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gt.), only dau.
of the late Major-Gen. Thomas James Maelachlan, R.
(Bombay) A., and was killed in action 1914. Sir Harry
Maclean was formerly Instructor-Gen. to the Army of
the Sultan of Morocco, where he rendered valuable
services to the British Government ; previously Lieut.
69th (S. Lincolnshire), Regt. — Residences : Abercorn,
Richmond, Surrey ; Drimnen, Tangier, Morocco ;
Junior Carlton, Caledonian, and St. Stephen's Clubs,



MACLEAN, Mattie, Lady.

Second dau. of the late John Sowerby, Esq., of Ben-
well Tower, Northumberland; m. 1869 Sir Francis
William Maclean, K.C., a Bencher of the Tuner
Temple, who was M.P. for Oxfordshire (Woodstock
Div.) 1885-91; a Master in Lunacy 1891-6; Vice-
Chancellor of Calcutta Univ. 1898-1900; Chairman
of the Indian Famine Relief Funds 1897, 1900, and
1908, and Chief Justice of Bengal 1896-1909. and
who was cr. Knt. 1896, K.C.I,E. 1898, and d. 1913.—
17, Rutland Gate, s.w.

McLEAN, the Hon. Sir George, Knt.—
Cr. 1909.
Youngest son of James McLean, Esq., of Scotson Hill,
Elginshire, who d. 1867, by Jane who d. 1854, dau. of

the late Proctor, Esq.; b. 1834; m. 1867 Isabel,

dau. of the late Hon. Matthew Holmes, M.L.C., of
Wellington, New Zealand. Sir George McLean, who
was educated at Elgin Grammar School and at St. j
Andrews, was elected a Member of the House of Repre- i
sentatives. New Zealand, and was Postmaster-Gen. •
1876 and Chairman of the Union Steamship Co., New '
Zealand, for 31 years ; has been M.L.C. since 1882, and !
is a J.P. for New Zealand. — Ha;elwood, Dunedin, Sew
Zealand: Fernhill Club, Dunedin, New Zealand.

MACLEAN, Major Alexander John Hew.

of Ardgour, Argyllshire. ;

.Only son of Alexander Thomas Maclean, 15th Laird
of Ardgour, a J.P. and D.L. for Argyllshire, and a
J.P. for Inverness-shire, who d. 1890, by SeUna
Philippa, who d. 1919, dau. of the late William
Stephens Dicken, Esq., Bengal Medical Service ; d.
1880; M. 1918 the Hon. Muriel Annette Burns, I


younger dau. of James Cleland, 3rd Lord Inverclyde.
j Major Maclean is a J.P.for Argyllshire, and Major

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. — Ardgour House,
I Ardgour, Argyllshire ; Naval and Military Club,

Caledonian Club, s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh.

• -1- MACLEAN, Lieut.-Col. Charles Alexander

I Hugh, D.S.O., of Pennycross, and Carsaig,

I Argyllshire.

Eldest surviving son of Archibald John Maclean, Esq.,

i J.P. and D.L., of Pennycross, and Carsaig, who d.
1899, by his 1st wife Isabelle Alexandrina, who d. 1886,
dau. of the late M. Henri Theodore Simon, and widow
of Charles Griswold, Esq.; b. 1874; m. 1897 Mabel
Julia, 2ud dau. of Maclaine, of Lochbuie, Argyllshire,
and has, with a dau., a son, *Alasdair Gillean Lome, b.
1901. Lieut.-Col. Maclean, who was educated at Edin-
burgh, is a J.P. and D.L. for Argyllshire, Major and
Brevet Lieut.-Col Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,
and a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour ; commanded
a Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen.,

MACLEAN, George Alexander, Esq., of
Westfield, Elginshire.
Third son of Capt. James Maclean, Gold Coast Corps,
who d. 1877 (by Barbara, dau. of tbe late Henry
Mun'ro, Esq., of Seafield, Ross-shire), and nephew of
the late Hugh Maclean, Esq., of WestBeld ; b. 1860;
m. 1896 Neva M., dau. of the late William Rose, Esq.,
of Ceylon, and has a son, * Hugh Chapman, Acting
Lieut. R.N. ; educated at the R. Naval Colls, at
Osborne and Dartmouth ; b. 1898. Mr. Maclean is a
J.P. for Elginshire.— HfeV>W, New Spynie, KB. ;
Hijthe Hill, Elgin.

