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Lieut. 24th
Regt. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885 Catherine Anna Mona, dau. of ;
the Very Rev. Henry William Brougham, D.D., Dean of I
Lismore,co. Waterford, and d. 1897, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Percy Gamaliel, M.C., temp. Lieut. 11th I
(Reserve) Batt. R. Dublin Fusiliers ; late Lieut, (on
probation) 5th Batt. Leinster Regt ; educated at
Wellington Coll. ; b. 1890.— Strancally Castle, Tallow,
CO. Waterford.

+ LLOYD, Capt. Richard Ateeell, of
Tamcamore, co. Tyrone.
Only son of Averell Lloyd, Esq., J.P., of Tamnamore,
who d. 1916, by Harriet Susan, 2nd dau. of the late
Thomas Staples Irwin, Esq., otDrumglass, co. Tyrone ;
b. 1891. Capt. Lloyd, who was educated at Portora R.
School and at Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1913), is
Capt. 10th (Scottish) Batt. King's Liverpool Regt.—
Tainnamore, Moy, co. Tyrone.

LLOYD, RiCHAED Llewellin, Esq., of Penty
Park, Pembrokesliire.
Eldest son of Richard Lloyd, Esq., who d. 1887, by
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of the late Robert Knapp Barrow,
Esq., of Kington, Gloucestershire; b. 1872; s. his
great-uncle Capt. Frederick Lewis Lloyd- Philipps, J.P.
and D.L., 1902; ?«. 1903 Beatrice, dau. of the late
William Williams, Esq., J.P., of Aberystwyth, and has
3 dans. Mr. Lloyd is a Magistrate for Pembrokeshire
(High Sheriff 1912), and Patron of 1 ]iv\ng.— Penty
Park, Clarbeston Rood R.S.O., Pembrokeshire.

LLOYD, Col. Thomas Edward John, of Plis
Tregayan, Anglesey ; and of Aberdnnant,

Only son of Robert Lloyd Jones-Parry, Esq., of
Aberdunant, who d. 1870, by Mary Isabella, who d.
1899, dau. of the late Edward Owen Snow, Esq., of
Lache Hall, Cheshire; b. 1856; m. 1879 Rosamond
Anna, 3rd dau. of Sir Frederick William Heiygate, 2ud
Bart., of Bellarena, co. Londonderry, and has had,
with 2 other sons and 2 daus., Robert Love (eldest son),
Capt. R. Welsh Fusiliers and Brigade Major Infantry

Brigade; b. 1881, and d. of wounds received in action
1915; and "' Roger Edward John (2iid son), Lieut, ret.,
late Denbighshire Yeo. ; b. 1882; m. 1914 Peverel de
Lormet, 2ud dau. of Sir Marteine Owen Mowbray
Lloyd, 2nd Bart. Col. Lloyd, who was educated at
Magdalene Coll., Cambridge, is a J.P., D.L. and Vice-
Cliairman of Quarter Sessions for Anglesey (High
Sheriff 1881), a J.P. for Carnarvonshire, Lieut.-Col.
and Hon. Col. ret. late Comm. 3rd Batt. D. of Corn-
wall's L.I., temp. Lieut.-Col. and Co. Commandant
Anglesey Vol. Regt. and Patron of 1 living. — Plas
Tregayan, Llanc/wyllog, Anglesey; Aberdunant, Tre-
madoc ; Sports' Club, s.w.

LLOYD, Major-Gen. Thomas Francis, of
Beechmount, co. Limerick.
Eldest son of Thomas Lloyd, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Beechmount, formerly High Sheriff of co. Limerick,
who d. 1873 (by his 2nd wife Julia Palmer, who d.
1901, eldest dau. of the late F. T. Hall, Esq.), and grand-
son of the late Thomas Lloyd, Esq., D.L., of Beech-
mount, formerly M.P. for co. Limerick; b. 1839; m.
1870 Mary Henrietta, 5th dau. of the late Christian
Augustus Henry AUhusen, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Stoke Court, Bucks. Major-Gen. Lloyd is a J.P. and
D.L. for CO. Limerick (High Sheriff 1894) ; a Major-Gen.
ret., late Col. Comm. 2nd Regimental Dist., formerly
Lieut.-Col. 98tb P. of Wales's Regt., of which he is Col.,
and Assistant-Adjutant and Quartermaster-Gen. of
the Cork Dist. — Beechmount, Eathkeale, co. Limerick ;
United Service Club, s.w.

