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St. John, Esq., of
Sotterley Hall, and Dnnwicli, Suffolk.
Eldest son of Major Miles Barne, D.S.O., J.P., of
Sotterley HaU, and Dunwieh, Capt. ret., late Scots
Guards, Major Loyal Suffolk Hussars Yen., and Acting
Major Scots Guards, who d. (of wounds received on
active service) 1917, by Violet Ella, elder dau. of Sir
Archibald Ernest I )rr-Ewing, 3rd Bart.,of Lennoxbank,
Dumbartonshire; b. 1905. Mi\ Barne, who was edu-
cated at The New Beacon, Sevenoaks, Kent, and at
Eton, is Patron of 3 livings.— So«e?% Hall, Wangford,
Sufolk; Gray Friars, DunvAch, Saxmundham.

BARNEBY, Mrs., of Brockington Grange,
Alice Mary, 3rd dau. of Sir Michael Hicks Hicks-
Beach, 8th Bart., M.P., who d. 1854 (by Harriet
Vittoria, who d. 1900, 2nd dau. of the late John
Stratton, Esq., of Farthinghoe Lodge, Northampton-
shire) and sister of Michael Edward, 1st Earl St.
Aldwyn ; m. 1865 William Henry Barneby, Esq., late
Lieut. 58th Foot, of Brockington Grange and Long-
worth Hall, Herefordshire, a J.P., D.L. and C. Aid.
for Herefordshire (High Sheriff 1884), who d. 1914,
leaving, with other issue, a son, * Richard Hicks
(luhom see). Mrs. Barneby is Patron of 1 living.—
Brockington Grange, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

dau. of the Rev. Henry Frederick Howard, Rector oi
Brightwalton, Berkshire, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Henry Habington, b. 1909. Mr. Barneby, who was
educated at Eton and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, is
a J.P. and D.L. for Herefordshire, and a J. P. for Pem-
brokeshire. — Lojigworth Hall, Hereford; Junior Carlton
Club, s.w.

BARNEBY, William Theodore, Esq., of Salt-
marshe Castle, and Clater Park, Hereford-
Elder son of William Barneby, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,of
Saltraarshe Castle, and Clater Park, who (/. 1895, by
Katharine Anne, youngest dau. of the late William
Lutley Sclater, Esq., of Hoddiugtou, Hants ; b. 1873 ;
w. 1912 Viiviia Henrietta, youngest dau. of Algernon
Turnor, Esq., C.B., and has, with other issue, a son,
* Christopher William, b. 1915. Mr. Barneby, who
was educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge
(B.A. 1894, M.A. 1898), and called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1898, is a J.P. and D.L. for Hereford-
shire (High Sheriff 1904), Lieut, and Hon. Capt. T.F.,
Reserve, late Lieut, ^ropshire Yec, and Patron of 2
livings. — Saltmarshe Castle, Bromyard, Herefordshire.

+ BARNES, the Right Hon. George

Son of the late James Barnes, of Hilltown, Dundee ;

h. 1859; m. 18 , dau. of . Mr.

Barnes was Assistant Secretary to the Amalgamated
Society of Engineers 1892-5, Gen. Secretary 1896-
1908, Pensions Minister Dec. 1916-17, and a Delegate
of Great Britain at the Peace Conference 1919; ap-
pointed Minister without portfolio and a Member of
the War Cabinet 1917; is a Member of the Govern-
ment Committee for Soldiers' and Sailors' pensions and
allowances ; sat as M.P. for the Blackfriars and Eutche-
sontown Div. of Glasgow 1906-18, and has sat for
the Gorbals Div. since 1918. — 2, Aldenbrook Road,
Balham, s.w.

