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' Worthington, of Sale Old HaU




Mausfield. Earl of

Mar and Kellie, Earl of

Balfom- of Burleigh, Lord

Haig. of DoUarfield

Harvey, of Cavsebridge House

Johnstone, of Alva

Kerr, of Harviestoun Oastle,

and Oastle Campbell
MacArtbur-Moir. of Hillfoot
Moubray, of "West Cambns
Wardlaw-Eamsay, of

Tillicoultry House


Dunboyne, Lord
Inchiquin, Lord
Arthur, of Glanomera
Ball, of Fort Fergus
Bentley, of Hurdlestown

Black, of Rivei-ston
Blood, of BallyMlty
Brown, of Clonboy
BrowTie, of Newgrove
Burton, of Carrigaholt Castle
Butler, of Castle Crine
Ooplen-LaDgford,of Lough

Naminna Lodge
Creagh, of Cahirbane
Cregan, of Ardcregan
Crowe, of Dromore
Crowe, of Granahan
Crowe, of Moyriesk
D'Arcy, of Rockvale
D'Esterre, of Rossmanagher
Ellis, of Sea View
Evelegh, of Oarrahan
FitzGeraJd, of Carrigoran
Gleeson, of Tinerana
Going, of Violet Hill
Gore, of DeiTjnnore
Henn, of Paradfee Hill
Hibbert, of Woodpark
Hickman, of Fenloe
Hickman, of Kilmore, and

Tyredagh Oastle
levers, of Mount levers, and

Quinville Abbey
Keane, of Beech Park
Keane, of Hermitage
Kenny, of Freagh Castle
Lynch, of Belvoir
MacAdam, of Blackwater

MacDonnell. of New Hall
McMahon-Oreagh, of Daugan

Macnamara, of Dooliu, and

EnnistymoD House
Mahon, of Corbally, and Crag-

Martyn, of Gregans Castle
Massy- West ropp, of Doonass
Maunsell, of Blackwater
Molouy, of Eiltanon 1

O'Brien, of Ballyalla House
O'Brien, of Ballynalacken

O'Brien, of Cratloe Woods
O'Brien, of RoBlevan
O'Callaghan-Westropp, of

Lismehane, and Fortane
O'Gorman, of Bellevue
O'Goi-man, of Bunci-aggy
O'Grady, of Carnelly
O'Logblen, of Drumconora
O'Shea, of Derrynaveagh
Parker, of Bally Valley
Paterson, of Clifden House
Phelps, of The Lodge, Broad-
Reeves, of Besborough
Roche, of Barntick
Ross-Lewin, of Ross Hill

of Moynoe Lodge

Silles, of Newtown House
Smith, of EUluran Abbey
Spaight. of Ardnatagle
Stacpoole, of Eden Vale
Studdert, of Bunratty Castle
Studdert, of Cragmoher
Studdert, of CuUane
Studdert, of Glenwood
Studdert, of Lochnavar
Tottenham, of Mount Callau
Vandeleur. of Eilrush House,

and Oahiracon
Vesev-FitzGerald, of Kilmurry

Mc Mahon
Vincent, of Summerhill
Westby, of Kilballyowen

Bandon, Earl of
Listowel, Earl of
Midleton, Viscount
Ardilaun, Lady
Barrymore, Lord
Carbery, Lord
Castletown, Lord
Fermoy, Lord
Alcock-Stawell-Riversdale, of

Kilbrittain Castle
Alcock-Stawell-Riversdale, of

Aldworth, of Ardnalee
Aldworth, of Glouncaume
Aldworth, of Meenkeragh
Aldworth, of Newmarket

AUman, of Woodlands, Bandon
Bagwell, of Belgrove
Bagwell, of East Grove
Bainbridge, of Frankfield
Barry, of Ballyadam
Ban-y, of Castle Cor
Bdrry, of FirviUe
Barry, of Glandore House
Barry, of Lemlara House
Beamish, of Ashbourne
Beamish, of Ashgi-ove, Queena-