LLOYD, Thomas Owen, Esq., of Dolobran,
Montgomeryshire ; and of The Priory,
Second son of Sampson Samuel Lloyd, Esq., who d.
1899, by Jane Emilia, who d. 1899, only dau. of the
late Thomas Lloyd, Esq., of The Priory ; b. 1873 ; s.
his grandfather Sampson Samuel Lloyd, Esq., M.P.,
J.P., at Dolobran, 1899 ; m. 1898 Elsie Emma Mary,
eldest dau. of the Rev. John Adams, Vicar of
OffchuTch, Warwickshire, and has a son, * Sampson
Llewellyn, b. 1907. Mr. Lloyd, who was educated at
Eton and at B.N.C., Oxford, is a Magistrate for
Warwickshire, and was High Sheriff 1915. — The
Priory, Warwick.

LLOYD, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Owen, C.M.G., of
Minard, Argyllshire.
Eldest surviving son of Thomas Lloyd, Esq., J.P., and
D.L., of Minard, who d. 1906, by Anne, who d. 1916,
2ud dau. of the late John Campbell, Esq., of Kilberry,
Argyllshire ; b. 1866 ; m. 1902 Mabel Edith, youngest
dau. of the late Bayly Collyns, Esq., and has, with
other issue, a son,* Thomas, 6. 1903. Lieut.-Col. Lloyd,
who was educated at Eton, is a Magistrate for Argyll-
shire, Major Reserve of Officers, late 42nd R. High-
landers (The Black Watch), and Lieut.-Col. rot., late
temp. Lieut.-Col. R. Highlanders; commanded 9th
(Service) Batt., with the temp, rank of Lieut.-Col.,
1914-17. — Kaval and Military Club, w. ; New Club,

LLOYD, Capt. Willum Alexander Charles,
M.C., of Cowesby Hall, Yorkshire; and
of Spotland, Lancashire.
Only sou of Capt. George Walter Edward Lloyd, R.N.,
who d 1889, by Fannie, dau. of William Henry
Powell, Esq., of New York; b. IS85; m. 1907 Con-
stance Priestley, elder dau. of John Selwj-n Rawson,
Esq., of The Haughend, and Mill House, Y'orkshire,
and has, with other issue, a son, * George Walter
Selwyn, b. 1913. Capt. Lloyd, who was educated at
Charterhouse, is Capt. 7th Batt. W. Yorkshire Eegt.,




Lord of the Manor of Cowesby, and Patron of 1
living ; appointed a D.A.A.G., with the temp, rank of
Major, 1918. — Coweshy Hall, Northallertan.

■(-LLOYD, William Hutchinson, Esq., of
Rockville, co. Roscommon.
Elder son of William Lloyd, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Eoekville, who d. 1912, by May Brodribb, who
d. 1907, dau. of Major William Lancelot Hutchinson ;
b. 1885; m. 1916 Mary Elizabeth Mnlcahy, of Bays-
water. Mr. Lloyd, who was formerly Lieut. 9th Batt.
King's E. Rifle Corps, was High Sheriff of co. Ros-
common 1909. — Bockville, Di-umsna, co. Boscomnnon.

