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McNeile, of Kippilaw
May, nf Chatto, Kelso
Ogilvie, of Chesters
Oliver, of Lochside House
Olivtr-Rutherfurd, of Edgerston
P ,lmer-Douglas, of Cavers
Paton, of ('railing
Pott, of Borthwicksiiiels
Pott, of Dod
Ramsay-Falrfax-Lucy, of

Rankine, of Threepwood
Rea, of Halterburnhead
Riddell, of Camieston
Riddell-Carre, of Cavers Oarre
Ritchie, of The Holmes
Robson-Scott, of Newton
Rutherfurd, of Fairnington
Scott, of Ancrum House
Scott, of Howcleuch, and

Langlee, Jedburgh
Scott, of Raeburn, and Lessudden

Scott, of Satchells
Scott-Kerr, of Sunlaws, and

Scott- llakdougall, of

Sprot, of Riddell
Stavert, of Hoscote
Tancred, of Weens
Trotter, of Mainhouse
Usher, of WeUs

Waldie-Grifflth, of Hendersyde

Park, and Ednam
Watson, of Burnhead


Rutland, Duke of
Exeter, Marquess of
Ancaster, Dowager Countess of
Gainsborough, Earl of
Lonsdale, Earl of
Carbery, Victoria, Lady
Norton, Lord
Ranksborough, Lord
Baker, of Langham Hall
Cave-Orme, of Coed Maes
Codrington, of Preston Hall
Conant, of Lyndon Hall
Cooper, of Hambleton Hall

phreys, of CUpsham Hall
Eaton, of Ketton Grange
Eaton, of Tolethorpe Hall
Evans- Freke, of Bisbrook Hall
Fenwick, ot North LuSenham

Finch, of Burley-on-the-Hill
Fleetwood-Hesketh, of Stocken

Fludyer, of Ayston Hall
Hanbury, of The Manor House,

Heathcote, of Manton Hall
Hotchkin, of Edith Weston

Hall, and South Luffenham

Hunt, of Tinwell

Pugh, of Ryhall Hall
Rowley, of Morcott Hall
Wentwortb-Fitzwilliam, of

Wing, of Market Overton
Wingfield, of Tlckencote HaU
Worrall, of Wing House


Buccleuch and Queensben-y,

Duke of
Elibauk, Viscount
Napier and Ettriok, Lord
Aitchison, ot Glenkerry
Cochran, of AshMrk
Johnstone, of The Hangingsha

Lockhart, of Ashiesteel
Mitchell, of Laidlawstiel
Murray, of Harewood Glen
Pott, of Todrig
Pringle, of Torwoodlee
Pringle, of Whytbank,and Yair
Scott, of Gala House
Scott, of Synton House
Scott-Plummer, of Middlestead.

and Sunderland Hall
Seth-Pringle-Pattison, of The

Steel, of Philiphaugh
Tod-Mercer, of Scotsbank

Stt Orkney and SheOand.


Oambridge, Marquess of
Bradford, Earl of
Plymouth, Earl of
Powis, Earl of
Hereford, Viscount

Berners, Lord
Berwick, Lord
Forester, Lord
Harlech, Lord
Inchiqum, Lady
Kenyon, Lord
Stafford, Lord
Wenlock, Lord
Acton, of Gatacre Park
A'lams, of Woore Manor
Barnes, ot The Quinta
Baxter, of Sibdon Castle
Beckwith, of Millichope Park
Benson, of Lutwyche HaU
Berington, of Moat Hall
Bevan, of Quatford Castle
Bibby, of Hardwicke Grange
Borough, of Chetwynd Park
Bridgeman, of Leigh Manor
Briscoe, of Old Caynton Manor
Brooke, of Haughton Hall
Bronghton-Adderley, of Tun-
stall Hall
Browne, of Neen Sollars House
Buddicom, of Ticklertou Court
Burke- Wood, of Moreton HaU
Bm-ton, of Longner HaU
Chapman, of Kilhendre
Childe, of Kinlet HaU
Cbolmondeley, of Edstaston
Olutterbuck, of Sidbury Hall
ColdweU, of Hamage Grange
CoUey. of St. James's Priory
ColviUe, of Bellaport HaU
Corbet, of Acton Reynold Hall
Corbet, of Adderley Hall
Corbet, of Sundome Castle
Corbett, of Longnor HaU
Corbett, of Stableford Hall
Corfleld, of OhatwaU Hall
Cotes, of Woodcote Hall
Croxton, of Erway
Cunliffe, "f Petton Park
Cure, of Badger HaU
Curtis, of Oaynham Court
Darby, of Coalbrookdale, and