BARNEBY, Philip Bartholomew, Esq., of
Trewyn, Monmouthshire.
Younger son of William Barneby, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Saltmarshe Castle, and Clater Park, Herefordshire,
who d. 1895, by Kathai'ine Anne, youngest dau. of the
late William Lutley Sclater, Esq., of Hoddington, Hamp-
shire ; b. 1875; m. 1905 Louisa Geraldine, elder dau.
of His Honour Judge Robert Wood Ingham, J.P. and
D.L., of Sugwas Court, Herefordshire, and has, with
other issue, a son, *Edmund Geoffrey Lutley, b. 1906.
Mr. Barneby, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1899), is a Magistrate for
Monmouthshire, and Patron of 2 livings. — Trewyn,
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

BARNEBY, Richard Hicks, Esq., of Long,
worth Hall, Herefordshire.
Eldest surviving son of William Henry Barneby, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Longworth Hall, and Brockington
Grange, Herefordshire, who d. 1914, by Alice Mary,
3rd dau. of Sir Michael Hicks Hicks-Beach, 8th Bart.,
M.P., and sister of Michael Edward, 1st Earl St.
Aldwyn; b. 1875; m. 1908 Margaret Elizabeth, eldest

BARNES, Sir George Staptlton, K.G.B.—
Cr. 1915.

Elder son of George Carnac Barnes, Esq., C.B., Com-
missioner of the Cis-Sutlej States, E. Indies, who d.
1861, by Margaret Diana, only dau. of the late Major
Henry Richard Chet\\7nd-Stapylton, 10th R. Hussars;
b. 1858; m: 1887 Sybil de Gournay, youngest dau. of
the late Charles Buxton, Esq., M.P., of Foxwarren,
Surrey. Sir George Barnes, who was educated at
Eton and at Univ. Coll., Oxford, and called to the Bar
at the Inner Temple 1883, was Comptroller of the
Companies Department, Board of Trade, 1904-11 ;
Comptroller-Gen., Labour and Statistical Departments,
1911-13, and 2nd Secretary of the Board 1913-15;
appointed Member for Commerce and Industry of the
Council of the Governor-Gen. of India \^\o.—Fo.xholm,
Cobham, Surrey; Brooks's, and Reform Clubs, s.yr. ;
Alpine Club, w.

BARNES, Sir Hugh Shakespeae, K.C.S.I.,
K.C.V.O., F.R.G.S.— Cr. K.C.S.I. 1903,
K.C.V.O. 1903.

Son of James Ralph Barnes, Esq., Indian Civil Service,
who d. 1855, by Mary Jane, dau. of the late George
Powney Thompson, Indian Civil Service ; b. 1853 ; m.
1st 1888 Winifred, who d. 1892, eldest dau. of the late
Sir John Strachey, G.C.S.I., CLE.; 2ndly 1894 Edith
Helen, M.B.E., dau. of the late Rev. Reginald Barnes,
Vicar of Heavitree and Canon of Exeter. Sir Hugh
Barnes was educated at Malvern Coll.; entered the
Indian Civil Service 1874 ; appointed Private Secretary
to Sir .lohn Strachey, G.C.S.I., 1876; Attach^ Foreign




Department 1879 ; Political Officer, Kandahar, 1
Deputy Commissioner, Quetta, 1883 ; Coi
1891; Resident, Kashmir, 1894, and Chief Commis-
sioner and Agent to the Governor-Gen. in Balucliistan
1896 ; was Secretary to the Government of India in the
Foreign Department 1900-3 ; President of the Central
Committee of the Delhi Durbar 1903 ; Liout.-Governor
of Burma 1903-5, and a Member of the Council of
India 1905-13; is Hon. Commandant 7th Batt. Surrey
Vol Regt.— Woodlands Corner, West Byfleet, Surrey ;
B, Automobile Club, b.w. •


BARNES, Sir Frederic Goeell,
F.R.G.S.— Cr. 1916.
Only surviving son of Charles Barnes, Esq., J.P., of
Mossley Hill, Lancashire, who d. 1880, by Marian,
who d. 1905, elder dan. of the late Rev. William Peach,
Vicar of Brampton, Derbyshire; b. 1856; m. 1894 BARNETT,
Caroline Anno Roper, only dau. of the late Sir Roper ggg Sarel