Becher, of Balliduvane House

Bence-Jones, of Lisselan
Bennett, of Bennett's Court
Bowen, of Bowenscourt
Bowen-Colthurst, of Oakgrove,

and Dripsey Castle
Bowles, of Ahern
Bowles, of Springfield
Braddell, of Modeligo
Brasier, of Ballyellia
Bruce, of MUtown CaatJe
Buckley, of Galtee Castle
Burke, of Lota Park
Bury-Barry, of Ballyclough
Chichester, of Bally Griffin
Coghill, of Glen Barrahane
Colthnrst, of Ardrum, and

Blarney Castle
Conner, of Manch House
Conron. of The Grange
Cooke-ColUs, of Castle-Cnoke
Coppinger, of Midleton Lodg«
Creagh-BaiTy, of Dundullerick
Crofts, of Velvetstown
Crooke, of Old Town
Daunt, of Kilcascan
Dunscombe, of Mount Desert
Evans, of Carker House
Fitz-Geraid-Aruott, of Wood-
lands, Cork
Foott, of Carrigacunna Castle
French, of Cuskinny
Fuge, of Templemary
Galgey, of Nadrid House
Gillman, of Clonteadmore
Gillman, of Cnoranig
GiUman, of The Retreat
Grant, of Kilmurry
Gray, of Lotaville
Green, of Air Hill
Grehan, of Clonmeen
Grove-Annesley, of Anne's

Gubbins, of Dunkathal
Hallinan, of Avoncore House
Hannigan, of Kilbolane Castle
Hare, of Ballymore
Harold-Barry, of Ballyvonare
Harrison, of Castle Harrison
Hayes, of Crosshaven House
Heard, of Coolmaln Castle
Heard, of Pallastown, and

Hennessy,of Ballindeasig
Herrick, of Bellmount
Hill, of Carrignavar
Hoare, of Carrigi-ohane
Hoare, of Glenanore
Hodder, of Ballea Castle
Hodder, of Fountainstown
Hodder, of Ringabella
Hudson-Kinahan, of Glenville
Hungerford, of Sun Mount
Hungerford, of The Island

(Inchodony), and Castle

Hunt, of Danesfort
KnoUes, of Oatlands
Langford, of Rowls Langford
Leader, of Dromagh Castle, and

Legge, of Castle Hyde
Leigh- White, of Bantry House
Longfield, of Castle Mary
Longfield, of Longueville
Longfield, of Sea Court
Lucas, of BaUinadee
Lucas, of Manor House,

Lucas, of RicMortstown
Ludlow-Hewitt, of Clancoole
Lysaght, of Hazlewood
MacCarthy-OXeary, of

Martin, of Tullaghreine
Meade, of Ballyniartle
Montgomery, of Killee, and

Carey svi lie
Moore-Hodder, of Hoddersfield
Morgan, of Bunalun
Mm-phy, of Ringraahon
Murphy, of Stream Hill
Murphy, of Tivoli House
l\Iurray, of Beech Hill
Nagle, of Clogher House
Nettles of Nettleville
Newenham, of Coolmore
Newenliam, of Maryborough
Newman, of Monkstown Castle
Newman, of Newberry Manor
O'Donovan, of LissArd

Payne, of Garryhankard
Payne, of Upton House
Penrose, of Wood Hill
Penrose Thackwell, of Agharla

Pen rose- Welsted. of Ballywalter
Perrier, of Ballinure House
Poole, of Mayfield
Pope-Heunessy, of Eostellaii

Pratt, of Gawsworth,and

Purcell, of Burton Park
Purcell, of Dromore
Purdon-Coote, of Ballyclough

Puxley, of Dunboy Castle
Reeves, of Castle Kevin
Rocke, of Mallow Oastle
BiLssell, of Glanmore
Rye, of Rye Court
Sanders, of Oharleville Pat k
Sankey, of Bawnmore
Sarsfield, of Doughcloyne
Sherlock, of Barradaw
Smith-Barry, of Bally Bdmond
Smyth, of Rathcoursey
Somerville, of Drishane

Spaight, of Union Hall
Stannard, of Myshal
Stuart- French, of Marino
Sullivan, of GarryduflP
Syuge, of Lislee
Talbot-Fonsonby, of Inchiquin
Taylor, of Knockanemore

