. William
Reinfred Harris Arundell, M.A., Rector of S. Pool,
Devonshire, and has, with other issue, a son, * Arthur
John Arundell, b. 1915. Capt. Holdsworth, who was
educated at Wellington Coll., is Capt. ret., late Devon-
shire Regt. — Widdicombe House, Kingsbridge, Devon.

HOLE, Samuel Hugh Feancklin, Esq., of
Caunton Manor, Nottinghamshire.
Only son ofthe Very Rev. Samuel Reynolds Hole, D.D.,
Deau of Rochester and Chaplain of the Order of St.
John of Jerusalem, of Caunton Manor, who d. 1904, by
Caroline, who d. 1916, elder dau. of the late Johii
Francklin, Esq., of Gonalston, Nottinghamshire ; b.
1862 ; m. 1889 Geraldine, elder dau. of the late Charles
Markham, Esq., J.P., of Tapton House, Derbyshire, and
has, with a dau., an only son, * Samuel John Markham,
M.C. (with Bar), temp. Major 17th (Service) Batt. R.
Fusiliers ; late Lieut, (on probation) 3rd K.O. Hussars,
Special Reserve ; educatedat Eton ; 6. 1892. Mr. Hole,
who was educated at Eton, and called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1894, was Lieut. City of London Imp.
Vols, in S. Africa 1900, and is Capt. 4th Batt. The
Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
Regt.), an Hon. Lieut, in the Army, an Officer of the
Belgian Order of the Crown, a Chevalier of the Legion
of Honour, and Lord of the Manor of Caunton. —
Caunton Manor, near Newark; Arthur's Club, s.w.;
24, Lower Seymour Street, Portman Square, w.

HOIiE, William Gerald, Esq., of Parke, Bovey
Tracey, Devon.
Only son of William Robert Hole, Esq., of Parke, Bovey
Tracey, who d. 1903, by Emily Letitia, 2nd dau. of
the Rev. John Hall Parlby, of Manadon, Devon ; b.
1881 ; m. 1905 Mildred Ada, youngest dau. of the
Rev. John George Bingley, of Woodford, Torquay, and
has a dau., Geraldine Mildred. Mr. Hole, who was
educated at Winchester and at Merton Coll., Oxford
(B.A. 1905), is Major R. 1st Devon Yeo.— Residence :
Lowerdown Cross, Bovey Tracey, Devon.

HOLE, William Henry, Esq., of Georgeham,

Eldest surviving son of the Rev. Francis Hole, Rector
and Patron of Georgeham, who d. 1866, by Frances,
dau. of the late Rev. William Spurway, of Pilton,
Devon ; b. 1827 ; s. his brother 1871 ; m. 1855 Agnes
Frederica, dau. of the late Lieut. Chadwick, and has,
with other issue, * William Henry George Francis, b.
1858. Mr. Hole was formerly Capt. St. Helena Eegt.
— Georgeham, Barnstaple.




HOLE, of Quorn Lodge, Leicestersliire. See


HOLFORD, Lieut.-Col. Sir George Lindsay,
K.C.V.O., CLE., C.B.E., of Westonbirt,
Gloucestershire.— Or. 1910.
Only son of Robert Stayuer Holford, Esq., of Weston-
birt, -who d. 1892, by Mary Anne, who d. 1901, younger
dan. of the late Lieut.-Gen. James Lindsay, M.P. ; b.
1860 ; m. 1912 Susannah West, eldest dan. of the late
Arthur Wilson, Esq., of Tranby Croft, Yorkshire, and '•
widow of John Graham Menzies, Esq. Sir George
HoUord, who was educated at Eton, is Capt. Reserve ofj
Officers, Capt. and Brevet Lieut.-Col. ret., late 1st Life
Guards, an Esquire of the Order of St. John of!
Jerusalem, a Comm. of the Vasa Order of Sweden, i
■with Star, Lord of the Manor of Tetbury, and Patron
of 1 living; was an Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of
Clarence and Avondale 1882-92, and to H.M. King
Edward VII. 1892-1910, and temp. Lieut.-Col. Comm.
1st Life Guards Reserve Regt. 1911-19, and has been
an Equerry to H.M. Queen Alexandra and an Extra
■Equerry to H.M. King George V. since 1910. - Weston-
birt, Tetbiiri/, Gloucestershire; Carlton, Marlborough,
and White's Qlubs, s.w.

