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other issue, a
son, * John Richard, b. 1906. Mr. Bergne-Coupland,
who was formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt. Lincolnshire Regt.,
is a Magistrate for Lincolnshire, and Lord of the Manor
of Washingboro' and Heighington. — Skellingthorpe
Hall, near Lincoln.

BERIDGE, of Algarkirk.

Sparrow- Beridge.

BERINGTON, William, Esq., of Little Mal-
vern Court, Worcestersbire ; and of Moat
Hall, Sbropshire.

Eldest son of Charles Michael Berington, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Little Malvern Court, who d. 1897, by his




2nd wife, Mary Louisa Patricia, who d. 1916, eldest
dau. of the late Michael Agnew Coxon, Esq., B.C.S. ;
h. 1873; «. to Moat Hall on the death of Georgina,
■widow of his cousin Col. John Berington, J. P. and D.L.,
1905 ; m. 1903 Katherine Wilhelmina, dau. ofWiUiani
Purcell, Esq., of Saltillo, Mexico, and has, with other
issue, a son, * William James Charles, *. 1904. Mr.
Berington is a J. P. for Worcestershire, an Hon. Capt.
in the Army, and was formerly Capt. 6th (lata Capt.
5th) Batt. Worcestershire Regt.— ii«/e Malvern Court,

BERKELEY, Earl of (Randal Thomas Mow-
BEAT Berkeley). — Cr. 1679.

Only son of George Lennox Eawdon, 7th Earl, by
C&ile, who d. 1914, younger dau. of the late Edward
Drummond, Esq., Viscomte de Melfort in France ; h.
1865; s. 1888; m. 1887 Kate, who d. 1898, youngest
dau. of William Brand, and widow of Arthur Jackson.
The Earl of Berkeley was formerly Lieut. K.N. —
Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire; Cranfoid House,
Hounslow ; Residence : Fo.vcombe, Boar's Hill, Woolton,
Berks ; Army and Navy Club, s.w.

BERKELEY, Baroness (Eva Mary FitzHaed-
iNGE Foley). — Cr. 1421.

Only child of Major-Gen. Gustavus Hamilton Lockwood
Milman, E.A. ret., of Martins Heron, Berksliire, who
d. 1915, and of Louisa Mary, loth Baroness Berkeley ;
«. her mother 1899 ; m. 1903.Col. Frank Wigram Foley,
C.B.E., D.S.O., late R. Berkshire Regt., who com-
manded the 5th (Service) Batt. 1914-17.— Residence :
12, SoHthcote Soad West, Beading.

Co-heiresses Pres., her daus. Mary Lalleand Cynthia Ella.


Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of the late Frederick Slater
Cassin, Esq., of Antigua; ;«. 1878 Sir Henry Spencer
Berkeley, K.C., a J.P. and C.C. for Suflfolk, who was
Attorney-Gen. of Fiji 1885-9, Chief Justice 1889-
1902, Assistant High Commissioner, W. Pacific, 1889-1
1901, and Attorney-Gen. of Hong Kong 1902-6, and
who was cr. Knt. 1896 and d. ld\S.—Bures, Suffolk. j

BERKELEY, Robert Valentine, Esq., F.S.A., i
of Spetcliley Park, Worcestershire. I

Eldest son of Robert Berkeley, Esq., of Spetchley Park, !
J.P. and D.L., who d. 1897, by Lady Mary Cathe- !
rine, dau. of Thomas, 3rd Earl of Kenmare; b. 1853 ; I
»i. 1891 Rose, younger dau. of the late Frederick
Willmott, Esq., of Warley Place, Essex, and has, with;
2 daus., a son * Robert George Wilmot, temp. Lieut. \
M.G.C. ; b. 1898. Mr. Berkeley, who was formerly
Major Worcestershire Militia, is a J.P. and D.L. for
Worcestershire (High Sheriff 1909).— Speteh/ey Park, \

