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Major Abercroniby Anson Craven Nelson, late 5th i
Dragoon Guards, and has, with other issue, a son, !
»Ian Robert, b. 1907. Mr. Burnett-Stuart, who was '
educated at Winchester, and was formerly in 7th
Fusiliers and 79th Highlanders, is a J.P. and D.L. for
Aberdeenshire. — Criohie, Mintlaw, N.B. ; Naval and
Military Club, w.

Clubs, s.w. ; Gurrici Club,
Square, w.


1 3, Brjatisloa

Heir Pret. to ttii' Barony of Barnham (cr. 1903), his bro'her
William Arnold Webster, D.S.O., a D.L. for Leicestershire,
an Hon. L'eut.-Ool. in the Army, Major Reserve of Officers,
and Lieut.-CoI. and Brevet Col. ret,, late Oonim. 2nd R.
Bucks Hussars Yeo.: formerly Oapt. Scoti Guards; educated
atEtonandattlieR Mil. Coll .Sandhurst ; (..1364; m. 1887
Sybil Mary (wliomherfio. 1912), elder dau. of the late Lieut.-
Gen. Sir Frederick Mar.-ba;!, K.O.M.G., of Broadwater,
Surrey, and has, with otlicr i^sue, «n only surviving son,
• Edward Frederick. Lieut R. Backs Hussars Ten. ;
educated at Eton and at Balliol Cull., O.-sford (B.A. 1911) ;

BURNEY, Adm. Sir Cecil, G.C.M.G., K.C.B.
— Cr. K.C.B. 1913, K.C.M.G. 1913,
G.C.M.G. 1916.

Second son of Capt. Charles Burney, C.B., R.N., who
d. 1887, by Catherine Jones, who d. 1883; A. 1858;
m. 1884 Lucinda Marion, 2nd dau. of George R.
Burnett, Esq., of 160, Cromwell Road, S.W. Sir Cecil
Burney, who was educated at the R. Academy,
Gosport, is an Adm. and a Grand Officer of the Legion
of Honour ; was a Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King Edward
VII. 1906-7; Rear-Adm. in the Home Fleet 1908-10,
in command of the 6th Cruiser Squadron 1911, of the
Atlantic Fleet and 3rd Squadron 1911-13 and of the
International Fleet which blockaded Montenegro 1913,
Head of the International Commission governing
Scutari on behalf of the Powers and temp. ■InA. in
Command of the Mediterranean Fleet 1913, in Com-
mand of the 2nd and 3rd Fleets 1913, 2nd in Com-
mand of the Grand Fleet 1914-16, 2nd Sea Lord of
the Admiralty 1916-17 and Commander-in-Chief E
Coast of Scotland 1917-19 ; appointed Commander-in-
Chief on the Portsmouth Station 1919 ; has the Grand
Cross of the Italian Order of St. Maurice and St.
Lazarus, the Grand Cordon of the Japanese Order of
the Rising Sun, and of the Belgian Order of Leopold,
and the Russian Order of St. Vladimir, 2nd Class,
with Swords. — Admiralti/ House, Portsmouth; United
Service Club, s.w.

BURNHAM, Viscount (Haert Lawson
Webster Lett-Lawson, C.H.) — Cr. 1919.

