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Frances, youngest dau. of Sir Thomas
imir Paul Frauds


PONSONBY, Esq., of Kells, CO. Kerry.
Only son of Rowland Pousonby Blennerhassett, Esq.,
K.C., M.P., .T.P., of Kells, who d. 1913, by Mary
Beatrice, Srd dau. of the late Walter Armstrong, Esq.,
of Ennismore Gardens, S.W.; b. 1879; ?n. 1914 Silvia,
only dau. of the late Fredejic William Henry Myers,
Esq., of Leckhampton, Cambridge, and has a dau., Mary
Diana Ponsonby. Mr. Blennerhassett, who was edu.
cated at Eton, is an Associate Member of the Institu-
tions of Civil and Electrical Engineers. — Kells, co.
Kerry ; Brooks s Club, s.w. ; 52, Hans Place, s.w.

BLBWITT, Mrs., of
See Leigh.

House, Lancashire.

of Ballyseedy House, co. Kerry.
Only son of Charles John Allanson Wynu Blenner-
hassett, Esq., of Ballyseedy House, formerly High Sheriff
of CO. Ken-y, who d. 1859, by M.ary Anne (who m. 2ndly
1862 William Walker, Esq.), 4th dau. of the late John
Hickson, Esq., D.L., of Dingle Grove, co. Kerry ; b.
1856 ; m. 1882 Clara Nesta Richarda, M.B.E., only dau.
of the late Desmond John Edmund FitzGerald, Esq.,
Knight of Glin, of Glin Castle, co. Limerick, and has 3
daus. Major Blennerhassett is a J.P. and D.L. for co.
Kerry (High Sheriff 1878), and Major late 4th Batt.
R. Munster Fusiliers ; late temp. Hon. Major Remount
Sevviae.— Ballyseedy, Tralee ; Kildare Street Club,

BLIGH, Miss, of Brittas, co. Meath.

Gwendolen Mary, only child of Maior Frederick
Arthur Bligh, J.P. (High Sheriff of co.'Meath 1904),
temp. Major R.F.A., late Capt. R.H.A., of Brittas, who
d. from the effects of illness contracted on active service
1915, by Mary Wentworth, only surviving dau. of the
late Lieut.-Gen. George Wentworth Forbes, of The
Gleanings, Rochester. Miss Bligh is Patron of 1 living.
— Brittas, Nobber, co. Meath.

BLIGH, Stanley Price Morgan, Esq., of Cil-
mery Park, Breconshire.

Only son of Oliver Morgan Bligh, Esq., J.P., of
Cilmery Park, who d. 1886, by Ellen, who d. 1903,
dau. of J. Edwards, Esq., of Clifton; b. 1870; ?«.
1898 Matilda Agnes, dau. of Major John WiLson, late
R. Scots Greys. Mr. Bligh, who was educated at Eton
and at Trinity Coll., Oxford, and called to the Bar at
the Inner Temple 1895, is a Magistrate for Brecon-
shire.— CJtaer^ Par*, Builth R.S.O., Breconshire ; 28,
Grosvenor Road, s.w.

BLIGH, of Fartherwell, Kent. See Wingfield-

B LIGH. See Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, Baroness,
and Darnlcy, Earl of.

BLISS, Sir Henry William, K.C.I.E.— Cr.


Eldest son of the late Rev. James Bliss, Rector of
Manningford, Wilts, by Mary, dau. of the late Rear-
Adm. Sir Thomas FeUowes, C.B. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1st 1863
Mary, who d. 1876, dau. of Edmund Rendle, Esq., M.D. ;
2ndly 1879 Edith, who d. 1898, dau. of the late James
Wheeler, Esq.; 3rdly 1900 Florence, who d. 1919,
youngest dau. of Sir Frederick Joseph Bramwell, 1st
and only Bart. Sir Henry Bliss, who was educated at
Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1862, M.A. 1914), is a
Magistrate for Berkshire, and was a Member of the
Council of the Governor of Madras 1893-8, and a
Member of the London C.C. 1901-7.— The Abbey,