Townshend, of Castle

Townabend, of Myross Wood
Travers.of Timoleagne
Uniacke, of Mount Uniacke
Uniacke- Penrose - FitzGerald,

of Oorkbeg Island
Warren, of Keale House
Warren, of Warren's Court
Webber, of Mitchelstown

White, of Kilbyme
Whitelocke-Lloyd,of Buttevant

Wilkinson, of Skahanagh
Wilhamson, of CaiTokeal
Wood, of Gortnagrough, and

Woodley, of Leades House
Wrison-Becher, of Ballygibliu


Halsbury, Earl of
Mount-Edgcumbe, Earl of
St. Germans, Earl of
Clifden, Viscount
Falmouth, Viscount
Truro, Bishop of
Haversham, Lady
Kingsale, Lord
St. Levan, Lord
Vivian, Lord
Archer, of Trelaske



Armstrong, of Nanoealveme f
Beaucbamp, of Trevince f

Beniiet, of Tresillian House
Bickford- Smith, of Trevarao
Boger, of Wolsdon
Bolitbo, of Kenegie
Bolitho, of Trengwainton
Bolitho, of Trewidden
Borlase, of Castle Horneck, aud

Braddon, of Skisdon Lodge
Braddon, of Treglith
Cameron, of The Beacon
Carlyon, of Tregrehan
Carus- Wilson, of PenmouTit
Cocks, of Treverbyn-Vean
Collins, of Newton Ferrers
Coode, of Polcarne
Coode, of Trevartliian
Coryton, of Pentillie Castle
Cowie, of Bude Castle
Darell, of Trewoman
Daubuz, of Killiow
Dorrien-Smitb, of Tresco Abbey
Edwards, of Trematou Hall
Enys, of Enys
Fortescue, of Boconnoc
Foster, of Lanwithan
Fox, of Grove HiU. and Pen-
Gilbert, of Bodmin Priory
G-Ianville, of Catchfreuch
Glencross, of Lavethan
G-lencross, of Luxstowe
'iraves-Sawle, of Peurice
Gurney, of Tiebursye
Hain, of Treloyhan
Hanson, of Fowey Hall
Harris, of Crackington Manor
Harvey, of Glanmdr
Harvey, of Trenowth
Hext, of Trebah
Hext, of Tredetby
Hext. of Trenarren
Horndon, of Penci-ebar
Horsford, of Bosvatbick
Howell, of Ethy
Johnstone, of Trewithen
KendaU, of Pelyn
Kingdon, of Stamford Hill
Lay laud- Barratt, of Tregarne

Lee, of Bocbym House
Le Grice, of Trereife
Lethbridge, of Tregeare House
Lyle, of Bonython
Magor, of Lamellen
Malone, of Trevayler
Marshall, of Treworgy
Martyn, of Oartbew House
Micbell, of Chymorvah
Moleswoi-th-St. Aubyn, of

Clowance, and Pencarrow
Monro, of Tremenheere
Morahead, of Tregaddick
Nowell-Ustwicke, of Polsue

Onslow, of Hengar House
Paul!, of Goonvrea
Paynter, of Boskenna
Pearce-Edgcumbe, of Reperry

Peel, of Trenant Park
Pellew, of Trevider
Pendarves, of Pendarves
Peter- Hoblyn, of Colquite
Peters, of Penwarne
Pole-Carew, of Antony
Polwhele. of Polwbele
Porter, of Trematou Castle
Prideaux-Brune, of Prideaux

Rashleigh, of Menabilly
Rashleigh, of Prideaux
Rashleigh, of Stoketon
Roberts, of Trethill
Rodd, of Trebartha Hall
Rogers, of Nansloe
Rogers, of Penrose
Salusbury-Trelawny, of

Serjeant, of St. Benefs Abbey
Symons, of Hatt
Tangye, of Glendorgal
Tonkin, of Treveiven
Treffry, of Place
Tregouing, of Laiidue
Trelawny, of Coldrenick
Tremayne, of Carclew
Tremayne, of Morval

