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on, Esq., b. 1850; {
m. 1880 Emily Anna Durban Musgrave, dau. of J.
Eaton, Esq. Sir Edmond Stevenson was educated at
Edinburgh Univ. ; M.D. Brussels 1894 ; M.B.C.S.
(England) 1873; F.E.C.S. (Edinburgh) 1884; isaJ.P.
fur Eondebosch, a Member of the Medical Council of
the Cape of Good Hope, of which he has been Presi-
dent, a Fellow of the B.Societyof Medicine of London,
and a Corresponding Fellow of the Obstetrical Society
of Edinbui'gh. — Strathallan House, Rondebosch,Gape
Colony ; Civil Service Club, Cape Town.

STEVENSON, Francis Seymour, Esq., of

Playford Mount, Suffolk.

Son of Sir William Stevenson, K.C.B., Governor of !

Mauritius, who d. 1863, by Caroline Octavia, who d. i

126S '

1908, dau. of the late Joseph Seymour Biscoe, Esq. ; b.
1862 ; m. 1889 Mary Kate, dau. of the late Edward
Joicey, Esq. Mr. Stevenson, who was educated at
Harrow and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1884), is a
J. P. and D.L. for Suffolk, and a Knight Comm. of the
Order of the Eedeemer of Greece, and was M.P. for
Suffolk (Eye Div.) 1885-1906, Parliamentary Charity
Commissioner 1894-5, and Second Church Estates
Commissioner 1906. — ayford Mount, near Wood-
bridge ; Atlienaum Club, s.w.

STEVENSON, Major George James Hae-

Only son of William George Stevenson, Esq., J.P., late
68th Foot and Scots Guards, of FoxleasePark, Hamp-
shire, who d. 1910, by Maria Anne, who d. 1907,
eldest dau. of the lateLieut.-Col.Hardress Eobert and
Lady Maria Anne Saunderson, of Northbrook House,
Hampshire; 6. 1863; m. 1911 Jessie, younger dau.
of the late F. Manley-Sims, Esq., F.E.C.S. Major
Stevenson, who was educated at Eton and at Exeter
CoU., Oxford, and was formerly Major Eeserve of
Officers and previously Capt. 3rd Batt. Hampshire
Kegt., was temp. Capt. in the Army 1914-15.
— Glencairn, Wiiichester ; Junior United Service
Club, s.w.

STEVENSON, Col. James, C.B., of Braid-
wood, Lanarkshire.

Eldestson of Nathaniel Stevenson, Esq., J.P. of Braid-
wood, who d. 1847, by Margaret Jane, who d. 1897,
dau. of the late Thomas Eennie Scott, Esq., D.L. ; b.
1838 ; TO. 1st 1866 Eliza, who d. 1875, dau. of the late
James Hamilton, Esq., and niece of the late John
Hamilton,Esq., D.L. , of Fairholm, Lanarkshire; 2ndly
1879 Fanny, who d. 1880, eldest dau. of the late
Frederick Eichards Leyland, Esq., of Woolton Hall,
Lancashire ; 3rdly 1 885 Florence Louisa, only child of
Samuel Mountford Gibbs, Esq., and has, with other
issue, *James Stevenson-Hamilton, b. 1867 (loliom see).
Col. Stevenson, who was educated at Eugby, and
assumed the surname of Hamilton on his wife's s. to
her uncle's property 1867, but has since discontinued
it by royal warrant, was formerly Capt. 12th E.
Lancers, and A.D.C. to Queen Victoria 1896 1901 and
to King Edward VII. 1901-10, has been A.D.C. to
King George V. since 1910, and is a J.P. and D.L.
for Lanarkshire, Hon. Col. 8th Bittt. Highland L.I.,Col.
late Comm. 9th Lanarkshire Vol. Eifle Corps, V.D.,
and commands the Lanarkshire National Eeserve. —
Braidwood, Carluke, N.B. Eesidence : Kirkton,
Carluke, N.B. ; Army ayxd Navy Club, s.w.

