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d Queensberry,

Liuke of
Grafton, Duke of
Northampton, Marquess uf
Spencer, Earl
Downe, Viicount
Hood, Viscount
Peterborough, Bishop of
Annaly, Lord
Barnard, Lord
Henley, Lord
Lilford, Lord
Penrhyn, Lord
Wantage, Lady
Allen, of Evenley HaU
AsteU, of Great Houghton
Bartholomew, of Blakesley Hall
Beeby, of The Gables, Peter- i

Bigge, of The Manor House,

King's Sutton
Bouverie. of Delapr6 Abbey,

and Hardingstone House
Brassey, of Apethorpe HaU
Brassey, of Cottesbrooke HaU
Bromfield, of Newnham HaU
Brougham,of PottersPuryHouse
Brown, of Astrop Park
Browning, of Rnshden House
Brudenell, of Deene Park
Buiton, of The Lodge, Daventry
Capron, of SouthwickHaU
Cartwrieht, of Aynhoe, and

Cartwright, of Edgcote
Clarke, of Welton Place
Clarke-ThomhiU, of Rushton

Couant, of Bulwick Park
De:irden, of Walcot Hall
de Capell-Brooke, of Great

Oakley HaU
de Trafford, of Hothorpe
Dryden. of Canons Ashby
Elwes, of BiUing HaU
Ewins-Barwell-Ewins, of Mar-

ston TrusseU HaU
Eykyn, of Gayton House
Ferguson, of Polebrooke Hall
Fermor-Hesketh, of Easton

Fermor-Hesketh, of Bydon Hall
Foster, of Buckby Hall
Foster, of Spratton Grange
Grant, of Lichborough Hall
Cirant-Thorold. of Cosgrove

Harpur,of Burton Latimer

Harris, of Wootton Hall
Harrisson, of Easton Hall
Heycock, of Pytchley House
Hibbert, of Ashby St. Ledgers
HiU, of WoUaston HaU
Hopcraf t, of Braokley HaU
Hopkinson. of Sutton Grange
Hortou, of The Holt
Hunt, of Wadenboe House
Isbam, of Lamport Hall
Jackson, of Duddington
Knightley, of Fawsley Park
Lancaster, of Kelmarsh HaU
Lane, of Manor House, Great

Langham, of Cottesbrooke

Langton. of Teeton Manor
Lees, of Whittlebury Lodge
Le Maistre, of Paston Hall
Leslie-MelviUe-Cart\vright, of

Newbottle Manor
Loder, of MaidweU HaU
Manfield, of Weston Favell

MaunseU, of Thorpe Malsor

Hall, and RothweU Grange
Monckton, of Fiueshade Abbey
Mott, of Greens Park
Muir, of Whilton Lodge
Murland, of Badby House
Myers, of Charlton Lodge
O'Brien, of Blatherwycke Park
Owsley, of Ashley
Paget, of Sulby Hall
Palmer, of Carlton Park
Pearetb - Kincaid - Lennox, of

The Manor House, Thorpe

Pearson, of Stoke Albany House
Pery-Knox-Gore, of The Bury

House, Cottingham
I'latt, of Stanwick
Ramsay, of Croughton House
Rhodes, of Flore Fields
Robinson, of Cranf ord HaU
Rokeby, of Arthingworth Manor
EotbschUd, of Ashton Wold
Ruttledge, of St. David's
Sartoris, of Rushden HaU
Sawbridge, of East Haddon HaU
Severne, of Thenford House
Shedden, of Paulerspury Park
Smith, of Cobthorne
Smyth, of Little Houghton
Sotheby, of Ecton House
Stockdale, of Jlears Asbby Hall
Stopford SackviUe, of Drayton

Strong, of Tnorpa HaU

Strother, of Higham Park
Thornton, of Brockhall
Thornton, of Kingsthorpe Hall
Thurburn, of Oransley Hall
Thynne, of Norton Hall
Vernon, of Stoke Bruerne Park
Wake, of CourteenhaU
Wake, of Pitsford House
Ward-Boughton-Leigh. of Guils-

borough Hall
Watson, of Rockingham Castle
Watts-Russell, of Biggin HaU
WLntworth-FitzwUliam, of

Milton Park
Wliitworth, of Earls Barton

Wilson-FitzGerald, of Chal-

combe House
Wood, of Brixworth HaU
Wykekam-Martin, of Chacombe


Northumberland, Duke of

Portland, Duke of

Grey, Earl

TankerviUe, Earl of

AUendale, Viscount

Grey of Fallodon, Viscount

Ridley, Viscount

Newcastle, Bishop of

Armstrong, Lord

Hastings, Lord

Joicey, Lord

Raveusworth, Lord

Bedesdale, Lord

Adamson, of Linden


Anderson, of Little Harle Tower

Andrews, of Swarlaud Hall

Ai Cher-Hind, of Ovington

Atkinson, of Newbiggin,

Atkinson-Clark, of Belford Hall
Baker-CressweU, of Cresswell,

and Harehope Hall
Barlow, of Warkwortb
Bates, of Aydon
Bell, of Woolsiiigton
Bewicke, of Close House
Bigge, of Ovingbam
Blackett, of Matfen HaU
Blackett, of Wylam
Elackett-Ord, of Whitfield