Vivian, of Tregavethan
Vyvyau, of Trelowarren
Welman, of Trewarthenick
Wliitford- Hawkey, of Bospol-

vans, and Trewollack
Williams, of Caerhays Oastle ;

Burncoose ; and Werrington

Williams, of Lanartb
Williams, of Peucalenick
Williams, of Scorrier House
Willyams, of Carnanton. ami



Carlisle, Earl of
Lonsdale, Earl of
CarUsle, Bishop of
Leconfield, Lord
Oi-mathwaite, Lord
Addison, of Banks House
Aglionby, of Staffield Hall, and

Ainsworth, of The Flosh, and

Allison, of Scaleby Hall
Ballan tine- Dykes, of Dovenby

Brisco, of Crofton Hall
Brocklebank, of Greenlands

and Iiton Hall
Brooksbank, of Lamplugh Hall
Bums-Lindow, of Eheu Hall
Burns-Lindow, of lugwell
Chance, of Morton
Coulson, of Houghton Hall
Cowper, of Unthank, and

Carleton Hall
Crowder, of Eden Mount
Cui*wen, of Workington Hall
Dickinson, of Hames Hall
Dickinson, of Red How
Dixon, of Lorton Hall
Dixon, of Rheda
Dowson, of Latteudales
Ecroyd, of Low House,

Erskine, of Bowscar
Falcon-Cooke, of Camerton Hall
PeU, of Knells

Fetherstonhaugh, of The Col-
lege, i^rkoswald
Fletcher, of Brigham
Fletcher, of Stoneleigh
Fletcher- Vane, of Hatton-in-

Foster, of Killhow
Gandy,of Skirsgill Park
Graham, of Edmond Castle

Graham, of Esk
Graham, of Netberby
Green-Thompson, of Bridekirk
Han-is. of Brackenburg Tower,

and Greysoutben
Hartley, of Armathwaite Hall,

Hartley, of Rosehill
Hasell, of Dalemain
Hills, of Highhead Castle
Hodgson, of Houghton House
Hodgson, of Newby Grange
Horrocks, of Eden Brows
Horrocks, of Salkeld Hall
Howard, of Corby Castle
Howard, of Greystoke Oastle
Hudlestou. of Hutton John
Irwin, of Justicetowu
James, of Barrock Park
Jefferson, of Springfield
Johnson, of Castlesteads
Ku-klinton.of Kirkhnton Hall
Lamb, of Haytou House
Lamb, of Temou
Lawson, of Brayton, and Isel

Lewthwaite, of Broadgate
Lowthorpe-Lutwidge, of Holm-
rook Hall
Macray, of Whitefield
Marshall, of Castlerigg Manor
Marshall, of Derwent Island
Mounsey Grant, of The Hill
Moimsey -Hey sham, of Castle-
town House
Musgrave, of Eden Hall
Musgrave, of Homewood
Myers, of Dunniugwell
Olipbant-Sheffleld, of Broad-

Ponsonby, of Hale Hall
Postlethwaite, of The Oaks
Railton, of Snittlegarth
Ramsden, of Muncaster Castle
Riley, of Ennim
Robertson- Walker, of Gilgarran
Rymer, of Calder Abbey
Salkeld, of Holme Hill, and

Hawksdale Hall
Salmond, of Waterfoot
Senhouse, of The Fitz
Sewell, of Brandlingill
Spedding, of Mirehouse
Spedding, of Suramergrove
Spedding, of Wiudebrowe
Standish. of Scaleby Castle
Stanley, of Ponsonby Hall
Stead, of Dalstou Hall
Thompson, of Farlam Hall, and

Milton Hall
Tyson, of Wood Hall
Walker, of Kellet House
Watson, of Braystones House
Watson, of Castle Carrock


Aberconway, Lord
Bagot, Lord
Clwyd, Lord
Devouport, Lord
Mostyn, Lord
Trevor, Lord
Ashley, of Plas Caer
Oyffty, and Peucraig

Barlow, of Brvn Eirias
Best, of Pias-yu-Vivod
Blackwall, of Hendre House
Brodrick, of Coed Coch
Buckley, of Penbedw
Cars tail's- Jones, of Gelli Gynan
Corn wallis- West, of Ruthin

