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and Patron of 2
livings ; late Capt. 3rd Batt. Lincolnshire Regt. — Gate
Burton Hall, Gainsborough ; Boodle's, Wellington,
Ranelagh, and Hurlinglmm Clubs, s.w.

SANDBACH, Samuel, Esq., of Hafodunos,
Eldest sou of Henry Robertson Saudbach, Esq., of
Hafodunos and Woodlands, Liverpool, who d, 1895




liy his 2na wife Elizabetb Charlotte, who d. 1911, dau. 1
of the ■ late Martin Williams, Esq., of Bryngwyn,
Oswestry; b. 1856; m. 1892 Katharine Frances, who
d. 1902, younger dau. of the late James Robinson
Pease, Esq., of Westwood, Beverley. Mr. Sandbaeh,
who was educated at Eton and at Univ. Coll., Oxford
(B.A. 1883, M.A. 1883), and called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1884, is a J.P. and D.L. for Denbigh-
shire (was on the roll for High Sheriff for 1912), a
J.P. for Carnarvonshire, and Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col.
late Comm. 3rd Batt. B. Welsh Fusiliers and was
Capt. E. Defence Corps 1916-17.— CarZtod Club, s.w.

SANDBACH, Samuel Henry, Esq., of Cherry
Hill, Cheshire.
Eldest son of Samuel Sandbaeh, Esq., who d. 1849,
by Anne, dau. of the late Archibald Maxwell, Esq., of
Eelton, Kirkcudbright; b. 1846; to. 1876 Elizabeth,
who d. 1916, dau. of the late Eev. Gilbert Sandbaeh,
and has had, with 3 surviving daus., an only son,
Hugh Handley, late Capt. R. Dragoons ; b. 1878, and
killed in action 1914. Mr. Sandbaeh, who was edu-
cated at Eton and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1870,
M.A. 1872), is a J.P. for Cheshire and for Shropshire.
— Clierrij Hill, Malpas.

SANDBACH, of Hazelby House, Hampshire.

SANDEMAN, Alastair Campbell, Esq., of
Fonab, Perthshire.
Fourth son of Capt. Thomas Fraser Sandeman, J. P.,
late 42nd The Black Watch (R. Highlanders) and
73rd Regt., who d. 1888, by Amelia, who d. 1907, 4th
dau. of the late William Crawshay, Esq., of Cyfarthfa
Castle, Glamorganshire, and of Caversham Park,

. Oxfordshire ; b. 1859 ; s. his nephew Capt. George
Amelius Crawshay Sandeman, Brd Batt. Hampshire
Eegt., who was killed in action, 1915 ; Hi. 1903 Ida
Maud, only surviving child of the late Sir Alfred
Henry Bevan, a Sheriff of London, and has 3 daus.
Mr. Sandeman, who was educated at Rugby, was
formerly engaged in pastoral pursuits in Queensland,
AustiaXin. — Foiiab, Pitlochry, Perthshire; Windham,
and Boodle's Chibs,'s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh;
39, Queen's Gate, s.w.

SANDEMAN, Albert George, Esq., formerly
of Presdales, Hertfordshire.
Eldest son of George Glas Sandeman, Esq., of West-
field, Hayliug Island, who d. 1868, by Eliza, dau. of
the late Albert Forster, Esq.; b. 1833 ; m. 1856 Maria
Carlotta Perpetua de Moraes Sarmento, eldest dau. of
the late Viscount Moncorvo, Portuguese Ambassador,
and has, with other issue, a son, Walter Albert, b.
1858 ; m. 1882 Constance, who d. 1907, eldest dau.
of the late Henry Fenwick, Esq., M.P., and has with
other issue, a son, Christopher Albert Walter, temp.
Capt. in the Army ; b. 1882. Mr. Sandeman is one
of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of London, and a J.P.
for Hertfordshire, and was a Director of the Bank of
England 1866-1918, Governor thereof 1895-6, High
Sheriff of Surrey 1872, and President of the London
Chamber of Commerce 1898-1901 ; late Major r2th
Middlesex Civil Service R.Y. — Greylands, Bexhill-