Elder son of Edward, 1st Lord Burnham, K.C.V.O.,by
Harriette Georgiana, who d. 1897, only dau. of the late
Benjamin Nottingham Webster, Esq., of Pen-y-craig,
Denbighshire; b. 1862; «. as 2ud Lord 1916; ;». 1884
Olive, dau. of Gen. Sir Henry Percival de Bathe, 4th
Bart., and has a dau., Dorothy Olive, m. 1907 Major
the Hon. John Spencer Coke, Scots Guards, Special
Reserve, late Capt. Scots Guards, and has, with other
issue, a son, Gerald Edward, b. 1907. Viscount
Burnham, who was educated at Eton and at Balliol
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1884, M.A. 1888), and called to
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1891, was M.P. for W.
St. Pancras 1885-92, for the Cirencester Div. of
Gloucestershire 1893-5 and for the Mile End Diy.
of Tower Hamlets 1905-6 and Jan. 1910-1916; a
Member of the London CO. 1889-92 and 1897-1904 ;
Ma}-or of Stepney 1908 and 1909, and President of the
Institute of Journalists 1910; is a J.P. and D.L. for
Buckinghamshire, one of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of
London, President of the Empire Press Union, Chair-
man of the Newspaper Proprietors' Association,
Lieut.-Col. T.F. Reserve, Hon. Col. (previously Lieut.-
Col. and Hon. Col. Comm.) R. Bucks Hussars Yeo.,
T.D., and a Comm. of the Belgian Order of Leopold.
— Hall Barn, Beaconsfield ; Orkney Cottage, Taplow ;
Athenceum, Marlborough, and Oxford and Cambridge

BURNLEY-CAMPBELL, Lieut.-Col. Hardin,
of Ormidale, Argyllshire.

Eldest son of the late William Frederick Burnley,
Esq., by Rosina, dau. of the late James Eccles, Esq. ;
b. 1843; m. 1882 Margaret Jane Campbell, only child
anfi heiress of the late William Morrison Hunter, Esq.,
and of Mrs. Hunter-Campbell, of Ormidale, who d.
1892, and has, with other issue, a son, * Ian Hardin, late
Lieut.-Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; b. 1882.
Lieut.-Col. Burnley-Campbell, who was educated at
Caius Coll., Cambridge, and assumed the additional
surname of Campbell in 18S2, was formerly Major 6th
Dr.igoon Guards (Carabiniers), aud is an Hon. Lieut.-
Col. ret., temp. Lieut.-Col. and Co. Commandant
Argyllshire Vol. Regt., and a J.P. and D.L. for AxsyW-
shire.— Ormidale House, Glendaruel, N.B. ; Army and
Navt/ Cluh, s.w. ; New Club, Edinhurgh.

BURNS, the Right Hon. John.

Second son of Alexander Burns, an Engineer, formerly
of Ayr; b. 1858; m. 1882 Martha Charlotte, dau. of
John Gale, a working Shipwright. Mi-. Burns, who
was educated at Ch. Ch. Parochial School, Battersea
(Hon. LL.D. Liverpool 1910, and Aberdeen and
Birmiujham 1911), and commenced work at Price's
Candle ' Factory, York Road, S.W., is a Mechanical
Engineer (apprenticed to the trade at the age of 14),
and a Governor of Battersea Polytechnic ; was a
Memberof the London C.C. 1889-19"07, and President
of the Local Government Board 1905-14, and of the
Board of Trade Feh.-Aug. 1911, and sat as M.P.
for the Battersea Div. of Battersea and Clapham 1892-
19lS.~Alv:rstoi-e, Clapham Common, s.w.

BURNS, Col. the Hon. Sir James, K.C.M.G.
— Cr. 1917.

Fourth son of the late David Burns, Esq., Colonial
Merchant, who d. 1868, by Margaret W., who d.
1884, 2nd dau. of the late John Shiress, Esq., of
Brechin, Forfarshire; b. 1846; m. 1st 1875 S. M.,
who d. 1876, eldest dau. of the late F. Lodingham,
Esq., of Kirkcaldy, Fife; 2ndly 1880 M. H., who d.
1904, dau. of the late George Morris, Esq., of Mel-
bourne. Sir James Burns, who was educated at Edin-
burgh High School and went to Australia 18(52, is the
Owner of a fleet of ste.amrvs trading to Java, Singa-
Vore and the Pacific Isbiiuls Groups, President of the
Highland Soci. ty of N.S.W. and Director of about 20
Australian I 'os. and Institutions ; was for 1 4 years in
command of N.S.W. Lancer Regt. and subsequently
Brigadier-Col. 1st Australian Mounted Brigade ; has
beenM.LC. of N.S.W. since 1908.— Goto m Brae,
near Parramatta, New South Wales; 10, Bridge Street,
Sydiiey ; Unim, and Australian Clubs, Sydney.

