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Governor and Chief Secretary to the Government of
Malta 1902-11 (Acting Governor 1909 and 1910);
appointed Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Sierra
Leone 1911, and transferred to the Leeward Islands
1916. — Government Hojcse, Antigua, Leetoard. Islands ;
Windham, Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's, and Sports'
Clubs, s.w.

MERRIMAN, the Right Hon. John Xavier.

_^ Eldest son of the Right Rev. Natiianiel James Merri-
man, Bishop of Grahanistowu, who d. 1882, by Julia,
who d. 1910, dau. of the late John Potter, Esq., of
Manchester ; b. 1841 ; m. 1874 Agnes, dau. of the late
Hon. J. Vintcent, of Mossel Bay, S. Africa. Mr.
Merriman, who was educated at Rondebosch Iiiocesan
Coll. and at Radley, was Commissioner of Crown
Lands, Cape Colony, 1875-8 and 1881-4, Treasurer-
Gen. 1890-3 and 1898-1900, and Premier and
Treasurer 1908-10, and has been a Member of the
Parliament of the Union of S. Africa since 1910.
— Capetown, South Africa ; Reform Chcb, s.w.

MERRY, Aechibald "William, Esq., of Bella-
drum, Inverness-shire.
Son of James Merry, Esq., D.L., M.P., of Belladrum,
who rf. 1877, by Ann, who d. 1911, dau. of the late
James McHardy, Esq., of Glenboig, Lanarkshire ; b.
1851 ; m. 1899 the Hon. Ida Helen Lizzie, eldest dau.
of the late Capt. the Hon. Henry Weyland Chetwyud,
R.N., and has a son, * Eion James Henry, b. 1904.
Mr. Merry is a D.L. for Inverness-shire, and was
formerly Lieut. R. Horse Guards. — Belladrum, Beaidt/,
N.B.; 18, Hill Street, w.

MERSEY, Viscount (John Charles Bigham,
P.O.).— Cr. 1916.

Younger son of John Bigham, Esq., Merchant, of
Liverpool, who d. 1880, by Helen, who d. 1904, dau. of
tile late John East, Esq. ; b. 1 840; m. 1871 Georgina,dau.
of the late John Rogers, Esq. Viscount Mersey, who
was educated at the Liverpool Institute, the Gym-
nasium, Berlin, and the .Sorbonue. Paris, called to tlie
Bar at Ihe Middle Temple 1870, appointed a Q.C. 1883,
and elected a Bencher of the Middle Temple 1886, was
M.P. for Liverpool (Exchange Div.) 1895-7, a Judge
of the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Div.,
1897-1909, and President of the Probate, Divorcp, and
Admiralty Div. of the High Court of Justice 1909-10.
— Reform, and Atkensum Clubs, s.w. ; 22, Grosvewor
Place, s.w.

Heir, his ion Charles Clive, C.M.G., O.B.B.. Capt. and Brevet
Major Reserve of Officers, temp. Lieut.-Ool. in the Army,
an Esquire of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, and an
Officer of the Legion of Honour ; was formerl.v Lieut. Grena-
dier Guards, Hon. Attache to the British Embassy at St.
Petersbnig IH96-7, at Constantinople 1897-S and at Pekiu
189«-lauu. British Delegate in Tlicssaly 1897-8, a Provost
Marshal 1915, and a Mil. Attache 1915-16; appointed a
Qen. Staff Officer 1916 l has the Silver Cross of the Order


of tlie Redeemer of Greece and the Order of tlie Medjidi
3rd Class ; educated at Eton auri at the R. Mil. Coll., tiam
hurst ; 6. 1872 ; m. 1904 Mary Gertrude, 'ind dau. of llorai
Alfred Darner Seymour, Esq., C.B. (who was designate
a K.C.B. and d. 1902), and has, with other issue, a so

