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RIBBLESDALE, Lord (Thomas Lister, P.C).

-Cr.l797. 'I

Eldest son of Thomas, 3rd Lord, by Emma, who
d. 1911, youngest dau. of the late Col. William
Mure, M.P., of Caldwell, Ayrshire; b. 1854; s.
1876; m. 1st 1877 Charlotte Monkton, who (^. 1911,
3rd dau. of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bart., of The

Glen, Peeblesshire ; 2ndly 1919 Ava, dau. of





Willing, Esq., of Philadelphia, U.S.A., and widow of I educated at Eton, is a J.P. and D.L for Surrey, and
~ ■ -^- -^ - • - fV ^ . , . . ,_.in I rt.i -„(. jate Comm. Grenadier Guards. — Bramley

Guards', and Travellers' Clubs, s.w.

Col. John Jacob Astor, of U.S.A., and has had 2 sons, ] Col.
Thomas, D..S.O., dipt. 10th E. Hussars; b. 1878, audi Pari, Guildford;
killed in action in Somaliland 1904; and Charles

Alfred, a 3rd Secretary in the Diplomatic Service, ' jj^jQB ^dm. Sir Eenest, K.C.B.— Cr. 1914.
" *"~" ^""'^ ^ ' Ninth son of Edward Royd Rice, Esq., M.P., J.P. and

Lieut. 1st Co. of London Yeo. and temp. Lieut. R
4. 1887, and rf. of wounds received inaction 1915; and
3 daus. Lord Ribblesdale, who was educated at
Harrow, is a Magistrate for the W. Riding of York-
shire and for Lancashire, and a Trustee of the
National Gallerj ; late Capt. Rifle Brigade ; was a
Lord in AVaiting 1880-5, and Master of the Buck-
hounds 1892-5. — Gisburn Park, Clitheroe ; Brooks's,
and Pratt's Clubs, s.w. ; Turf Club, w.

RICAEDO, Francis, Esq., of The Friary,

Sou of Ralph Ricardo, Esq., J.P., of Park Square,

London, who d. 1875. by Charlotte, dau. of the late

Joseph Lobh, Esq. ; b. 1833; m. 1863 Louisa, dau. oi , .

the late Right Hon. Sir Thomas Erskine Perry, and j ttil^J^, Maj:

has, with other issue, * Wilfrid Francis, D.S.O., F.Z.S., i K.C."' "

Major ret., late R. Horse Guards ; Major Reserve of , Second

OiScers, and Major Reserve Regt. of E. Horse Guards ;

late Major Leicestershire Y'eo. ; educated at Eton;

*. 1868; ?«. 1904 Xorah, elder dau. of the late Isaac

Bell, Esq., United States Plenipotentiary at The Hague,

and has, with other issue, a son, * Francis George

Wilfrid, b. 1907. Mr. Ricardo, who was educated at

King's Coll., London, is a J.P. and D.L. for Berks

(High Sheriff 1894).— T^e Friary, Old Windsor, near

Windsor ; Reform, and Arthur's Clubs, s.w.

D.L , of Dane Court, Kent, who d. 1878, by Elizabeth,
who d. 1884, 2nd dau. of the late Edward Knight,
Esq., of Godmersham Park, Kent; b. 1840; m. 1st
1870 Laura Marianne, who d. 1899, 3rd dau. of the
late Edward York, Esq., of Wighill Park, Yorkshire ;
2ndly 1 903 Fanny Julia, eldest dau. of the late Clinton
George Dawkins, Esq., of the Foreign Office, and
widow of Lieut.-Col. Robert Henry Gunning, King's
R. Rifle Corps. Sir Ernest Rice is an Adm. ret., and
was Adm. Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard
1896-9 and in command of Coastguard and Reserves
1903-5.— Sihertswold Place, near Dover, Kent; United
Service Club, s.w,


