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afton, Dnohess of
St.air, Earl ot

Agnew, of Lochnaw Castle
Agnew- Wallace, of Locbryan
Carrick-Buchanan, of Corsewall
Dunbar, of Mochrum Park
Hamilton, of Craighlaw
Inskip, of Dunskey
Johni-ton-Stewart, of Physgill,

and Glasserion
Lindsay, of Broadstone
M'Douall. of Logan, and Genoch
McEacharn, of Galloway House
MoHaflie-Gordon. of Corsemalzie
McMicking, of Miltonise
MacTagsart Stewai-t, of Ard-

well, and Blairderry
Ma.xwell. of Monreith
Murray Baillie, of broughton
Stroyan, of Kirkchri&t
Vans Agnew, of Bambarroch

and Sbeuchan
Wright, of Alticry
Young-MoDowel, of GillMpie



• House,


Somerset, Duke of

Ailesbury, Marquess of

Bath, Jlarquess of

Lansdowne, Marqviess of

Cowley, Earl

Nelson, Earl

Pembroke and Montgomery,
Earl of

Radnor, Earl of

Suffolk and Berkshire, Earl of

BoUngbroke and St. John,

Coventry, Bishop of

Salisbury, Bishop of

Arundell of Wardour, Lord

Glencouner, Lord

Heytesbury, Margaret, Lady

Ishngton, Lord

Ludlow, Lord

Methaen, Lord

Roundway, Lord

Wynford, Dowager Lady

Antrobus, of Amesbury Abbey

Archer, of Lushill House

Ashe, of Langley House

Ashfordby-Trenchard, of
Stanton House

Awdry. of Notton House

Banbury, of Warneford Place

Baring, of Biddesden House

Beaufoy, of Coombe House

Bell, of Cleeve House

Buckley, of New Hall

Burdett, of Ramsbury Manor

Buxton, of Tockenham Manor

Caillard. of Wingfield House

Calley, of Burderop Park

Clutterbuck, of Hardenhuish

Coleman, of Langley Pitzurse

Davies, of Corsley House

Davis, of Lady's Wood

Errington. of Lackham Manor

Ewart, of Broadleas
Eyre, of Landford House
Eyre, of Warens
Eyre-Matcham, of Newhouee
Fane, of Uoyton Manor
Fane-Benett, of Pythouse
Farqubarson, of Chitterne,
Wroughtons, and
Tilshead Lodge
Forster, of Holt Manor
Fox- Pitt-Rivers, of Rushmore

Fuller, of Neston Park
Gladstone, of Bowden Park
Goddard, of The Lawn
Goldney, of Beechfield
Goldney,of Derriada
Gordon, of Wincombe Park i

Gorst, of The Manor House,

Castle Combe
Grant-Mcek, of HiUworth ,

Harris, of Bowden
Hoare. of Stourhead |

Hobhouse. of The Manor House, '
Monkton Farleigh !

Hunt-Grubbe, of Eastwell ]

Jenner. of Avebury Manor
JeiTOise, of The Moat, Britford
Joicey-Cecil, of Chute Lodge I
King, of Donhead Lodge !

Laverton, of Leightou I

Lawrence, of Cowesfield House
Leybome Popham, of Littlecote
Long, of Rood Ashton, and

Wraxall Manor
Lopes, of Sandridge Park
Lovell, of Cole Park
Luce, of Halcombs
Lysley, of Pewsham
Malet, of Wilbury Park
Mann, of Hilperton
Maurice, of Lloran House, and

Mauton Grange
Medlicott, of Sandfleld
Miles, of Burtonhill House

lliUer, of The Mi

Mone> -Kyrle, of Whetham
Morrison, of Fonthill House
Neeld. of Grittleton
Northey, of Cheney Court
Palmer, of Lackham
Penruddocke, of Compton Park
Phipps, of Chalcot
Pollen, of Rodbourne
Prodgers, of Kington House
Randolph, of Eastcourt
Rrndall. of Brigmerston House
Richardson, of Purton House
Rogers, of Rainscombe
Rooke, of The Ivy
Sadler, of Purton Court
Saunders, of The Priory, Brad-