F.R.G.S., of Fairholm, Lanarkshire.

Eldest son of Col. James Stevenson, C.B., J.P. and
D.L., of Braidwood, Lanarkshire, by his 1st wife Eliza,
who d. 1875, dau. of the late James Hamilton, Esq.,
and niece of the late John Hamilton, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Fairholm; 6.1867 ;s. 1888. Major Stevenson-
Hamilton, who was educated at Eugby and at the E.
Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is a J.P. and D.L. for Lanark-
shire, Major Eeserve of Officers, Major ret. late 6th
Inniskilling Dragoons, and Warden of the Transvaal
Game Eeserve ; was an Assistant Provost Marshal,
with the temp, rank of Lieut. -Col., 1915-16 ; ap-
pointed a Camp Commandant 1916. — Fairltolm,
Larkhall, JV.B. Eesidence : Kirkton, Carluke,
N.B. ; Army and Navy Club, s.w.

Hnr Prrs., his nephew Vivian Edfrar Olmar, only son of

Maior Olmiir Obtirles John Stevenson-Hamilton, Supply

and Transport Corps, Indian Army ; previously Capt.

Highland L.I., who rf. 1919, by Qwladys Claire, elder dau.

of Col. Robert Stevenson, O.M.G., late 6th Dragoon

Guards ; 6. 1907.


+ STEWARD, Lleut.-Col. Sir G

Chakles Thomas, KB.E., C.M.G.— Cr.

B. 1866 ; m. 1908 Anna Lucas, dau. of Walter Seton
Synnot, Esq. Sir George Steward is Lieut.-Col.
Australian Imperial Force, and has been Secretary
to the Federal Executive Council and Official Secret-
ary to the Governor-Gen. of Australia since 1902,
and Chief Commissioner of PoUce for Victoria since
1919. — Federal Government House, Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia; Naval and Military, and
Athenaum Clubs, Melbourne.

STEWAED, Hannah, Lady.

Dau. of the late Eev. Caleb Whitefoord, Rector of
Burford, Shropshire; m. 1873 the Hon. Sir William
Jukes Steward, a J.P. for New Zealand, and Major New
Zealand Vols., who was a Member of the House of
Kepresentatives, New Zealand, 1870-5 and 1881-1911,
Speaker 1891-3, and M.L.C. 1912, and who was cr.
Knt. 1903, and d. 1912.

STEWAED, the Rev. EDWARD,of Saxlingham-
Nethergate, Norfolk.

Eldest son of Edward Steward, Esq.,o{ Saxlingham-
Nethergate, who d. 1874, by Sarah Henrietta, who
d. 1900, dau. of the late Henry Taylor, Esq. ; 6.1851;
m. 1878 Margaret Kny vet, who d. 1908, dau. of the late
Eev. Herbert Wilson, EectorofFritton, Norfolk, and
has, with other issue, a son, *Edward Merivale, Major
Supply and Transport Corps, Indian Army ; late
Lieut. N. Staffordshire Eegt. ; 6.1881. Mr. Steward,
who was educated at Magdalen CoU.,Oxford (B.A. 1874,
M.A. 1877), was formerly Principal of the Salisbury
Diocesan Training Coll., and is Prebendary of War-
minster in Salisbury Cathedral, and Eector of Boyton
with Sherrington, Wiltshire.— Boi/toji Bcctory, Cod-
ford S.O., Wiltshire.

STEWAED, Mrs., of East Carleton Manor,
and Gowthorpe Manor, Norfolk.