BERKELEY, Rowland Comtns, Esq., of
Cotlieridg-e Cotirt, Worcestershire.
Eldest son of the Rev. William Comyns Berkeley,
of Cotheridge Court, who d. 1885, by Harriett Eliza-
beth, dau. of the late John Bowyer Nichols, Esq.,
F.S.A. ; *. 1845 ; m. 1880 Mildred Caroline, 3rd dau. of
the late Rev. .Archibald Paris, Rector of Ludgvan,
Cornwall, and adopted child of the late Rev. Charles
John Sale, Rector of Holt, Worcestershire, and has,
with other issue, a sou, *Rowland Brouahton, temp.
Lieut.-Comm. R. Naval Vol. Reserve; *. 1882; m.
1911 Ada ConsUince, j'ounger dau. of the late Henry
Fairhead, Esq., of Little Haywood, Stafford. Mr.
Berkeley, who was educated at Christ's Coll., Cam-
bridge (B.A. 1869), is Patron of Cotheridge.— CoMe-
idge Court, near Worcester.

BERKLEY. See Matthews, of Wcst.rhall, Dum-

BERNAL-OSBORNE, of Newtown Anner, co.
Tipperary. See St. Albans.

'BERNARD, Col. Sir Edgar Edwin, K.B.E.,
C.M.G.— Cr. 1919.

Eldest son of the late Col. Count Bernard; h. 1866;

i m. 1893 Beatrice Mary, only child of Edward Caring-
ton Wright, Esq., J.P., formerly of Kelvedon Hall,
Essex. Sir Edgar Bernard, who was educated at the

1 R.Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is Brevet-Col. ret., late R.A.S.C,

I and a Pasha of Egypt; has the Orders of the Medjidie,
2ud Class, the Osmanieh, 3rd Class, and the Nile,
2nd Cl.iss ; was D.A.A.G. on the Staff of the Gen.
Officer Commanding-in-Chief Nile Expedition 1898;

I has been Financial Secretary to the Sudan Government
since 1900. — Khartoum, Sudan ; Cairo, Egypt ; United
Service Club, s.w,

BERNARD, Aethde Mountague, Esq.,
formerly of Rookwood, Suffolk.

I Younger son of the Rev. Canon Thomas Dehany

I Bernard, of High Hall, Dorset, who d. 1904, by Caro-

I line, who d. 1888, 2nd dau. of the late Benjamin Lin-

thorue, Esq., of High Hall; b. 1851 ; to. 1881 Katharine

Mary, dau. of the late Rev. W. F. Gore, and has,

' with other issue, a son, Mountague Robert, Comm.

R.N. ; b. 1884; m. 1912 Mary Ellen, eldest dau. of

the late Dr. W. H. Hartford. Mr. Bernard, who was

educated at Winchester and at Trinity Coll., Oxford,

' and called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1878, is

a J.P. and C. Aid. for SnSolk.~The Lodge, Cojtdock,

Suffolk; Atheneum Club, s.w.

BERNARD, Bertram Francis MORROGH-,
Esq., of Pahagh Court, co. Kerry.

Second and eldest surviving son of John Morrogh,

Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Glaumire House, co. Cork (who

assumed the additional surname of Bernard 1841, and

who d. 1866), by Frances Mary, who d. 1888, only

child and heiress of the late Joseph Blount, Esq., of

Hurstbourne Tarrant, Devonshire; b. 1846; s. his

I brother Edward Joseph Bernard Morrogh-Bernard,

I Esq., J.P. and D.L., 1903; m. 1888 Blanca, dau. of

I Andres Chichizola, Esq., of Gualeguaychii, Entre-

j Rios, Republica Argentina, and has, with other issue,

j a son, *John Francis Cyril, J. 1894. Mr. Morrogh-

1 Bernard was educated at St. Stanislaus', Ireland, and

in Belgium. — Fahagh Court, Beaufort, co. Kerry;

Gualeguaychu, Entre-Eios, and Estancia La Estrella,

Gilbert F.C.E.B., Argentina.

