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Elder and only surviving son of Charles Thornton
Townshend, Esq., who d. 1889, by his 1st wife
Louisa, who d. 1878, eldest dau. of the late John
Graham, Esq., of Melbourne, Victoria; 6.1861; m.
1898 Alice, dau. of Comte Louis Cahens d'.^nvers,
of Chateau de Champs, Seine et Marne, France.
Sir Charles Townshend is a Major Gen., late King's
Shropshire L.I., formerly B. Fusiliers, I.S.C. and R.
Marines ; was an A.A.G. in India 1907-9, and in com-
mand of the Orange River Colony Dist., S. Africa,
1909-11, of the Home Counties Div., T.F., 1912, of
the E. Anglian Div., T.F., 1912-13, of the Jhansi
Brigade, S. Army in India, 1913-14, of the Rawal
Pindi Brigade, N. Army in India, 1914-15, and of
the Force on the Tigris in the Mesopotamia Cam-
paign (including the Defence of Kut) 1916.— Fere
Lodge, S. Raynham, Norfolk ; Naval and Military,
and BacJielors' Chibs, w. ; Brooks's, and Marl-
borough Clubs, s.w.

TOWNSHEND, Sir Charies James, Knt.—
Cr. 1911.

Third son of the Rev. Canon George Townshend,
Rector of Ch. Ch., Amherst, Nova Scotia, who d. 1895,
by Elizabeth, who d. 1881, eldest dau. of the late
Hon. Alexander Stewart, of Halifax, Nova Scotia ; b.
1844 ; TO. 1st 1867 Laura, who d. 1884, 4th dau. of the
late John Denny Kinnear, Esq., of Amherst; 2ndly
1887 Margaret, 2nd dau. of the late John McFariaue,
Esq., of Wallace, Nova Scotia. Sir Charies Townshend,
who was educated at the Collegiate School and at
the Univ. of King's Coll., Windsor, Nova Scotia (B.A.
1862, B.C.L. 1872, Hon. LL.D. 1908), called to the
Bar in Canada 1861!, and appointed a Q.C. 1881,
was M.L.A. and M.E.C. Nova Scotia 1878-84, a
Member of the Canadian House of Commons 1884-7,
a Judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
1887-1907, and Chief Justice thereof 1907-15 ;
appointed Chancellor of the Univ. of King's Coll.,
Windsor, Nova Scotia, 1912.— Raynham, Wolfville,
Nova Scotia ; Halifax, Nova Scotia ; Halifax Club,
BoMfax. ^^^.




TOWNSHEND, Chaeles Loftus Uniackej
Esq., of Castle Townshend, co. Cork.

Eldest son of Charles Uniacke Townshend, Esq., of I
Dublin, who d. 1907, by his 1st wife Anna Maria
Sarah, who d. 1873, eldest dau. of the late Rev.
Robert Loftus Tottenham, Chaplain to H.M.'s Lega-
tion at Florence; b. 18G1 ; m. 1895 Beatrice, only
child of the late Carl von Bunsen, of Mein Geniigen,
Biebrich, Germany, and has, with other issue, a son,
*Charles Eichard de Bunsen Loftus, Acting Lieut.
K.N. ; educated at the R. Naval Colls, at Osborne and
Dartmouth ; b. 189fi. Mr. Townshend, who was
educated at Eepton, and was formerly Capt. 5th Batt.
E. Irish Rifles, was on the roll for High Sheriff of co.
Cork for 1921.— Castle Townshend, co. Cork; 46,
Lansdoione Road, Dublin; Sackville Street Club,
Dublin ; Cork County Club, Cork ; R. St. George
Yacht Club, Kingstmvn.