Cunliffe, of Acton Park
de Heaton, of Groesfawr House
Dixon, of The Olappers
Edwards, of Trevor Tower
Evans, of Vrondeg Hall
Feuwick, of Plas Ffron
Ffonlkes. of Eriviat Hall
PitzHngh. of Plas Power
Griffith, of Garn
Griffith, of Pias Newydd,

Griffith-Boscawen. of Trevalyn

Heaton. of PUs Heaton
Hemsted, of The Ffrith
Howard, of Wygfair
Hughes, of Kinmel Park
Jones, of Llannerch Park
Jones-Bateman, of Pentre Mawr

Jones-Mortimer, of Bryn

Eisteddfod, and Pias-

Newydd, Ruthin
Jones- PaiTy, ol Llwyu Onn Hall
Kenyon, of Rose Hill
Kerr, of Maesmor
Leuthall. of Belmont
Lloyd, of Berth
Lynes, of Garthmeilio
Macara-Meredith, of Pentre

Madoeks, of Glanywem
Maiuwaring, of Galltfaenan
Mellor, of Tan-y-Bryn
Miller-Williams, of Groesfaen
Morris, of Letty'r Eos
Myddelton, of Cliirk Oastle
Naylor-Leyland, of Nantclwyd

Norton, of Penrhiwardwr
Ormrod, of Pen-y-lan Hall
Palmer, of Cefn Park
Poole, of Colomendy
Potts, of Glan-yr-Afon
Rigby, of Pentre Mawr,

Robertson, of Llautysilio Hall
Sandbach, of Hafodunos
Swetenham, of Cam-yr-alyn
Sykes, of Croes Howell
Tavlor, of Dolhyfryd
Tottenham, ofPiasBerwyn
Venables-Williams, of Llan-

M'alker, of Horsley Hall
Wheatley, of GwersyUt Park
Williams, of Llewesog Hall
Williams- Wynn, of Llangedwyn
Williams- Wynn, of Wynnstay
Wynne-Finch, of Voelas
Tale, of Plas-yn-Yale
Yorke, of Erthig Park


Devonshire, Duke of
Rutland. Duke of
Ourzon of Kedlestou, Earl
Harrington. Earl of
Belpei, Lord



Denman, Lord
Howard of Glossop, Lord
Stenidale, Lord
Vernon, Lord
Wat€rpai-k, Lord
Alleyne, of Cheyiu House
Anson-Horton, of Catton Hall
Arkwright, of Holbrooke Hall
Ar-lavright, of Sutton Scai-sdale
Arkwright, of Willerslej-
Arniitage, of Holme Hall
Ashton, of Losehill Hall
Barnes-Gorell, of Ashgate

Barrow, of Sydnope Hall
Bateman, of Hartiugton Hall
Bennet, of Bennetston Hall
Bennett, of Birch Vale House
Blackwall, of Blackwall
Blakiston, of Sandybrooke

Boden, of The Friary
Bourke, of Wootton Hall
Broughton-Adderley, of Coton

Buckston, of Bradborne
Burdett, of Foremarke Hall
Butler-Bowdon, of Barlborongh

Butler-Bowdon, of Southgate

Cantrell-Hubberstv, of Alvaston

Chandos-Pole, of Radboume

Clowes, of Norbnry Hall
Coke, of BrookhiU HaU
Coke, of Longford Hall
Coke, of Trusley Manor
Colvile, of Lnlllngton Hall
Cotton, of Etwall Hall
Cotton-Jodrell, of Sliallcross

Cox, of Spondon Hall
Curzon, of Mickleover Manor
Disbrowe-Wlse, of Walton Hall
Drury-Lowe, of Locko Park
Evans, of Darley Abbey
Every, of Egginton Hall
FitzHerbert, of Somersal

FitzHerbert, of Tissiugton Hall
Qisborne, of Allestree Hall
Sorst. of Palterton Hall
Greaves-Bagshawe, of Ford