BERNARD, Lieut.-Col. Denis John Chaeles
KiRWAN, D.S.O., of Castle Hacket, co.
Second (elder by his 2nd wife) son of Percy Bordrick
Bernard, Esq., M.P., J.P. and D.L., of Castle Hacket,
who d. 1912, by his 2nd wife Mary Lissey, who d.
1898, only dau. and heiress of the late Denis Kirwan,
Esq., of Castle Hacket ; b. 1882. Lieut.-Col. Bernard,
who was educated at Eton, is Major and Brevet Lieut.-
Col. Rifle Brigade ; appointed a Gen. Staff Officer, with
the temp, rank of Lieut.-Col., 1916 ; has the Belgian
Croix de Guerre. — Castle Hacket, Tuam, co. Galway;
Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

BERNARD, the Rev. Canon Edward Russell,
of High Hall, Dorsetshire.

Elder son of the Rev. Canon Thomas Dehany Bernard,
of High Hall, who d. 1904, by Caroline, whoV. 1888,
2nd dau. of the late Benjamin Linthorne, Esq., of High




Hall ; b. 1842; m. 1878 Ellen Isabel, eldest dau. of
the late WilUam Nicholson, Esq., of Basing Park,
Hampshire, and has 3 daxis. Canon Bernard, who was
educated at Harrow and at Exeter Coll., Oxford (Hert-
ford Univ. Scholar 1863, Craven Univ. Scholar and
B.A. 1866, M.A. Magdalen Coll. 1868), was fellow
of Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1866-77, Canon Eesidentiary
of Salisbury Cathedral 1889-1910, Chancellor of
Salisbury Cathedral 1894-1917, Hon. Chaplain to
aueen Victoria 1899-1901, to King Edward VII.
1901-10, and to King George V. 1910-11, and
Kural Dean of Wimborne 190.5-7, and has been
Chaplain in Ordinary to King George V. since 1911.
— High Hall, Wimborne.

BERNARD, Henry D'Otlt, Esq., of Combe
Raleigh, Devonshire.
Only son of Lieut.-Col. Arthur Francis Bernard, J.P.,
late W. Somerset Yeo. Cav., of Combe Ealeigh, who
d. 191.5, by Mary Lushington, who assumed the
additional surname of D'Oyly by deed poll 1915, only
child of Major-Gen. Sir Charles "Walters D'Oyly, 9th
Bart.; b. 1878; m. 1900 Ellen Mary, dau. of Col.
Kyrle Money, and has, with other issue, a son,* Nigel
Francis D'Oyly, b. 1907. Mr. Bernard who is in the
Principal Probato Registry, Somerset House, is Lord
of the Manors of Combe Ealeigh and Luppitt, Devon-
shire, and of Heathfield, Somerset.— Comic Raleigh,
Honiton, Devonshire.

BERNARD, Mrs., of Dun.sinnan, and Butter-
gask, Perthshire.
Ellen Anne, "youngest dau. of Edmund Thomas "Wedg-
wood "Wood, Esq., of Henley HaU, Shropshire, who d.
1886, by Sophia, who d. 1895. 2nd dau. of the late
Georg Gottlieb Frideric Schmidt, Esq. ; r,i. 1888 John
Mackay Bernard, E.';q.,.of Dunsinnan, and Buttergask,
a J.P. for cos. Perth and Haddington, a Member of
the B. Co. of Archers (King's Body Guard for Scot
land), a Master Mariner, &c., who d.s.p. 1919.—
Dunsinnan, Perth.

BERNARD. See Bandon, and Higgins Bernard.