TOWNSHEND, Capt. Haeey Leigh, of Cal-
decote Hall, Warwickshire.
Eldest son of Henry Townshend, Esq., of Caldecote
Hall, who d. 1896, by Jane, who d. 1908, eldest dau.
of tlie late John Shaw Leigh, Esq., of Luton Hoo,
Bedfordshire; 6. 1842; to. 1880 the Hon. Annie
Ellen Brooks, 2nd dau. of Thomas, 1st Lord Craw-
sbaw, and has issue, *Reginald Brooks, O.B.E., temp.
Liimt. R. Naval Vol. Reserve, late Lieut. Leicester-
shire Imp. Teo.; b. 1882 ; m. 1911 Dulcie, younger
dau. of Frederick Harris Miles, Esq., and has
a son, *Henry Reginald, b. 1916. Capt. Town-
shend, who was formerly Capt. 12th Regt., and pre-
viously Lieut. R. Dragoons, is a Magistrate for
Warwickshire (High Sheriff 1901) and Patron of
1 UyiDg.—Caldecote Hall, Nuneaton ; Arthur's
Club, s.w.

TOWNSHEND, William Towee, Esq., of
Myross Wood, co. Cork.
Second and eldest surviving son of John Handcock
Townshend, Esq., of Myross Wood, who d. 1889, by
Katharine Emma, who d. 1907, 2nd dau. of the late
Rev. William Tower, of How Hatch, Essex; b. 1855 ;
s. his brother Richard Harvey Townshend, Esq., 1899 ;
m. 1901 the Hon. Geraline Emily Curzon, 6th dau. of
Alfred Nathaniel Holden, 4th Lord Scarsdale, and
has 3 daus. Mr. Townshend, who was educated at
Haileybury, at Brackenbury's Army School, Wim-
bledon, and in Germany, was formerly Capt. 3rd
Batt. Queen's Own R. West Kent Regt., and is a
Magistrate for co. Cork (High Sheriff 1913).— Myross
Wood, Leap, co. Cork.

TOWNSHEND. See Marsham-Townskend.

TOWEY-LAW. See Ellenborough, Beatrice
Joanna, Lady. "

TOWSE, Sir (John) Weench, Knt., F.R.G.S.
— Cr. 1911.

Second son of William Beckwith Towse, Esq., Clerk
to the Fishmongers' Co., who d. 1889, by his Ist wife
Anne, who d. 1862, dau. of the late John Wrench,
Esq., of London ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874 Alice Maud Mary,
who d. 1896, eldest dau. of the late Charles Locock
Webb, Esq., Q.C.,of Hanover Terrace, W. Sir Wrench
Towse, who was educated at Highgate and at Brighton,
has been Clerk to the Fishmongers' Co. since 1889,
and is Hon. Secretary to the National Sea Fisheries'
Protection and Salmon and Trout Associations ; has
the Cross of Officer of the Grecian R. Order of the
Sa,\iom.—Sunnydene, Biekley, Kent ; Fly Fisliers'
Club, w. ; Fishmongers' Hall, e.g.


Constance Jauetta, dau. of Thomas Fry, Esq., who
d. 1892; TO. 1903 Sir Henry Tozer, an Aid. of the
Westminster City Council, Originator of the Housing
Scheme in that City and a Leader of the Variety
Theatre Industry, who was cr. Knt. 1918 and d.
1918.— Kingsdoion, Deal.

TRACEY, the Hon. Lady.

Adelaide Constance Rohesia, only child of John
Constantine, 29th Lord Kingsale, who d. 1865, by
Adelaide, who d. 1885, only dau. of the late Joshua
Proctor Brown Westhead, Esq., of Lea Castle,
Worcestershire ; m. 1887, as his 2nd wife, Sir Richard
Edward Tracey, an Adm. ret., who was A.D.C. to
Queen Victoria I8S0-8 ; Second in Command of the
Channel Squadron 1888-90; Superintendent of Malta
Dockyard 1892-4 and President of the R. Navil Coll.,
Greenwich, 1897-1900, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1898,
and d. 1907.

TRACY. See Eanbury-Tracy, and Sudeley.