Eleanor Mary, eldest dau. of the Eev. Edmund
Thomas Daubeney, Eector of Southacre, Norfolk, who
d. 1914, by Mary, eldest dau. of the late Eobert
Castle, Esq., of Cleeve Court, Somerset ; to. 1891
John Henry Steward, Esq., of East Carleton Manor,
and Gowthorpe Manor, a J.P. for Norfolk, Major
Norfolk National Reserve, and Capt. and Hon. Major
ret., late 4th Batt. Norfolk Eegt., who d. 1915,
leaving, with other issue, a son, *John Geoffrey,
b. 1901. Mrs. Steward is Lady of the Manors 1
of E. Carleton, Peverells late Townsends, Gow-
thorpe, Mulbarton,Saxlingham,Netherhall, Verdons,
Thorpe Hall, &c., and Patron of 3 hvings. — 1
Gowthorpe Manor, Swardeston, near Norwich. I

STEWAET, Lady Octavia SHAW-, of Font-
hill Abbey, Wiltshire.

Sixth dau. of Eichard, 2nd Marquess of Westminster.
K.G., who (I. 1869, by Lady Elizabeth Mary, who d.
1891, younger dau. of George Granville, 1st Duke of
Sutherland; m. 1852 SirMichaelKobertShaw-Stewart,
7th Bart., who d. 1903, and has, with other issue,
♦Walter Eichard {3rd son), a J.P., D.L. and C.C. for
Wiltshire (High Sheriff 1919); late Capt. 1st Vol.
Batt. Wiltshire Eegt. ; previously Capt. 4th Batt. |
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; 6. 1861; m.\
1891 Mary Beatrice Sydney, only dau. of the late
Sydney Leveson Lane, Esq., of Manor House, Great ]
Addington, Northamptonshire, and has, with other
issue, an elder surviving son, * Walter Guy, M.C., Capt. j
Coldstream Guards ; b. 1892 ; m. 1916 Diana, eldest
dau. of George Bulteel, Esq., of Brook Lodge, Ascot, 1


and has, with other issue, a son, *Ian Nicl, 6. 1018.
Lady Octavia Shaw-Stewart is Patron of 1 living.
— Fonthill Abbey, Tisbury, Wilts.

way, Earl of.

STEWART, Sir Haeet Jocelyn Ubquhaet,
Bart., of Fort Stewart, co. Donegal. — Cr.

Younger son of William Molloy Stewart, Esq., who
d. 1889, by Ellen, eldest dau. of the late W. H.
Urquhart, Esq., and widow of Francis Berkeley
Drummond, Esq. ; 6. 1871; s. his brother Sir William
Augustus Annesley, 10th Bart., 1894 ; to. 1896 Isabel
Mary, 2nd dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Francis Stewart
Mansfield, of Castle Wray, co. Donegal. Sir Harry
Stewart is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Donegal (High
Sheriff 1905), an Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Major
late Donegal E.G.A. Militia, and was temp. Capt,
Service Batt. E. Irish Eifles 1915-lG.— Fort Stewart,
near Ramelton, co. Donegal.

Heir, bis son William Francis, b. 1901.

STEWAET, Sir (Michael) Hugh SHAW-,
Bart., C.B., of Greenock, and Blackball,
Renfrewshire.— Cr. 1067.

Eldest son of Sir Michael Eobert Shaw-Stewart, 7th
Bart., by Lady Octavia {tvhom see), 6th dau. of Eichard,
2nd Marquis of Westminster, E.G. ; 6. 1854 ; s.1903 ;
TO. 1883 Lady Alice Emma Thynne.eldest dau. of John
Alexander. 4th Marquis of Bath. Sir Hugh Shaw-
Stewart, who was educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch.,
Oxford, is Vice-Lieut, of and a J.P. for Eenfrewshire,
Chairman of the Eenfrewshire Territorial Force As-
sociation, Hon. Col. 5th Batt. Ai-gyll and Sutherland
Highlanders and temp. Lieut.-Col. and Co. Com-
mandant Eenfrewshire Vol. Eegt. ; late Capt. 4th
Batt. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ; was M.P.
for the E. Div. of Renfrewshire 1886-190G.— ^)(Z-
gowan, Greenock; Carlton, and Travellers' Clubs,

Heir Pres., Iii3 brother the Rev. Charles Robert, Rector of
Cowden, Kent ; educated at Harrow and at Oh. Ch.,
Oxford (B.A. 1880, M.A. 1882) ; b. 185G ; m. 1800 Ida
Fannie Caroline, 3rd dau. of H. W. Alfken, Esq., of Olden-
burg, and has 2 daus.

