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Esq., M.I.C.E., of Victoria, British Columbia. Capt.
Sankey is Capt. ret. R.E., and was appointed a Staff'
Capt. 1914.

SANKEY, Capt. Richaed Jones, of Fort
Frederic, co. Cavan.

Eldest son of John Sankey, Esq., of Merrion Square,
Dublin, who d. 1873, by Frances, who d. 1898, 2nd
dau. of the late Hon. and Very Rev. George Gore,
Dean of Killala, co. Mayo ; b. 1840 ; s. his cousin
Alexander William Jackson Sankey, Esq., J.P., 1903 ;
m. 1905 Alice Maude, 2nd dau, of the late Major-Gen.
William Boyd Saunders-Knox-Gore, of BeUeek Manor,
00. Mayo. Capt. Sankey, who was educated at Eugby
and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge, and was formerly
Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards, is a J.P. and D.L. for co.
Cavan (High Sheriff 1913).— Eesidence : Briscoe
House, Bathford, Somerset: Naval and Military
Club, w, ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin; B. St.
George Yacht Club, Kingstown.

SANTLEY, Sir Chaeles, Knt.— Cr. 1907.

Eldest son of William Santley, Esq., Musician, of
Liverpool, who d. 1891, by Margaret, who d. 1890,
dau. of the late John Fletcher, Esq., of Lancaster ;
b. 1834 ; m. 1859 Gertrude, who d. 1882, dau. of the
late John Mitchell Kemble, Esq., of London, and
granddau, of thelate Charles Kemble.Esq. Sir Charles
Santley, who was educated at the Liverpool Institute,
and first appeared in London in 1857, was formerly
a baritone Singer.— 13, Blenheim Road, n.w.




SAREL, Mrs., of Stratton Park, Bedfordshire.

Ellen Margaret, 'ind dau. of Capt. Charles Augustus
John Heysham, K.N., of Bideford, Devonshire, who
d. lS87, by Ellen Augusta, who d. 11102, dau. of the
late Charles Stirling, Esq., of Buckeridge, Teignmouth,
Devonshire ; m. 1S07 William Godfrey Molyneux
Sarel, Esq., Lieut, ret., late 5th Northumberland
Fusiliers, and Capt. .5th Batt. Bifle Brigade, late
Capt. and Hon. Major R.A.F., previously temp. Major
Bifle Brigade, and has 3 daus. Mrs. Sarel s. her
cousin, Mrs. Luoy Jane Barnett, widow of Capt.
Charles Fitz-Eoy Barnett, 54th Eegt., 1908.—
Eesidence : Primrose Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent.

SARGANT, the Hon. Sir Charles Heney,
Knt.— Cr. 1913.
Second son of Henry Sargant, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,
who d. lUSO, by Catherine Emma, who d. 1911, dau.
of the late Samuel Beale, Esq., formerly M.P. for
Derby ; b. 18513 ; m. 1900 Amelia Julia, B.K.C., 1st
Class, dau. of the late Dion Gambardella, Esq., C.E.
Sir Charles Sargant, who was educated at Eugby |
and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882), and'
called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1882, was Junior
Equity Counsel to the Treasury 1908-13 ; appointed
a Judge of the High Court of Justice, Chancery Div.,
1913. — AthencBum, and United University Clubs,
s.w. ; Albemarle Club, w. ; Garrick Club, w.c. ; 6,
Strathray Gardens, Eton Avenue, N.w.

+ SARGEAUNT, James Shapland, Esq., of
Tewkesbury Park, Gloucestershire.
Eldest son of James Primatt Sargeaunt, Esq., J. P.,
who d. 1900, by Fanny, who d. 1868, dau. and heiress
of the late Eev. Joseph Shapland, of Tewkesbury Park;
6. 1858; m. 1888 Besaie, youngest dau. of the late
Charles Andrew, Esq., Coughton Court, Warwick-
shire, and has issue. Mr. Sargeaunt, who was
educated at Eton and at Univ. Coll., Oxford, is a
Magistrate for Gloucestershire. — Tewkesbury Park,
Tewkesbury ; Oxford and Cambridge Club, s.w.