BBRNARD-D'OTLY, Mrs., of Newlands,
Dorsetshire; and of Woodbine Hill,

Mary Lushington, only child of Major-Gen. Sir
Charles "Walters D'Oyly, 9th Bart., who d. 1900,
by his 1st wife Emily Jane, who d. 18.57, 2nd dau. of
the late Major-Gen. George Nott, Madras Army;
m. 1877 Arthur Francis Bernard, Esq., of Combe
Baleigh, Devonshire, a J.P. for Devonshire, and Major
and Hon. Lieut.-Col. ret. "W. Somerset Yeo. Cav.,
who was formerly Lieut. E. "Welsh Fusiliers, and who
d. 1915, leaving, with other issue, a son, * Henry
D'Oyly {whom see). Mrs. Bernard-D'Oyly assumed
the additional surname of D'Oyly by deed poll 1915.
—Woodbine Hill, Combe Ealeigh, Honiton, Devonshire:
Newlands, Blandford, Dorsetshire.

BERNBRS, Lord (Gerald Hugh Tyewhitt-
"Wilson). — Cr. 1455.

Only child of Capt. the Hon. Hugh Tyrwhitt, C.S.I.,
CV 0.,R.N.,whod. 1907,by Julia Mary (whom. 2ndly
1908 as his 2nd wife. Col. William "Ward Bennitt, late
5th Lancers, a J.P. for Bucks and for Berks, of Faring-
dou House, Berks), 3rd dau. of the late William Ormt-
Foster, Esq., M.P.,of ApleyPark, Shropshire ; b. 1883 ;
s his uncle Eaymond Eobert (Tyrwhitt-"Wilson), 8th
Lord 1918 and assumed the additional surname of


"Wilson by royal license 1919; is Patron of 3 livings.
—Stanley Hall, Bridgnorth, Shropshire; Ashwellthorpe,
Norwich; Keythorpe Hall, Tugby, near Leicester.

Heir Pret., his uncle the Hon. Clement, 4th son of Sir Henry
Thomas Tyrwhitt, 3rd Bart. {or. 1808), who d. 1894, by
Emma Harriet, 7th Baronea Berners, who d. 1917, only
dau. of the late Hon. and Rev. Robert Wilson ; b. 1867 ; m.
1884 Annie, dau. of W. "Webb, Esq.

BERNERS, John Anstkuthek, Esq., O.B.E.,
of "VVoolverstone Park, Suffolk.
Eldest son of Charles Hugh Berners, Esq., J.P. and
D.L.,of "Woolverstone Park, who rf. 191 9, by Mary, who
d. 1911, younger dau. of Sir Ealph Anstruther, 4th
Bart. ; 6. 1869 ; m. 1893 Ethel Charlotte, 5th daa. of
Laurence James Baker, Esq., of Brambridge Park,
Hants, and has, with other issue, a son, *Geoffrey Hugh,
Lieut, 3rd Batt. Norfolk Eegt. ; educated at Eton and at
Magdalen Coll., Oxford ; b. 1893. Mr. Berners, who
was educated at Eton and at the E. Mil. Coll., Sand-
hurst, and was formerly Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards, is
a Magistrate for Suffolk and Patron of 1 living.—
Woolverstone Park, near Ipswich; Junior Carlton
Club, a.w.

BERNEY, Sir Thomas Reedham, Bart., M.C.,
of Barton Bendish, Norfolk.— Cr. 1620.
Elder son of Capt. Thomas Hugh Berney, "W. York-
shire Eegt. (eldest sou of Sir Henry Hanson Berney,
9th Bart.), who d. 1900, by Fridzwede Katherine, 2nd
dau. of Lieut.-Col. Frederick "William Bell, of The
Stand House, Fermoy, eo. Cork ; b. 1893 ; s. his grand-
father 1907. Sir Thomas Berney, who was educated
at Wellington Coll., and at Trinity_ Hall, Cambridge
(B.A. 1915), is Capt. and Acting Major 4th Batt. Nor-
folk Eegt., and alternate Patron of 1 living. — Eesidence :
The Hollies, Wintcjield Row, Bracknell, Berkshire.
Beir Pres., his brother Richard GeofErej Gordon, !>. 1897.


