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Lauder, of Bonnybeg
Lawder, of Lawderdale
MacTernan, of Barnameenagh.

and Mount AUen
MacTernan, of GlacVawn-

Marsham, of Headfort House
O'Donel, of Larkfleld
Pahner, of Shrifl
Peyton, of Driney House
Peyton, of Loughscur, and

Reynolds, of Carrickmore
Talbot, of Jamestown House
Tynte, of Tynte Lodge
Whyte, of Hatley Manor


Devon, Earl of

Dunraven and Mount- Earl
Earl of

Limerick, Earl of

GuiUamore, Viscount

Clarina, Lord

Emly, Lord

Fermoy, Lord

Massy, Lord

Monteagle, Lord

MuskeiTy, Lord

Atkinson, of Glenwilllam Oaitle

Barrington, of Glenatal

Barry, of SandviUe Grange

Bennett, of Glenefy

Bevan, of Camass

Bourchier, of Baggotstown

Eourke, of Thornflelds

Brown, of Lisnagry

Browning, of Bruree House

Browning, of Carass Court

Cantillon, of Manister House

CauLfeild, of Copsewood

Considine, of Derk

Cooper, of Cooper Hill

CoplenLangford, of Kiloosgriff

Croker, of BaUynagarde

Delmege, of Castle Park

de Sails, of Loughgur

de Vere, of Ourragh Ohase

DioksoD, of Kildimo Honse

Dolmage, of Hathkeale

Drew, of Drewscourt
EUard, of Newtown EUara
Ferguson, of Garrydufl
Finch, of Maryville
FitzGerald, of Glin Castle
Fitz-Gerald, of Mondelllhy
Fosbery, of Clorane
Franks, of BaUyscaddane
Gabbett, of Mount Rivera
Gavin, of KUpeacon House
Goold-Verschoyle, of Athea.and

Greenall. of Mount Coote
Griffin, of Altavilla
Gubbins, of Bottomstown
Gubbins, of KiUrush
HarknesB, of Cahara
Hewson, of Castle Hewson
Hunt, of Inchirourke
levers, of Glauouff Castle
Langford, of Glenville
Lindsay, of Ash Hill Towers
Lloyd, of Beechmount
Low, of Sunvale
Lyons, of Croom House
McSheehy, of Kilmurry
Massy, of Riversdale
Massy, of StonevQle, and Clough-

Massy-Power, of Clonshire
MaunseU, of BallaghwiUiam
Maunsell, of Fairytield
Maunsell, of Gortbwee, and

Morony, of OdeU VUle
O'Brien, of Cahirmoyle
O'Brien, of Monare
O'Connor, of Woodcliffe
O'Grady, of Castle Garde
O'Grady, of KilbaUyowen
Roche, of Carass
Roche- KeUy, of Eockstown

( 'astle, and Islandmore
Rose, of Ahabeg
Rose, of Boskell
Royse, of BaUiuvirick


Ryan, of Scarteen
Smith, of BaUynanty House
Sullivan, of Ballyfollins
Sullivan, of Curraniore
Trench, of Clonodfoy
Treuch-Gascoigne, of Kilfiuant
Tansittart, of Coolbawn
Vereker, of Abbeyfeale
Verschoyle, of Oastle Troy
Waller, of Castletown Manor
Warden, of Old Abbey
Webb, of Knocktoran
Westropp, of Mellon
White, of Nantenan
Wvnne, of Rossbrien



Bieter, Marquess of
Ancaster, Earl of
Browulow, Earl
Dysart, Earl of
Lindsey, Earl of
Liverpool, Earl of
Londesborough, Earl of
WinchilBea and Nottingham

Yarborough, Earl of
St. Vincent, Viscount
Lincoln, Bishop of
Heneage, Lord
MoDBon, Lord
St. Oswald, Lord
Alington, of Swinhope House
Allanby, of Monk's Tower
Astley-Corbett, of Elsham

