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Smyth, of Dunninald Castle
Stormonth-Darling, of Led-

Strachan Carnegie, of Tarrie
White, of Balruddery House,
and Pilmores


Gough, Viscount
Iveagh, Viscount
Ashtown, Lord
Clonbrock , Lord
De Clifford, Lord
Ffrench, Lord
Killauin, Lord

Wallscom-t, Mary Ethel, Lady
Alcorn, of Kilroe
Athy, of Renville
Bence-Lambert, of Dernasliggau
Bernard, of Castle Hacket
Ben-idge, of Ballynahinch
BUtke, of Annaghdown House
Blake, of BaUyglunin Park
Blake, of Bunowen Castle
Blake, of Meelick House
Blake, of Menlough Castle
Blake of Rathville
Bodkin, of Annagh
Bryett, of Queensfort
Burke, of Ballydugan
Burke, of Danesfield
Burke, of Marble Hill
Butson, ot St. Brendan's
Chevers, of Killyan House
Clarke, of Graig Abbey
Cole, of Raford, and Fur-

Comyn, of Ballinderry
Courtenay, of SbantaUagh
Daly, of Castle Daly
Daly, of Daly's Grove
Daly, of Dunsandle
D'Arcy, of New Forest
Denham, of Northbrook
Dick, of Carantrila Park
Digby, of Moat Lodge
Donelan, of Sylanmore
Eyre, of Eyrecourt Castle
Fallon, of Netterville Lodge
ffrench, of Monivea Castle
Graham, of Ballinakill Lodge
Grattan-Bellew, of Mount

Gregory, of Coole Park
Guy, of Turoe
Hall, of Knockbrack
Henry, of Toghermore
Jenings, of Ironpool
Joyce, of Corgary House
Joyce, of Mervue
Kelly, of Mucklon
Kilkelly, of Drimcoug
Kirwan, of Baunmore
Lambert, of Castle Ellen
Xascelles, of Portumna Castle
Lawrence, of Lisreaghan


Lewiii, of Castk'grove

Lewis, of Ballinagar

Lighton, ot Selerna

Lopdeli, of Raheen Park

Lynch, of Barna

Lynch, of Duras, and Reumore

Lynch, of Petei-sburgh Castle,

and Ashbrook
Lynch, of Spring Vale
Lynoh-Staunton, of Clydagh
UacDemiott, of Ramore
Mahon, of L'astlegar
Martyn, of Tiilira
Matthews, of Derryvunlam
Miller, of Blindwell
Nolan, of BallindeiTy
Nolan, ot New Park
Nugent, ot Cranna
Nugent, ot Flower HiU
O'Farrell, of Dilyston
O'Fflahertie, of Lemonfleld
O'Flaherty, ot Ballycouueely,

Ardnasella, and Beladangau
O'Hara, of Lenaboy
O'Kelly, of Clondoyle
0' Kelly, of Gurtray
O'Rorke, of Clonbern Park
Persse, ot Moyodo Castle
Persse. of Ros borough
Buttledge, of Barbersfort
Segrave, of CaUa House
Seymour, of Ballyniore Castle
Shawe Taylor, of Castle Lam-

Shawc-Taylor, of Castle Taylor
Smyth, of Mason brook
Stacpoole, of Mount Hazel
Studd, of Issercleran
Taylor, of Ross
Thompson, of Derrahiney
Thomson, of Salruck
Trench, of Clonfert House
TJssher, of Eastwell
Wade, of Carrowmore
Waithman, of Merlin Pai-k
Young, of Harding Grove


Bute, Marquess of
Dunraven and Mount-Earl,

Earl of
Plymouth, Earl of
Llandaff, Bishop ot
Aberdare, Lord
Bljthswsod, Lady
Merthyr, Lord
Tredegar, Lord
Wharton, Lord
Benson, of Fairy Hill, and