"Lethbridge, K.C.I. E., J. P. and D.L., of Exhourne
Manor, Devonshire. Sir Frederic Gorell Barnes, who
was educated at the R. Institution, Liverpool, and at
.Tesus Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1881, M.A. 1887), and
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1885, is a J.P.
and D.L. for Kent; Commissary of the Kent Vol. Fen-
cibles for the Hawkhurst Dist., ; Assistant Divisional
Food Commissioner, S. Midland Div. ; Assistant Com-
missioner of the Education and Propaganda Branch, 1
Ministry of Food ; Chairman of the Court of Referees [
for the Reading Dist. under the National Insurance i
Act (Unemployment Insurance), and Vice-President
of the Council of the Tariff Reform League ; was M.P. i
for the Faversham Div. of Kent 1895-1900 and Chair- 1
manof the Greyholme Convalescent Home for wounded I _, T>TVTT^vi7- A T T r, rr, ■ ,
and refugees 1914-17.— %oi Wood, Shiplake, Oxford- isARJN E W ALL. See Tnndestown.
shire ; Carlton Club, s.w. ; Garrick Club, w.c. ; Services' \
Club, w.

BARNETT, Lieut.-Col. George Henrt.C.M.G.,
D.S.O., of Glympton Park, Oxfordshire.

Only son of Frank Henry Barnett, Esq., J. P., of
Glympton Park, who d. 1907. by Frances Mary,
eldest dau. of the late Henry Tudor Davies, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law ; b. 1880; m. 1904 Mary Dorothea,
2nd dau. of tlie late Rev. Robert Lowbridge Baker, of
Ramsden House, Oxfordshire, and has, with other issue,
a son, * Frank Henry Wheate, h. 1906. Lieut.-Col.
Barnett, who was educated at Radley and at the R.
Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is a Magistrate for Oxfordshire,
Major and Brevet Lieut.-Col. King's R. Rifle Corps,
temp, Lieut.-Col. on the Staff, Lord of the Manor of
Glympton, and Patron of 1 living; has the Italian
Croce di GweTva.— Gli/mpfoii Park, Woodstock, Oxford-
shire; Boodle's Club, s.w.

)f Stratton Park, Bedfordshire.

BARNEWALL, Sir John Robert, Bari;., of
Crickstown Castle, co.Meath.—Cr. 1G22-3.
Eldest son of John Barnewall, Esq. (great-grandson of
the 7th Bart, and grandson of the next brother of the 8tli
Bart.), who d. 1890, by his 1st wife Ellen, who d. 1877,
dau. of the late John Sanders, Esq., of Dublin ; b. 1850 ;
s. his kinsman Sir Reginald Aylmer John de Barneval
Barnewall, 10th Bart., 1909; m. 1884 Grace, dau. of
Arthur Richard Blennerhassett, Esq. — Thornton Upper,
Victoria, Australia.

Heir, Ms sou Reginald John, 6. 1888.

BARNES, Alfred Harold, Esq., of Farnworth,
Only son of Alfred Barnes, Esq., of Farnworth, who d.
1893, by his 1st wife Ellen, dau. ofthelateE.R.LeMare,
Esq., of Manchester; b. 1856. — Farnworth, Bolton.

BARNES, Mrs., of The Quinta, Shropshire 1
Ellen, younger dau. of the late John Cheethara, Esq., of j
Eastwood, Cheshire; m. 1864 James Richardson
Barnes, Esq., of The Quinta, and of Limefield, Lanca-
shire, a J.P. for cos. Denbigh and Salop, and Lieut.-
Col. ret. late Deubighshh-e Hussars, who d. 1899.— I
Residence : Brookside, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry.

House, CO.


Tipperary. See Co?istable.

BARNES. See Gorell, Lord.

