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Sussex ; FranJclyns, Hayuiards Heath, Sussex ;
Badminton Club, w. ; Conservative Club, s.w.

STURT, Mrs., of Winterdyne, Worcestershire.

Beatrix Marion, elder dau. of James Patrick Muir-
head, Esq., of Haseley Court, Oxfordshire, who d.
1898, by Katharine Elizabeth, who d. 1890, 2nd dau.
of the late Matthew Robinson Boulton, Esq., of Tew
Park, Oxfordshire ; m. 1876 Col. Napier George Sturt,
E.E., sometime of Llanvihangel Court, Monmouth-
shire, a Col. ret. E.E., and a J.P. and CO. for
Monmouthshire, who d. 1901, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Geoffrey Charles Napier, temp. Capt.
Worcestershire Eegt. ; called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1913 ; educated at Winchester and at Ch. Ch.,
Oxford (B.A. 1909) ; f>. 1884 ; m. 1911 Edith Frances,
elder dau. of Philip Wood, Esq., K.C., of Edinburgh,
and has, with other issue, a son, *Anthony Napier,
b. 1912. — Winterdyne, Bewdley, Worcestershire.

STURT. See Alington, Lard.

STYLE, Sir Frederick Montague, Bart., of
Glenmore, co. Donegal. — Or. 1627.

Elder surviving son of Sir William Henry Marsham
Style, 9th Bart., by his 1st wife the Hon. Rosamond
Marion, who d. 1883, eldest dau. of Charles, 1st Lord
Tredegar ; 6. 1857 ; s. 1904 ; m. 1886 Caroline M.,
dau. of the late Frederick Schultz. — Glenniore,
Cloghan, co. Donegal.

i/«i-. Lis sou William Frederick, b. 1887; m. 1911 Florence,

dau. of J. Tiram, Esq., and ha^, with other issue, a sod,

•William Montague, b. 1916.

STYLE, Ellen Catharine, Lady.

Eldest dau. of Edward Taylor Massy, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Cottesmore, Pembrokeshire, who d. 1882, by
Helen, who d. 1888, dau. of the late Jonathan Haworth
Peel, Esq., of Cottesmore ; m. 1st 1863 the Rev. Charles
Henry Barham, of Treewn, Pembrokeshire, who d.
1878 ; 2ndly 1879 Henry Hyde Nugent Banks, Esq.,
who d. 1883 ; 3rdly 1885, as his 2nd wife. Sir William
Henry Marsham Style, 9th Bart., who d. 1904. —
Tlie Firs, Crowborough, Sussex.

SUCKLING, Capt. Thomas, of

Second son of the Rev. Robert Alfred Suckling, M.A.,
Incumbent of Bussage, Gloucestershire, who d.v.ji.
1851, by Anna Maria, who d. 1880, dau. of the late
John Yelloly, Esq., M.D., of Cavendish Hall, Suffolk ;
b. 1844; s. his brother the Rev. Robert Alfred John
Suckling, formerly Vicar of St. Alban's, Holborn,
1917; m. 1876 Florence Horatia, only child of the
late Vice-Adm. William Benjamin Suckling, of High-
wood, Romsey, Hampshire, and had a son, Robert
William Shelton, 6. and d. 1877. Capt. Suckling,
who was educated at Bradfield Coll., is Capt. ret.
R.N., a Magistrate for Hampshire, Lord of the Manors
of Barsham and Shipmeadow and Patron of 2 livings.
— Residence : Highwood, Romsey, Hampshire.

SUDELEY", Lord (Charles Douglas Richard
Hanbury-Tracy, P.C, F.R.S.).~Cr. 1838.