RICARDO, Frank, Esq., of Bare Homage,
Hampshire ; and of Bromesberrow Place,

Only son of Frank Ricardo, Esq., of Bure Homage,
and Bromesberrow Place, who d. 1897, by Alice
Henrietta, 2nd dau. of the late Hon. Edmund Gambier
Monckton; b. 1887; m. 1911 Esther Mary Elizabeth,
elder dau. of James Edward Woods, Esq., of Swarland
Hall, Nortliumberland and has, with other issue, a son,
• David Frank, 6. 1912. Mr. Ricardo, who was educated
at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, is Lieut. 5th
Batt. Gloucestershire Regt. andM.G.C, and Patron of
1 living. — Bure Homage, Christchurch ; Bromes.
bcrrow Place, Ledbury.

RICARDO, Lieut.-Col. Henrt George, D.S.O.,
of Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire.
Eldest son of Henry David Ricardo, Esq., J.P., of Gat-
combe Park, who d. 1873, by Ellen, who d. 1902, dau.
of the late Ven. Archdeacon Crawley; b. 1860; m.
1885 Adela, 2nd dau. of the late John Patteson Cob-
bold, Esq., M.P., of Ipswich, and has * Marjorie Adela,
«j. 191 1 Major James Miller Gibson-Watt, of Doldowlod,
Radnorshire, and of Heathfield, Staffordshire (whom
see); Stella Evelyn ; and Rosalind Constance,™. 1918
Capt. William Arbuthnot Wilson, 6th Batt. Rifle
Brigade, Tillicoultry House, Tillicoultry, Clackman-
nanshire. Lieut.-Col. Ricardo is a Magistrate for
Gloucestershire, Lieut.-Col. ret., late temp. Lieut.-Col.
(previously Major) R.A., and Patron of 1 living. —
Gatcombe Park, Minchinhampton.

RICARDO, Col. Horace, C.V.O., of Bramley
Park, Surrey.
Elder son of Percy Ricardo, Esq., of Bramley Park, who
d. 1892, by Matilda, who d. 1880, dau. of the late John
Isaac Hensley, Esq.; b. 1850; m. 1877 Henrietta,
eldest dau. of the late Col. Edward Goulburn, of Betch-
worth, Surrey, and has 3 daus. Col. Ricardo, who was

Sir Spring
&., C.B.— Cr. 1917.

of S. Rice, Esq., of Marlhill, co.
Tipperary; b. 1858; m. 1903 Mary Dalrymple, 2nd
dau. of Major Dancer, R.A., and widow of H. Scannell,
Esq., Inspector-Gen. of Police, Bombay. Sir Spring
Rice is a Major-Gen. late R.E., and a Comm. of the
Belgian Order of Leopold ; has the Belgian Croix de
Guerre; was Chief Engineer S.W. Coast Defences
1909-11 and Aldershot 1911-16, an Engineer-in-Chief
att;iched to Headquarter Units 1916-17, and aComm.
Headquarter Units 1917-18. — United Service Club, s.w.


RICE, Henry Charles Talbot, Es
Oddington House, Gloucestershire.
Younger son of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Rice, M.A.,
Rector of Great Risington, Gloucestershire, who d.
1896, by Emma, who d. 1907, youngest dau. of the
late William Francis Lowndes-Stone, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Bright well Park, Oxfordshire ; 6. 1862 ; s. the
Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Lucy Rice, widow of his uncle
the Hon. John Talbot Rice, J.P., of Oddington House,
1914; m. 1887 Cecil Mary, youngest dau. of the late
Edward Lloyd, Esq., of Lingcroft, Yorkshire, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Harry Talbot, Capt. Welsh
Guards ; late Lieut. E. Riding of Yorkshire Yeo. ; b.
1889. Mr. Rice was formerly Capt. 4th Batt. Glouces-
tershire Regt. — Oddington House, Moreton-in-Marsh,
Gloucestershire ; Arthur's Club, s.w.