McLEAN. See Howard-McLean.

MACLEAY, Mrs., of Okefield, Lyndhurst,
Mabel, only child of Col. William Anderson, C.B.,
Bengal Artillery, who d. 1 869, by Frances, who d. 1849,
youngest dau. of the late Trevor Chichele Plowden,
Esq., Bengal Civil Service; m. 1867 Col. Alexander
Caldcleugh Macleay, C.B., of Okefield, a J.P. for
Hampshire, and Hon. Col., previously Lieut.-Col. and
Hon. Col. Comm., 3rd Batt. Seaforth Highlanders, who
d. 1907, leaving, with other issue, a sen, *James
William Ronald, C.M.G., a Counsellor of Embassy
in the Diplomatic Service; appointed Couusellor of
Legation atPekiu 1914 ; educated at Charterhouse and
at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1895); b. 1870; m.
1901 Evelyn Emily, 2nd dau. of the Right Hon. Sir
Robert Peel, 3rd Bart., G.C.B.

McLEOD, Dora Macdonald, Lady.

Eldest surviving d.iu. of the late John Graham Mac-
donald Burt, Esq., M.D., of Edinburgh ; m. 1883, as
his 2nd wife. Sir John Chetham McLeod, a Lieut.-
Gen. ret.. Col. The Black Watch (R. Highlanders),
in which Regt. he was formerly Lieut.-Col., and a
Knight of the Legion of Honour, who was Assistant
Adjutant and Quartermaster-Gen. in Scotland 1877-8,
Major-Gen. on special service in Ireland 1881, and
commanded the Belfast Dist. 1881 and the troops in
Ceylon 1882-7, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1874, G.C.B.
1891, and d. 19H.—£e/levue, North Berwick.

MACLEOD, Sir Reginald, K.O.B.— Cr. 1905.

Third son of Norman Macleod, Esq. (The Macleod)
of Macleod, Inverness-shire, who d. 1895, by his 1st
wife the Hon. Louisa Barbara, who d. 1880, only dau.
of St. Andrew, 13th Lord St. John of Bletsoe;




b. 1847 ; m. 1877 Lady Agnes Mary Cecilia Northeote,
eldest dau. of Stafford Henry, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh,
G.C.B., P.O. Sir Reginald Macleod, who was educated
at Harrow and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A.
1869), was Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Eemem-
braneer for Scotland 1889-1900, Registrar- Gen. for
England 1900-2, and Permanent Under Secretary for
Scotland 1902-9.— Vinterx, Maidstone ; Carlton Club,
s.w. ; New, and Scottish Conservative Clubs, Edinburgh.

McLEOD, Gen. Sir Donald James Sim, K.C.B.,
K.C.I.E., D.S.O. — Cr. K.C.I.E. 1906,

Second son of Lieut. -Gen. William Couperus McLeod,
who d. 1881. by Anne, who d. 1882, only dau. of the
late Donald McLeod, Esq., Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals ;
b. 1845 ; m. 1877 Camilla, eldest dau. of the late Major
James Nicholas, Indian Army. Sir Donald McLeod,
who was educated at Kensington Proprietary School, is
a Gen. ret. Indian Army, and Col. of the 28th Light
Cavalry, Indian Army; commanded a 2nd Class Dist.
Madras, 1895-1000, the Meerut Dist. 1901-1903, and
the Troops in Burma \^0i-&.— United Service Club,

MACLEOD, Sophia, Lady, of Finnary, Dum-
Dau. of the late William Houldsworth, Esq., of
Belvidere, Lanarlcshire ; m. 1859 Sir George Husband
Baird Macleod, of Finnary, Regius Professor of Surgery
in Glasgow Univ., Surgeon in Ordinary to H.M..
Queen Victoria in Scotland, and a .T.P. and D.L. for
Dumbartonshire, who was cr. Knt. 1887, and d.
1892. — Finnary, Shandon, Dumbartonshire.

McLEOD, Sir Ezekiel, Knt.— Or. 1917.
Fourth son of John McLeod, Esq., of Penobsquis, New
Brunswick, who rf. 1878, by Mary, who d. 1890, dau
of the late William McCready, Esq., of Penobsquis; b
1840. Sir Ezekiel McLeod, who was educated at the
High School, Cardwell, King's Co., New Brunswick, and
at Harvard Univ. (LL.B. 1867, Hon. LL.D. New
Brunswick Univ. 1900), called to the Bar in Ne^
Brunswick 1868, and appointed a Q.C. 1882, was £
Member ofthe Provincial Legislature 1882-6; Attorney-
Gen. 1882-3; a Member of the House of Commons
1891-6; a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of
Judicature 1896-1914; Judge in Admiralty for New
Brunswick Dist. of the Exchequer Court of Canada
1896, and Chief Justice of New Brunswick 1914-17
— St. John, New Brunswick; Union Club, St. John.