MERTHYR, Lord (Herbert Clark Lewis).—
Cr. 191L
Elder son of William Thomas, 1st Lord, G.C.V.O.,
F.R.S., by Anne, who d. 1902, eldest dau. of the late
William Rees, Esq., of Llettyshenkin, Glamorganshire ;
b. 1866; 5. 1914; m. 1899 Elizabeth Anna, elder dau.
of the late Major-Gen. Richard Short Couchman,
Madras Staff Corps. Lord Merthyr, who was educated
at Clifton Coll., is a J.P. and D.L. for Pembrokeshire
(High Sheriff 1907 and High Sherift' of Radnorshire
1914). — Hean Castle, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire;
The Mardy, Abirdare, Glamorganshire ; Junior Carl-
ton, and Union Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son William Brereton Couchman, b. 1901.

MESHAM, of Pontruffydd, Flintshire. See


MESTON, Sir James Scorgie, K.C.S.L—
Cr. 1911.
Eldest son of James Meston, Esq., of Oldmachar,
Aberdeen, by Jane Greig, who d. 1901, 3rd dau. of the
late James Scorgie, Esq., of Aberdeen ; b. 1865 ; m.
1891 Jeanie, C.B.E.,aLadyofGraceoftheOrderofSt.
John of Jerusalem, only dau. of James McDonald, Esq.,
of Mossat, Aberdeenshire. Sir James Meston, who was
educated at Aberdeen Grammar School, at King's Coll.,
Aberdeen, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (Hon. LL.D.
Aberdeen 1913), and entered the Indian Civil Service
1885, is a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John
of Jerusalem, and was Joint Magistrate and Settlement
Officer 1891-7 ; Financial Secretary to the Govern-
ment of the United Provinces 1899-1903; Adviser to
the Governments of Cape Colony and the Transvaal
on Civil Service reform 1904-6; Acting Financial
Secretary to the Government of India 1906 ; Financial
Secretary 1906-12; an Additional Member of the
Council of the Governor-Gen. of India for making
Liiws and Regulations 1909-12; Lieut.-Governor of
the United Provinces of .4gra and Oudh 1912- 17, and
a Member of the Imperial War Conference in London
1917; appointed Financial Member of the Executive
Council of the Governor-Gen. of India 1918; has the
\.D.— Delhi. India; East India United Sereice Club,
s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w.

METCALFE, Sir Charles Herbert Theo-
PHiLUS, Bart.— Cr. 1802.
Son of Sir Theophilus John Metcalfe, 5th Bart., C.B.,
by his 1st wife Charlotte, who d. 1853, dau. of the
late Gen. Sir John Low, K.C.B. ; b. 1853; .v. 1883.
Educated at Harrow and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1881, M.A. 1881); is Consulting Engineer to the
Rhodesian Railw.ay Qo. -Wiiikunrth Hill, Godot miiig ;
Carlton Club, s.w.; 21, I'aU M.i'l. s.w.

Heir Fres., his cuiisin Tlit-i-pliihw .loliii Maspie. eider son
of Charles Theopliihi.-. « ho ./. ls;)2 (son of Sir Thomas
Theophilus Metcalle, 1th Bart.), by his 1st wife Ellen
GeorgianaBabiugtfin. who d. 1878, dau. of the late Rev.
Benjamin Peile ; 6. 1866.

METCALFE, Francis, Esq., of Metcalfe Park,
CO. Kildare.

Eldest son of Francis Metcalfe, Esq., of Metcalfe
Park, who d. 187 1, by Frances Mary, who d. 1904, 3rd
dau. of the late George Cummin. Esq., of Ballinroan,
CO. Wicklow; b. 1855 ;m. 1876 Ellen Kathrine, 2nd
dau. of the late Mende Caulfield Dennis, Esq., of Fort
Granite, eo Wicklow, and has, with other issue, a sou,
♦Francis Edward, C.B., CM G., D.S.O. (with Bar),
temp. Lieut.-Col. Gen. List, late Comm. 7th (Service)




Batt. Lincolnshire Regt. ; appointed to command a
Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1918 ;
b. 1878. Mr. Metcalfe is B.A. of Trinity Coll., Dublin,
and a J.P. for co. KildATe.— Metcalfe Park, Enfield,
CO. Kildare ; University Club, Dublin.