Second son of Thomas Charles, 2nd Lord, who d. 1863,
by Emma Elizabeth Alicia, who d. 1888, dau. of the
late George Hay Dawkins-Pennant, Esq., M.P., of
Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvonshire ; b. 1840 ; s. his
brother Sudeley Charles George, 3rd Lord, 1877 ; m.
1868 Ada Maria Katharine, only surviving dau. of the
late Hon. Frederick James Tollemache. Lord
Sudeley, who was called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1866, is a J.P. and D.L. for Montgomeryshire,
and a J.P. for Gloucestershire; was M.P. for
Montgomery Dist. 1863-77, a Lord-in-Waiting to
H.M. Queen Victoria 1880-5, one of the British
Commissioners at the Electrical Exhibition at Vienna
1884, and Capt. of Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms
in 1886 ; formerly Lieut. R.N. — Ormeley Lodge,
Ham Common, Surrey.

Heir, his son William Charles Frederick (ti-Aom see).

SUDLEY, Viscount. See under Arran.

SUDLEY, Lord. See Arran.

SUFFIELD, Lord (Charles Harbord, C.B.,
M.V.O.)— Cr. 1786.

Elder son of Charles, 5th Lord, G.C.V.O., K.C.B.,
P.C, by his 1st wife Cecilia Annetta (a Lady of the
Bedchamber to H.M. Queen Alexandra), who d. 1911,
youngest dau. of the late Henry Baring, Esq. ;
b. 1855 ; s. 1914 ; m. 1896 Evelyn Louisa, younger
dau. of the late Capt. Eustace John Wilson-
Patten. Lord Suffield, who was educated at Eton,
was A.D.C. to the Governor-Gen. of Canada
(Marquess of Lome) 1878-80 and to Viceroys of
India (Marquess of Ripon and Marquess of Dufferin
and Ava) 1882-6, and (Marquess of Lansdowne)
1888-94, a Groom-in-Waiting to H.M. Queen
Victoria 1895-1901, and Capt. of the Yeomen of
the Guard 1915-18 ; is a Magistrate for Norfolk,
Brevet Col. ret., late Scots Guards, and Patron of
5 livings.— Gawton Park, Norwich ; Turf Club,
w. ; Guards' Club, s.w. ; 47, Pont Street, s.w.

Heir, his son Victor Alexander Charles (to whom H.M. Queen
Victoria stood sponsor), Lieut. Soots Guards ; was a Page
of Honour to H.M. King George V. 1910-14; educated at
Eton and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 1897.

SUFFIELD, Frances Amelia Jessie, Lady.

Only dau. of Major Robert Poole Gabbett, formerly
R.A., of Corbally, co. Limerick, who d. 1868, by
Anna Maria, who d. 1894, 2nd dau. of the late Capt.
John Gabbett, J.P., formerly 88th Regt., of Shep-
perton, co. Clare; m. 1st 18— Col. Charles Carroll
Rich, R.H.A., who d. 1902 ; 2ndly 1911, as his 2nd
wife, Charles, 5th Lord Suffield, G.C.V.O., K.C.B.,
P.C, who d. 1914.




(Charles Henry George Howard).— Cr.
1603 and 1626.

Eldest son of Henry Molyneux Paget, 19th Earl of
Suffolk and 12th Earl of Berkshire, Major Wiltshire
Battery, .^rd Wessex Brigade, K.F.A., T.F., and an
Hon. Capt. in the Army (who was killed in action),
by Marguerite Hyde, youngest dau. of the late Levi
Zeigler Leiter, Esq., of Dupont Circle, Washington,
U.S.A. ; b. 1906 ; s. 1917 ; educated at the R. '
Naval Coll., Osborne ; is a Naval Cadet. — CIm t on j
Park, Malmeshury, Wiltshire.

Heir Pre)., his brother Cecil John Arthur, b. 1908.


Eleanor Lauderdale, Countess of. 1

Fourth dau. of the Hon. Henry Amelius Coventry,
who d. 1873, by Caroline Stirling, who d. 1862, 2nd j
dau. of the late James Dimdas, Esq., of Dundas
Castle, Linlithgowshire; m. 1868 Henry Charles,]
18th Earl of Suffolk and 11th Earl of Berkshire, who |
d. ISQS.—CMrlton Cottage, Malmesbury. Wiltsh'

SUGDEN. See' St. Leonards, Lord.