Blandy-Jenkins, ot Llanharan
Booker, ot Slon

Crawshay, of Forest House
Daniel, ot Cwmgelly
raridj'of Fairwater House

Davis, of Brynderwen
Dillwyn-Llewelyn, ot Penller-

Dillwyn-Venables-Llewclyn, of

Dornford, of Bryn Hatad
Bdmondes, ot Old Hall
Evans, ot Eaglebush House
Fletcher, ot Margam Park
Franklen, of Clemenstone
Gore, ot Court yrala
Gough, ot Yniscedwyn House
Homfray, of Penllyn Castle
Insole, ot The Court, LlandaS
Jeffreys, ot Gellygron
Jenner, of Wenvoe Castle
Jones, of Fonmon Castle
Knight, of Tythegston
Lee, of Dinas Powis
Leigh, of Glyn Bargoed House,

and Llansauuor Housa
Lewis, of Green Meadow
Llewellyn, of Baglnn Hall
Llewellyn, ot Court Colmau
Lloyd, of Has CU-y-bebyll
Lucas, ot I
Lyons, ot 1
Miere, of Ynyspenllwch
Moore-Gwyn, ot Dyffryn,

Morgan, ot Hendrescythan
Morgan, ot Marlborough

Grange, Llanbethian
Morris, of Sketty Park
NichoU, ot Merthyr Mawr
Nicholl, of Ham
NichoU-Carne, of Nash Manor,

and Dimlands
Owen, ot Ash Hall
Powys, of Plis Newydd
Price, ot Hensol Castle
Prichard, ot Pwllywraoh
RomiUy, of Barry
Samuel, of Trecastle
Tennant, ot Oadoxton Lodge
Thomas, of Glan Mor
Thomas, of Ystrad Mynach
Traheme, of Coedarhydyglyn
Traherne, ot Coytrehen
Turbervill, of Ewenny Priory
Tyler, ot Cottrell
Vaughan, ot Rheola
Vivian, ot Clyne Castle
Williams, of Aberpergwn
Williams, of Bonvllstou Cottage
Williams, ot Duffi-yn Ftrwd
Williams, of Killay House
Williams, of Miskin Manor
Williams, of Roath Court


Beaufort, Duke of
Bathurst, Earl
Berkeley, Earl ot
Ducie, Earl of
Eldon, Earl ot
Gainsborough, Earl of
Harrowby, Earl of

St. Aldwyn, Earl

Wemyss and March, Earl ot

Bledisloe of Lydney, Lord

De Blaquiere, Lord

De Mauley, Lord

Grantley, Lord

Leigh, Lord

Redesdale, Lord

Sherborne, Lord

Somers, Lord

Akers, ot Huntley Manor

Agg, of Poxcote House

Alston-Roberts- West, of Alsoot

Andrews, of St. Briavel's House
Andrews, of Toddington Manor
Baghot De la Bere, of The

Baker, ot Hasfleld Court
Ballarat, Bishop of, of Twyning

Barrow, of Farmingtou Lodge
Beugough, ot The Ridge
Birchall, of Bowden Hall
Blathwayt, of Dyrham Park
Borrer, of Angeston Grange
Bowly, of Siddington House
Brassey, of Charlton Park
Bruce, of Norton Hall
Bryant, ot Quar Wood
Bush, ot Eastington Park
Butler, ot Wyck Hill
Oadogan, ot Hatherop Castle
Capel, ot The Grove
Capel. ot Prestbury House
Carlyon-Britton, of Hanham

Oaruthers-Little, ot Pitch-
combe House
Case, of Beckford HaU
Cator, ot Trewsbury
Cave, ot Cleve HiU
Cave, of Stoneleigh House
Chambres, of Pentre
Chester-Master, of Cirencester

Abbey, and Knole Park
Clifford, of Franipton Court
Codrlngton, of Dodington

Colc'nester-Wemyss, ot Wcst-

bu"y Court
Oonder, of Conigree Court
Cottrell-Dormer.of HeathHouse,

and Stapleton Park
Crawley-Boevey, ot Flaxley

Cripps, ot Ampney Park
Cripps, of Cripps Mead
Croome, of Bagendon House
Carre, of Beachley Lodge
Curtis - Hayward, ot Quedgeley