LLOYD, William Llewellyn, Esq., of Gastell
Forwyn, Montgomeryshire.
Eldest son of the Rev. John Lloyd, of Llaumerewig,
Montgomeryshire, who d. 1891, by Mary Ann, dau.
of the late Edward Davies, Esq., of Clun, Shropshire ;
h. 1842; m. 1892 Francis Ad^ile St. Croix, dau. of the
late Col. Christopher Rowland Richardson, of South-
sea. Mr. Lloyd, who was educated at Grinsall and at
Marlborough, is a Magistrate for Montgomeryshire,
and was on the roll for High Sheriff for 1911.— Ca«/e«
Forwyn, Abermule, Montgomeri/shire ; Batik House,

LLOYD, WilmotHumpheet CLirFOED, Esq., of
Lossett, CO. Cavan.
Only son of Clifford Bartholomew Lloyd, Esq., of
Lossett, who d. 1916, by his 1st wife Isabella Maria,
■who d. 1892, eldest dau. of the late MajorThomas Des
Voeux, of Portarlington, Queen's Co. ; b. 1879; m. 1914
Kathleen Mary, only child of William Sullivan, Esq.,
Resident Magistrate for co. Wicklow, and has a son,
* Desmond Humphrey Clifford, b. 1917. Mr. Lloyd,
who was educated at Haileybury Coll. and at Trinity
Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1902), was admitted a Solicitor,
Ireland, 1902. — Residence: Victoria Castle, KiUiney,
CO. Dublin; Sackville Street Club, Dublin; R. St.
George Yacht Club, Kingstown.

LLOYD, of Hatch Court, Somerset. See

LLOYD, of Lingcroft, Yorkshire. See Palmes.
LLOYD. See Carr-Lloyd ; and Clark-Lloyd.

LLOYD-GREAME, Yaebuegh George, Esq.,
of Sewerby House, Yorkshire.
Only son of the Rev. Yarburgh Gamaliel Lloyd-
Greame, of Sewerby House, who d. 1890, by Editha
Christiana, who d. 1900, youngest dau. of the late
William Augustus Le Hunte, Esq., of Artramont, co.
Wexford; b. 1840; m. 1867 Dora Letitia, 2nd dau. of
the late Right Rev. James Thomas O'Brien, Lord
Bishop of Ossory, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Yarburgh, late Lieut. Yorkshire Dragoons Yeo. and
Yorkshire Art. S. Div. R.A. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1898 Alice
Mary, dau. of the late Major George Mark Leycester
Egerton, of The Mount, York, and has, with a dau.,
a son, * Yarburgh Derek, b. 1 902. Mr. Lloyd-Greame,
who was educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A.
1863, MA. 1866), is a Magistrate for E. and N.

Ridings of Yorkshire, Lieut.-Col. ret. Yorkshire Art.
Militia, and Patron of 1 living. — Sewerby House,
Bridlington ; New University Club, s.w.

LLOYD-HARRIES, Lieut.-Col. Tddor Hae-
RiBS, of Llandingat House, Carmarthen-
Eldest surviving son of Col. Edward Pryse Lloyd-
Harries, Beng. S.C, who d. 1890, by Louisa S., dau.
of the late Col. Pereira; b. 1851 ; m. 1st 1877 Amy
Margaret, who d. 1879, dau. of the lato James Douglas-
Willan, Esq. ; 2ndly 1889 Florence Kate, who d. 1917,
dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. William Cosmo Trevor,
C.B. ; Srdly 1918 Olive, youngest dau. of the late
Percy Shaw Easton, Esq., of Kensington, and has 2
daus. Lieut.-Col. Lloyd-Harries, who is a grandson
of the late Edward Pryse Lloyd, Esq., of Glansevin,
Carmarthenshire, J.P. and D.L., he and his father
having, in accordance with the will of the late Mrs.
C. M. Lloyd-Harries, of Llandingat, assumed the addi-
tional surname of Harries, is a Magistrate for Car-
marthenshire, an Hon. Lieut.-Col. ret. 3rd Batt. the
Queen's R. W. Surrey Regt. and temp. Major in
the Army. — Residence: Llwyndewi, Llangadock, Car-

LLOYD-MOSTYN. See Mostyn, Lord ; and Mostyn.

