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ment 1894, was Inspector-Gen. of Irrigation, Egypt,
1898-1900; Director-Gen. of Reservoirs, Egypt,
1900-6 ; Under Secretary Egyptian Irrigation De-
partment 1906-8, and Adviser to the Egyptian
Ministry of Public Works 1908-9 ; has the Grand
Cordon of the Order of the Medjidie and the Order
of the Osmanieh. 2nd C\siss.— Oriental Club, w.

WEBB, Sir Aston, K.C.V.O., C.B., P.R.A.—
Cr. Knt. 1904, K.C.V.O. 1914.

Son of Edward Webb, who d. 1854, by Anna, who d.
1850, dau. of the late John Evans, of Stoke
Newington; b. 1849; m. 1876 Marian, dau. of the
late David Everett, F.E.C.S., of Worcester. Sir
Aston Webb, who was educated at Brighton, is an
Architect, and designed the architectural scheme of

the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham
Palace, the Admiralty Arch, the new front to Buck-
ingham Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum,
and many other buildings ; elected a R.Ac. 1903, an
Aid. of the Kensington Borough Council 1908 and
President of the E. Academy 1919. — Atlienceum. and
Conservative Clubs, s.w.; 1, Hanover Terrace, Lad-
broke Sr/vare, w. ; 19, Qjwcn Anne's Gate, s.w.

WEBB, Charles Caleb Coote, Esq., of Kil-
more, co. Tipperary ; and of Knocktoran,
CO. Limerick.
Elder surviving son of Charles Daniel Henry Webb,
Esq., of Wooiiville. co. Tipperary, who d. 1894, by
Elizabeth Lucy, who d. 1896, eldest dau. of the late
Eev. Lloyd Apjohn, of Linfield House, co. Limericlc ;
b. 1859 ; m. 1885 Amy Simla, 2nd dau. of the late
Lieut.-Gen. Charles Edward Parke Gordon, C.B., and
has, with 2 other sons and 2 dans., * Stuart Napier
Charles, M.C., Capt. S. Wales Borderers ; educated at
Cheltenham Coll. and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ;
/). 1886 ; m.. 1916 Gwladys Mary, elder dau. of Major-
Gen. Frederick William Brooke Koe, C.B., C.M.G.,
of The Lodge, Nenagh, co. Tipperary, and widow of
Capt. Marwood Edwards Yeatman, S.Wales Borderers,

of Holwell Manor, Dorsetshire, and has a son, ,

b. 1919. Mr. Webb, who s. Mrs. Anna Thomasine
Webb, the widow of his uncle James Napier Webb,
Esq., J.P., at Knocktoran 1906, is a J.P. and D.L. for
CO. Tipperary, and was High Sheriff 1910.— Kilmore,
Nenagh, co. Tipperary ; Kiwcktoran, Knocklong, co.

WEBB, the Misses, of Elford House, Stafford-

Emma Mary; and Edith Alice, daus. of Col. Charles
John Webb, J.P., of Elford House, late Comm. 4th
Batt. N. Staffordshire Regt., who d. 1886, by Emma,
who d. 1883, dau. of the late Edward Boyer, Esq., of
Brooklands, and Biekerstafl, Lancashire. — Elford
House, Tamworth, Staffordshire; Bardon Leigh,
Abbey Road, Torquay.

WEBB, Mrs., of Hengherst, Kent.

Evelyn Mary Bingham, only child of Arthur Thomas
Schreiber, Esq., of Hengherst, and of Becca Hall,
Yorkshire, who d. 1902, by Elizabeth Hastings, who
d. 1907, 2nd dau. of the late Eev. Charles Wheler, M.A.,
of Ledston Hall, Yorkshire, and of Otterden Place,
Kent ; m. 1899 Capt. Somerset Edward Deane Webb,
Eeserve of Officers, late York and Lancaster Eegt.,
a Magistrate for Kent (was on the roll for High Sheriff
for 1918), and has, with other issue, a son,*Thomas
Arthur Somerset, b. IdOS.—Hengherst, Woodchurch,
Ashford, Kent.