SUGRUE, James Marmadukb, Esq., of Fer-
moyle House, and East Kennard, co.

Eldest surviving sou of John Henry Sugrue, Esq., of
East Kennard, who d. 1893, by Henrietta, youngest
dau. of James Minhear, Esq., J. P., of Raleigh, co.
Cork ; b. 1867. Educated at Oscott Coll. ; is an
Hon. Major in the Army, and Lieut.-Col. and Hon.
Col. late Comm. 3rd Batt. R. Munster Fusiliers. — 9,
Sidney Place, Cork ; Coimfy Club, Cork ; R. Cork
Yacht Club, Queenstcnvn.

SUIRDALE, Viscount. See under Donmighmore.

SULLIVAN, the Rev. Sir Frederick, Bart.,
of Thames Ditton, Surrey.~Cr. 1804.
Elder son of Adm. Sir Francis William Sullivan, 6th
Bart., K.C.B., C.M.G., by Agnes, who d. 1917, 2nd dau.
of the late Hon. Sir Sydney Bell, Chief Justice of the
Cape of Good Hope ; b. 1865 ; s. 1906 ; m. 1901 the
Hon. Judith Harbord (a Maid of Honour to H.M.
Queen Victoria 1894-1901), .5th dau. of Charles, 5th
Lord Suffield. Sir Frederick SuUivan.who was edu-
cated at Wellington Coll. and at Exeter Coll., Oxford
(B.A. 1890, M.A. 1891), is Rector of Southrepps, Nor-
folk.— Sow/ferc^ps Rectory, Norwich.

Heir Pres., his brother Eichnrd. Capt. ret. R.N, ; b. 1860 ; m.
1905 Be,itrix Evelyn, eldest djiii. of the late Arthur
Magniac, Esq., of The Hermitaire, .^sent, Berkshire, and
has, with other issue, a son, * Hiehanl Benjaniiu Magniac,

SULLIVAN, Sir Edward, Bart., of Garryduff,
CO. Cork.— Cr. 1881.
Eldest son of the Right Hon. Sir Edward Sullivan,
1st Bart., Lord Chancellor of Ireland, by Bessie
Josephine, who d. 1898, dau. of the late Robert
Bailey, Esq. ; 6. 1852 ; s. 1885. Educated at Trinity
Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1876) ; called to the Bar at King's
Inns, Dublin, 1879, and at the Middle Temple 1888.
— Reform Club, s.w. ; Oxford Mansioji, w.

Hfir- Pres., his brother Wilham, Resident Magistrate for co.

Meath : called to the Bar at King's Inn^, Dublin, 1885 ;

late Lieut. 4th Batt. InniskiUing Fusiliers; h. 1860; m.

1886 Charlotte Anna, 2nd dau. of the late Right Hon.

Richard Dowse, a Baron of the Exchequer, and has a dan.,

Kathleen Mary, m. 1914 Wilmot Humphrey OUrtord Lloyd,

Esq., of Lossett, co. Cavan (whom »«).


SULLIVAN, the Hon. Sir William Wilfred,
Knt, K.C.-Cr. 1914.

B. 1843 ; TO. 1872 Alice Maud Mary, dau. of John
Fenton Newbery, Esq. Sir William Sullivan, who
was educated at the Central Academy and at
St. Dunstan's Coll., Charlottetown, called to the
Bar in Prince Edward Island 1867, and appointed
a Q.C. 1876, was a Member of the House of
Assembly, Prince Edward Island, 1872-89 ; formerly
Solicitor-Gen. and Attorney-Gen. and Prime
Minister 1879-89, since when he has been Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court, and Judge in
Admiralty fo- Prince Edward Island of the Ex-
chequer Con of Canada. — Brighton Villa, Charlotte-
town, Pr e Edicard Island.