TRAFFORD, Richard Randolph William
Rawson, Esq., of Micbaelchurch Court,
Only son of Henry Randolph Trafford, Esq., J. P.
and D.L., of Micbaelchurch Court, who d. 1910, by
Bettina Maud (who m. 2ndly 1913 Alfred Capper,
Esq.), 2nd dau. of the late WiUiam Bailey Partridge,
Esq., of The Green, Bacton, Herefordshire, and
Llanfoist House, Monmouthshire; b. 1907; is Lord
of the Manor of Ewias Lacy. — 15, Egerton
Gardens, s.w.

TRAFFORD, Capt. Sigismund Willi.a.m
Joseph, of Honington Hall, Lincolnshire.

Eldest son of Edward Southwell Trafford, Esq., J.P.,
of Honington Hall, who d. 1912, by his 2nd wife the
Hon. Eleanor Mary, who d. 1908, 7th dau. of William
Bernard, 12th Lord Petre ; b. 1883; m. 1914 Lady
Elizabeth Constance Mary Bertie, youngest dau.
of Montagu Arthur, 7th Earl of Abingdon, and
has 2 daus., Capt. Trafford is Capt. Reserve of
Officers, temp. Major 1st Batt. Norfolk Vol. Regt.,
and Capt. ret., late Rifle Brigade, and was sub-
sequently Capt. 5th Batt. Rifle Brigade.— Residence :
Wroxham Hall, Norwich ; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.

TRAFFORD. See de Traffo,-d.

TRAGETT, Geoege Lane, Esq., of Awbridge
Danes, Hampshire.
Second son of George Henry Tragett, Esq., of Awbridge
Danes, who d. 1881, by Anne Charlotte, youngest
dau. of the late Gen. Sir Thomas Reed, G.C.B ; 6.
1872; 5. his brother Thomas Heathcote Tragett,
Esq., 1916 ; m. 1902 Mildred Edith, 5th dau. of the
late Foster Mortimore, Esq., of Belgrave Road, Lon-
don, and has, with other issue, a son, '' John Reed,
b. 1904. Mr. Tragett was educated at Wellington
Coll. — Awbridge Daiies, "near Romsey, Hampshire.

TRAHERNE, Cennydd Geoege, Esq., of
Coedarbydyglyn, Glamorganshire.
Elder son of Llewellyn Edmund Traherne, Esq.,
J. P., Acting Comm. Emergency List R.N., late
Lieut. K.N., of Coedarbydyglyn, who d. on active
seivice 1914, by Dorothy Emma Olivia, elder dau. of
George Felix Standish Sinclair, Esq. ; b. 1910 ; is
Patron of 3 Yw'mgs.— Coedarhydyglyn, Cardiff.




TEAHERNE, Capt. Onslow Powell, of
Coytreben, Glamorganshire.

Only son of Major Anthony Powell Traherne, J.P.,
late Capt., 17th Foot, who d. 1910, by Lucy Lockwood,
who d. 1917, only child of the late Thomas Onslow,
Esq. ; b. 1866 ; s. his uncle Major John Popkin
Traherne, J. P. and D.L., 1901; m 1st 1896 Muriel
(div.), eldest dau. of the late John Selwyn Harvey,
Esq., M.D. ; 2ndly 1917 Ehzabeth, dau. of the late
James Goodwin, Esq., of Sydney, N.S.W., and widow
of James Bennett, Esq , of Mill House, Bourne End,
Bucks. Capt. Traherne, who was educated at Sher-
borne School, is a Magistrate for Glamorganshire and
an Hon. Capt. ret., late temp. Capt. Labour Corps,
1st Reserve Eegt. of Cav. and Glamorganshire Yeo.
— Coijirelien, Aberkentiq, Glamorganshire ; Boodle's,
and Orleans Clubs, s w. Residence : 6, Sout/iwick
Crescent, w.