SANDEMAN, Lieut.-Col. John Glas, M.V.O.,
F.S.A., of Whin-Hurst, Hayling Island,
Second son of George Glas Sandeman, Esq., of West-
field, Hayling Island, who d. 1868, by Eliza, dau. of

the late Albert Forster, Esq.; 6.1836; i«. 1862 Eliza
Viotoire Cormick, dau. of the late Capt. Henry
Cormick Ijynch, of Leigh Park, Hants, and has, with
another son, * Victor Staunton, Major Reserve of
Officers, and Major ret., late 6th (Inaiakilling) Dra-
goons, previously 17th Lancers ; was Lieut. Col.
Comm. 1st. King Edward's Horse (King's Oversea
Dominions Regt.) 1914-16 ; b. 1866. Lieut.-Col.
Sandeman, who was formerly Capt. R. Dragoons,
Lieut.-Col. Comm. Essex Yeo. Cav., and Sub-Officer
and Senior Member of H.M.'s Hon. Corps of Gentle-
men-at-Arms, is Hon. Lieut. R. Naval Reserve, and
the Author of ' The Sandeman Genealogy,' ' The
Spears of Honour and the Gentlemen Pensioners,'
iSrc. — Whin-Hurst, Hayling Island, Havant ; Army
and Navy, United Service, and Junior United Service
Clubs, s.w. ; R. St. George Yacht Club, Kingstown.

SANDEMAN, Mrs., of EUel Grange, Lanca-

Margaret Helena, only child of George Theophilus
Robert Preston, Esq., J.P., of EUel Grange, who d.
1891, by Helena Corneha (who m. 2ndly 1907 the
Rev.Franklin Roberts Preston, M.A., Perpetual Curate
of St. Mary's, Ellel Grange, who d. 1914), eldest dau.
of the late George Bagster Denton, Esq., of Bryn,
Anglesey ; m. 1907 Major Thomas Glas Sandeman,
Capt. and Hon. Major T.F. Reserve, late Capt. 4th
Batt. Loyal N. Lancashire Eegt., a J.P. for Lanca-
shire, and has, with other issue, a son, *Thomas
Neil Preston Glas, 6. 190Q.— EUel Grange, near
Lancaster ; 10, Queen's Gate, s.w.

SANDEES, Sir Edgar Christian, Knt.— Cr.
Fourth son of the Rev. Henry Martyn Sanders, Vicar
of Sutton Forest, Yorkshire, whod. 1903, by Eliza
Ann, who d. 1874, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Samuel
Darwin Fox, Rector of Delamere, Cheshire ; b. 1871 ;
m. 1898 Lilian, 3rd dau. of Hill Motum, Esq.,
formerly Town Clerk of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sir
Edgar Sanders, who was educated at Rossall and at
Durham Univ., and admitted a Solicitor 1898, was
Assistant Prosecuting Solicitor to Liverpool Corpora-
tion 1899-1902, Clerk to the LiverpoolJustices 1902-
17, 3 times President of the Justices' Clerks' Society,
and formerly temp. Capt. Cumberland R. A. S.C.,M.T.;
has been Gen. Manager of the State Control Under-
taking at Carlisle since 1916, and is Assessor to the
Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) and Author of
Text-book on Criminal Justice Administration Act
1914. — Eden Hey, Carlisle ; Devonshire Club, s.w.

SANDERS, Mrs., of Stoke House, Devonshire.

Marianne, younger dau. of the Eev. James Ford, Pre-
bendary of Exeter, whod. 1877,by Jane Frances, who
d. 1893, dau. of the late Edmund Nagle, Esq., of
Castleton Eoche, co. Cork ; m. 1848 Edward Andrew
Sanders, Esq., of Stoke House, a J.P. and D.L. for
Devonshire, a Banker at Exeter (Mayor 1850), and
Major late R. 1st Devon Yeo. Cav. who d. 1905, and
has a dau., * Isabella Jane. — St'-ke House, Exeter.