Davenport, of Davenport
de Wend-Fenton, of Oldbury

Dyer, of Westhope Manor
Edwards, of Ness Strange
Ethelston, of Hinton HaU,

Eyton. of Eyton-on-the-

Ferrers, of Pentreheylin HaU
Fielden, of Condover HaU
Forester, of Decker Hill
Foster, of Apley Park
Garnett-Botfield, of The Hut
Gatacre, of Dudhill
Gatacre, of Gatacre Hall
Grant, of Pitchford HaU
Gray, of Hawkstone Park
Hamer, of Glan-yi'-afon Hall
Hamilton-Russell, of Burwar-

ton HaU
Hanmer, of Redbrook
Heber-Percy, of Hodnet Hull
Hemsted. of Marton HaU
Herbert, of Orleton
Hey wood-Lousdale, of Shaving

ton, and Cloverley HaU
HiU-Lowe. of Court of HUl
Hope-Edwardes, of Netley Hall
Homer, of Fitz Manor
Howard-McLean, of Aston Hall

Hulton-Harrop, of Gatten, and

Lythwood Hall
Hunt, of Boreatton HaU
Hunt, of Boreatton Perk
Hunt, of Ruyton Park
Hurt-Sitwell, of Femev Hall



JaosOD, of TedBmore Hall
Jantins, of Ouckton Hall
Jones, of Kilsall Hall, and

Shackerlfty Hall
Jones, of Mos.«field
Kenyon, of Pradoe
Kenyon-Slaney, of Hatton

Kynaston, of Hardwick Hall
Kynnersley.of Leisjhton Hall
Leeke, of Longford Hall
Lees, of Woodhill
Legli, of Ohyknell
Leigh, of Lillpshall
Lei^hton, of Loton Park
Leighton. of Sweeney Hall
Lloyd, of Aston Hall, Oswestry
LLoyd, of Leaton Knolls
Lloyd, of Shelton Hall
Longneville. of Penylan
Lovett, of Femhill H.1II
Lovett, of Henlle Hall
Lom-T-Corry, of Rowton Oaitle
McCo'rqiiodale. of Cound Hall
Maddocks, of Woodlands
Mainwaring, of Oteley Park
Meyrick, of Apley Castle
More, of Linley Hall
Morrall, of Plis Tolyn, and Pl&a

Morrls-Eyton, of Oxon, and

Morris-Eyton. of Walford
Moseley, of Buildwas Park,

and BuiWwas Abbev
Moseley, of Leaton Hall
Mostyn-Owen, of Woodhouso
Pardoe. of Oleeton
Parkinson, of Ludtord Park
PhiUinps. of Berwick House
Plowden, of Plowden Hall
Price-Davies, of Harrington

Eadford-Norcop, of Betton

Ripley, of Bedstone Court
Robinson, of Frankton arange
Rocke, of Clungnnford House
Rotton, of Stokesay Court
Rouse-Boughton, of Downton

Rushout, of Burford House
Salwey, of Overton
Sandford, of Sandford Hall
Sandford, of The Isle
Scott, of Betton Strange
Severne, of Wallop Hall
Smvthe, of Acton Bumell

Somerset, of Frees Hall
Sparrow, of Albrighton Hall,

and Great Wollaston

Sparrow, of Preen Manor
Stanier, of I'eplow Hall
Strang-Watkins, of TiUey Park
Swann, of Halston Hall
Swire, of Longden Manor
Sykes, of Lvdham Manor, and