BLISS, Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor,
of Quarry Court, Buckinghamshire.
Eldest sou of Baron Henry de Barreto, J.P. and D.L.,
of Brandon Park, Suffolk, who assumed the surname
of de Barreto in lieu of de Bliss in 1869, and who d.
1890, by Katharine Eliza, who d. 1892, eldest dau. of
the Rev. Robert Baker ; h. 1869 ; m. 1891 Ethel, eldest
dau. of Arthur Wolton, Esq. Baron Bliss, who was
educated at Cheltenham Coll., and assumed the sur-
name of Bliss in lieu of de Barreto 1919, is a J.P. for




Suflfolk, and was on the roll for High Sheriff for 1898.
— Quarry Court, Marlow, Buckinghamshire; Villa
Fellers La Marsa, Tunis, N. Africa ; Isthmian Club, vr. ;
Hurlincfham Club, s.w. ; if. Albert Yacht Club, Soiethsca.

BLISSET, of Letton Court. See Dew.

BLOCK, Sir Adam Samuel James, K.C.M.G.—
Cr. 1907.

Eldest son of Adam Henry George Block, Esq., Indian
Civil Service, who d. 1857, by Slaria Ann Elizabeth,
dau. of the late James George Davey, Esq., M.D., of
North woods, Gloucestershire ; b. 1856 ; m. 1882 Louisa
Constance, eldest dau. of the late Robert Cumber-
batch, Esq., H.M.'s Consul at Smyrna. Sir Adam
Block, who was educated at Clifton Coll., and entered
the Levant Consular Service 1877, was Viee-Consul at
Beyrout 1882-5; Interpreter at the British Embassy,
Constantinople, 1885-94, First Dragoman and Oriental
Secretary 1894-1903, and Secretary of Legation there
1903, and is President of the British Chamber of Com-
merce, Turkey and the Balkan States, and of the Im-
perial Ottoman Co. of the Docks and Arsenal, a Director
of the Constantinople Quays Co., appointed by the Bank
of England, and Eepresentative of the British and
Dutch Bondholders on the Council of the Ottoman
Public Debt, of which he was alternative President
1903-14 ; during the suspension of the above appoint-
ments owing to the War, he is Controller of the Finance
Section of the Ministry of Blockade ; has the Grand
Cordon of the Order of the Osmanieh in brilliants.
— St. James's Club. w. ; 17, Moorgate Street, e.c.

BLOFELD, John Calthorpe, Esq., of Hovetou
House, Norfolk.
Only son of Thomas Calthorpe Blofeld, Esq., J.P.,
Barrister-at-Law, Chancellor of the Diocese of Norwich,
and formerly Recorder of Ipswich, of Hoveton House,
who d. 1908, by Fanny Elizabeth, who d. 1910, 4th dau.
of the late Rev. John Anthony Partridge, Rector of
Baconsthorpe, Norfolk ; b. 1875; m. 1902 Isabel Clare,
dau. of Thomas Henry Burroughes, Esq., of Ketton Cot-
tage, Rutland, and has, with other issue, a son, * Thomas
Robert Calthorpe, b. 1903. Mr. Blofeld, who was edu-
cated at Eton, is a Magistrate for Norfolk. — Hoveton
House, Norwich; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.; Norfolk
County Club, Norwich.

BLOIS, Sir Halph Baeeett Macnaghten, Bart.,
of Cock-field, Suffolk.— Cr. 1686.
Eldest son of Sir John Ralph Blois, 8th Bart., by
Eliza Ellen, youngest dau. of the late Capt. Alfred
Chapman; b. 1866; «. 1888; m. 1898 Winifred Grace
Hegan, younger dau. of the late Col. Edmund Hegan-
Kennard, of Great Tangley Manor, Surrey. Sir Ralph
Blois, who was educated at Wellington Coll., is a
J.P. and D.L. for Suffolk (High Sheriff 1905), and a
Capt. Reserve of Officers, late Lieut. Scots Guards. —
Cockfield Hall, Yoxford ; Guards' aub, s.w.
Heir, his son Gervase Ealpb Etimund, b. 1901.