Jane Dorothy, eldest dau. of the lata Eev. Andrew
Bloxam, M.A., Eector of Harborough Magna, Warwick-
shire: m. 1866 Sir Henry Hanson Berney, 9th Bart.,
who d. 1907. — 9, Clarendon Crescent, Leamington Spa.

BERNEY, George Augustus, Esq., of Morton
Hall, Norfolk.
Only surviving son of Augustus Berney, Esq., of
Braeon Hall, Norfolk, whorf. 1910, by Matilda Lavinia,
dau. of the late Col. John George Nathaniel Gibbes ;
b. 1 865 ; s. Mrs. Catherine Mary Berney, widow of his
uncle George Duckett Berney, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Morton Hall, 1914. Mr. Berney is Patron of 3
livings, and Trustee, with his 2 sisters, of Braeon
Hall, and, as Trustee, joint Lord of the Manor and

Patron of Braeon Ash Morton Hall, Norwich; County

Club, Norwich.

BERRIDGE, Sir Thomas Henry Devereux,
Knt.— Cr. 1912.
Second son of the Eev. William Berridge, Vicar of
Lowton St. Mary's, Lancashire, who d. 1897, by
Harriet, who d. 1863, dau. of the late Eobert
Devereux, of Cheltenham; b. 1857; in. 1887 Agnes,
who (/. 1909, 5th dau. of the late Frederick Campion,
Esq., of Frenches, Eedhill. Sir Thomas Berridge, who
was educated at Upholland Grammar School, and
admitted a Solicitor 1878, is head of the firm of Burn
and Berridge, Solicitors for the Government of New-
foundland, London, and was M.P. for Warwick and
Leamington 1906-Jan. IdlO.— Greetiwood, Alkham,
near Dover ; Reform, National Liberal, and R. Auto-
mobile Clubs, s.'w. ; City Reform Club, e.c. ; 29, Elm
Park Gardens, s.w. ; 11, Old Broad Street, e.c.




BERRIDGE, Richard, Esq., of Ballynahinch,
CO. Galway.

Sou of Eichard Berridge, Esq., of Ballynaliinch, who
d. 1887, by Laura Isabella, dau. of Thomas Dore, Esq.,
M.D. ; b. 1870; m. 1905 Eulalie Marie, only dau. of
Robert W. Lesley, Esq., of Lesselyn Court, Haverford,
Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and has, with other issue, a son,
* Robert Lesley, h. 1907. Mr. Berridge, who was
educated at Queen's Coll., Oxford, is a J.P. and D.L.
for CO. Galway (High Sheriff Wii).— Ballynahinch
Cnstlc, Toombeola, co. Galway.

Esq., of Paut-y-Goitre, Monmonthshire.
Third son of Arthur Vendigaid Davies Berrington,Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Pant- y-Goitre, who d. 1909, by his 1st
wife Frances Lennox Heneage, who d. 18S9, 3rd dau.
of the late Rev. Charles Lane, Rector of Wrotham,
Kent ; 4. 1856 ; m. 1st 1884 Ellen, who d. 1887, dau.
of the lateSurgeon-Gen. William Faithful! ; 2ndly 1905
Fanny Rice, dau. of George Turner, Esq., of Naples,
and has had, with other issue, Caradoc Trevor (eldest
son), Capt. 15th Lancers, Indian Army; b. 1886, and
killed in action 1916; and *RodericJ'2nd son), b. 1908.
Mr. Davies Berrington, who was educated at Clifton
Coll. and at the R. Engineering Coll., Coopers Hill,
served in the Telegraph Department of the Government
of India 1878-1911, and was Director-Gen. of that
Department I'd^l-U.—Pant-y-Goitre, Abergavenny,

+ BERRY, Lady.

Madge, dau. of the late JohnB. Evans, Esq., of Victoria;
m. 1869, as his 2nd wife, Sir Graham Berry, who was
M.L.A. of Victoria 1860-5, and 1868-1904 ; Trea.^iirer
of Victoria 1870; Treasurer and Commissioner of
Customs 1871-2; Premier, Chief Secretary, and
Treasurer 1875 and 1877-80; Chief Secretary and
Poslmaster-Gen. 1884-5; Agent-Gen. in London for
Victoria 1886-91 ; Executive Commissioner for that
Colony at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition 1886;
again Treasurer 1892, and Speaker of the Legislative
Assembly 1894-7, and who was er. E.C.M.G. 1886,
and d. 1 904.