Roveries Hall
Tayleur, of Buntingsdale Hall
Thursby-Pelham, of Upton-

Cressett HaU
Vaughan, of Burlton Hall
Venables, of Oakhurst
Wakeman, of Coton Hall,

Warren, of The Manor House,

Market Drayton, and Long-

Whitaker, of Hampton Hall
Whitaker, of Totterton Hall
Whitaker, of Winsley Hall
Whitley, of Bourton Manor
Wight-Boycott, of Rudge Hall


Wilsou-MacQueen, of Ooton

Wingfleld, of Onslow Hall
Wolryche- W hitmorc, ot

Dudmaatou Hall
Wolscity-Jeukms, of CharltC

Wood, of Belswardyne HaU

Wood, of Henley Hall
Wood-Acton, of Acton Scott

Woodward, of Hopton Court
Worthiugton, of The Mount,


Ashley, of Classiebawn Castle
Boyd, of Castletown Manor
Campbell, of The Hermitage
Cooke, of Kilturra
Cooper, of Markree Castle
Costello, of Kilfree House
Crofton, of Longford House
Duke, of Newpark
ffolUott, of Hollybrook
Frazer, of Annagh
Gethln, of Ballindoon
Gethin, of Holywell
Gilfoyle, of Carrowcullen House
Gore-Booth, of Lissadell
Hewetson. of Klllamy
Hillas, of Doonecoy
Jones, of Portland
Jones, of Mount Edward
Keogh, of Geevagh
Leyborne-Popham, of

MacDermot, of Coolaviu House
:\lacTernan, of Heapstown
NewLon, of Kilmorgan
O'Hara, of Annagbmore
O'Hara, of Coopersbill
Orme, of Enniscrone
Parke, of Doonally

Phibbs, of Corradoo, and

Phibbs, of Spotficld
Walker, of Rathcarrick
Wood-Martin, of Cleveragh
Wood Martin, of Wood-rtlle

Poulett, Earl
Temple, Earl
Waldegrave, Earl
Portman, Viscount
Bath and Wells, Bishop of
Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord
Hylton, Lord
St. Audries, Lord
Strachie, Lord
Wharton, Lord
Acland. of Holneycott
Allen, of Bathamptou 1

,liamptou Manor


Bagehot, of Herds Hill

Bailward, of Horsington Manor

Baker, of Aldwick Court

Barrett, of Moredon

Bates Harbin, of Newton

Batten, of Aldon
Batten, of Lufton Manor
Batten- Pooll, of Road Manor
Bell, of Winford Manor
Bellew, of Oakhampton Manor
Bere, of Barons Down
Bethell, of Pilton House
Blagrave, of Gratwicke Hall
Blake, of Bridge House
Bosanquet, of ClanvUle
Bi-adney, of Baj-ford Lodge
Bradney, of Bradney
Broadmead of Enmore Castle,

and Olands Hall
Broderip, of Cossington Manor
Brcoke-Popham. of Bagborough

Bytliesea, of The Hall, Fresh-
Campbell- Wyndbam-Long, of

Capcl, of BuUand Lodge
Cely-Trevilian, of Midelney

Cbisholm-B.atten, of Thorn-
Christie, of Marston Park
ClayBeld-lreland, of Brislington

Clerk, of Charlton House, and

Colclough, of Camerton Court

Cox, of Worlebury
Daniel, of Stockland Manor
Dawe, of Ditcheat Manor
Dickinson, of Kingweston
Dobree, of The Priory,

Duckworth, of Orchardleigh

Eastwood, of Leigh Court,

Edgell, of S^tanderwick Court
Edwards, of The Court,

Elton, of Clevedon Court
Elton, of Whitestaunton Manor
Ernst, of Westcombe House
Esdaile, of Cothelestone House
Eveleigh-de-Moleyns. of Norton