Julia, 2nd dau. of James Tomlin, Esq., of London ;
m. 1880, as his 2nd wife, the Hon. Sir Frederick
Thomas Sargood, who was a Member of the Legislative
Council of Victoria 1874-1901, Minister of Defence
in 1883, Minister of Water Supply in 1886, Minister
of Defence and Education in 1891, Minister of Defence
and Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works
in 1894, a Member of the Senate of the Common-
wealth of Australia 1901-3, a Lieut. -Col. ret of Field
Artillery, V.D., and a J. P. for Victoria, and who was
or. K.C.M.G. 1890, and d. l^O^.^Vaclwrij Sherc.
near Guildford.

SARSFIELD, Thomas Ronayne, Esq., of
Doughcloyne, co. Cork.
Eldest son of Dominick Ronayne Patrick Sarsfield,
Esq., of Doughcloyne, who d. 1892, by Mary Ann
Elizabeth Helena, who d. 1911, dau. of the late
James De La Cour, Esq., of Sunny Hill, Mallow, co.
Cork ; b. 1862. Educated at Cheltenham and at
Exeter Coll., Oxford ; is a J.P. for co. Cork ; late
Capt. 3rd Batt. E. Munster Fusiliers.— DoMjftcJoi/nc,

SARTORIS,' Aethub Hugh, Esq., of Rushden
Hall, Northamptonshire.
Only son of Herbert Sartoris, Esq., J.P., of Weekley,
Northamptonshire, who d. 1900, by Caroline Mary,
eldest dau. of the late Harry Thornton, Esq., of
Kempston Grange, Bedfordshire ; b. 1875 ; s. his
grandmother Mary Anne, widow of Frederick Urban

Sartoris, Esq., J. P., of Eushden Hall, 1913 ; m. 1913
Clara Eva, eldest dau. of the Bev. Thomas Lane
Coulson Bridges, Sector of Barton Seagrave, North-
amptonshire. Mr. Sartoris, who was educated at Eton
and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford, and was formerly
Lieut. Northamptonshire Eegt., is a Magistrate for
Northamptonshire. — Rushden Hall, Rushden B.S.O.,
Northamptcmshire : Orleans Club, s.w.

SARTORIS, of Wilcote. See Dawkins.

SASSOON, Sir Philip Albert Gustavb
David, Bart., C.M.G.— Cr. 1890.

Only son of Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, 2nd Bart.,
M.P., by Aline Caroline, who d. 1909, dau. of the late
Baron Giistave de Bothschild ; b. 1888; s. 1912.
Sir Philip Sassoon, who was educated at Eton and at
Ch. Ch., Oxford, is Major B. East Kent Yeo., temp.
Major in the Army, a Chevalier of the Legion of
Honour, and an Officer of the French Order of the
Black Star and of the Belgian Order of the Crown ;
has the Belgian Croix de Guerre ; has been M.P. for
Hythe since 1912. — Shorncliffe Lodge, Sandgate,
Kent ; Trent Park, New Barnet, Hertfordshire ;
Sans Soiici, Bombay ; 26, Park Lane, w.

SASSOON, Sir Edward Elias, Bart.— Cr.

Only surviving son of Elias David Sassoon, Esq., of
Bombay, who d. 1880, by Leah, who d. 1878, dau. of
the late Moses Gubbay, Esq., of Bombay ; 6. 1853 ;
s. his brother Sir Jacob Elias Sassoon, Ist Bart.,
under a special remainder, 1916; m. 1880 LSontine,
dau. of Abraham Levy, Esq., of Egypt. Sir Edward
Sassoon, who was educated at Bombay, is a Banker. —
46, Grosvenor Place, s.w.