BURNS, Capt. Alak, of Cumbernauld, Dum-

Third son of John William Burns, Esq., of Cumber-
nauld, and of Kilraahew, Dunibartonshire, who d
1900 by Helen, dau. of the late Gen. Sir George Moyle
Sherer,K.C.S.I.; b. 1868; m 1901 Hel6» Jaqueline,
2nd and elder surviving dau. of the late Capt. J ohn Hope,




R.N., of St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright, and has, with
other issue, a sou,* John Alan, *. 1905. Capt. Burns,
who was educated at Repton and at Trinity Coll., Cam-
bridge (B.A. 1889), and admitted a Member of the
Scottish Faculty of Advocates 1893, is a Magistrate for
Dumbartonshire, Capt. ret., late 9th Batt. Argyll and
Sutherland Highlanders, and a Member of the R. Co. of
Archers (King's Body Guard for Scotland). — Cumber-
nauld House, Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire; Boodle'.
Club, s.w. ; New Club, Edinburgh ; Western Club,

BURNS, Major John William, of Kilmaliew,

Second son of John William Burns, Esq., of Kilraahew
and of Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire, who d. 1900,
by Helen, dau. of the late Geu. Sir George Moyle
Sherer, K.C.S.I. ; b. 1863 ; m. 1903 Annie Douglas, dau.
of Thomas Pilkington, Esq., of Sandside, Caithness-
shire, and has, with other issue, a sou, * Thomas
Pilkington, h. 1903. Major Burns, who was educated
atEdinbm-gh Academy and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge
(B.A. 1884), is a Magistrate for cos. Dumbarton and
Lanark, a Member of the R. Co. of Archers (King's
Body Guard for Scotland), and an Hon. Major
tlie Army, late temp. Major 5th Reserve Regt. of
Cav.; formerly Capt. R. Dragoons. — Kilmahew
Cardross, Dumbartonshire ; Leesthorpe Hall, Melton
Mowbray; Naval and Military Cluh, w. ; Boodle' i
Club, s.w.

BURNS. See Invereh/de.

BURNS-HARTOPP, Mrs., of Dalby Hall, and
Scraptoft, Leicestershire.
Florence Honoria, elder dau. of Capt. William Wrey
Hartopp, R. Horse Guards, who d. 1874 (by Lina^
2nd dau. of Thomas Howe, Esq.), and granddau. of
Edward Bouehier Hartopp, Esq., of Dalby Hall,
M.P. for N. Leicestershire, who d. 1884; m. 1894
Lieut.-Col. James Burns-Hartopp, late R. Horse Guards
(eldest son of the late John William Burns, Esq., of
Kilmahew, and Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire), a
J.P. and D.L. for Leicestershire (High Sheriff 1902),
a J.P. for CO. Kerry, Major T.F. Reserve.late Leicester,
shire Yeo., and an Hon. Lieut.-Col. in the Army, and
has 2 daus. Mrs. Burns-Hartopp is Patron of 2 livings,
and Lady of the Manors of Dalljy and Scraptoft.—
Dalbi/ Hall, Melton Mowbray ; Scraptoft Hall, Leicester.

BURNS-LINDOW, Lieut.-Col. Isaac William,
D.S.O., of Ehen Hall, Cumberland.
Eldest son of Jonas Lindow Burus-Lindow, J.P. and
D.L.,ofIrton Hall, Cumberland, who rf. 1893, by Mary,
•who d. 1904, eldest dau. of the late Mark Hildesley
Quayle, Esq., of Crogga, Isle of Man; b. 1868; r.i.
1896 Madelaine Harriette Mary Theresa, dau. of Col.
George Wilson Boileau, of Old Cattou, Norwich. Lieut.-
Col. Biirns-Lindow, who was educated at Ch. Ch.,
Oxford, is Lieut.-Col. Comm. S. Irish Horse, and Capt.
ret. pay, late 8th Hussars.— Residence: The Kennels,
Ballinhassig, co. Cork; Cavalry Club, w.