SANDERS, Robert Massy Dawson, Esq., of
Charleville Park, co. Cork.

Eldest son of Thomas Sanders, Esq., of Charleville
Park, who d. 1892, by Mary Charlotte, who d. 1917,
dau. of the late Richard Duckworth Dunn, Esq., of
Surbiton ; b. 1862 ; vi. 1899 Hilda Auguste Katharine,
youngest dau. of Francis Henry Beaumont, Esq.,
D.L., of Buckland Court, Surrey, and has, with another
son, *Charles Craven, h. 1899. Mr. Sanders is a B.A.
and M. Eng. of Trinity Coll., Dublin, a J.P. and D.L.
' 1183




for CO. Cork (High Sheriff 1901) and a J.P. for oo. [
TuppeYM-y.—CharlcviUc Park, Gharleville ; CarUon\
Club, s.w.

of William Salmon Beranger, Tiscj.^Carrigafoyh
Castle, Ballylongford, co. Kerry ; Bayview, Clontarf,
CO. Duhlin.

SANDERSON, Lord (Thomas Henry Sander-
son, G.C.B., K.C.M.G., LS.O.).— Or. 1905.,

Eldest surviving son of Richard Sanderson, Esq.,i
M.P., who d. 1857, by the Hon. Charlotte Matilda, j
■who d. 1898, elder dau. of Charles, IstViacoiint Can- ,
terbury ; b. 1841. Lord Sanderson, who was educated
at Eton (Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1907), and entered the:
Foreign Office in 18-59, was attached to several Foreign I
Missions 1863-72 ; Private Secretary to the Earl of :
Derby, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. 1866-8
and 1874-8, and to Earl Granville, Secretary of State
for Foreign Affairs 1880-5 ; Assistant Under Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs 1889-93; Permanent'
Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1894-
1906, and Chairman of the Committee on Indian
Emigration to the Crown Colonies 1909-10. —
Travellers', and AthencEum Clubs, s.yn.; St. James's
Club, w. ; 65, Wimpole Street, w.

SANDERSON, the Hon. Sir Lancelot, Knt.,
K.C., of Ward House, Lancashire.— Or.

Elder son of John Sanderson, Esq., J.P., of Ward
House, who d. 1908, by Alice, who d. 1905, only dau.
of the late John Tunstall, Esq., of Lancaster ; 6. 1863 ;
jn. 1891 Edith Mabel, a Lady of Grace of the Order of
St. John of Jerusalem, elder dau. of Alfred Fletcher,
Esq., J.P. and D.L of AUerton, Liverpool, and has,
with other issue, a son, * John Fletcher Boughey,
Lieut. 4th Batt. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
L.I. ; 6. 1896. Sir Lancelot Sanderson, who was edu-
cated at Elstrce, at Harrow, and at Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. and LL.B. 1885, M.A. 1892), called to
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1886, appointed a K.C.
1903, and elected a Bencher 1912, is a Magistrate for
Westmorland and for Lancashire ; was Recorder of
Wigan 1901-15, and M.P. for the N. Div. of West-
morland Jan. 1910 1915; appointed Chief Justice of
Bengal \915.~Ward House, Ellel, near Lancaster ;
High Court, Calcutta ; Carlton, and Oxford and
Cambridge Clubs, s.w.