Heir, his sou Bllioe Victor, Acting Flight Litut. R A.F. ; eda-
cnted at Harrow and at Trinity Ooll., Cambridge ; b. 1881.

SASSOON, Capt. Sassoon Joseph, of Ashley
Park, Surrey.
Eldest son of Joseph Sassoon Sassoon, Esq., J.P., of
Ashley Park, who d. 1918, by Louise, eldest dau. of the
late Baron Horace de Gunsburg, of Petrograd ; b.
1885 ; m. 1919 Dulcie, eldest dau. of the late Frederic

5. Franklin, Esq. Capt. Sassoon, who was educated
at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1907), is Capt.
6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons. — Ashley Park, Walton-
on-Thames ; Cavalry Club, w.

SATOW, the Right Hon. Sir Ernest Mason,

G.C.M.G.— Cr. K.C.M.G. 1895, G.C.M.G.


Son of Hans David Christopher Satow, Esq., by

Margaret, eldest dau. of the late Edward Mason, Esq. ;

6. 1843. Educated at Mill Hill and at University
Coll., London (B.A. London 1861, Hon. LL.D. Cam-
bridge 1903, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1908) ; called to the
Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1887 ; was Envoy Extraordinary
and Min. Plen. at Tangier and Consul Gen. in
Morocco 1893-5, and Envoy Extraordinary and Min.
Plen. at Tokio 1895-1900, and at Pekin 1900-G —
Beaumont, Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire ; Travellers'
Club, s.w.

SAUL. See Kirklinton.

SAUMAREZ. See De Saumarez, Lord.

SAUNDERS, Sir Charles James Renault,
K.C.M.G.— Cr. 1906.
Eldest son of James Eenault Saunders, Esq., who d.
1892, by Katherine, who d. 1901, dau. of the late




Canon C. Apthorpe Wheelwright; b. 1857; vi. 1st
1885 Emily Maud, who d. 1908, 2nd dau. of the late
Canon Eastwood ; 2ndly 1910 Katherine Elinor, dau.
of the late Edmund Eastwood, Esq. Sir Charles Saun-
ders, who was in the Natal Civil Service 1876-87, and
was variously employed under the Zululand Govern-
ment 1888-95, acted as Resident Commissioner and
Chief Magistrate of Zululand 1896, and was Chief
Magistrate and Civil Commissioner there 1897-1905,
and Commissioner for Native Affairs 1 905-10. —
Imfulazane, Melmoth, Zululaiid ; Victoria Club,
Pietermaritzburg, Natal.

SAUNDERS, Clebvaux Leslie Moeley,
Esq., of Depedene, Hampshire-
Elder son of Clervaux Morley Saunders, Esq., J. P.,
of Boyacott, Devon, who d. 1905 (by his Ist wife
Eleanor Frances, who d. 1897, eldest dau. of the late
Edward Wilberforoe Unwin, Esq., of Forest Lodge,
Hampshire), and nephew of the late Penelope Leslie
Unwin, of Depedene ; b. 1877. Mr. Saunders was
educated at Sherborne. — Depedene, HytJie, Hamp-

SAUNDERS, Feancis Southouse Moeley,
Esq., of Bovacott, Devonshire.
Younger son of Clervaux Morley Saunders, Esq., J.P.,
of Bovacott, who d. 1905, by his 1st wife Eleanor
Frances, who d. 1897, eldest dau. of the late Edward
Wilberforce Unwin, Esq., of Forest Lodge, Hamp-
shire ; b. 1880. Mr. Saunders, who was educated at
Sherborne, is a Magistrate for Devonshire.— BovacoM,
Brandts Corner, Devonshire.

SAUNDERS, Heney John, Esq., of The
Priory, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire.

