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Somerset ;
Lindisfarne, Bournemotith ; Arthur's Club, s.w.

Beir, hissonHughWilfrid John, Viscount Garmoyle ;i. 1907.

CAIRNS, Olivia Elizabeth, Countess.

Second dau, of Alexander Augustus Berens, Esq., by
his 2nd wife Louisa Winifred, 4th dau. of the late
Rev. Edward Stewart; m. 1st 1887 Arthur William,
2nd Earl Cairns, who d. 1890; 2ndly 1899 Roger
Cyril Hans Sloane-Stanley, Esq. {whom see). — Pmdtons,

CAITHNESS, Earl of (Norman Macleod
Bcchan, C.B.E.).— Cr. 1455.
Second son of James Augustus (Sinclair), 16th Earl,
who d. 1891, by Janet, who d. 1906, dau. of the late
^Roderick Macleod, Esq., of London; b. 1862; s.
his brother John Sutherland (Sinclair), 17th Earl,
1914; TO. 1893 Lilian, 2nd dau. of the late Higford
Higford, Esq., of Hartsfield, Surrey, and has 4 daus.
The Earl of Caithness, who was educated at Upping.
ham and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B A. 1884),
■ and s. his cousin Miss Louisa Buchan at Auehmacoy
House, 1910 and assumed that surname in lieu of
Sinclair 1911. is a D.L. for Aberdeenshire, Capt.
oth Batt. Gordon Highlanders, and temp. Lieut.-Col.
on the Staff; elected a Representative Peer of Scotland
1918. — Auehmacoy House, Ellon, Aberdeenshire;
Caledonian Club, s.w. .

Heir Pres., his brother the Rev. Cliarles Augustus (Sinclair),
has been Rector of Hempsted, Gloucestershire, since 1 898 ;
educated at Aberdeen Univ. (M.A. 1886) and at Trinity I
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1889, M.A. 1892); i. 1865 ; m. 1899 I
Marianne. 2nd dau. of the late Kev. Edward Harnian,
Rector of Pickwell, Leicestershire, and has, with other
issue, a son, * James Roderick, b. 1906.



of Rempstone, Dorset. .See

CALCRAFT. See Lucas- Calcraft.

CALDBECK, of Moyle. See Eoper-Caldbeck

CALDECOT. See Kirkoairick-Caldecot.

CALDECOTT, of Holbrook Grange, Warwick-
shire. Sec Bolam.

-f CALDWELL, the Right Hon. James.

Son of the late Findley Caldwell, Esq., of Glasgow ;
b. 1839. Mr. Caldwell, who was educated at Glasgow
and Edinburgh Univs., and admitted a Member of the
Facultv of Procurators, Glasgow, 1864, was M.P. for
the St." Rollox Div. of Glasgow 1 886-92, and for the
Mid. Div. of Lanarkshire 189 4- Jan. 1910, and Deputy
Chairman of Ways and Means in tlie House of
Commons 1906-10, and is a Magistrate for Lanark-
shire. — 12, Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow; National
Liberal Club, s.w. ; 107, Holland Road, Kensington, w.

CALDWELL, Charles Henet Bulwer, Esq.,
of New Grange, co. Meath.

' Only son of Capt. Henry Caldwell, R.N., who d. 1868,
by Mary Eleanor, dau. of the late William Earle Lytton
Bulwer. Esq., of Heydon Hall, Norfolk ; b. 1863. Mr.
Caldwell, who was educated at Harrow and at Magda-
lene Coll., Cambridge, was formerly Capt. 3rd Batt.
Norfolk Regt. and High Sheriff of co. Meath 1902. -
jVew Grange, Slatie, co. Meath; Junior Carlton,
While's, and Arthur's Clubs, s.w. ; Kildare Street

I Club, Dublin.

CALDWELL, of Linlev Wood, Staffordshire.

See Heath-Caldwetl.

CALBDON, Earl of (Erik James Desmond i
Alexander).— Cr. 1801.

; Eldest son of James, 4th Earl, by Lady Elizabeth, 2nd
dau. of Hector, 3rd Earl of Norbury; 4.1886; s. 1898.
The Earl of Caledon, who was educated at Eton and at I
Trinity Coll., Cambridge, is Capt. 1st Life Guards and '
temp. Major iH.G.C.— Caledon, co. Tyrone; 7)/tten-
hanger Park, St. Albans.