SULLIVAN, Herbert, Esq., of Curramore, co.

Eldest son of John Jeremiah Su
more, who d. 1891, by his 1st

livan, Esq., of Curra-
wife Isabel, who d.
Harrison, Esq., of
1889 Cecilia Anne,
., of Shirley House,
educated at Trinity
Magistrate for co.
-Curramore, Broad-

1863, dau. of the late Richard
Wyton, Yorkshire ; b. 1852 ; m.
dau. of Frederick Banbury, Esq
Surrey. Mr. Sullivan, who was
Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1874), is a
Limerick (High Sheriff 1889).-
/oj-d, Cliarleville, co. Limerick.

SULLIVAN, the Rev. Ponsonby Augustus
Moore, of Ballyfollins, co. Limerick.

Only son of the late Rev. James Sullivan, of Chester-
field House, CO. Limerick, Rector of Askeaton, co.
Limerick, by Georgina Lucie, only dau. of the late
George Annesley Owen, Esq., of Bamsgate, co. Wex-
ford ; 6. 1857 ; to. 1st 1886 Emma Elizabeth, who d.
1908, youngest dau. of the late Anthony Adey, Esq.,
of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire ; 2ndly 1913
Muriel Helen, only child of Daniel Forty, Esq., of
Wotton-under-Edge, and has, with another son.
* Launcelot Lucian Adey, b. 1887. Mr. Sullivan,
who was educated at Clifton Coll. and at Keble
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1881, M.A. 1888, M.A. Durham
1889), was Vicar of St. Giles, Durham, 1891-1901
and of Warrington, Devonshire, 1901-9, has been
Vicar of Rangeworthy, Gloucestershire, since 1909,
and is in direct descent from Bernard O'SuUivan
More, A.D. 1400.— Rangewmthy Vicarage, Gloucester-

SULLIVAN, Richard John, Esq., of Lacken
Hall, CO. Kilkenny.

Son of James Sullivan, Esq., of Lacken Hall, who was
a Magistrate for co. Kilkennv, and High Sheriff of
Kilkenny city 1869, and who' d. 1889, by Elizabeth,
who d. 1913, eldest dau. of the late John O'Connell,
Esq., M.P. ; 6. 1872; m. 1907 Margaret, 3rd dau.
of Gabriel O'Connell Fitzsimon Redmond, Esq.,
M.R.C.P.I.— Locfccre Sail, Kilkenny.

SUMNER, Lord (John Andrew Hamilton,
P.C.).— Cr. 1913.

Second son of Andrew Hamilton, Esq., of Manchester,
who d. 1906, by Frances, who d. 1869, 2nd dau. of
the late Joseph Sumner, Esq., of Sharston, Cheshire ;
b. 1859 ; TO. 1892 Maude Margaret, 2nd dau. of the
late Rev. J. W. Todd, D.D., of Forest Hill. Lord
Sumner, who was educated at Manchester Grammar
School and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1882, M.A.
1884, Hon. Fellow of Magdalen Coll., Oxford 1909,
Hon. LL.D., Edinburgh 1913), called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1883, and appointed a K.C. 1901, was
a Fellow of Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1882-9, a Judge
of the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Div.,
1909-12 and a Lord Justice of Appeal 1912-13 ;




appointed a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and cr. a Life
Peer WiS.—Tbstone, Buclcinghamshire ; Atheiweum '
Club, s.w. ; Albemarle Club, w. ; 25, Gloucester ,
Square, Hyde Park, w. j

SUMNER, Feancis George, Esq., of Park]
Hall, Derbyshire ; and of Eathorpe Park, '

Eldest son of Francis .John Sumner, Esq., J. P., of
Park Hall, and of Eathorpe Park, who d. 1907, by
Fanny, dau. of the late George Watson, Esq., of
Norton House, Worcestershire ; b. 1866 ; ?n. 1897
Beatrice Frances, who d. 1916, 3rd dau. of the late
William Thomas Barrett, Esq., of Silverspring House,
CO. Cork, and has, with other issue, a son, * John |
Francis Marie, 6. 1901. Mr. Sumner is a Magistrate
for Derbyshire and for Warwickshire. — Residence :
Dene House, Kincfov, Warwickshire ; Junior Carlton
Club, s.w.