BARNES-GORELL, Arthur Goeell, Esq.,
of Ashgate Lodge, Derbyshire.
Eldest son of Alfred Barnes, Esq., of Ashgate Lodge,
who d. 1901, by Charlotte, who d. 1905, eldest dau.
of the late Thomas Wilson, Esq.; b. 1855; m. 1891
Evcrilda Maria, 5th dau. of the late Henry Frederick
Beaumont, Esq., of "WTiitley Beanmcmt, Yorkshire,]
and has, with other issue, a son, * Ttieodore Arthur i
Richard, Lieut, temp. h.p. 4th Batt. Nottinghamshire
and Derbyshire Regt.; b. 1892. Mr. Barnes-Gorell, I
who was educated at Wellington Coll. and at Trinity |
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1880), and assumed; ^ . ^J-.Jcn^r\-^.^
the additional surname of Gorell by deed poll 1918,1 BARJNSIUJN
was formerly Capt. and Hon. Major 3rd Batt. Derby- Cheshire

shire Regt., and is a Magistrate for Derbyshire. — [ Only surviving son

BARNS-GRAHAM, Allan, Esq., of Craig-
allian, Stirliugshire ; of Cambuslaiig, and
Lymekilns, Lanarkshire; of Fereneze, Ren-
frewshire; and of Kirkhill, Ayrshire.
Elder surviving son of Allan Graham Barns-Graham,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Cra'gallian, of C'ambuslang, and
Lymekilns, of Fereneze, and of Kirkhill, who d. 1913,
by Wilhelmina. who d. 1910, dau. of the late William
Cai>t;iirs, l>i|., M.D., ILMI.CS., of Cupar, Fife ; b.
1S71 ; «'. IIM 1 Williulmin.i Menzies, youngest dau. of
Chiali.s l!a^ uv .Mdurum, Esq,, of Dura, and Balmungo,
Fifu, and has, with other issue, a son, * Patrick Allan,
b. 1915. — Residence: Southern Lodge, St. Andrews,
Fife; Western Club, Glasgow.

BARNSLEY, Brigadier- Gen. Sir John, Knt,
— Cr. 1914.
Eldest son of Thomas Barnsley.Esq., J.P., of Edgbas-
ton, Warwickshire, who iZ. 1909, by Sophia, dau. of
the late William Soutter, Esq., of Handsworth;
b. 1858; m. 1882 Ellen Rutherford, dau. of the late
Robert Davis, Esq., J,P,, of Wandsworth, Surrey. Sir
John Barnsley, who was educated at King Edward's
School, Birmingham, is a J.P. and D.L. for Warwick-
shire, a J.P. for Birmingham, an Hon. Brigadier-
Gen, ret., an Hon. Col. in the Army, Lieut.-Col. ret.,
late T. V. Rtserve, previously Comm. 5th Batt. R. War-
wickshire Regt., V.D., and a Governor of King Edward's
School, BirmiDghaiu; commanded 183rd Brigade, 61st
Div., with the temp, rank of Col., \9i6-16.—Earlsj;eld,

Westfield Eoad, Edgbasto
Liberal Clubs, Birmingham

lingham; Clef, and

Residence: Glapwell Hall, Chesterfield; Brovki's Club,

Haer-s, Esq., of Crewe Hill,

L,f William Barnston, Esq., J.P.,
of Crewe Hill,' late Major 55th Regt., who d. 1872, by
Mary Emma, who d. 1918, dau. of the late Col. King,



K.H.; b. 1870. Mr. B.irnstnn, who was educated at !
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1894, M.A. 1808), and called to i
the Bar at ths Inner Temple 1898, is a J.P. and D.L. I
for Cheshire, Lord of the Manor of Farndon, and
Capt. and Hon. Major T.F. Eeserve, late Capt. Earl of
Chester's Yeo., Coram. Labour Co. Lincolnshire llogt., j
and has been M.P. for the Eddisbury Div. of Cheshire
since Jan. 1910; appointed Parliamentary Private
Secretary to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Board
of Agriculture and Fisheries 1919. — Crewe Hill,
Farndon, Cheshire.