Second son of Thomas Bush Saunders, Esq., of The
Priory, who (i. 1894, by Maria Albers, who d. 1886,
only dau. of the late Frederick Hoffham Pedder, Esq.,
of Brompton ; b. 1855 ; s. his sister Emily Maria,
wife of Robert William CoUett, Esq., 1916; m. 1893
Julia Parthenia, 2nd dau. of the late John Davey, Esq.,

of Surbiton, and has, with other issue, a son, ,

6. 1894. Mr. Saunders, who was educated at Clifton,
and was formerly a Civil Engineer, is a J.P. for
Perth, W. Australia. — The Priory, Bradford on- Avon,
Wiltshire ; Cocoa Tree Club, s.w.

SAUNDERS, Major Owen Edqae Mooee, of
Kilavalla, co. Tipperary.

Eldest son of Capt. Edward Henry Saunders, J.P,
and D.L., late 6th Lancers and 8th King's E. Irish
Hussars, of Kilavalla, who d. 1911, by Ellen, who d.
1909, dau. of the late Henry Robert Edgar, Esq.,
M.D., of Norwich, b. 1874; m. 1904 Ida Evelyne,
younger dau. of Col. Richard Poyser, D.S.O.,andhas,
with other issue, a son, *Basil Harloven Grant, b.
1905. Major Saunders, who was educated at the
Oxford Mil. Coll., is Major Reserve of Officers, and
Major ret., late 5th Dragoon Guards ; was temp.
Major 5th Reserve Regt. of Cav. 19 14-16 ; appointed an
Assistant Embarkation Staff Officer I'dlb.— Kilavalla,
near Borrisokane, co. Tipperary ; Cavalry Club,

SAUNDERS, WiLLi.\M Mokley, Esq., of
Wennington Hall, Lancashire.
Only surviving son of Charles Morley Saunders, I
J.P., of Wennington Hall, who d. 1915, by Mary
Moore, dau. of the late William Irving, Esq., of
Overtown, Lancashire: b. 1883; ?h. 1918 Emily
Margaret Cecilia, only child of the Rev. George
Crowle Uppleby, of Barrow Hall, Lincolnshire, and
has a dau., June Dcbonnaire. Mr. Saunders, who
was educated at Harrow and at Trinity Hall, Cam-
bridge, is a Magistrate tor the W. Riding of Yorkshire
— Wennington Hall, Lancaster.

SAUNDERS. See Kingsley, Patten- Saunders an
Bitdynan- Saunders.

Aethue Goee, O.B.E., of Belleek Manor,
CO. Mayo.
Eldest son of Major-Gen. William Boyd Saunders-
Knox-Gore, late R.A., J.P. and D.L., who d. 1902, by
Matilda, who d. 1912, eldest dau. of Sir Francis Arthur
Knox-Gore, 1st Bart, (ext.), of Belleek Manor; b.
1854 ; m. 1887 Maria Becher, eldest dau. of the late
John Sampson Prince, Esq., and has a son, *William
Arthur Cecil, D.S.O., Capt. and Brevet Lieut.-Col.
King's R. Rifle Corps ; has the French Croix de
Guerre ; educated at Harrow and at the R. Mil. Coll.,
Sandhurst ; b. 1888 ; m. 1919 Monica, younger dau.
of the late R. J. Lawrence, Esq., of the Inner Temple.
Col. Saunders- Knox-Gore, who was educated at Wel-
lington Coll. and at the R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich,
and was formerly Major R.A., is a J.P. and D.L. for co.
Mayo (High Sheriff 1899), a J.P. for co. Sligo, temp.
Lieut.-Col. E.F.A. and Lieut.-Col. and Hon.-Col. ret.,
late Reserve of Officers, previously Comm. (1901-8)
Donegal E.F.A. Special Reserve.— BeWccfc Manor,
Ballina, co. Mayo ; Naval and Military Club, w. ;
Kildarc Street Club, Dublin.