BLOME FIELD, Sir Thomas Wilmot Pere-

GEiNE, Bart., C.B.— Cr. 1807.

Eldest son of the Rev. Sir Thomas Eardley Wilmot

Blomefield, 3rd Bart., of Holgate Lodge, Yorkshire, I

by his 1st wife Georgina Louisa, who d. 1852, dau. of i

the late Gen. Sir Peregrine Maitland; b. 1848; s.\

1878; m. 1874 Lilias, dau. of the late Major the

Hon. Charles Napier. Sir Thomas Blomefield, who

•was educated at Repton, was an Assistant Secretary

in the Board of Trade 1901-8.— T';^;^ Windmill House,]

Lichfield. j

Heir, his grandson Thomas Edward Peregrine, only son of

Uomm. Thomas Charles Alfred Blomefleld, R,N., who rf. (of

wounds received inaction) 1915, by Margaret Josephine,

eldest dau. of Edward Palmer Landou, Esq. ; b. 1907.


BLOMFIELD, Sir Richard Massie, K.C.M.G.
— Cr. 1904.
Fourth son of the Rev. George Becher Blomfield, ol
MoUington Hall, Cheshire, who d. 1885, by Frances
I Maria, who(i. 1837, dau. of the late Rev. Richard Massie,
' of Coddington, Cheshire; b. 1835; m. 1877 Rosamund
Selina, 2nd dau. of the late Right Rev. Charles Graves,
; D.D., Lord Bishop of Limerick. Sir Richard Blomfield,
[ who was educated at Stevenage, Hertfordshire, is a
Rear-Adm. ret. R.N. ; was Deputy Controller-Gen. of
Ports and Lighthouses, Egypt, and Controller of Alex-
andria Port 1888-1900, Controller-Gen. of the Egyptian
Ports and Lighthouses 1901-5, and Director-Gen.
1 905-8 ; has the Orders of the Osmanieh, 3rd Class, and
the Medjidie, 1st Class. — United Service Club, s.w.;
Navi/ Club, Portsmouth; 35, Holland Park Avenue, w.

BLOMFIELD, Sara Louisa, Lady.

Elder dau. of tlie late Matthew J. Ryan, Esq.;
m. 1887 as his 2nd wife Sir Arthur William Blom-
field, A.R.A., F.S.A., an Architect ; a Knight of the
Order of the Dannebrog (Denmark), andan Hon. Member
of the R. Academy of Arts of Copenhagen, who was
cr. Knt. 1889 and d. 1899.~Springfield, Broadway,

BLOMFIELD, Sir Reginald Theodore, Knt.,
R.Ac, F.S.A.— Cr. 1919.
Third son of the Rev. George John Blomfield, M.A.,
Rector of Addington, Kent, who d. 1900, by Isabella,
who d. 1877, 2nd dau. of the late Right Rev. Charles
James Blomfield, formerly Bishop of London ; b. 1856 ;
?«. 1886 Ann Frances Mary, eldest dau. of the late
Henry Burra, Esq., J.P., of Springfield, Sussex. Sir
Reginald Blomfield, who was educated at Haileybury
and at Exeter Coll., Oxford (Scholar 1875, First in
"Greats" 1879, B.A. 1880, M.A. 1883, Hon. Fellow
1906), and elected A.R.A. 1905 and R.Ac. 1914, was
President of the R. Institute of British Architects
1912-14, and is Officier de I'lnstruetion publique and
Author of " The Formal Garden in England," "His-
tory of Renaissance .Architecture in England," &c. —
Point Hill, Rye, Sussex ; Athenaum Club, s.w. ; Savile
Club, w. ; 51, BVognal, Hampstead, n.w. ; 1, New
Court, Temple, e.c.