BURNS-LINDOW, Samuel Lindow, Esq., of
. Ingwell, Cumberland.
Second son of Jonas Lindow Burns-Lindow, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Irton Hall, Cumberland, who d. 1893, by
Mary, who d. 1904, eldest dau. of the late Mark
Hildesley Quayle, Esq., of Crogga, Isle of Man ; b.
1869 Mr. Burns-Lindow, who was educated at Har
row and at B.N.C., Oxford (B.A. 1891, M.A. 1895),
and s. his cousin Jonas Lindow, Esq., 1904, is a Magis-
trate for Cumberland (High Sheriff 1906), and co-
Patron of 3 livings. — Residence: Greenlands,Holmrook,
Cumberland; Junior Carlton Club, s.w.

-t-BURNSIDE, Mrs., of Tollerton Hall, Nott-
Alice Mary, dau. of James Cross, Esq., of Manchester ;
m. 1892 William Elliott Burnside, Esq., of Tollerton
Hall, who d. 1911. Mrs. Burnside is Lady of the
Manors of Plumtree and Tollerton, and Patron of
2 IWmgs.— Tollerton Hall, Nottingham.

BURNSIDE, of Corcw


Tyrone. See

BURRA, Henry Curteis, Esq., of Springfield,
Eldest son of Henry Burra, Esq., J. P., of Spring-
field, who d. 1886, by Frances, dau. of Edward Barrett
Curteis, Esq., of Leasam House, Sussex; b. 1870;
m. 1901 Ermentrude Anne, dau. of John Stewart
Odiarne Robertson-Luxford, Esq., of Higham, Sussex,
and has, with other issue, a son,* Edward John, 6. 1906.
Mr. Burra, who was educated at Charterhouse and at
Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1891), and called to the
Bar at the Inner Temple 1896, is a J.P. for Sussex.—
Springfield, near Hye.

BURRA, William Pomfeet, Esq., formerly
of Bockhanger, Kent.
Eldest son of James Salkeld Burra, Esq., J.P., of
Bockhanger, who d. 1911, by Eleanor Margaret, who
d. 1893, 4th dau. of the late Rev. Nicholas Toke, of
Godinfon, Kent; h. 1874 ; m. 1901 Ella Mara, eldest
surviving dau. of the late Capt.Arthur Grenville Tucker,
of Newcastle, Natal, and has. with other issue, a son.
Peter James Salkeld, b. 1909. Mr. Burra, who was
educated at Marlborough, and was joint owner of Bock-
hanger with his brothers, was formerly Capt. 4th
Batt. The Buffs, and subsequently Capt. 5th Batt.
Gloucestershire Regt. — Silver Trees, near Stroud, Glou-

BURRARD, Sir Haert Paul, Bart., of Wal-
hampton, Hampshire. — Cr. 1769.

Only son of Sir Harry Burrard, 5th Bart., by Mary
Standley, who d. 1875, dau. of the late John Allen,
Esq.; b. 1846; s. 1871 ; m. 1st 1872 Margaret, who
d. 1885, 2nd dau. of the late John Anderson, Esq., J.P.,
of Rothesay, N.B. ; 2ndly 1888 Jane Eleanor Frances,
elder dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. Bernard George
Griffin Beale, of Northfield, and of The Chalet, St.
Lawrence-on-Sea. Is a J.P. for Hants ; late Lieut. 60th
R. Rifles.

Heir Pres., his cousin Sidney Gerald, K.O.S.T. (ir/iom see).

BURRARD, Col. Sir Sidney Gerald, K.C.S.I.,
P.R.S.— Cr. 1914.