SANDERSON, Richard Lionel BURDON-,
Esq., of Otterburn Dene, Northumberland.
Elder son of Richard Burdon-Sanderson, Esq., J. P.,
of Otterburn Dene, whod. 1909, by Katharine Emily,
youngest dau. of the late Robert Henry Mitford,
Esq., of Weston Lodge, Hampstead; b. 1894; m. 1917
Margaret Dorothy ,elder dau. of the late Julius Ashton,
Esq., of Gwendwr Road, Kensington. Mr. Burdon-
Sanderson, who was educated at New Coll., Oxford,
was temp. Lieut. R.F.A. 1914-15 and Lieut. Mil.
Wing, K. Flying Corps, Special Reserve, and Flying
Officer, Mil. Wing, B, Flying Corps, 1915-16, and is
temp. Lieut. K.A.F.— Otterburn Dene, Otterburn
R.S.O., Northumberland.

SANDERSON, of Cloverhill, co. Cavan.

See Purdon.

SANDES, Mrs., of Carrigafoyle Castle, co.
Mildred, only child of William Brown, Esq., of Spring-
mount, CO. Limerick ; m. 1856, as 2nd wife, Charles
Sandes, Esq., formerly 89th Regt., of Carrigafoyle
Castle, a J.P .for co. Kerry, who d. 1893, and has, with
5 daus., an only son, * Charles Francis, a Magistrate
for CO. Kerry ; 6. 18— ; m. 1889 Caroline, younger dau.

, SANDES, of Sallow Glen, co. Kerry. See Finch.

SANDES. See Collis-Sandes.

SANDFORD, Arthur Pakenham WILLS-,
Esq., of Garryglass, Queen's Co. ; and of
The Priory House, Dorset.
Elder surviving son of William Sandford Wills-
Sandford, Esq., J. P., late 83rd Regt. and 5th Dragoon
Guards, of Garryglass, who d. 1882, by Julia, youngest
dau. of the late William Foster, Esq., of Stourton
Court, Worcestershire ; 6. 1856. Was on the roll for
High Sheriff of Queen's Co. for 1885.— T/je Priory
House, Sherborne, Dorset ; Arthur's Club, s.w.

Heir Pres., his brother Reginald (Sans Licis, Obispo, Cali-
fornia); b. 1862 ; m.l892 Mary, eldest dau. of C. H. Pbillips,
Esq., and has a dau., Georgina.

SANDFORD, Humphrey, Esq., of The Isle,
Elder son of Humphrey Sandford, Esq., of The Isle,
who d. 1902, by Anne Taylor, 5th dau. of the late
Joseph Armitage, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Milnsbridge
House, Yorkshire ; 6.1856; m. 1886 Phoebe Isabella,
elder dau. of James Evans, Esq., of PwUmeyrio Lodge,
Chepstow, Monmouthshire, and has, with a dau., a
son, * Humphrey, Lieut. Shropshire Yeo., previously
temp. Lieut. 3rd Reserve Regt. of Cav. ; b. 1887.
Mr. Sandford, who was educated at Shrewsbury
and at St. John's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1880,
M.A. 1883), is a J.P. for Shropshire, Lord of the
Manor of Edgton, and Patron of 2 livings. — The Isle,

SANDFORD, Leslie Gordon, Esq., of Sand-
ford, Shropshire.
Third son of the Right Rev. Daniel Fox Sandford,
D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Tasmania, who d. 1906, by
Elizabeth Barret, who d. 1914, eldest dau. of the late
James Rae, Esq., of Walton House, Eastry, Kent ; b.
1866 ; s. Mrs. Sara Halsted Sandford, widow of his
cousin Thomas Hugh Sandford, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Sandford, 1916; m. 1911 Athene Hope, youngest
dau. of the late Capt. Thomas Woodford Smith, and
has 3 daus. Mr. Sandford, who was educated at
the Coll. for the Higher Education for the Blind,
Worcester, was admitted a Solicitor of the Supreme
Court of Judicature W^l.— Sandford, Whitchurch,