Heir /Vm., his brother Herbrand Charles, D.S.O.Capt. 6th

Lanojrs : educated at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; 6. 1888 ;

m. 1919 MiUicent Valla, only child of Sir Henry Bayly

Meredyth, 6th Bart.

CALLAGHAN, Adm. of the Fleet Sir George
AsTLEY, G.C.B., G.C.V.O.— Cr. K.C.V.O.
1909, K.C.B. 1910, G.C.V.0. 1912, G.C.B.

Sou of the late Frederick M. CaUaghan, Esq., J.P., of
Cork; b. 1852; m. 1876 Edith Saumarez, dau. of the
late Rev. Frederick Grosvenor, Rector of Dunkerton,
Somerset. Sir George CaUaghan is an Adm. of the
Fleet, and a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour
and of the Order of the Crown of Italy, and was a
Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King Edward VII. 1904-6, in
command of the 6th Cruiser Squadron 1907-8, Second
in Command of the Mediterranean Fleet 1908-10, in
command of the 2nd Div. of the Home Fleet 1910-11 ;
Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleets 1911-14;
FirM and Principal Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King
George V. 1914-17, and Commander-in-Chief at The
Nore 1916-18 ; appointed Bath King of Arms 1919.—
Avonstone House, Bathampton, Somerset; United Service
Club, S.W.

CALLAGHAN, Sir Alfred John, Knt., LL.D.
— Cr. 1915.

Third son of the late James Walker Callaghao, Esq.,
of Northumberland Road, Dublin; b. 1865; m. 1914
Irene, youngest dau. of the late Charles Knighton
Warren, Esq., of St. John's Wood. Sir Alfred
CaUaghan, who was educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin
(B.A. 1888, LL.D. 1891), and called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1896 and at King's Inns, Dublin, 1911,



is a J.P. for Dublin City.— Cregg Park, Tnb'ier.
Clare; Queen Ann^s Mansions, St. James's Park, s.
2, Garden Court, Teiwple, E.c.

Mr. Callard was on
Buckinghamshire for
Clubs, s.w.

CALLAN, Philip, Esq., of Dowdstown, co. '^^^i^^^^'?^^
Eldest son of Nicholas Callan, Esq., of Dowdstown,
who d. 1854, by Catherine, flau. of the late George
Boylan, Esq., of Ardee, eo. Louth ; h. 1848; m. 1880
Mary, eldest dau. of Michael Caraher, Esq., D.L., of
Cardistown, co. Louth, and has issue. Mr. Callan is
a J.P. for CO. Louth (High Sheriff 1884).— J5oK)(fefoKin,
Ardee, co. Louth.


be roll for High Sheriff of
11. — Devonshire, and Authors'


Sir Thomas Octavids,
M.Inst.E.E.— Cr. 1918.
Eldest son of William Ormiston Callender, Esq., of
Bournemouth, who d. 1908, by Jean, who o?. 1872, dau.
of the late William Marshall, Esq., of Greenock ; b.
1855 ; ?«. 1885 Bessie, dau. of the late William Pinnock,
Esq., of Belvedere, Kent. Sir Thomas Callender, who
was educated at Greenock, at Godolphin School, and iu
France, is Managing Director of Callender's Cable and
Construction Co. Ltd., and a J.P. for Kent, and is
largely engaged in Cable M.iiuif;ioture and in Copper
Mining and Refining. — Caledonian, St. .'^/rji/irn's, and
R. Automobile Chilis, s.w. ; KV jC H.ath I{o„s>; Abbey
Wood, s.E. ; Hamilton House, Victoria Emhankmrnt, E.c.

CALLANDER, Henry Baerington, Esq., of

Ardchyline, Argyllshire. |

Younger son of James Henry Callander, Esq., of

Ardkinglas, Argyllshire, and of Craigforth, Stirling- 1

shire, who d. 1851, by his 2nd wife Charlotte Edith; CALLENDER-BRODIE, John ShARP, Esq.,
Eleanora, who d. 1849, only dau. of the late Johui of Idvies Forfarshire.