METCALFE, Mrs., of Julians, Herefordshire.
Mary Florence, elder dau. of Adolphus Meetkerke, Esq.,
of Julians, who d. 1879, by his 1st wife Maria
Henrietta, who d. 1847, dau. of the late Gen. Hare ;
m. 1878 Frederic Morehouse Metcalfe, Ksq., of Ingle-
thorpe Hall, Norfolk, who was a D.L. for Cambridge-
shire, a J.P. for Norfolk, Clerk of the Peace for the
Isle of Ely, formerly Lieut.-Col. 1st Cambridge K.V.,
and who d. 1893. — Julians, Buntingford.

METCALFB,Mrs., of The Priory, Woodchester,
Catherine Maude, elder dau. of Capt. Henry Daniel
Cholmeley, late 27th Eegt., of The Priory, who d.
1865, by his 1st wife Georgiana Millicent, who d.
1855, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Lewis Way, of
Stanstead, Essex; m. 1887 Edward Metcalfe, Esq., of
Pigeonsford, Cardiganshire (youngest son of the late
Francis Metcalfe, Esq., of Metcalfe Park, eo. Kildare),
who d. 1889. Mrs. Metcalfe s. her stepmother Mrs.
Penelope Cholmeley 1912.— TA* Priory, Woodchester,

METCALFE, Thomas Theophilus Skcundus,
Esq., of Claydon House, Gloucestershire.
Youngest son of the Rev. John Metcalfe, M.A., of
lugs House, Yorkshire, who d. 1873, by Eleanor,
dau. of the late Richard Garth, Esq., of Swaledale,
Y''orkshire ; b. 18.50 ; m. 1876 Alice, eldest dau. of John
William Foster, Esq., D.L., of Lawkland HaU, York-
shire, and has issue * Geoffrey Bryan Theophilus, late
Lieut. 8th Hussars ; educated at Clare Coll., Cambridge ;
b. 1878; m. 1907 Agnes Maletta, dau. of the late Charles
O'Keeffe, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, King's Co. Mr.
Metcalfe, who was formerly Capt. 3rd Batt. W. York-
shire Regt., is a J.P. for Herefordshire and for
Gloucestershire, temp. Lieut. 5th V.B. Gloucestershire
Regt., and a Fellow of the R. Meteorological Society.
— Claydcn House, Lechlade, Gloucestershire.

METCALFE, of Hawstead. See Booth.

+ METGE, Major Robeet Heney, of Athlum-
ney, co. Meath.
Eldest son of Robert Henry Metge, Esq., of Athlumney,
who d. 1900, by his 1st wife Fanny, who d. 1891, dau.
of the late Rev. Charles Lambart; b. 1875; m. 1914
Mary Galway, only surviving dau. of Arthur Gethin
Creagh, Esq., of Mount Ruby, Mallow, co. Cork.
Major Metge is Capt. ret., late Welsh Regt., Major
ret., late 5th Batt. Leinster Regt., formerly Major
Unattached List T.F., previously Capt. 3rd Batt. S.
Staffordshire Regt., and Patron of 1 living.— ^M-
lumney, Navan, co. Meath.