Everard, of Hill House, BriJg-

Fergnson-DaTie, of Bittis-

combe Manor
Follett, of Petherton Park
Fownes-Luttrell, of Badgworth

Fownes-Luttrell, of Edington
Fox, of The Cleve
Foxcroft, of Hinton House,

Hinton charterhouse
Fry. of Cricket St. Thomas
Galo, of North Cheriton Manor
Gallimore, of Hatch Court
Gibbs, of Ban-ow Court
Gibbs, of Tyntesfield
Goldney, of Halse Manor House
Goodfoi-d, of Chilton Cantelo
Gooding, of Durleigh Elms
Gore-Langton, of Hatch Park
Graham, of Cossington House
Graves-Knyfton, of Uphill

Gray, of Hinton Abbey
GreenhiU, of Kuowlf Hall
Greenhill, of Puriton Manor
G uest, of I nwood
Hamilton, ot Fyne Court
Helyar, of Pound isford Lodge
Henley, of Leigh House
Hcnhiker, of Catcott Manor
Hippisley, of Ston-Easton Park
Hobhonse, of Hadspen House
Horner, of Mells Park
Hoskyns, of King Inas Palace
Hoskyns, of North I'errott

Inigo-Jones, of Eeleton Park
Jackson - Barstow, of The

Kettle%vell. of Harptree Court
Knatchbull, of Babington

Langdon, of Parrock's Lodge
Langford-Sainsbury, of Beck-

Langman, of Cadbury Court
Leir-Carleton, of Ditcheat

Lethbridge, of Sandhill Park
Leybome Popham, of Hound-
Long, of Newton House, and

Luttrell, of Dunster Castle
Marriott-Dodington. of

Horsington House
Mason, of Oompton Oastle
Meade-King, of Walford House
Medlycott, of Ven,and Sandford-

Mellor, of Culmnead
Menendez, of Midford House
Miles, of Leigh Court. Bristol
Morgan, of Woolcombe House
Murray- Anderdon, of Henlade

Napier, of Pennard House
NeaI,of Kin^sdon Manor
Neville-GrenTille, of Butleigh

Newton, of Barton Grange
Norman, of Iwood Manor
Northcote, of Somerset Court
Nutting, of Bourn
Paget, of Cranmore Hall
Palmer, of Wood Court
Palmer-Sam borne, of

Timsbury I

Penruddocke, of Bratton

Perkins, of East Court
Peto, of Cliedington Court
Phelips, of Montacute House
Pitt, of Cricket Court
Plejdell-Bouverie, of Brymore
Ponsnnby-Fane, of Brympton

Pope, of Nowers
Porch, of The Lodge, Edgarley,

and St. Bridge
Porter, of East HiU
Pretor-Pinney, of Somerton

Rawlins, of The Manor Honee,

Bishop's Hull
Rees-Mogg, of Cholwell House
Eowcliae, of Halsway Manor



St. John-Mildmay, of Haile-

grove House
St. John-Mildmav, of Hollam
Sanford, of Nynebead Court
ScobeU, of KingweU Hall
Sherston, of Evercreech House
Sliore, of Whatley House
Shuldham, of Norton Manor,

Skrine, of Warleigh Manor, and

Claverton Manor
Slade, of Maunsel House
Slade, of Montys
Smyth, of Ashton Court
Smyth-Pigott, of Brockley Hall

and Brockley Court
Soniers, of Langford Place
Somerville, of Dinder House
Speke, of Jordans
Staunton- Wing, of Fitzhead

Sturdee, of Norton Manor,

Norton Fitzwarren
Sweet-Escott, of Hartrow

TiUard, of Afford House
Trevelyan, of Nettleconibe

TroUope, of Crowcombe Court
Troyte-Ballock, of North
Coker House




Tiidway, of The Cedars, and

ytobeiTy Park
Tylee, of Tbe Chantry
Vaushan-Lee.of uillington Park
Vaughan-Jenlrins, of Combe

Walker-Heneo ge, of Coker Court
WaiTy, of Shapwick House
Whitting, of Uphill Grange
Wickham, of Manor House,

Wilkins-Leir, of Weston House
WiUiams-Hepworth, of Midford

Wills, of Barley Wood
Wills, of Coombe Lodge
Woodforde, of Ansford House
Wyndham, of Orchard

See Eampshire.