George Campbell, Esq., of Islay, Argyllshire ; 6. 1849 ; Eldest son of John Archibald Callender, Esq., who d.
s. his brother George Frederick William Callander,^ 1900, by Nancy GiUiam, who d. 1863, dau. of the late
Esq., J.P. and D.L., 1916; m. 1875 Sophia Leonora,] - - - • -
eldest dau. of the late Edward Clougli-Taylor, Esq , of

Kirkham Abbey, and Firby Hall, Yorksl
Callander, who was educated at Edinburgh Academy,
was formerly in the R.N. and a R. Foreign Service
■Ardchyline, St. Catherines, Argyllshire.

CALLANDER, Henry BURN-, Esq., of Wes-
t^rton, and Preston Hall, Midlothian.
Elder son of John Alexander Burn-Callander, Esq.,
of Preston Hall, who d. 1865, by Mary Frederiea
Dimdas, who d. 1876, eldest dau. of the late Hon.
Henry Amelius Coventry; b. 1862; m. 1886 Cecilia
Margaret, youngest dau. of the late William Baird,
Esq., of Elie, Fifeshire, and has, with other issue, a
son, * William Henry, Capt. and Brevet Major 2nd
Dragoons (R. Scots Greys) and a Chevalier of the Legion
of Honour; educated at the E. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ;
b. 1890; m. 1916 Hermione Mary Christian, voungcr
dau. of Major William Henry Garforth, T.F. Reserve^
late Capt. Q 0. Cameron Highlanders, of Westow Hall,
Yorkshire, and has a son, * John David, b. 1917. Mr.
Burn-Callander is a J.P. and D.L. for Haddington-
shire.— PresCra Hall, Dalkeith, KB.; White's Club,
s.w. ; Turf Club, w.

CALLANDER, Mrs., of Cramond, Midlothian.
Alice Louisa, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. John Cornelius
Craigie-Halkett, J.P., late 4oth Foot, of Cramond, who
d. 1912, by Matilda Justine, who d. 1910, 6th dau. of
the late Duncan Davidson, Esq., of TuUoch. Ross-
shire; m. 1876 George Frederick William Callander,
Esq., late Lieut. 78th Seaforth Highlanders, of Ard-
chyline, and formerly of Ardkinglas, Argyllshire, a J.P.

fur Stirlingshire, a D.L. for Argyllshire, and a Member n A TT^WELL Maior-Gpn Sir Chawtf"?

of the R. Co. of Archers (King's Body Guard for Scot- 1 '^^^'^ ^ \r J^^^ r^^' UUAELES

Robert Laurie, Esq. ; b. 1850 ; m. 1886 Anne Cathe
who d. 1912, elder dau. of the late John Clerk Brodie,
Esq., C.B., of Idvies, and his, with other issue, a son,
* John Clerk Brodie, Lieut, h.p. Scots Guards ; educated
at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst; b. 1894. Mr.
Callender-Brodie, who assumed the additional surname
of Brodie on his wife s. to Idvies, on the death of
her brother Sir Thomas Dawson Brodie, 1st and only
Bart. (cr. 1892) of Idvies, 1896, is a Magistrate for
Forfarshire, and a Member of the R. Co. of Archers
(King's Body Guard for Scotland). — Idvies, Forfar,
N.£. ; 26, Moray Place, Edinburgh ; University, and
New Clubs, Edinburgh.

GALLEY, Major-Gen. Thomas Charles
Pleydell, C.B., C.B.E., M.V.O., of
Burderop Park, Wilts.
Eldest son of Major Henry Galley, of Burderop Park,
who d. 1881, by Frances Elizabeth, only child of the
late Charles Bowyer, Esq., of l-'arkmh. Hants : li. 1856;
■ m. 1883 Emily, dau. of Thoma-^ I'at. v ( liapiHll, Esq.
Brigadier-Gen. Calley, who was idnc'atc.l at Harrow
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, is a J.P. and Ii.L. tor Wilts, an
Hon. Major-Gen. ret., late Comm. 1st Life (ruards. and
Patron of 1 living ; formerly Capt. R. Wiltshire Yeo.
Cav. ; commanded the London Mounted Brigade,
T.F., 1908-12, and a Div., with the temp, rank of
Brigadier-Gen., 1914-16, and was M.P. for the Crick-
lade Div. of Wilts Jan.-Nov. 1910 and temp. Lieut.-
Col. and Co. Commandant Wiltshire Vol. Regt. 1916-
17; promoted temp. Major-Gen. 1917 and was Staff
Officer for Vol. Services 19n-\9.~Burderop Park,
Swindon; Arthur's Club, s.w.; Naval and Military
Club, w.