TRAILL, Capt. Cecil James, M.C, of
Hobbister, co. Orkney; and of Rattar,
Only surviving son of Major James William Traill,
J. P., late 4th Batt. Cheshire Regt., of Hobbister, and
of Rattar, temp. Major Recruiting Staff, Bristol, vfho
d. 1917, by Ethel, dau. of the late T. J. Sumner, Esq.,
of Melbourne.Australia ; b. 1888. Capt. Traill, who was
educated at Repton and was formerly Lieut. Seaforth
Highlanders, is Capt. Reserve of Officers and temp.
Capt. Seaforth Highlanders. — Residence : Castlehill,
Caithness; Caledonian Club, s.w.

TRAILL, George, Esq., of Holland, co.
Eldest son of Thomas Traill, Esq., of Holland, who
d. 1896, by Margaret, 2nd dau. of the late Robert
Menzies, Esq. ; b. 1847. Mr. Traill, who was edu-
cated at Edinburgh Academy and University, is a
J.P. and C.S. for co. Orkney.— Residence : Clmrles-
field. Mid Calder, Midlothian.

TRAILL, Lieut. -Col. William Stewart,
D.S.O., of Ballylough House, co. Antrim ;
and of Marlfield, co. Down.
Eldest son of Anthony Traill, Esq., LL.D., J.P. and
D.L., of Ballylough House and of Marlfield, Provost
of Trinity Coll., Dublin, who d. 1914, by Catherine
Elizabeth, who d. 1909, 2nd dau. of the late James
Stewart Moore, Esq., D.L., of Ballydivity.co. Antrim ;
b. 1868 ; m. 1896 Selina Margaret, youngest dau. of
the late Charles Frizell, Esq., J.P., of Castle Kevin, co.
Wicklow, and has, with other issue, a son, * Anthony
O'Brien, Lieut. W. Riding Regt., and Acting Capt.
Tank Corps ; educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin, and at
the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst; b. 1897. Lieut.-Col.
Traill, who was educated at Gosport and at Trinity
Coll., Dublin (B.A.I. 1889, M.A. 1890), is a D.L. for
CO. Antrim and Lieut.-Col. R.E. — Ballylough House,
Bushmills, co. Antrim.

TRAILL-BURROUGHS. See Burroughs, of\
Trumland House, Rousay, co. Orkney.

TRANT, Capt. Laurence Dominick, of Dovea, I
CO. Tipperary.
Elder eon of Col. FitzGibbon Trant, J.P.-and D.L., of
Dovea, who d. 1912, by Emily Georgina, youngest!
dau. of the late Philip Jocelyn Newton, Esq., ofi
Dunleckney Manor, co. Carlow ; b. 1887; m. 191.5 j
Eira Eileen, only dau. of Matthew Herbert Woods,
Esq., of Ote Hall, Sussex, and has a son, *Ion Fitz- j
gibbon, b. 1915. Capt. Trant, who was educated at'

Haileybury, is a J.P. for co. Tipperary (on the roll
for High Sheriff for 1921) and Capt. S. Irish Horse.
— Dovea, Thurles, co. Tipperary.

Mrs., of Clayton Hall, Lancashire.
Helen, 2nd and only surviving dau. of Thomas
Lomax, Esq., of Westfield House, Lancashire, who d.
18G5, by Mary Frances, dau. and heiress of the late
Rev. Charles Sanders; m. 1866 Thomas Byrnand
Trappes. Esq., of Stanley House, Lancashire, a J.P.
for Lancashire and for the W. Riding of Yorkshire,
and Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. late 4th Batt.
K.O. R. Lancaster Regt., who d. 1891, leaving, with
other issue, a son, * Richard, a Magistrate for Lanca-
shire and Capt. and Hon. Major T.F. Reserve, late
temp. Major Lancashire Hussars Yeo. ; previously
Capt. 3rd Batt. K.O. R. Lancaster Ragt. ; educated
at Stonyhurst ; b. 1870 ; m. 1894 the Hon. Alice
Mary Wilhelmina, 3rd dau. of the late Basil Thomas
Fitzherbert, Esq., formerly of Swynnerton Park,
Staffordshire, and has, with other issue, a son,
* Thomas Byrnand, Lieut, and temp. Capt. Scots
Guards; educated at Stonyhurst ; b.lSOS. —Clayton
Hall, Accrington ; Stanley House, Clitheioe; All-
springs, Great Harwood. Helen Mary Maxima,
only child of the late William Francis Segar, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law, by Mary, who d. 1877, eldest dau.
of the late Thomas Lomax, Esq., of Westfield
House; m. 1882 David Howell, Esq., J.P., of
Rosehill, Cornwall, and has a dau.. Trances Mary;
m. 1908 Major James Lewis Sleeman, R. Sussex
Regt., Director of Mil. Training, Wellington, New
Zealand, and has, with other issue, a son, * John
Cuthbert de Fontenne, 6. 1910. — Bosehill, Penzance.