BERRY, the Hon. Sir William Bisset, Knt.,
M.D.-Cr. 1900.
Third son of the late James Berry, Esq., of Aberdeen,
by Isabella, dau. of the late G. Allan, Esq., of Aber-
deen ; b. 1839 ; m. 1864 Marion, who d. 1884, dau. of
the late William Beale, Esq. Sir William Berry, who
was educated at Aberdeen (M.A. 1858, M.D. 1861,
LL.D. 1911). was a Memberof the House of Assembly,
Cape of Good Hope, 1894-1908, and Speaker 1898-
1908, and is a Member of the Parliament of the Union
of S. Africa. — Queenstoxon, Cape of Good Hope.

BERRY, Sir George Andreas, Kut., M.B.,
LL.D., F.R.C.S.E.— Cr. 1916.

Eldest son of Walter Berry, Esq., of Glenstriven,
Argyllshire, who d. 1904, by Emily Eliza, who d.
1909, dau. of the late Andreas Nicolai Hanseu, Esq., of
Tirsbaek, Jutland; b. 1853; m. 1883 Agnes Jean, 6th
dau. of the late Sir WiUiam Muir, K.C.S.I., Lieut-
Governor of the N. W. Provinces, India. Sir George
Berry, who was educated at Marlborough and at
Edinburgh (M.B. Mast. Surg. 1876, Hon. LL.D.),
Paris, Vienna and Copenhagen Univs., is Hon. Surgeon
Oculist to H.M. King George V. in Scotland (previously
to H.M. King Edward VII.); ex-President of the E.

Coll. of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and of the Ophthalmo-
logical Society of the United Kinsdom ; Hon. Fellow of
the R. Academy of Medicine, Ireland ; Member of the
Univ. Court, Edinburgh ; Consulting Ophthalmic Sur-
geon, Edinburgh R. Infirmary; Major 2nd Scottish
Gen. Hospital, R. Army Medical Corps, Territorial
Force, and the Author of many works on the Eye.—
3 1 , Drumsheiiffh Gardens, Edinburgh ; King's Knoll,
Aorih Berwkk ; Glenstriven, Argyllshire; University
Club, Edinburgh.

BERRY, "William, Esq., of Tayfield, Fifesliire.
Eldest son of John Berry, Esq., J.P., of Tayfield, who
d. lS77,byMargaretHiggins, who (;.1915,3rddau.of the
late Jchn Burn-Miu-doch, Esq., of Neuck, and Coldoch,
Stirlingshire, and of Gartincaber, Perthshire; b. 1864;
m. 1906 Wilhelmina, who d. 1907, 3rd dau. of the late
Allan Graham Barns-Graham, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Craigallian, Stirlingshire, of Cambuslang and Lyme-
kilns, Lanarkshire, of Fereneze, Renfrewshire, and of
Kirkhill, Ayrshire, and has a son, *John, b. 1907. Mr.
Berry, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. and LL.B. 1886), and admitted a
Member of the Scottish Faculty of Advocates 1889,
is a Magistrate and Hon. Sheriff Substitute for
Fifeshire.— TajiAcW, Neioport-Fife ; New Club,

BERTIE OF THAME, Viscount (Francis
Leveson Bertie, P.O., G.C.B., G.C.M.G.,
G.C.V.O.).-Cr. 1918.