SURTEES, Capt. Henry Siward Baliol, of
Redworth Hall, co. Durham.

Elder son of Henry Edward Surtees, Esq., of Red-
worth Hall, and of Dane End, Herts, who d. 1895, by
his 2nd wife Isabel Mary, who d. 1916, youngest
dau. of the late Francis Adams, Esq., of Cotswold
Grange, Gloucestershire ; b. 1873 ; m. 1898 Helen
Winifred Muriel, only surviving child of the late
John James Thomson, Esq., and has, with 2 daus.,
a son, * Henry Ralph Crozier, b. 1901. Capt.
Surtees, who was educated at Eton, and was for-
merly Capt. 2nd Life Guards, and temp. Major 2nd
Life Guards Reserve Regt. 1914-16, is Capt. Reserve
of Officers, and a J. P. and D.L. for co. Durham, and
was on the roll for High Sheriff for I^IZ.— Redworth
Hall, Darlington ; Bedford Grove, Bishop Auckland.

SURTEES, Brigadier-Gen. Herbert CoNYEES,
C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O., F.R.G.S.,
F.S.A.., of Mainsforth Hall, co. Durham.
Only son of Col. Charles Freville Surtees, 3rd Batt.
Durham L.I., M.P., J.P. and D.L., formerly Capt.
10th R. Hussars, of Mainsforth Hall, who d. 1906,
by Bertha, dau. of the late Nathaniel Snell Chauncy,
Esq., of Green End, Hertfordshire'; b. 1858 ; m. 1887
Madeleine Augusta, who has the Order of the
Chefakat of Turkey, dau. of Edward Crabbe, Esq.,
and has 2 daus. Brigadier-Gen. Surtees, who was
educated at Harrow and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sand-
hurst, is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Durham, an Hon.
Brigadier-Gen. ret., late Coldstream Guards, Hon.
Col. 4th Batt. Durham L.I. and Lord of the Manor
of Mainsforth, and was D.A.A.G. Southern Dist.
1895-7, Mil. Attach^ at Constantinople and Athens
1905-9, in command of a Brigade, with the temp,
rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1914-16, and an Inspector of
Infantry, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1916 ;
elected M.P. for Gateshead I91S; has the Cross of
Grand Comm. of the Redeemer of Greece, and the
Orders of the Medjidie, 4th Class, and Osmanieh,
2nd Class. — Carlton, and Guards' Clubs, s.w.

SURTEES, of Hamsterley Hall, co. Durham.

See Gort.

SUTCLIFFE,WiLLiAM Ernest, Esq., of Beech
House, Lancashire.

Eldest surviving son of the late James Smith Sut-
cliffe, Esq., J. P., of Beech House, by Lucy Heald,
dau. of the late Peter Wood, Esq., 'M.D., J. P., of
Woodbank, Southport, and niece of the late James
Heald, Esq., M.P., of Parrs Wood, Lancashire ; 6.
1870 ; ?)i. 1903 Helen Blanche, dau. of John Hard-
man, Esq., and granddau. of the late Henry Hoyle

Hardman, Esq., J.P., of Horncliffe House, Lan-
cashire, and has a son, * William Gordon Raymond,
6. 1908. Mr. Sutcliffe is a Magistrate for Lancashire.
— Beech House, Bacup.

SUTCLIFFE, of Royds House, Yorkshire.

See Frulie.

SUTHERLAND, Duke of (George Granville
Sutherland Sutherland - Leveson-
Gower).— Cr. 1833.