SANDFORD, Thomas George WILLS-, '
Esq., formerly of Castlerea House, co.
Only son of William Robert Wills-Sandford, Esq.,
J.P., Capt. 2nd Dragoons, of Castlerea House, and
Wills Grove, co. Roscommon, who d. 1889, by,
Adelaide Ehzabeth, who d. 1880, 2nd dau. of the
late Henry G. P. Jephson, Esq., of Glenbrook, co.
Wicklow; b. 1879; m. 1907 Kathleen Fanny, only
dau. of the late Capt. Robert James Burrowea, 1st
King's Dragoon Guards, of Stradone House, co. Cavan,
and has, with other issue, a son, William Robert, b.
1909. Mr. Wills-Sandford is a Magistrate for co.
Roscommon (High Sheriff 1906) and Lieut, ret.,
late temp. Lieut. Remount Service. — White's Club,
s.w. ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin; R. St. George
Yacht Club, Kingstoum.




SANDFORD- WILLS. See Wills- Sandfard- Wills.

S ANDH URST, Viscount ( William Mansfield,
G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., P.C.).— Cr.

Eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. William Rose, 1st Lord
Sandhurst, G.C.B.,by Margaret, who d. 1892, youngest
dau. of the late Robert Fellowes, Esq., of Sbotesham,
Norfolk ; b. 1855 ; s. as 2nd Lord 1876 ; m. 1st 1881
Lady Victoria Alexandrina, C.I., a Lady of Grace of
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, who d. 1906,
youngest dau. of Frederick, 4th Earl Spencer ; 2ndly
1909 Eleanor Mary Caroline, O.B.E., dau. of the late
Matthew Arnold, Esq., and widow of the Hon. Armine
Wodehouse, C.B., M.P. Viscount Sandhurst, who
was educated at Rugby, is a Knight of Justice of
the Order of St. John of Jerusalem ; was a Lord in
Waiting 1880-5 ; Under-Sec. for War in 1886 and
1892-5; Governor of Bombay 1895-1900, and an
Aid. of the London C.C. 1901-7; appointed Lord
Chamberlain of H.M.'s Household 1912 ; late Lieut.
Coldstream Guards.— iJroofts's Club, s.w.; Turf Club,
w. ; 60, Katon Square, s.w.

Hi'ir Prrx., to the Barony of Saudhurst (cr 187 1), his brother
John William, called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1882 ;
appoint-.d Lord Chancellor's Legal Visitor in Lunacy 1910 ;
educateil at Wellington Coll. and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge
(B.A. 1880, M.A. 188.3) ; b. ISii? ; m. 1888 Edith Mary, dau.
of the late John Higson, Esq., J.P., of Oakmere Hall,
Cheshire, and has, with other issue, ason, • Ralph Sheldon,
temp. Lieut. R.E.. Special Reserve ; educated at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1913) : 4.1892; m. 1917 Motley
Victoria, only child of Edward Berners Upcher, Esq., of
Kirby Cane, Norfolk.

SANDILANDS. See Torphichm, Lord.

SANDISON, Leonard Magnus, Esq., of High-
laws, Berwickshire.
Eldest son of Magnus Sandison, E^q., of Highlaws,
who d. 19)1, by Mary Helen Macgrsgor, 2nd dau.
of John Wright, Esq., of Charnwood, Dumfries ; b.
1890 ; educated at Mill Hill and at Durham Univ. ;
isCapt. 3rd Batt. K.O.Scottish Borderers.— Highlaws,
near Ayton, N.B.

SANDON, Viscount. See under Harrowby.

SANDS, Sir .James Patrick, Knt.— Or. 1917.
Eldest son of Thomas Hilton Sands, of Nassau,
Bahamas, who d. 1868, by Olivia Ann, who d. 1869,
2nd dau. of the late James Miller Kelly, of Bahamas ;
b. 1859 ; m. 1884 Laura Louisa, 3rd dau. of the late
John Robert Hall, of Bahamas. Sir James Sands,
who was educated at Private Schools, is a Merchant,
and was a Member of the House of Assembly, Ba-
hamas, 1889-1916, and Leader of the Government
therein 1909-16 ; has been M.E.C. Bahamas since
1901 and President of the Legislative Council there
since VJ16.— George Street, Nassazi, Bahamas.