TRAVERS, Robert, Esq., of Timoleague, co.

Eldest son of Robert Augustus Travers, Esq., of
Timoleague, who d. 1904, by Alice Jane, who d. 1896,
eldest dau. of the late Rev. Henry Stewart, Vicar
of Rathbarry, co. Cork; b. 1855 ; m. 1st 1877 Jenny
Susan, who d. 1891, dau. of Damer Millett, Esq., of
Carragowan, co. Mayo ; 2ndly 1893 Laura Isobel, who
d. 1906, dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. John Brown, for-
merly Army Pay Department; Srdly 1909 Edith
Morris Preston, dau. of the late Charles Yescombe,
Esq., and has, with other issue, a son, * Robert Damer,
educated at Haileybury Coll. ; b. 1878 ; m. 1906 Alice
(Bunny), 3rd dau. of W. Bagn.all, Esq., of Drummond
House, CO. Westmeath, and has a son, * Robert
Francis, b. 1907. Mr. Travers, who was educated at
Haileybury Coll., and called to the Bar at King's
Inns, Dublin, 1879, was formerly Judges' Registrar
and Secretary of the Probate Court, Ireland, and is
a Magistrate for co. Cork. — Timoleague, co. Cork ;
County Club, Cork.

TRAVERS. See Clark.Travcrs.


Cornelia, dau. of the late Rev. James Rumsey, M.A. ;
?K. 1881 Sir William Hood Treacher, who was
Acting Police Magistrate, Labuan, 1871-2; Act-
ing Colonial Secretary and Auditor 1873 ; Colonial
Secretary, Auditor, and Police Magistrate 1877-81 ;
First Governor of British North Borneo 1881-8 ;
Secretary to Perak 1888-91 ; Acting British Resident,
Perak, 1891-2 ; British Resident at Selangor 1892-6,
and at Perak 1896-1902, and Resident-Gen. of the
Federated Malay States 1902-5, and who was
cr. K.C.M.G. 1904 and d. 1919.— S/. Stephen's
Cottage, St. Albans ; 97, Cadogan Gardens, s.w.




TEEDEGAR, Lord (Couetenay Chables
Evan Moegan, O.B.E.)— Or. 1859. i

Elder son of Col. the Hon. Frederic Courtenay i
Morgan, M.P., J. P. and D.L. (3rd son of the 1st
Lord), who d. 1909, by Charlotte Anne, who d.
1891, youngest dau. of the late Charles Alexander
Williamson, Esq., of Balgray, Dumfriesshire, and
of Lawers, Perthshire ; b. 1867 ; s. his uncle Godfrey •
Charles, 1st and only Viscount Tred ,ar (cr. 1905),
as 3rd Lord 1913 ; m. 1890 Lady .-Catharine Anne
Blanche Carnegie, youngest dau. of James, 9th
Earl of Southesk, K.T. Lord Tredegar, who was ;
educated at Eton, is a J.P. and D.L. for Monmouth-
shire, a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of
Jerusalem, an Hon. Major in the Army, Hon. Col.
1st Batt. Monmouthshire Eegt., Major and Hon.
Lieut.-Col. ret., late R. Monmouthshire B.E. Militia, |
temp. Comm. R. Naval Vol. Reserve, and Patron of j
4 livings. — F.uperra Castle {Glamorganshire), New-
port, Mon'inouthshire ; Tredegar Park, Newport, .
Monmouthshire ; Honeywood House, Oakwood Hill,
Dorking, Surrey; White's, and Arthur's Clubs, \
s.w. ; Turf Club, w. ; R. Yacht Squadron, Cowes . '
48, Orosvenor Street, w.