Elder son of Cromartie, 4th Duke, E.G., by Lady
Millicent Fanny (who m. 2ndly 1914 Major and
Brevet Lieut. -Col. Percy Desmond FitzGerald,
D.S.O., 11th Hussars, an Officer of the Legion of
Honour), eldest dau. of Francis, 4th Earl of
Rosslyn; b. 1888; s. 1913; m. 1912 Lady Eileen
Gwladys Butler (appointed temp. Mistress of the
Robes to H.M. Queen Mary 1916), elder dau. of
Charles John Brinsley, 7th Earl of Lanesborough.
The Duke of Sutherland, who was educated at Eton,
and was formerly Capt. 5th Batt. Seaforth High-
landers and previously Lieut. 2nd Dragoons (R. Scots
Greys) and Lovat's Scouts Yeo., is Lord Lieut, of and
a J.P. for Sutherland, Hon. Col. 5th (Sutherland) Batt.
Seaforth Highlanders, President and Chairman of the
Sutherland T.F. Association, Hon. Commandant
Caithness and Sutherland Highland Vol. Regt.,
temp. Comm. R. Naval Reserve, and Patron of 10
livings. — Dunrobin Castle, Golspie, Sutherland;
Hotise of Tongue, Sutherland : R. Yacht Squadron,
Coices ; Hampden House, Green Street w.

Hfir Pres., his brother Lord Ali^tair St. Olnir, M.O., a D.L.
for Sutherland, *au(i Major Reserve of Officers; late Capt.
ami temp. Mnjor R. Horse Guards ; educated at Eton and
at Balliol OoU., Oxford; h. 1890; m. 1018 Elizabeth
H^Ieno. dau. of Warren Gardener Demaresr . Esq.. of New
York City, U.S.A.

1891, G.C.M.G. 1897.

Eldest son of the late Robert Sutherland, Esq., of
Aberdeen, by Christian, dau. of the late Thomas
Webster, Esq. ; b. 1834 ; m. 1880 Mary Alice, dau.
of the late Rev. John Macnaught, M.A. Sir Thomas
Sutherland, who was educated at Aberdeen Univ.
(Hon. LL.D. 1892), is one of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the
City of London, a Member of the R. Co. of Archers
(King's Body Guard for Scotland), Vice-President of
the Suez Canal, a Knight of Grace of the Order of
St. John of Jerusalem, and a Chevalier of the Legion
of Honour ; was formerly M.L.C. of Hong Kong and
founded the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Cor-
poration and Docks, M.P. for Greenock 1884-1900
and Chairman of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Co. for 34 years.— Coldharbour Wood,
Liss, Hampshire ; Reform, and Brooks's Clubs, s.w. ;
7, Buckingham Gate, s.w.

+ SUTHERLAND, Sir William, K.C.B.—
Cr. 1919.

Son of the late Alan Sutherland, Esq.; of Glasgow ;
6. 1880. Sir William Sutherland, who was educated
at Glasgow Univ., is a Merchant ; was Private
Secretary to the Right Hon. D. Lloyd George, Prime
Minister, 1916-19, and has been his ParUamentary
Private Secretary since 1919; elected M.P. for
Argyllshire 1918.-51, Westminster Palace Gardens,
Artillery Row, s.w.

SUTHERLAND, Sir George Henry, Knt.—
Cr. 1908.
Eldest son of Henry Holmes Sutherland, Esq., of
Wetherby Gardens, S.W., who d. 1903, by Anne Sin-




clair, who d. 1916, dau. of the late George Dunnett,
Esq., of Thurso ; 6. 1866 ; m. 1st 1890 Nellie Georgiana
Carr, wlio d. l.S'.)l, elder dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen.
Sir John I'lumptre Carr Glyn, K.C.B., J.P., of North-
leigh, Dorsetshire; 2ndly 1904 Elizabeth, youngest
dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir James Wolfe Murray, K.C.B.,
J.P., of Cringletie, Peeblesshire. Sir George Suther-
land, who was educated at Westminster, was Mercan-
tile Memberof the Bengal Legislative Council 1900-2
and 1907-8, Sheriff of Calcutta 1901 and 1908, a
Trustee of the Indian Museum 1903-13, and formerly
a Commissioner for the Port of Calcutta. — Baclielors' ,
mid Oriental Clubs, w. ; Brooks's Club, s.w. ; New
Club, Edinburgh; Bengal Club, Calcutta; 36,
Upper Brook Street, w.