Blake, of TiUmouth Park
Bosanquet. of Rock Hall
Bowes-Lyon, of Ridley Hall
Bro\vne, of Callaly Castle
Burden, of Hartford House, and

Burdon-Sanderson, of Otterburn

Bun-ell, of Broome Park
Butler, of Ewart Park
Carr-EUison, of Hedgeley
Ca8s-Tewart, of Glanton
Charlton, of Hesleyside
Christoplier-Smith, of Murton,

and Holywell
Clayton, of Chesters
CoUingwood. of CornhiU House
CuUingwood, of Dissington Hall
ColUngwood, of LUbum Tower,

and Cbirton
Compton-ThomliiU, of Carbarn

Cookson, of Meldon Park
Craster. of Craster Tower, and

Beadnell Hall

Grossman, of Cheswick House,

and Holv Island
Cruddas, of Haughton Castle
Culley, of Coupland Castle
CuUey. of Teavering, and The

Cuthbert, of Beaufront Castle
Dand, of Gloster Hill
Dent, of Short Flatt Tower
Fenwick, of Brinkburn Priory
Fenwick, of Longfi-amlington
Fenwioke-Clennell, of Harbottle

Fife, of Lee HaU
Gibson, of Murtonroyd
Gow, of West Grange
Gregg, of BenweU Old House
Gregg-Carr, of Stannington
Gregson, of Lowlynn
Grey, of MUfield
Haggerstou, of EUingham

Hughes, of Middleton HaU,

Joicey, of Blenkinsopp HaU,

and Newbiggin Hall,

Joicey, of Longhirst
Joicey-Cecu, of Newton Hall,

Kirsopp, of The Spital
Lamb, of West Denton
Lawson-Smith, of Togston

and Amble
Laycock, of Low Gosforth

Leiidbitter, of Warden
Leather, of Middleton Hall,

Leather-CuUey, of Fowberry

Leyland, of Haggerston Castle
Liddell. of Longridge Towers
Loraine, of Styford HaU
Maughan. of .^lorpeth Manor
Mewbum, of Acomb House
Middleton. of Belsay Castle
Milburn, of Guyzance
MUvain, of Eglingham Hall
Morrison-Bell, of Highgreen
KoiTison-Bell, of Otterburn

Mortimer, of Milboume Hall
Ogle, of Klrkley Hall
Orde, of Nnnnykirk
Osbaldeston-Mitford, of Mitford

Parsons, of Ray Demesne
Pawson, of Shawdon, and

TitUngton Hall
Pease, of Otterbm-n Tower
Reed, of The Crag
Eiddell. of Felton Park, and

Swinburne Castle
RiddeU, of Hepple Whiteficid
RiddeU-Blount, of Cheesebum

Ridley, of Pai-k End
Roddam, of Roddam HaU
Rogerson, of Haydon Bridge
Runciman. of Doxford HaU
Scott, of Beanclerc House
Selby, of Biddlestone
Selby. of Pawston
Sidney, of Cowpen HaU
Silveitop, of Minster Acres
SitweU. of Barmoor Castle
Stapleton, of Berwick HUl
Straker. of Angerton
Straker. of Howden Dene
Straker, of Stagshaw House
Swinburne, of Capheaton
Taylor, of Chipchase Castle,

and Widdrington
Thorp, of Charlton Hall
Trevelyan, of Netherwitton
Trevelyan, of WalUngton.
Waddilove, of Woodhome
Walton-Wilson, of Shotley

Warde-Aldam, of Healey HaU
Wanvick. of Callerton Hall
Watson, of Adderstone HaU

fl'ebster, of Untbank Hall
White, of Charlton House
Widdiington, of Newton
HaU, Felton ; and Hauxlev
HaU ■'

Woods, of Swarland HaU




Newcastle. Duke of
Koitland, Duke of
St. Albans, Duke of
Carnarvon , Dowager Countess of
Manvers, Earl
Galway, Viscouilt
Southwell, Bishoj) of

Middleton, Lord
Savile, Lord
Bagnall-Wild, of Costook

Bayley, of Langar Hull
Bayley,of Lenton Abbey
Birkin, of Riiddingtou Grange

, of Clifton Hall
Burnside, of Tollerton Hall
Charlton, of Chilwell Hall
Chaworth-Musters, of Annesley

Park, Wiyerton Hall, and

Coke, of Debdale HaU
Craig, of Carlton Hall
Craven, of Ku-klington Hall
Darwin, of Elston Hall
Denison, of Babworth Hall
Denison, of Ossington Hall
Dodsley, of Skegby Hall
Edge, of Strelley HaU

Fitz-Herbert, of Nettleworth

Foljambe. of Osberton Hall
Franckllu, of Gonalston Hall
Eraser, ot Newsteaii Abbey
Hall, of Brouglit(.n Suluev
HaU, of Park Hall
HaU, of Whatton Manor
Harcourt-Vernon, of Grove

