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Lambert, of Garratts Hall
Lambert, of Sandhills
Lambert, of WeU House
Lawrence, of Burford
Leigh-Bennett, of Thorpe Place
Le Marchant, of Chobham Place
Lempriere, of CoUmgwood

Leveson-Gower, of Titsey

Litchfield- Speer, of The Manor

House, Thames Ditton
Locke King, of Brooklands
Longbourne, of Loseley Park
Longman, of L^vershot Hall
Loyd, of Monk's Orchard
LyaU, of The Hurst, Headley
MacAndrew, of Juniper HaU
Mackworth-Praed, of Mickle-
ham Downs
Margary, of Chartham Park
Maraden, of Cedar Court
Master, of Barrow Green
Mellor, of Winterfold
Moon, of Ballands HaU
Mortimer, of Wigmore House
Morton, of Tndworth 'ourt
Nichols, of Holniuood Park
Northey, of Woodcote House,

PeUy. of Oakley
Pige LeschaUas,of Highams
Pilcher.of BeUefields
Piuckard, of Combe Court
Ponsonoy, of Great Taugley

Pyue, of Northbrook House

Ralli, of Alderbrook

Ramsden. of WiUiughurst

Hate, of Milton Court

Rees, of Oolham

Ricardo. ot Bramley Park

Rickards. of Ehn Bank

Ross, of Ci-aigie

Rowcliffe, of HaU Place, Cran-

Rugge-Price, of Spring Grove
Samuel?on, of Hatchford

Sassoon, of Ashley Park
Scott, of Thorpe Hoasi
beth-Smith, of Silvermer.:

Smith, of Pinewood
Soames, of Moor Park
Somerset, of The Priory,

Steere, of Jayes Park
Stephens, of Coverwood House
Stern, of Fan Court
Strachey, of Newlands Corner
Stratford- Andrews, of West-
Sturdy, of Pelcourt
Talbot, of Glenhurst
Taylor, of Lyne Grove
Turner, of Rooksnest
Vincent, of D'Aberuon Chase
Waechter, of Ramsnest
Wainwright.of Norney Grange
Walpole. of Broadford
Weston, of West Hor^Iey

Witham, of Sutton Place
Young, of StanhUl Court

Devonshire, Duke of

Norfolk. Duke of

Richmond. Lennox, and Gordon,

Duke of
Abergavenny, Marquess of
Ciimden. Marquess
Brassey, Earl
Chichester. Earl of
De La Warr, Earl
DoQOUghmore, Earl of

Gage, Viscount
Chichester, Bishop of
Abiuger. Lila, Lady
Ashton of Hyde. Lord
Leconfleld, Lord
Monk-Bretton, Lord
Wrenbury, Lord
Zouche. Baroness
Adamson, of Great Sanders
Ashburnham-Olement, of

Bronmham Park, and

Agmer hurst
Bailey, of Yewhurat
Baines. of Westbrook Hall
Barchard. of Horsted Place
Barham, of Snape
Barttelot, of Stopham House
Benskin, of Knole House
Bethune-EversQeld, of Denne

Bevan, of Horsgate
Bird, of Eartham House
Blaauw, of Beechland
Blencowe, of Bineham, and The

Blount, of Imberhorne
Blunt, of Crabbpt Park
BoiTer, of BrookhiU, and Pakyns

Bothainley, of Middleton
Braby, of Druugewick Manor

Brand, of Glyude PI ice
Bridger, of Adur Lodge
Brooke, of Brock Wood
Brown, of Holmbush
Buchanan, of Laviniton Park
Buckley, of The Grange,Crawley

Burra. of Springfield
BurreU, of Knepp Castle, and
Ockenden House




Byrou, of Fishboume
Campbell, of Brantridge Park
Campion, of Danny Park
Carr-Lloyd, of Lancing

Cartwright, of Myekyns
Chaytor. of Iridge Place
Christie, of Glyndeboume
Christy, of Watergate
Clarke, of Horde Hill
Coghill, of Crowham Manor
Combs, of Oaklands, Battle
Corbett, of Woodgate
Cotton, of Forest Mere
Coitrthope, of Whiligh
Crookshank. of Saint Hill
Cnrteis, of "Windmill HUl