Schomberg, of Seend Lodlje
Seymour, of Knoyle House
Shaw-Stewart, of Fonthill Abbey
Spicer, of Spye Park
Stancomb, of Blount's Court
Stancomb, of Shaw House
Stewart-Richardson, of Idover

Story-Maskelyne, of Basaet

Down House
Swayue, of The Island, Wilton
T»lbot, of Lacock Abbey
Temple, of Bishopstrow House
Tonge, of Highway Manor
Toppin, of Blacklands Park
Troyte-BuUock, of Zeals House
Waiker-Heneage, of Compton

Ward, of Ogboume St. Andrew
Warry-Stone, of BadburyManor,

and Lower Uphara
Watson-Taylor, of Erlestoke

Park, and Erchfont Manor
Wigram. of Northlands
Wilder, of Easton Grey
Willis, of Bapton Manor
Wyndham, of Clouds


Beauchamp, Earl
Coventrv, Earl of
Dudley, Earl of
Plymouth^ Earl of

Dudley, Lord
Hindlip, Lord
Sandys, Lord
Acton, of Wolverton Hall
Amphlett, of Clent House
Amphlett, of Wychbold Hall
Ashwin, of Bretforton Manor
Attwood, of Sion Hill
Baldwin, of Astley Hall
Baldwvn-Childe, of Kyre Park
Bartleet, of The Shrubbery
Bearcroft, of Mere Hall
Berens-Dowdeswell, of Pull

Eerington, of Little Malvern

Berkeley, of Cotheridge Court
Berkeley, of Spetchley Park
Blount, of Sodington

Bradley -Birt, of Birtimoreton

Court, and The Berrow
Bramwell. of Crown East Court
Britten, of Kenswick Manor
Bromley-MHrtin, of Ham Court
Broome, of Areley Court
Bullough, of The Down House,

Carpenter, of Heath field
Cartland, of The Priory, King's

Chafy, of Rous Leneb Court
Chance, of Clent Grove
Gheape, of Bentley Manor
Cherry, of Hen wick Hall
Crane, of Oakhampton
Daviee, of Elmley Castle
de Montgeon, of Eastington

Douglas, of High Park
Eady, of Wood Norton
Evers, of White Hall
Flower, of Middle HiU
Franklin, of Sillins
Galton, of Hadzor House
Gandolfi, of nlackraore Park
Gibbons, of The Leasowes
Godson, of The Court, Tenbury <
Grey, of The Lodge, Great

Grice-Hutchinson, of The

Gurney. of Shakenhurst
Hnncocks, of Blakeshall Hall
Hanford, of Woollas Hall
Hanvard, of Winterfold
Hawkins, of Staunton Court
Hawkshaw, of Bredon Manor

Heywood, of Hatley St. George
Holder, of Pitmaston
Holland, of Cropthorne Court
Homfray, of Broadwaters

Homfray, of Otterbourne Court

Howard, of Stone House

Hudson, of Wick House

Jones-Williams, of Laughern
Hill :

Knight, of Wolverley House

Lane, of Moundsley Hall

Lea, of The Larches

Lec-hmere. of Rhydd Court, and
Severn End

Leea-Milne, of Ribbesford House

Llovd. of Areley Hall

Lyttelton, of Bell Hall

Marindin, of Woodfield

Martin, of Overbury Court

Mynors, of Weatheroak Hall

Norbury, of Sberridge

Perrins, of Davenham

Prescott, of Bockleton Court

Ricardo, of Bromesberrow

Rudge, of Abbey Manor,

Spencer-Churchill, of North-
wick Park

Staunton, of Tidmington House

Stephenson- FetheiBtonhaugh,
of Hopton Court

Start, of Winterdyne

Taylor, of Moor Green, and

Taylor, of Strensham Court
Temple, of The Nash
Thatcher, of Clent Hall
Tomkinson, of Franche Hall
Trench-Gascoigne, of Himble-

ton Manor
Vernon, of Hanbury Hall
Wakeman-Newport, of Hanley

Wheeler, of Newnham Court,

and Kyrewood House
Whitaker, of Caldewell
Wiggin, of The Forehill House
Williams, of ChurchUl Court
WiUis-Bund, of Wick Episcopi
Winnington, of Stanford Court
Woodward, of Arley Castle
Wynne-Marriott, of Avonbank
young, of Daylesford House