METHUEN, Lord (Paul Sanford Methuen
G.C.B., G.C.V.O., C.M.G.).— Cr. 1838. '

Elder son of Frederick Henry Paul, 2nd Lord, by Anna
Horatia, who d. 1899, only dau. of the late Rev. John
Sanford; b. 1845 ; «. 1891 ; m. 1st 1878 Evelyn, who
d. 1879, eldest dau. of Sir Frederick Hutchinson Hervey-
Bathurst, 3rd Bart. ; 2ndly 1884 Mary Ethel, C.B.E ,
2nd dau. of the late William Ayshford Sanford, Esq., of
Nyuehead Court, Somerset. Lord Methuen, who was
educated at Eton, is a Field Marshal ; Col. of the Scots
Guards; a J.P. for Wilts; Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. Wiltshire
Regt. ; a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of '

Jerusalem ; a Grand Officer of the Italian Order of the
Crown, and Patron of 1 living ; commanded Methuen's
Horse in Bechuanaland 1885, the Home Dist. 1892-7,
a Div. in S. Africa 1899-1902, and was formerly Hon.
Col. 2nd Vol. Batt. Wiltshire Regt., Mil. Attache at
Berlin 1877-81, Gen. Officer Commanding-in-Chief the
Eastern Command 1904-8, Governor and Commander-
in-Chief of Natal Jan.-May 1910, Gen. Officer Com-
manding-in-Chief the Troops in S. Africa 1908-12, and
Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Malta 191.5-19 ;
has the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour and of
the Danish Order of the Dannebrog, the Order of the
Red Eagle of Prussia, 2nd Class, with Star, and the
Order of the Osmanieh, 3rd Cl-dss.— Corshain Court,
Wilts; Guards', and Travellers' Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son Paul Ayshford, Capt. ret., late Scots Guards,
Special Reserve ; late Lieut. K. Wiltshire Yeo. ; was an
Assistant Mil. Secretary, with the temp, rank of (Japt.,
1917-18 ; educated at Eton and at New Coll., Oxford ( B.A.
and M.A. 1914): 6. ISSB ; m. 1915 Eleanor (Norah), dau. of
■\Villiam John Hennessy, Esq., Artist, of Rudgwick, Siisse.x.

METHUEN, Sir Algernon Methuen
Marshall, Bart.— Cr. 191(5.

Third and only surviving son of John Buck Stedman,
Esq., F.R.C.S., of Godalmine, who d. 1902, by Jane
Elizabeth, who d. 1885, eldest dau. of the late Richard
Marshall, Esq.,of King's Lynn; 6. 1856; m. 1884 Emily
Caroline, eldest dau. of the late Edwin Bedford, Esq.,
of Ladbroke Terrace, W. Sir Algernon Methuen, who
was educated at Berkhamstead School and at Wadham
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880), and assumed the
surname of Methuen by deed poll 1899, and by royal
license 1916, was Head of High Croft Preparatory
School, Milford, 1880-95 ; founded the firm of Meth-
uen & Co. Ltd., Publishers, of which he is the head,
1889, and is a J.P. for Sarrey.— New Place, Haslemerc,
Surrey ; Reform, and National Liberal Clubs, s.w. ; 36,
Essex Street, w.c.

MEUX, Adm. of the Fleet the Hon. Sir Hed-
WORTH, G.C.B., K.C.V.O., of Theobald's
Park, Hertfordshire.— Cr. K.C.V.O. 190G,
K.C.B. 1908, G.C.B. 1913.

Third son of George Frederick D'Arcy, 2nd Earl of
Durham, who d. 1879, by Lady Beatrix Frances, who
d. 1871, 2nd dau. of J.-imes, 1st Duke of Abercorn,
K.G.; b. 1856; m. 1910 Mildred Cecilia Harriet, 3rd
dau. of Henry Gerard, 1st Lord Alington, and widow of
Henry Arthur, Viscount Chelsea, M.P. Sir Hedworth
Meux, who assumed that surname in lieu of Lambton
by royal license 1911, is an Adm. of the Fleet, a
Commander of the Legion of Honour and a Grand
Officer of the Order of St. Maurice, and was a Naval
A.D.C. to H.M. Queen Victoria and to H.M. King
Edw.-ird VIL 1901-2, and an Extra Equerry to H.M.
1902-10, Commander of the R. Yacht 'Victoria and
Albert' 1901-2, Second-in-Command of the Ch.-tnnel
Fleet 1903-4, in command of the Third Cruiser
Squadron, Mediterranean Fleet, 1904-6, and Com-
mander-in-Chief on the China Station 1908-10 and on
the Portsmouth Station 1912-16; appointed au Extra
Equerry to King George V. 1910; sat as M.P. for
Portsmouth 1916-18; has the Order of the Medjidie,
2nd Class.— Theobald's Park, Waltham Cross; Naval and
Military, and Turf Clubs, w. ; Carlton, and St. Stephen's
Clubs, s. w. ; 18, Portman Square, w.