Heathcote, of Kelham HaU
Hicking, of Brackeuburst HaU
Hildyard, of Flintham Hall
Holden, of NnthaU Temple
Hole, of Caunton Manor
Huntsman, of West Retford

Knowles, of Colston Bassett HaU
Laycock, of Wiseton Hall
Lowe, of Highfield House
Machin, of Gateford HUl, and

North CUfton HaU
MacRae-Gilstrap, of Northgate
Mason, of Morton Hall
Mellish, of Hodsock Priory
Milward, of The Homestead
Gates, of Besthorpe Hall
Otter, of Eoyston Manor
Paget, of Sutton Bonington


Burnell, of Winkburii

Piatt, of Bamby Manor
Ramsden, of Carlton Hall
Hidden, of Hermeston Hall,

and Hodsock Park
Robertson, ol Widmerpool Hall
Robinson, of Worksop Manor,

and Thurgarton Priory
Rolleston, of Watnall Hall
Seely, of si.erwodd i..odge
Sherbrooke, of Oxtou
Smith, of Brauicote Hall
Smith, of Wilford House
fetarkey, of Norwood Park
Thackeray, of Arno Vale
Thorpe, of Coddington Hall
Tidmas, of Normanton-ou-Soar,

and Sutton Field
Warrand, of Wtsthorpe HaU
Wbitaker, of Hesley Hall
Whitaker, of Rainworth Lodge
White, of Wallinijwells
Willey, of Blyth Hall
Wright, of Piskertou Manor

Wright, of Shelton Hall


Baikie, of Hall of Tankerness
Balfour, of Balfour Castle, and

Tieuabie House
Bruce, of Sumburgb, and Lunna
Bruce, of Symbister
Burroughs, of Truinland House,

Dundas, of Papdale
Edmoudston, of Buness
Hay, of Hay field
Hebden, of Carrick House
Irvine-Fortescue, of Swanbister
Johnston, of Coubister
Moodie-Heddle, of Melsetter
Nicolson, of Brough Lodge, and

Pollexfen,of Cairston
Scarth. of Ein'scarth House
Spence. of Uyea
Sutherland- Grjeme, of

Traill, of Hobbister
Traill, of Holland
Watt, of Skaill House


Marlborough, Duke of
Abingdon, Earl of
Ducie, Earl of
Effingham, Earl of
Jersey, Earl of
Leven and MeWille, Earl of
Longford, Earl of
Macclesfield, Earl of
Dillon, Viscount
Harcourt, Viscount
Valentia. Viscount
Oxford, Bishop of
Aldenbam, Lord
Camoys, Lord
North, Lord
Phillimore. Lord
Rathcreedan, Lord
Saye and tfele. Lord
Wyfold, Lord
Ashhurst, of Waterstock
Bacchus, of Newlyns
Baker, of Ramsden House
Bamett, of Glympton Park
Baskerville. of Crowsley Park
Bertie, of Weston Manor
Birch-Ray nardson, of Adwell

Bluut, of Adderbury Manor
Bonlton, of Tew Park
Erassey, of Heythrop
Brown, of Kingston Blount
Cbance, of Sandford Park
Coker, of Bicester House
Cottrell-Domier, of Rousham
Crawsb;'.y. of Caversham Park
Dawkius, of Over-Norton House
Dawkins. of Wilcote
de Sales La Terri^re, of Minster

De war- Harrison, of Willaston
Ducat-Hamersley, of Pyrton

Evetts, of Tackley Park
Fane, of Wormsley
Feilden, of Cokethorpe Park
Foster, of Coombe Park
Foster, of Walliscote
Fox, of Brad well Grove
Gaskell, of Kiddington Hall
Gilletl . of Wood Green
Gosling, of Stratton Audley

Hall, of Barton Abbey
Hall, of Great Rollright Manor
Hamersley, of Ryecote Park
Hampden, of Ewelme
Hanbury-Tracy.of Woodcote

Hardcastle, of Brougbton Hall
Harrison, of Sbiplake Court
Henderson, of Studley Priory
Henley, of Waterperry House
Hook', of Manor House, Head-
in gtou

Huntington, of Shipton Court

Ken uett-Ban-in gtou, of The

Manor House, Dorchester-on-

Leit^h, of The Manor House,

Sutton Audley
Lenthall, of Yelford-Hastings
Loveday, of Williamscote
Lowndcs-Stone-Norton, of

Brightwell Park
Makins, of Rotherfield Com-t
Marshall, ot The Manor House,

Sandford St. Martin
Marshall, of Westcott Barton

Manor House
Ma^on, of Eynsham Hall
Miller, of Shotover House
Morrell, of Garslngton Manor
MoiTeU, of Headington Hill HaU
Muirhead, of Haseley Court
Noble, of Harpsden Court
Ogle, of HiU House
O'MaUey, of Denton House
Ommanney, of Bloxham
Ovey, of Badgemore
Page-Turner, of Ambrosden
Parrott, of Wood Eaton Manor
Peers, of Chiselhampton Lodge
Peyton, of Swift's House
Phillips, of Caversfield House
Phillips, of Culham House
Ponsoiiby. of Woodleys
Reade, ot Ipsden House
Rensbaw, of Watlington Park

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