RICE, Henrt Edward Harcourt, Esq., of
Dane Court, Kent.
Only son of Adm. Sir Edward Bridges Rice, K.C.B.,
J.P., of Dane Court, who d. 1902, by Cecilia Caroline,
who d. 1912, 2nd dau. of the late Rev. William
Vernon Harcourt, of Nuneham Park, Oxfordshire ; b.
1864; m. 1895 the Hon. Helen Sarah Godley, eldest
dau. of Arthur, 1st Lord Kilbracken, G.C.B., and has,
with other issue, a son, * Edward Denis, b. 1899. Mr.
Rice is a Magistrate for Kent. — Residence : North
Court, Eastrt/, Kent; Athenaum Club. a.w.

RICE. See Dynevor; Monteagle ; Spring-Rice; and

RICH, Sir Almeric Edmund Frederic, Bart.
— Cr. 1791.

Only son of Capt. Frederic Dampier Rich, R.N.
(3rd son of the 2nd Bart.), who d. 1876, by Jessie
Catherine Hesketh, who d. 1907, 2nd dau. of Sir Johu
Hesketh Lethbridge, 3rd Bart. ; b. 1859; s. his cousin
Sir Charles Henry Stuart Rich, 4th Bart., 1913;
m. 1894 Louise, dau. of the Hon. John Conuess, of



Mattapan, Massachusetts, formerly a Senator of U.S.A.
Sir Almcric Rich, who was educated at Wimbledon
School and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, and was
formerly Capt. Lincolnshire Eegt., is Lieut.-Col. ret.,
late Major R. Garrison Regt. and temp. Lieut.-Col.

RICH, 'Fanny, Lady, formerly of Devizes
Castle, Wiltshire. j

Only dau. of the Rev. Joseph Page, of Little Bromley,
Essex, who d. 1862, by Mary J. Burton, who il. 1907, i
dau. of the late Rev. Walter Bui'ton Leach, of Sutton
Montis, Somerset ; m. 1881 Sir Charles Henry Stuart
Rich, 4th Bart., F.S.A., of Devizes Castle, and of
Claxton Abbey, Norfolk, a J.P. for Wiltshire, who
it.s.p.m. 1913, leaving a dau., Gladys Evelyn Fanny
{whom see), m. 1916 Alan Henry Dickinson, Esq., :
M.C., Lieut. Coldstream Guards, Special Reserve.

RICH, of Claxton Abbey, Norfolk. See Dickinson.

RICHARDES, of Bryneithin, Cardiganshire.

See Lcir.

RICHARDS, the Right Hon. Thomas.

Son of Thomas Richards, Esq.,of Beaufort, Breconshire ;
h. 1859 ; VI. 1880 Elizabeth E., dau. of David Thomas,
Esq., of Beaufort. Mr. Richards, who was educated at
the British School, Beaufort, and commenced to work in
the mines at the age of 12, is a J.P. and C. Aid. for|
Monmouthshire, a J.P. for Breconshire, a Knight of
Grace and Director of Ambulance for Wales of the '
Order of St. John of Jerusalem, a Governor and
Manager of Ebbw Vale County School and a Governor
of Cardiff Univ. Coll. Board; has been Gen. Secretary
of the S. Wales Miners' Federation since 1898 ; sat as ,
M.P. for the W. Div. of Monmouthshire 1904-18 and ]
has sat for the Ebbw Vale Div. since 1918.— Tie
Lawn, Ninian Road, Cardiff'. \

RICHARDS, Alice Mary, Lady.

Eldest dau. of the Rev. Robert Stammers Tabor, M.A.,
of Cheam, Surrey, who d. 1909; m. 1882, as 2nd wife,
Adm. Sir George Henry Richards, formerly Hydro-
grapher to the Admiralty, who was cr. Knt. 1877,
K.C.B. 1886, undd. 1896.— 11, Cumberland Mansions,
Square, w.

RICHARDS, Sir (Henry) Erle, K.C.S.L.
K.C.— Cr. 1909.