WEBB, Richard Henry, Esq., of Webbs-
borough, and Somerton, co. Kilkenny.
Younger son of Eichard Henry Webb, Esq., who d.
1843, by Frances, who d. 1891, dau. of the late
Dowling Wall, Esq., of Leighlin bridge, co. Carlow;
b. 1843 ; s. his brother George Oliver 1885 ; m. 1889
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Sloane, Esq., M.D.,
F.E.C.S. Irel., of Clonmel. Mr. Webb is a J.P. for
CO. Kilkenny. — Webbsborougli, Jenkinstown.

WEBB, of Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
See Fraser.

WEBB. See Weston-Webb.




WEBBER, William Downes, Esq., of Kella-
vil, Queen's Co. ; of Mitchelstown Castle,
CO. Cork; and formerly of Leekfield, en.
Eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Charles Webber, who
d. 1845 (by Frances, who d. 1877, 2nd dau. of the
late Rev. Thomas Kelly, of Kellyville, now Kellavil),
and grandson of the late Daniel Webb Webber, Esq.,
M.P., of Leekfield ; 6. 1834 ; s. his wife at Mitchels-
town Castle ; m. 1873 Anna, who d. 1909, 4th dau.
of the late Matthew Brinldey, Esq., of Parsonstown,
CO. Meath, and widow of James, 5th Earl of Kingston.
Mr. Webber, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Dub-
lin (B.A. 1858), is a Magistrate for co. Cork and for
Queen's Co. (was on the roll for High Sheriff for
l^'H).—Mitchelst(m'n Castle, co. Cork ; Kildare Street
Club, Dublin.

Heir Pres., liis nephew Oswald Thomas O'Kelly (onl.v son of
Thomas Wingfield Webher, Esq., J.P. and D.L., late
H.E.I.C.S., who a. 1914, by Matilda Emily, who rf. 1917.4th
ilau. of the late Thomas Barstow, Esq., D.L., of Garrow
Hill, Yorkshire). Major Eesuve of Ofttcers and Capt. ret.,
late R.E, ; h. 1870 : m. 1903 Annie Teresa, elder dau. of the
late Trevor Wheler Oalverley-Rudston, Esq., of Hayton,
Yorkshire, and has, with other issue, a son, "Evelyn
Charles, i. 1904.

WEBBEE. ^ee. IncUdm-Webber.

WEBLEY-PARRY-PRYSE, Lady, of Noyadd-
Trefawr, and Park-y-Gors, Cardiganshire.

Nina Katherine Anghared, only surviving child of
David Kedgwin William Webley-Parry, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Noyadd-Trefawr, and Park-y-Gors, who d.
1870, by Nina Katherine, 2nd dau. of Comte De-
metrius de Palatino, of Corfu ; vi. 1891 Major Sir
Edward John Webley-Parry-Pryse, 2nd Bart., an
Hon. Major in the Army, late temp. Major 41st and
9th (Service) Batts., previously Capt. Welsh Regt.,
who d.s.p. 1918.— Noyadd-Trefawr, Bcmcath B.S.O.,


WEBSTER, Sir Augustus Frederick
Walpole Edward, Bart, O.B.E., of Battle
Abbey, Sussex.— Cr. 1703.
Elder son of Sir Augustus Frederick Webster, 7th
Bart., by Amelia Sophia, who d. 1891, 2nd dau. of
the late Charles Frederick Augustus Prosser-Hastings,
Esq., of Taunton, Somerset; b. 1864; s. 1886; m.
1895 Mabel, who d. 1917, only dau. of the late
Henry Crossley, Esq., and has had, with 2 daus , a son.
Godfrey Vassall George Augustus, Lieut. Grenadier
Guards ; b. 1897, and killed in action 1917. Sir
Augustus Webster, who was educated at Eton, is Capt.
ret., late Grenadier Guards, Capt. and temp. Major
Comm. a Provisional Batt., Lord of the Manor of
Battle, and Patron of 1 \ivmg.— Battle Abbey, Sussex;
Residence : Powder Mill House, Battle, Sussex ;
Arthur's, White's, and Guards' Clubs, s.w. ;
Bachelors' Club, w.