Anglesey, Marquess of

Crewe, Marquess of

Dartmouth, Karl of

Dudley, Earl of

Harrowby, Earl of

Lichfield, Earl of

Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earl of

Cobham, Viscount

Lichfield, Bishop of

Bagot, Lord

Bnrton, Dowager Lady

Oalthorpe, Lord

Ohamwood, Lord

Hatherton, Lord

Norton, Lord

Stafford, Lord

Wrottesley, Lord

Adams, of Greenfield

Allen, of Woodhead Hall

Argles, of Haregate

Aston-Pudsey, of Seisdon Hall

Bacchus, of Cote House

Baker, of Fenton House

Blks, of Bvrkley Lodge

Bassano, of Haden Cross

Bassano, of Hadenholme

Bee^h, of The Shawe

Bill, of Farley Hall

Bishop, of Oulton House

Bolton, of Moor Court

Boughey, of Aqualate

Bourne, of Hilderstone Hall

Bowers, of Caverswall Castle

Bowring-Hanbury, of Ham Hall

Brocklehurst, of Swythainley

Bromley-Davenport, of Wootton

Broughton, of Broughton Hall

Bulkeley, of Stanlow Place
Bume. of Loynton Hall
Campbell, of Woodseat
Cavendish, of Crakemarsh Hall
Chetwode. of Oakley
Chetwynd, of Brocton Hall
Chetwynd, of Longdon Hall
Chiohester-Constable, of Hey-

wood Abbey
Child, of Stallingtou Hall
Olarke, of Little Aston Hall
Clayton, of Coseley Hall
Coghill, of Brampton Tree

Congreve, of Congi-eve, and

Chartley Oastle
Cooper, of Shenstone Court

Copeland, of Kibblestone Hall
Coyney, of Weston Coyney
Dawson, of Barrow Hill
de Trafford, of Haselour Hall,

and Clifton Hall
Buncombe, of Calwich Abbey
Dvott. of Freeford
Edge, of Pitfleld House
Edwards-Heathcote, of Apedale

Hall, and Longton HaU
Ehvell, of Wood Green House
Fitton, of Wightwick
Fletcher-Twemlow, of Betley

Foley, of Prestwood
Forster, of Lysways Hall, and

Lougdon Grange
Foster, of Canwell Hall
Fowler-Butler, of Pendeford

and Barton Hall
Franklyn, of Longcroft Hall
Gibson-Watt, of Heathfleld
Giffard, of ChiUington Hall
Goooh, of ChatcuU
Grey, of Enville Hall
Harding, of Englefleld
Harding, of Old Springs
Hardy, of Dunstall Hall
Hargreaves, of Knightley

Harrison, of Maer Hall
Harrison, of Wychnor Park
Hartley, of Wheaton-Aston Hall
Heath, of Biddulph Grange
Heath-CaldweU, of Linley Wood
Henniker, of Mayfurlong
Hickman, of Wergs Hall
Hinckley, of Stowe Hill
Hodsou, of Abnalls
Holden, of Glenelg
Holland, of Barton-imder-

Horsfall. of Bellamour Hall
Hughes, of Wychdon Lodge
Inge, of Thorpe Constantine
Inge, of Broom Leasee
Johnstone, of Dunsley Manor
Lane, of King's Bromley Manor
Levett, of Milford Hall
Levett, of Packington Hall
Loveridge, of Bilbrook House
Lyttelton-Annesley, of Arley

Macdonald, of Betley HaU
Maophersou, of Wyrley Grove
Mander, of The Mount
Manley, of Manley Hall
Manningham-BuUer, of

Dilhorne Hall
Masefleld, of Rosehill
Mather, of Huntley Hall
Meakin, of Creswell Hall
Meakin, of Darlaston Hall
Meigh, of Ash HaU
Meynell, of Hoar Cross

ton, of Butterton Hal!
Mitton, of Mitton Manor
Moat, of Johnson Hall
Moncfcton, of Somerford Hall,

and Stretton Hall
Moore, of Lawneswood
Moreton, of Moseley HaU
Morris, of Horslcy HaU
Morris-Eyton, of Wood Eaton