land), who d. 1916.— 24, Ovingion Square, s.w. 1

CALLARD, Ernest, Esq., of Callard, Devon-
Third son of Thomas Karr Callard. E.sq., F.G.8., of
Cricklewood, Middlesex, who d. 1889, by Ann, who
d. 1891, dau. of the late William Black, Esq., of
Montrose ; h. 1856 ; m. 1882 Isabella, dau. of Edwyn i
Rumbelow, Esq., of Freckenham, Cambridgeshire, and ;
has, with other issue, a son, * Norman Leslie, Capt. 3rd |
^ Batr. S. Lancashire Regt. ; has been Acting Lieut.-
' Col. ; educated at Uppingham; b. 1883; in. 1911 Irene
May, youngest dau. of William Black Pullar, Esq., of
Couiston, Stirlingshire, and has a dau., Irene Isabelle.

Edward, K.C.B.— Cr. 1917.

Only son of Henry Callwell, Esq., of Lisraoyne, eo.
Antrim, who d. 1908, by Maud, who d. 1898, 4th dau.
of the late James Martin, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Ross,
CO. Gaiway; b. 1859. Sir Charles Callwell, who was
educated at Haileybury and at the E. Mil. Academy,
Woolwich, is an Hon. Major-Gen. ret., late R.A. and a
Comm. of the Legion of Honour, of the Italian Order
of the Crown and of the Belgian Order of the Crown ;
was Staff Capt. at Headquarters 1887-91 ; D.A.A.G.
there 1891-2; Brigade Major W. Dist. 1893-6;
D.A.Q.M.G.'at Headquarters 1903-4 ; Gen. Staff Officer
1st Grade 1905-7 ; Director of Mil. Operations at the
WarOffice 1914-16 and on Special Service 1916-18; has
the Russian Order of St. Stanislas, 1st Class, the Serbian




Order of the White EagU-, 2nd Chiss, and the Japanese CALTHROP, Lady,

Orderofthe RisingSun, 2nd Class.— ffHi^eii Service Club,
s.w. ; 26, Campden House Chambers, Kensington, w.

CALMADY, Charles Cai.mady, Esq., of
Stoneycroft, and ofWoodtown, Devon.
Eldest SOD of William Frederick Collier, Esq., of Wood-
town, who d. 1902, by Cyeill Christiana, dau. of the
late Charles Biggs Calmady, Esq., of Langdon Court,
Devon ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884 Cecilia Sarah, 3rd dau. of the
late Shilston Calmady Hamlyn, Esq., of Leawood and
Paschoe, Devon. Mr. Calmady, who was educated at
Eton and in Germany and France, assumed the surname
of Calmady in \mi.— Stoneycroft, Horrabridge, South
Devon; Woodtown, Horrabridge ; R. Western of England
Yacht Club, Plymouth


CALNE, Viscount. "See under Lansdoximc, Marquis

CALTHORPE, Lord (Somerset Frederick
Gough-Calthorpe).— Cr. 1796.

Elder son of Lieut.-Gen. Somerset John, 7th Lord,
K.C.B., by Eliza Maria, only child of the late Capt.
Frederick Chamier, R.N., and widow of Capt. Frederick
Crewe; *. 1862; s. 1912; m. 1891 Mary, eldest dau.
of Ogden Hoifinan Burrows, Esq., of Newport, Rhode
Island, U.S.A. Lord Calthorpe, who was formerly
Capt. 6th Batt. R. Fusiliers and previously Lieut.
3rd Batt. Hampshire Regt., is temp. Capt. in the
Army and Patron of 1 living.— Perr^/ Hall, Birming-

Heir, bis son Frederick Somerset, temp. Sub-Lieut. R.
Naval Vol. Reserve ; late Lieut, and temp. Capt. Stafford-
shire Yen. ; educated at Reptou and at Jesus Coll., Cam-
bridge; b. 1892.

CALTHORPE, Maud Augusta Louisa, Lady.

Youngest dau. of the Hon. Octavius Duncombe, M.P..
of Waresley Park, Huntingdonshire, who d. 1879, by
Lady Emily Caroline, who d. 1911, eldest dau. of
John Frederick, 1st Earl Cawdor; m. 1869 Augustus
Cholmondeley, 6th Lord Calthorpe, who d.s.p.m. 1910.
— 38, Grosvenor Square, w.