Curwen, of Withdeane Court
Davidson, of Hickstead Place
De Bathe, of Wood Eud
Deedes. of Binderton House
Du Pre, of Oakwood
Edwards, of NoTington

Egerton, of Monntfield Court
Blin. of Bbernoe House
Farncomb. of Asbbrooke

Fisher, of Ashdown Park
Fison. of Boarzell
FitzRoy, of Forest Farm,

Fletcher, of Aldwick Manor
Fletcher, of Dale Park
Francie, of Oopsale Court
Frank, of Jolesfield House
Freeman, of The Grey Friars,

Freshfield, of Wych Cross

Frewen, of Brickwall House
Gilbert, of The Manor House,

Godman, of Muntham
Godman. of Ote Hall, and

Goldfinch , of Rotherhurst
Goring, of Wiston Park
Gorringe, of Asbcroft
Grantham, of Balneith Mauor
Grantham, of Barcombe

Gwynne, of Folkington

Gwynne, of Wootton
Haig. of Highfields Park
Hall, of Burton Park
Hall of Southwick Manor
Hamilton, of Iping House
Hamilton-Hoare, of Oakfield

Lodge, Three Bridges
Hankey. of Beaulien
Hardv, of Iseuhurst Park
Hi]?tie, of The Place Land
Hawltshaw, of HoU.vcombe
Henderson, of Sedgwick Park
Hentv, of Ferring
Henty, of Oaklands Park,

Hollist, of Lodsworth House
Hope, of Heron's Ghyll
Hoper, of Oowfold
Horlick, of Kidbrooke Park
Hornby, of Lordington
Hurst, of Horsham Park
Huth, of Wykehurst Park
Ingram, of Steyning
Innes, of Roffey Park
Isaacson, of Slindon House
Jack?on, of Possingworth

James, of West Dean Park, and

Binderton House
Johnstone, of Bignor Park
Kincaid-Smith, of Alding-

bourne House
King, of Fryem House
King, of Isfield Place
Kleinwort of Bolnore
Lamb, of Beanport
Lambert, of Telham Court
Lane, of Dangstein
Lange, of Lanehurst
Lascelles, of Glasses
Lennox, of East Pallant

Lindsay-Hogg, of Rotherfield

Locker-Lampson, of Kowfant

Loder, of High Beeches
Loder, of Leonardslee
Loder, of Wakehurst Place
Long, of The Firs
Lucas, of Wamham Court
Lucas- Shad well, of Fairlight

Lyon, of Goring Hall
McKergow, of Twiueham

Maitland, of Friston Place
Maigesson, of Findon Place
Mitford, of Pitshill
Molineux, of The Cottage,

Moutefiore. of Worth Park
Musgrave,of Hurst An Clays
NeviU, of Brambletye
Newga.'^, of Sherufold Park
Nix, of Tilgate
Noel, of Lydhiirst
North, of Silverlands
Padwick, of Manor House,

Palmer, of Sullington
Papillon, of Crowhurst Park
Pat ton-Beth une, of Clayton

Pelly, of HoUington House
Philipson-Stow, of Blackdown

Piggott, of FitzhaU
Pryce, of Penn's Rocks
Ramsbotham, of Crowborough

Rawson. of Gravenhurst
Rawson-Shaw, of Allaugate
Reckitt, of Little Green
Renton. of Ro\vfold Grange
Robertson-Luxford, of Higham

St. John, of Slinfold Lodge
Salvin, of Hawksfold
Sampson, of Bnxshalls Park
Samuel, of Chelwood Vetchery
Sayer-Milward, of Fairlight

Schuster, of Verdley Place
Sclater, of Newick Park
Scrase-Dickins, of Coolhurst
Sergison -Brooke, of Cuckfield