LLOYD-PHILIPPS, Lieut.-Col. Rhodei
Vaughan Lloyd, of Dale Castle, Pembroke-

Youngest and only surviving son of Major John
Philipps Allen Lloyd-Philipps, D.L., of Dale Castle,
who d. 1879, by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Anne
Bellairs, eldest dau. of James Peel Stevenson, Esq. ; b.
1 874 ;«. his brother Walter Bellairs 1888; ?«. 1st 1902
Mary Dorothy, who d. 1913, 2nd dau. of Bowen
Pottinger Woosnam, Esq., of Woodfield, Pembroke-
shire ; 2ndly 1914 Margaret Elinor, elder dau. of the
Rev. Gerald Henry Colvile, Rector of Weston-under-
Lyziard, Staffordshire, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Hugh Vaughan Bellairs, *. 1906. Lieut.-Col. Lloyd-
■ Philipps, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Cam-
bridge, is a Magistrate for Pembrokeshire (High
Sheriff 1906), Lieut.-Col. ret., late Comm. Pembroke
R.G.A., Territorial Force, temp. Lieut.-Col. R.G.A.,
and Patron of 1 living ; late Capt. Reserve of Officers,
previously 1st Life Guards. — Dale Castle, Milford

LLOYD-PHILLIPS, of Pentypark, Pem-
brokeshire. See Lloyd.

LLOYD-VAUGHAN, William Peisley HUT-
CHINSON-, Esq., of Golden Grove,
King's Co.
Only child of Samuel Dawson Hutchinson, Esq., J.P.,
of Mount Heaton, King's Co., who d. 1855, by Mary,
only child and heiress of the late John Lloyd, Esq.,
of Gloster, King's Co., and of Martha, sister of the
late William Peisley "Vaughan, Esq., of Golden Grove
(whose surname he assumed by royal license, as
well as that of his father-in-law); b. 1844; m.
1869 Elizabeth Henrietta, 2nd dau. of the late I
William Henry Darby, Esq., of Leap Castle, King's
Co. Mr. Hutchinson-Lloyd-Vaughan, who was edu-
cated at St. John's CoU., Cambridge, i.s a J.P. and
D.L. for King's Co. (High Sheriff 1878), a J.P for co.
Tipperary, and was High Sheriff of co. Carlow 1897.—
Golden Grove, Eoscrea, King's Co. ; B. St. George
Yacht Club, Kingstown.





LLOYD-WILLIAMS, Aldborough Rupert
Caulfield, Esq., of Glan-yr-afon, of Pen-
wenalt, and of Trewen, Cardiganshire.
Only son of Aldborough Lloyd-Williams, Esq., of
Glan-yr-afon, of Penwenalt and of Trewen, who d.
1890, by Florence Mary Graham, who d. 1900, dau. of
John Stevenson, Esq., of Livorno Lodge, Cheltenham ;
h. 1S81; m. 1906 Isabella Rosina, dau. of the late
Walter John Trapnell, Esq., of Clifton, Bristol, and
has, with other issue, a son, * Ian Aldborough Caul- j
field, b. 1909. Mr. Lloyd- Williams, who was educated
at Marlborough Coll. and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge
(B.A. 1902), is Lord of the Manor of Glan-yr-afon,
and Patron of 1 living.

LOOH, Lord (Edward Douglas Loch, C.B.,
C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O.).— Or. 1895.

Only son of Henry Brougham, 1st Lord, by Elizabeth,
a Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem,
youngest dau. of the late Hon. Edward Ernest Villiers ;
b. 1873; s. 1900; m. 1905 Lady Margaret Louisa
Lizzie Compton, only dau. of William George Spencer
Scott, 5th Marquess of Northampton. Lord Loch is
a Major-Gen., late Grenadier Guards, an Officer of the
Legion of Honour and Patron of 1 living, and was a
Lord-in-Waiting to H.M. King George V. 1911-U,
Brigadier-Gen. Gen. Staff 1915-17, and in command
of a Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen.,
1917-18; appointed to the Gen. Staff 1918.— StoX-«
College, Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk; Travellers', and
Guards' Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son George Henry Compton, ». 1916.