Buckland, Breconsliire ; and of Cilgwyii,
Carm ar thenshire .
Mary Eleanor, 3rd dau. of Capt. Patrick Robert
Gordon-Canning, late 78th Highlanders, who d. 1893,
by Maria, who d, 1887, elder dau. and co-heiress of
the late Robert Canning, Esq., of Hartpury Court,
Gloucestershire, and of Foxcote, Warwickshire; m.
1891 James Price William Gwynne-Holford, Esq., of
Buckland, and of Cilgwyn, a J.P. and D.L. for Brecon-
shire and a J.P. for Carmarthenshire (High Sheriff
1859), who was formerly Cornet 16th Lancers and
M.P. for Brecon 1870-80, and who d. 1916, leaving
a dau., Eleanora Maria. Mrs. Gwynne-Holford is
a Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
and Patron of 2 livings. — Buckland, Bwlch E.S.O.,
Breconshire ; Cilgwyn, Llangadoch, Carmarthenshire;
22, WUton Street, s.w.

HOLFORD, Thomas Prtse Arthur, Esq., of
Duntish Court, Dorsetshire.
Second son of Thomas Holford, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Castle Hill (now Duntish Court), who d. 1918, by
Margaret, elder dau. of the late Pryse Loveden, Esq.,
M.P., of Gogerddan, Cardigapshire, and of Buscot
Park, Berks; h. 1876; m. 1902 Evelyn Violet,
younger dau. of Andrew Alexander Watt, Esq., D.L.,
of Thorn Hill, co Londonderry, and has, with other
issue, a son, * Thomas Patrick John, A. 1918. Mr.
Holford, who was educated at Rugby, and was formerly
Lieut. 10th R. Hussars and temp. Capt. Gen. List
1914-16, is Lieut, and temp. Capt. S. Irish Horse.—
Snntish Court, Buckland Newton, Dorset; Kilcairne
House, Navan, co. Meath.

HOLIDAY, Sir Frederick Charles, Knt. — Cr.

Youngest son of George Henry Holiday, Esq., of Lon-
don, whorf. 1884, by Clim^ne, who d. 1895, eldest dau.
of the late Jean Gerber, Esq., of Mulhausen, Alsace ; b.
1843; m. 1 872 Adela Maria, only dau. of the late Henry
Mileham, Esq., ofOulton Grange, Suffolk. Sir Frederick
Holiday, who entered the India Office 1861, was Assis-
tant Auditor of the accounts of the Secretary of State
for India in Council 1895-1903, and Auditor 1903-8. —
Walden Abbotts, Whitwell, Hertfordshire; Cavendish
Club, w.

HOLLAMS, Frederick William, Esq., of
Dene Park, Kent.
Second son of Sir John HoUams, J.P., of Dene Park,
who d. 1910, by Rice, who d. 1891, dau. of the late
Rev. Edward AUfree, Rector of Strood, Kent ; b. 1848 ;
m. 1873 Mary Owen, 2nd dau. of the lute Sir Charles
Lanyon, M.P., of The Abbey, White Abbey, co.
Antrim, and has 2 daus. Mr. Hollams, who was edu-
cated at Blackheath and at Trinity Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1870, M.A. 1875), and called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1872, is a Magistrate for Kent (High Sheriff
I'm).— Dene Park, 7iear Tonbridge, Kent; Carlton, and
R. Automobile Clubs, s.w.

HOLLAND, Sir (Reginald) Sothern, Bart. —
Cr. 1917.