STEWAET, Sir Hugh Houghton, Bart., of
Athenry, co. Tyrone.— Cr. 1803.
Eldest son of Sir John Marcus Stewart, 3rd Bart., by
Anne Coote, who d. 1913, eldest dau. and co-heiress of
thelateGeorgePowellHoughton,Esq.,of Kilmannock,
CO. Wexford ; 6. 1858 ; s. 1905 ; m. 1915 Amy, dau. of
the late Walpole Eyre Greeuwell, Esq., and widow of
Frederick Charles Caldwell, Esq. Sir Hugh Stewart,
who was educated at Wellington Coll. and at the B.
Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is a J.P. and D.L. for co.
Tyrone (High Sheriff 1903), an Hon. Brigadier-Gen.
ret., late Major Eeserve of Officers, and Lieut.-Col.
and Hon. Col. Comm. 4th Batt. R. Inniskilling
Fusiliers; formerly Capt. E. Irish Eifles; com-
manded the 22nd Batt. Imp. Yeo. in S. Africa
1901, the 3rd Batt. Essex Eegt. 1902, and the 77th
Infantry Brigade, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-
Gen., 1914-16, and was a Group Commander,
with the temp, rank of Col., 191&-n.—Ballygawley
Park, Tyrone ; Naval and Military Club, w. Eesi-
dence : 101, Ashley Gardens, s.w.

Heir I'res,, his brother George Powell, Major Reserve of

Officers, and Major ret. late R. Inniskilling Fusiliers ;

formerly Lieut. Ool. 2nd Batt. R. Jersey Militia; 6. 1861 ;

m. 180.5 Florence Maria Georgina, dan. of the late Col.

Sir James Godfray, of Grainvllle Manor, Jersey, and has,

with a dau., a son, * Hugh Charlie Godfray, Lieut, B.

Inniskilling Fusiliers; educated at the K. Mil. Coll.

Sandhurst; b. 18»7.





STEWART, Sir Norman Robert, Bart., O.B. STEWART, Mok a Gough, Lady

_ ' I nan i-»f r.nl rtrprrnrv Haines, forme:

-Cr. 1881

Onlysurviving son of F.M. SirDonald Martin Stewart,
lstBart.,G.C.B., G.C.S.I.,C.I.E.,by MarinaCatherine,
C.I., who d. 1911, dau. of the late Comm. Thomas
Dymook Dabine, R.N. ; b. 1851 ; s. 1900 ; m. 1875
Adeline, dau. of P. W. Hewett, Esq. Sir Norman ]
Stewart, who was educated at Harrow andattheR. Mil.
Coll., Sandhurst, is a Major-Gen. ret. Indian Ai'my , late
Comm. a 2nd Class Dist. in India.

Beir, bis son Douglas Law, h. 1878 ; m. 1903 LUiiin Dorathea,
youngest dau. of F. W. Quarry, Esq., of Goruckpur, Dehra

Bart., of Southwick, Stewartry of Kirkc;iid-
bright ; and of Blairderry, and Ardwell, I
Wigtownshire.— Cr. 1892. j