SAUNDERSON, Major Someeset Feancis, of
Castle Sanderson, co. Cavan.
Eldest son of the Right Hon. Edward James Saunder-
son, M.P., H.M.'s Lieut, for CO. Cavan, of Castle Saun-
derson, who d. 1906, by the Hon. Helena Emily,
youngest dau. of Thomas Townsend Aremberg, 3rd
Lord, Ventry; b. 1807; m. 1914 Countess Marie
Larisch, dau. of John Satterlield, Esq., and has, with
other issue, a son, "Alexander, b. 1917. Major
Saunderson, who was educated at Harrow, and was
formerly Capt. 5th Batt. Rifle Brigade, and previously
Capt. Eifle Brigade, is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Cavan
(High Sheriff 1907), temp. Capt. and Brevet Major in
the Army and D.A.Q.M.G. Tank Corps, previously
A.D.C. to Gen. Nugent, Comm. Ulster Div. in France.
—Castle Saunderson, Belturbet, CO. Cavan; Carltm,
and Wellington Clubs, s.w.

SAUNT, Capt. Thomas Eenest, formerly of
Oxendon, Bedfordshire.

. Eldest son of Thomas William Saunt, Esq., of Wey-
mouth, who d. 1895, by Elizabeth, who d. 1912, eldest
dau. of the late Henry Gatty, Esq., of Market Har-
borough ; b. 1860 ; m. 1st 1884 Lydia, who d. 1909,
only dau. of William Woodward, Esq., of Hampstead;
2ndly 19 Alice Mary, 3rd dau. of W. Nightingale,
Esq., of Girton, Cambridge, and has, with other issue,
a son, William Henry Gatty, educated at Rugby and
at Emmanuel Coll., Cambridge ; b. 1888. Capt. Saunt,
who was educated at St. Bartholomew's Hospital
(M.R.C.S. 1882), and called to the Bar at Linco" '

Inn 1894, is Capt. R.A.M.C, T.F Park House,

Balsliam, Cambridgeshire.

SAURIN, Col. MoEGAN James, of Orielton,

Eldest son of Mark Antony Saurin, Esq., J.P., of
Orielton, who d. 1885, by Margaretta Sutton, who d.
1870, dau. of the late Rev. John Jones, and niece of
the late Morgan Jones, Esq., of Kilwendeage ; b. 1845 ;
m. 1873 Fanny Margaret, only child of the late
William Tyrwhitt Walker, Esq., of Bossington House,
Hampshire, and has, with other issue, a son, * William
Mark, a Magistrate for Pembrokeshire and Major 3rd
Batt. Alexandra, Princess of Wales's own Yorkshire
Regt., previously Capt. Pembroke Y.C. ; educated at
Eton and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge ; b. 1877. Col.




Saurin, who was educated at Eton, was formerly
Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), and is a
J.P. for Pembrokeshu-e (High Sheriff 1883), and for
Haverfordwest, and late Lieut.-Col. Comm. and Hon.
Col. Pembroke Yeo. Cav.— Carlton Club, s.w. ; Naval
atid Military Club, w. ; 52, Montagu Square, w.

SAVAGE, Sir Geoege Henby, Knt., M.D.—
Cr. 1912.
Second son of William Dawson Savage, Esq., J.P., of
Brighton, who d. 1892, by Elizabeth, who d. 1894,
only dau. of the late William Wallace, Esq., of
Dundee ; b. 1842 ; /«. 1st 1867 Margaret, who d.
1868, dau. of the late Jacob Walton, Esq., of Green-
ends, Alston Moor ; 2ndly 1882 Adelaide Mary, dau.
of the late Dr. Henry Gaven Sutton, Physician to the
London Hospital. Sir George Savage, who was edu-
cated at Guy's Hospital (M.B. London Univ. 1865,
M.D. 1867, F.R.C.P. 1885), was formerly Physician-
Superintendent of Bethlem R. Hospital ; President
of the Medico-Phychological Association of Great
Britain and of the Neurological Society ; Examiner
in Mental Physiology at London Univ., and Lecturer
on Mental Diseases at Guy's Hospital ; is Consulting
Physician to Guy's Hospital, and to the Earlswood
Idiot Asylum. — The Island, Hurstbourne Priors,
Whitchurch, Hampshire; AtliencEum Club, s.w.;
26, Devonshire Place, w.