Shenstone, of Sutton Hall
Shiffner, of Coombe Place
Smith, of Ashfold
Smith, of Salt Hill
Smith, of Stonewick
Soamee. of Sheffield Park
Somerset, of Castle Gorine-
Streatfeild, of The Rocks "
Sturdy, of Pax Hill Park
Taylor, of Glenleigh
Thomas-Stanford, of Preston

Thornton, of High Cross
Thynne, of Muntham Comt
Tribe, of Broadwater Manor


Sutherland, Duke of
Hadwen, of Bal Blair
Matheson, of Acbany House
Matheson, of Gledfield House

Troscott, of Oakleigh
Turn our- Fetherstonhaugh, of

Up Park
Waddington. of Ely Grange
Walker, of Highley Manor
Warren, of Preston Park
Warrender.of Leasam House
Watson, of Minsted
Webster, of Battle Abbey
Weekes, of Hampton Lodge
Weekes, of The Mansion Hoose,

Wetherell.of Pashley
Wbarrie, of Wamham Lodge
Whidborne,of Hammerwood

Whistler, of Caldbec House
Whitaker, of Stansted Park
Wisden, of The Warren, Dur-

Woods, of Chilgrove

Wyatt, of Cissbury.and Court

Wyndham. of Rogate Lodge


St. Albans, Dowager Duchess of
Ormonde, Marquess of
Donoughmore. Earl of
Avonmore, "Viscountess
Dnn alley, Lord
Armstrong, of Lisuagrough,

and Raheen
Armstrong, of Moyaliffe
Bagwell, of Marlfield
Bagwell-Purefoy, of GreenBeld
Baker, of Eallinard
Baker, of Lismacue
BaxTy, of Killoskehan Castle
Barton, of Grove
Bayly, of Debsborough
Bayly, of Killough Castle
Biddulph, of Congor House
Biggs, of Bellevue
Biggs-Atkinson, of Ashley

Birch, of Birch Grove
Blackett, of Bamagrotty
Braddell, of New Hill
Brereton, of Eathurless
Bruce, of Leserragh
Butler-Kearney, of Drom
Butler-Stoney,"of Portland

Cambie, of Killoran
Garden, of Bamane
Garden, of Fishmoyne
Garden, of Templemore Abbey
Carleton, of Clare
Carrol, of TuUa House, and

Lissen Hall
Charteris, of Cahir Park
Church, of Knockeevan
Clarke, of Graiguenoe Park
Cole-Baker, of Ballydavid,

Constable, of Ballyglasheen

Cooke, of Fort William
Cooke, of Kiltinane
Cooper, of Killenure Castle
Delmege, of Ballywire
Denny, of Ballybrado

Denny, of Moorstown
Eustace, of Grenanstown
Falkiner. of Mount Falcon
Fegen, of Ballinlonty
Finch, of Kilcoleman
Gason. of Kilteelagh
Going, of AlLavilla
Going, of Ballyphillip
Going, of Cragg
Grabam-Toler. of Beechwond

Grene, of Cappamurra
Grene, of Grene Park
Grubb, of Ardmavle
Grubb, of Castle Grace
Hackett, of Riverstown House
Handcock, of Ballyknockan
Harte-Maxwell, of Glen Albert
Hemphill, of SpringhiU
Henry, of Fort Henry
Hickie, of Slevoyre
Holmes, of St. David's
Hume-Gore, of Derryluskan
Hunt, of High Park
Kellett, of Clonacody House
Kingscote, of Ciamaltha
Knox, of Brittas Castle
Koe, of The Lodge
Langley, of Archerstown

Langley, of Coalbrook
Langley, of Knockanure
Lanigan-O'Keeflfe, of

LidwiU, of Dromard
Lindsay, of BaUinard Castle
Lloyd, of Cranagh Castle, and

Low, of Kilshane
Mandeville, of Anner Castle
Mansergb, of Friarsfield, and

Grenane House
Mansergh-Going, of Liskeveen

Marshall, of Baronne Court
Massy-Dawson, of BalUna-

Minchin, of Annagh
Montgomery, of Annerville
Moore, of Bame Park
Moore, of Mooresfort, and