+ WEBSTER, Dame Mary Louise (May),
D.B.E.— Cr. 1918.
Dau. of Alfred Whitty, of Liverpool ; m. 1892 Ben-
jamin Webster, an Actor. Dame Mary Webster is
an Actress, Cliairman of the British Women's
Hospitals Committee and of the Three Arts Women's
Employment Fund.— 31, Bedford Street, Strand, w.n.

WEBSTER, Sir Fr.\ncis, Knt.— Cr. 1911.
Eldest son of Francis Webster, Esq., of Denley, who
d. 1877, by Janet, who d. 1908, youngest dau. of the
late Robert Cooper, Esq., of Glasgow ; b. 1850 ; m.

1889 Annie, who d. 1918, Srd dau. of the late Joseph
Frain, Esq., M.D., of South Shields. Sir Francis
Webster, who was educated at Arbroath and
Edinburgh and at Edinburgh Univ., is a Manufac-
turer, and a Magistrate for Forfarshire.— .4s/t6raiA-,
Arbroath, Forfarshire.

WEBSTER, B.AEON Dickinson, Esq., formerly
of Penns, Warwickshire.

Eldest son of the late Baron Dickinson Webster, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Penns, by Anna Maria, dau. of the
late Samuel Ellis Bristowe, Esq., of Beesthorpe Hall,
Notts ; b. 1850 ; m. 1875 Ellen Elizabeth, dau. of the
Rev. William Darwin Fox, and has issue Baron
Dickinson, admitted a Solicitor 1900 ; b. 1876. Mr.
Webster was educated at Winchester and at Oriel
Coll., Oxford. — Neu'land, Newton Abbot, S. Devon.

WEBSTER, Ernest Alfred, Esq., of Wolvis-
ton Hall, CO. Durham ; and of Unthank
Hall, Northumberland.

Fourth and only surviving son of Christopher Maling
Webster, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Pallion Hall, co.
Durham, who d. 1894, by Mary, who d. 1899, dau.
of the late Philip Laing, Esq.; b. 1855; m. 1886
Aggie Amelia, dau. of Robert Stephenson, Esq., late
of Colwell House, Northumberland, and has, with
other issue, a son, * Rowland Burdon, Capt. 4th
Batt. Northumberland Fusiliers; was on the roll for
High Sheriff of co. Durham for 1916 ; b. 1890. Mr.
Webster is a Magistrate for Northumberland. —
Woiviston Hall, near Stockton-on-Tees; Unthank
Hall, Haltwhistle, Northumberland.


Mary Blanche, only dau. of Henry William Hoskyns,
Esq., of North Periott Manor, Somerset, who d. 1904,
by Jane Blanche Somerville, who d. 1896, eldest dau.
of the late John Moore Paget, E.sq., of Cranmore Hall
and Newberry House, Somerset ; m. 1878 Sir William
Wedderburn, 4th Bart., whod. 1918, leaving 2 daus. —
Meredith, Gloucester.

WEDDERBURN. See Maclagan-Wedderbum :
Ogilvy- Wedderburn ; and Scrymgeour- Wedder.

M.C., of Middlebie, and Glenlair, Stewartry
of Kirkcudbright.
Eldest son of Major James Andrew Colvile Wedder-
burn-Maxwell, J.P., late 54th Regt. and Bengal Staff
Corps, of Middlebie, and Glenlair, who d. 1917, by
Helen ilary Godfrey, eldest dau. of the late Rev.
Henry Godfrey Godtrey-Faussett- Osborne, of Hartlip
Place, Kent; b. 1894. Capt. Wedderburn-Maxwell,
who was educated at Charterhouse and at the R. Mil.
Academy, Woolwich, is Capt. R.F. A.— GZentoir, Dal-
beattie, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.