LOCH, Sir Charles Stewart, Knt., D.C.L.,
LL.D.— Cr. 1916.

Fifth son of George Loch, Esq., Indian Civil Service,
a Judge of the High Court, Calcutta, who d. 1883, by
his 1st wife Louisa Gordon, who d. 1849 ; b. 1849 ;
VI. 1876 Sophia Emma, eldest dau. of the late Edward
Peters, Esq., Indian Civil Service. Sir Charles Loch,
who was educated at Trinity Coll., Glenalmond, and
at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1873, Hon. D.C.L.
Oxford 1906, Hon. LL.D. St. Andrews 1905), was l
Clerk to the R. Coll. of Surgeons 1873-5 ; Secretary
to the Council of the London Charity Organization
Society 1875-1914; a Member of the R. Commission
on Aged Poor 1893-5, of the R. Commission on
the Care and Control of the Feeble Minded 1904-8
and of the R. Commission on the Poor Laws 1906-9 ;
Dunkin Trust Lecturer, Manchester Coll., Oxford,
1896 and 1902, and Tooke Professor of Economic
Science and Statistics at King's Coll., London,
1904-8 ; is the Author of many publications on
charitable, social and economic subjects. — Little
Bookham, Surrei/.

LOCKE, Lieut.-Col. Richard Gooed Edwal,
of Dane House, Kent.
Eldest son of Frederick Locke, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Dane Hbuse (who assumed the surname of Locke
instead of Luck 1876, and d. 189U), by Harriott Eliza-
beth, who d. 1901 , dau. and heiress of the late Richard
Goord, Esq., of Dane Hotise ; b. 1864 ; m. 1902 Marie
Frederiea Burnett, only dau. of the late Col. Thomas
Burnett Hitchcock, J.P., late 53rd Regt., of Weeke
Manor, Hampshire, and has a dau., Harriott Barbara.
Lieut.-Col. Locke, who was educated at Wellington
Coll., is a J.P., D.L., and C. Aid. for Kent, and
Brevet Lieut.-Col. ; late Lieut. R. E. Kent Mounted
Rifles, and formerly Capt. 4th Batt. Queen's Own
R. W. Kent Regt. ; appointed a Gen. Staff Officer
1915. — Dane House, Hartlip, Sittliigbourne.


LOCKER -LAMPSON, Godfrey Lampson
Tennyson, Esq., of Rowfant, Sussex.
Eldest son of Frederick Locker-Lampson.Esq., who d.
1895, by his 2nd wife Hannah Jane, who d. 1915,
only dau. of Sir Curtis Miranda Lampson, Ist Bart.,
of Rowfant; b. 1875; m. 1905 Sophy Felicity De
Rodes (_whom see), and has 3 dans. Mr. Locker-
Lampson, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge, and called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Inn 1908, was formerly in the Foreign Office, a 3rd
Secretary in the Diplomatic Service, Lieut. Middlesex
Imp. Yeo., and A.D.C. 4th Corps 1916, and is Lieut.
T.F. Reserve, late R. Wiltshire Yeo. and Patron of
1 living; sat as M.P. for Salisbury Jan. 1910-1918
and has sat for the Wood Green Div. of Middlesex
since 1918; appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary
(unpaid) to the Secretary of State for the Home Depart-
ment 1917. — Rowfant, Crawley, Sus.icx ; Barlboroiigh
Hall, Chesterfield; Rarnwood, Salisbury. Wiltshire;
Travellers' Club, S.W. ; Constitutional Club, W.C.