Bacon, of Thonock Hall
Barton, of Saxby Hall
Bergne-Coupland, of Skelling-

thorpe Hall
Billiat, of Aisthorpe Hall
Birch-BeynardBon, of Holywell

Bromhead, of Tbnrlby Hall
Burcham-Kogers, of Coningsby

Burton, of Goltho Hall
Chatterton, of Somerby Hall
Chealcs. of Hagworthiiigham
Cholmeley, of Ejiston Park, and

Norton Place
Chriatison, of Burwell Park
Cliff, of Scawby Grove
Cockburn, of Hiirniston Hall
Oompton-Vyner, of Gantby Hall
Oracioft, of Hackthom Hall
Dallas- Yorkc, of Walmsgate

Dalton, of Pillingham Castle
Dixon, of Holton Park
Dymoke, of Scrivelsby Court
Bllison, of Boultham Hall

Elwes, of Roiby, and The

Manor House, Brigg
Embleton-Pox, of Northorpe

Fane, of Fulbeok Hall
Pane, of Fulbeck Manor
Field, of Laceby
Fletcher, of Ulceby Grange
Fowler, of Ashby Manor
Fox, of Girsby Manor
Gainsford, of Skendleby Hall
Garflt, of Kenmck Hall
Garflt, of West Skirbeck House
Gifford, of Boothby Hall,

Gleed, of Park House
GĀ«ulton-Constable, of Waloot

Greig, of Little Grimsby Hall
Haigh. of Grainsby Hall
Hartle.v.of East Skirbeck House
Heathcote, of Folkingham
Heathcote, ofLobthorpe
Ho.Tie, of Boothby Hall, Burgh
Hotcbkln, of Manor House,

Woodhall Spa
Ingram, of Swineshead Abbey
JaiTis, of Doddington Hall
Kirkpatrick-Oaldecot, of Holton

Lane-Claypon, of TyMon Hall
Langton, of Langton Hall
Leslie.i\Ielv111e, of Branston Hall
Livesey, of Stourton HaU
Luard, of Blyborough Hall
Lucas-Calcraft, of Ancaster Hall
Maddison, of Partney Hall
Massingberd, of Gunby Hall
Massingberd-Mundy, of South

Ormsby Hall
Maw, of Cleatham Hall
Morcom, of Hawerby Hall
Nevile, of Stubton Hall
Nevile, of Wellingore Hall
Packe, of Caythorpe Hall, and

Prestwold HaU
Parker, of Hanthorpe House
Parkinson, of Ravendale HaU
Peacock, of Greatford Hall
Peai-son-Gregory, of Harlaxton

Pellew, of CadweU HaU
Pretyman, of Riby Grove
Rawnsley, of Raithby Hall
Reeve, of Leadenham House
Reeve-King, of Ashby Hall
Richardson, of Halton House
Rogers, of Hagnaby Priory
Sandars, of Gate Burton Hall,

and Knaith Hall
Sheftteld, of Normanby Park
Sibthorp, of Can wick Hall, and

Sudbrooke Holme
Smith, of Sudbrook House
Smyth, of EUdngton Hall
Sparrow-Beridge, of Algarkirk
Staniland, of Somersby
Sutton-Nelthorpe, of Scawby

Swan, oE Sausthoi-pe
Tempest, of Coleby HaU
Tennyson-d'Eyncourt, of

Bayons Manor
Thorold, of Syston Old HaU
Torr, of Morton-by-Lincoln
, Traflord, of Honington Hall
TroUope, of Casewick House
Tunnard- Moore, of Frampton

Tumor, of Stoke Rochford
Uppleby, of Barrow Hall
Vessey, of Halton Manor
WaUis, of Healing
Welby. of Allington Hall
Welby, of Denton Manor
Welby, of Wykeham
I Welby-Everard, "" '~*
i House

Whichcote, of Aswarby Park
,' WUlson, of Bauceby HaU
I Wilmot, of Stubton Hall
Winter-Wood,of Keddington
Winton, of Scremby Hall
Wolrige-Gordon. of Irnham