Mary Louisa, elder dau. of the late Deputy Surgeon-
Gen. Henry Cayley, C.M.G., Indian Medical Ser\nce
of The Towers, Woolston, Hampshire. Sir Charles
McLeod, who was educated at George Watson's Coll.,
Edinburgh, is Chairman of the E. India Section, London
Chamber of Commerce, and of the London Jute
Association ; a Director of the National Bank of India
Ltd., London, of the Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
(London Board), and ofthe Imperial Tea Co. Ltd., &c.,
and Senior Partner of McLeod & Co., Calcutta, and of
McLeod, Eussel & Co., London.— T/je Fairfiehls,
Cobham, Surrei/ ; Oriental Club, w. ; Hurlingham
Club, s.w. ; 50,' and 51, Lime Street, e.g.

MacLeod, Norman, Esq., of Dalvey, Elgin-
Eldest son of Dr. Donald Alexander MacLeod,
H.E.I.C.S., who d. 1872, by Charlotte, eldest dau. of
the late Edward Humphrey Woodcock, Esq., Madras
Civil Service; b. 1857 ; a. his uncle Norman MacLeod,
Esq., 1876 ; m. 1891 Laura Emily Catharine, only dau.
of the late William .Tames, Esq., of Chadmont, Edg-
baston, and has, with other issue, a son, * Norman
Donald, M.C. (with Bar), Capt. The Black Watch (R.
Highlanders) ; educated at Harrow, at Emmanuel
Coll., Cambridge, and at the R. Mil. Coll. Sandhurst ;
b. 1892. Mr. MacLeod, who was educated at Chelten-
ham Coll., and was formerly Capt. 42nd Highlanders,
is Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. ret., late Coram. 3rd Batt.
Cameron Highlanders, and a J.P. and D.L. for Elgin-
shire ; has been Chairman of the Elginshire T.F.
Association since 1907. — Dalvey, Forres, N.B.; Naval
and Military Club, w.


MacLeod, Sir John Loene, Knt.— Cr. 1917.

Son of the late John MacLeod. Esq., formerly R.A.,
and afterwards in H.M.'s Prison Service; b. 1873.
Sir John MacLeod, who was admitted a Solicitor,
Edinburgh, 1895, is Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh; a J.P.
and D.L. for the Co. of the City of Edinburgh ; a J.P.
for Argyllshire; a Member of the Edinburgh Town
Council (City Treasurer 1912-14), and of the Court
of Edinburgh Univ. ; President ofthe T.F. ."issociation ;
Senior Partner of an Edinburgh firm of Solicitors ;
Chairman ofthe Heriot Trust, and Hon. Commandant
City of Edinburgh Vol. Regt., and has been Lord
Provost of Edinburgh since 1916.— 72, Great King
Street, Edinburgh; National Liberal Club, s.w. ; Scottish
Liberal Club, Edittburgh.

McLEOD, Sir Charles Campbell, Knt. — Cr

Sixth son of the Rev. Norman McLeod, of North Uist,
who d. 1881, by Julia, who d. 1906, dau. of the late
Dr. Alexander McLeod, of Skye ; 4. 1868; m. 1892

MACLEOD, Capt. Norman Magnus, C:
(The Macleod), of Macleod, "
Eldest son of Norman Macleod, Esq. (The Macleod), of
Macleod, who d. 1895, by his 1st wife the Hon. Louisa
Barbara, who d. 1880, only dau. of St. Andrew, 13th
Lord St. John of Bletsoe ; b. 1839; m. 1881 Emily
Caroline, yoimger dau. of Sir Charles Edmund Isham,
10th Bart., and has 2 dans. Macleod of Macleod, who
was educated at Harrow, and was formerly Capt. 74th
Highlanders, is a J.P. and D.L. for Invernsss-shire.anJ
Lord of the Manor of Dunvegan, iSic. ; served in both a
political and a military capacity in S.Africa. — Dunvegan
Castle, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire.