Eldest son of Lieut.-Col. Sidney Burrard, late Grena-
dier Guards, of Stonham House, Ryde. Isle of Wight
(3rd son of the Rev. Sir George Burrard, 3rd Bart.,
who d. 1856, by his 2nd wife Emma, whoa!. 1879, dau.
of the late Adm. Joseph Bingham), who d. 1893, by
Geraldine Augusta (who d. 1908, having m. 2ndly
1903 James William Nairne Smyth-Pigott, Esq., who
d. 1918), dau. of the late William Richardson, Esq.;
b. 1860; ?n. 1887 Gertrude, dau. of the late Major-
Gen. Charles Thomas Haig, formerly R.E., and has,
with other issue, a son, * Gerald, D.S.O., Major
R.A. ; educated at Cheltenham and at the R. .Mil.
Academy, Woolwich; b. 1888; m. 1917 Hilda Eliza-
beth, youngest dau. of Robert J. Mumm, Esq., of
Oxford Terrace, W. Sir Sidney Burrard, who was
educated at Wellington Coll., is Col. late R.E., and
was appointed Superintendent of the Great Trigono-
metrical Survey of India 1899 .and Survejor-Gen. of
India 1910. — Dekra Dun, India,




BURRELL, Sir Mkekik Raymond, Bart.,
C.B.E., of Knepp Castle, Sussex.— Cr. t
1774. I

Only son of Sir Cliarles Kaymond Burrell, 6th Bart., !
by Etheklreda Mary, elder dau. of Sir Eobert Loder, !
1st Bart., of Whittlebury, Northamptonshire; b.\
1877; s. 1899; m. 1st 1902 Wilhelmina Louisa I
(whom he lUv. 1907, and who d. 1916, having m. {
2ndly 19 — Henry F. King, Esq.), eldest dau. of
Walter Winans Esq., of Surrenden Park, Kent;
2ndly 1908 Coralie Adelaide Mervyn, elder dau. of
John Porter Porter, Esq., of Belleisle, co. Fermanagh,
and Clonbalt, co. Longford. Sir Merrik Burrell is
a Magistrate for Sussex (High Sheriff 1918); late
Lieut. 1st R. Dragoons; appointed an Assistant In-
spector, Remount Service, with the temp, rank of Major,
1915 and an Inspector, with the temp, rank of Lieut.-
Col., \91S.—Kiiepp Casth, Horsham; Ockendcii
House, Cuckfield ; Cavalry Club, w.; Boodles Cluh,\

lleir, his sou Walter Raymond, b. 19U3. ;

BURRELL, Ch.\eles Dominic, Esq., of
Broome Park, Northumberland.
Only son of Major William Matthew Burrell, J.P.,
Northumberland Hussars Yeo., late Capt. 12th Lan-
cers, of Broome Park, and of Hampton Court, Here-
fordshire, who d. 1914, by Nancy, 2nd dau. of the
late Charles Perkins, Esq., J. P., of Birtley Hall, co.
Durham ; b. 1914. — Residence : Hampton Court,
Leominster, Herefordshire.

BURRELL, Miss, of Paivtlioru Maiior, Hamp-
Augusta, youngest dau. of John Burrell, E.sq., of
Durham, who d. 1861, by Anne, dau. of the late
Anthony Tilly, Esq. Miss Burrell s. her brother
Robert Anthony Burrell, Esq., J.P., 1910. — t'airthorn
Manor, Botley, Hampshire.

BURRELL, Mrs., of Hampton Court, Here-
Nancy, 2nd dau. of Charles Perkins, Esq., J.P., of
Birtley Hall, co. Durham, who d. 1905; m. 1903
Major William Matthew Burrell, Northumberland
Hussars Yeo., of Broome Park, Northumberland, and
of Hampton Court, a J. P. for Northumberland and
Capt. ret., late 12th Lancers, who d. 1914, leaving,
with other issue, a son, * Charles Dominic {whom see).
Mrs. Burrell is Patron of 3 livings. — Hampton Court,
Leominster, Herefordshire.