LOCKER-LAMPSON, Mrs., of Barlborough
Hall, Derbyshire.
Sophy Felicity De Rodes; m. 1905 Godfrey Lampson
Tennyson Locker-Lampson, Esq., M.P., of Rowfant,
Sussex (whom see). Mrs. Locker-Lampson is Patron
of 1 living. — Barlborough Hall, Chesterfield ; Rowfant,
Crawley, Sussex; Harnwood, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Bart., of Castlo Hill, Lanarkshire. — Cr.

Son of George Duncan Lockhart, Esq. (brother of the
10th Bart.), who d. 1890, by Elizabeth Amanda Corke,
who rf. 1 885 ; 4. 1 856 ; s. his uncle Sir Grseme Alexander
Sinclair-Lockhart, 10th Bart., C.B., 1904; m. 1895
Flora Louisa Jane Beresford Nation, dau. of Capt.
Power. — Cambusnethan House, Wishaw, Lanark-
shire ; Residence : Paruru Eemuera, Auckland, New

Heir, his son Grieme Duncan Power, b. 1897.

LOCKHART, Hilda Maud, Lady, of Lee, and
Carnwath, Lanarkshire.

Second dau. of Lieut.-Col. Augustus Henry Macdonald-
Moreton, late Coldstream Guards, who d. 1918, by
Anna Harriet Mary, eldest dau. of Sir Richard
Sutton, 4th Bart.; m. 1898 Sir Simon Macdonald
Lockhart, 5th an.l last Bart. (cr. 1806), M.V.O.,
Vice-Lieut, of Lanarkshire, a J.P. and C.S. for Mid-
lothian, Col. ret., late 1st Life Guards, Ensign R.
I Co. of Archers (King's Body Guard for Scotland),
and Hon. Col. (previously Lieut.-Col. Comm.) Lanark-
shire Yeo., who d.s.p. 1919. — The Lee, Lanark;
Carmoath House, Lanarkshire ; Newholm, Lanarkshire.

LOCKHART, Mary Katharine, Lady, C.I.

Dau. of the late Capt. William Eccles, Coldstream
Guards; m. 1888 as 2nd wife Sir William Stephen
Alexander Lockhart, Commander-in-Chief in India
1898-1900, who was cr. K.C.B. 1887, K.C.S.L 1895,
G.C.B. 1898, and d. 1900.— 187, Queeji's Gate, b.w.

LOCKHART, Sir James Haldane Stewart,
K.C.M.G., F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S.— Cr. 1908.

Fourth son of Miles Lockhart, Esq., by Anna R. C, dau.
of the late Major Stewart, 91st Regt.; b. 1858; m. 1889
Edith Louise Rider, 2nd dau. of Alfred Hancock, Esq.,
of Hong Kong. Sir James Lockhart, who was educated
at King William's Coll., Isle of Man, at Watson's
Coll., Edinburgh, and at Edinburgh Univ., was
appointed Assistant Colonial Secretary and Assistant
Auditor-Gen. Hong Kong 1883, Eegietrar-Gen. 1887,




M.L.C. 1888,andM.E.C. 1891, and was Colonial Secre-
tary and Eegistrar-Gen. 1895-1901, Special Commis-
sioner to inspect and report on the extension of Hong j
Kong 1898, Representative of Great Britain to delimit
the boundary 1899, and Colonial Secretary 1901-2 ; i
appointed Commissioner ofWei-hai-wei 1902.— Govern-
ment House, Wei-hai-wei, China ; if. Societies' Club, s.w. I

LOCKHART, Sir Robert Cook, Knt.— Cr. !