Elder son of Mark Hathorn Stewart, Esq., J.P. and ;
D.L., of Southwick, who d. 1878, by Janet, 3rd dau. of
thelateJohnSprot, Esq.; 6.1834; m. 1866 Marianne
Susanna, whoiZ. 1914, only child of the late .John Orde
Ommanney, Esq., by Susanna, who d. 1902, dau. and
heiress of Sir John MacTaggart, 1st and only Bart.,
of Ardwell. Sir Mark MacTaggart Stewart, who
was educated at Winchester, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford
(B.A. 1858, M.A. 1860), and was called to the Bar at
the Inner Temple 1862, is a J.P. and D.L. for the
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and for Wigtownshire, and
Hon. Col. 2nd Lowland Brigade, R.F. A., Territorial
Force, V.D. ; was M.P. for Wigtown Burghs 1874-80,
and for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright 188-5-1906
and Jan.-Nov. 1910. Sir Mark and Lady MacTaggart
Stewart assumed the prefix surname of MacTaggart by
royal license 1895, in accordance with the will of Sir
John MacTaggart.— Soj/ttoicfc, Dumfries, N.B. ;
' Ardwell, Wigtownshire, N.B. ; Carlton, and Athen-
eeum Clubs, s.w.; New, and Scottish Conservative
Clubs, Edinburgh.

Heir, his son Edward Orde, Capt. Grenadier Guards: edu-
cated at Eton and atCh. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 190G, M.A. 1909) ;
h. 1883 ; m. Wn Margaret Seliiia Flora Maud, elder sur-
ng dau. of the Hon. Gilbert Theophilus Clif run Clifton-

STEWART, Blanche Caroline, Lady.
Third dau. of Adm. the Hon. Keith Stewart, C.B.,
who d. 1879, by Mary Caroline, who d. 1895, only dau.
of the late Lieut.-Col. Sir Charles Augustus Fitz-
Roy, K.C.B. ; m. 1872, as his 2nd wife. Sir William
Houston Stewart, an Adm. ret., who had been Comm.-
in-Chief at Devonport, Comptroller of the Navy and
Superintendent of Chatham, Portsmouth, and Devon-
port Dockyards, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1877, G.C.B.
1887, and d. 1901.— 130, Sloane Street, s.w.

STEWART, Sir Robert MacGregor, G.C.B.
— Cr. K.C.B. 1902, G.C.B. 1911.

Son of the late John Stewart, Esq., of Plymouth and
Londonden-y, by Mary, dau. of the late William Gre-
gory, Esq., M.D., of Coleraine, co. Londonderry; 6.
1842 ; m. 1st 1868 Caroline, who d. 1871, only child of
the late Rev. Arthur Glasse ; 2ndly 1 889 the Hon. Jessie
Ann, elder dau. of Lyon, 1st Lord Playfair, and
widow of Capt. Edmund Peel, 14th Hussars. Sir
Robert Stewart, who was educated at the R. Mil.
Academy, Woolwich, is a Gen. ret., and Col. Com-
mandant R.A., commanded the R.A. in the Southern
District 1897-1902, and was A.D.C. to Queen Victoria
1887-97, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Ber-
muda 1904-7, and Lieut, of the Tower of London
1907-9.— United Service, and Army and Navy
Clubs, s.w. ; 41, Egerton Crescc7it, s.w.

Dau. of Col. Gregory Haines, formerly H.E.I.C.S. ;
m. 1870 Sir Richard Campbell Stewart, who was a
Gen. late Madras Cav., Col. 30th Lancers (Gordon's
Horse) Indian Army, Quartermaster-Gen. Madras
18SB-6, in command of a 1st Class District Madras
1890-5, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1894, and d. 1904.—
Gleiidale, Ascot.

STEWART, Col. Sir James Purves, K.C.M.G.,
C.B., M.D., F.R.C.P.— Cr. 1918.

Second son of John Stewart, Esq., J.P. of Edinburgh ;
b. 1869 ; m. 1910 Elizabeth Phipps, dau. of the late
William Franks, Esq., of Liverpool. Sir James
Stewart, who was educated at the B. High School,
Edinburgh, at Edinburgh Univ. (M.A. 1889, M.B. and
CM. 1894, M.D. 1897; and at Jena Univ. (F.R.C P.
London 1896), is Col. T.F. Reserve, late Capt. 4th
London Gen. Hospital, R.A.M.C, T.F. ; Senior
Physician to Westminster Hospital ; Consulting
Physician to the W. End Hospital for Nervous
Diseases, to the R. National Orthopiedic Hospital,
and to the Central London Throat and Ear
Hospital ; a Fellow of the R. Society of Medicine
and a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of
Jerusalem ; has the Serbian Order of St. Sava ; was
Physician Imp. Yeo. Field Hospital in S. Africa
1900-1 and Consulting Physician to the Forces in
the Mediterranean 1915-18.— 94, Harley Street, w.