MACLEOD, Capt. Roderick Willodghbt, of
Cadboll, CO. Cromarty.

Eldest son of Robert Bruce Maens Macleod, Esq., of
Cadboll, who d. 1888, by Ellen Augusta, who d. 1884,
3rd dau. of Sir John Pollard Wijloughby, 4th Bart.
(ext.) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1897 Alice Olivia, 2nd dau. of
the late Edward Tierney Gilchrist Darell, Esq., and
has, with another son and a dau., * Robert Bruce
Darell, M.C, Capt. 3rd Batt. Cameron Highlanders ;
4.1897. Capt. Macleod is Capt. late Cameron High-
landers, and a J.P. and D.L. for Ross and Cromarty.
— Cadbidl, Cromarty, N.B. ; Invergorden Castle, Koss-

MACLEOD. See Annesley, and Eobertson-Macleod.

MACLURE, Sir John Edward Stanley, Bart.,
of Whalley Range, Lancashire. — Cr. 1898.
Eldest son of Sir Jolin William Maclure, 1st Bart.,
by Eleanor, who d. 1910, 2nd dau. of the late Thomas
Nettleship, Esq., of East Sheen, Surrey; 4. 1869; s.
1901 ; m. 1898 Buth Ina Muriel, elder dau. of the lata




Comm. Wallace Bruce McHardy, R.N. Sir John
Maclure, who was educated at the R. Mil. Coll., Sand-
hurst, and was formerly Lieut. Manchester Regt., is
Col. and Chief Paymaster ret., late A.P.D. ; was
Command Paymaster, Scottish Command, 1911-13;
re-employed 1914. — Junior United Service Club, s.w.
Heir, his son John ■William Spencer. Lieut. King's R. Rifle

Corps : educated at Wellington Ooll. and at the R. Mil.

Coll., Sandhurst ; t. 1S99.

McMAHON, Sir Lionel, Bart., of Mountfield
Lodge, CO. Tyrone.— Or. 1815.
Youngest and only surviving son of Sir Beresford
Burston McMahon, 2nd Bart., who d. 1873, by Maria
Catherine, who d. 1876, eldest dau. of Sir Robert
Bateson, 1st Bart., and sister of Thomas, 1st Lord
Deramore; 6.1856; s. his brother Sir William Samuel
McMahon, 3rd Bart., 1905; m. 1888 Annie Cecili
Austin-Cooke. Sir Lionel McMahon, who was educated
at Rugby, and called to the Bar at the Inner Tempi
1883, was formerly Lieut. 58th Regt., and is a D.L.for
CO. Tyrone (High Sheriff 191i).~MountJield Lodge,
Oma;//i, oo. 7]i/rone.

McMAHON, Sir Horace Westropp, Bart..
D.S.O., O.B.E.— Cr. 1817.
Second son of Gen. Sir Thomas Westropp McMahon,
3rd Bart., C.B., who d. 1892, by his 2nd wife Frances
Mary, who d. 1£67, dau. of the late John Holford, Ksq,
b. 1863; s. his brother Sir Aubrey Hope McMahon,
4th Bart., 1893; m. 1911 EUie Maude, dau. of the Hon,
Henry Moses, M.L.C., of Sydney, N.S.W., and widow
of Capt. Charles Edward Bancroft, R. Welsh Fusilier;
Sir Horace McMahon, who was educated at Eton, i
Major ret., late R. Welsh Fusiliers, and Major Rcserv
of "Officers, and was in command of 9th (Service)
Batt., with the temp, rank of Lieut.-Col., 1914-15, i
' Group Commander, with the temp, rank of Col,
1916-17 and Commandant Anzac Corps School, with
the temp, rank of Lieut.-Col., 1917-18; has the
French Croix de Guerre, with Fulm.—Southhroom
House, Dcoizes ; Naval a»d Militari; Club, w.

Ileir Pres., his cousin KellermaD Byre, O.B.E., eldest surviv-
ing son of Major Wil iam McMahon, formerly 14th Light
Dragoons (youngest son of (Jen. Sir Thomas McMahon,
2nd Bart., G.C.B.), who d. 1916, by Julia, who d. 1874, dau.
of the late James Coster, Esq., of Streatliam, and widow
of Joseph Davies, Esq., of .Stonecot, Surrey : Litut.Col.
ret., late Major Shropshire L.I. ; was a Railway Transport
Officer, with the temp, rank of Lieiit.-Col., 1914-19;
educated at Eton: ». 1860; m. 1899 Lydia Mary, dau. of

, and widow of Slingsby Oradock, Esq., late 19th

Hussars, and has a son, * William Patrick, 6. 1900.

