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gham ; 6. 1888 ; m.

' " nfield.elderdau of Andrew Pringle, Esq., of

,* Joseph

eldest dau. of the lale Francis William Buxton, Esq ,
formerly of Pishiobury, Hertfordshire. The Earl of
Chichester, who was educated at Eton and at Trinity
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1894), is a J.P. and D.L. for
Sussex, Capt. and Brevet Lieut.-Col. 5th (Cinque Ports)
Batt. R. Sussex Regt., a Public Works Loan Com-
missioner, and Patron of 2 livings; was a Staff Capt.
1914-15, a D.A.A.G. 1915-18 and an A.A.G. 1918;
appointed an A.D.C. 1918.— Stanmer, Lewes, Sussex;
Brooks's Club, s.w. ; Bath Club, w.

Heir, his son Francis Godolphin Henry, Lord Pelham, b. 1905.

CHICHESTER, Lady Adolphds John
Spencer Churchill, of Moyola Park, co.
Mary, only child of Col. Robert Peel Dawson, M.P., of
Moyola Park, who d. 1877, by the Hon. Mary Eliza-
beth, who d. 1888, elder dau. of Charles, Isl Lord
Lurgan; m. 1872Lord Adolphus John Spencer Churchill
Chichester (youngest son of Edward, 4th Marquis of
Donegall), who d. 1901, and has a son, * Robert Peel
Dawson Spencer, a J.P. and D.L. for co. Londonderry
(High Sheriff 1907), a J.P. for cos. Antrim (High Sheriff
1911) and Donegal,Lieut.-Col. ret., late Comm. 6th Batt.
Middlesex Kegt., and Major Reserve of Officers ; was
temp. Lieut.-Col. Comm. 14th (Service) Batt. R. Irish
Rifles 1914-16 ; late Capt. Irish Guards; b. 1873; m.
1901 Dehra Kerr, only child of the late James Kerr
Fisher, Esq., of The Manor House, Kilrea, eo. London-
derry, and has, with other issue, a son, * Robert
James Spencer, b. 1902. — Moyola Park, Castledawson.

CHICHESTER, Bishop of (the Right Rev.
WiNFRiD Oldfield Burrows, D.D.).

Third son of the Rev. Henry William Burrows, B.D.,
Canon of Rochester, who d. 1892, by Maria, who d.
1906, 4th dau. of the late Thomas Brame Oldfield,
Esq., of Denmark Hill ; b. 1858; m. 1896 Mary, who
d. 1897, eldest dau. of the late Right Hon. John
Gilbert Talbot, M.P., of Falconhurst, Kent. The
Bishop of Chichester, who was educated at Eton and
at C.C.C, Oxford (B.A. 1881, M.A. Ch. Ch. 1885, D.D.
Oxford 1912), was Student of Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1883-
91 and Tutor there 1884-91 ; Principal of Leeds
Clergy School 1891-1900; Select Preacher at Oxford
1893-4 and 1907-8; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Leeds,
1900-3 and of St. Augustine's, Birmingham, 1903-12;
Archdeacon of Birmingham 1904-12 and Lecturer in
Pastoral Theology at Cambridge Univ. 1910-11;
consecrated Bishop of Truro 1912 and translated to
Chichester 1919; is Patron of 2 Archdeaconries, the
Prebends and 4 Residentiary Canonries in his Cathe-
dral, and 84 livings and 4 alternately.— 2%e Pn/ace,

CHICHESTER, Sir Edward George, Bart.,
of Youlston, Devonshire. — Cr. 1641.

Eldest son of Rear-Adm. Sir Edward Chichester, 9th
Bart., C.B., C.M.G., by Catharina Emma, eldest dau.
of the late Comm. Robert Charles Whvte, R.N., of
Instow, Devonshire ; h. 1883; «. 1906; m. 1915
Phyllis, elder dau. of Henry Francis Compton, Esq.,
of Minstead Manor House, Hampshire, and of Map-
perton House, Dorsetshire. Sir, Edward Chichester,
who was Flag Lieut, to the Senior Naval Officer,
Gibraltar, 1903-6, is Comm. ret., R.N., and Patron
of 1 Wvmg.—Marlborovgh Club, s.w.; 28, Wilton Place,
s.w. ; 29, St. James's Street, s.w.
Heir, his son Edward Jolin, b. 1310.