Eldest son of Robert Lockhart, Esq., of Edinburgh,
who d. 1902, by Margaret Alexander, eldest dau. of
the late Capt. Robert Cook, of Leith ; 6. 1861 ; »». 1891
Jeanette Sutherland, only dau. of the late James
Davidson, Esq., of Eskbank. Sir Robert Lockhart, who
was educated at Edinburgh Collegiate School and
abroad, is Provost of Kirkcaldy ; the Head of a lead-
ing firm of linen and jute manufacturers there; Hon.
Sheriff Substitute and a J.P. for Fife ; Chairman of
the Kirkcaldy and Dysart Water Commission, of the
National Lifeboat Institution, of the War Pensions
Committee, of the War Savings Committee, of the
Advisory Committee, and of the Food Control Com-
mittee; Director of the Chamber of Commerce; a
Trustee of the Savings Bank, and temp. Major 7th
V. B. The Black Watch (E. BigUandeTsy—AUanbaid;
Kirkcaldy, Fife; Scottish Liberal Club, Edinburgh.

LOCKHART, Laheence Archibald Somer-
viLLE, Esq., of Ashiesteel, Selkirkshire.
Elder and only surviving son of Lieut.-Col. Laurence
William Maxwell Lockhart, late Capt. 92nd High-
landers, who d. 1882, by Katherine Ann, who d. 1870,
younger dau. of the late Gen. Sir James Russell, K.C.B.,
of Ashiesteel; b. 18G1; s. his aunt Miss Helen Jane
Russell 191.5. Mr. Lockhart was educated at Rugby.
— Ashiesteel, Clovenfords, Selkirkshire.

LOCKHART, Mrs., of Milton Lockhart, and
Germistoun, Lanarkshire.

Mary Clementina, 2nd dau. of George Lockhart Ross,
Esq., Professor of Scotch Law in Edinburgh University,
who d. 1863, by Mary Jane, who d. 1901, 2nd dau. of
the late John Tod, Esq.; m. 1888 Major-Gen. David
Blair Lockhart, Esq., of Milton Lockhart, and Germis-
toun, a Major-Gen. ret., late Col. 107th Regt., and a
D.L. for Lanarkshire, who d.s.p. 1906. — Milton Lock-
hart, Carluke, N.B.

LOCKHART. See Eliot t-Lockhart.

LOCKHART-MURE, Mrs., of Livingston,
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

Agnes Begbie.youngest dau. of Col. Peter Dods, formerly
Comm. 7th Vol. Batt. R. Scots (Lothian Regt.),
previously Lieut.-Col. Bombay Staff Corps, who d.
1905, by Agnes Allan, dau. of the late John Gibson,
Esq.; m. 1893 Major William Caven Lockhart-Mure,
Indian Army, of Livingston, who d. 1913.- — c/o
Messrs. Campbell # Campbell, 25, Ainslie Place,

LOCKWOOD. See Lambourne, Lord.

LOCKYER, Sir (Joseph) Noeman, K.C.B.,
F.R.S.— Cr. 1897.

Sou of Joseph Hooley Loekyer, Esq., by Anne, dau. of
the late Edward Norman, Esq., of Cosford, Warwick-
shire ; b. 1836; m. 1st 1858 Winifred, who d. 1879,
dau. of William James, Esq., of Trebinshon, Mon-
mouthshire ; 2ndly 1903 Thomazine Mary, younger
dau. of the late Samuel Woolcott Browne, Esq., and
widow of Bernard E. Brodhurst, Esq., F.E.C.S. Sir '

(Joseph) Norman Loekyer was formerly in the War
OiEce, and was Editor of ' Army Regulations ' ; Secre-
tary of the R. Commission on Science 1870-5, trans-
ferred to the Science and Art Department 1875, be-
came Professor of Astronomical Physics in the R. Coll.
of Science 1880, was Director of the Solar Physics
Observatory, S. Kensington, 1885-1913 and President
of the British Association 1903, and is Director of the
Hill Observatory, Salcombe Regis, Hon. LL.D. Glas-
gow 1903, Aberdeen 1906, and Edinburgh 1908, Hon.
Sc.D. Cambridge 1904, and Hon. D.Sc. Oxford 1907, and
Sheffield 1910.— Salco7nbe Regis, Sidmotith, Devonshire ;

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Online LibraryEdward WalfordThe county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland .. (Volume ed.59, yr.1919) → online text (page 223 of 415)