BURROUGHES, Henry Randall, Esq., of
Burlingham Hall, Norfolk.
Eldest son of the Rev. Randall Burroughes, J.P., of
Burlingham Hall, who d. 1872, by the Hon. Emily,
who rf. 191 2, younger dau. of Edward, 3rd Lord Sufiield ;
b. 1863 ; m. 1904 Emily Ellen, dau. of the late Hon.
R. Dunsmuir, of Victoria, British Columbia. Mr.
Burroughes is a J. P. for Norfolk, and Patron of 2
livings, late Capt. 3rd Batt. Norfolk Regt.. -Marl-
borough Club, s.w.

Heir Pres., his brother Francis George, late Lieut. 4th Batt.
Bedfordshire Regt. ; b. 1868 ; m. 180J Anne Kathleen Julia,
eldest dau. of the late Major the Hon. Edward Roden
Bourke, and has had 2 sons, Randall, Lieut. 5th Batt.
Norfolk Regt. ; b. 1896, and klUed in action 1915 ; and
Stephen, Lieut. King's R. Rifle Corps; 6. It 98, and killed
in action 1918 ; and a dau., Pamela.

BURROUGHS, Col. Charles Adolphus de
Peyron, of Trumland House, Rousay, co.
Only surviving son of Gen. Frederick William Bur-
roughs, Bengal Army, who d. 1879, by Caroline, who

ifrican Regt., previously
land House, Rotisay, co.

d. 1863, only dau. of the late Capt. Charles Adolphu
Marie de Peyron, Bengal Light Cav. ; b. 1850
s. Eliza D'Oyly, Lady Traill-Burroughs, widow of hi
brother Lieut.-Gen. Sir Frederick William Traill
Burroughs, K.C.B., 1908. Col. Burroughs is Brevet
Col. ret., late Comm. W '

S. Lancashire Regt. — Trh

BURROW, Alfred, Esq., of The Walrouds,

Eldest son of Frederic Burrow, Esq., F.R.G.S., LL.D.,
Ph.D., Senior Coroner for Devonshire, of The Walronds,
who d. 1907, by Charlotte Beal, only dau. of the late
Alfred Harvey, Esq., of Cullompton, Devonshire;

h. 1867 ; m. 1897 Madeline, dau. of , and

widow of Arthur Barr, Esq. Mr. Burrow, who was
educated at Warminster, is Lord of the Manor of Aller-
Peverell.— Residence : Upton, Cullompton, Devonshire.

BURRO WES, Thomas Cosby, Esq., of Lis-
more, co. Cavan.
Only son of the late James Edward Burrowes, Esq.,
by Mary Anne, who d. 1887, younger dau. of the late
John Nesbitt, E.sq., of Lismore; b. 1856; s. his uncle
Alexander Nesbitt, Esq., 1886 ; m. 1885 Anna Frances,
younger dau. of the late Hon. Richard Thomas Max-
well, of Portland, co. Cavan, and has 2 daus. Mr.
Burrowes is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Cavan (High
Sheriff 1888 and m&).~Lisinorc, Crossdoney, co.

BURROWES, Capt. Thomas James, of Stra-
done, CO. Cavan.
Eldest son of Capt. Robert James Burrowes, late
King's Dragoon Guards, of Stradone, who d. 1893, by
Ella, who d. 1913, youngest dau. of George Allan
Magruder, Commodore U.S. Navy ; b. 1879; is a J.P.
and D.L. for co. Cavan (High Sheriff 1902, and on the
roll for 1921), an Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Capt.
ret., late 6th Batt. Rifle 'BiignAe.— Stradone House,
Cavan; Bachelors' Club, w.; Kildare Street Club,


Constance Fanny, 2ud dau. of the Rev. Henry Nichol-
son Burrows, of Shirley House, Hampshire, who d.
1859, by Frances, who d. 1873, youngest dau. of the
late John Broadley, Esq., of Kirk Ella, Yorkshire; m.
1883 Sir Frederic Abernetby Burrows, 2nd Bart. (cr.
1874, ext.), who d.s.p.m. 190i.— Hill Court, Four Elms,
Edenbridge, Kent.