Mosley. of RoUeston Hall
Mott, of Wall

Nicholson, of Highfield Hall
Okeover, of Okeover Hall
Oldham, of Bellamour Lodge
Paddock, of Hartwell HaU
Paget, of Elford HaU
Parker, of Shenstone Lodge
Parker-Jervis, of Meafoid Hall
Parker-Jervis, of Paik Hall
Peel, of Drayton Manor
Philips, of Heybridge
PhUips, of Tbe Heath House
Phillips, of Ashenhurst
Pipe-Wolferstan, of Statfold

Salt, of Standon Hall
Scott, of Great Barr
Seckham, of Whittmgton Old

8haw-HeUier,of TheWom-

bourne Wodehouse
Simpson, of Perton
Simpson, of Sunnyside

Sneyd, of Ashcombe Pai-k
Sneyd, of Basford Hall
Sneyd, of Keele Hall
Sneyd-Kynnersley, of Loxley

Park, and Highfields
Staveley-Hill, of Osley Manor
8\vinfen-Broim, of Swinfen Hall
Thorneycroft, of Dunston HaU
Tildesley, of The Firs
Tildesley, of Weatfleld
Tunnicliffe, of Yarlet, and

Whitgreave Manor
Twemlow, of Peatswood

of YoxallLodge
Vaughan. of Lapley
Vernon, of HUton Park
Vickers, of Offley Grove
Walker, of Pell WaU
Ward, of Bearnett House
Ward, of Rodbaston
W.ardle, of Mayfleld Hall
Webb, of Elford House
Whitgreave, of Moseley Court
Wiggin, of Metchley Grange,

and Walton HaU
Wilson, of HUlesdon
Wolseley, of Wolseley HaU
Worthington, of Maple Hayes

Sherriff, of Oarronvale, and

Steuart, of Steuarthall
Stirling, of Gai-den
Stirhng, of Gargunnock House
Stirling, of Glorat House
Stirling, of Muiravoufside
Stirling, of Tarduf
Wilson, of Carbeth
Younger, of Leckie


Balfour of Burleigh, Lord
Reay, Lord

Baras-Graham, of CraigaUian
Blackburn, of KiUearn
Bolton, of West Plean
Buchanan, of Throsk
Bum-Murdoch, of Greenyards
Cadell, of Avoncrook
CadeU, of Banton
Coubrough. of Blanefield
Crawford, of Auchentroig
Dalrymple, of Meiklewood
Dundas. of Carronhall
Edraonstone. of Duntreiith

Oastle. and Colzium
Forbes, of Callendai- House
Graham, of Airth Castle
Graham, of Airthrey Castle
Graham, of Ballewan
Graham, of Larbert House, and

Hamilton, of Dunmore Park
Hare, of Blairlogie
Ker, of Dougalston
Kincaid-Smith, of Polmont

Livingstone-Learmonth, of

McFarlan, of BaUancleroch
McGrigor, of Cairaoch
Menzies, of Culcreuoh
Miller-Stirling, of Craigbarnet
Monro, of Auchinlwwie
Murray, of Touchadam, and

Polmaise Oastle
Peareth - Kincaid - Lennox, of

Lennox Castle, and Kincaid


Grafton, Duke of
Bristol, Marquess of
Ashburnham, Earl of
Cadogan, Earl
Cranbrook, Earl of
EUesmere, Earl of
Guilford, Earl of
Stradbroke, Earl of
Iveagh, Viscount
Bateman, Lord
Crauworth, Lord
De Saumarez, Lord
Henniker, Lord
Huntingfield, Lord
Loch. Lord
Rendlesham, Lord
Somerleyton, Lord
ToUemache, Lord
Adair, of Flixton Hall
Agnew, of Rougham Hall
Almack, of Long Melford
Andrews, of Hedley House

Barker, of Henstead Hall
Barlow, of The Shrubbery,

Barnard-Smith, of The Uplands
Bamardiston, of The Ryes
Barne, of Sotterley Hall, and