Eldest son of the Rev. Henry William Parry Richards,
M.A., Prebendary of St. Paul's, who d. 1899, by Jessie
Margaret, dau. of theUte Right Hon. Peter Erie, Q.C. ;
b. 1861 ; m. 1897 Mary Isabel, 2nd dau. of the late
Spencer Perceval Butler, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. Sir
&le Richards, who was educated at Eton and at New
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1885, M.A., B.C.L. and Fellow of
All Souls' Coll. 1911), called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1887, and appointed a K.C. 1905, was Legal
Meihber of the Council of the Governor-Gen. of India
1904-9 ; elected Chichele Professor of International
Law and Diplomacy at Oxford Univ. 1911. — United
University Club, s.-w.; 4, Temple Gardens, Temple, B.C.

RICHARDS, Sir Henry George, K.B.E.— Cr.
Knt. 1911, K.B.E. 1^19.

Eldest surviving sou of John Henry Richards, Esq.,
Judge of the County Court, Waterford, who d. 1901,
by Lydia Gribble, who d. 1919, dau. of the late Heury
Scovell, Esq., of Ferney, co. Dublin ; b. 1861 ; m. 1891
Francis Maud Lyster, O.B.E., youngest dau. of the late


Henry Matthew Smythe, Esq., of Barba villa, co. West-
meath. Sir Henry Richards, who was educated at
Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1881, M.A. 1892), called to
the Bar at King's Inns, Dublin, 1883, and appointed a
K.C. 1904, was formerly Senior Crown Prosecutor of
COS. Mayo and Roscommon, a Puisne Judge of the High
Court of Judicature N.W. Provinces 1905-11, and
Chief Justice thereof 1911-19; elected Vice-Chancellor
of Allahabad Univ. 1908 and 1911 ; is Hon. Col. (previ-
ously Lieut.-Col. Comm.) Allahabad Rifle Vols. —
Allahahad, India,- Innisfallen, Shawford, Hampshire;
University Club, Dublin.

RICHARDS, the Rev. Arthur James, of
Farlington, Hampshire.
Son of the Rev. Edward Tew Richards, of Farling-
ton, who d. 1887, by Horatia, eldest dau. of the late
Willi.am Haslewood, Esq., Barrister-at-Law ; b. 1843;
m. 1872 Margaret Mair, eldest child' of the late Rev.
J. C. Haden, of Nightingales, Bucks, Precentor of
Westminster, and has, with other issue, a son, * Harold
Arthur David, C.M.G., D.S.O., Lieut.-Col. R.A.S.C. ;
b. 1874; ?n. 1899 Helen Dorothy, only child of Robert
Dowry Parker, Esq., of The Manor House, Welford,
and has a dau., Violet Mary. Mr. Richards, who was
educated at Radley and at B.N.C., Oxford (B.A. 1865,
M.A. 1869), is a J.P. for Hants, Patron and Rector of
Farlington, and Patron of Purbrook ; was Rector of
Plumstead and Matlask, Norfolk, 1S7 l-S2.—B'arlington
Rector!/, near Havanf; Constitutional Club, w.c.

RICHARDS, Major Arthur William Mor-
DAUNT, of Ardamine, co. Wexford.

Second son of Solomon Augustus Richards, Esq., J.P.,

of Ardamine, who d. 1874, by Sophia Mordaunt, who d.

1899, dau. of the late Rev. Bernard John AA^ird ; *.

1860 ; s. his brother Bernard John Goddard, 1879 ; m.

1886 Lillie, 2nd dau. of the late William Millar Kirk,

Esq., of Ramsfort Park, co. Wexford. Major Richards,

who was educated at Harrow, is a J.P. and D.L. for

CO. Wexford (High Sheriff 1906), Major Reserve of

Officers, and Capt. ret., late R. Scots Greys ; was a

temp. Deputy Assistant Director of Remounts 1 9 1 3-17,

and a temp. Dist. Remount Officer 1917-19. — Ardamine,

Gorey; Cavalry Club, w. ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

Heir Pres., his brother Francis Augustus, 6. 1873; m. 1908

Buphrosyne Mariel, eldest dan. of Joshus Wliitaker, Esq., of

Palermo, and bas, with other issue, a son, * Arthur Hubert

Mordaunt, b. 1910.