SANDWICH, Earl of (George Charles
Montagu).— Cr. 1660.

Only son of Rear-Adm. the Hon. Victor Alexander
Montagu, C.B., who d. 1915, by Lady Agneta Harriet,
who d. 1919, youngest dau. of Charles Philip, 4th Earl
of Hardwicke ; b. 1874 ; s. his uncle Edward George
Henry, 8th Earl, K C.V.O., 1916 ; m. 1905 Alberta,
dau. of the late William Sturges, Esq., of New York,
U.S A. The Earl of Sandwich, who was educated at
Winchester and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1897),
and was Assistant Private Secretary to the President
of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries (the Right
Hon. W. H. Long, M.P.) 1898-1900, Private Secretary

(unpaid) to the President of the Local Government
Board (the Right Hon. W. H. Long, M.P.) 1900-3
and M P. for the S. Div. of Huntingdonshire Oct.
1900-1906, is a J.P. and C. Aid. for Huntingdonshire
and Patron of 5 livings ; founded the Little Common-
wealth in Dorsetshire 1913. — Hi?ichi)igbrooke, Hunt-
ingdcm ; Carlton Club, s.w. ; Cavendish Club, w. ;
Beefsteak Club, w.c.

Hrir, his son Alexander Victor Edward Panlet. Viscount
Hinchingbroofee, to whom H.M. Queen Alexandra stood
sponsor; b. 1906.

SANDYS, Lord (Michael Edwin Marcus
Sandys).— Cr. 1802.

Third son of Arthur Marcus, 3rd Lord, who d. 1863,
by Louisa, who d. 1886, youngest dau. of the late
Joseph Blake, Esq., of London ; b. 1855 ; s. his brother
Augustus Frederick Arthur, 4th Lord, 1904 ; m. 1886
Marjorie Clara Pentreath, dau. of the late John
Morgan, Esq., of Brighton. Lord Sandys is Patron
of 1 living. ^Ombersley Court, Droitwich, Worcester-
shire : Pyrford Place, Woking; Brooks's Club, s.w. ;
Turf Club, w. ; 7, Devonshire Street, Portland
Place, w.

SANDYS, Sir John Edwin, Kut., Litt.D.,
LL.D., F.B.A.— Cr. 1911.
Fourth son of the Rev. Timothy Sandys, Church
Missionary Society, Calcutta, who d. 1871, by his 1st
wife Rebecca, who d. 1853, dau. of the late Mr.
Joseph Swain, of Leicester ; 6. 1844 ; m. 1880 Mary
Grainger, elder dau. of the late Rev. Henry Hall,
Vicar of St. Paul's, Cambridge. Sir John Sandys,
who was educated at Repton and at St. John's Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. 1867, M.A. 1870, Litt.D. 1886, Hon.
Litt.D. Dublin 1892, Hon LL.D. Edinburgh 1909,
and Athens 1912), was Classical Lecturer at Jesus
Coll., Cambridge 1867-77, and at St. John's Coll.
1867-1907, Tutor of St. John's Coll. 1870-1900,
External Examiner in Greek in Victoria Univ. 1897-
1900, Examiner in Greek in London Univ. 1900-3,
and Lane Lecturer at Harvard Univ. 1905 ; has been
a Fellow of St. John's Coll. since 1867, Public Orator
in Cambridge Univ. since 1876, and a Fellow of the
British Academy since 1909, and is a Commander of
the Grecian Order of the Saviour, and Author or
Editor of many works. — Si. John's House, Grange
Road, Cambridge ; AUietueum Club, s.w.