SAVILE, Lord (.John Savile Lumley-Savile,
K.C.V.O.).— Cr. 1888.
Only son of the Rev. Frederick Savile Lumley, Rector
of Bilsthorpe, Notts, who d. 1859, by Mary, only dau.
of the late Robert Castle Jenkins, Esq., of Beaohley,
Monmouthshire ; 6. 1854 ; s. his uncle John, 1st Lord,
G.C.B., under a special remainder 1896 ; m 1st 1894
Gertrude Violet, who d. 1912, only dau. of the late
Charles Francis Webster Wedderburn, Esq., and
widow of Horace Augustus Helyar, Esq., of Coker
Court, Somerset ; 2ndly 1916 Esm6 Grace Virginia,
dau. of John Wolton, Esq. Lord Savile, who was
educated at Eton, is a Magistrate for Nottingham-
shire ; Hon. Col. 4th Batt. Duke of Wellington's W.
Riding Regt., Major ret. Notts (Sherwood Rangers)
Y.C., and Patron of 5 livings ; assumed the additional

surname of Savile by royal license 1898 Bufford

Abbey, Ollerton ; WaWiaio Moor, Hebden Bridge;
Rishworth Lodge, Halifax ; Travellers', Carlton, and
Marlborough Clubs, s.w. ; Turf, and Baclielors'
Clubs, w. ; 23, Briiton Street, w.
Heir, his son GeorRe Halifax, b, 1919.

SAVILE, Capt. Walter Stewaet.

Elder son of the Rev. Frederick Alexander Stewart-
Savile, M.A., J.P., of Hollanden Park, Kent, who d.
1907, by Sophia Stewart, who d. 1903, only dau. of
the late Thomas Dykes, Esq., of Oatlands, Lanark-
shire; b. 1855; m. 1885 Mildred, younger dau. of
the late Capt. Montgomery Campbell, R.A., of Thur-
maston Hall, Leicestershire, and has 2 daus. Capt.
Savile, who was educated at Harrow and at Caius
Col., Cambridge, and has discontinued the use of the
prefix surname of Stewart, is a Magistrate for Buck-
inghamshire, Capt. late The Buffs (E. Kent Regt.),
and Capt. Territorial Force Reserve, late Q.O. Dorset
Yeo.— Fen, Milborne, Port, Somerset; Naval and
Military Club, w. ; Wliitc's Club, s.w.

SAVILE. See Mexborough.

SAVILL, Arthur George, Esq., of Boleyns,
Son of Lieut.-Col. Samuel George Savill, J.P., late
Essex Rifles (Militia), of Boleyns, who d. 1915, by

Emma Victoria, who d. 1909, youngest dau. of the
late James Tabor, Esq., of Prittlewell Essex ; b.
mas.— Boleyns, Backing, near Braintrcc, Essex.

SAVOEY, Sir William Borradaile, Bart. —
Cr. 1890.
Only child of the Rev. Sir Borradaile Savory, 2nd
Bart., by Florence Julia, who d. 1902, dau. of Frede-
rick William Pavy, Esq., M.D., F.R.S. ; b. 1882 ; s.
1906; m. 1907 Argemone Margaret Carruthers, dau.
of the late Charles Carruthers Johnstone, Esq., and
has 3 daus. Sir William Savory, who was educated
at Trinity Col., Cambridge (B.A. 1908, M.A. 1912),
was formerly Lieut. R. Pucks Hussars Yeo., and is
on the roll for High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire for
1920. — fioodlands, Stoke Pages, Buckinghamshire.