York, Archbishop of
Devonshire, Duke of
Leeds, Duke of
Norfolk, Duke of
Northumberland, Duke of
Rutland. Duke of
Normanby, Marquess of
Ripon, Marquess of
Zetland, Marquess of
Carlisle, Dowager Countesi of
Cathcart, Earl
Chesterfield. Countess of
Dartmouth, Earl of
Effingham, Earl of
Feversham, Earl of
Fitzwilliam, Earl
Harewood, Earl of
Liverpool, Earl of
Londesborougb. Earl of
Mexborough. Earl of
Rosse, Earl of
Scarbrough, Earl of
Westmorland. Earl of
Wharncliffe. Earl of
Allendale, Viscount
Downe, Viscount
Falkland, Viscount
Halifax, Viscount
St. Vincent, Viscount
Ripon. Bishop of
Wakefield. Bishop of
Airedale, Lord
AUerton Lord
Auckland, Lord
Beaumont, Baroness
Bolton, Lord

De I'Isle and Dudley, Lord
Deramore, Lord
Derwent. Lord
Furness. Dowager Lady
Gisborough, Lord
Grantley, Lord
Hawke, Lord
Headley, Lord
Herries, Baroness
Hotham, Lord
Hothfi.ld, Lord
Knaresborouph, Lord
Macdonald, Lord
Masham, Lord
Middleton, Lord
Mowbray, Segrave, and

Stonrton, Lord
Nuuburnholme, Dowager Lady
Bibblesdale, Lord
St. Oswald, Lord
Savile, Lord
WalBingham, Lord
Agar, of Brockfield
Anne, of Burghwallip Hall
Armitage, of Milnsbridge

Armytage, of Kirklees Park
Athorpe. ot Dinmnglon Hall;

Morthen Hall ; and Thorpe

Hall, Howden
Austin, of Fryston Hall
Baines, of Bell Ball
Bardwell, of Bolton Hall
Barlo«,of Sigswoith
Barnard, of Cave Castle
Barran, of Chapel Allerton

Barry, of Fyling Hall
Bai-stow, of Garrow Hill
Barton, of Stapleton Park
Banvick, of Thimbleby Hall
Battie-Wrightson, of Cusworth
Park, and Warmsworth Hall
Battye. of Skelton Hall, and

Crosland Manor
Beaumont.of Whitley Beaumont
Beaumont, of Wreliou Hall
Beckett, of Kirkdale Manor
BelMn, of Nortonthorpe Hall



Bell, of Hounton Grange
Bell, of Thirsk Hall
Bereeford-Peirse. of Bedale Hall
Bethell. of Rise Park, and '
Watton Ahber ,

Bewicke-Copley, of Coulby

Manor, and Sproiborough 1
Birkbeck. of Anley
Blake, of Mylnhnrst
Bolckow. of Marton Hall,

Bosvlle, of Karenfield Park
Bosville Macdonald, of Thorpe
Hall, Bridlington, and
Boustead, of Settlebeck
Bowes, of Alonkend
BoyntoD. of Haisthorpe Hall
Bridgeman, of (lopCTOve Hall
BrigKS, of Birstwith Hall
Brook, of Durker Roods
Brooke, of Armitage Bridge
Brooke, of Dalton Grange
Brooke, of Nortligatc Mount
Brooksbank, of Healaugh

Manor, and Sneaton Hall
Brooksbank. of Middleton Hall
Buckley, of The Nook
Burn-Mnrdoch, of New Lodge
Burton, of Cherry Burton Hall
Burton, of Turnliam Hall
Cadman. of Ballifield Hall
Calverley-Rurtston, of Hayton
Cathcart, of Mowbray House
Cautley, of Wade House
Cayley,of The Green, Brompton,

and The Hall, Brompton
Cayley, of Wydale House
Charlesworth, of Conyngham

Cbater-Pawsitt, of Walkington

Chaytor, of Oroft Hall, and

Clervanx Oastle
Chaytor, of Spennithome Hall
Cherraside, of Pepper Ardeu
Ohichester-Oonstable, of Burton
Constable : Wood Hall. Hall,
Wyclifte Hall, and Scargill