Aherlow Castle
Murphy, of Ballinamona
Norris, of Traverston
O'Meara, of Somerset House
Ot way- Ruth ven, of Castle

Parker-Hutchinson, of Castle

Lough, and Timoney Park
Patten-Saundei-s, of Peppards-

Pennefather, of Marlow
Perry, of Newcastle
Perry, of Woodrooff
Phillips, of Gaile House
Poe, of Curraghmore
Poe, of Harlev Park
Poe. of Riveryton
Ponsonby, of Kilcooley Abbey
Power-Lalor, of Long Orchard
Prendergast, of Ardfinnan

Riall, of Hey wood
Riggs-Miller. of Tj'one House
Rochfort. of Cahir Abbey
Roe, of Loran Park
Roe, of Roesborough
Rogers, of Oaklands
Rose, of Foxhall
Ryan, of Ballymackeogh
Ryan, of Castle Fogerty
Ryan, of Chadville
Ryan, of Inch

Ryan, of KJlhefernan House
Sadleir of Cregg
Saunders, of Kila valla House
Scully, of Mantlehill House
Scully, of Silverfort
Sheppard. of Kilcunahanbeg
Stoney, of Ballyknockane

House, and Ballycapple

Trant, of Dovea
Trench, of Redwood
Trench, of Sopwell Hall
Twiss, of Birdhill House
Waldron, of Helen Park
Waller, of Prior Park
Watson, of Ballingarrane
Wsbb, of Kilmore


Whitfield, of Modreeny
Willington, of St. Keiran's
Wise, of Rochestown
Wolfe, of Rockford
Youug, of Ballygibbon


, of Preston Bagot


Abercorn, Duke of
Caledon, Earl of I

Castlestewart. Earl of !

Ranfurly, Earl of j

CharleiiioDt. Viscount

Alexander, of Terrnon |

Ancketill.of KUlyfaddy
Auchinleck, of Creveuagh
Browne-Lecky. of Ecclesville
Buchanan, of Edenfel ;

Bnclianan. of The Grange, [

Bnrges. of Parkanaur 1

Carmichael-Ferrall, of Augher i

Cole-Hamilton, of Beltrim I

Craoier-RobHrts, of Doraville
Dickson, of Miltown House
Ellis, of Rash House
Ellison-Macartney, of Mountjoy

Evans, of Gortmerron House
Falls, of Lislap
Galbraith, of CTanabogan
Gledstanes. of Fardross
Greer, of Rhone Hill
Greer, of Tullylagan
Hamilton, of Lakemount
Harvey, of Camowen Grange !
Hassard, of Desertcreat j

Herdman, of Carricklee
Herdnian, of Sion House
Howard, of Annaginny Lodge
Kennedy, of Mullanteau
Knox-Browne, of Aughentaine 1

Castle !

Lendrum. of Corkil |

Lloyd, of Tamnamorc
Lowry, of Pomeroy House I

Lowry, of Rockdale House |

McClintock, of Seskinore [

MacGeough - Bond, of Derry- I

McMabon, of Mountfield Lodge
Mayne, of Rahaghey
Montgomery, of Bleseingbourne
Montgomery, of Crilly House
iloore. of ('oolnafranky
Moore, of Dromon t
lloutray, of Favour Royal i

Moutray, of Killymoon Castle
Poe, of Slaghtfreedan Lodge
Porter, of Clogher Park
Rhodes, of Cecil Manor
Richardson, of Trew-mount 1

Ross, of Dunmoyle
Sinclair, of Holy Hill i

Smyly, of Camus, and Castle- ■

Stack, of MuUaghmore, and |

Staples, of Lissan
Stewart, of Ballygawley Park I
Stewart, of Carrickmore House
Story, of Corick j

Vesey, of Deirabard Honse '

Weir, of Corcreevy


Hertford. Marquess of
Northampton, Marquess of
Townshend, Marquess
Aylesford, Earl of
Bradford, Earl of
Clonmell, Earl of
Craren, Earl of
Warwick and Brooke, Earl of
Cheylcsmore, Lord
Dormer, Lord
Leigh, Lord
Norton, Lord
Southampton, Lord
Willoughby de Broke, Lord
Adderley, of Pillongley Hall
AUfrey, of Hemingford House
Alston- Koberts- West, of