McMAHON, Lient.-Col. Sir (Arthur) Henry,
G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., K.C.I.E., C.S.I.,
F.R.G.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S., F.S.A. — Or.
K.C.LE. 1906, G.C.V.O. 1911, G.C.M.G.

Eldest surviving son of Lieut.-Gen. Charles Alexander
McMahon, F.R.S.. who d. 1904, by Elizabeth, who d.
1866, dau. of the late Lieut.-Col". Charles Franklin
Head, 93rd Highlanders; /;. 18«2 ; ni. 1SS6 Mary
Evelyn, a Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John o"f
Jerusalem, who has the Egyptian Order of El Kamil,
1st Class, youngest dau. of the late Francis Chris-
topher Bland, Esq., of Derryquin Castle, co. Kerry.
Sir Henry McMahon, who was educated at Haileybury,
and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is Lieut.-Col. ret.
late Indian Army, a Knight of Grace of the Order of
St. John of Jerusalem, and a Grand Comm. of the
Egyptian Order of Mohammed .\li, and was Political
Officer with tlie Mission to Cabul in 1893 ; Britisli
Commissioner for the demarcation of the Afghan-
Beluchistan Boundary 1894-6; Political Agent at
Gilgit 1897-9, and for Dir, Swat, and Chitral 1899-
1901 ; Revenue and Judicial Commissioner, Beluehistan, '

1901-4; employed on special duty as British Arbi-
trator between Persia and Afghanistan regarding the
Seistan Frontier 1902-5; Agent to the Governor-Gen.
and Chief Commissioner of Beluehistan 1905-11,
Master of the Ceremonies to H.M. King George V. for
the Delhi Durbar and royal visit to India 1911-12,
Foreign Secretary to the Government of India 1911-14,
British Plenipotentiary in connection with the Anglo-
Chinese Tibet Conference 1913, and 1st High Com-
missioner for Egypt 1914-16; appointed an Afghan
Sardar, 1st Class, 1907. — Athenteum. and United
Service Clubs, s.w. ; Savile Club, w. ; Garrick Club,
w.c. ; a. Yacht Squadron, Cowes.

M'MAHON, Mrs., of Hollymouiit, Queen's Co.
Alice Emma, dau. of the late Rev. G. R. Winter, Vicar
of Swaffham, Norfolk; m. 1881, as his 2nd wife,
Robert Moore M'Mahon, Esq., of HoUymount, a J.P.
for (Jueen's Co., who d. 1915, and has surviving issue
4 dans. — HoUymount, vid Carlow.


McMICKING, Major Gilbert, C.M.G., of
Miltonise, Wigtownshire.
Third son of Gilbert McMicking, Esq., of Miltonise,
who d. 1890, by Helen, who d. 1888, eldest dau. of
the late Alexander MacFarlane, Esq., of Thornhill,
Stirlingshire; b. 1862; m. 1893 Gertrude Rosabel
Catherine, younger dau. of the late Nathaniel Gore,
Esq., and has had, with other issue, Gilbert Thomas
Gore (eldest son), Lieut. 1st Batt. Cambridgeshire
Regt. ; b. 1894, and d. 1918; and *Ralph Gore (2nd
son), b. 1897. Major McMicking, who was educated
at Cheltenham and at the R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich,
is Capt. ret. R.A., and an Hon. Major in the Army ;
was formerly Major Hon. Art. Co. of London, Major
Comm. Field Battery City Imp. Vols, in S. Africa
1899-1900, and temp. Lieut.-Col. R.F.A. Feb.-Oct.
1915 ; sat as M.P. for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright
1906-Jan. 1910 and Dec. 1910-1918 and has sat for
Galloway since 19lS.—Beform Club, s.w.; Xaml and
Military Club, w. ; 25, Sheffield Terrace, w.

McMIKIN, of Grange House, Ayrshire.
See Sterndale-McMikin.

McMILLAN,SirWiLLiAM,K.C M.G.— Or. 1901.