Co-heiresses Pres., his sisters.

BARON, Lady.

Jane, oldest dau. of Whinfield Robinson, Esq., of Ivy-
bridge, Devonshire; m. 1883 Sir Barclay Josiah Baron,
M.B., CM., a J.P. for and -an Aid. of the City of
Bristol (Lord Mayor 1916 and 1917) and ex-President
of the Bristol Branch of the British Medical Association
and of the Bristol Med.-Chi. Society, who was formerly
Lecturer on Pathology and Morbid Anatomy, Bristol
Medical School, Assistant to the Professor of Pathology,
Edinburgh Univ., and Consulting Physician for Diseases
of Throat and Nose. Bristol Gen, Hospital, 1902-19,
and who was cr. Knt. 1918 and d. 1919.— 16, iVhite-
ladica Ihad, Clifton, Bristol.

BARR, Constance, Lady.

Dau. of the late Major-Gen. John Guillum Scott,
Bombay Army; m. 1871 Sir David William Keith
Barr, Lieut. -Col. u.s.l. Indian Army, who was Resident
at Gwalior 1888-92 and in Kashmir 1892-4, Agent to
the Governor-Gen. in Central India 1894-1900, Resi-
dent .at Hyderabad 1900-5, and a Member of the
Council of India 1905-15, and who was cr. K. C.S.I.
1902 and d. 1916.— 92, Onslow Gardens, s.w.

BARR, Sir James, Kut., M.D.— Cr. 1905.

Eldest son of the late Samuel Barr, Esq., J.P., of Clare-
mont, CO. Tyrone; b. 1849; m. 1882 Isabella Maria,
dau, of J. WooUey, Esq., of Liverpool. Sir James
Barr was educated at Glasgow Univ. (M.B. 1873, M.D.
18S2); L,R.C.S., Edinburgh, 1873; M.R.C.P., London,
1897, and F.R.C.P. 1902; F.R.S.E. 1906; Hon.
LL.D. Toronto 1906 and Liverpool 1912; has been
President and Treasurer of the Medical Institution
of Liverpool, and is Consulting Physician of the Liver-
pool R. Infirmary, and Lieut,-Col. 1st Western Gen.
Hospital, R. Army Medical Corps, Territorial Force ;
was President of the British Medical Association 1912
and Vice-President 1913. — 72, Eodney Street, and
Otterspool Bank, Liverpool; Atenmim, and Conserva-
tive Clubs, Liverpool.

BARRAN, Sir John Nicholson, Bart., of
Chapel AUertou Hall, Yorkshire.— Cr.
Elder son of John Barran, Esq. (eldest son of the 1st
Bart,), who d. 1886, by Eliza Henrietta, dau. of the late
Edward Nicholson, Esq., of Matthews Green, Woking-
ham, Berkshire; b. 1872; s. his grandfather Sir John, 1st I
Bart., 1905; m. 1902 Alice Margarita, eldest dau. of
the Rev. Leighton Parks, D.D., Rector of St. Bartho-
lomew's, New York, U.S.A. Sir John Barran, who was
educated at Winchester Coll. and at Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. 1894), is a Magistrate for the W.
Riding of Yorkshire, sat as M.P. for the Hawick
Dist. 1909-18 and was Parliamentary Private
Secretary (unpaid) to the Secretary of State for the
Home Department 1916 and Parliamentary Private

Secretary to the Right Hon. H. H. Asquith 1917-
18. — Cliapel Allerton Hall, near Leeds; Residence:
Sawley Hall, liipoii, Yorkshire; Brooks's, and He/or m
Clubs, s.w.
ffeir, bis son John Leighton, b. 1904.