Elmdon Hall
Arkwright, of Coton House
Arkwright, of Hatton House
Ba-jot. of Pype Hayes Hall
Baukes. of ileriden Hall
Beech, of Brandon Hall
Bolam, of Holbrook Grange
Bonn, of Newbold Revel
Bowring-Hanbury, of Bolehall

Broraley-Davenport, of

Baginton Hall
Bucknill, of Hillmorton Manor
Cay, of Woodsidc
Chamberlayne, of Stoney

Chance, of Great AIne Hall
Coape- Arnold, of Wolvey Hall
Compton-Bracebridge,of Ather-

stone Hall
Dering. of Baddesley CUnton

Dickins, of Cherington
Dugdale. of Merevale Hall, and

Blythe Hall
Dugdale, of Wroxall Abbey
Everitt. of Knowle Hall
Fetherston-Dilke, of Maxstoke

Fisher, of Amington Hall
Granville, of Wellesboume Hall
Greg"ry. of Styvechale Hall
Griffiths, of Edstone Hall
Hamilton, of Avon Cliffe
Hatherell, of Radford House
Heath, of Freazley Hall
Heaton, of Garth House
Hickman, of Chorlton House
Holbech, of Farnborough Hall
Howard, of Foxcote House
Hunter, of Hunningham
Jaffray, of Skills
Johnstone, of Pulford Hall
Kenrick. of Berrow Court
King, of Chads-Hunt
Kittermaster, of Hill Orchard,

Knight, of Whateley Hall
Lakin, of Pipers Hill
Lakin, of The CUfE
Lant, of Hasely Manor
Lister- Kaye, of Manor House,

Little, of Dunsmore
Little, of Newbold Pacey Hall
Lloyd, of The Priory
Loveday, of Arlescote
Lowe, of The Fosse House
Loyd, of Withybrook, Wolvey,

and Grandborough
Lucy, of Holly Lodge, Welles-

Ludfoi-d-Astley, of Anslev Hall
Mills, of Ivy Lodge, Radway
Mills, of The Manor gouse,

Mordaont, of Walton Hall
Mnlliuer, of Cliftou Court
Muntz, of Umberslade Hall
Newdegate, of Arbury. Astley

1 Plamer-Morewood, of Ladbroke

I Hall

I Peareth-Kincaid-Lennox,ofThe

, Wood House

[ Peel, of Hampton Manor
Percy, of Guy's ClMFc
Perry, of Bitham House
Ramsay- Pairfax-Lucy, of

Oharlecote Park
Reid-Cuddon, of Ashow
Richardson, of Longbridge

Ridden, of Kinwarton House
Robertson-Aikman, of Grand-
borough Manor
Rosooe. of Clifton Manor
Rose, of Wolston Grange
Sabin-Smith. of Harbury House
Sawyer, of Haseley Hall
Shaw, of Bmu-ton Hall
Shawe, of Weddington Hall
Shirley, of Ettington Park
Shuckburgh, of Shuckburgh
Skipwith, of Houington Hall
Smallwood, of Stechford Hall
Smith-Ryland, of Barfurd Hill
Spooner, of Elmdon House
Stone, of The Grange. Erdington
Sumner, of Eathorpe Park
Tlirockmortou of Coughton

Thursby, of Prior's Hard wick
Toneue-Croiall. of Shustoke

Townshend, of Caldecote Hall
Trevelyan, of Welcombe, and

Trye, of Hartshill
Turville-Petre, of Whitley

Ward-Boughton-Leigh, of

Brownsover Hall
Wheatley, of Berkswell Hall
Wheler-Galton, of Claverdon

Whiteman, of Temple Grafton

Wilcox, of Wolston Manor
Wingfleld-Digby, of OolesbiU

Wise, of Shrubland Hall
Woollcombe- Adams, of Anstey

Wright, of Wootton Court
Wykoham-Martin, of Packwood
Wyley, of The Charterholise


Devonshire. Duke of
Waterford. Marquess of
A nderson, of Grace Dieu
Anson, of Ballysaggartmore
Ballarat, Bishop of, of Glana-