BLOOD, Gen. Sir Bindon, G.C.B.— Cr. K.C.B.
1896, G.C.B. 1909.

Eldest son of William Bindon Blood, Esq., of Cranagher,
CO. Clare, who d. 1894, by his 1st wife Margaret, dau.
of the late Robert Stewart, Esq.; b. 1842; m. 1883
Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of the late Sir Auckland
Colvin, K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G., C.I.E., and has a dau.,
Charlotte Carissima; m. 1910 Major (Acting Lieut.-
Col.) Richard Hugh Royds Brocklebank, D.S.O., 9th
Lancers. Sir Bindon Blood is a Gen. ret.. Col. Com-
mandant R.E., and Hon. Col. 1st King George's Own
Sappers and Miners, Indian Army, and commanded the
Northern Command in India 1901-6. — Marlborough,
and Ranelagh Clubs, s.w. ; Naval and Military Club, w. ;
Morland, Putney Common, s.w.

BLOOD, Charles Fitzgerald, Esq., of Bally-
kilty, CO. Clare.
Elder son of John Blood, Esq., of Ballykilty, who d.
1912, by his 1st wife Jane, who d. 1902, dau. of the
late Thomas Studdert, Esq., of Bally hannon, eo. Clare ;
b. 1879; 7n. 1914 Gladys, elder dau. of Sir James
Thomas Woodhouse, and has a son, *Bindon Fitzgerald,
4. 1915. Mr. Blood was on the roll for High Sheriff
of CO. Clare for W\l.— Ballykilty, Quin, co. Clare;
Clare County Cli(,b,Ennis.




BLOOMFIELD, Godfrey Herbert,
New Park, co. Watei-ford.
Younger and only surviving son of Fitz-iVIaurice
CtusUivus Bloomfield, Esq., J.P., of New Park, who d.
1894, by Henrietta Sophia, who d. 1906, dan. of the
late John Commerell, Esq., of Stroud Park, Sussex;
*. I860; 711. 1896 Emmeline .Louisa, 3rd dau. of Sir
John Arnott, 1st Bart., and has, with another son and
2 daus., * Fitz-Maurice John Commerell, h. 1897.
Mr. Bloomfield, who was formerly Capt. 7th Butt.
Rifle Brigade, is a Magistrate for co. Waterford
(High Shtriffof CO. Kilkenny 1917).— New Pari, IVatei'-
furd ; Carlton Club, s.w. ; KHdare Street Club, Dublin ;
li. St. George Yacht Club, Kingstown.

BLOOMFIELD, of Ciamaltha. See Kingscote.

BLOSSE. See Lynch-Blosse.

BLOUNT, Sir Walter Astox, Bart., of
Sodington, Worcestershire. — Cr. 1642.

Elder son of Sir Walter de Sodington Blount, 9th
Bart., by Elizabeth Anne Mould, dau. of James
Ziicharies Williams, Esq., of Cader Idris; h. 1876;
.s. 191.5; is temp. Capt. R. Fusiliers; late Acting
Lieut.-Col. Comm. 11th (Semce) Batt. E. W. Surrey
Kegt. ; previously temp. Capt. 26th (Service) Batt
R. Fusiliers.

Heir Pre!., his brotlier Eihrard Robert, temp. Lieut. R.A.F.


BLOUNT, Edward Aston Charles Marie,
Esq., of Imberhorne, Sussex.
Only son of Henry Edmund Blount, Esq., a Chevalier
of the Legion of Honour and a D.L. for Sussex, who
d. 1911, by Marguerite Marie Hyaeinthe, who d. 1898,
dau. of the Ute Charles Paul Marie Moreau, Baron de
la Rochette, of La Roehette, Seine et Majne, France ;
b. 1874 ; s. his grandfather Sir Edward Charles Blountj
K.C.B., 1905 ; ?«. 1897 Marianne Ghislanie Claire
Maret, dau. of the late Napoleon, Due de Bassano, and
has 2 daus. Jlr. Blount is a Magistrate for Sussex, and
was formerly an Hon. .\ttache at the British Lega- ;
tion, Brussels. — Iinberliorne, East Grinsiead, Sussex ■ I
White's, Marlborough, and Boodles Clubs, s.w. ' I

BLOUNT, Miss DARELL-, formerly of Cale- !
hill, Kent.