Wright, of Brattleby Hall, and

Nortli Kelsey

Wright, of Nettleton House

I Wright, of WiUingham House

Wright, of Wold Newton

Young, of Kingerby Manor


BaiUie, of PoUiemmet
Cadell, of Grange, and Bonny-

Cadell, of Foxhall

Cowan, of BoghaU

Dundas, of Inchgarvie House

Durham, of Boghead Hoaae, and

Fen-ier, of Belsyde
Findlay-Hamilton, of Westport
Hog, of Newliston
Jarvis, of Champfleurie
Mackenzie, of Lochcote
Maconochie, of Avontoun

Meldrum, of Dechmont
Seton, of Preston House
Shairp, of Houston
Simpson, of Strathavon
Stcnart, of Westwood
Stewart-Clark, of Dundas

Wilkie-DalyeU, of The Binns
Wyville-Thomson, of Bonsyde


Deramore, Lord
Garvagh, Lord
O'NeiU, Lord
Babingtou, of Oreevah
Beresford, of Learmount Park
Beresford-Ash, of Ashbrook
Boyle, of Bridge HUl
Browne, of Comber House
Bruce, of DownhiU
Chichester, of Moyola Park
Clark, of Largantogher
Courtenay, of Glenbum
Craig, of Drumcovitt House
Craig, of Oaks Lodge
Gage, of Drummond
Gait, of Ballysally House
Ganssen. of Shanemullagb
GiUilaud, of Brook HaU
Gilliland, of Eshcol
Gunning, of The Manor House,

Heypate, of BeUarena
Hezlet, of Bovagh
Hill, of St. Columb's
Hogg, of Gorticross


LopdeU, of Ballydevitt
Lyle, of Knocktarna
Macausland, of Woodbank

McCausland, of Drenagh
McCUntock, of Hampstead BaU
McCorkell, of Ballyamett
Macky, of Belmont

Scott, of WiUsborough
Stronge, of Lizard Manor
Taylor, of MiDbum
Trelawny-Ross, of Limavady
Trench, of Greystone Hall
von Scheffler-Knox, of Prehen
Watney, of Landmore
Watt, of Thorn Hill
WHkinson, of Moneyshanere
Young, of Coolkeiragh


Granard. Earl of
BaU, of Abbeylara
Bond, of Aughnacliff
Bond, of Farragh
Bond, of Newtown Bond
Bnshe-Fox, of Cordara
Clerk, of Castlecor
Dopping-Hepenstal, of

Edgeworth, of Edgeworthstow

Fetherston, of Ardagh House
Fox, of Fox HaU
Gregg, of OldtowD
GreviUe, of Granard House
Irwin, of Richmount
Jackson, of Ferusboro'
King-Harman, of Newcastle
Lefroy, of Carrig-glas Manor
Levinge, of Corteen
Maconchy, of Rathmore
More-0'Ferrall, of Lisard
O'ReUly, of Castle Wilder
Pevton. of The Hermitage
Tuite, of KiUeen
White, of Chandos
WUson, of Currygrane
Wilson-Slator, of AThite HUl

Ai-ran, Earl of
Massereene and Ferrard,

Bellew. Lord
Louth. Lord
Bathurst, of Bawn
BelUngham, of Castle BeUing-

Bigger. of Falmore HaU
Bolton, of Oastle Ring
Callan, of Dowdstown
Caraher. of Cardiston
Dobbin, of Drummulla House
Filgate. of Al-tlmrstown
Filgate, of Lisrenny
Fitzgerald, of Fane Valley
Foster, of Glyde Court
Gai-stin, of Bragansto\vn
Godley, of Bryanstown HaU
Hatch, of Ardee Castle
Henry, of Rathescar
Henry, of Richardstown Castle
Knaggs, of Corderry
Lee-Norman, of CorboUis
Macau, of Drumcashel
Magrane, of Barren House
I Montgomery, of Beaulieu,
and KiUineer House



O'Oonor, of Charleville
O'Reilly, of Knock Abbey
Pentlaiid. of Black HaU
Pyke-Fortescue, of Stephen;