WEDMORE, Sir Frederick, Knt.— Cr. 1912.

Eldest son of the late Thomas Wedmore, Esq., of
Druids Stoke, Stoke Bishop ; b. 1844 ; m. 18—
Martha, youngest dau. of the late John Peele Clapham,
Esq., of Burley Grange, Wharfedale. ■ Sir Frederick
Wedmore, who was educated at Weston-super-Mare
and at Lausanne and Paris, is an Author of Short
Stories, an Art Critic and an Hon. Fellow of the
R. Society of Painter-Etchers, and has frequently




lectured in England and the United States.— i3M?'
lington Fine Arts' Club. w. ; 73, Cfiesfer Terrace
Cluster Square, s.w.

WEEDON, Sir Henry, Knt.— Cr. 1908.

Eldest son of Henry Weedon, Esq., of Surrey ; b. 1859.
Sir Henry Weedon, who was educated at Melbourne,
and was Lord Mayor of Melbourne 1905-8, is M.L.A.
of Victoria and a J.P. for that Colony.— Gallambee,
East Melbourne, Victoria.

WEEKES, Mrs., of The Mansion House,
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.
Jessie Nelson, 3rd dau. of Nelson Ward, Esq., Senior
Registrar of the High Court of Chancery , of Blighmon t,
Hampshire, who d. 1917 ; m. 1888, as his 2n dwife,
Arthur Weekes, Esq., of The Mansion House, a J.P.
and C.C. for Sussex and aBarrister-at-Law, who was
formerly in the Bengal C.S. and Capt. 2nd Vol. Batt.
R. Sussex Regt., and whod. 1917, leaving, with other
issue, Arthur Nelson Hampton (eldest son), M.C.,
Capt. 4th Batt. R. Sussex Regt. ; 6. 1888, and killed
in action 1918 ; and *Cary Richard Hampton (2nd
son), late Lieut. 4th Batt. E. Sussex Regt ; educated
at HaiTow and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; b. 1892 ;
m. 1918 Gladys Kathleen Margaret, eldest dau. of
Charles Craig, Esq., J.P. of Flore House, North-
amptonshire. — Tlie Mansion House, Hurstpierpoint,
Hassocks, Susscr.

WEEKES, Philip Hampton Caelile, Esq.,
of Hampton Lodge, Sussex.

Only son of William Hampton Carlile Weekes, Esq.,
of Hampton Lodge, who d. 1871, by Julia, dau. of the
late William Vidler Langridge, Esq. ; b. 1862 ; m.
1891 Ada, dau. of W. J. P. Carter, Esq., of Cowfold,
Sussex, and has a dau., Irene Hampton. — Hampton
Lodge, Hurstpierpoint; Malt House ,Wittersham,Kent.

WEGG-PROSSER, Capt. Charles Edw.\ed,
of Warham, Herefordshire.

Younger son of Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser, Esq.,
M.P., J.P. and D.L., of Warham, and Belmont,
Herefordshire, who d. 1911, by Lady Harriet Cathe-
rine, who d. 1893, 2nd dau. of John, 2nd Earl Somers
(ext.) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1909 Mary, eldest dau. of the late j
Adm. Sir Charles George Fane, K.C.B., of Balnacoil,
Aberdeenshire, and has, with other issue, a son, 1
» Charles Francis Haggitt Skipp, 6. 1910. Capt.Wegg- i
Prosser, who was educated at The Oratory School, |
Edgbaston, at Downside, and at the R. Mil. Coll., |
Sandhurst, and was formerly Capt. Rifle Brigade, and '
subsequently Capt. and Hon. Major 5th Batt. Rifle |
Brigade, and temp. Major 15th (2nd Reserve) Batt.
Rifle Brigade, is Capt. ret., late temp. Capt. in the
Army. — Warlia7n, near Hereford ; Wellington Club,

WEGG-PROSSER, Major John Francis,
of Belmont, Herefordshire.