Gregory Rose-Iunes, of Learn

Gresley, of Drakelowe
HaUowes, of Glapwell Hall
Hardy, of Foston Hall
Harpur-Orewe, of Oalke Abbey
Haslam, of Breadsall Priory
Heywood, of Dove Leys
Hill-Wood, of MoorSeld
Hubberety, of Burbage HaU
Hunloke, of Wingervvorth HaU
Hunter, of Kilbourne Hall
Hunter, of Stoke HaU
Hurt, of Aldervvasley HaU
Isberwocid-Biigshawo, of Oakes-
in-Norton, and Wormhill
Jackson, of Stubbeu Edge
Jervis, of Quarndon House
Kempson, of Densy Lodge
Kerr, of Melbourne Hall
Kirke, of The Eaves
Knowles, of Ednaston Lodge
Levett-Prinsep, of Croxall HaU
Locker-Lampson, of Barl-
borongh Hall
M'Creagh-Tliornhill, of

Markham, of Tapton House
Marples, of Thornbridge HaU
Maynard, of Hoon Kidge
MeyneU, of MevneU Langley
Milligan, of Caldwell HaU
Milner, of Totley HaU
Mostey, of Bm-naston House
Mundy, of Markeaton Hall
Mundy, of Shipley HaU
Nightingale, of Lea Hurst
Oakcs, of Biddings House
Palmer-Morewood, of Alfreton

Peach, of Langley Hall
Pegge-Burnell, of Beauchief
Abbey i

Pegge-BnmeU-Smith-Milnes, of

Dunston HaU
Power, of Pastures
Salmond, of Langton HaU
Scholfield, of Hoon Hay
Scott, of Draycott House
Shaw, of WhitehaU
SitweU, of Eenishaw HaU
Smith, of Wingfleld Park
Spilsbm-y, of The Louglands,

Stanton, of Snelston HaU
Strutt, of BridgehlU, BraUsford

HaU, and Makeney House
Sumner, of Park HaU
Sutton, of Shardlow Hall
Swingler, of Smalley HaU
Tindal, of Highfields
Tristram, of Wingfield Manor
Turbutt, of Ogstou Hall
Walker, of Osmaston Manor
WalthaU, of Alton Manor
Waterhouse, of Lomberdale

Whitehead, of Hargate WaU
WUmot-Sitwell, of Stainsby

Wood, of Whitfield
Wright, of Alderoar HaU
Wright, of Longstone Hall
Wright, of Teldersley Hall

DEERY. See Londondtn


Bedford, Duke of
Somerset, Duke of
Devon, Earl of
Fortcscue, Earl
Iddesleigh, Earl of
Morley, Earl of
Portsmouth, Earl of
Exmouth, Viscount
Hambleden, Viscount
Sidmouth, Viscount
Exeter, Bishop of

Chureton, Lord

CUflord of Chudleigh, Lord

CUnton, Lord

Coleridge, Lord

Poltimore, Lord

Seaton, Lord

Seaton, Lady

AUhusen, of Pinhay
Anderton-Morshead, of Widey

Arnold, of Nethercott
Arthur, of Atherington
Baring-Gould, of Lew

Bartlet, of Ludbrcok Manor
Ba.'sset, of Watermouth Castle,

and Umberleigh
Bastard,of Kitley,andBuckland

Beaumont, of Sladnor Park
Beavan, of Trevei-ven House
Belfield, of Primley HUl
Bentinck, of Indio House
Bernard, of Combe Haleigh
Bernard-D'Oyly, of Woodbine

Bolitho, of Hannaford
Bower, of Claremont
Bradshaw, of Lifton Park
Brown, of Barton HaU
Browne, of Buckland FiUeigh
BrunskiU, of Buckland-tout-

Buckingham, of Doddiscombs-

BuUer, of Downes
BuUer. of ErleHaU
Bulteel, of Pamflete
Burrow, of The Walronds
Byrom, of Culver House
Callard, of Callard
Calmady, of Stoneycroft, and

Cahnady-Hamlyn, of Leawood

House, and Paschoe
Cann, of Dishcombe
Carew, of CoUipriest
Carew, of Haccombe
Cary, of Torre Abbey
Cary-Elwes, of Walland

Cave, of Sidbury Manor
Champernowne, of Dartington

Chapman, of CadeweU
Charlesworth, of Pound House
Charlton, of CoUeton Hall
Chichester, of Arlington