! Welsh QuardB ;

TEEDENNICK, the Rev. Canon Geoege
Nesbitt Haydon, of Camlia Castle, co.
Eldest son of Lieut. Col. John Galbraith Tredennick,
of Camlin Castle, who d. 1884, by Emily Dodsworth,
dau. of the late Joseph Haydon, Esq., of Guildford,
Surrey; b. 1860; m. 1889 Alice Jane, eldest dau. of
the Ven. Archdeacon Robert Phair, of Rupert's
Land, and has, with another son, * John Nesbitt
Ernest, temp. Capt. Gen. List, late temp. Lieut. 14th
(Service) Batt. (1st Birmingham) B. Warwickshire
Regt. ; 6. 1892. Canon Tredennick, who was edu-
cated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B A. 1884, M.A.
1893), is Vicar of Christ Church, Sparkbrook, Bir-
mingham, Hon. Canon of Birmingham, and Surro-
gate for the dioce.se of Birmingham. — Christ Church
Vicarage, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

TREE, Lady. j

Maud, dau. of the late William Holt, Esq. ; m. 1883
Sir Herbert Draper Beerbohm Tree, an Actor, and
Proprietor and Manager of H.M.'s Theatre, who had i
the Orders of the Crown of Italy, and St. John of j
Jerusalem, and who was cr. Knt. 1909 and d. 1917. —
41, Cromwell Road, s.w. 1

TEEFFRY, Chaeles Ebenezee, Esq., of Place, i

Eldest son of the Rev. Edward John Treffry, of Place, !
who d. 1880, by Anne, who d. 1881, only dau. of the I
late Charles Steel, Esq.; i. 1842; «t. 1st 1866
Udney Blakeley, who d. 1904, eldest dau. of the
late Baron von Bretton ; 2ndly 1905 Henrietta, 2nd j
dau. of the late John Kingsley, Esq., and has, with '
other issue, a son, * Edward, C.M.G., O.B.E. , an Hon.
Capt. in the Army, Lieut.-Col. Hon. Art. Co., In
fantry, and Lieut. Reserve of Officers ; educated at
Eton ; 6. 1869 ; m. 1913 Anne, only dau. of the Rev.
Reginald Heber Treffry, M.A., Rectorof St, Eudellion,
Cornwall. Mr. Treffry, who was educated at Magda-
lene Coll., Cambridge, was formerly Capt. E. Miners
Art., and Mayor of Fowey 1914, and is a J.P. for
Cornwall (High Sheriff im&).— Place, Fowey.

TEEFU sis. See Clintm, Lord.

TEEGEAR, Sir Vincent William, K.C.B.—
Cr. 1909.

Eldest son of Vincent Tregear, Esq., Department of
Education, Government of India, who d. 1857, by
Ehza Hannah Seely, who d. 1880 ; b. 1842 ; m. 1867
Jane Charlotte, who d. 1899, eldest dau. of the late
William Oswald Bell, Esq., of Edinburgh. Sir Vin-
cent Tregear is a Major-Gen. u.s.l. Indian Army, com-
manded the Lushai Expedition 1889 and the Chitta-
gong Column, Chin-Lushai Expedition, 1889-90 and
was a Col. on the Staff, Punjab, 1895-7.— B. Albert
Yacht Club, Southsea ; cjo Henry S. King & Co.,
9, Pall Mall. s.w.

TREGONliNG, John Simmons, Esq., of
Landue, Cornwall.
Eldest son of John Simmons Tregoning, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Landue, who d. 1909, by Sophia, dau. of
the late Edward Norris, Esq., of Liverpool; 6.1868.
Mr. Tregoning, who was educated at Harrow and at
Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1889, M.A. 1895), is a
Magistrate for Carmarthenshire and for Cornwall. —
Landue, Launceston, Cornwall.