Darell, of Fretherne Court
Davies, of Amberley Court
Davis, of Well Close
Deane of The Boyoe Court
Deo le-Drummond, ot The Old

Grange, Dymock
De la Bere, of Portuiet House
Dent Brocklehurst, ot Sudeley

de Peyer, of Newent Court
Derham. of Henleaze Park
de Wintbn, of Hatherley

Dickenson, of Syston Court
Dickinson, of Washwell House
Dighton. of Oak House
Dison-Hartland, of Ashley

Dorington, ot Lypiatt Park
Dugdale, of Sezincote
East, of Bourton House
Edwardes, of Prinknash Park
Elwes, of Colffibome Park
Eveleigh-de-Moleyna, of Cote
Eyres-Mousell, of Dumbleton

Fen\vlck, of Abbotswood
Fenmck, ot Thirlestaine House
George, ot Cherington Park
Gibbons, of Boddington Manor
Gillett, of Thornbnry House
Gladwin, of Seven Springs
Godjnan, of Bank's Fee
Gordon-Canning, of Haitpury


Gniae, ot Elmore Court


Gwj'nne-Evans, of Oaklands

Haines, of Bagendon
Hamilton, of Kiftsgate Court
Hardwicke, of Tytherington

Harford, of Blaise Castle
Harter, of Salperton Park
Harwood, of Woodbouse
Henry, of Elmestree House
Herbert, of Paradise House
Hewitt, of Maugersbury

Hicks-Beach, of Witcombe

Hill, of Poole Court
Hill, o£ The Leigh
Holford, of Westonbirt
Hcole-Lowsley-WUliams, of

Hopton, of Kemerton Court
Horlick, of Cowley Manor, and

Blkstone Manor
Howard, of Thornbury Castle,

and Thornbury Park
Huntley, of Boxwell Court
Hurst, of Barrington Grove
Hutton, of Harescombe

Hyett, of Painswick House
James, of Edgeworth Manor
Jenner-Fust. of HiU Court
Jeune, of Whaddon Manor
Jones, of Lechlade Manor
Jones, of Nass House
Jones, of Steanbridge Hoase
Kerr,of TheHaie
I Kingscote, of Kiugscot«
I La\vreuce, of Seveuhamptou

Manor, and SandyweU Park
I Leigb, of Woodchester Park
j Lewis, of Aveuing Court
I Littlewood, of The Woodlands
Lloyd, of The Grange, Newnham

Lloyd -Baker, of Hardwicke

Lord, of Lilley Brook
Machen, of Bastbach Court, and

Maclver, of Blaisdon Hall
Marling, of Clanna
Marling, of Stanley Park, and

Sedbury Park
Mai-sh, of Winterbourne Park
MarshaU, of Northfield
Matthews, of Admington Hall
Metcalfe, of Claydon House
Metcalfe, of The Priory, Wood-
MUes, of Kings- Weston
Mirehouse, of Ham brook

Mitchell, of Highgrove
Morgan, of Tidenham House
Moss, of Leygore Manor
NopI, of Stardens
Pakuer, of Newland House
Parker, of Upton House
Parry, of Highuam Court
Penberthy, of Dean Hall
Percival, of Kimsbury House
Player, of Thirlestaine Hall
Playue, of Longfords, and Box

Power-Olutterbuck, of Newark

Prevost, of Stinchcombe Manor
Price, of Tibberton Court
PurneU-Ed wards, of Stancombe

Raymond- Barker, of Fairford

Rhodes, of Brockhampton

Ricardo, of Gatcombe Park
Rice, of Oddington House
Ritter, of The Tbrupp
Rixon, of Turkdean Manor
Rooke. of Bigsweir House
Ruddle, of The Mythe
Salmon, of Tockington Manor
Sargeaunt, of Tewkesbury Park
Scobell, of Walton H«use
Selwyn-Payne, of Badgeworth

Court, and Badgeworth End
Seys, of Wirewood's Green
Shekell, of Pebwortb
Sherwood- Hale, of Alderley
Sotheron-Estcourt, of Estcourt