Cholmley, of Place Newton
Christie, of Jervaubc Abbey
Olarkc-Tbomhill, of Fixby Hall
Clayhills-Henderson of

Thorn ton-Ie-Monr
Olough-Taylor, of Firby Hall
Coates, of Helperby Hall
Collins, of Knaresborough House
Oompton-Vyner.of Newby Hall.
Skelion Grange, and Fairfield
Consett. of Brawith Hall
Constable, of The Manor House,

Cooke, of St. Catharine's
Cooke- Yarborough, of

Coulman, of Eastoft Hall
Coulthurst, of Gargrave House
Cowell, of Clifton Castle, and

Orake Hall
Cradock, of Hartforth
Creyke, of RawclifCe Hall, and

Marton Hall, Bridlington
Croft, of Aldborougb Hall
Oroft. of Stillington Hall
Crompton. of Azerley Chase
Crompton-Stansfield, of

Crompton-Stansfield, of

Buckden Hou>*e
Orowther, of Field House,

Cnst, of Danby HiU
Dalton, of iSleningfori Park
Darley, of Aldby Park, and

Spannton Lodge
Darwin, of Creskeld Hall
Davies-Oooke, of Owsron
Davison-Bland, of KippaxPark
Dawson, of Brook Hall
Dawson, of Weston Hall
Dent, of Ribston Hall
Dent Brooklehurst.of Middle-

thorpe .VI,tnor
Denys- Burton, of Draycott

de Weud-Fenton, of Under.

bank Hall
Dewhurst, of AirevlUe

Dixon, of Heaton Royds
Dixon, of Stumperlow Hall
Dornaa, of Grey Towers
Dugdale, of Crathorne Hall
Duidale, of Oilmoubv Hall
Duucombe, of Kilnwick Percy
Dunniugton-Jefferson, of

Thicket Priory
Eckcrsley, of Carlton Manor
Edwards, of Pve Nest
Elrahirst, of Elmbirst
Blmhirst, of Elm House
Elsley. of Mill Mount, and
Patrick Brompton Hall
Emerson, of Easby Hall
Empson, of Yokefieet Hall
Fairfax, of Bilbrough Hall
Farrer, of Gr«en Hammerton

Farrer, of Ingleborough
Fawkes, of Farnley Hall, and

Hawksworth H»ll
Fenwiok, of Gate Fulford Hall
Ferrand, of St. Ives, and

Harden Grange
Fielden, of Grimston Park
Fife, of Laugton HaU,

Foljambe, of Aldwarke Hall
Fost-r, of Egton Loige
Foster, of Northowram Hall
Foster, of Stockeld Park
Frank, of Campsall Hall
Frankland-Payne-GaUwey, of

Thirkleby Park
Freeman, of Bilton Court
Fruhe, of Royds House
FuUerton, of Thribergh Park
Garnett, of The Ridding
Gamett-Orme, of Greenfield
Gaskell, of Lupset HaU
Geldard, of Cappleside
Gethin, of Cayton Hall
Godman, of Smeaton Manor
Graham, of Norton Conyers
Gray, of Thorp Perrow
Green, of Nnnthorpe Hall. York
Green-Emmott, of The Old HaU,

Gree.iwood, of HeptonstaU

Greenwood, of SwarcUffe
Gr,'y, of Sutton Hall
Grimston, of High Hall, Etton
Grimston, of Grimston Garth
Gur.ter, of Wetherby Grange
Hadwen. of Kebroyd
HaU Watt, of Bishop Burton

Hall, and Oarhead
Hamerton, of HeUifield Peel
Harford, of Holme HaU
Han-ison, of Brandffiburton