Elder son of Francis Richard Wegg-Prosser, Esq.,
M.P., J.P. and D.L., of Belmont, and Warham,
Herefordshire, who d. 1911, by Lady Harriet Cathe-
rine, who d. 1893, 2nd dau. of John, 2nd Earl
Somers (e.rt.) ; b. 1854; 7k.,1891 Florence Isabel,
2nd dau. of the late Col. Thomas Henry Barstow
Brooke, Indian Army, and had a son, Cecil Francis ',
Joseph, temp. Lieut. 1 6th (2nd Reserve) liatt. Rifle l
Brigade, previously 9th (Service) Batt. R. Sussex [
Regt. ; b. 1892 ; m. 1915 Emmeline (Lina) Joseph'

dau. of the late Capt. Henry Ar

Sleeman, 16th

Lancers, and rf. (killed in action) 1916, leaving a dau..
Sonia Marie Katherine. Major Wegg-Prosser, who
was educated at The Oratory School, Edgbaston, is a
Magistrate for Herefordshire, and Major ret., ' late
Rifle Bnp:a.ie.- Travellers' Club, s.w,; 2, Edqe Hill,
Wimbledon, s.w.

WEIR, Lord (William Douglas Weir, P.C).
— Cr. 1918.
Eldest son of James Weir, Esq., of Over Couranee,
by Mary, youngest dau. of the late William Douglas,'
Esq., of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire ; b. 1877 ; m. 1904
Alice Blanche, 2nd dau. of John McConnachie, Esq.,
of Glasgow. Lord Weir, who was educated at
Glasgow High School is a D.L. for Glasgow, a
Grand Oflieer of the Italian Order of the Crown and
a Member of the Engineering Firm of G. & J. Weir
Ltd., of Glasgow ; was Director of Munitions in
Scotland 1915-16; Controller of Aeronautical Sup-
plies, Director-Gen. of Aircraft Production, and a
Member of the Air Board 1917-18 ; a Member of the
Air Council and of the Munitions Council in charge
of Aircraft Production Jan. -Apr. 1918 and Secretary
of State for the R.A.F. and President of the Air
CouncO Apr. 1918-1919.— Sasiu-ood Park, Oiffnock,
Renfrewshire ; R. Thames Yacht Club, w. ; New
Club, Glasgoio ; 3, Adelphi Terrace, Strand, w.c.
Heir, his son James Kenneth, 6. 1905.

WEIR, Miss, and WEIR, Mrs., of Dromard,
CO. Fermanagh.
Charlotte Georgina, dau. of the Rev. Christopher
Weir, of Dromard, who d. 1869, by Anne, dau. of
the late Major Richardson, of Prospect, co. Louth.
Miss Weir s. her brother Brigade-Surgeon Christ-
opher John Weir, M.B., late Army Medical Service,
1900, as joint owner with her sister Anna Cath.
• erine, who d. 1919, and with her nephew Major James
Christopher Weir, M.B., R. Army Medical Corps,
who d. 1909, having m. 1888 Minona Annie (now a
joint owner), youngest dau. of Alexander Greaves
Esq., of Southsea, who d. 1906, by Mary Treadwell,
who d. W97. -Drnmard, Tamtagh/, Enniskillen, co

WEIR, Mrs., of Corcreevy, co. Tyrone.

Charlotte, dau. of the Eev.William Smythe Burnside,
D.D., of Corcreevy, Chancellor of Clogher, who d.
1884, by Anne, who d. 1881, only dau. of the late John
Henderson, Esq., of Castledawson, co. Londonderry ;
m. 1880, as bis 2nd wife, the Rev. Edmund Malone
Weir (youngest son of the late John Weir, Esq., of
Hall Craig, co. Fermanagh), Rector of Tydavnet, co.
Monaghan, who d. 1886, and has a son, *Edmund
William Burnside, late Capt. 4th Batt. R. Dublin
Fusiliers ; previously Lieut. R. Irish Regt. ; b. 1885.
Mrs. Weir s. her brother Matthew James Burnside,
Esq., 190-*. — Corcreevy, Fivemiletoiun, co. Tyrone.