STEWART, Sir Edward, K.B.E., M.D.,
M.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.— Cr. 1917.

Second son of William Edward Stewart, Esq., of 16.
Harley Street, London, who d. 1896, by Louisa, who
d. 1912, dau. of the late James Baker, Esq., of Lon-
don; 6.1857; TO. 1888 Lady Philippa Fitzalan-
Howard, 5th dau. of Henry Granville, 14th Duke of
Norfolk. Sir Edward Stewart, who was educated at
the Middlesex Hospital and at Brussels Univ. (M.D.
1884, M.R.C S. 1883, L.R.C.P. 1883, M.R.C.P. 1885),
is a J P- and D.L. for Sussex and was Medical Assessor
to the Red Cross and Society of St. John of Jeru-
salem in France, with the temp. Hon. rank of
Lieut.-Col., 1915-18. — Brook House, East Grinstcad,
Sussex ; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.

STEWART, Sir Charles John, K.B.E., of
Rock Hill, CO. Donegal.— Cr. 1918.

Youngest son of John Vandeleur Stewart, Esq., J. P.,
and D.L., of Rock Hill, who d. 1872, by Lady Helen,
who d. 1883, 3rd dau. of Hector John, 2nd Earl of
Norbury ; 6. 1851 ; s. his brother Rear-Adm. Hector
Brabazon Stewart, by deed of gift, 1917 ; m. 1884
Lady Mary Catherine Graham-Toler, eldest dau. of
Hector John Graham, 3rd Earl of Norbury, and has
had, with 3 daus., 2 sons, Gerald Charles, Capt. 10th
R, Hussars ; 6. 1888, and killed in action 1915 ; and
John Maurice, Lieut. Irish Guards, Special Reserve ;
b. 1895, and killed in action 1915. Sir Charles
Stewart, who was educated at Harrow and called
to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1883, was Senior
Official Receiver Companies Winding up 1890-7,
Clerk of the London C.C. 1897-1900, Chairman of
S. Allsopp & Sons 1900-7, and Public Trustee
1907-19.— ifoc/c HiV, Letterkenny, co. Donegal;
Junior CarltonClub, s.w. ; 24, Ecclcston Square, s.w.

STEWART, Col. Sir Robert King, K.r..i; ,
of Murdostoun, Lanarkshire.— Cr. lOlw.

Eldest son of Robert Stewart, Esq., J.P. and D.L., ..i
Murdostoun, who d. 1866, by Isabella, who d. I'M)::.
eldest dau. of the late John King, Esq., of Camp.-;ir.
Stirlingshire ; 6. 1853 ; m. 1881 Alice Margaret. 2ud
I dau. of John Christie, Esq., of Cowden, Perthshire,



and has, with other issue, a son, "John Christie, edu
cated at Eton and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1911)
h. 1888. Sir Robert Stewart is a J.P. and D.L. for and
Convener of the C.C. of Lanarkshire, and Lieut-Col,
and Hon. Col. ret., late Comm. Q.O.E. Glasgow Yeo.,
T.D.—Murdostoun Castle, Newmains, N.B.

STEWART, Jessy Dingwall Fokdyce, Lady

Dau. of the Rev. Robert Maedonald, D.D. ; m. 1866, as
2nd wife, Sir Thomas Grainger Stewart, D.L., LL.D.,
Physician in Ordinary to Queen Victoria in Scotland,
and Professor of Medicine in Edinburgh Univ., who
was cr. Knt. 1894, and d. 1900.— 4, Carlton Street,
Edinburgh ; 6, Artillery Mansions, Westminster, s.w.