Harrison- Broadley. of Welton
H«tfeUd, of Hatfeild House
Hatfeild. of Skellow Grange,

and Thorp Arch Hall
Ha worth- Booth, of Haworth

Hall, and Rolston Hall
Heber-Percy, of Airmyn Hall
Hemsworth, of Monk Fryston

Herbert, of Upper Helmsley

Hi" -"" •■



Hild.\ard,of Dnnnington HaU
HUdyard, of Hutton-BonvUle

HiU, of Thornton Hall
HiU- Walker, of Maunby HaU
Hinoks, of Terrace House,

Hinde, of Manor House, Over

Hirst, of Meltham HaU
Holdsworth, of Sandal HaU
Holme, of Paul! Holme
Horne, ot Bentley Grange
HorsfaU, of Burlev House
HorslaU, of Hayfield
HorsfaU. of Hornby Grange
Horton. of Howroyde
Howard- Vyse, of Langton HaU,

Mai ton
Hugginson. uf Romaldkirk
Hunter, of GiUin,; Castle
Hustler, of Acklam Hall
Huttoo, of Marske Hall. Kioh-
mond, and Aidbureh HaU

Hntton-Sqnire, of Holthv Hall
Hutton-Squire. of Southfield
Hlinsworth, of Daisy Bank
Ingham, of Blake HaU
Ingilby, of Lawkland Hall
Ingilby, of Ripley Castle
Jaques, of Easby House
Jebb, of Firbeok HaU
Johnson, of ArnolifEe Hall
Johnstone-Scott, of Wood HaU,

Key, of Fulford HaU
King-WUkinson. of Dunnow

HaU, and Whiteholme
Lane- Fox, of Bramham Park
Langdale, of Houghton HaU
Lawley, of Escrick Park
Lawson, of Brough Hall
Lawson-Smith, of Colton
Lawson-Tancred,of Aldbo rough
Manor, and Boroughbridge
Leatham, of Hemsworth Hall
Lee. of Grove HaU
Legard. of Welham
Legard, of Westhorpe House
Lister-Kay. of Farfield Hall
Lister-Kaye, of Denbv Grange
Lloyd, of Cowesbv HaU
Lloyd, of Stockton Hall
Lloyd-Greame, of Sewerby

Lowther, of SwiUington House
Lowther. of Wilton Oastle
Lund, of Beoia HaU
Lund, of Eddlethorpe, EUertou

HaU. and Lund Forest
Mac DougaU-Rawson, of Mill

Marshall, of Enholmes Hall
Martin- Edmuiids, of Wors-

brough Hall
Marwood,of Busby Hall
Maynard. of Skinningrove,

and Gerrick
Meynell. of KUvington Hall.

and The Fryerage
Michell. of Fnrcett Park
Micklethwait, of Ardsley

Midd*'iton, of Myddelton Lodge
Milbank, of Barningbam Park
Milbank, of Newsbam HaU
MilborneS Ainnerton-PiUiing-

ton, of Chevet Park
MUner, of Thurlstone
Mitcbell-Thomsou, of Goath-

Montagu, of Ingmanthorpe

Hall, and Melton Park
MorkiU, of Newfleld Hall, and

Austhorpe Lodge
Morris, of Derwent Bank, and

Morris, of The Lodge, HaUfax,

and Bolton Lodge
Morrison, of Malham Tarn
Morritt, of Rokeby
Monbray,of KUIerbv HaU
Musgrave, of Well Head
Myers-Beswick, of Gristborpe

NevUe, of Skelbrooke Park
Newcomen, of Kirkleatham

Norton, of Bagden Hall
Niissey, of Ru^hwood HaU
Oldroyd, of Hyrstlands
Orde-Powlett, of Thomey Hall,

and Middlehim Hall
Otter, of Swinton House
Outhwaite. of Bradford Moor,

and Southowram
Oxley, of Itipon Hall
Paley, of Langcliffe
Palmer, of Grinkle Park
Palmes, of Llugcroft
Palmes, of Naburn HaU
Parker, of Browsholnie HaU,

and Carr Lodge
Parker, of Burtersett
Peakc, of Bawtry Hall, and

Peirson, of B,-andsby HaU
Pease, of L'liff House
Pease, of Pinchinthorpe

Peel, of Knowlmere Manor
Pennyman of Ormesby HaU

PickersgUl-Ounlffle of Adding-

PUkington, of Swinethwaite

Place, of Skelton Grange, York
Pollard, of Scarr Hall
Powell, of Horton Old HaU
Powell, of Sharow HaU
Preston, of Askham Bryan
Preston, of Plasby Hall
Preston, of Heigholme HaU
Preston, of Moreby Park
Preston, of Oaklands
Prior- Wandesforde.ot The HaU