Second son of Montagu, 6th Earl of Abingdon, who d.
1884, by Elizabeth Lavinia, who d. 1858, only child of
the late George Granville Vernon-Harcourt, Esq., of
Nuneham Park, and Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire ;
b. 1844; m. 1874 Lady Feodorowna Cecilia Wellesley,
elder dau. of Henry Richard, 1st Earl Cowley, K.G.,
P.O., G.C.B. Viscount Bertie of Thame, who was
educated at Eton, and appointed a Clerk in the Foreign
Office 1863, was Private Secretary to Mr. Bourke
(afterwards Lord Connemara), Parliamentary Under
Secretary of State, 1874-80; attached, as Acting 2nd
Secretary in the Diplomatic Service, to the Special
Embassy during the Congress of Berlin 1878 ; Secretary
to the Special Mission to invest the King of Saxony
with the Order of the Garter 1882 ; a Senior Clerk in
the Foreign Office 1889-94 ; Assistant Under-Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs 1894-1903; Chairman of
the Uganda Railway Committee 1896-1903, and
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at
Rome 1903-4, and at Paris 1905-18; has the Grand
Cordon of the Legion of Honour and the Grand Cross
of the Italian Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus. —
Manor Farm, North Weston, Thame; Travellers', and
Brooks's Clubs, s.w. ; Tiirf Club, w. ; 21, Bryanston
Square, w.

Heir, his son Vere Frederick, called to tlje Bar at the Inner

Temple 1802; educated at Eton ; b. 1878; m. 1901 Nora,

eldest dau. of Frederick Webb, Esq.

BERTIE, Mrs., of Weston Manor, Oxfordshire.
Rose Emily, younger dau. of John Pratt de Mont-
morency, Esq., D.L., of Castle Morres, co. Kilkenny,
whorf. 1868, by the Hon. Henrietta Emily, who rf. 1891,
4th dau. of Staudish, 1st Viscount Guillamore ; >n. 1873
Capt. Frederic Arthur Bertie, Bengal Staff Corps, of
Weston Manor, who d. 1885, and has surviving issue
3 daus. Mrs. Bertie, who s. her only son Richard
Frederic Norreys Bertie, Esq., Lieut. Berks Yeo., who
was killed in action, 1917, is Patron of 1 living. —
Weston Manor, Bicester, Oxfordshire.

BERTIE. See Abingdon, and Lindsey.




BERTRAM, Anna Maria, Lady.

Eldest dau. of the late Gen. Edward James Lawder,
Madras Staif Corps; ?k. 1866 Sir George Clement
Bertram, a Barrister-at-Law, who was Solicitor-Gen.
for Jersey 1879-8a, Attorney-Gen. 1880-4, and Bailiff
of Jersey 1884-98, and who was cr. Knt. 188o, and
d. 1915.— 16, Milner Street, Cadof/an Square, s.w.

BERTRAM, Brigadier- Gen. Sir Alexander,
Knt.— Cr. 1916.

Eldest son of John Bertram, Esq., of Dimdas,
Ontario, who (/. 1905, by Elizabeth, who d. 1903,
dau. of the late William Bennett, Esq., of Gala-
shiels, Selkirkshire; b. 1853; m. 1877 Millechamp,
dau. of the late Hugh Thomas Smith, Esq., of Toronto,
Sir Alexander Bertram, who was educated at Dundas
High School, Ontario, was formerly Bugler 13th
Eegt. of Canadian Militia; in command of 77th
Wentworth Kegt. and W. Ontario Infantry Brigade,
and Chairman of the Shell Committee 1914-15, and is
Brigadier-Gen. Canadian Militia ; Deputy Chairman
of the Imperial Munitions Board of Canada, and
President of John Bertram & Sons Co. Ltd., Dundas,
Ontario. — Dundas, Ontario, Canada ; Toronto Club,
Toronto; Bideau Club, Ottawa; Engineers, Country,
and Mount Eoyal Clubs, Montreal.