Ethel Margaret Mary, only child of John DaroU-
Blount, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Mapledurhara,
Oxfordshire, who d. 1908, by Henrietta, who d. 1912,
only child of the late Edward Henry Darell, Esq.,
eldest son of the late Edward Darell, Esq., of Calehill.
— .57, Catherine Street, Bttckingham Gate, s.w,

BLOUNT, of Mapledurham, Oxford.shire. See

Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell, who was educated at
Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and was formerly Lieut
Grenadier Guards, is Lieut. Reserve of OflScers and
Patron of 1 living; wasa Staff Capt., with the temi,
rank of Capt., 1917-18 and D.A.Q.M.G. London Dist
with the temp, rank of Major, Wli-IQ. —Hal sail
House, near Ormskirk, Lancashire ; Guards' Club, s.w.

BLUNDELL, Capt. Francis Nicholas, of
Crosby Hall, Lancashire.
Only son of Francis Nicholas Blundell, Esq. (2nd son
of tlie late Col. Nicholas Blundell, J.P. and D.L., of
Crosby Hall), who d. 1884, by Mary Elizabeth, 2nd
dau. of the late Michael James Sweetman, Esq., of
Lamberton Park, Queen's Co. ; /). 1880 ; s. his lincle
William Joseph Blundell, Esq., 1909; ?«. 1918
Theresa A'ictoria, younger dau. of the late Wilfrid
Philip Ward, Esq., of Northwood Park, Isle of Wight.
Capt. Blundell, who was educated at the Oratory
School, Edgbaston, and at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A.
1904), is a Chamberlain of the Sword and Cloak to
Pope Benedict X7. (previously to Pope Pius X.), a
Magistrate for Lancashire, Capt. Lancashire Hussars
Yeo., and Lord of the Manors of Great Crosby, Little
Crosby.andjointlyof Ditton.— Ci-o%.Ha//,«ear Liver-
pool; Arthurs, and Wellington Clubs, s.w.

BLUNDELL, of Ince Blundell, Lancashire.

See Weld-Blundell.

BLUNDEN, Sir William, Bart., of Castle Bluu-
den, CO. Kilkenny. — Cr. 1766.
Eldest son of Sir John Blunden, 3rd Bart., by Elizabeth,
who d. 1900, 3rd dau. of the late John Knox, Esq.; b.
1840 ; s. 1890 ; m. 1879 Florence Caroline, dau. of Henry
Shuttleworth, Esq., of Taranaki, New Zealand. Sir
William Blunden. who was educated at Trinity Coll.,
Dublin (B.A. 1862, M.B. 1876, L.R.C.S.L 1876,
L.M.K.Q.C.P.1. 1877), was High Sheriff of co. Kilkenny
1904.— Cas«f Blunden, Kilketmj/.

Heir, his son John. h. 1880 ; m. 1918 PhjUis Dorothy, .Ian. of
Philip Crarapton OreagLe. Esq., formerly a Kesident
Magistrate, of Eaton Brae, Shaukill, co. Dublin, aud li.as a

BLUNT, Sir John Harvey, Bart.— Cr. 1720.

Fifth and only surviving son of William Blunt, Esq.,
Bengal C.S., who d. 1859, by Eliza, dau. of the late
Gen. Goddard Richards ; b. 1839; «. his brother, .Sir
William, 7th Bart., 1902 ; m. 1870 Susan, who d. 1917,
dau. of Philip Hoad, Esq. Sir John Blunt was formerly
Capt. R. Dublin Fusiliers, and 4th Batt. Loyal N.
Lancashire Regt., and previously ser\'ed in the R. Welsh
Fusiliers. — The Priori/, Lamberhurst , Kent.