Stott, of Stanton Court
Striuklaud, of Apperley Court
Thackwell, of Wilton Place
Thursby, of Broadwell HIU
Tidswell. of Haresfleld Court
Trent-Stoughton, of Owlpen
Turner, of Shipton Oliffe Manor
Van Notten-Pole, of Todenham

Vereker, of Olearwell Castle
Vyner-Bllis, of Minsterwortli
Waddingbam, of Guiting

Walcot, of Weston Subege
Walker, of Norton Court
Welch, of Arle House
White, of Old Sneed Park
Whitmore, of Lower Slaughter
Wills, of Miserden Park
Wingfield, of Barrington Park
Witts, of Hill House, Leck-

Witts, of Upper Slaughter

Woodman-Hastings, of Stubb

Wykeuam-Musgrave, of

Barnsley Park
Yorke, of Forthampton Court


De Sauniarez, Lord

De HaviUand, of HavUland

Duruford -Slater, of Havelet


Eoxburghe, Duke of
Linlithgow. Marquess of
Tweeddale, Marquess of
Dalhousie, Earl of
Haddington, Earl of
Lauderdale, Earl of
Wemyss and March, Earl of
Kinross, Lord
Polwarth, Lord
Sinclair, Lord
Anderson, of Bourhouse
Baird.of Colstoun
Baird,of Lennoxlove
Baird. of Newbyth
Balfour, of \\Tiittingehame
Buchan-Hepburn, of Smeaton-

Buchan-SvdserfE. of Ruchlaw
Cadell, of "Cockenzie House
Corbett, of Tranent, and

Dick-Lauder, of Fountain

Fletcher, of Saltoun Hall
Grant-Suttie. of Preston

Grange, and Balgone
Gray, of Nunraw Castle
Hall, of Dunglass
Hamilton-Dalrymple, of Luchie
Hay, of Helton House
Hay-Newton, of Newton Hall
Holme, of Eaglescarnie
Hope, of Luffness Castle
Houstoun, of Beech Hill
Kinlooh, of Gilmerton
Laidlay, of Seaclift House
Lennox-Sinclair, of Stevenson
Miller, of Barneyhill
Mitohell-Innes, of Thurston
Nisbet, of Stobshiel House
Nisbet Hamilton Ogilvy, of

Belhaven ; Archerfleld ; Biel,

and Winton Castle
Skene-Tytler.of Keith Marischal
Watt, of Spott House



H.I.M, the Ex-Empress of the

Wellington, Duke of
Winch^ter, Marquess of
Carnarvon, Earl of
Egmont, Earl of
Hardwicke. Earl of
Malmesbury, Earl of
Nonnanton, Earl of
Northbrook, Earl of
Portsmouth, Countess of
Selborne, Earl of
AbinKer. Lila, Lady
Ashburton, Lord
Basing, Lord
Bolton, Lord
Dorchester, Baroness
Eversley, Lord
Grantley, Lord
Hotham, Lord
Manners, Lady
Montagu ot Beaulieu, Lord
Swaythliiig, Lord
Agar, of Milford House

of Elvetham Hall
Ashley, of Broadlands
Aubertin, of The Weir
Bamforth, of Northbrook House
Baxendaie, of Pre-ihaw House
Beach, of Oakley Hall, and

Oakley Manor
Bennion, of Niu-sted House
Bii-ch, of Clare Park
Birch-Reynardson, of Rushing-

ton Manor
Bowden Smith, of Vernalls
Bowes-Lyon, of Northerwood

Boyd, of Crofton House
Bradshaw, of Abshot House
Briggs. of Wolverdene
Bruce, of Brooke House
BucknUl, of Thornfleld
Barren, of Faii-thorn Manor
Butler, of Bury Lodge,

Cameron, of Nea House
Campbell, of Thornhill Park
Campbell-WjTidham-Long, of

Corhampton House
Campbell-Wyndham-Long, of

The Holt
Carpenter-Gamier, of

Eookesbury Park
Oaulfeild, of Broadhanger
Cave, of Ditcham Park
Chamberlayne, of Cranbury