BARRAN, Sir Rowland Hiest, Kut.— Cr

Youngest son of Sir John Barran, 1st Bart., of Chapel
Allerton Hall, Yorkshire, who d. 1905, by his 1st
wife Ann, who d. 1874, dau. of the late M. Hirst, Esq
of Leeds; b. 1858; m. 1st 1887 Rose Cardew (whom
he div. 1899), dau. of the Rev. Gilbert Bradley, M.A.;
2ndly 1909 Louise Buchanan, dau. of J. Stevenson
Brown, Esq., of Montreal, Canada. Sir Rowland
Barran is a Director of John Barran & Sons Ltd.,
Merchants, of Leeds and a Member of the Court
of Leeds Univ.; sat as M.P. for the N. Div. of
Leeds 1902-18.— ieatt/cy Hall, Otley, Yorkshire;
Reform, and Ranelagh Clubs, s.wr. ; Bath Club,-w. ; 2i,
Queen's Gate, s.w.


See Lai/taud-Barralt.

BARRETT, Gen. Sir Authur Arnold,
G.C.B., K.C.S.L, K.C.V.O.— Cr. K.C.B.
1908, K.C.Y.O. 1912, K.C.S.l. 1915,
G.C.B. 1918.

Son of the late Rev. Alfred Barrett, D.D.; b. 1857 ;
m. 1st 1894 Mary, who d. 1897, dau. of James Haye,
Esq,, of Fowey, Cornwall; 2ndly 1907 Ella, who
d. 1917, 3rd dau. of the late Henry Lafone, Esq. Sir
Arthur Barrett is a Gen. Indian Army, and was
Deputy Adjutant-Gen. Northern Command in India
1905-7, in command of the Nowshera Brigade, 1st
Div., Northern Army, 1907-9, Adjutant-Gen. in India
1909-12, and in command of 6th (Poona) Div. Northern
Army in India 1912-15; appointed a temp. Army
Commander 1916 and A.D.C. Gen. to H.M. King
George V. 1917. — United Service Club, s.w.

BARRETT, Lieut.-Col. Sir James William,
K.B.E., C.M.G., M.D.— Cr. 1918.

Sou of the late James Barrett, Esq., M.D., of Howe
Crescent, S. Melbourne; b. 1862; m. 1888 Marian,
dau. of Charles Rennick, Esq., of Melbourne. Sir
James Barrett, who was educated at Melbourne Univ.
and at King's Coll., London (M.D. 1887, M.S. 1888,
F.R.CS. 1887), was formerly Lieut.-Col. Australian
A.M.C. ; is Lecturer on the Physiology of the
Special Senses in Melbourne Univ. ; a Member of
the Council thereof; Consulting Surgeon to Victoria
Eye and Ear Hospital ; Ophthalmologist to Melbourne
Hospital; Chairman of the Board of Management
Lady Northcote Permanent Orchestral Trust Fund,
and Lieut.-Col. ret., late temp. Lieut-Col. R.A.M.C. ;
has the Order of the Nile, 3rd Class.— 105, Collins
Street, Melbourne, Victoria; Palmyra. Lansell Road,
Toorak, Melbourne ; Melbourne Club, Melbourne.

BARRETT, Sir William Fletcher, Knt.,

F.R.S., F.R.S.E., M.R.I.A, M.LE.E.—

Cr. 1912.