BURSTALL, Majoi-Gen. Sir Henry Edward,
K.C.B., K.C.M.G.— Cr. K.C.B. 1918,
K.C.M.G. 1919.

Son of the late John Burstall, Esq., of Quebec; 4.
1870 ; m. 1907 Frances, dau. of Surgeon-Major John
Denison Mackenzie, formerly Indian Army. Sir
Henry Burstall, who was educated at Bishop's Coll.
School, Lennoxville, and at the R. Mil. CoU., Kingston,
Canada, is Major-General Canadian R.A. and has the
Russian Order of St. Stanislas, 2nd Class, with
Swords; served in 1st Canadian Contingent in S.
Africa 1899-1900 and with S. African Constabulary
1900-2; was Commandant R. Canadian H.A. 1907-
11; Inspector Canadian H.A. 1911-14; Brigadier-
Gen. Comm. 1st Canadian Div. 1915; Gen. Officer
Comm. R.A., Canadian Corps, 1915-16 and in com-
mand of 2nd Canadian Div. 1916-18; appointed Hon.
A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught 1911 and
A.D.C. to H.M. King George V. 1917.— TAc Citadel,
Quebec ; Junior Army and Navy Club, s.w.; Garrison
Club, Quebec.





BURT, the Right Hon. Thomas.

Son of Peter Burt, a Coal Miner, who d. 1882, hy
Kebccoa, who d. 1867, dau. of the late Thomas
Weatherburn ; b. 1837 ; m. 1860 Mary, dau. of the late
Thomas Weatherburn, of BIyth, Northumberland.
Mi\ Burt, who was educated at village schools
and by self culture (Hon. D.C.L. Durham 1911).
meantime working as a coal miner, was one of the
British representatives at the Berlin Labour Con-
ference 1890, Parliamentary Secretary to the Board
of Trade 1892-5, and Secretary of the Northumberland
Miners' Mutual Confident Association 1865-1913, and
sat as M.P. for Morpeth 187-1-1918.— 20, Burdon
Terrace, Newcastlc-wpon-Tpiie ; Reform, and National
Liberal Clubs, s.w.

BURT, Sir Henry Paesall, K.C.I.E., C.B.E.,
A.M.I.C.E.— Cr. 1911.

Eldest son of Henry Potter Burt, Esq., of Littlecot,
Streatham Common, who d. 1866, by Frances, younger
dau. of the late John Taylor, Esq., of Cranbrook,
Kent; b. 1857; m. 1878 Blanche, eldest dau. of the
late John Curtis Harmp, Esq., of Sefton Park, Liver-
pool. Sir Henry Burt, who was educated at Clifton
Coll. and at the E. Engineering Coll., Coopers Hill,
and entered the Public Works Department, India,
1878, was Manager of the Oudh and Rohilkund Rail-
way 1902-5, of the E. Bengal Slate Railwav 1905-8,
and of the N.-W. Railway of India 1908-13, and
formerly President of the Railway Board of India,
Col. Comm. N.-W. Railway Vol. Rifles, V.D., an Hon.
A.D.C. to the Viceroy of India, and an Additional
Member of the Council of the Governor-Gen. of
India for making Laws and Regulations ; is a
Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jeru-
salem; appointed Government Director of Indian
Railway Cos. at the India Office 1915.— Bra^ai Club,
Calcutta; R. Victoria Yacht Club, Ryde ; Wood field,
Lytton Grove, Futncy Hill, s.w.

BURT, Grace Emma, Lady.

Only dau. of the late Joseph Blackstone, Esq., M.R.C.S. ;
m. 1904, as his 2nd wife, Sir John Mowlem Burt, one
of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of London, and a J.P.
for Dorsetshire, who was cr. Knt. 1902 and d. 1918. —
Carthion, Swanage ; Bur/stone, Ehworthy Road, N.w.