Younger son of Ben Herbert Holland, Esq., formerly
Registrar of Deeds for Cape Colony, of Kenilworth,
Cape Province, who (?. 1917,b3' Agnes Hope, 3rd dau. of
the late Charles Hugh Huntly, Esq., C.M.G., formerly
Civil Commissioner of Grahamstown, Cape Colony ; b.
1876 ; m. 1910 Stretta Aimee, dau. of Edward George
Price, Esq., of Broadwater, Godalming, Surrey, and
Craven Hill, W. Sir Sothern HoUand, who was educated
at St. Andrew's Coll., Grahamstown, and entered the
Cape Civil Service 1894, is a J.P. for Cape Colony,
and a Chevalier of the Belgian Order of Leopold ;
was Chief Clerk to the Prime Minister's Department
1904-5, Permanent Head of the Department, with the
title of Secretary to the Prime Minister, 1905-8, Secre-
tary to S. African Shipping Freights Conference 1905-6,
H.M.'s Trade Commissioner in S. Africa 1908-15,
Deputy Director-Gen. of Explosives Supplies, Ministry
of Munitions 1914-16, and Director-Gen. of Inspection
of Munitions 1916-17; transferred to the Admiralty
1917 and appointed a Member of the Advisory Council
on the Post-war Disposal of Government Stores,
Ministry of Reconstruction, 1917, and Controller
(unpaid) of the Cultivation Div. of the Food Produc-
tion Department \^l%.— West well Manor, Biirford,

Heir, his son Jim Sothern, i. 1911.

HOLLAND, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Arthur Edward
Aveling, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.S.O.,
M.V.O.— Cr. K.G.B. 1918, K.C.M.G. 1919.

Youngest son of the late Major-Gen. Arthur Butcher;
b. 1862 ; m. 1906 Mary Kate Duval, only dau. of the
late Lewis Duval Hall, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Grosvenor
Place, S.W. Sir Arthur Holland, who assumed the sur-
name of Holland in lieu of Butcher by deed poll 1910,
is a Lieut.-Gen. late R.A. and a Comm. of the Legion
of Honour and of the Belgian Older of Leopold ; has the
Belgian Croix de Guerre ; was D.A.A.G. for R.A.,
Madras, 1895-8; Assistant Mil. Secretary to the
Governor of Malta 1903-5 and at Headquarters 1910-
12; Commandant R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich, 1912-
14; temp. Brigadier-Gen. R.A. 1914-15 and Major-
Gen, attached to Headquarter Units 1916-17- — Naval
and Military Club, w. ; Jt. Automobile Club, s.w.

HOLLAND, Sir Thomas Henry, K.C.S.L,
K.C.LE., D.Sc., F.R.S., A.R.C.S., F.G.S.
— Cr. K.C.LE. 1908, K.C.S.L 1918.

Third son of John Holland, Esq., of Springfield,
Canada, who d. 1907, by Grace Treloar, who d. 1906,
2nd dau. of the late William Roberts, Esq., of Corn-
wall ; b. 1868; m. 1896 Frances Maud, 2nd dau. of
Charles Chapman, Esq., of the Oudh Commission.
Sir Thomas Holland, who was educated at the R. School
of Mines and at Owens Coll., Manchester (Berkeley
Fellow 1889), and has been President of the Mining
and Geological Institute of India, of the Man-
chester Geological and Mining Society, and of the




Asiatic Society of Bengal, Chairman of the Tnistees,
Imperial Indian Museum, Calcutta, and Dean of the
Faculty of Science, Calcutta Univ., was Deputy Super-
intendent of Geological Survey, India, 1894-1903, and
Director 1903-9 and President of the Geological
Section, British Association, 19U,and of the Institute
of Mining Engineers 1915-16 ; appointed Professor of
Geology, Manchester Univ., 1909 ; is Major Man-
chester Univ. Contingent, Senior Div., Officers' Train-
ing Corps, T.F., President of the Indian Munitions |
Board, and a Member of the R. Commission on Navy
Fuel. — Alderley Edge, Cheshire. j

HOLLAND, Sir Arthur, Knt.— Or. 1913. |

Second sou of Charles Holland, Esq., J.P., of Liseard !

Vale, Cheshire, who d. 1870, by Elizabeth, who d.