SANDYS, the late Major Edwin William, of
Fulford House, Yorkshu-e.
Eldest son of the Rev. William Travis Sandys,
Rector of Burton le Goggles, Lincolnshire, who d.
1883, by Catherine Elizabeth, only dau. of the late
Capt. William Wootton Abney, of Measham Hall,
Derbyshire; b. 1838; m. 1st 1865 Frances Anne
Sandys, who d. 1874, elder dau. of the late Edwin
Sandys Bain, Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, of Easter Live-
lands, Stirlingshire ; 2ndly 1879 Eliza Ridley, eldest
dau. of the late Rev. Henry Byne Carr, Rector of
Whickham and Hon. Canon of Durham, and d.
1919, leaving, with other issue, a son, *William
Bain Richardson, C.B., C.M.G., Lieut.-Col. and
Brevet-Col. and temp. Brigadier-Gen. R.A. ; b. 1868 ;
m. 1901 Joan, dau. of Brigadier Gen. Andrew William
Proudfoot, ret., Indian Army, and has 2 daua.
Major Sandys, who was formerly Major R.A., was a
J.P. for the E. Riding of Yorkshire.— Fulford House,
near York.

4 o 1186




SANDYS, Major Geoege Owen, of Grayth-
waite Hall, Lancashire.
Elder twin soii of Major Edwin Del Sandys, North-
amptonshire Eegt., who d. 1897, by Clarissa Marion,
dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. George Edward Owen
Jackson, formerly R.M.L.I. ; b. 1884 ; s. his cousin
Col. Thomas Myles Sandys, M.P., J.P. andD.L., 1911 ;
m. 1914 Dulcie Edythe Angela, only child of Sir
Edward Pigott William Bedford, C.B., formerly
Secretary to the Gen. I'ost Office in Scotland, and
has a son, *Mervyu Edwyn Myles, b. 1915. Major
Sandys, who was educated at Bedford Grammar
School and at the R. MU. Coll., Sandhurst, and was
formerly Lieut. E. Scots (Lothian Regt.), is a Magis-
trate for Lancashire, Major Westmorland and
Cumberland Yeo., Lord of the Manor of MUnrow,
and Lay Rector of lBia,vfkshead.—Oraythwaite Hall,
Newby Bridge, Lamashire ; Carlton, Caledonian,
and Conservative Clubs, s.w.

SANDYS, Heney, Esq., of Dargle, co. Wicklow.
Only son of Henry Sandys, Esq., J. P., of Dargle, who
d. 1883, by Emily Alice, who d. 1917, youngest dau.
of the late Henry Darley, Esq., of Wingtield, co.
Wicklow ; b. 18B3 ; m. 1888 Maud Elizabeth, 2nd
dau. of Capt. E. Jeffreys, and has 3 daus. Mr. Sandys
is a J.P. for co. Wicklow.— Residence : Tinna Park,
Kdpedder, co. Wicklow.

John, Esq., of Lumsdaine, and Blanerne,
Berwickshire ; and of Innergellie, Fife-
Eldest son of the Rev. Francis Gordon Sandys-Lums-
daine, J.P., of Lumsdaine, Blanerne, and Innergellie,
who d. Is73, by Martha Alice, dau. of the late John
Cattley, Esq., of Shabden Park, Surrey; i 1864; m.
1905 Helen Cordelia, younger dau. of the late Major-
Gen. Alexander Charles Hay, Madras Army, of Duns
Castle, Berwickshire, and has, with other issue, a son,
♦Gilbert, b. 1915. Mr. Sandys-Lumsdaine is a J.P. for
Fifeshire and for Berwickshire. — Blaneine, Edrom,
N.B. ; Inna-gellie, Anstrutlier, Fifeshire.

SAN FORD, Col. Edwaed Chaeles Ayshfoed,
C.M.G., of Nynehead Court, Somerset.