Bence, of KentweU Hall
Bence- Lambert, of Thorington

Bemers, of Woolverstone Purk
Bevan, of Plashwood
Bevan, of Troston Hall
Blois, of Cockfield HaU
Booth, of Hawstead House
Eorrett, of Cransford Hall
Bower, of StradishaU Place.

and Handon HaU
Bowes-Lyon, of Horringer Court
Brooke, of Sibton Park
Brooke, of Uflord Place
Brown, of Brent Eleigh Hall
Buxton, of Fritton
Carthew, of Woodbridge AbbCi
(_"a=sel, of Moulton Paddocks
Cavendish, of Thurston House
Charters, of Horringer Manor
Chenevix-Trench, of Chelsworth
ChevaUier, of Aspall Hall
Chichester, of Poslingford Hall
Cobbold, of Felixstowe Lodge
Cobbold, of The Holywells
Colbome, of Denham Hall
Cooke, of Polstcad HaU
Oopinger, of Fiisbourn Hall
Corrance, of Parham HaU
Cubitt, of Fritton House
Dastiwood, of Wherstead Park
Dawson, of Groton House
Deane, of Stratford HaU
Doughty- Wjlic, of Theberton

Dunn-Gardner, of Denston Hall
Easton, of Holton HaU
Eley,of East Bergholt Place
EUis, of Shadingfield HaU
Ewen, of Reydon HaU
Eyre, of Moreton Hall
Fi80n,of Stutton Hall



Garrard, of Klin House, Hoxne [
Gooch, of Benacre Hall
Graham, of Easton Park
Green, of Wilby, and Atlieling-

ton Hall
Greene, of Nether Hall, and

Westgate House
Grissell, of Redisham Hall
Haines, of Hasketon Manor
HaUord, of We^t Lodge
Hammond, of Needham Hall
Harrison, of Briarwood
Harrison, of Haughley House
Harwood, of Tnddenham Hall
Heigham, of Hunston Hall
Hey wood, of Glevering Park
HUl, of Buxhall
Holden, of Lackford Manor
HoUond. of Benhall Lodge
Home, of Drinkstone Lodge
Hughes, of The Lodge, East

Johnston, of Bradfield Hall
Jones, of Bartoiimere
Kerrison, of Tattin^stone Place
Lavy-Ctian-6, of Theberton

Leathes, of Herringfleet Hall
Levett-Scrivener, of Sibton

Lomax, of Grove Park
Long, of Hurts Hall
Looge. of Thellusson Lodge
Lowry-Corry, of Edwardstone

Lowther, of Campsea Ashe
Lushlugton, of Tiie Hermitage,

Mackworth-Praed, of Owsden

Majendie, of The Priory, Little

Malcolm, of Tostock Place
Manners, of Fornham Park
Martin, of Hemingstone Hall
Martineau. of Walsham-le-

May, of Glare Priory
Meiler, of The Limes, Rushmere
Milner-Gibson-OuUum, of Hard-
wick House
Moor, of Great Bealings
Morse, of Copdock House
Oakes, of Nowton Court
Okeden. of Stutton nouse
Ord. of Fornham Hall
Orde, of Hopton House
Owen-Mackenzie, of Brantliam

Packard, of The Grove,

Palpy. of Ampton Hall
Parker, of Clopton Hall
Parker, of Melford Hall
Parry-Crooke,of Darsha
Paul, of Preston Lodge
Pettiward. of Finborough Hall
Phillipps, of Barbara Hall
Powell, of Drinkstone Park
Powney, of Mildcn HaU
Pretyman, of Haughley Park
Pretyman, of Orwell Park
Probert, of Bevills
Quilter, of Bawdsey Manor
Raven, of Syleham HaU
Rcade. of Crowe Hall
Reade, of Holbrook Hou-^e
Rfmnant. of Wenhaston