1892, eldest dau. of the late William Gaskell, Esq., i

of Warrington ; b. 1842; m. 1868 Barbara, only dau. j

of the late Frederick Schwann Esq of London. Sir g-Qj^L^jjjj ^^ Kil\rean, Inverness-shire. See

Ai-thur Holland, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Fra'^er- Mackintosh

Cambridge (B.A. 1864, M.A. 1867). is a J.P. for ""''"' Machmtosh.

* Francis Corbett {Cropthome Manor House, Pershore),
a Magistrate for Worcestershire ; h. 1852 ; m. 1893
Marie A., dau. of the late Edward Charles Eudge, Esq.,
of Abbey Manor, Worcestershire. — Cropthoriie Court,
Pershore, Worcestershire.

HOLLAND, Richard, Esq., of Barton-under-
Needwood, Staffordshire.
Son of William Richard Holland, Esq., of Barton-
under-Needwood, who d. 1915, by Sarah Martha, who
d. 1901, dau. of the late Samuel Healing, Esq., J.P.,
of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire; h. 1880; m. 1908
Agnes Marion, dau. of the Kev. Frederick Scobell
Boissier, M.A., Vicar of Denby, Derbyshire. Mr. Hol-
land was educated at Haileybury and at Hertford
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1902, M.A. -[905).— Earton-mider-
Needwood, Burton-on-Trent ; Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Surrey and head of the firm of Arthur Holland & Co.,
Shipowners, and was Mayor of Wimbledon 1906-7. —
Holmhurst, Copsehill, Wimbledon; City of London
Club, E.c. ; 2, East India Avenue, e.c.

HOLLAND, Sir (Thomas) Erskine, Knt., K.C.,
D.C.L., LL.D.— Cr. 1917.

Eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Agar Holland, M.A.,
Rector of Poynings, Sussex, who d. 1888, by Made-
lena, who d. 1896, dau. of the late Major Philip
Stewart, of Brighton ; b. 1835; m. 1st 1871 Louise,
who d. 1891, dau. of the late Mons. Jean Delessert ;
2ndly 1895 Ellen, dau. of the late David Edwardes,
Esq., M.K.C.S., and widow of the Rev. Stephen
Edwardes. Sir Erskine Holland, who was educated
at Brighton Coll., matriculated at Balliol Coll., Oxford,
became later a Demy of Magdalen Coll. (B.A. 1858,
M.A. 1860, B.C.L. 1871, D.C.L. 1876) and a Fellow of
Exeter Coll. 1859 and of All Souls' Coll. 1876 ; called to
the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1863, appointed a K.C.
1901 and elected a Bencher 1907 ; was Vinerian
Reader in English Law 1874; Professor of In-
ternational Law and Diplomacy 1874-1910; As-
sessor (sole Judge) of the Chancellor's Court 1876-
1910 ; a Member of the R. Commission on the
.Supply of Food, &c., in time of War 1903-5 and
British Plenipotentiary at the Geneva Conference
1906 ; is a Knight Commander of the Crown of Italy
and of the Rising Sun of Japan ; Hon. LL.D. Bologna,
Glasgow, Dublin, and Brussels; a Fellow of the
British Academy ; Corresponding Member of the
Academies of Moral and Political Sciences in the
Inatitut de France, the Institute di Bologna, and at
Padua, and Brussels, and the Author of many works 1
on Law Reform, Jurisprudence, and International Law. I

Poynings House, Oxford; Athenamn Club, s.w. ; 1

3, Brick Court, Temple, B.C. '

HOLLAND, Mrs., of Caerdeon, Merionetli-
Caroline Jane, 5th dau. of the late Eev. John Thomas
Burt; m. 1878, as 2nd wife, Samuel Holland, Esq., of
Caerdeon, who was a J.P. and D.L. for cos. Carnarvon
and Merioneth (High SheriflF 1862), and M.P. for co.
Merioneth 1870-85, and who d.s.p. 1892. Mrs. Hol-
land is Patron of 1 \Wm^.~Caerdeon, Dolgelly.

HOLLAND Mrs., of Cropthorne Court, Wor- ! HOLLET, Capt. Edmund John Hunt, M.C,

cestershire I "^ Oaklands, Devonshire.