RICHARDS, Capt. Henry Meredyth, O.B.E.,
of Caerynwch, Merionethshire ; and of
Farley Castle, Berkshire.
Second son of Richard Meredyth Richards, Esq., of
Caerynwch, who d. 1873, by his 2nd wife Louisa
Janette Anne (who d. 1899, having m. 2ndly 1894 the
Rev. Charles Tooth, who d. 1894), only child of the late
Edw.ard Lloyd Edwards, Esq., of Cerrig-Llwydion,
Denbighshire, and of Braich-y-ceunant, Merionethshire,
whose widow (Georgiana, eldest dau. of the late George
Edward Beauchamp Proctor, Esq.,of Thetford, Norfolk)
m. 2ndly 1865, as his 2nd wife, William Hastings
Martin-Atkins, Esq., of Farley Castle, who d. 1881 ;
b. 1870 ; s. his brother Richard Edward Lloyd Richards,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., 1905; m. 1907 Mary Alice
Ellinor, only child of Frederick Charles Stokes, Esq.,
of Knowle Huj-st, Staffordshire, and has 2 daus. Capt.
Richards, who was educated at Winchester Coll., is a
J.P. and D.L. for Merionethshire (High Sheriff 1910),
Capt. Reserve of Officers, Capt. ret., late R. Welsh
Fusiliers, temp. Major R. Welsh Fusiliers, previously
16th (Service) Batt., and Patron of 1 living. —
Caerynwch, Dolffelly, Merionethshire; Naval and
Military Club, w. ; .Junior Carlton Club, s.w.




+ RICHARDS, John Henry Paget, Esq., of[
Barnagh House, co. Mayo. i

Son of Heary Julien Richards, Esq., of Barnagh House,
ivho d. 1919, by Caroline Knox, 2nd dau. of the late I
Major James Paget, J.P., of Knock Glass, co. Mayo ; b.
1899. — Barnagh House, near BelnmUet, co. Mayo.

RICHARDS, John Loftus, Esq., of Macmine:
Castle, CO. Wexford.

(Inly son of George Gledstanes Richards, Esq., Capt.
Wexford Militia, who d.v.p. 1876, by Marian, who rf.
1885, 2nd dau. of the late Loftus Anthony Bryan, Esq.,
of Upton, CO. Wexford; b. 1875 ;«. his uncle Albert
Garner Richards, Esq., J.P., 1911. Mr. Richards, who
was educated at Cheltenham Coll., was formerly Capt.
6th Batt. Rifle Brigade and previously Lieut. Leinster
Regt. — Macmine Castle, Enniscorthp, co. Wexford.

-f RICHARDS, John Morgan, Esq., M.C., of
Steephill Castle, Isle of Wight.
Elder son of John Morgan Richards, Esq., of .Steephill
Castle, who d. 191.8, by Laura Hortense, who d. l%\i,
dau. of the late Seth Harris Arnold, Esq., of Boston,
U.S.A. ; b. 1872 ; is Lieut, and Acting Capt. 7th Batt.
B. Welsh VasiWevH.— Steephill Castle, Ventnor, Isle of

RICHARDS, Mrs., of Westridge, Isle of
Alice, 3rd dau. of John Mayor Threlfall, Esq., of
Liverpool, who d. 1862 ; m. 1 862 the Rev. William
Henry Richards, M.A., of Westridge, a J.P. for Essex,
who was Vicar of Grays ThuiTOck, Essex, 1862-72,
and of St. Helen's, Ryde, Isle of Wight, 1872-1900,
and whorf. 1912, leaving, with 5 other sons and 2 dans.,
Charles Reynell, educated at Winchester and at Oxford ;
h. n—.— Westridge, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

+ RICHARDS, Roland, Esq., of Solsborongh,
CO. Wexford.
Second and elder surviving son of John Richards, Esq.,
Lieut. H.E.I.C.S., who d. 1859, by Eleanor Maria, dau.
of the late Alexander Napper, Esq.. of New Ross, co.
Wexford ; b. 1 854 ; «. his cousin Major Urban Vigors
Richards, J.P., late New Zealand Forces, 72nd High-
landers. 33rd Regt. and 87th R. Irish Fusiliers, 1913.—
Solsborough, Enniscorthy, co. Wexford; Hibernian
United Service Club, Dublin.