Younger sou of the lato Rev. Gibson McMillan, of
Melbourne, Australia, formerly Wesleyan Minister of
Londonderry, by Eliza, who d. 1908, dau. of the late
Rev. John McArthur, of Londonderry ; b. 1850; m.
1st 1877 Ada Charlotte, dau. of Frederick Graham,
Esq.; 2ndly 1892 Helen Maria, dau. of the Kev.
William Gibson, of Paris. Sir WiUiam McMillan,
who was educated at the Wesleyan Coll., Dublin, and
in London, was Colonial Treasurer N.S.W. 1889-91 ;
Delegate to the First Australian Convention 1891, and
to the Second 1897-8, and Chairman of the Finance-
Committee of the Australian Federal Convention ;
elected Member for Wentwortli First Federal Parlia-
ment 1901. —Bellevue Hill, Sydney, N. S. W. ; Ueimishirc
Club, s.w. ; Australian, JS'ew South Wales, and Union
Clubs, Sydney ; Melbourne Club, Melbourne.

-I- McMillan, the Hon. Sir Daniel Hunter,
K.C.M.G.— Cr. 1902.

Son ofthe late James McMillan, Esq.; 6.1846 ; m. 1877
Mary, dau. of James Lindsay, E.sq., of CoUingwood,
Ontario. Sir Daniel McMillan, who was educated in
Canada, was formerly M.ajor Manitoba Grenadiers, a
Member of the Manitoban Government 1889-99 and
Lieut.-Governor of Manitoba and Keewatin 1900-1 1 . —
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.




MACMILLAN, Sir Frederick (ORRiDGE),Kut.,
F.R.G.S.— Cr. 1909.

Eldest son of Daniel Macmillan, Esq., of Cambridge,
Founder of the firm of Maemillan & Co., Publishers,
London, who d. 1867, by Frances, who d. 1867, only
dau. of the late Charles Orridge, Esq., of Cambridge ;
b. 1851 ; m. 1874 Georgiana Elizabeth, eldest dau. of
the late Thomas AVarrin, Esq., of Newtown, Long
Island, U.S.A. Sir Frederick Macmillan, who was
educated at Uppingham, is a J.P. and D.L. for Hert-
fordshire ; Chairmnn of Maemillan & Co., Ltd., Lon-
don ; a Director of the Macmillan Co., New York ; a
Trustee of the Booksellers' Provident Institution, and
a Member of the Board of Management of the National
Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy, of which he has
been Chairman since 1903, and was President of the
Publishers' Association of Great Britain and Ireland
1000, 1901, 1911 and ld\2.— Meadow Cottage, Over-
strand, near Cromer ; Athenizum Club, 8.-W.; St. James's
Club, w. ; Garrick Club, w.c. ; 22, Devonshire Place, w.

McMillan, the Hon. Sir Robert Furse,
Knt.— Cr. 1916.

Eldest son of John McMillan, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,
of Lincoln's Inn, who d. 1908, by Mary, eldest dau.
of the late Robert Furse, of S. Molton, Devonshire ;
b. 1858 ; m. 1887 Margaret Aitchison, 2nd dau. of the
late John Elder, Esq., of Yairum, Cressy, Victoria,
Sir Robert McMiUan, who was educated at West-
minster and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (LL.B. 1880),
and called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1881, is
a Trustee of the Public Library, Art Gallery, and
Museum of W. Australia ; was a Puisne Judge of W.
Australia 190.3-14 and has been Chief Justice since
191i.—Cottesloe, Western Australia ; Weld aub, Perth.

McMillan, Major Sir (William) Northrup,
Knt., F.R.G.S.^Cr. 1918.
Only son of William McMillan, Esq., of Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada, who d. 1901, by Eliza, who d. 1915,
dau. of the late George Northrup, Esq., of Aylmer,
Ontario; b. 1872; m. 1894 Lucie Fairbanks, dau. of
the late Rev. G. N. Webber, of Northampton, Massa-
chusetts, U.S.A. Sir Northrup McMillan, who was
educated at Pottsdown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., was
ranching in New Mexico 1890-3 ; in business at St.
Louis, U.S A., 1893-8, and in London 1898-1901, and
exploring in Africa 1901-5, and has been ranching in
British E. Africa since 1905 ; is temp. Major Gen.
List, late 25th (Service) Batt. (Frontiersmen) R.
Fusiliers, and a Member of the Orders of the Cross
of Solomon and the Star of Ethiopia. — Nairobi,
British East Africa; Ranelagh, Sports', and B. Auto-
mobile Clubs, s.w. ; St. James's, and R. Thames Yacht
Clubs, v.; 19, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, w.