Iluxton. of Ardee House
SiDgleton, of Mell
Smith, of Piperstown
Smyth, of Newtown House
Stobart, of Mount Bagnall
Taatle, of Smarmore Castle
Tipping, of Bellurgan Park
TowDley Balfour, of Townley


Drinkwater, of Kirby Park
GaTSTie, of Kentraugh
Goldie-Taubman, of The


Moore, of Cronkbourne
Quayle, of Crogga
Stewart-Robertson, of Balla-

-sligo, Marquess of
Arran, Earl of
Lucan, Earl of
Mayo. Earl of
Avonniore, Viscountess
Kilmaine, Lord
Oranmore and Browne, Lord
Anketell-Jones, of Burrishoole
Bingham, of Bingham Castle
Birch, of Massbrook
Blake, of Tower Hill
Bom-ke, of Heathfield
Brabazon, of Brabazon Park,

and Glen Corrib
Browne, of Breaghwy
Browne, of Brownestown
Browne, of Raheens
Browne, of Woodstock
Carter, of Shaen Manor
Chve, of Ballycroy
Cormac-Walshe, of Castle Hill
Orampton, of Termoncarra
D'Arcy, of Fisher Hill
Fetherstonhaugh, of Glenmore
FitzGerald, of Tarlough Park
Garvey, of Mui-risk Abbey
Gildea, of Cloonconnack
Jackson, of Portland
Jones, of Ardnaree
Kelly, of St. Helen's
Kenny, of BaUinrobe
Kirkwood, of Bartra House
Knox, of Creagh, and Cranmore

Knox, of Greenwood Park
Knox, of Mount Falcon
Knox, of Nctley Park
Knox, of Pahnerstown
Lambert, of Brook Hill
Laprimaudaye, of Treenlaur

Lewin, of Cloghans
Lindsey-FitzPatrick, of Holly-

moutt House
Livingstone, of Belclare
Lynch, of Partry House
Lynch-Blosse, of Athavallie
HcDermott, of Olongee House

Moore, of Moore Hall
Mudge. of Glenlossera
Nolan-Ferrall. of Logboy
O'Donoghue, of Newcastle
O'Malley-Keyes. of Ross House
Orme, of Owenmore
Ormsby, of Balliuamore House
Paget, of Knock Glass
Palmer, of Keenagh
Pery-Knox-Gore, of Coolcronau

Pike, of Glendarary
Powell, of Cloghane
Pratt, of Enniscoe
Richards, of Baruagh House
Ruttledge, of Bloomfield
Ruttledge-Fair, of Cornfield
Saunders- Knox- Gore, of Belleek

Scrase-Dickins, of Ourrawn
Stoney, of Rosturk Castle
Tbomas-O'Donel, of Newport

House and Melcomb
Tighe, of The Heath
Walshe, of Garristown


Conyugham, Marquess

Headfort, Marquess of

Fingall, Earl of

Gormanston, Viscount

Athlumney, Lord

Bellew, Lord

Dunsauy, Lord

Langford, Lord

Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton,

Dowager Lady
Battersby, of Newcastle House
BlackbiUTie, of Tankardstown
Bligh, of Brittas
Bomford, of Oakley Park
Boylan, of Hilltown
Brodigan. of Piltown House
Butler, of Priestown House
Butler, of StafEordstown
Cairnes, of Stameen House
Caldwell, of New Grange
Caiy-Caddel!, of Harbourstown
Chaloner, of Kingsfort
Chambers, of Fosterstown
Coates, of Newtown House
Coddington, of Oldbridge
Collins, of Boyne HiU
Collins, of Gibbstown
Corballis, of Ratoath Manor
Cullinan, of Carrolstown
Dashwood-Tandy, of Johns-

De Bathe, of Knightstown
Dillon, of Lismullen
Donaldson, of Hartlands
Donovan, of Parsoustown
Dunville, of Sion Lodge
Dyas, of Athboy House, and