Heir, his son John Harvey, late Oapt. Natal Border Police :

formerly Lieut. 17th Batt. Imp. Teo. in S. Africa ; h. 1872 ;

m. 1906 Maud Julia, eldest dau. of Sir David Lionel Gold-

smid-Stern-Salomous. 2nd Bart., and has, with other issue,

a son, =1 John Lionel Reginald, *. 1908.

BLUNT, Fanny Janet, Lady.

Dau. of the late Donald Sandison, Esq., formerly
H.M.'s Consul at Brussa; m. 1858 Sir John Elijah
Blunt, C.B., an Officer of the Order of the Redeemer
of Greece, who was Consul-Gen. for Salonica 1879-99,
and at Boston 1899-1902, who had the Order of the
Medjidie, 5th, Class, and who was cr. Knt. 1902 and
d. 1916.— Floriaiia, Malta.

BLUNT, Charles David McKinnon, Esq.,
I of Adderbnry Manor, Oxfordshire.

Younger son of Major-Gen. Charles Harris Blunt,
C.B., of Adderbury Manor, who d. 1900, by Mary
Augusta, who d. 1892, dau. of the late Lieut.-Col.
James Tod ; b. 1865. Mr. Charles Blunt, who is joint
K 129




owner, with his sister Janet Heatly, of Adderbury j
Manor, and was educated at Wellington Coll., was
formerly Lieut. Lancashire Fusiliers and is Lieut, and !
Hon. Capt. Territorial Force Eeserve, late Lieut, and
temp. Capt. 4th Batt. (previously Capt. 1st Vol. Batt.)
Seaforth Highlanders. — Adderbury Manor, Banbury, \
Oxfordshire ; Junior Naval and Military Cliih, w. !

BLUNT, WiLFEiD ScAWEN, Esq., of Crabbet
Park, Sussex.
Only surviving son of Francis Scawen Blunt, Esq., of
Crabbet Park, who d. 18i2, by Mary, who d. 1855,
dau. of the late Rev. John Flutter Chandler, of Witley, |
Surrey ; b. 1840; s. his brother Francis Scawen Blunt,
Esq., late Lieut. King's R. Rifle Corps, 1872 ; m. 1869 [
Anne Isabella Noel, 1.5th Baroness Wentworth, who d.
1917, only dau. of William, 1st Earl of Lovelace, and has
surviving issue *Judith Anne Dorothea, 16th Baroness
Wentworth {whom sec), m. 1899 the Hon. Neville
Stephen Bxdwer-Lytton, a Magistrate for Sussex and
temp. Major Gen. List, previously 11th (Service') Batt.
R. Sussex Regt., and has, with 2 dans., a son, *Noel
Anthony Scawen, b. 1900. Mr. Blunt was formerly
in the Diplomatic Service. — Residence: Kewbuildings
Place, Soxdhwater, Sussex.

BLUNT. See Wentworth, Baroness.


BLYTH, Lord (James Bltth).— Cr. 1907.

Elder son of James Blyth, Esq., of Chelmsford,
who d. 1852, by Caroline, who d. 1894, eldest dau.
of the late Henry Gilbey, Esq., of Bishops Stort-
ford ; b. 1841 ; m. 1865 Eliza, who d. 1894, younger
dau. of the late William Mooney, Esq., of Clontarf,
CO. Dublin. Lord Blyth, who is a distinguished Agri-
culturist, and has received the Imperial Order of
Leopold from the King of the Belgians, the Grand
Cross of the Order of Merito Agricola of Portugal,
and also the Imperial Order of the Medjidie, all for
his services to Agriculture, is a Member of the Execu-
tive of the British Empire League, of the National
Association for Prevention of Consumption, and of
the Council of the London Chamber of Commerce;
a Vice-President of the R. Society of Arts ; a J.P.
for Essex and for Hertfordshire, and a Director
of W. & A. GiXhey. —Biythwood, Stansted, Essex;
Atkenaum, and Devonshire Clubs, s.w. ; 33, Portland
Place, -w.