Elder son of William Ayshford Sanford, Esq., J.P.
i and D.L., of Nynehead Court, who d. 1902, by his 1st
wife Sarah Ellen, who d. 1867, 2nd dau. of the late
Henry Seymour, Esq., of Knoyle House, Wilts; b.
1859 ; m. 1904 Elisabeth May, eldest dau. of Lloyd
Walter Griffith, Esq., of Hurst Court, Ore, Sussex,
and has, with other issue, a son, *William Charles
Ayshford, b. 1905. Col. Sanford is a J.P. and D.L.
for Somerset (High Sheriff 1908), a J.P. for Devon-
shire and for St. Helena, Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col.
late 3rd Batt. Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regt.,
and Patron of 2 livings ; appointed to the Staff 1915.
— Brooks's Club, s.w.

SANKBY, the Hon. Sir John, G.B.E.— Cr.
Knt. 1914, G.B.E. 1917.

Eldest son of Thomas Sankey, Esq., of Moreton-in-
Marsh, Gloucestershire, who d. JL875, by Catalina,
dau. of the late James Dewsbury, Esq., of Manchester;
6. 1866. Sir John Sankey, who was educated at
Lancing Coll. and at Jesus Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1889,
B.C.L. 1891, M.A. 1909, Hon. Fellow 1917), called to
the Bar at the Middle Temple 1S92, and appointed a
K.C. 1909, is a Knight of Grace and Vice-Chancellor
for Wales of the Order of St, John of Jerusalem, was
Chancellor of the diocese of Llandaff 1909-14 and a
Member of the Loudon C.C. 1910-13, and has been

a Judge of the High Court of justice. King's Bench
Div., since 1914. — AtliencBum, and Union Clubs,
s.w. ; Garrick Club, w.c. ; Cardiff and County Club,
Cardiff; 14, Dean's Yard, Westmijister Abbey, s.y


Henrietta, elder dau. of Pierce Creagh, Esq., of Mount
Elva, and O'Brien's Castle, co. Clare, who d. 1870, by
Belinda, who d. 1908, 2nd dau of the late Walter
Butler, Esq., J.P., of Walterstown, co. Clare ; m. 1st
18— Edward Browne.Esq., J.P.,of Cooloe, co.Galway,
who d. 18— ; 2ndly 1890, as his 2nd wife. Sir Richard
Hieram Sankey, a Lieut.-Gen. R.E. ret., who ■
formerly Chief Engineer and Secretary to the Pubhc
Works Department and M.L C. Madras, and Chair-
man of the Board of Works, Ireland, 1884-96, and
who was cr. K.C.B. 1892 and d. 1908.— 5, West Halkin
Street, s.w.

SANKEY, Haery Samuel Sankey, Esq., of
BilHss Grange, co. Cavan.

Only surviving son of Major Samuel Sankey, 9th
Foot, of Fort Frederic, co. Cavan, who d. 1861, by
Mary, dau. of the late William Anderson, Esq., of
Aughnaoloy, co. Tyrone; b. 184- ; m. 1913 Laura
Fanny Maria, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Charles
William Selby-Lowndes, formerly 93rd Sutherland
Highlanders and 71st Highland L.I., of Bexhill.-
Besidence : Fort Frederic, Virginia, co Cavan ;
Junior Carlton Club, s.w.

+ SANKEY, Capt. Matthew Heney Phineas
RiALL, C.B., of Bawnmore, co. Cork.
Eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. William Sankey, C.B., of
Bawnmore, who d. 1892, by Hannah Maria, 3rd dau.
of the late John Roe, Esq., of Rockwell, co. Tipperary;
b. 1853 ; m. 1876 Elizabeth, dau. of Major-Gen.
Edward Lawes Pym, and has, with other issue, a son,
*Crofton Edward Pym, D.S.O. (with Bar), Major
and Brevet Lieut.-Col. (temp. Lieut.-Col.) R.E. ; b.
1877 ; TO. 1st 1902 Catherine Evelyn, eldest dau. of
. Cecil Coward, Esq., of Kensington ; 2ndly 1908
Gertrude Marion, only dau. of George A. Ij

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