RICHARDS, of Ashwell, Rutland. See Bromley-

RICHARDS, of Monksgrange, co. Wexford.

See Orpen.

ART-, Bart., of Pcncaitland, Haddington-
shire.— Cr. 1630.
Elder son of Sir Edward Austin Stewart-Richardson,
16th Bart., Capt. 3rd Batt. The Black Watch (R.
Highlanders), who d. of wounds received in action, by
Lady Constance, younger dau. of Francis, 2nd Earl of
Cromartie; *. 1904; «. 1914.

Etir Prea., his brother Oathel Torquill Hugh, 6. 1909.

RICHARDSON, Harriet Georgiana Alice,
Second surviving ilau. of the late . Rupert John
Cochrane, Esq., of Halifax, Nova Scotia ; m. 1868 Sir
James Thomas Stewart-Richardson, 14th Bart., who
d. 189S.— Jfottni Tabor Home, Perth.

RICHARDSON, Sir Wodehouse Dillon,
K.C.B.— Cr. 1900.

Son of the late Guildford Barker Richardson ; b. 1854 ;
m. 1887 Louisa Emily, who d. 1915, dau. of the late
Rev. T. J. Ewing, D.D. Sir Wodehouse Richardson,
who was educated at Blackheath Proprietary School,
is Col. ret. late A.S.C., served on the Staff 1888-1903,
and was Director of Supplies, Woolwich Dockyard, 1903.
— Junior United Service Club, s.w. ; Oaklands, Foun-
tain Road, Upper Norwood, s.k.

RICHARDSON, Sir George Lloyd Reily,
K.C.B., C.S.I., C.I.E.— Cr. 1909.

Eldest son of Major-Gen. Joseph Fletcher Richardson,
C.B., of Pinner, Middlesex, who d. 1900; b. 1847;
m. 1878 Florence Ellen, 4th dau. of the late Fleet-
wood Williams, Esq., C.S.I., Indian Civil Service.
Sir George Richardson, who was educated at Streat-
ham, is a Lieut.-Gen. ret. late Indian Army and Col.
18th King George's Own Lancers, Indian Army, and
commanded the Hyderabad Contingent and the Agra
Dist., Eastern Command, 1902-4, and the 6th (Poona)
Div., Western Command, India, 1904-S. — I)romart,
Antrim Road, Belfast ; Junior United Service Club, s.w.

RICHARDSON, Sir Albion Henry Herbert,
Knt., C.B.E.— Cr. 1919.

Eldest son of the late James Henry Richardson, Esq.,
of New Lodge, Hendon, by Elizabeth Matilda, dau. of

the late , Esq. ; b. 1874. Sir Albion Richardson,

who was educated privately and in France and Ger-
many, admitted a Solicitor 1899, and called to the Bar
at Gray's Inn 1912, was Chairman of the Law Society
Section of the London Appeal Tribunal, and has been
M.P. for the Peckham Div. of Camberwell since Dec.
1910. — Reform Club, s.w.; 6,Portman Mansions, York
Place, w. ; 3, King's Bench Walk North, Temple, E.c.

-f- RICHARDSON, Alexander Monteith
AlRTH, Esq., of Aberdelghy, co. Antrim ;
and of Buncrana Castle, co. Donegal.

Son of Alexander Airth Richardson, Esq., of Aber-
delghy.and of Buncrana Castle, who d. 191 — , by Susan,
who rf. 1912, 2nd dau. of the late Richard Grubb, Esq.,
of Cahir Abbey, co. Tipperary ; b. 1S65.— Aberdelghy,
Lambeg, Lisburn.