SAVORY, Sir Joseph, Bart., of Buckburst
Park, Berks.— Cr. 1891.
Eldest son of Joseph Savory, Esq., of Buckhurst Park,
who d. 1879, by Mary Caroline, younger dau. of the
late Isaac Braithwaite, Esq., of Kendal, Westmorland ;
b. 1843 ; m. 1888 Helen Pemberton, only dau. of the
late Lieut.-Col. Sir George Archibald Leach, K.C.B.,
R.E. Sir Joseph Savory, who was educated at Harrow,
is an Aid. of the City of London (Sheriff of London and
Middlesex 1882-3, Lord Mayor of London 1890-1),
a J.P. and D.L. for Berks and for Westmorland, and
Lord of the Manors of Wharton and Nateby, West-
morland ; was M.P. for Westmorland (Appleby Div.)
1%^2-1^00.— Buckhurst Park, near Ascot, Berks;
Carlton, and National Clubs, s.w. ; City Carlton
Club, E.G.; Wyndham House, Sloane Gardens, s.w.

SAWBRIDGE, Edward Henry Bridgman,
Esq., of East Haddon, Northamptonshire.
Eldest son of the Rev. Edward Henry Sawbridge, of
East Haddon, who d. 1874, by Fanny Isabella, whod.
1898, dau. of the late Edward Bridgman, Esq., of
Coney Weston Hall, Suffolk; b. 1840; j». 1877 Bertha,
eldest dau. of the late Rev. George Goodwin Pownall
Glossop, and has, with 3 other daus., *Isabella. Mr.
Sawbridge is a Magistrate for Northamptonshire (was
on the roll for High Sheriff for 1 890) and for Berk-
shire, and Patron of E. Haddon; late Capt. 24th
Foot.— Residence : Dcnford Park, Htmgerford, Berk-
shire ; Junior United Service Club, s.w.


SAWLE, Sir Charles John GRAVES-, Bart.,
M.V.O., of Peiirice, Cornwall.— Cr. 1836.

Younger son of Sir Charles Brune Graves-Sawle, 2nd
Bart., who d. 1903, by Rose Caroline, who d. 1914,
youngest dau. of the late David Runwa Paynter, Esq.,
of Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire ; b. 1851 ; s. his brother
Sir Francis Aylmer Graves-Sawle, 3rd Bart., C.V.O.,
1903 ; m. 1887 Constance Mary, dau. of the late
Major-Gen. Charies Frederick Torrens Daniell, C.B.,
and has had, with 2 daus., a son, Richard Charies,
Lieut. Coldstream Guards ; b. 1888 ; m. 1914 Muriel
Cecil Harriott (who m. 2ndly 1917 Capt. Alwyn Lionel
Compton Cavendish, Rifle Brigade), eldest dau. of
Lieut.-Col. Charies Henry Brabazon Heaton-Ellis, of
Wyddial Hall, Hertfordshire, and was killed in action
1914. Sir Charles Graves-Sawle, who was educated
at Somersetshire Coll., Bath, and was a Naval A.D.C.
to H M. King Edward VII. 1906, and High Sheriff of
Cornwall 1913, is aRear-Adm. ret. B.N , and Patron
of 1 living.— PenWcc, St. Austell, Cormcall ; Barley
House, Exeter ; Marlborough, and Brooks's Clubs.
s.w. ; Naval and Military Club, w.





Tower, Lancashire.

Geoigina Mai-Rtiret, eldest dau. of Capt. William
Edward Eawlinson, Indian Army, who d. 18*8 "y
Jane who d. 1890, eldest dau. of the late Miles
Stringer, Esq., of Effingham Hill, Surrey ; m. 186.5, as
his 3rd wife, James Sawrey-Cookson, Esq., of
Broughton Tower, and of Neasham Hall, co. Durham,
a J P. for CO. Durham (High Sheriff 1871), who d
1888 leaving, with other issue, a son, * James Freville
Bawlinson, educated at Eton ; 6. 1866 ; m. 1890
Catherine Anna, youngest dau. of Richard Stirling
Esq of Craig Wallace, Stirlingshire. Mrs. Sawrey
Cookson is Lady of the Manors of Broughton-in
Furness and Suberthwaite.— Brottj^jfoji Tower
Brotighton-in-Furness, Lancashire.