Kirklington ; Hips well Lodge

and Hudswell
RadcUffe, of Rudding Park
Ramsden. of Byrom, and

Longley Hall
Ramsden, of Rogerthorpe

Rawdon, of The Hermitage
Rawson, of The Hauehend
Reckitt, of Swanland Manor
Reckitt, of Winestead Hall
Reynard, of Sunderlandwick,

and Hobgreen
Richardso[t, of Field House
Richardson, of Kirklevington

Richardson, of Potto Hall
Richardson, of Sneaton Castle
Riddell-Blount, of Thorn-

Rimington- Wilson, of Broom-
head Hall, and Newstead

Ringrose-Voase, of Anlaby

Roberts, of Milner Field
Ropner, of Skutterskelfe HaU
Roundell, of Gledstone
Rouse, of Pirby Hall
Routh, of Glints House
Rudd-Clarke, of Knedlington

Russell, of Newton House
Rutson, of Newby Wiske, aud

Nunningti.n Hall
Sagar-Musgrave, of Bramley
St. Quintin, of Scampston

Sandys, of Fulford House
Scholfteld. of Sandhall
Scrope, of Danby Park
Shaw, of Welburn HaU
Sheepshanks, of Arthington

Sherborn, of Brantingham-

Siddon,of Honley House
Simpson, of Walton Hall
Slingsby, of Ravenshaw
SUngsby, of Scriven Park
Slingsby, of Thorpe Underwood

Smith, of Southburn
Smiih-Dodaworth,of Thornton

Smyth-Osbourne, of Wortlev

Sotheron-Estcourt, of Darring

ton Hali
Sowerby, of Dalton Hall,

Spencer-Stanhope, of Cannon

Stancliffe, of Sinn HiU
Stansfeld, of Field House
Stansfeld, of Flockton .Uanor
Stanyforth, of Kirs Hammerton

Stapylton, of Myton Hall
Staveley, ol Old .slcnmgford

Steble, of Ramsdale Bank
Stocks, of Upper Shibden

Streatfeild, of Rossington Hal]
Strickland, of Boyuton
Strickland-Constable, of

Wassand Hall
Strother, of KilUnghall
Swainston-Strangwaves, of

Alne HaU



Sykes, of Sledmere House
Sykes, of West- Ella
Taylor, of Dodworth Grange
Taylor, of Mirtdlewood Hall
Teinpest, of Ackwurth Grange
Tempest, of Broughton Hall
Tempest, of Tong Hall
Tew, of Moorlands
Tl]ellusson,of Brodsworth Hall
Thompson, of Pa. k Gate
Thompson, of Terrington Hall
Tindall, of Knapton Hall
Topham, ot Middleham House
Tottie, of Conistou Cold
Trench-Gascoipnc. of Parling-
tcin Park.anil Lotherton Hall
Turnor, of Kiplin Park
Turton, of Kildali? Hall
Tarton, of Upsall Caftle
Unett, of Huntington Hall
Upton, of Flamborough

Van Straubenzee, of

Spennithorne House
Vavasour, of Spaldington
Vavasour, of Weston Manor
Verelsc, of Aston Hall
Vernon- Wentworth, of

Weiitworth Castle
Waddlugton, of Waddington

Old Hall
Wailes-Fairbairn, of Askham

Walker, of Sand Hutton
Ward-Jackson, of Normanby

Warde-Aldam, of Frickley

Wentworth, ot Woolley Park
Wentworth-Fitzn-illiam, of

Wharton, of Skelton Castle, and
Gilling Wood HaU

Wheler, of Ledston HaU
Whitehead, of Deighton Grove
WiLkham, ot Chestnut Grove
Wilberforce, ot Markington