Second sou of the Rev. William Garland Barrett, of

Royston, Hertfordshire, who d. 1865, by Martha, who

d. 1894, dau. of the late Isaac Fletcher, Esq., of

Southampton; 6.1844; m. 1916 Mrs. Florence Elizabeth

Willey, C.B.E., M.D., M.S., B,Sc., of 31, Devonshire

Place, London, dau. of the late Benjamin Perry, Esq., of

Avonleigh, Stoke Bishop. Sir William Barrett, who





was educated at Old Trafford Grammar School,
Manchester, and privately, is a J.P. for eo. Dublin, a
Member of the E. Dublin Society, and of tho E.
Irish Academy, a Fellow of the Pliysieal Society,
ex-President and a Member of the Council of the
Society for Psychical Eesearch, of which he was one
of the Founders, and the Author of various original
researches published in the Philosophical Magazine,
Transactions of the i;. Dublin Society, Proceedings
of the Society for Psychical Eesearch, &c., and of
various books on physical science and psychical research ;
was Assistant to Professor Tyndall 1863-6; Science
Master, International Coll., 1867-73 ; Lecturer on
Physics, R. School of Naval Architeetm^e, 1869, and
Professor of Physics. E. Coll. of Science, Dublin,
1873-1910. — Carrigoona, near Brciy, co. Wicklow ;
31, Bevonshire Place, w.

BARRETT, Sir William Scott, Knt.— Cr.

Younger son of John Chalk Barrett, Esq., of Leeds,
who d. 1875, by Mary, who d. 1876, 2nd dau. of the
late William Scott, Esq., of Northallerton; b. 1843;
VI. 1869 Julia Louisa, youngest dau. of the late Eev.
Augustus Asgill Colvile, Eector of Livermere, Suffolk.
Sir William Barrett, who was educated at Leeds
Grammar School and at Liverpool Coll., is a J.P.,D.L.
and C. Aid. for and Chairman of the C.C. and of
Quarter Sessions for Lancashire ; Chairman of the
Standing Joint Committee of Lancashire, of the
Governors of Mei-chant Taylors School, Great Crosby,
and of the Wigan EoUing Mills ; Hon. Treasurer of the
Mining Association of Great Britain ; a Trustee of
St. Nicholas Church, Bluudellsands ; a Director of the
Leeds and Liverpool Canal, and a Partner in thi
Norley Coal Co., Wigan ; appointed Constable of
Lancaster Castle 1916. — Abhotsgate, Blundellsands,
Lancashire ; Jimior Bcform Club, Livcrjwol.

BARRETT, Lieut.-Col. Haery Peyton
MOULTON-, of Arcott, Devonshire.
Eldest son of Henry Moulton-Barrett, Esq., of Arcott,
who d. 1896, by Amelia, who d. 1887, diiu. of the late
Capt. Holland ; b. 1862 ; m. 1894 Mabel Alice Gertrude,
eldest dau. of C. H. Ogbourne, Esq., and has, with
other issue, a son, *£dward Selwyn, temp. Lieut. Gen.
List, and temp. Capt. E.A.F. ; b. 1895. Lieut.-Col.
Moulton-Barrett is Lieut.-Col. Ecserve of Officers,
Lieut.-Col. ret., late Argyll and Sutherland High-
landers, and was formerly 2nd in command 17th Batt.
Imp. Yeo. in S. Africa ; appointed a Staff Capt. 1915.

BARRETT, Louis Aethur, Esq., of Miltou
House, Berks.

Elder surviving son of John Basil Barrett, Esq., J.P.,
of Milton House, who d. 1886, by Ellen, who d. 1897,
dau. of the late John Box, Esq. ; b. 1869.

Heir Pies., his brother Herbert Augustine, b. 1871 ; m. 1907
Florence Constance, elder dau. of the late Richard Stephen
Watton Teevau, Esq., and has a dau., Maj-jorie Mary.

BARRETT, Mrs., of Court Lodge, Shorne,

Catharine Louisa, 3rd dau. of Frederick Cowper, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Unthauk, and Carleton Hall, Cum-
berland, who d. 1899, by his 1st wife Mary, who d.
1891, only dau. of the late Thomas Eooke, Esq., of
West Hill, Wandsworth, and formerly of Fawley,
Buckinghamshire; m. 1900 tho Eev. Tufnell Cowper
Allistou Barrett, M.A., of Court Lodge, Vicar of
Saudgate, Kent, who d. 1914, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Tufnell Sealy Douglas, b. 1901. —
Kesidence : 79, Cheriton Boad, Folkestone.