Chichester, of Calverleigh

Chichester, of Grenofen
Chichester, of Hall
Chichester, of Toulston
Christie, of Tapeley Pai-k
Clarke, of BridweU
Clarke, of Brookfield House
Clarke, of Smytha Park
Clayfield-lreland, of Dowrich

Coham-Fleming, of Coham, and

IJpcott Aveuel
Coleridge, of Salston
Collier, of Culmstock Manor
ColUnssplatt, of Brixton

Comyns, of Wood, Teignmouth
Coode, of Polapit Tamar
Cornish-Bowden, of Black

Cory, of Langdon Court
Coryton, of Colebrooke Manor
Cruwys, of Cruwys Morchard

Daniel, of Stuckeridge
Daniell, of Kenbury
Davie, of The Elms, Bishops

Davy, of Bmstone Manor, and

Dawson, of Holue Park
Deane, of Webbery Manor
De Bathe, of De Bathe Barton
He la Pole, of Shate

Deue, of Horwood House
Dickinson, of Dansland, and

The Tower
Divett, of Rivei-side
Drake-Cutcliffe, of Lee Manor
Drinkwater, of Lyncombe

Duckworth-King, of Wear

Dunn, of Ooombefishacre

Edmonds, of Wiscombe Park
Perguson-Davie, of Creedy

Firth, of Halshauger
Fleming, of Bigadon
Follett, of Rockbeare House
Francken, of Okehampton

Fulford. of Great FuUord
FuUer-Bliott-Drake, of Nutwell

Furneaux, of Swilly
Fursdon, of Fursdon
Furse, of Halsdon House
Gamlen, of Puddington
Garratt, of Bishop's Court
Gascoigne, of Fishleigh
Goodson, of Waddeton Court
Grant, of Hillersdon House
Gray, of Membland Hall
Griffiths, of Trentishoe
Grigg, of Cann House
HamUton, of Fairfield Lodge
HamUton, of The Retreat, Tops-

Harris, of Halwill Manor
Hart, of Feniton House
Harvey, of Duudridge
Hayter-Hames, of Chagford

Heathcoat-Amory, of Knights-

hayes Court
Henu-Gennys, of ^Vhitleieh

Hibbert, of Broadgate
Hiern, of The Castle, Barnstaple
Hoare. of Luscombe Castle
Hobbs, of Newton St. Petrock
Holdsworth, of Widdicombe

Hole, of Georgeham

Hole, of Parke

HoUey, of Oaklands

Huyshe, of Sand, and Clysthy-

Ilbert, of Bowringsleigh
Incledon-Webber, of Buckland

House, and St. Brannocks
Jeune, of The Manor House,

Kekewich, of Peamore
KeUy, of Kelly House
Kennaway, of Escot
Kennet-Were, of Cotlands
Kingsford-Lethbridge, of Wood,

South Tawton
ICirkwood, of Yeo Vale
Laing-Oldham, of Strawbridge
Lambert, of Spreyton Manor
Ley, of TrehiU,and Woodlands

Loosemore, of Beechwood
Lopes, of Maristow House, and

Lucas, of Dunmore
Luxmoore, of Okehampton

Macalister, of Hamslade
MacAndrew, of Lukesland
Mallock, of Cockington Court
Marker, of Combe
Marwood-Elton, of Widworthy

Mathew, of Rydon House
Melhuish, of Court Barn
MUdmay, of Flete
Mohun-Harris, of Cross House
ftfolesworth-St.-Anbyn, of

Moore, of HighbuUen
Moore-St«vens, of Winscott
Mortimer, of Holcombc Barton


Moiilton-Barrett, of Arcot
Mudge, of Sydney House
Netberton, of Bowdea House
New, of Craddock House
Newman, of Coryton Manor

Parker, of Delamore
Parker, of Sharpham
Parlby, of Manadon
Payne, of Musbury
Paynter, of Hembury Fort
Pedler, of Baronswood
Peek, of Rousdon
Fet«rs, of Harefleld House
Pine-Coffin, of Portledge Htuse,

and Kenwitb
Pitts, of South Allingtou

Pyke-Nott, of Bydown
Radcliffe, of Derrif ord
Eadcliffe, of Warleigb
Rayer, of Holcombe Court