MEUX-SMITH. See Gilpin, of Hockliffe.

MEWBURN, William, Esq., of Hawkwell

Place, Kent.

Only son of William Mewburn, Esq., of Wykham Park,

Oxfordshire, a J.P. and D.L. for Oxfordshire (High

Sheriff 1889), who d. 1900, by Maria, dau. of the late




William Tew, Esq., of Halifax; h. 1853; m. 1877
Margaret, eldest dau. of the late John Creemer Clarke,
Esq., J. P., formerly M.P. for Abingdon, and has, with
other issue, an only sod, * William Guy, h. 1880;
m. 1905 Priseilla Rhoda. only dau. of Thomas Wilson
Hogue, Esq., and has, with other issue, a son, * William
Honald, h. 1006. Mr. Mewburn is a Railway Director
and a J. P. for Kent and for Cheshire. — Hawkwell Place,
Pcmhurt/, Kent ; Acknacarron Lodge, Kilchrenan,
Argyllshire ; Carlton Club, s.w.

MEWBURN, William Richmond, Esq., of
Acomb House, Hexham, Northumberland.
Eldest surviving son of Simon Mewburn. Esq., J.P., of
Acomb House, who d. 1872, by Margaret, dau. of the late
Henry Richmond, Esq., J.P., of Humshaugh House,
Northumberland; b. 1834 ; m. 1870 Elizabeth Fanny,
dau. of Joseph Thomas Savory, Esq., and has had, with a
dau., Dorothea Margaret Richmond, who m. 1912 Major
Ivor Wilberforce Watson, of Langley House, Bucking-
hamshire {whom see), 2 sons, I.William Claud, b. andd.
1871. 2. Simon William Richmond, Capt. 14th Hussars;
h. 1884, and killed in action 1916. Mr. Mewburn is a
J. P. for Middlesex.— iVoriAcra Counties' Chih, s.w. ; 6,
Evelyn Mansions, Westminster, s.w.; 71, Cornhill, B.C.

MEXBOROUGH,Earl of(JoHN Henby Savile).
— Cr. 1766.

Second son of John Charles George, 4th Earl, who d.
1899, and elder son of his 2nd wife Agnes Louisa Eliza-
beth, who d. 1898, youngest dau. of the late John
Raphael, Esq.; h. 1868; s. his half-brother John
Horace, 6th Earl, 1916; m. 1905 the Hon. Margaret
Eva de Burgh KnatchbuU-Hugessen, elder dau. of
Edward, 2nd Lord Brabourne. The Earl of Hex.
borough, who was educated at Eton, and was formerly
Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, is a J.P. and D.L. for the W.
Riding and a J.P. for the N. Riding of Yorkshire and
an Hon. Capt. in the Army ; was Superintendent and
temp. Capt. Remount Department 1915-18.— Methley
Park, Leeds ; Travellers' Club, s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w.
Beir, liis son -Tohn Raphael Wcntworth, Viscount PoUington ,
6. 1906.

MEXBOROUGH, Adne, Countess of.

Dau. of the late Rev. Andrew Holmes Belclier. of
Fasque, Kincardineshire; m. 1st 1900 George Bain-
bridge Ritchie, Esq.; 2ndly 1916, as his 3rd wife, John
Horace, .ith Earl of Mexborough, who d. 1916.— 21 &
22, Albert Court, Kensington Gore, s.w. ; Canniiaro,
Wimbledon Common, s.w.