BARRETT, Col. William, of Moredon, Somer-
Eldest son of Major William Barrett, J.P. and D.L.,
of Moredon, who d. 1914, by Charlotte Maria Her-
ring, eldest dan. of the late William Wheaton Chard,
Esq., of Mount Tamar, Plymouth ; b. 1863; m. 1908
Gwerfyl, 2nd dau. of the Eev. lorwerth Grey Lloyd,
Prebendary in St. David's Cathedral. Col. Barrett,
who was educated at Eton, and was formerly Lieut. 5th
Dragoon Guards, is a J.P. and D.L. for Somerset, and'
Hon. Col., previously Lieut-Col. and Hon. Col. Comm.,
W. Somerset Yeo., T.D. — Moredon, North Curry, mar
Taunton ; Hill Hmue, Minehead, Somerset ; Cavalry
Club, w.

BARRETT-HAMILTON, Fkank Gerald Hill,
Esq., of Kilmauock House, co. Wexford.
Eldest son of Major Gerald Edwin Hamilton Barrett-
Hamilton, J.P., 5th Batt. E. Irish Eifles, of Kilmauock
House, who d. 1914, by Maude Charlotte, 2nd dau. of
the late S. Clibborn Eland, Esq., of Eavenshill,
Pietersburg, Transvaal; b. 1904. — Kilmanock House,
Campile, co. Wexford.


BARRIB, Sir James Matthew, Bart., LL.U.
— Cr. 1913.

Son of the late David Barrie, Esq., of Kirriemuir, For-
farshire ; b. 1860 ; m. 1894 Mary (whomhe div. 1909),
dau. of the late George Ansell, Esq. Sir James Barrie,
who was educated at Dumfries Academy and at Edin-
burgh Univ. (M.A. andLL.D.), is a Novelist andPlay-
wright, and the Author of " A Window in Thrums,"
" The Little Minister," " Tommy and Grizel," " Peter
Pan," "The Admirable Crichton," "The Twelve
Pound Look," &e. — Kirriemuir, Forfarshire ;
Athenceum Club, s.w.

BARRIE, Sir Charles, Knt.— Or. 1919.

Second son of the late Charles Barrie, Esq., of Cold-
side ; b. 1840; 7,1. 1872 Jane dau. of the late Alex-
ander Cathro, Esq., of Arbroath. Sir Charles Barrie,
who was educated at Tay Square Academy and at
Trinity Nautical Coll., was Lord Provost of Dundee
1902-5 and is a J.P. tor Forfarshire and a J.P. and
D.L. for the co. of the City of Dundee.— .4i>«e Park,
Broughty Ferry, Forfarshire ; National Liberal Club,
s.w. ; Eastern Club, Dundee.

BARRINGTON, Viscount (Walter Bolkeley
Bareington).— Cr. 1720.

Eldest son of Percy, 8th Viscount, by Louisa, who d.
1884, dau. of the late Tully Higgins, Esq.; b. 1848;
s. 1901 ; III. 1st 1870 Mary Isabella, who d. 1903, 2nd
dau. of the late Rev. Eichard Bogue, Rector of Denbury,
S. Devon ; 2ndly 1905 Charlotte Mary Leycester, elder
dau. of the late Major George Montagu Stopford,
E.E., and widow of John Arden Birch, Esq. Viscount
Barringtou, who was educated at Eton, is a J.P., D.L.
and C.C. for Berkshire, and a J.P. for Bucks and for
Northamptonshire ; late Lieut. Coldstream Guards ;
sits in the House of Lords as Lord Shute, U.K., cr.
1830. — Beckett Home, Shrivenham ; Carlton, and
Travellers' Clubs, s.w.; 101, Eaton Square, s.w.

//(•;/■, his sou William Reginald Shute, a Magistrate for Berk-
shire, and Capt. and Hon. Major 3rd Batt. Oxfordshire
and Buckinghamshire L.l.

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