CALTHORPE, Vice-Adm. the Hon. Sir
(Somerset) Arthur GOUGH-, G.C.M.G.,
K.C.B., C.V.O. — Cr. K.C.B. 1916,
G.C.M.G. 1919.

Younger son of Lieut-Gen. Somerset John, 7th Lord
Calthorpe, K.C.B., who d. 1912, by Eliza Maria, only
child of the late Capt. Frederick Chamier, R.N., and
widow of Capt. Frederick Crewe; b. 1864; m. 1900
Effie, dau. of the late Hon. Robert Dunsmuir, of Craig-
darroch, Victoria, British Columbia. Sir .irthur
Gough-Calthorpe is a Vice-Adm. and a Grand Officer
of the Legion of Honour, of the Italian Order of St.
Maurice and St. Lazarus, and of the Roumanian Order
of the Star; has the Grand Cross of the Greek Order
of the Redeemer ; was Naval Attache to Russia, Norway
and Sweden 1902-5 ; Capt. of the Fleet in the Home
Fleet 1 909-1 1 ; a Naval A.D.C. to H.M. King George V.
1910-11 ; Rear Adm. 1st Battle Squadron 1912-13 ; in
command of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron 1914-16 ; 2nd
Sea Lord of the Admiralty 1916 ; Adm. Coram. Coast
Guard and Reserves 1916-17 and Commander-in-Chief
of the Mediterranean Fleet 1917-19; appointed High
Commissioner for Constantinople 1918. — Woodlands
Vale, Hyde, Isle of Wight; Naval and Military Club, w. ;
Beefsteak Club, w.c. ; 9, Stratton Street, Piccadilly, w.

CALTHORPE. See Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

Gertrude Margaret, youngest dau. of the late James
Morten, Esq., of Deuham, Bucks ; m.. 1901 Sir
(Calthrop) Guy Spencer Calthrop, 1st and only Bart.
(cr. 1918), Controller of Coal Mines and Head of the
Department of the Board of Trade which has control
of the coal mines of the United Kingdom, who d.s.'p.
1919.— Cro.vley House, Ci'oxley Green, Herts.

CALTHROP. See Collingwood, and Hollvjay- Calthrop.


CALVERT, William Archibald, Esq., of
Ockley Court, Surrey.
Elder son of Col. Archibald Mottcux Calvert, J.P.,
late R.H.A., of Ockley Court, who d. 1900, by
Constance Maria Georgiana, who d. 1915, youngest
dau. of the late William Peters, Esq., of Ashfold,
Crawley, Sussex; b. 1868; m. 1891 the Hon. Beatrice
Hay ward Cubitt, youngest dau. of George, 1st Lord
Ashcombe, P.C., and has, with other issue, a son,
»FeUx William Archibald, temp. Capt. R.E. ; educated
at Eton ; h. 1892. Mr. Calvert, who was educated at
Harrow and at Trinity HhU, Cambridge (B.A. 1889,
M.A. 1893), is a Magistrate for Surrey.- OcA% Court,
Dorking, Surrey ; Wellington Club, s.w.

CAMBIB, Solomon Lalob, Esq., of Killoran,
CO. Tipperary.
Youngest son of Richard Lalor Cambie, Esq., of
Kilbrickane, Templemore, co. Tipperary, who d. 1885,
by Elizabeth, who ..'. 1917, dau. of the late Capt.
Loftus Richards, of Little Clonard, Wexford; b. 1871.
Mr. Cambie was educated at Rockwell Coll. and at
Clongowes Wood Coll.— Killoran, Templemore, co.

CAMBRIDGE, Marquess of (Adolphus
Charles Alexander Albert Edward
George Philip Louis Ladislaus Cam-
BRIDGE, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., C.M.G.).— Cr.