WEIR, of Kildonan, Ayrshire. See Wallace.

WEIR. See Inverforth, Lord.

WELBY, Sir Charles Glynnb Earle, Bart.,
C.B., of Denton Manor, Lincohishire. —
Cr. 1801.

Second and only surviving son of Sir William Earle
Welby-Gregory, 4th Bart., by the Hon. Victoria
Alexandrina Maria Louisa (formerly a Maid of Honour
to Queen Victoria), who d. 1912, only dau. of the late
Hon. Charles Stuart-Wortley ; b. 1865; s. 1898; m.
1887 Lady Maria Louisa Helen, elder dau. of the
late Lord Augustus Charles Henry Hervey, M.P. Sir



Charles Welby, who was educated at Eton and at
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. and M.A. 1893), was formerly
Lieut. 3rd Batt. Leicestershire Regt., Assistant Under-
Secretary of State for War (unpaid) 1900-2, M.P.
for the Newark Div. of Nottinghamshire 1900-6,
and Mayor of Grantham 1913 ; is a J.P., D.L. and
C. Aid. for Lincolnshire, and Patron of 5 livings.—
Denton Manor, Grantham ; Travellers', Wellington,
and Carlton Clubs, s.w.

Heir, his son Oliver Charles Earle, 6. 1 902.

WELBY, Lieut-Col. Sir Alfeed Cholmeley
Earle, K.B.E.— Cr. 1918.

Youngest son of Sir Glynne Earle Welby-Gregory, 3rd
Bart., of Denton Hall (now Manor), Lincolnshire, who
d. 1§75, by Frances, who d. 1881, youngest dau. of Sir
Montague Cholmeley. 1st Bart., of Easton Hall, Lin-
colnshire ; b. 1849 ; m. 1898 Alice, Desiroe, 2nd dau.
of the late Arthur Edward Copland-Griffiths, Esq.,
of 2.5 Talbot Square, W. Sir Alfred Welby, who
was educated at Eton,isa J.P.fortheKesteven Div.of
Lincolnshire, Lieut.-Col. ret., late Comra. R. Scots
Greys, and Secretary of the R. Patriotic Fund Corpor-
ation ; was MP. for Taunton 1895-1906 and Member
for E. Finsbury of the London C.C. 1907-10 ; has
the Russian 6rd»r of St Anne, 2nd Class, and
jewelled, having taken a deputation to Russia 1895 to
congratulate the Emperor on becoming Col. -in-Chief
of the R. Scots Greys, and attended the Coronation
at Moscow of H.I.M. in 1896.— CaW(o« Club, s.w. ;
18, Chester Street, Belgrave Square, s.w. ; Harlax-
twi Lodge, near Grantham.

WELBY, Sir George Eaele, Knt., C.M.G.,
of Allington Hall, Lincolnshire. — Cr.

Only son of the Rev. George Earle Welby, J. P., Pre-
bendary of Lincoln, and formerly Rector of Barrowby,
Lincolnshire, who d. 1916, by Augusta, who d. 1904,
only child of the late Rev. William Woodall, of Bran-
ston, Leicestershire ; b. 1851 ; s. Mrs. Catherine
Mary Welby, widow of his uncle John Earle Welby,
Esq., J.P., of Allington Hall, 1918. Sir George
Welby, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1872), and entered the
Diplomatic Service 1874, was Secretary of Legation
at Stockholm 1894-7 and at Brussels 1897-8, and
Minister Resident and Consul-Gen. in the Republic
of Columbia 1898-1906 ; elected a Member of the
Westminster City Council 1912 and was Mayor of
Westminster 1916, 1917 and mS.— Allington Hall,
Grantham ; Travellers', and Carlton Clubs, s.w. ;
Queen Anne's Maiisions, s.w.