Park, Weston Grove, and

Baddesley Manor
Oharlesworth, of Dunwo^d

Charrington, of Winchfleld
House, and Winchfleld Lodge

Chawner, of Shotters

Chinnock, of Dinorben Court

Chute, of The Vyne

Clarke-Jervoise, of Idsworth

Corapton, of Minstead Manor

Cooper, of Hursley Park

Cooper, of Ossemsley Manor

Coote, of West Park

Cope, of Bramshill Park

Oornwallis-West, of Newlands

Coventry, of Burgate House
Crompton-Stansfield, of Mat-

cham Park
Crook, of Conford Park
Culme-Seymour, of Glenville
Ourrie, of Minley Manor
Curtis, of Gatcombe
Dalgety, of Lockerlev Hall
Davies, of Hawkley Hurst
Dawnay, of Longparish House
Deane.of Fareham House
Dent, of Buckland
Deverell, of Bossington House,

and Purbrook Park
Dewar, of Doles
Doughty-TichDome, ot Tich-

borne Park

Douglas, of Hazelby House
Dnimmond, of Cadland
Dutton, of Hinton House
Erie, of Bramshott Place
Errington, of Merry Oak
Faber, of Ampfield House
FitzRoy, of Frogmore Park
Fitz-Wygram, of Leigh Park
Foley, of Paokham
Ford, of Doiley Manor
Forster, of Lepe Exbury
Fox, of Adbury Park
Fox, of North Ecchinswell

Fryer, of Worthy Park
Gadesden, of Bui-ley
Gofl, of Hale Park
Gordon-Ives, of Bentworth

Guillemard. of Malverleys
Hamilton, of Dibden Manor
Hanning-Lee, of Old Manor

House, Bighton
Hargreaves, of Cuflnells
Hargreaves, of Harefield
Harris-St. John, of Sheldons
Harrison, of Le Court
Heathcotc, of Bighton Wood
Heathcote, of FritUam Lodge
Hennessy, of Tylney Hall
Hervey-Bathurst, of Somborne

Higgens, of Pursere
Hobart, of Langdown
Hodgson, of Gavelacre
Holding, of Elm Grove
Holme, of Upton Green House
Holt, of Farnborough Grange
Holt, of Ropley Grove
Hood, of Upham House
Hooper, of Shelly Hill
Hope, of Preston House
Hulse, of Breamore House
Jeffreys, of Burkham House
Jeffreys, of Canterton Manor
Jenkyns, of Botley Hill
Jervoise, of Herriard Park
Kelly, of HoUiugton House
Kemp- Welch, of Sopley Park
Kennard, of FernhDl
KingsmiU, of Sydmonton Court
Knapton, of Eope Hill
Knight, of Cha\\'ton House

Le Roy-Lewis, of Westbury

Litton, of Woolmer Lodge
Lovell, of Hincheslea
Luke, of Adbury House
Macleay, of Okefleld
Macnaghten, of Bittern

Marter, of Warblington House
Massy, of Hazelhurst
Maiwell-Lefroy, of Itchel

Middleton, of Midanbury
Miller, of Proyle Place
MUls, of Bisterne
Minchin, of Soberton Manor
Mond, of Melchet Court
Montagu-Stuarb-Wortley, of

HighcUffe Castle
Morant, of Brokenhnrst Park
Mortimer, of Ashe Park
Murray-Aynsley, of Hall

Myers, of Swanmore House
Napier-Martin, of West Leigh
Newcome, of Aldershot Manor
Nicholson, of Basing Park
NiooU, of BuUington Manor
Northcote, of Manor House,

Overton, of Frimstone Lodge
Palk, of Little Testwood
Parker, of Blackbrook House
Philippi. of Crawley Court
Pbillimore, of Shedfleld House
Portal, of Bere Hill
Portal, of Laverstoke House
Portal, of Southington House
Powell, of Brooklands
Powell, of Twyford Lodge
Powell, of Wilverley Park
Prentice, of Beauworth Manor
Radclyffe, of Little Park
Randolph, of Kimpton Lodge

Rftwstome, of Roche Court
Raymond, of Heathfield House.