Everard, of Randlestown
Pan*ell, of Moynalty
FarrelK of Walterstown
FitzHerbert, of Black Castle
Fowler, of Rahinston House
Pox, of Galtrim House
Garnett, of Summerseat
Gemon, of Athcame Castle
GradweU, of Dowth Hall
Gradwell, of Flatten Hall
Hamilton, of Hamwood
Hamilton, of Vpsiugt..n
Kearney, of Milltown House
Kelly, of Weston
Lambart, of Beau Pare
Langan, of Mount Hevey
Legge-Bourke, of Hayes

J[utLieus. of Muuut Idanover
.Metge, uf Attilumiiey
iloutgoujery, of Kilmer House
Moore-Brabazon, ol Tara Hall
Murpliy, of Kilbrew
Murphy, of 1 he Grange
Naper, of Loughcrew
Nicholson, of Balrath BuiTy
North-Bomford, of Galiow, and

O'Brien, of Robiurath
O'Reilly, of Ratbaldron Castle
Osborne, of Lardistown Castle
Osborne, of Rosnarec
Osborne, of Smithstown,

Pepper, of Ballygarth Oastle
Phillpotts, of Phillpottstown
Pollock, of Mountainstown
Pollock, of Newcastle House
Pottertou,of Rathcoimick
Preston, of Silverstream
Preston, of Swainston
Purdon- Winter, of Agher
Roberts, of Donusto^vn Castle
Rotheram, of Crossdrum
Rothwell, of Rockfield House
Sherlock, of Castle Rickard
Singleton, of Aclare
Smith, of Annesbrooke, and

Bes borough
Stacpoole, o) Tobertynan
Stern, of Bective House
Swifte, of Lion's Den
Taaffe, of Gleukeiran
Taylor, of Dowestown
Thunder, of Lagore
TisdaU, ot Charlesfort
Verschoyle,ut Monntown

Wilson-Slator, of Bellevil


Harlech, Lord
Anwyl, of Lligwy
Anwyl-Passiugham, of Bryn-y-

Biickiey, of The Plds, Dinas

Clariv-Lloyd, of Moel-y-Garnedd
Corbet t, of Ynys-y-Maengwyn
Ijaugerfield. of Cors-y-Gedol
Davii'-s, ol Caerblaidd
Dillon, of Dolserau Hall
EUis-Kauney, of Cefndenddwr
Elwes, of Pengwern
Euthuven. of Doluwcheogrhyd
Grauet, of The Plus, Harlech
Griffith, of Coedcymmer
Holland, of Caerdeon
Inge, of PUis Tan-y-Bwlch
Jelf Reveley, of Bryn-y-gwin
Jones, of Bryn Tegid
Jones, of Glandwr
Jones, of Ynysfor
Kettle, of Rhowniar
Kirkby, of Maes-y-neuadd
Kirkby, of Talquarreg
Lloyd, of Rhagatt
Owen, of Hengwrtucha
Price, of Rhiwlas, and Plas

Richards, of Ca^rynwch

, of Pennal Tow
Vaughan, of Nannau.

Wickham, of Fronwniou
Williams, of Castell Deudraeth
Williams, of Hengwm
Williams-EUis, of Pbis

Williams Idris, of Dolycae
Wiliiams-iAynn, of Glan Llyn
Wynn, of RQg
Wynne, of Peniarth
Wynne-jones, of Penmaenucha
and Arthog HaU


Northumberland, Duke of
Berkeley, Earl of
Jersey, Earl of
Lucan, Earl of
Manstield, Earl of
Strafford, Earl of
Hillingdon, Lord
Michelham, Lord
Ashley, of The Grove, Stanmore
Bosanquet, of Claysmore
Bowles, of Forty Hall
Bowles, of Myddelton House
Burdett-Coutts, of Holly Lodge
Byles, of Harefield House
Carlyon, of Mount Park
Clarke-Thornbill. of Swakeleys
Cox, of .Aloat Momit
Deaue, of Eastcote House
DeBmgh, ol West-Draytun Hall
Fane-De SaUs, of DawU-y Couri
Ford, of Enfield Old Park
Gibbons, of Stanwell Place
Harfield, of Sunbury Court
Lilley, of The Chestnuts
Newdegale.of Harefield
Nicholl, of Littleton Park
Otter, of Stanhope Park
Reed, of St Mary's, Bedfont
Sharpe. of Brent Lodge
Somerset, of Enfield Court
Spearman, of The Spring,

Stracey-Chtherow, of Boston

Tarleton, of Breakspears

See Edinburgh.