Rhodes, of Daltiam Hall
Rodwell, of Woodlands
Round - Turner, of Grundls-

Rowley, of Tendring Hall
Uushbrooke, of Rushbrooke

Ryan, of Hintlesham Hall
Schreiber, of Claydon
Sclu-eiber, of Marlesford H ill
Stevenson, of Plaj-ford Jlount
Suckling, of Barsham
Tacon, of Mansion House, Eye
Tacon, of The Red House, Eye
Tatlock. of Bramfield House
Tidswell, of Bosmere Hall
ToUemacbe. of North Leigh
Vernon-Wentworth, of Black


Walford, of Poxborough HaU
Warner, of Brettenham Park
Warner Bromley, of Badmondis-

field HaU
Weller-Poley, of Boxted Hall,

and Chadacre Hall
Whitaker, of Stone House
White, of Bredfield House
WUson. of Redgrave Hall
WUson, of Stowlangtoft HaU,

and Langham HaU
Wood, of Hengrave Hall

Northumberland, Duke of
Sligo. Marchioness of
Dysart, Earl of
Lovelace, Mary OaroUne,

Countess of
Onslow, Earl of
- ■ ' Midlothian, Earl

TankerviUe, Earl of
Midleton, Viscount
Winchester, Bishop of
Aberconway, Lord
Ashcombe, Lord
Beaverbrook, Lord
Brabounie, Amy Virginia, Lady
CunUffe, Lord
D'Aberuon, Lord
Farrer, Lord
Foley, Lord
Pirrie. Lord
Tennyson, Lord
Tredegar. Lord
Andei-sun, of Waverley Abbey
Arbuthnot, of EldersUe
Arkwright, of Sanderstead

Askew, of Burwood Park
Barclay, of Bury Hill
Beaumont, of Buckland Court
BeU, of Mynthurst
BeU. of PendeU Court
Bellairs, of Northcrof t
Birley, of Claridges
Blencowe, of The Hooke
Bonham, of Knowle Park
Braithwaite, of Hookfield
Brandt, of Oastle HUl,

Bray,ofThe Manor House, Shere
Bridges, of Ewell Court, and

Broadwood, of Lyne
Brocklehurst, of Kinnersley

Brodie, of Brockham Warren
BroweU, of Merrow House
Brown, of Broome Hall
Brunner, of Silverlands
Budgett, of Stoke Park
Burne, of Albury
Bnscarlet, of Stoke d'Abernon

Byron, of Coulsdon Court
Calvert, of Ockley Court
Cbarrington, of Burys Court
Chester, of Poyle Park
Clark, of Mickleham HaU
Cochrane, of Windlesham

Colborue. of Nonsuch Park
Colman, of Gattou Park
Combe, of Cobham Park
Comix?, of Pierrepoint
Cook, of Doughty House

Corry. of Norbury Park
Couss maker, of West wood
Cro wther-Beynon, of SUnes Oaks
Currie, of Coombe Warren
De Worms, of Milton Park
Oyer, of Westcroft Park
Eastwood, of Gosden House
Egertnu, of St. George's Hill
Elmslie, of St. Austin's
Esdaile, of Tenchleys
Evelvn, of Wotton Hoase
Fane-De Salis, of Portnall Park
Fieldfiu, of Nutfield Priory
Firebrace, of Frensham Place
Fisher-Rowe, of Thorucombe
Fra-^er-Mackeuzie, of Netley

Gladstone, of Nanhurst
Glyn, of The Rectory House,

Godman, of Park Hatch
Godwin- Austen, of Shalford

Goldney, of Prior Place
Goodhart-Kendel, of Hatch-
Gosling, of Botleys Park
Groulbarn, of Betchworth House
Graham, of Busbridge Hall
Greenwell. of Marden Park
Greville, of Polesden Lacey
Hampton, of Oakdale
Hankey, of Fetcham Park
Harris, of Wharfenden
Hatfeild, of Morden HaU
Heath, of Kitlands
Henderson, of RandaUs Park
Henriques, of Normandy Park
Hoare, of Stansted House
Howard, of Hampton Lodge
Jennings, of Minster Lea
Joicey, of The Hill. Witley
Joynson-Hicks, of Hotmbury
Keswick, of Eastwick Park
King, of

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