RICHARDSON, Capt. Arthur Percy, of
Purton House, Wiltshire.
Third surviving son of Jonathan Richardson, Esq., J. P.,
of Glenmore, co. Antrim, who d. 1869, by Louisa Jane,
who d. 1914, dau. of the late Major Richard Rollo
Houghton, 3rd Buffs, of Springfield, co. Down;
b. 1861; m. 1887 Ethel Mary Emily, eldest dau.
of the late Edmond Robert Francis Strouge, Esq.,
J.P., of Lizard Manor, co. Londonderry, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Edmond St. John, late Lieut.
Denbighshire Hussars Yeo. ; educated at Eton ;
b. 1888. Capt. Richardson, who was educated at
Repton School, was formerly Capt. 5th Batt. R. Irish
Rifles, and temp. Capt. 10th (Service) Batt. Suffolk
Regt. 1915.— PiiWon //o«s«, Purton, Wiltshire; Carl-
ton Club, s.w.

RICHARDSON, Christopher, Esq., of Field
House, Yorkshire.

Second son of Joseph Barker Richardson, Esq., of
Sneaton Hall, Yorkshire, who d. 1875, by Mary, who
d. 1907, dau. of the late Col. James Wilson, of Sneaton
Castle, Yorkshire; b. 1853; m. 1894 Gertrude Matilda,
6th dau. of the late Richard Selby-Lowndes, Esq., of
Elmers, Buckinghamshire. — field House, Whitby ;
Constitutional Club, w.c.




RICHARDSON, Edward John, Esq., of Poplar
Vale, CO. Monaghan.

Eldest son of Edward Richardson, Esq., of Poplar Vale,
a J.P. and D.L. for co. Monaghau (High Sheriff 1871),
who d. 1883, by Annie Charlotte, who d. 1882, dau. of
the late Robert Adams, Esq., M.D., formerly Surgeon to
Queen Victoria in Ireland ; b. 1874. Mr. Richardson
is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Monaghan (High Sheriff
1902), and Capt. and Hon. Major late 5th Batt. R. Irish
Fusiliers. — Poplar J'ale, Monaghan.
Heiress Pres,, his sister Mary Eleanor.

RICHARDSON, Edwin Backhouse, Esq., of
Potto Hall, Yorkshire.
Eldest son of Joseph Richardson, Esq., of Potto Hall,
who d. 1902, by his 1st wife Anne Eliza, who d. 1886,
only dau. of the late Frederick Backhouse, Esq., of
Norton, Stockton-on-Tees; b. 1869; m. 1894 Emilie
Helena, only dau. of Col. Henry Holmes, J.P. and
D.L., of Grey Towers, Essex, and has 3 dans. Mr.
Richardson, who was educated at Rugby, is a J.P.
and D.L. for the N. Riding of Yorkshire, and a
Slagistrate for co. Durham. — Potto Hall, Northallerton.

RICHARDSON, Ebnald Wilbraham Alfred,
Esq., of Glanbrjdan Park, Carmarthen -
Eldest son of Ernald Edward Richardson, Esq., J.P., ,
of Glanbrydan Park, who d. 1909, by Irene Caroline,
youngest dau. of the late Col. Ynyr Henry Burges, of ,
Parkanaur, co. Tyrone; b. 1900. — GUmbrydan Park,
Mannrdilo, Carmarthenshire.

+ RICHARDSON, Major Henry John Robeht
St. George, of Summer Hill, co. Fer-
Eldest son of John Richardson, Esq., Q.C., of Summer
Hill, who d. 1893, by Mary Anne, eldest dau. of the
late William French, Esq., of Cloonyquin, co. Ros-
common; b. 1853; m. 1st 1896 Edith Mary, dau. of
Richard Mayne, Esq., and widow of Major Sartine ;
2ndly 1904 Harriette Alice, elder dau. of Robert Gray,
Esq., J.P., F.R.C.P. Major Richardson, who was edu-
cated- at Marlborough Coll. and at Trinity Coll., Dublin
(B.A. 1876), is Major Reserve of Officers, late King's
Liverpool Regt., and a D.L. for co. Fermanagh (High
Sheriff. \W1).— Summer Hill House, Clones, co. Fer-
managh ; Army and Navy Club, s.w.