TREHERNE, Major - Gen. Sir Feancis
Haepee, K.C.M.G., F.R.C.S.— Cr. 1917.
Third son of Henry Treherne, Esq., of the Exchequer
and Audit Department, Somerset House, who d. 1891,
by Harriet Charlotte, who d. 1884, eldest dau. of the
late Robert Harper, Esq.; 6.1858; m. 1st 1884
Meliora Alianor Cotgrave, who d. 1891, dau. of the late
Major-Gen. William Roberts Farmar ; 2ndly 1900
Nona Ther^se Burne, dau. of ihe late Gen. Sir
Frank Turner, K.C.B. Sir Francis Treherne, who
was educated at St. Bartholomew's Hospital
(L.R.C.P. Edin. 1881, F.R.C.S. 1884, D.P.H. Cam-
bridge 1887), is a Major-Gen. ret., late A.M,S. ; was
Surgeon to the Commander-in-Chief in India 1893 8 ;
Principal Medical Officer and Assistant Director of
Medical Services, India, 1911-14 ; Hon. Surgeon to
the Viceroy of India 1912 ; Deputy Director of
Medical Services, B.E.F , France, 1914-15, Director
of Medical Services there 1915-16, and with the
Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force 1916-17, and
Deputy Director, London Dist., 1917-18.— T/ie Red
House, Woodbridge, Suffolk ; Army and Navy Club,

TRELAWNY, Sii' John William SALUS-
BURY-, Bart., of Trelawne, Cornwall.—
Cr. 1628.

Eldest son of Sir William Lewis Salusbury-Trelawny,
10th Bart., and only son of his 1st wife Jessy Rose
Mary, who d. 1871, only dau. of the late John Murray,
Esq., ofPhilipbaugh, Selkirkshire; 6. 1869; s. 1917;
m. 1st 1891 Agnes Hedevig Helga (who obtained a
div. in Canada 1905), eldest dau. of William Barap-
field Braddich, Esq., of Blackheath; 2ndly 1905
Katherine Penelope, 2nd dau. of the late Ambrose
Sneyd Cave-Browne-Cave, Esq. Sir John Salusbury-
Trelawny was formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt. Welsh Regt.
and temp. Lieut. 9th (Service) Batt.SomersetL.L1914-
15. — Trelawne, Duloe B.S.O., Cornwall.

Heir, bis son Jolm William Robin Maurice, li. 19US.

TRELAWNY, Haeeiet Bullee, Lady
Eldest dau. of the late Rev. James BuUer Kitson, Vicar
of Morval, Cornwall, by Harriet, dau. of the late John
BuUer, Esq., of Morval ; m. 1872, as his 2nd wife.
Sir William Lewis Salusbury-Trelawny, 10th Bart.,
of Trelawne, Cornwall, who d. 1917.— 18, Bramham
Gardens, s.w.




TRELAWNY, the Rev. Francis Edwabd, of
Coldrenick, Cornwall.
Eldest surviving son of the Rev. Frederick John
Rooke, Canon of Salisbury, who d. 18S8, by Ellen
Trelawny, who d. 1884, youngest dau. of the late
Edward Jago, Esq., of Plymouth ; b. 18G2 ; s. his
aunt Miss Lucretia Bedford Jago 1914 ; ?». 1897
Gertrude, eldest dau. of James Herbert Benyon, Esq.,
of Englefield, Berkshire, Lord-Lieut, of Berkshire,
and has had a son, Henrv Wallace, Lieut. 3rd Batt.
Duke of Cornwall's L.I. ; 'b. 1897, and killed in action
1918; and a dau, Marjorie Lilian. Mr. Trelawny,
■who was educated at Marlborough and at Oriel Coll.,
Oxford (B.A. 1884), and assumed the surname of
Trelawny in lieu of Rooke by deed poll 1914, was
Vicarof Old Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, 189.5-1901.
and of Mortimer- West-End, Berkshire, 1901-14, and
is Lord of the Manor of Treworlis. — Coldrenick,
Menlieniot, Cornwall ; Junior Constitutional Club,
w.; B. Western Yacht Club of England, Plymouth.