MEYER, Sir Cakl Fehdinakd, Bart., of Short-
grove, Essex.— Or. 1910.
Younger son of Siegmund Meyer, Esq., of Hamburg,
who d. 1882, by Elise Rosa, who d. 1855, eldest dau.
of the late Reuben Hahn, Esq., of Hamburg ; b. 18.31 ;
III. 1883 Allele, eldest dau. of the late Julius Levis,
Esq., of Hampstead. Sir Carl Meyer, who was
educated abroad, is a Magistrate fur Essex, one of
H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of London, a Director of
the National Bank of Egypt, and Chairman of the
London Committee of De Beers.—Shortgrove, Newport,
Essex; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.; 2, Wet/mouth
Street, w.

New Coll., OxforJ (B.A. 1912) ; 6. 188(i.

MEYER, Sir Willum Stevenson, G.CJ.E.,
K.C.S.I. — Cr. K.O.I.E. 1909, K.C.S.l.
1915, G CLE. 1918.

Eldest son of the Rev. Theodore J. Meyer, of London,
who (/. 1896, by Jane Ann, who d. 1900, 2nd dau. of
the late WiUiam Stevenson, Esq., of Strabane ; b. 1860;

m. 1895 Mabel Henrietta, who f^. 1914, eldest dau. of the
late Major William Wever Jackson, Indian Army. Sir
William Meyer, who was educated at Blackheath School,
at Univ. Coll. School, and at Univ. Coll.. London (B.A.
1881), and entered the Indian Civil Service 1881, was
Assistant Secretary to the Government of Madras 1 886-
9, Secertary to the Board of Revenue 1890-4, Deputy
Secretary to the Government of India, Finance Depart-
ment, 1896-1901, Secretary 1905-9, Chief Secretary to
the (jovernment of Madras 1909-13, and Financial
Member of the Council'of the Governor-Gen. of India
1913-lS.— East India United Service Club, s.w.

MEYNELL, Edgar, Esq., of Kilvington Hall,
and The Frjerage, Yorkshire.
Elder surviving son of His Honour Judge Edgar John
Meynell, of Kilvington Hall, and The Fryerage, who
d. 1901, by Maria Louisa, who d. 1909, youngest dau.
of the late Richard Samuel Short, Esq., of Fidlington,
Lincolnshire; b. 1859. Mr. Meynell, who was educated
at The Oratory School, Edgbaston, and called to the
Bar at the Middle Temple 1884, is Lord of the
Manors of Yarm .and Sowerby. — Residence : Old Elvet,

MEYNELL, Francis Hugo Lindlet, Esq.,
D.S.O., of Hoar Cross, Staffordshire.
Eldest son of the Hon. Frederick George Lindley
Meynell, J.P., of Hoar Cross, who assumed the
surname of Meynell in lieu of Wood by royal license
1905, having s. his sister the Hon. Mrs. Meynell-
lugram 1904, and d. 1910, by Lady Mary Susan Felice,
3rd dau. of Alexander William. 26th Earl of Crawford
and Balcarres; b. 1880; m. 1907 Lady Dorothy Legge,
elder dau. of William Heneage, 6th Earl of Dartmouth,
and has, with other issue, a son, *Hugo, b. 1909. Mr.
Meynell, who was educated at Eton, is a J.P. and D.L.
for Staffordshire and Major 3rd N. Midland Brigade,
R.F.A., Territorial Force. — Hoar Cross, Burton-on-
Trent ; Brooks's Club, s.w. ; Bath Club, w.