SUTHEELAND-GR^ME, Patrick Neale,
Esq., of Grsemeshall, eo. Orkney.

Eldest son of Alexander Malcolm Sutherland-Grteme,
Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Graemeshall, who d. 1908, by
Margaret Isabel, who d. 1909, youngest dau. of the
late Rev. John Mason Neale, D.D., Warden of Sack
ville Coll., East Grinstead ; b. 1877 ; m. 1903 Bethea
Hamilton, only dau. of the late Alexander Maclean,
Esq., and has 3 daus. Mr. Sutherland-Grteme, who
was educated at Malvern Coll. and at Pembroke Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. 1898), and called to the Bar at
Lincoln's Inn 1903, is a J. P. and C.S. for Orkney
and Shetland, and Lord of the Barony of GraBme-
shall, was Secretary to Viscount Alverstone, Lord
Chief Justice of England, 1902-13, and Legal Assis-
tant to the Judge Advocate-Gen. 1914-18 ; appointed
Deputy Judge Advocate 1918. — Qranieshall, near
Kirkicall, co. Orkney; Baseness, Harpenden, Hert-
fordshire ; United University Club, s.w.; East
Sussex Club, St. Leonards ; Lewes and County
Club, Lewes ; 3, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple,

SUTTIE. See Orant-Suttie.

SUTTON, Sir Aethue Edwin, Bart., of Nor-
wood, Nottinghamshire. — Or. 1772.

Second son of Sir Richard Sutton, 4th Bart., who d.
1878, by his 2nd wife Harriet Anne, who d. 1901,
eldest dau. of the late William Fitzwilliam Burton,
Esq., of Burton Hall, co. Carlow ; b. 1857 ; s. his
nephew Capt. Sir Richard Vincent Sutton, 6th Bart.,
1st Life Guards and Guards' M. G. Regt., who d. on
active service, 1918 ; m. 1885 Cecil Blanche, eldest
dau. of Walter Douglas Dumbleton, Esq., of Oak-
hurst, George, Cape Colony. Sir Arthur Sutton is
Patron of 3 livings.— Bcn/iaro Valence, Newbury:
Barton Court, Hungerford ; R. Dorset Yacht Club,

Hny bis son Robert Lexington, late Lieut. 1st Life Guards ;

educated at WellingtoQ Coll. an! at the R. Mil. Coll.,

Sandhurst ; h. 1897.

SUTTON, Constance Edith, Lady.

Seventh dau. of Sir Vincent Rowland Corbet, 3rd
Bart., who d. 1891, by Caroline Elizabeth Anne
Agnes, who d. 1914, 3rd dau. of the late Vice-Adm.
the Hon. Charles Orlando Bridgeman, of Knockin
Hall, Shropshire ; m. 1st 1888 Sir Richard Francis
Sutton, 5th Bart., who d. 1891 ; 2ndly 1895 Hubert
Delaval Astley, M.A., formerly Rector of EUes-
borough, Bucks.— 7Jn»isoj3 Court, Hereford.

SUTTON, Sir George Augustus, Bart. —
Cr. 1919.

Only son of Henry Sutton, Esq., who d. 1890; 6.
1869; m. 1893 Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Adams,

Esq. Sir George Sutton is Chairman of the Amal-
gamated Press Ltd., and a Director of the Associated
Newspapers Ltd., of the Imperial Paper Mills Ltd.,
and of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co. ;
was Director of Pubhcity National War Bonds Cam-
paign 1917-18. — Casiic House, Walton Heath,
Surrey ; Devonshire, Junior Carlton, and Wellington
Clubs, s.w. ; Fleetway Hotise, e.g.