STEWART, Sir David, Knt., of Banchory
Devenick, Kincardineshire. — Cr. 1896.

Eldest son of the late John Stewart, Esq., J.P., of
Banchory Devenick, and Leggart, Kincardineshire, by
Mary, dau. of the late Patrick Irvine, Esq. ; b. 183-5 ;
m. 1860 Margaret Dyce, eldest dau. of the Rev. David
Brown, D.D., LL.D., Principal of Free Church Coll.,
Aberdeen, and has, with other issue, a son, * David
Brown Douglas, Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. Territorial
Force Reserve, late Comm. 4th Batt. Gordon High-
landers, V.D.; b. 1862; to. 1899 Isabella Alexandra,
only dau. of the late Alexander Brown, Esq., a M.L.C.
of iSombay. Sir David Stewart, who was educated
at Aberdeen and at King's Coll., Aberdeen University
(M.A., LL.D.), is a J.P. and D.L. for cos. Aberdeen
and Kincardine, and for the City of Aberdeen, and was
Lord Provost of Aberdeen City 1889-95.— Banctor?/
House, Banchory Devenick, N.B. ; Carlton, aiul Cale-
donian Clubs, s.w. ; B. Northern Clnb, Aberdeen.

STEWART, SirFEANCis Hugh, Knt., CLE.—
Cr. 1916.
Only surviving son of Robert Stewart, Esq., of
London and Calcutta, who d. 1893, by Catalina
Isobel, elder dau of the late Francis Stewart, Esq.,
of London and Porto Rico ; b. 1869 ; m. 1906 Frances
Henrietta, elder dau. of Arthur George Rickards,
Esq., K.C., J.P. Sir Francis Stewart, who was edu-
cated at Harrow and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1894, M.A. 1905), is Capt. Calcutta Scottish, Indian
Defence Force ; was a Commissioner for the Port of
Calcutta 1908-12 and 1913-17 ; M.L.C. Bengal 1911-
12 and 1914-15 and Sheriff of Calcutta 1914 ; an
Additional Member of the Council of the Governor-
Gen, of India for making Laws and Regulations
1915-16 and 1916-17, and a Member of the Indian
Industrial Commission 1916-17 ; has been a Member
of the Calcutta Improvement Trust since 1912 and
President of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce since
1915.— 5, Council House Street, Calcutta ; Union
Club, s.w. ; Bengal Club, Calcutta.

STEWART, Alexander Blaik, Esq., of Bal-
nakeilly, and Arnbathie, Perthshire.
Eldest son of Henry Black Stewart, Esq., J.P., of
Balnakeilly, who d. 1881, by Mary Forbes Kinlock,
only dau. of the late James Hood, Esq., Capt. 91st
Regt. ; b. 1849. Educated at Edinburgh ; is a J.P.
and D.L. for Perthshire, and Capt. and Hon. Major
late 3rd Batt. R. Highlanders (Black Watch).— Baina-
keilly, Pitlochry, N.B. : CarltonCluh,s.V!.; Bacltelors'
Club, w. ; New Club, Edinburgh.

STEWART, Lieut.-Col. Alexander Kenneth,
of Achnacone, Appin, Argyllshire.
Second son of Alexander Stewart, Esq., 10th of Ach-
nacone, who d. 1893, by Mary Montague, who d. 1874,

j dau. of the late Daniel Wilson Davison, Esq., of The
' Brand Hall, Shropshire ; b. 1852 ; m. 1st 1884 Harriet
Mary, who d.s.p. 1885, dau. of the late Alexander Fair-
i weather Low, Esq.; 2ndly 1891 Annie, dau. of the late
Peter Longton, Esq., of Woolton, Lancashire, and has,
with another son, * Alexander Dugald Lorn, Capt.
Gordon Highlanders; educated at the R. Mil. Coll.,
Sandhurst; b. 1891. Lieut.-Col. Stewart, who was
educated at Haileybury and at Edinburgh Univ., is a
Magistrate for Argyllshire, and a Surgeon Lieut.-Col.
ret., Indian Medical Service. — Achnacoyie, Appin,