BURT - MARSHALL, Mrs., of Luncarty,
Catherine, 2nd dau. of the late David Bannermau,
Esq., J.P. ; m. 1884 James Burt-Marshall, Esq., ot
Luncarty, a J.P. for Perthshire, who d. 1900, and has,
with 2 daus., an only surviving son, *David Banner-
man, D.S.O., O.B.E., Capt. and Brevet Major Seaforth
Highlanders; educated at Rugby and at the R. Mil.
Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 16S7.— Luncarty, Perth.

BURTCHAELL, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Charles
Henry, K.C.B., C.M.G., K.H.S.— Cr. 1919.

Third son of Peter Burtoh.iell, Esq., C.E., of Kilkenny,
who d. 1894, by Maria, Isul^iHa, who d. 1898, eldest
dau. of the latr Lun.lr Edward Foot, Esq., of 14,
Dpper Fitzwilliain 8tntt, Dullin; b. 1866; m. 1903
Bertha Mareella, dau, of the late John George Auret,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of Johannesburg. Sir Charles
Burtchaell, who was educated at Kilkenny Coll., Port-
arlington, at Westward Ho and at Trinity Coll.,
Dublin (M.B. and B.Ch. 1889, M.A. 1919, Hon. LL.D
1919, Hon. F.R.C.S.I. and Hon. F.R.C.P.I. 1919), is a
Lieut.-Gen. A. M.S., a Knight of Grace of the Order of
St. John of Jerusalem, a Grand Officer of the Belgian
Order of the Crown, and an Officer of the Legion of
Honour ; has the French and Belgian Croix de Guerre ;

was Principal Medical Officer 8. African Constabu-
lary 1902-5; Assistant Director-Gen. Army Medical
Services at the War Office 1900-14 and in France
1914-18, and Director-Gen. of Medical Services in
France 1918-19; appointed Hon. Surgeon to H.M.
King George V. 1918 and Director-Gen. of Medical
Services N. Army in India 1919. — Army Headquarters,

BURTCHAELL, Mrs., of Brandondale, co.
Sarah Caroline Margaret, youngest dau. of William
Russell Farmar, Esq., of Bloomfleld, co. Wexford, who
d. 1871, by his 2nd wife Henrietta, 2nd dau. of the
late Harry Alcock, Esq., of Wilton Castle, co. Wex-
ford; m. 1878 Richard Rothe Burtchaell, Esq., of
Brandondale, a J.P. for cos. Carlow and Kilkenny, who
d.s.p. 1903. — Brandondale, Graiguenamanagh, co. Kil-

BURTON, Baroness (Nellie Lisa Baillie). —
Cr. 1897.

Only child of Michael Arthur (Bass), 1st Lord.K.C.V.O.,
by Harriet Georgina, 4th dau. of the late Edward
Thoruewill, Esq., of Dove Cliff, Staffordshire ; «. under
a special remainder 1909 ; m. 1894 James Evan Bruce
Baillie, E.sq.,M.V.O.,of Dochfour, Invernoss-shire [whom
see).—Dochfovr, Inverness, N.B.; 71, South Audley
Street, w.

BURTON, Harriet Georgina, Lady, of Range-
more, Staffordshire.
Fourth dau. of the late Edward Thornewill, Esq., of
Dove Cliff, Staffordshire; m. 1869 Michael Arthur. 1st
Lord Burton (cr. 1886 and with special remainder
to his dau. 1S97), K.C.V.O., who d. 1909, leaving a
dau., * Nellie Lisa, 2nd Baroness Burton (whom see).
Lady Burton is Patron of 2 livings, — Rangemore,
Burton-on- Trent.

BURTON, Elizabeth, Lady.

Dau, of the late John Baukes Friend, Esq., of Ripple
Vale, Kent; m. 1862 Sir Fowler Burton, a Gen. r

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