Robertson, of Parkwood
Rogers, of Orleigh Court
St. Aubyn, of Stoke Damerel

Saltreu-Willett, of Petticombe
Sandei-s, of Stoke House
Saunders, of Bovacott
Scarbrougb, of Coly House
Shelley, of Shobrooke Park
Sillifant, of Coombe
Simcoe. of Wolford Lodge
Simpson, of Maypool
Smyth-Osboume, of Ash
Snow, of Cleve House
Soltau-Symons, of Chaddle-

Spear, of Venn, and Kilworthy

Sperling, of Coombe Trenchard
Spiller, of Eaglehurst
Stanley-Cary, of Follaton

Stevens-GuiUe, of Cross, Little

Strode, of Newnham Park
Stucley, of Hartland Abbey,

Affeton Castle, uud Moretou
Studd, of Biokham House
Studd, of Exeleigh
Tagart, of Northcote Manor
Tanner, of Bang's Nympton

Templer, of Lindridge
Thornycroft, of Courtlands
Tolcher, of Harewood, and

Trelawny-Ross, of Ham
Trist, of Tristford
Tucker, of Coryton Park
Tucker, of Beech Hill
Tuke, of Netberton Hall
Turner of Mambury
Verschoyle, of Bell's Isle
Vowler-Simcoe, of Parnaoott
Waloott, of Rock House
Walrond, of Bradfield
Watson, of Brookfield
Weldon, of Tracey
■n'hetham, of Oadbury House
Whito-Thomson, of Broomford

Wilson, of Sandridge Park, and

Bagtor Manor
Wilson, of Weston Peverell
Wippell, of Thorverton
Woollcombe, of Hemerdon
Wreford, of Clannaborough
Wrey, of Tawstock Court
Wjatl^Edgell, of Cowley

Yeo, of Fremmgton House
Tonge, of PusUnch


Couyngham. Marque?s
Leitrim, Earl of
Wicklow, Earl of
Adair, of Gleuveagh Castle
Atidnson, of Cavangardeu
Barton, of Greenfort House
Batt, of HathmuUen House
Boyd, of Ballymacool
Boyton, of Convoy House
Chai-ley, of Aranmore
Clarke, of Port Hall
Cochrane, of Edenmore House
Cochrane, of Red Castle
Colquhoun, of Rookfort
Crantshaw, of Duulewy
Crosbie, of Greencaslle
Deazeley, of Lettermacaward
Delap, of Monellan
Evans, of The Churchlands
Grove, of Castle Grove
Hamilton, of Brown Hall
Hamilton, of Coxtown House
Hamilton, of Mossvill
Hart, of Kilderry
Hai-vey, of Malin Hall
Hayes, of Drumboe Castle
HiU.of Qweedore
Humfi-ey, of Cavanacor
Jobnstoiie, of Eden
Knox, of Clonleigh
Lepper, of " " "'
Lyl - -

took, of Diinmore
McCliutock, of Tiernaleagne

Mansfield, of Castle Wray
Maxwell, of Birdstown
Montgomery, of Fort Royal
Moore, of Ohff

Musgrave, of The Lodge,Carrick
Olphert, of Ballyconnell
Reynolds, of The Mullens
Richardson, of Buncrana Castle
Riky, of Mount Hall
Steele-Nicholson, of Falmore

Stewart, of Corcam
Stewart, of Fort Stewart
Stewart, of Horn Head
Stewart, of Laurel Hill
Stewart, of Rock Hill
Stewart-Baru, of Ai-ds
Stoney, of Oakfleld Park
Stubbs, of Danby, and St.

Style, of Glenmore
Siviney, of Moyagh
Thompson, of Drumholm
Tredennick, of Camlin Castle
Verschoyle, of Cashelshanaghan,

and Dunklneely
Walker, of Kilcadden House
Wallace, of Ardnamona
Watt, of Claragh
White, of Lough Eske Castle
Young, of Culdaff Hous

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