Beresford, of Woodhouse
Bloomfield, of New Park
Bolton, of Brook Lodge, and

Mount Bolton
Bosanquet, of Laiiardan House,

and Kilmagemogue
Carew, of Ballinamona Park
Carew, of Ballindud House
Chearnley, of Salterbridge
Christmas, of Whitfield Court
Coates, of Ballylane
Ooghlan, of Dromioa
Cougreve, of Mount Congreve
Davis-GofE, of Gleuville
De la Poer, of Glen Poor
De la Poer, of Gurteen le Poer
Dobbs, of Camphire
Fairholme, of Comragh
Foley, of Ballygally
Fuge. of Glencorran
Furlong, of Ballinaparka
Furlong, of D'Lougntane
Galloway, of Annestown
Holroyd-Smyth, of Ballynatray
Hudson, of Helvick House
Keane, of Cappoquin House
Lambert, of Parkswood
5 F

.Medlycott, of Eocketts Castle
I Morley. of Milfort
Musgrave. of Tourin
Nugent, of Clonco.fkoran
O'Neill-Power, of Newto\ni

Orpin, of Marston
O'Sbee, of Gardenmorris
Paul, of Ballyslau
Penrose, of Riverview
Perceval- Nfaswel I. of MooreHill
Power, of Affane House
Power, of Paithlegg House
Power, of Glencairne Abbey
Power, of Newtown House
PuroeliFitz-Gerald, of The

Roch, of Woodbine Hill
Smytb, of Headborough, and

Usslier, of Cappagh
TTssher, of Flower Hill
Villiers-Stuart. of Dromana
Whitelocke-Lloyd, of Strancally

Wise, of Belleville Park
Wyse, of The Manor of St. John's


Longford, Earl of
Castlemaine. Lord
Adamson. of Auburn
Banon. of Irishtown House
Battersbv, of Loushbawn
Batty, of BaUyhealy
Baylny. of BaUinderry
Bayly- Vandeleur, of Wardens-
Bond, of Fau-y Hall
Boyd-Roohfort, of Middleton

Briscoe, of Lake House, and

Curristown House
Briscoe, of Riverdale
Chapman, of Killua Castle
Chapman, of SouthUl
Clibbi>rn, of Kosemount
Conolly, of Charleston
Cooper, of Dunboden Park
Cramer-Roberts, of Ballymor
Dames Lougworth, of Glyn-

Daniell, of New Forest
D' Arcy, of Hyde Park
Dease, of Turbotston
Devenish-Meares, of Meares

Fetherstonhaugh. of Bracklvn

Fetherstonhaugh, of Grouse

Fetherstonhaugh. of Rockview
Fetherstonhaugh-Frampton, of


Gradwell, of Carlanstown
Grant, of Rathconrath House
Gray, of Cam Park
Greville-Nugent, of Clonyn

Hannan, of Riverstown
Harris-Temple, of W'aterston
Hornidge, of Calverstoc
Howard-Bury, of Belvedere

Hudson, of Belmont House
Kelly, of (ileiicara
Kelly, of Lunescown
Lemon, of Rathcam
Levingt , of Enniscoffy
Levinge. of Knockdrin Castle
Levinge, of Levington Park
Levinge. of Violetstown
Lyrch, of Coola
Lyons, of Ledestown



IfcOnlloch, of Cirlamtown

Maeill, of Lyttleton
Malnne, of Bar..nston
Murray, of Mount Murray
Kugent, of Donore
Nugent, of Jamestown Court
Odell.otKiloleagh Park
O'Douoghue, of Ballin.ahown

O'Hara, of Mornington
O'Reilly, of Col imber
Pilkington, of Tore
Pollard, of Kinturk
Potts, of New Court
Puriiou-Winter, of Lisnabin