Ricardo, of Bure Homage
Richards, of Farlington
Richmond-Gale-Braddyll, of

Rooke, of Woodside
Rycroft, of Kempshott Park

Scott, of Rotherfleld Park
Shaw-Lefevre-St. John-Mild-

may, of Dogmersfleld Park
Shelley- Rolls, of Avington Park
Singleton, of Hazely Heath
Shrubb, of Boldre Grange
Simonds, of Abbotts-Barton
Simpson, of Goldings
Sloane-Stanley, of Bay House
Sloane-Stanley, of Paultons
Smith, of Weyhill
Stephens, of Bentworth Lodge

Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, of

Hinton Admiral
Thbtlethwayte, of South wick

Thorold, of Silchestcr Hall
Timson, of Tatchbiiry Mount
Tragett, of Awbridge Danes
Trevor - Battye, of Ashford

Vandrey-Barker-Mill, of

Mottisfont Abbey
Walpole, ot Heckfield Place
Walter, of Malslianger
Warren-Codrington, of Wortiug

Welch-Tiiornton, of Beaure-

paire Park
Whalley-Tooker, of Hinton

Whitaker, of Gravshott Hall
Whitaker, of Pylewell Park
White, of Southleigh Park
Whitehead, of Eflord Park
Wickham, ot Binsted Wyck
Willis-Fleming, of Stonehara

.and Chilworth
Wilson, of Harrow Lodge
Wingrove. of Langley
Wood, of Theddcn Grange
Woods, of Warnford Park


Hereford, Bishop of

Bateman, Lord

Biddulph, Lord

Cawley, Lord

Somers, Lord

Allen, of Manor House, Upton

Andrewes Uthwatt, of Midille-

Arkwright, of Kinsham Court
Armitage. of Dadnor
Bailey, of Rowden Abbey
Banks, of Hergest Croft
Bannerman, of Wyastone Leys
Bannister, of Church House,

Barueby, of Brockington

Barueby. of Longworth Hall
Barneby. of Saltmarshe Castle

and Clatcr Park
Bird, of Drybridge Hjuse


Booker, of Wesaiugton Coui't
Boaanquet, of Broom-y-Olose

Bourne, of Cowame Court

Bowie-Evans, of Byletts

Burden, of New Court, Here-

Burlton, of Eaton Hill

Burrell, of Hamoton Court

Capper, of The Northgate

Chambers, of Hatfield Court

Childe-Freeman, of Ed\vyn

Olive, of Perrystoue Court

Clive, of ^Vhitfleld

Clowes, of Burton Court

Collet t-Mason, of Nieuport

CoUinB, of Wythall

Cornewall, of Moccas Court

Cotterell, of Garnons

Cresswell. of Ocle Court

Croft, of Lugwardine Coirt

Davenport, of Foxley

Dew, of Letton Court

De Winton, of Graftoubury

Doughty, of Tlie Croft

Dunne, of Bircher Hall, and
Gatley Park

Ecroyd, of Credeuhill Park

Evans, of Eyton Hall

Feilden, of Dulas Court

Foley, of Stoke Edith

Foster, of Brockhampton

Giaborne, of Lingen Hall j

Green, of The Whittern

Greenly, of Titley Court

G res wolde- Williams, of
Bredenhury Court

Haringtou, of Whitbourne

Harley, of Brampton Bi7an
Hereford, of Sufton
Hewitt, of Hope End
Heygate, of Buckland
Hope, of Whitney Court
Hope-Edwardea, of Wharton

Hopton, uf Cagebrook
Hopton, of Canon-fErome Court
Hopton, of Homend
Ingham, of Sugwas Court
Jackson-Shapland, of Hill