Dartrey. Earl of
Rossujore, Lord
Ancketill, of Ancketill's Grov
Bolton, of Donaghmoyne
Carson, of shanroe
Cole, of Brandrum
de Burgh, of Scarva
Denny, of TuUycorbet
Evatt, of Mount Louise
Fiddes, of Hollywood House
FitzHerbert, of Shantonagh
Gray, of Rocktieid
Haire-Foster, of Ballvnure
Hall, of Howai.tree House
Hamilton, of Cornacassa

Leshe. of Ballybay House
Leslie, of Glaslough House
Leslie, o' KiltyUtrg.v



Lucas-Scudamore, of Castle

Madden, of Hilton Park
Mahaffy, of Newbliss
Moutray, of Fort Singleton
MuiTay-Ker, of Newbliss House
Owen-Lewis, of Inniskeen
Pelham-Olinton-Hope, of Castle

Power, of An-aghmakerrig
Richardson, of Poplar Vale
Shirley, of Lough Fea, and

Shirley House
Tenison, of Lough Bawu
Thomson, of Bushford


Rhondda, Dowager Viscountess

Llangattock, Lady

Raglan, Lord

Tredegar, Lord

Treowen, Lord

Addams- Williams, of Llangibby
Castle, and Llansor House

Attwood-Mathews, of
Llanvihangel Court

Barneby, of Trewyn

Beyuon, of Bryu Ivor

Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court

Bradney, of Talycoed

Brewer, of Gorelands

Brewer- Williams, of Miiesruddud

Clay, of Piercefield Park

Cleave, of Llanfi-ecbfa Grange

Cory, of Llantarnam Abbey

Cronipton -Roberts, of Dry-

Cruttwell, of The Nurtons

Curre, of Itton Court

Curre, of MaindifE Court

Daviee, of Penner House

Davies Berrington, ofPant-y-

Firbank, of St. Julian's
Forestier-Walker, of Oastleton
Graham, of Hilston Park
GrifBn, of Newton Court
Hanbury, of Naut Oer
Hanbmy, of Poutypool Park
Harding, of Pentwyn
Herbert, of Clytha Park
Herbert, of Coldbrook
Herbert, of Ty-Gwyn, Raglan
Ivrea, of Coedithel
Jones, of Maindee Park
Laybourne, of The Firs, Malpas
Lysaght, of Castleford
McDonnell, ot Plas Newydd
Mackwortb, of Oaklands
Mnnael, of The Broadtower
Martin^of The Hill,AbergaveDD>
Mather-Jackeon, of Llaiitilio
Micklethwait, of Fenhein
Mil borne- Swiunertou- Pilking-

ton, of Wonastow Court
Moggridge. of Woodfield
NichoU, of Court Bleddyn
NichoU, ot Ynys Hafod
Pilliner, of Llantarnam Grange
Pope, of Part-y-Seal
Price, of Rockfield Park
Prothero. of Malpas Court
RickardSjOf The Priury,Usk
Rooke. of Pilstone
Rimasey, of Trelleck, and

Shelley-Rolls, of The Heudre
Steer, of Woodlands


Po\vis, Earl of

Sudeley, Lord

Adams, of Pld,s Llyssyn

Beadnell, of Gogarth

Beck, of Trelydan Hall

Bonnor-Maurice, of Bodynfoel

Bonsall, of Galltyllan
Bousall, of Slorben
Busch-Michell, of Crosswood,

and Rhos
Corbett-Winder, of Vaynor Park
Davies, of Bronelrion
Davies, of Plasdinam, and