Keyncll, of Archerstown
Reynell, of Killynon
Eochfort, of Rocbfort Bridge
Russell, of Lissanode
Smvth, of Ballynegall
Smyth, of Druracree House
Smyth, of Gaybrook
Smyth, of Glananea
Smyth, of Puitlick Castlo
Smytbe, of Barbavilla House
Stace, of KUlinure
Stanley, of Nobaville
Swift, of Keollown
Tottenham, of Tudenham Park

Upton, of Coolatore
Walker, of Gore Port
Wilson, of Coolure
Wilion, of Daramona House


P»g«t-Tomlinson, of The

Parker, of Fremington
Parkin, of Ravencragg
Eadcliffe, of Summerlands
Rigg, of Applegarth
Rivington, of Castle Bank
Robinson, of Blterwater Hall
Shepherd, of Shaw End
Smith, of Butharlyp How
Stavert, of Prizet
Strickland, of Sizergh Oastle
Thompson, of Moresdale Hall
Thompson, of Stobars Hall
Torbock, of Crossrigg Hall
Upton, of Ingmire Hall
Wakefield, of Stricklandgate

Wakefield, of Sedgwick
Walker, of Brettargh Holt
Watsnn-Qandy, of Heaves
Weston, of Enyeat
Wilson, of Rigmaden Park
Wordsworth, of Sockbridge
Wrigley, of Ibbotsholme


Lonsdale, Earl of
Brougham and Vaux, Lord
Hotlifielil, Lord
Abercrouibie, of AngiU Castle
Ainsworth, of Wray Castle
Argles, of Crossthwaite, and

Argles, of Eversley
Askew, of GlPnridding
Atkinson, of Morland Hall
Bagot, of Levens Hall
Braithwaite, of Plumtree Hall

Breeks, of Helheck Hall
Brumley-Wilson, of Dallam

Carus-Wilson, of Casterton Hall

Cavendi^h-Bentinck, of Under-
ley Hall

Chamley, of Warcop House

Conder, of Terry Bank

Crackantborpe, of Newbiggin

Crewdson, of Helme Lodge

Croprer, of Ellergreen

Cunliffe, of Crolt House

Cur wen, of Uellfclsle

Dent, of Flass

Farrer, of Wbitbarrow Lodge

Fleming, of Bclfleld

Fotht-rgill, of Loubridge Rouse

Gibson, of Whelprigg
Goodwill, of Orion Hall
Hedle> , of Briery Close, and

0»igarth Park
fliik. 01 Summer How
Holt, jf High Borrans
Hornby, oi Dalton Hall
Button, of Beethani House
Jones-Baime, of HigU Close,

Le Flemin^f, of Rvdal Hall
JIacbell, of Orakenthnrpe Hall
Markliam.ot Morland
Marshall, of 1 atterdide Hall

Moore, of GrimeshiU


Ely, Marquess of
Corn-town, Earl of
Mouck, Viscount
Carew, Lord
Ruthven, Lord
Teniplemore, Lord
Alcock, of Wilton Castle
Barrett- Hamilton, of Kil-

manock House
Barry, of t^unimer HiU House
Beatty, of Borrodale
Blacker, of Woodbrook
Bolton, of The Island
Hoxwell, of Biitleratown
Boyse, of Bannow House
Braddell, of Cooimelagh
Brvan, of Borrmount Manor,

"Upton House, and Kilgibbon

Budgeo, of Ballindoncy House
Clifte, of BeUevue
Cooknian, of Monart House
Croker, of Beaufield
Davis-Guff, uf Horetown House
Deane-Drake, of Stokestown

Deaue- Morgan, of Ardcaudrisk
Donovan, of Ballyniore
Doran, of Ely House, and

Doyue, of Wells
Duudas, of Clobemon Hall
Ellis, of tt. Ausdns
Enington, of Ramsfort
Esmonde, of Ballynastragh
Eustace, of ,\lunfin
Farmar, of Bloomfield
George, of Cahore House
Gibbon, of Sleedagh House
Gibbon, of Templeslielin
Glascott, of Alderton
Guise, of St. Waleran
Hall Dare, of Newtownbivrry