Annie, younger dau. of the late ElUs Fletcher, Esq., of ; Only son of Major-Gen. Edmund Hunt Holley J.P..

Clifto; Houie, Lancashire ; m. 1850 Francis Dermot Col. Commandant R.A., of Oaklands, who d. 1919 by

Holland, Esq., of Cropthorne Court, a J.P. for Worces- Georgina Amelia 2nd dau of the late Rev HayUr

tershire.whod. 1007. leaving with other issue a son, I George Hayter - Hames, J.P.. Rector of Chagford,

HOLLAND. See Knutsford, and Eotherham.

HOLLAND. GRIFFITH. See Carpenter-Holland-

HOLLAND- HIBBERT, the Hon. Arthur
Henrt, of Munden, Hertfordshire.

Second son of Henry Thurstan, 1st Viscount Knuts-
ford, G.C.M.G., P.C, who d. 1914, by his 1st wife
Elizabeth Margaret, who d. 1855, dau. of the late
Nathaniel Hibbert, Esq._, of Munden ; b. 1855 ; m. 1884
Ellen, eldest dau. of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 2nd Bart.,
of Brayton, Cumberland, and has, with other issue, a
son, * Thurstan, Lieut. 2nd Dragoons (R. Scots Greys),
Special Reserve ; late Lieut. Herts Yeo. ; called to the
Bar at the Inner Temple 1914 ; educated at Eton and
at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1910); b. 1888;
VI. 1912 Viola Mary, elder dau. of Thomas Meadows
Clutterbuck, Esq., of Micklefleld Hall and Putteridge,
Bury, Hertfordshire, and has a dau., Diana. Mr.
Holland-Hibbert, who was educated at Trinity Hall,
Cambridge, and assumed by royal license the additional
surname of Hibbert, after his maternal grandfather, in
1876, is a J.P., D.L. and C. Aid. for Herts (High
Sheriff 189U), and was formerly in the R.N. — Munden,

HOLLENDEN, Lord (Samuel Hope Moelet).
_Cr. 1912.

Eldest son of Samuel Morley, Esq., M.P., J.P. and
D.L., of Hall Place, who d. i886, by Rebecca Maria,
dau. of the late Samuel Hope, Esq., of Liverpool ; b.
1845; in. 1884 Laura Marianne (Minnie), youngest
dau. of the late Rev. George Royds Birch. Lord
HoUenden, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Cam-
bridge (B.A. 1869, M.A. 1872), is a J.P. and D.L. for
Kent, one of H.M.'b Lieuts. for the City of London
(High Sheriff of co. London 1893), and a Director
of the Bank of England. — Hall Place, Tonbridge ;
Athenaum,and Reform Clubs, a.w. ; E. Yacht Squadron ,
Cowes; 2, Grosvenor Square, w.

Heir, his son Geoffrey Hope, was High Sheriff of co. London ,
1917 ; b. 1885 : m. 1914 the Hon. Mary Sidney Katharine
Almina &ardner, 3rd dau. of Herbert Coulston, lat Lord
Burgholere, P.O., and has S daus.




Deron; b. 1891. Capt. HoUey, who was educated at
Eton and at Ch. Ch. Oxford (B.A. 19U), isCapt. E.
1st Devon Yeo. and Lord of the Manor of Okehampton.
— Oaklands, Okehampton, Devon; Devon and Exeter
Club, Exeter.

d. 1911, only dau. of Charles Pfizer, Esq., of New
York, U.S.A., and has a son, Charles Arthur Spencer,
b. 1906. Col. Hollond, who was educated at Harrow
and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, is Lieut.-Col. and
Brevet Col. late Rifle Brigade, and a Chevalier of the
Legion of Honour; appointed temp. Brigadier-Gen.
Gen. Staff 19\1 .— White s, and Army and Navy Clubs,
s.w. ; The Albany, Piccadilly, w.

HOLLINS, Sir Feank, Bart.— Cr. 1907.