Wilkinson, of Dringhouses, and

Middlethorpe Hall
Wilkinson, of Newall Hall, and

Winterburn Hall
Wilkinson, ot Potterton Hall
Williams-Hepworth, of Skelton

Wilson, ot Cliffe Hall
Wilson, ot Crofton Hall
Wilson, of Eshton Hall
Wilson, of Kildwick Hall
Wilson, of Seacroft Hal
Wilson, of Trauby (Toft
Wilson, of Waldersbaitih
Wilson-Todd, of Halnaby Hall,
and Tranby Park

ivell, of Xenl.urgh Park
Wood, of Carleton Lodge
Wood, of Temple Ne«sam,

Woodd. of Oughtereliaw Hall
Wormald, of Sawlev, and

Willerby Wold
Worsley, of Hovingham Hall
Wrigbt. of Anston
Wright, of Bolton Hall
Wrigley, of Ganton Hall
Wyune-Finch, of The Manor

House, Stokesley
Wyvill, of Constable Burton,

and Denton Park
Yeoman, ot Woodlands
York, of Hutton Hall
Yorke, ot Bewerley Hall



Tht Editor will be glad to be informed of any errors or important omissioiis in this List.

Abb:?ylara, Longford stt Ball

Abbey Leix, Q,u.em's Co De Vesci

Abbey Mtnor, Evesbaim, Worcester ..Rudge

Abbotsbiiry Oastle, Dorset Ilohester

Abbotsford, Roxburgh . . Constable-Maxwell-

Abbots Hall, Essex Marriott

Abbots Ripton HaU, Hauls

Abbotstown House, Dublin HolmPatrick

Abbots *ood, aiuucesler Fen wick

Abbotts-Bartou, Hants Simonds

Aberamati, Glamorgan

Abercairny, Perth Stirlinj-Home-


Aberdour Castle, Fife Morton

Aberdunant, Carnarvon Lloyd

Abergeldie Castle, Aberdeen Gordon

Abergwili Palace, Carmarthen Bp. ol St.

Abermarlais Park, Carmarthen . . de Butzen

Abington, Limerick

Abingtou Lodge, Cttmbridge Mortlock

Abington House, Lanark Colebrooke

Abney Hall, Cheshire Watts

Abovne Castle, Aberdeen

Abshot House, Hatits Bradshaw

Aoiiareidh, jVoir/i Clarke

AcLiuagairr., Inverness

Aoklam Hall, York Hustler

Ackworth Uranee, York Tempest

Acomb Priory, York Wolfe

Acryse Park, Kent Watney

Acton. Armagh Alexander

Acton Burnell Park, Shropshire Smy tlie

Acton Park, Denbigh Cunliffe

Acton Reynold Hall, Shropshire Corbet

Acton Soott HaU, Shropshire . . Wood-Acton

Adare Manor, Limerick Danraven and


Adderbury House, Oxon

Adderley dall, Shropshire Corbet

Addington Manor, Bucks Addington

Addington Park, Kent Wliitburn

Adlingtou Park, Surrey . . .

Aden, Aberdeen

Adlestrop House, Gloucester

Adlin^ton HaU, Cheshire Legh

Admingtou HaU, Oloucesltr Matthews

Adwell House, t^ - -.- ,^ j-^-

Aggai'd, Qalisay
Agliadoe House,
Atiilly, Z)unf(;oJ.

Aikeuhead House, Renfreui Gordon

Airdrie House, Lanark Wilson

Airds, Argyll

Airds, Tbe, Kirkcudbright Henniker-


Airlie Castle, Forfar Airlie

Airtli Castle, Stirling Graham

Alrthrey Castle, Stirling Graham

Albrighton HaU, Shropshire Sparrow

Albury Park, Surrey Northumberland

Abyns, Essex Abdy

Aldbar Castle, Forfar Chalmers

Aldboroush HaU, York Croft

Aldburough Manor, York . .Lawson-Taocred


. Birch-Reynardsi


Aldenham Abbey, Berts

Aldeuham House, Herts Aldenham

Aldeuuam Park, Shropshi
Alderley, OloucesKr


Seat and County. Family.