TRELAWNY-ROSS, the Rev. John Tre-
lawny, D.D., of Ham, Devon ; and of
Limavady, co. Londonderry.
Eldest son of the Rev. William Ross, of Limavady,
Canon of Londonderry, who d. 1891, by Caroline
Matilda, dau. and co-heiress of the late Arthur Luce
Trelawny Collins, Esq., Lieut. R.A., of Ham ; b. 1852 ;
VI. 1st 1881 Emma Mary Katharine, who d. 1886,
dau. of Alexander Bassett, Esq., of Baynton House,
Glamorganshire ; 2ndly 1894 Mary Frederica Cecilia,
youngest dau. of the late Capt. George Somerville and
the Lady Emily Digby , and has, with other issue, * the
Rev. William Edwin Trelawny, M.C , temp. C.F. ;
educated at Sherborne and at Merton Coll., Oxford
(B.A. 1907, M.A. 1910); 6.1883. Dr. Trelawny-Ross,
who was educated at Winchester and at Trinity Coll.,
Dublin (B.A. and Silver Medallist in Modern Litera-
ture 1875, M.A. 1878, B.D. 1889, D.D. 1890), and
assumed the prefix surname of Trelawny by deed poll
1903, was Vicar of Paignton with Marldon, Devon,
1892-1908, Rural Dean of Ipplepen 1898-1902, and
Official of the Archdeacon of Totnes 1908-10, and
has been a Surrogate since 1898, and Proctor in Con-
vocation for the diocese of Exeter since 1910. — Ham,
Devon; Limavady, Londonderry.

TRELOAR, Sir William Purdie, Bart.— Cr.
Second son of Thomas Treloar, Esq., of Helston,
Cornwall, who d. 1876, by Elizabeth, who d. 1859,
dau. of the late John Robertson, Esq., of Pitlochry,
Perthshire; b. 1843; m. 1865 .\nnie, who d. 1909,
dau. of the Icte George Blake, Esq. Sir William
Treloar was educated at King's Coll. School, London ;
elected an Aid. of London 1892 ; was a Sheriff of
London 1899 and Lord Mayor of London 1906-7,
and is a Magistrate for Surrey, for Kent, and for
the CO. of London, one of H.M.'s Lieuts. and a
Commissioner of Income Tax for the City of
London, Founder of the Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples'
Hospital and Coll. at Alton, a Knight Commander of
the Order of St. Olaf of Norway, and a Grand Officer
of the Order of Danilo I. of Montenegro ; has the
Grand Cordon of the Order of St. Sava of Servia, and
the Orders of the Rising bun of Japan, 3rd Glass,
the Dannebrog of Denmark, and the Lion and
Sun of Persia. — Grange Mouni, Norwood, Surrey ;
Carlton, Junior Carlton, and Authors' Clubs, s.w. ;
Junior Conservative Club, w. ; Savage Club, w.c. ;
Press Club, e.g.

TREMATON, Viscount. See under Athlone,
Earl of.

TREMAYNE, Capt. Arthde Hearle, of
Morval, Cornwall.

Second son of Henry Hawkins Tremayne, Esq., who
d. 1894, by Charlotte Jane, who d. 1909, 3rd dau. of
the late John Buller, Esq., of Morval ; b. 1808. Capt.
Tremayne is Capt. ret. R.N. — Morval, Sandplace
R.S.O.. Cornwall.

TREMAYNE, Capt. William Francis, of
. Carclew, Cornwall.

Eldest son of Lieut.-Col. Arthur Tremayne, M.P., J.P.
and D.L., formerly 13th Hussars, of Carclew, who d.
1905, by his 1st wife Lady Frances Margaret, who d.
1866, 2nd dau. o

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