Fifth son of Edward Hollins, Esq., of Pleasley, Mans-
field, Nottinghamshire, who d. 18S6, by Margaret „^t , ^.^„ . tt r^ tt ^
Harding, who d. 1890, dau. of the late Robert Woody, HULLOVV AT, Sir HeneT, Knfc. — Cr. 1917
Esq., of Tamworth, Staffordshire; 4.1843; m. 1875 " " " "" " "
Dora Emily Susan, O.B.E., 3rd dau. of Caleb Cox,
Esq., of Wimbledon, Surrey. Sir Frank Hollins, who
was educated at Bridgnorth Grammar School and at
Eossall School, is a Magistrate for Lancashire and for
Preston, Hon. Commandant 1st V.B. Loyal N. Lan-
cashire Eegt., and the head of one of the largest
cotton spinning concerns in the world. — Grey Friars,
Freston, Lancashire; Eeform, and National Liberal
Clubs, s.w. ; Vnion Club, Manchester.

Heir, his son Arthar Meyrick, a Magiiitrate for Lancashire

aud au Hon. Capt. In the Army ; late temp. Capt. 11th

(Service) Batt. Loyal N. Lancashire Regt. and 17llh Batt.

Training Reserve'; educated at Eton and at Hertford Coll., , ^,„

Oxford ; b. 1876 ; m. 1908 Mary Prudence, yonngest dau. HOLLWAY-CALTHROP

of the late John Thwaites, Esq., of Troy, Lancashire. ]

Fourth son of Thomas HoUoway, Esq., of Lavington,
Wiltshire, who d. 1902, by Elizabeth, who d. 1909,
dau. of the late William Archard, Esq., of Calne,
Wiltshire; b. 1857; m. 1881 Annie Jane, elder dau.
of the late John GoUop, Esq., of Clapham. Sir Henry
HoUoway, who was educated privately, was formerly
Director of Housing Construction, Ministry of Muni-
tions, and is Governing Director of HoUoway Bros.
Ltd., Contractors, London, and a J.P. for co. London.
— Westergate House, near Arundel, Sussex; Eeform
Club, s.w. ; Burntwood Grange, Bumtwood Lane, Upper
Tooting, s.w.


See Blundcll.

HOLLIST, Lieut.-Col. Edwaed Ommannet, of
Lodsworth, Sussex.
Eldest son of Hasler HoUist, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Lodsworth, who d. 1874, by Frances Georgiana, who
d. 1881, dau. of the late Sir Francis Molyneux Om-
manney, M.P. ; b. 1838; m. 1865 Ellen Lvdia, who
d. 1915, 2nd dau. of the late Nathan Wetherell, Esq.,
of Pashley, Sussex, and has had, with other issue,
2 sons, Anthony May Capron, temp. Capt. 8th (Service)
Batt. The Buffs (E. Kent Eegt.) and Lieut. Territorial
Force Reserve Yeo. ; late Lieut. Hampshire Cara-
biniers Y'co., previously Lieut. West India Regt. ; b.
1873; VI. 1902 Katharine, only dau. of the late
Theodore Barker, Esq., and d. (killed in action) 1915,
leaving 2 dans. ; and * Gerald Wetherell Capron, Capt.
E. Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force ; educated at
Tonbridge and at Guys Hospital (M.E.C.S. andL.E.C.P. !
1903); b. 1877 ; m. 1904 Euby, elder dau. of Nevil Large
Hodgson, Esq., of Eden Lodge, Maidenhead, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Archibald May, b. 1906.
Lieut.-CoL HoUist, who was educated at the E. Mil. I jjoLMDEN, Sir OSBOEN GeOEGE, K.B.E..

Heney Caltheop,
Esq., of Stanhoe Hall, Norfolk.
Only son of Lieut.-Col. James HoUway, J.P. and
D.L., of Stanhoe Hall, who (?. 1886, by his 1st wife Mary
Esther, who rf. 1856, only child of thelate John Calthrop,
Esq., of Staiihoe Hall; b. 1856; m. 1879 Wilhelmina,
youngest dau. of David Ralston, Esq., of Bothwell,
Lanarkshire. Mr. HoUway-Calthrop, who was edu-
cated at Eton and at Balliol Coll., Oxford, and assumed
the additional surname of Calthrop by royal

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