Eldest son of H.H. Prince Francis Paul Charles Louis
Alexander. Duke of Teck, 6.C.B., G.C.V.O., who (f .
1900, bv H,R,H, Princess Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina
Elizabeth, who d. 1897. 2iid dau. of H.R.H. the 1st
Duke of Cambridge (ext.); b. 1868; m. 1894 Lady



■osvenor, 4th dau of Hugh Lupus,
Iter, The Marquess of Cambridge,
Wellington Coll. and at the R.
, anil abandoned his Foreign title
and rank, anil assumed the surname of Cambridge by
royal license 1917. is Lieut.-Col., h.p.. late 1st Life
Guards, Hon. Col. 8tli (City of London) Batt. London
Rrgt,, and a Knight of Jastice of the Order of St. John
of Jerusalem ; was Mil. Attache, with the temp, rank
of Lieut.-Col , at Vienna, Bucharest, and Cettinje
1904-9, temp. Assistant Mil, Secretary at the War
Office 1915 and Mil. Secretary Gen. Headquarters in
France, with the temp, rank of Brigadier-Gen., 1915-
16, and has been Personal A.D.C. to H.M. King
George V. since 1910 ; appointed Governor and Con-
stable of AVindsor Castle \9\i.—Shotton Hall, Shrews-
bury; Naval and Military, and Bachelors' Clubs, vr.;
R. Automobile Club, s.w.

Hfir, his son Qtorge Francis Hugh, Earl of Eltham, temp
Lieul. lEt Life Gu.irds Reserve Eegt.; educated at Eton
and at Magdalen Coll., O.^ford ; b. 1895.

CAMBRIDGE, of Bloxworth, Dorset. See Lane.
I CAMBRIDGE. .See Athlo7ie, Earl of




CAMDEN, Marquis (John Charles Pratt).—

Cr. 1812.
Only surviving son of Jolin Charles, 3rd Marquis, hy
Lady Clementine Augusta (who d. 1886, having m.
2ndly 1876 Capt. Philip Green, late 9th Lancers, who
d. 1904), younger dau. of George, 6th Duke of Marl- J
borough; h. and «. 1872; m. 1898 Joan Marion, elder
dau. of Lord Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill. Marquis
Camden, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge, is H.M.'s Lieut, for Kent, a J.P, and
IJ.L. for Sussex, President of the Kent T.F. Associa-
tion, Hon. Col. 4th Home Counties (Howitzer) Brigade '
E.F.A., T.F., Major T.F. Reserve, late W. Kent (Q.O.)
Yeo., T.D., temp. Licut.-Col. Kent R.A.S.C. (Vols.),
and Patron of 1 living ; late Lieut. 3rd Batt. R.
Sussex Eegt. — Baykam Ahhey, Lamherhurst ; Carlton,
and Murlboroiigh Clu/js,s.vi.; Tur/Club,w.; R. Yacht
Squadron, Cowes. \

Heir, his son John Clmrles Henry, Eiii-1 of Br.'cknock, Lieut. '

Scots Buards ; educated at tlie R. Mil. Colt, Sandhurst ; b.

1899. t

CAMERON, Sir Edward John, K.C.M G — Cr

Fourth and only surviving son of Deputy Surgeon-Gen.
John Charles Cameron,M.D., who rf. 1885, by Julia Eliza-
beth, who d. 1898, dau. of the late James Mooyaart,
Esq., Auditor-Gen. of Ceylon; b. 1858; ?«. 1887 Eva
Selwyn, youngest dau. of the late Robert Mackintosh
Isaacs, Esq., LL.D,, of Sydney, M.S.W. Sir Edward
Cameron, who was educated at Shrewsbury School, at
Clifton Coll., and at Merton Coll., Oxford, was Private
Secretiiry to the Governor of the Bahamas 1882-4 and
to the Governor of the Leeward Islands 1884 ; Assistant
Colonial Secretary and Treasurer of Sierra Leone 1884-
6 (Acting Colonial Secretary 1885-6) ; President of the
Virgin Islands and M.E.C. and M.L.C. of the Leeward
Islands 1887-93; Commissioner of the Turks and Caicos
Islands 1893-1901; Administrator of St. Vincent 1901-
9 and of St. Lucia 1909-13, and Acting Governor of
the Windward Islands 1909, 1911 and 1912 ; appointed
Governor and Commander-in-Chief of The Gambia
1914. — Government House, Bathunt, Gambia; hthmian
Club, w. ; Travellers', and West Indian Clubs, s.w.

CAMERON, Sir Charles, Bart., of Ba
Renfrewshire — Cr. 1893.
Elder son of John Cameron, Esq., of Glasgow and of
Dublin, who d. 1873, by Ellen, who

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