BLYTHSWOOD, Lord (Archibald Douglas
Campbell, M.V.O.).— Cr. 1892.

Eldest son of Major-Gen. Barrington Bulkliy Douglas
(Campbell), 3rd Lord, K.C.B., C.V.O., by Mildred
Catherine, who d. 1902, 2nd dau. of Sir Joseph Henry
Hawley 3rd Bart. ; b. 1870 ; s. 1918 ; m. 1895 Evelyn
(who s. her aunt Miss Emily Charlotte Talbot at Penrice
Castle, Glamorganshire, 1918), 3rd dau. of the lato John
Fletcher, E.sq., of Saltoun, Haddingtonshire, and has
a dau., Olive Douglas. Lord Blythswood, who was
educated at Eton and assumed the additional surname
of Douglas on s. his father at Douglas Support 1916,
and discontinued it on s. to the Barony, is a Magistrate
for Haddingtonshire, a D.L. for Lanarkshire and for
the CO. of the City of Glasgow, a Member of the R. Co.
of Archers (King's Body Guard for ,'^cotland), a Cheva-
lier of the Belgian Orders of the Crown and Leopold,
and Major Reserve of Officers, Scots Guards; was
Brig.ade Major Brigade of Gu.ards 1916-19; late Capt.
and Hon. Major 4th Batt. Argyll and Sutherland High-
landers ; previously Lieut. Scots Guards. — Blythswood

House, Renfrew : 'Carlton, Guards', and Arthur's Clubs,
s.-w. ; New Club, Edinburgh; 55, Montagu Sqtiare, w.
Heir Pres., liis brother Barrington Sholto Douglas Campbell-
Douglas, o( Douglas Support, Lanarkshire, who aBsumol
the additional surname of Douglas 1918 ; educated at Eton ;
6. 1877.

BLYTHSWOOD, Augusta Clementina, Lady.
Second dau. of Robert John, 2nd Lord Carrington, who
d. 1868, by his 2nd wife the Hon. Charlotte Augusta
Annabella, who d. 1879, youngest dau. of Peter Robert,
21st Lord Willoughby de Eresby, and sister and co-
heiress of Alberic, 22nd Lord; m. 1864 Archibald
Campbell (Campbell), Ist Lord Elythswnod, who d.s.p.
1908.— Dunalley Lodge, Shep])erton-on- Thames ; 11,
Hobart Place, s.-w.

BOATES, of Rose Hill, Denbigbsbire. See


BODDINGTON, Henry, Esq., of Pownall Hall,

Eldest surviving son of Henry Boddington, Esq., of
The Cove, Silverdale, Carnforth, who d. 1886, by his
1st wife Martha, who d. 1871, dau. of the late William
Slater, Esq., of Salford; b. 1849 ; m. 1878 Emily, eldest
dau. of David Butterworth, Esq., of Eceles, Lancashire,
and has, with other issue, a son, *Henry, late Lieut.
Unattached List, Territorial Force ; previously Lieut.
6th Batt. Manchester Regt. ; elected A.E.I.B.A. 1909 ;
educated at Hertford Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1904, M.A.
1907) ; *. 1881. Mr. Boddington is a J.P. for, .and was
for 11 years a Member of the City Council of, Man-
chester, and for 8 years a Director of the Manchester
Ship Canal Co. — Pownall Hall. Wilmslow.

BODEN, Mrs., of The Friary, Derbyshire.