MEYNELL, Godfrey Franceys, Esq., of Mey-
nell Langley, Derbyshire.
Eldest son of John Meynell, Esq., of Meynell Langley,
who d. 1854, by Sarah Brooks, dau. of the late William
Brooks Johnson, Esq., of Coxbeneh Hall, Derbyshire ;
b. 1844 ; m. 1866 Emma Maria, eldest dau. of the late
E. WooUett Wihnot, Esq., of Buxton, Derbyshire, and
has, with other issue, a son, * Godfrey, C.M.G., Lieut.-
Col. Shropshire L.I.; was temp. Lieut.-Col. Coram. 6th
(Service) Katt. K.O. Yorkshire L.I. 1915-17 ; appointed
to command a Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-
Gen., 1918; b. 1870; m. 1903 Edith Violet, eldest dau.
of the late George Henry Cammell, Esq., of Brookfield
Manor, Derbyshire, and has, with other issue, a son,
♦Godfrey, b. 1904. Mr. MeyneU, who was educated at
Harrow, is a Magistrate for Derbyshire (High Sheriff
1874), and Patron of Kirk Langley. — MeyneU Langley,

MEYNELL-INGRAM. See Meynell, of Hoar Cross,
Staffordshire, and Wood, of Temple Newsam, York-

MEYRICK, Col. Sir Thomas Charlton, Bart.,

K.C.B., of Bush, and Bargeston House,

Pembrokeshire ; and of Apley Castle,

Shropshire.— Cr. 1880.

Second son of St. John Chiverton Charlton, Esq., of

Apley Castle, who d. 1873, by his 1st wife Jane Sophia,

who d. 1837, only dau. and heiress of the late Thomas

Meyrick, Esq., of Bush; b. 1837; m. 1860 Mary

Rhoda, 2nd dau. of the bite Lieut.-Col. Richard

3 o 929




Frederick Hill, and niece of Rowland, 2nd Viscount
Hill. Sir Thomas Meyrick, who was educated at Eton,
is a J.P. and D.L. for Pembrokeshire (High Sheriff
1877), Patron of 3 livings, and Hon. Col., late Lieut.-
Col. and Hon. Col. Comm., 3rd Batt. Shropshire L.I. ;
■was M.P. for Pembroke 1 868-74 ; assumed the surname
of Meyrick by royal license 1 858. — Bush, and Barge&ton
House, Pembroke ; Apley Cattle, Wellington, Shropshire;
Windham, and Boodle's Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son Fredeiick Charlton, C.B., C.M.G., an Hon.
Brigrtdier-Gen. ret., late Col. Reserve of Officers, formerly
Lieut. -Col. Comm. 5th Batt. Imp. Yeo. in S. Africa, and
Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. Comm. Pembroke Imp. Yeo. ;
previously Major 15th Hussars ; comuiauded the d. Wales
Mounted Brigade, T.F., with the temp, rank of Col. in the
Army, 1908-13, and a Brigade 1316-17 with the temp, rank
of Brigadier Gen. 1916-17, and was Commandant of a
Remount Def 6t 1917-19 ; educated at Eton and at Trinity
Hall, Cambridge (B.A. 1883) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1897 Mary Emma,
dau. of the late Major Oswin Cumming Baker-CressweU, of
Cresswell, Northumberland, and has, with other issue, a
son, ♦ Thomas Frederick, Lieut. 15th Hussars ; educated at
the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 1899.

METRICK. See Gereis-Meyrick.

MErSBY-THOMPSON. See Knaresborough,

MICALLEP, Sir Richard, K.C.M.G.— Cr.

Youngest son of Gaetano Micallef, Esq., of Valletta, !
Malta, -who d. 1882, by Giovanna, who d. 1862, dau. I
of the late Paolo Samraut, Esq., of Valletta ; /). 1846 ;
»i. 1872 Ellen, 2nd dau. of the late Tommaso Giovanni
Micallef, Esq., of Vallettii. Sir Richard Micallef, who
was educated at Malta Univ. and entered the Civil I
Service of Malta 1863, was Comptroller of Charitable
Institutions and a Member of the Council of the
Government of Malta 1886-1911, and a Member of the 1
Executive Council 1888-1911.— 70, Strada It torri,
Sliema, Malta. 1

MICHEL, Major John Horace Charles, of
Dewlish, Dorsetshire.