STEWART, Charles Duncan, Esq., of Brin,

Only son of Charles Stewart, Esq., of Brin, who d.
1878, by his 1st wife Grace Helen, who d. 1868,
eldest dau. of the late Evan Macpherson, Esq., of
Glentruim, Inverness-shire ; b. 1865 ; m. 1896 Elenora
Margaret, dau. of the late Andrew Knowles, Esq., of
Swinton Old Hall, Lancashire, and has, with other
issue, a son, *Charles Andrew Duncan, b. 1899. Mr.
Stewart is a J.P. for Inverness-shire, and was for-
merly Capt. 2nd Batt. Q.O. Cameron Highlanders.—
Brin,and Viewmount, Invertiess, N.B. ; Junior United
Service Club, s.w.

STEWART, Capt. Charles Frederick, of
Horn Head, co. Donegal.

Eldest son of Charles Frederick Stewart, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Horn Head, who d. 1917, by his 1st
wife Elizabeth Frances, who d. 1881, 2nd dau. of the
late Rev. Thomas Lindesay, Rector of Upper Cumber,
CO. Londonderry ; b. 1870 ; m. 1st 1899 Alice Mary
Lydia, who d. 1907, elder dau. of the late Capt. John
Keys Humfrey, 53rd Regt., of Cavanacor, co.
Donegal ; 2ndly 1910 Hildegarde Helen Elizabeth,
elder dau. of Frederick Lindesay, Esq., of Waverley
Road, Liverpool, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Charles Frederick, b. 1911. Capt. Stewart, who
was educated at the R. School, Armagh, and at
Trinity Coll., Dublin, was formerly Capt. 5th Batt.
E. Inniskilling Fusiliers. — Horn Head, Dunfanaghey,
Co. Donegal.

STEWART, Donald Alexander, Esq., of
Loehdhu, Nairnshire.

Second son of John Stewart, Esq., of Ensay, Inverness-
shire, who d. 1899, by Jessie, who d. 1860, dau. of
the late Donald MacRae, Esq., of Auchtertyre, Ross-
shire ; b. 1857 ; m. 1894 Isabel, only dau. of the late
Robert Anderson, Esq., of Loehdhu, and has 2 daus.
Mr. Stewart, who was educated at Edinburgh, is a J.P.
and C.S. for Inverness-shire. — Loehdhu, Nairn, N.B.;
Highland Club, Inverness.

STEWART, Douglas Dormer, Esq., of Allty-
rodyn, Cardiganshire.
Younger son of James Logan Stewart, Esq., formerly
Lieut. 7th Hussars, who rf. 1898, by the Hon. Eveline
Mary, 2nd dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. the Hon. Sir
James Charlemagne Dormer, K.C.B. ; b. 1897 ; s. his
brother James Alexander Logan Stewart, Esq., Lieut.
Rifle Brigade, who was killed in action, 1915. Mr.
Stewart, who was educated at the R. Naval Colls, at
Osborne and Dartmouth and at the R. Mil. Coll.,
Sandhurst, is Lieut. 10th R. UxL5sa.):&.—Alltyrodyn,
Llandyssul, Cardiganshire.

STEWART, Edward Michael, Esq., of
Corcam, co. Donegal.
Eldest son of the Rev. Henry William Stewart, M.A.,
of Corcam, Chancellor of Downpatrick Cathedral,




who d.l910, by Frances, whod. 1911, dau. of the late
Ven. Arthur Palmer, Archdeacon of Toronto ; 6.1864 ;
m. 1918 Helen Margaret, elder dau. of George Imray,
Esq., of Culdearn, Inverness-shire. Mr. Stewart,
who was educated at Rossall and at the Belfast E.
Academy, is an Estate Agent in Belfast. — Residence :
Ivy Lodge, Knockhreda Park, Belfast ; R. Ulster
Tacht Club, Bangor.

STEWAET, John Alexa

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