BERTRAM, the Hon. Sir (Thomas) Anton,!
Knt., K.C.— Cr. 1916. |

Son of the Rev. R. A. Bertram, Congregational ,
Minister ; b. 1869 ; vi. 1902 Edith Marion, C.B.E., dau.
of Eees Jones, Esq., of Cardiff. Sir Anton Bertram,
who was educated at the City of London School and
at Gonyille and at Caius Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1890,
Fellow 1891, M.A. 1894), called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Inn 1893 and appointed a K.C. 1913, was Attorney- j
Gen. of the Bahamas 1902-7, a Puisine Judge of'
Ceylon 1907-11, and Attorney-Gen. of Ceylon 1911-18 ; ,
appointed Chief Justice of Ceylon 1918. — Colombo,\
Ceylon. I

BERTRAM, Lieut-Col. William Robert,
D.S.O., of Nisbet, and Kersewell, Lan-
Elder son of Col. William Bertram, J.P., late Coram.
9th Lanarkshire Vol. Batt. Highland L.I., of Nisbet, and
Kersewell, Major Reserve of OlEcers, late Manchester
Eegt., and temp. Major 11th (Service) Batt., who d.
1915, by Ethel Angel, 2nd dau. of the late Robert
Beckwith Towse, Esq. ; i. 1888 ; m. 1917 Zoe Weldon,
younger dau. of Lieut. -Col. William L'Estrange Eames,
C.B., M.B., of Erinagh, Newcastle, N.S.W. Lieut.-Col.
Bertram, who was educated at Wellington Coll. and
at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, and was formerly
Lieut. Gordon Highlanders, is Lieut.-Col. 8th Canadian
Infantry Batt. (90th Rifles), on the Headquarter Staff
1st Canadian Div.— Eesidence : 1, Hope Street, St.

BERWICK, Lord (Thomas Henry JSToel-Hill).
— Cr. 1784.
Only son of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Noel Noel-
Hill, who d. 1888, by Frederica Sarah, who d. 1883,
dau. of the late Rev. William David Morrice, Vicar of
St. Thomas, Salisbury, and Prebendary of Salisbury ;
b. 1877; s. his uncle Henry Richard, 7th Lord, 1897 ;
m. 1919 Edith Teresa, younger dau. of William Stokes
Hutton, Esq., of Venice. Lord Berwick, who was
educated at Radley and at Trinity Coll., 0.^ford (B.A.
1901, M.A. 1913), was Hon. Attach^ to the British
Embassy at Paris 1903-11 and is Capt, Shropshire

Yeo., and Patron of 2 livings. — Attingham Park,
Shrewsbury; Carlton Club, s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w.
Heir Pres., his cousin Charles Michael Wentworth, only
son ol the Eev. Charles Noel-Hill, M.A., Rector of Stockton,
Shropshire (grandson of the 4th Lord), who d. 1911, by
Edith Mary, eldest dan. of the late Eev. Rioii George
Benson, Rector of Hope Bowdler, Shropshire; Lieut, and
temp. Capt. RiHe Brigade; educated at Wellington OoU.
and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 1897.

BERWICK, Ellen, Lady.

Eldest dau. of the late. Herr Bruckspatron Nystrom,
of Malmoe, Sweden ; m. 1869 Henry Richard, 7ch Lord
Berwick, -vihod.s.p. 1897. — 43, Clanricarde Gardens, w.

BESSBOROUGH, Earl of (Edward Pon-
soNBY, K.P., C.B., C.V.O.).— Cr. 1739.

Eldest son of the Rev. Walter William Brabazon, 7th
Earl, by Lady Louisa Susan Cornwallis, who d. 1911,
elder dau. of Edward Granville, 3rd Earl of St. Germans,
G.C.B.,P.C.; A. 1851; s. 1906; ««. 1875 Blanche Vere,
C.B.E., youngest dau. of Sir Josiah John Guest, 1st Bart.
The Earl of Bessborough, who was called to the Bar
at the Inner Temple 1879, was a C.C. for co. Kilkenny
1897-1900, and is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Kilkenny, a
J.P. for CO. Carlow (High Sheriff 1898), for Middlesex
and for co. London, Lieut, ret. R.N., a Knight of
Grace of the Order of St. John of Jeru

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