SAWYER, Adelaide Maky, Lady, of Haseley
Hall, Warwickshire.
Fourth dau. of the late Eev. John Harwood Hill,
F S.A., Rector of Cranoe, Leicestershire ; m. 1873
Sir James Sawyer, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.S.A., F.R.S.
Edin., of Haseley Hall, Consulting Physician to the
Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, and a J.P. for War-
wickshire and for Birmingham, who was cr. Knt.
1885, and d. 1919, leaving, with other issue, a son,
* James Edward Hill, Major and Brevet Lieut.-Col.
(Acting Lieut.-Col.) 1st Southern Gen. Hospital,
R A M C T.F. ; educated at Shrewsbury and at Ch.
cii ' Oxford (B.A. 1897, M.B. 1900, M.A. 1901, M.D.
1903)- b. 1874; ra. 1906 Margaret, youngest dau.
of Lieut.-Col. Llewellyn Wood Longstaff, and has,
with other issue, a son, *James Basil Longstaft, b.
IQIO.— Haseley Hall, Warwick; 31, Tein2ile Row,
Birmingham ; 29, Old Burlington Street, w.

SAWYER, Flokence Beatrice, Lady.

Dau of William Baines Dawson, Esq., M.R.C.S., of
Swindon, Wiltshire ; m. 1st 1903 Sir William Phillips
Sawyer, one of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of London,
who was Clerk to the Drapers' Company 1869-1908,
and who was cr. Knt. 1904 and d. 1908 ; 2ndly 1909
Frederick Charles Dee, Esq.

SAWYER, Edmund Chaeles, Esq., of Hey-
wood Lodge, Berks.

Eldest son of the Eev. William George Sawyer, for-
merly Eector of Taplow, Bucks, who d. 1917 (by
Margaret Alice, who d. 1914, dau. of the late Rev
Charles Alexander Sheppard, of Great Milton House
Oxfordshire), andnephew of Lieut.-Gen.Charles Saw-
yer, of Heywood Lodge, under whose will he s. 1892
6 1871. Mr. Sawyer, who was educated atRadley, is
a Magistrate for Oxfordshire (on the roll for Higl
Sheriff for 1920), and Lord of the Manor of Hey
wood.— Residence : Little Milton, Wallingford.

SAYE AND SELE, Lord (Geoffrey Cecid


1447 and 1603.1
Eldest son of John Fiennes, l7th Lord, by Lady
Augusta Sophia, who d. 1915, youngest dau. of
'Thomas Robert, 10th Earl of Kinnoull; b. 1858 ; s.
1907 • m. 1884 MarionEuperta Murray, younger dau.
of the late Major Robert Bartholomew Lawes, of
Kingston Hill Place, Surrey, and of Old Park, Kent.
Lord Saye and Sele, who was educated at Eton, is a
Magistrate for Oxfordshire, an Hon. Major in the
Aimy Hon. Col., previously Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col.
Comm., 3rd Batt. and Capt. ret., late R. Scots Fusi-

: The original writ t ' "~ " ■- - -

liers; was Comptroller of H.M.'s Household 1912
15.— Broughton Castle, Banburij ; Junior Unite
Service Club, s.w.

Ih'ir. his son Ceoffrey Rnp(
Q.O. Oxfordsllire Hussar
Inner Temple 1 ail ; educi
Oxforcl(B.A, 1910) ; i. 1884.

1, Capt. and temp. Muinr
; called to the Bar at t.lie
Harrow and at New Coll.,

SAYER, Lady.
Annie, eldest dau. of the late William Blundell, Esq. ;
m. 1862 Sir James Robert Steadman Sayer, a Lieut.-
Geii. ret., and Col. 1st Dragoon Guards, who was in
command of the Belfast District 1882-3 and of the
Western District 1883-5, who had the Grand C

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