MACMILLAN, Robert, Esq., of Holm of
Dalquhairn, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright ;
and of Woodlea, Dumfriesshire.
Eldest son of John Macmillan, Esq., J.P., of Holm
of Dalquhairn, and of Glencrosh, Dumfriesshire, who
d. 1895, by Margaret Thompson, who d. 1900, eldest
dau. of the late Thomas Moffat, Esq., of Ardnacloich,
Dumfriesshire; h. 1866; m. 1897 Alice Jane, 3rd dau. of
Thomas Reid, Esq., J.P., of Kilmardinny, Dumbarton-
shire, and has, with other issue, a son, * John Goldie,
b. 1910. Mr. Macmillan, who was educated at
Merchiston Castle, is a Magistrate for Dumfriesshire. —
Woodlea, Mouiaive, Dumfriesshire.

-f- McMillan, Willum McCall, Esq., of
Lamloch, Kirkcudbright.
Second son of James McMillan, Esq., J.P., of Lamloch,
who d. 1865, by Catherine, dau. of the late William

McCall, Esq., of Caitloch, Dumfriesshire ; A. 1838. Is
a Magistrate for Kirkcudbright. — Lamloch, Carsphairn,
New Galloway. N.B.

-f MACMILLAN, of Glencrosh, Dumfriesshire.

This estate is now the joint property of the 2nd and
3rd sons of John Macmillan, Esq., J.P., of Glencrosh,
and of Holm of Dalquhairn, Stewartry of Kirkcud-
bright, who d. 1895, by Margaret Thompson, who rf.
1900, eldest dau. of the late Thomas Moffat, Esq.,
of Ardnacloich, Dumfriesshire. 1. Thomas Moffat,
educated at Merchiston Castle; h. 1867. 2. John
James, b. 1869. — Glencrosh, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire.

McMILLAN-SCOTT, Capt. Thomas Alexander
Frederick, formerly of Wauchope, Rox-
Only son of Walter McMillan-Scott, Esq., of Wauchope,
and Pinnaclehill, Roxburghshire, who d. 1901, by
AntonietU, who rf. 1907, eldest dau. of Theodore Henry
Dury, Esq., of Bonsall, Derbyshire; b. 1881; m. 1st
1912 Karin Anna, who d. 1917, 2nd dau. of Peter
Erichsen, Esq., of Trondhjem, Norway; 2ndly 1918
Enid Cynthia, dau. of the late C. H. Paine, Esq., of
Ivy Hill, Essex. Capt. McMillan-Scott is a Magistrate
for Roxburghshire, and a Member of the R. Co. of
Archers (King's Body Guard for Scotland), and was
formerly Capt. 3rd Batt. K.O. Scottish Borderers.—
Bath Chib. w. ; Constitutional Club, w.c.

MacMUNN, Major-Gen. Sir George Fletcher,
K.C.B., K.C.S.I., D.S.O.— Cr. K.C.B.
1917, K.C.S.L 1919.

Eldest son of John Alexander MacMunn, Esq., M.D.,
formerly Surgeon R.A., who d. 1899, by Charlotte
Edith , youngest dau. of the late Rev. George Mathias,
formerlv 79th Highlanders and Chaplain Royal ; b.
1869; 'm. 1893 Alice Emily, eldest dau. of the
late Lieut. -Col. Joshua Rowley Watson, Indian Army.
Sir George MacMunn, who was educated at Kensington
Grammar School and at the R. Mil. Academy, Wool-
wich, is a Major-Gen. late R.A. and an Officer of the
Legion of Honour; was Staff Capt. r.nd Deputy Assistant
Adjutant-Gen. in S.Africa 1899-1902; Deputy Assist-
ant Adjutant-Gen. Derajat Brigade 1904-8; Deputy
Assistant Quartermaster-Gen. at Headquarters 1908-
10 ; Gen. Staff Officer there 1910-12 ; Deputy Assistant
Director at the War Office 1912-14 ; an Assistant
Director of Remounts there 1914-15, and Assistant
Quartermaster-Gen. there 1915-16, and has been an
Inspector-Gen. of Communications in Mesopotamia
since 1916. — Junior Army and Navy Club, s.w.; c/o
Messrs. Cox ^ Co., 16, Charing Cross, s.w.


MACNAB, Robert, Esq., M.D., of Penmore,
Isle of Mull, Argyllshir

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