SUTTON, Mart Aire, Lady.
Dau. of the late George Ritchie, Esq., of Edinburgh ;
m. 1st 18— Jasper Howe Pascoe, Esq., of Natal,
who d. 18—; 2ndly 1881, as his 2nd wife, the
Hon. Sir George Morris Sutton, who was Colonial
Treasurer of Natal 1893-7, Prime Minister and
Colonial Treasurer 1903-5, and President of the
Legislative Council 1906-10, and who was cr.
K.C.M.G. 1904, and d. 1913.— Fair Fell, Howick,
Natal, South Africa.

SUTTON, Sir Abraham, Knt.— Cr. 1903.

Son of Abraham Sutton, of Cork, who d. 1886 ; 6.
1849. Educated at Clongowes Wood Coll., Ireland ;
is a J.P. for co. Cork, and Chairman of Suttons
Ltd., Cork; was High Sheriff of Cork 1903.—
Windsor, Douglas, co. Cork ; Steplien's Green Club,
Dublin; Cork Club, Cmk ; E. Cork Yacht Club,

SUTTON, Sir Henry, Knt.— Cr. 1906.
Second surviving son of James Sutton, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Shardlow Hall, Derbyshire, who d. 1868, by
Sophia, who d. 1888, youngest dau. of the late Abraham
Hoskyns, Esq., of Newton Park, Derbyshire ; 6. 1845;
m. 1872 Caroline EHzabeth, who d. 1916, eldest dau.
of the late John Nanson, Esq., of Knells, Cumberland,
and has had, with another son and 4 daus., Hubert
Joscelin, Lieut. Welsh Guards, Special Reserve ; 6.
1888, and killed in action 1915. Sir Henry Sutton,
who was educated at Rugby and at Christ's Coll.,
Cambridge (B.A. 1868), called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Inn 1870, and elected a Bencher 18 — . was Junior
Counsel to the Treasury 1890-1905, and a Judge of the
High Court of Justice, King's Bench Div., 1905-10.
— AtliencEum, and New University Clubs, s.w. ; 8,
Wyndham Hotise, Sloane Gardens, s.w.

SUTTON, Edward, Esq., of Shardlow Hall,

Eldest surviving son of James Sutton, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Shardlow Hall, who d. 1868, by Sophia, who
d; 1888, youngest dau. of the late Abraham Hoskyns,
Esq., of Newton Park, Derbyshire ; b. 1843 ; m. 1885
Frances, dau. of the late John Clarke, Esq. Mr.
Sutton is a Magistrate for cos. Derby and Leicester,
and for Parts of Kesteveu, Lincolnshire, and Patron
of ShsLTdlow.—Slmrdlow Hall, Derby : Uesidence. :
Maxey House, Market Deeping ; Junior Carlton
Club, s.w.

Heir Pres., his brother Sir Henry Sutton (whom see).

SUTTON. See Bland-Sutton, and Canterbury.

Nassau, O.B.E., of Scawby, Lincolnshire.
Eldest son of the Rev. Robert Sutton, J.P. (grandson
of Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Bart.), who d. 1885, by
Charlotte, who d. 1872, only sister of Sir John Nel-
thorpe, 6th Bart., of Scawby {ext.), whose surname
he has assumed; b. 1850; m. 1885 the Hon. Dulci-
bella, eldest dau. of William, 4th Lord Auckland, and
has, with other issue, a son, * Oliver, D.S.O., M.C.,
Capt. and Brevet Major (temp. Lieut.-Col.) Rifle
Brigade; educated at Eton; 6. 1888; m. 1914



I Swa

Marjorie Elspeth Constable, only tlau. of Charles
Constable Curtis, Esq., formerly of The Hall, Great

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