House, Oradley
James, of Bryn Curl
Jay, of Derndale
Jenner, of Vennwood
KeviU-Davies, of Croft Castle
King-King, of Staunton Court
Lechmere, *)f Fownhope Court
Lee, of How Caple Court
Lee-Warner, of Tyberton Court
Leir, of Charlton. Goodrich
Lewis, of Downtou House
Lucus-Scudamore. of Kent-
church Court
Luc;is- Tooth, of Holme Lacy
Lutley, of Brockhampton House
Lutwyche, of Kynastou
McLaughlin, of Ttie Lydiates
Marshall, of Gayton Hall
Marshall, of Saruesfield Court
MoSatt, of Goodrich Court
Mouey-Kyrle, of Hennor House
Money-Kyrle, of Homme House
Mounsey-Heygate, of Docklow

Mynors. of Treago Castle
Parr, of Staunton Park
Partridge, of The Green, Bacton
Pulley, of Lower Eaton
Raukin, of Bryngwyn, and

Reavely, of Kinnersley Castle
Riley, of Putley Court
Robinson, of Lynhales
Rorailly. of Huntington Park
Rouse- Bough ton- Knight, of

Downton Castle
St. John, of Dinmore Manor
Simpson, of Burghill Grange,

and Quebb

Snead-Oox, of Broxwood Court,

and Eaton Bishop
Symonds. of Pengethly
Symons, of The Mynde Park
Thresher, of Poston House

Trafford, of Michaelchuroh

Vaughan, of Courtfield
Verdin, of Garnstone Castle
Verain, of Henwood
Walsham, of Knill Court
Ward, of Yatton Court
Weare. of Hampton House
Wegg-Prosser, of Belmont
Wegg-Prosser, of Warliam
Wood, of Ivingtnn
Wood, of The Ryelauds
Wood, of Whitehouse
Wright, of Pudleston Court


SaUsbury, Marquess
Arran, Earl of
Brownlow, Earl
Caledon, Earl of
Cavan, Earl of
CUuendon, Earl of
E^&GX, Earl of



Verulam, Earl of

Aldenham, Lord

Desborough, Lady

Ebury. Lord

Gerard, Lady

Agnew, of Durrants

Ames, of The Hyde, and Ayot

St. LawTence
Amos, of St. Ibbs
Barclay, of High Leigh
Birch, of Loudwater
Blake, of Danesbury
Bott, of Bennington Lordship
Boulton, of Copped Hall
Bowlby, of Gilstou Park
Browne, of Walkern HaU
Burchell-Herne, of Bushey

Burdett-Coutts, of High Canons
Bushby, of Wormley Bury
Butler", of Warren Wood
Buxton, of Easneye
Carlile, of Ponsbonrne Park
Cherry-Garrard, of Lamer Park
Church, of Woodside
Clinton-Baker, of Baj-fordbury
Clutterbuck.of Mickleficld HaU,

and Putteridge Bui-y
Croft, of " • " "

Croft, of St Margaret's, bury
Darnton, of Mackoyre End
Delm6-Radcliffe. of Hitchin

Dorrien-Smith, of Haresfoot,

and Ashlyns Hall
Evans, of Russells
Faudel-PhUUps, of Balls Park
Fellowes, of Woodfield
Fordham, of Ashwell Bury
Fordbam, of Elbrook House
Fordham, of Vew Tree House
Freemantle, of Bedwell Park
Fri_:re, of Tw^-ford House
Gape, of St. ifichael's Manor
Gaussen, of Brookman's Park
Gibbs, of Briggens
Gilliat, of Frogmore Hall
Gladstone, of Hazelwood
Glyn. of Albiiry Hall
Gos.seliu Grimshawe, of Bengeo

Greg, of Coles Park
Hall, of Barkway House
Halsey, of Gaddesden Place
Harrison, of King's Walden
Heaton-EIIis. of Wyddiall Hall
HiU, of Hexton Manor
Holland- Hibbert, of Munden
Hughes, of Offley Place
Johnston, of Little Offley
Jones, of Woodhili
Kemble, of Oakmere
KeiT, of Brocket HaU
Kidston, of Nyn Park
Kingsley, of Fanshaws
Lawes-Wittewronge, of Roth-

amsted Manor
Lewis, of Essendon Place
Loyd, of Langleybury
Lushington, of Aspenden Hall
Lydekker, of Harpenden Lodge
McCalmont, of Bushey House
Marten, of Marshal's Wick
Martin-Leake, of Marshalls
Metcalfe, of Julians
Meux, of Theobiild's Park
Minet. of Hadham Hall
Norman, of Moor Place
O'Brien, of Aston
Parker, of Bennington House
Parker, of Ware Park
Parr, of Kimpton Grange
Paston- Cooper, of Gadebridge