WELBY, Edward Montague Earle, Esq., of
Wykeham, Lincolnshire.
Fourth son of Sir Glynne Earle Welby-Gregory, 3rd
Bart., of Denton Hall (now Manor), Lincolnshire, who
d. 1875, by Frances, who d. 1881, youngest dau. of Sir
Montague Cholmeley, 1st Bart. ; b. 1836 ; w. 1870
Sarah Elizabeth, who d. 1909, onlv child of the late
Robert Everard, Esq., of Fulney House, Lincolnsh:
and has, with other issue, * Edward Everard Earle
Welby-Everard, Esq. {whom see). Mr. Welby, who
was educated at Eton and at C.C.C, Oxford (B.A
1859, M.A. 1868), and called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Inn 1863, is a Magistrate for Lincolnshire (Parts of
Holland), and was Stipendiary Magistrate for Sheffield
1874 1915.— Residence: Yew Lodge, Spaldi

WELBY-EVEEARD, Edward Everard
Eakle, Esq., of Gosberton House, Lin-

Eldest son of Edward Montague Earle Welby, Esq.,
of Wykeham, Lincolnshire, by Sarah Elizabeth, who


d. 1909, only child of the late Robert Everard, Esq.,
of Fulney House, Lincolnshire ; 6. 1870 ; s. Mrs.
Helen Maitland Everard, the widow of his great-
uncle Henry Everard, Esq., under the terms of his
will 1906 ; III. 1899 Gwladys Muriel Petra, youngest
dau. of the late Rev. George William Herbert, and
has, with other issue, a son, * Philip Herbert Earle,
a Naval Cadet ; educated at the R. Naval Colls, at
Osborne and Dartmouth; b. 1902. Mr. Welby-
Everard, who was educated at Eton and at C.C.C.,
Oxford (B.A. 1893), called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1896, and assumed the surname of Welby-
Everard by royal license 1894, was formerly Capt.
1st Yorkshire (W. Riding) Vol. Engineers, and is a
Magistrate for Parts of Holland, Lincolnshire, and
temp Lieut. 1st Batt. Lincolnshire Vol. Regt. —
Gosberton House, Spalding, Liyieolnshire; New
University Club, s.w. ; 9, Eccleston Square, s.w.

WELCH, Surgeon Rear-Adm. Sir George,
K.C.M.G,C.B. Cr. 1919.

Eldest son of George Welch, Esq., who d. 1886, by
Caroline, who d. 1875, dau. of the late Charles
Mottram, Esq. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1893 Rosa, eldest dau. of
the late Rev. William Tuckwell, M.A. Sir George
Welch, who was educated privately and at Univ. Coll.,
London (M.R.C.S. 1880, L.R.C.P. 1882), is a Surgeon
Eear-Adm. ret. and has the Japanese Order of the
Rising Sun, 2nd Class ; was Assistant to the Medical
Director-Gen. 1899-1906; Instructor in Naval
Hygiene, Ha?lar, 1906-10: Deputy Director-Gen.
Medical Department R.N. 1912-16, and Surgeon
Rear-Adm. R. Naval Hospital, Haslar, 1916-18.—
Fair View, Anglesey, Alverstoke ; Junior United
Service Club, s.w.

-f WELCH, George Asser White, Esq., of
Arle House, Gloucestershire.

Only surviving son of Capt. George Asser White
Welch, J.P., ret. E.N., of Arle House, who d. 1907,
by Mary Catherine, who d. 1918, 4th dau. of the
late Major James Henry England, 75th Regt. ; b.
1 865 ; educated at Malvern Coll. and at the R.
Agricultural Coll., Cirencester ; is Lord of the Manors
of N. Shoebury and Southohurch, 'Easex.— Arle
House, Cheltenham.

WELCH, Henry Edward Parker, Esq., of
Leek Hall, Lancashire.