Mary Shuttleworth, 3rd dau. of Edward Anthony
Holden, Esq., of Aston Hall, Derbyshire, who d. \8Ti,
by Susan Drummond, who d. 1882, only dau. of the
late George Moore, Esq.. of Appleby Hall, Leicester-
shire ; m. 1866 Henry Boden, Esq., of The Friary, a
J.P. and D.L. for Derbyshire, and formerly Lieut.
Derbyshire Yeo. Cav., who d. 1908, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Henry Walter Degge Shuttleworth, a
Magistrate for Somerset; late Lieut. W. Somerset
Yeo. Cav.; educated at Eton; b. 1867; m. 1893
Madge Helen, younger dau. of the late James Blyth,
Esq., and has, with other issue, a son, * Anthony
Peter, M.C.» Capt. Reserve of (Officers ; late Lieut, and
Acting Major 12th Lancers; educated at Eton and at
the B. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst; b. 1893.— T/^e Friary,

BODEN, of Pastitres, Derbyshire. See Power.


Eliza, 3rd dau. of Sir John Barran, 1st Bart., M.P., who
d. 1906, by his 1st wife Ann, who d. 1874, dau. of the
late M. Hirst, Esq., of Leeds; m. 1907 Sir Nathan
Bodington, Litt.D., LL.D., a J.P. for the W. Riding of
Yorkshire and Hon. Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxford,
who was Principal of, and Professor of Greek at, York-
shire Coll., Leeds, 1882-1904, and Vice-Chancellor of
Victoria Univ. 1896-1900, and of Leeds Univ. 1904-11,
and who was cr. Knt. 1908 and d. 1911.— 81, Onslow
Square, s.w.

BODKIN, Sir Archibald Henry, Knt.— Cr.

Fifth son of AVilliam Peter Bodkin, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of West Hill Place, Highgate, who d. 1900, bv
Elisabeth, who rf. 1901, dau. of the late William
Clowser, Esq., of Hampstead ; b. 1862; m. 1891




Maud Beatrice, 3rd dau, of tlic latp Rev. Robert
Wheler Bush, M.A., Rector of St. Alphage, London
Wall. Sir Arcbibald Bodkin, who was educated at
Cholmeley School. Highgate, called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1885, and elected a Bencher 1915, was
Junior Counsel to the Treasury at the Central
Criminal Court 1892-1908, and has been Recorder of
Dover since 1901 and Senior Counsel to the Treasury
at the Central Criminal Court since 1908. — Garriek
dub, w.c. ; Albemfirle C/nb, w. ; 98, Fellows Road,
S. Hampstead, n.w. ; 5, Paper Buildings, Temple, B.C.

+ BODKIN, Miss, of Annagh, co. Galway.

Catherine, youngest dau. of John Dominick Bodkin,
Esq., of Bengarra, co. Galway, who d. 1872, by Eliza-
beth, who d. 1863, dau. of the late Daniel Moore
Killikelly, Esq. Miss Bodkin *. her brother Martin
Bodkin, Esq., J.P., \^(i^.— Annagh, Ballyglunin, co.
Galwai/ ; Richmond Park, Monkstown. co. Dnhlin.

Glendwe, of Gwyndii, co. Anglesey.
Eldest surviving son of .lohn Bodychan Bodychan-
Sparrow, Esq., of Gwyndii, who d. 1889, by Zaidee,
who d. 1888, dau. of Henry Martin Blake, Esq.; b.
1851 ; m. 1892 Julia Dorothea, eldest dau. of Major
Percy Owen, of Bellambi, N.S.W. Major Bodychan-
Sparrow was formerly on the Staff of the N.S.W. Mil.

BOBHM BOTBLER, Sir Edgab Collins,
Bart., F.R.G.S.— Or. 1889.
Only eon of Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1st Bart., R.A.,
Sculptor-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, by Frances
Louisa, who d. 1890, only dau. of the late Alfred
Boteler, Esq., of West Derby ; b. 1870; s. 1800. Sir
Edgar Boehm Boteler, who was educated at Eton, and
assumed the additional surname of Boteler by deed
poll 1918, was formerly Lieut. 5th Brigade,

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