RICHARDSON, Capt. Henry Sachevebell
Carleton, of Eossfad, co. Fermanagh.
Elder son of Col. John Mervyn Arcbdall Carleton
Richardson, J.P. and D.L., late 3rd Batt. R. Innis-
killing Fusiliers, of Rossfad, who d. 1912, by Mildred \
Harriet Gartside, 3rd dau. of the late Gartside
Gartside-Tipping, Esq., of Rossferry, co. Fermanagh,
and of Little Bolton, Lancashire; b. 1883; m. 1918
Mildreda Phyllis, elder dau. of the late Lieut.-Comm.
Henry Thomas Gartside-Tipping, ret. R.N., of Quarr
Wood, Isle of Wight. Capt. Richardson, who was
educated at Eton, is Capt. Rifle Brigade. — Rossfad,
BaUinamallard, co. Fermanagh.

RICHARDSON, James Nicholson, Esq., of
Mount Caulfeild, co. Armagh.
Eldest son of John Grubb Richardson, Esq., of Mount
Caulfeild and of Moyallon House, co. Down, who d.
1890, by his 1st wife Helena, dau. of the late Richard
Grubb, Esq., of Cahir Abbey, co. Tipperary ; b. 1846 ;
TO. 1 St 1 867 Sophia, dau. of the late William Malcolmson,
Esq., of Portlaw, co. Waterford; 2ndly 1893 Sarah,;
.eldest dau. of the late Samuel Alexander BeU, Esq. !

Mr. Richardson was M.P. for co. Armagh 1880-5. —
Mount Caulfeild, Bessbrool-, co. Armagh ; Reform Club,

RICHARDSON, James Wilson, Esq., of
Sneaton Castle, Yorkshire.
Eldest son of Joseph Barker Richardson, Esq., of
Sneaton Hall, Yorkshire, who d. 1875, by Mary, who
d. 1907, dau. of the late Col. James Wilson, of Sneaton
Castle ; A. 1851. Is a J.P for the N. and W. Ridings
of Yorkshire, an Hon. Lieut.-Col. in the Army, and
Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. ret. 4th Batt. P.W.O. York-
shire Regt. — Residence: 32, St. Mary's, York ; Junior
Carlton Club, s.w.; Yorkshire Club,' York.

RICHARDSON, John, Esq., of Trewmount,
CO. Tyrone.
Son of James Greer Richardson, Esq.. of Trew-
mount, who d. 1883, by Charlotte, dau. of the late
Thomas Christy- Wakefield, Esq., of Moyallon, co.
Down; 4. 1843 ; m. 1873 Emily, who d. 1917, dau. of
the late James Lowry, Esq., of Rockdale, co. Tyrone.
Mr. Richardson is a Magistrate for co. Tyrone, and
was formerly Capt. Mid Ulster Art. — Trewmount, Moy,
CO. Tyrone.

RICHARDSON, Major- Gen. John Booth, of
Halton House, Lincolnshire.

Son of the late Sir John Richardson, C.B., F.R.S., of
Lancrigg, Grasmere, by his 2nd wife Mary, dau. of
the late John Booth, Esq.; b. 1838; «. 1865; m. 1878
Annie Leslie, dau. of Robert William Dalglish, Esq.,
and has issue * John Franklin, late Capt. 3rd Batt.
and Capt. ret., late Lincolnshire Regt. ; b. 1881 ;
m. 1909 Frances Maria, only dau. of Sir William
Robert Williams, 3rd Bart., of Tregullow, Corn-
wall, and has a dau., Diana Maria Dundas. Major-
Gen. Richardson, who was educated at Cholmeley

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