Pearson, of Brickendonbury
Piercey -Taylor- Smith, of Habley

Pojntz-Stewart, of Chesfield

Pryor, of Weston Park
Puller, of Youngsbury
Robins, of IieUiport
Rothschild, of Tring Park
Ryder, of Westbrook Hay
St. Leger, of Bragbury End
Sebright, of Beechwood
Seymour, of Potterells
Shaw-Hellier, of Baldock
Smith, of '.'odicote Lodge
Smith, of Goldings
Smith, of Hertingfordbury Park
Smith, of Woodhall Park, and

Sacombe Park
Smith-Bosanquet, of

Solly, of Serge HUl
Sowerby, of Lilley Manor
Trotter, of Brickendon Grange
Trotter, of Dyrham Park
Unwin-Heathcote. of

Van der Meule:

Wells, of CaddiiJgtun Hall
Williams, of Pendley Manor
Williams, of PyuesfieM Manor
Wilshere. of The Frythe
Wodehousc, of Woolmers
Woolrych, of Croiley Honse



Sandwich, Earl of
De Ramsey, Lord
Bevan.of Wand HaU
Billiat. of Saolev
Coote, of Stuieley HaU
Dalton, of TUbrook HaU
Dane, of Alwalton HaU
De La Pryme, of Wistow Lodge
Desborough, of Hartford House
Dubevly, of Gayues HaU
Duncombe, of Waresley Park
Heathcote, of Conington Oastle
Humbley, of Eynesbury
Johnat in, of Broughtou
Linton, of Stirtloe House
Piokersgill-Ounliffe, of Staiigli-

Poliguano, of Brampton Manor
Proby, of Elton Hall
Rooper, of Ripton Abbots
Rowley, of Priory Hill
Rust, of Alconbury House
Sperling, of Lattenbury HIU
ThornUll, of Diddington
Tillard, of Tlie Holme
Tunipson, of Woodston

Vipan, of Stibbington Hal
Wade-Gery, of Wornditch H.-iU
Watt, of Hemingford Grey
Welatead, of Kimbolton House


Dunmore, Earl of
Moray, Earl of
Portsmouth, Countess of
Seafield, Oountes3 of
Lovat. Lord
Macdonald, Lord
BaUUe, of DocUtom-
Bellairs, of Altrua
Biscoe, of Newton
Cameron of Locliiel, of

Acbnacarry Oastle
Cameron- Ilend,

Cameron- Lucy, of Mamore,

Meoble Forest
CampbeU, of Kilmartln
Chisholra of Chisholrn, of

Ercbless Oastle
Ohishohn-Batten, of Aigas

Darwin, of Muirtown
Davidson, of Cantray
Ellice. of Invergarry, ana

of Inverailorfe

Forbes, of ( 'uUoden
Praser, of Beelig
Fraser-Macltenne, of Bunchrew
Fraser-Mackintash, of

Drnmmond, and Kilvean
Fraser-Tytler. of Aldourle

Oastle. and Balnain
Grant, of Glenmoriston
Grant, of Eothiemurchus
Gregory Eose-Inues, of

Macbean. of Tomatin
Macdouald, of Balranald
Macdoimld. of Glenaladale
Macdonald. of Skeabost House


. of Inver-




MackenKic, nf House of Farr
Mftekiutosh, of Balnespick
Mackintosh, of Kyllachy
Mackintosh '■of Mackiutoeh.' of

Moy H*iil
MHCkintosh. of Raiffniore
Miicle.id'of Macleod,'ut Duuve-

gaii Castle
Macphersoii, of Balavil House
Macpherson, of Clnny Cnstle
MacpUersou, of Ooniinony
Macpheson, of Gleutruim


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