Only son of Henry Thomas Welch, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Leek Hall, who d. 1906, by Jemima Caroline,
only dau. of the late Major Edward Jacob Bridges,
R.A. ; 6. 1860; m. 1st 1898 Mary Lilian Andison,
who d. 1903; 2ndly 1905 Ellen Harriot Worsley,
only dau. of the late Major-Gen. Henry James Bell.
Mr. Welch, who was educated at Charterhouse and
at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (LL.B. 1883), is a Magis-
trate for Lancashire, for Westmorland, and for
the W. Riding of Yorkshire.— I/(?cft Hall, Kirkby

WELCH. See Kemp-Welch.

WELCH-THORNTON, Henry, Esq., of Beau-
repaire, Hampshire.

Only son of Henry Samuel Welch-Thornton, Esq., of
Beaurepaire, who took, by royal grant, the latter name
under the will of his uncle, and who d. 1886, by

Harriet, who d. 1905 dau. of ; b. 1870 ; m. 1896

Mary Edith, 2nd dau. of Lieut. Col. St. John Daubeney,
J.P., of Kingswear, Devon, and has, with 2 daus., a
son, * John Newton, b. 1904. Mr. Welch-Thornton
is a Magistrate for Hants, Capt. ret., late Army
Motor Reserve, and temp. Capt. R.A.O.C. —Beaure-
paire Park, Basingstoke.




WELD, HuMPHBEY Frederick, Esq., of Cbi-
deock, Dorset.
Eldest son of Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld, G.C.M.G.,
of Chideock, who d. 1891, by Filumena Mary Anne,
who d. 1903, dau. of the late Ambrose March PhilUpps-
DeLisle, Esq., of Garendon Park, and Grace Dieu
Manor, Leicestershire ; 6. 1867 ; m. 1907 Elinor Mary
Trifine de Poher, eldest dau. of the late Count Edmond
James de Poher de la Poer, of Gurteen le Poer, co.
Waterford, and has, with other issue, a son,*Humphrey
Joseph Giles, b. 1912. Mr. Weld, who was educated
at Stonyhurst Coll., and was formerly Lieut. 1st Vol.
Batt. Dorsetshire Begt., is a J.P. and late C.C. for
Dorset (High Sheriff 1907), and Lord of the Manor of
Chideock. — Chideock Mmior, near Bridport, Dorset.

WELD, Miss, of Leagram, Lancashire.

Matilda, elder dau. of John Weld, Esq., of Leagram,
a J.P. and D.L. for Lancashire, who d. 1888, by
Eleanor, who d. 1894, dau. of the late Nicholas
Tuit Selby, Esq., of Acton, Middlesex. — Leagram
Hall, Preston.

WELD, Reginald Joseph, Esq., of Lulworth
Castle, Dorset.

Elder surviving son of Edward Joseph Weld, Esq.,
D.L., of Lulworth Castle, High Sheriff of Dorset, wbo
d. 1877, by Ellen Caroline, who d. 1866, eldest dau.
of Sir Bourchier Palk Wrey, 7th Bart. ; b. 1842 ; is
Lord of the Manors of Lulworth, Coombe Keynes,
Winfrith Newburgh, and Sutton Pointz, and Patron
of 2 livings. — Lulworth Castle, Wareharn.
llfir Pres., liis brother Humphry Joseph, b. 1854.

WELD. See Cornwall-Brady-Hartstonge-Weld.

WELD-BLUNDELL, Charles Joseph, Esq.,
of Ince Blundell, Lancashire.

Eldest son of Thomas Weld-Blundell, Esq., J.P.
and D.L.. of Ince Blundell, who d. 1887, by Teresa
Mary Eleanora, youngest dau. of the late William
Michael Thomas John Vaughan, Esq., of Courttield,
Herefordshire ; b. 1845 ; m. 1884 Charlotte Katherine
Marcia, eldest dau. of the late Hon. Charles

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