Harman, of Carrigbyrne
Harvey, of Bargy Castle
Harvey, of Bromley
Harvey, of K.\ le. Enniscorthy
Hatton, of Clonard
Hewetson, of Fethard
Hufihes. of Rosslare Fort, and

I ally Cross
Ireland, of Llohass
Jameson-Davis, of Killabeg

Lambert, of Camagh
Le Hunte, of Ai-tramount
Leigh, of Rosegarland
Maher, of Ballinkeele
Massy-Power, of Woodville
Meadows, of ThnrnvUle
Miirpby, of BettiviUe
Newton-King, of Mount Henry
Orpen, of Monksgrange
Peacocke, of Belmnnt
Place, of Rosemount
Rainsford, of Rainsf ord Lodge
Ram, of Ballytegan
Richards, of Ardamine
Richards, of Macmine Castle
Richards, of Solsborough
Spring, of Polehore
Stannard, of Bricketstown

Stronge, of Raheenduff
Swan, of Baldwinsto^vn Castle
Sweetman, of Ballymaccesy

Talbot, of Castle Talbot, and

Talbot, ot Knockmullen House
Tottenham, of Tottenham Green
Tyndail, of Ballyanne House,

and Berkeley Forest
Tyndail, of Oaklands
Waddy, of Clougheast Castle
Walker, of Tykillen
We.'stropp-Dawson, of Charles-
White, of Peppards Castle

Fitzwilliam, Earl
Meath, Earl of
Wicklow, Earl of
Moiick, Viscount
Ball-Acton, of Kilmacurragh
Barton, of Glendalough
Battley, of Belvedere Hall
Bayly, of Ballyarthur
Byrne, of Croney Byrne
Ca-sement, of Cronroe
Cochiane, of Woodbrook
Cotton, of Humphreystown
Dennis, of Barraderry House
Dennis, of Eadstown Lodge
Dennis, of Fortgranite
D'Olier, of Kiiocklinn
Dopping-Hepenstal, of Altadore

Drought, of Glencarrig
Fitz-Simon, ot Ballinamona
Frizell, of Custle Kevin
Greene, of Kilranalagh
Grogan, of ^laney Park
Gun-Cunuinghame, of Mount

Halpin, ol Tinnakilly House
HeigUington.of Donard House
Hodson,of Holvbrooke House
Hornidge, ol Russelslown
Hume, of Humewood
Kemmis, of Ballinacor
Keogb, of Kuockrabeen
hn Blond, 01 Killincarrick

Leslie-Ellis, of Magberymore
Mitchell, of Ballynure
Moiitfort, of Killinure

Moore, of Manor-Kilbnde
O'Mahon.v, of Grange Con
Pamell, of Avondale
Pennefather, of RathsaUagh
Proby, of Glenart Castle
Sandys, of Dargle
Scott, of Ballygannon
Segrave, of Klltymon
Stoney, of The Downs
Synge, of Glanniore Castle
Tottenham, of Ballycurry
Tottenham, of Woodstock
Trued, of Clonmannon
Turtoo, of Russborough
Tynte, of Tynte Park, and


Tennyson, Lord
Anderson-Pelham, of St.

Atherley, of Landguard Manor
Baring, of Nubia House
Blake, of Great Budbridge

Brigstocke, of Ryde House
Brodie, of Fernhill
Carter, of Bast Upton
Cooke, of Bellecroft
Crozier, of West Hill
Dashwood, of Everton House
Gartside-Tipping, of Quarry

Glynn, of Seagrove
Grant, of Statfa House
Hamond-Grseme, of Norton

Leith. of Northcourt
Nicholson, of Eastmore
Oglander, of Fairy Hill, and

Richards, of SteephiU Castle
Richards of WestriOge
Seely, of Brooke House

Simeon, of Swainston
Vernon-Harcourt, of St. Clare
Ward, of Northwood Park
White-Popham, of The Manor

House, Shanklin
Williams, of Appuldercombe



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