Evans, of Edderton
Evans, of Fron-y-g6g
Evans, of Glascoed, and

Frost, of Dolcorsllwyn
Harrison, of Caerhowell
Hayhurst- France, of Ystym

H&ip, of MelHngton Hall
Herbert, of Glan Hafreu, and

Llanllugan I

Hilton, of Glynhiriaeth j

Howell, of BrynglAs |

Humphreys-Owen, of |

Glanseveru I

Jones, of Cefn-Bryntalch i

Jones, of Glyu-Cogan j

Jones, of Gungrog
Leslie, of Bryn Tauat I

Lewis, of Glan Hafren j

Lloyd, of Oastell Forwyn
Lloyd, of Dolobran |

Lloyd- Veniey, of The Clochfaen ;
Lomax, of Bodfacli
Aiorris, of Dol-Llys Hall
Wytton. of Gaith
Navlor, of Leighton Hall
Peel, of Llandrmio Hall
Price-Davies, of Brompton

Pryce, of Cyfrouydd
Pryce, of Gunley
Pryce-Jones, of Dolerw
Stable, of Plas Llwyn Owen
Turner, of Pontreheylin
Vane-Tempest, of Plas

Vickers, of Criggion
"Walton, of ( 'wmUecoedicg
Willans. of Dolforgau
Wilhams-Wynu.i.f (.'oed-y-Ma
Wingfield, of Tbe Khysnant

H.M. Queen Alexandra
t'bolmondeley, Marquess of

See Elginshire.


Cawdor, Karl

Leven and Melville, Earl of

Fiulay, Lord

Baillie, ot Loch Ley

Brodie, of Lethen House, and

Coulmony House
Clarke, of AcUar6idh
Dunbar, of Boath House
Giiint, of Househill
Hall, of Kevin

Muckiutnvh-Walker, of Geddes
RuL^e. Mt" Kiliiivock Castle
Steww-t, of Lochdhu

Townshend, Marquess

Albemarle, Earl of

Kimberley, Earl of

Leicester, Earl of

Leicester, Dowager Countess of

Orford, Earl of

Canterbury, Viscount

Norwich, Bishop of

Amherst of Hackney, Baroness

Bemers, Lord

De Ramsey, Lord

Hastiugs, Lord

Lindley, Lord

Suffield, Lord

Walsingham, Lord

Alleu, of Cockley Clay Hall

Back, of Hethersett Hall

Bacon, of Raveniugham Hal!

Bagge, of Gay^vood Hall, and

Islington Hall
Bagge, of Stradsett HaU
Barclay, of Colney HaU
Bai-clay, of The Grove, Cromer
Barker, of St. German's Hall
Barker-Hahlo, of Langley Park
Barry, of Witchinglmm Hall
Bathurst, of Marham House
Berney, of Barton Bendish
Berney, of Moreton Hall
Birch, of Watlington Hall

Birklseck, of Westacre High

Eishop-Culpeper-Clayton, of

White Hall, Watton
Blofeld, of Hoveton House
Boileau, of Tacolnestone Hall ;

KetttTingbam Park, and

Hethel Hall
Bolton, of Oulton Hall
Bond-Cabbell, of Cionier Hall
Breretou,of Briningham House
Broke, of Holm-Hale Hall
Buller, of Tofts Monks
Bulwer, of Heydon Hall
BLiroham-Rogers, of Holt Hall
Buxton, of Bolwick HaU
Buxton, of Catton Hall
Buxton, of Oliannouz Hall
Byiiiii-Grounds, of Hoe Hall
Carr, of Ditchingham Hall
Cator, of Woodbaatwick Hall
Christie, of Framinghaui Manor
Olarke-Thornbill, of Binham
Cole, of Sprowston Lodge
CoUyer, ot Hackford Hall
Colman, of Crown Point

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Online LibraryEdward WalfordThe county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland .. (Volume ed.59, yr.1919) → online text (page 404 of 415)