Eldest son of Field Marshal the Right Hon. Sir John
Michel, G.C.B., of Dewlish, who d. 1886, by Louisa
Anne, who d. 1905, only dau. of the late Major-Gen.
Horace Churchill, C.B. ; b. 1843. Major Michel, who
was educated at Eton, is a Major ret. late Leicestershire
Regt., and Patron of 1 living. — Dewlish, Dorchester,
Dorsetshire ; Junior United Service Club, s.w.

MICHELHAM, Lord (Herman Alfred Stern).
— Cr. 1905.
Elder son of Herbert, 1st Lord, K.C.V.O., by Aimee
Geraldine, a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and
has the Order of Mercy, dau. of Oetavius Bradshaw,
Esq., J.P. and D.L. ; b. 1900; s. 1919; m. 1919

Beatrice, dau. of Capel, Esq. — Strawberry Hill,


Heir Hrcs., his brother Jack Herbert, b. 1903.

MICHELL, the Hon. Sir Lewis Lotd, Knt.,
C.V.O., F.R.C.I.— Cr. 1902.

■ Son of the late John Michell, Esq., Solicitor, of Madron,
Cornwall ; b. 1842 ; m. 1870 Maria Agnes, 3rd dau. ol
Edward Philpott, Esq., J.P., of Cape Colony. Sir
Lewis Michell, who was educated at Christ's Hospital,
London, is a Director of the British S. Africa Co.
and of the Rhodesia Railways, and a Trustee of the
Rhodes Fund, and was formerly a Member of the
House of Assembly and of the Executive Council of
the Cape of Good Hope, Gen. Manager of the Standard
Bank of S. Africa, Chairman of the Martial Law
Board in Cape Colony, and of De Beers Consolidated

Mines, a Commissioner of the Sinking Fund, ami
Acting Colonial Secretary and Secretary for Agrieull urc
in the Cape Ministry.— .HoMtfeioicA, Cape Colony.

MICHELL, Mrs., of Forcett Park, Yorkshire.
Louisa Rachel, 2nd dau. of the Hon. and Rev. Thoma-,
Orde-Powlett, Rector of Wensley, who d. 1894, by
Elizabeth Jane, who d. 1906, younger dau. of the laiu
Marmaduke Wyvill, Esq., of Constable Burton, York-
shire ; m. 1883 Charles Michell, Esq., of Forcett Park
and of Glassel House, Aberdeenshire, a J.P. and Capt.
rot. 60th King's R. Rifles, who d.s.p. X^W.—Furcctt
Park, Darlington, Yorkshire.

MICHELL, Thomas Field, Esq., of Chymor-
vah, Cornwall.
Youngest son of Ambrose Oxley Michell, Esq., of
Marazion, Cornwall, who d. 1905, by Sarah, 3rd dau.
of the late William Radford, Esq., J.P., of Plymouth ;
b. 1868 ; s. Mrs. Elizabeth Oxley Field, widow of his
uncle Col. Thomas Willis Field, J.P. and D.L., Corn-
wall R.G.A., Territorial Force, V.V).,%\%U.—Chy,i,or.
vah, Marazion, Cornwall; British Empire Club, s.w. ;
Motor Club, w. ; R. CormoaU Yacht Club, Falmouth.

MICHELL. See Busch-Michcll.

MICKLETHWAIT, Richard Gerald, Esq., of
Ardsley House, Yorkshire.
Only son of Richard Key Micklethwait, Esq., J.P., of
Ardsley House, who d. 1908, by Margaret Ellin
Stormonth Key (who m. 2ndly 1912 James Craufuird
Hutchison, Esq.), elder dau. of the late Major William
Key Matterson, Cheshire Regt; b. 1896. Mr. Mickle-
thwait, who was educated at Eton, is Lieut

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