Alderley Park, Cheshire ..see Sheffield and
Stanley of Alderley

Aldermaston Court, Berks Keyser

Aldersey HaU, Cheshire Aldersey

Alderston House, Haddington

Alderton, Wexford Glascott

Alderwasley HaU, Derby Hurt

Aldingbourne House, ,Suj5ex. .Kincaid-Smith

Aldie House, Kinross

Aldourie Castle, Inverness Fraser-Tytler

Aldwarke Hall, York Foljambe

Aldwick Court, Somerset Baker

Alford House, Somerset Tillard

Alfreton Park, Derby Palmer-Morewood

Alkincoats, Lancashire Parker

AUanbay, Berks Wiggett

Allanton House, Lanark Seton-Steuart

AUensmore Court, Hereford

AUerton Park, Yorkshire Mowbray, Segrave
and Stourton

AUestree Hall, Derby Qisborne

Alloa House, Clackmannan . .Mar and KeUie

AUt-Llwyd. Cardigan Hughes

AlneHall, York Swainston-Strangwayes


Ah-esford Hall, Essex Hutchinson

Alscot Park, Gloucester Alston-Roberts- West

Althorp Park, Northampton Spencer

Altnacree Castle, Tyrone

Alton Manor, Derby WalthaU

Alton Towers, Stafford .... Shrewsbury and

Altyre House, Elgin Gordon-Cxmiming

Alveston HaU, Warwick

Alwalton HaU, Hunts Dane

Amesbury Abbey, Wilts Antrobus

Amiugton Hall, Warwick Fisher

Amisfield, Haddington ..Wemyss and March

Ammerdown Park, Somerset Hylton

AmondeU House, Midlothian

Ampney Park, Gloucester Cripps

Amport St. Mary's, Hants Winchester

AmpthiU House, Beds Wingfleld

Ampton HaU, Suffolk Paley

Ancrum House, Roxburgh Scott

Ancaster HaU, Lincoln Lucas-Calcraft

AncketUl's Grove, Monaghan Ancketill

Angei-ton , Northumberland Straker

Ankerwyke House, Bucks

Anlaby House, York Ringrose-Voase

Anmer HaU, Norfolk

Annagh, Galway Bodkin

Annaghmore, King's Co Fox

Annan House, Dumfries

Anner Castle, Tipperary MandeviUe

Annesbrooke, Meath Smith

Anne's Grove, Cork Grove-Annesley

Annesley Park, Notts .. ..Chaworth-Musters

Ann ck Lodge. Ayr Lindsay

Anningsley Park, Surrey

Anniston House, Forfar ..Lindsay-Carnegie

Ansley HaU, Warwick Ludford-Astlcy

Anstey Hall, Warwick . . WooUcombe- Adams

Anstey Pastures, Leicester

Anton's Hill, Berwick Hunter

Antony, Cornwall Pole-Carew

Antrim Castle, Antrim Massereene and

Apedale Haii, Stafford .. Edwards- Heathcote

Apethorpe HaU, Northampton Brassey

Apley Castle, Shropshire Meyrick

Apley Park, Shropshire Foster

Apperley Court, Gloucester Strickland

Appleby Castle, Westmorland .... Hothfleld

Appleby Hail. Leicester Moore

Appleby HaU, Lincoln St. Oswald

Seat and County. Family.

Appleton Hall, Cheshire see Lyon

Appley Towers, /. of Wight

AppnldercombePark, /.o/fTi^A.' . Williams

Arborfield Hall, Berks Hargreaves

Arbury Hall, Warwick Newdegate

Arbuthnott House, Kincardine. . Arbuthnott

Archerfleld, Haddington . .Nisbet Hamilton


Ardagh House, Longford Fetherston

Ardamine, Wexford Richards

Ardchattan Priory, Argyll CampbeU-Preston

Ardee House, Louth Ruxton

Ardencaple Castle, Dumbarton . . Colquhoun


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