CHICHESTER, Earl of (Jocelyn Brudenell CHICHESTER, Major-Geu. Sir Arlington
Pelham, O.B.E.).—Cr. 1801. Augustus, K.C.M.G., C.B , D.S.O.— Cr.

Eldest son of the Rev, Francis Godolphin, 5th Earl, by 1919.

the Hon. Alice Carr, younger dau. of George Carr, 1st Youngest son of Major-Gen. John Octavius Chichester,
Lord Wolverton; b. 1871; s. 1905; m. 1898 Ruth, of Western House, Chudleigh, who rf. 1901; b. 1863;


912 Nelit

e, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and has t
Watson, t. 19H.

CHEYNE, Mary Isabella, Lady.

Eldest dau. of James Edward, Esq., of Balruddery, For-
farshire; m. 1875, as his 2nd wife. Sir John Cheyne,
K.C., LL.D., of Tangwick, Shetland, a Magistrate for
Orkney and Shetland, Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute,
Procurator of the Church of Scotland, and Member
of the Gen. Board of Lunacy for Scotland, who was
cr. Knt. 1897, and d. 1907.— 13, Chester Street, Edin-





m. 1891 (marriage dissolved 1910) Eva Isabella Maude,
3rddau. of the late Major-Gen. Henry Annesley Justice,
formerleyl.S.C, of Riven Hall, Southsea. Sir Arling-
ton Chichester, -who was educated at Cheltenham and
at the E. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, is a Major-Gen. late
Dorsetshire Regt. and a Comm. of the Legion of Honour
and of the Belgian Order of the Crown; has the Italian
Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus and tlie French
and Belgian Croix de Guerre; was on the Staff in S.
Africa 1899-1901; D.A.Q.M.G. Hong Kong 1903 -t
and D.A.A.G. (Chief Staff Officer) there 1904-7 ; in
command of a Brigade 1914-15 and D.A. and Q.M.G.
1915-17; has been a D.Q.M.G. since 1917.— ^r?«^a?(i
Navy, Junior Army and Navy, and Saneluoh Clubs,
s.w. ; cjo Holt & Co., 3, Whitehall Place, s.w.

CHICHESTER, Major Charles Hamltn, of
Hall, Devonshire.
Elder son of Charles Chichester, Esq., J. P. and D.L.,
of Hall, who d. 1912, by Beatrice, eldest dau. of
Sir Arthur Chichester, 8th Bart.; b. 1871; m. 1905
Margaret Blanche, eldest dau. of the late Stephen
Christy, Esq., of Llangoed, Breconshire, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Charles, b. 1906.. Major
Chichester, who was educated at Eton and at Pembroke j
Coll., Oxford, is a Magistrate for Devonshire, Major ;
ret., late 3rd Batt. Devonshire Kegt, and an Hon. '
Major in the Army and was temp. Major attached to
the Depot Devonshire Kegt. 1914-18. — Hall, Bishop's
Tawton, Devonshire ; Carlton Club, s.w.

CHICHESTER, Henry, Esq., formerly of Hill
House, Somerset.
Third son of Sir Arthur Chichester, 8th Bart., who d.
1898, by his 1st wife Mary, who d. 1879, eldest dau.
of the late John Nicholetts, Esq.; b. 1851; m. 1876
Adah Georgiana, younger dau. of the late Horatio
Francis Kiugsford Holloway, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Marchwood Park, Hants, who assumed the surname of
Holloway in lieu of Martelli in accordance with the will 1
of his maternal grandfather, and has, with 2 daus., a son,
Arthur Raleigh, late Lieut. R. North Devon Hussars
Yeo. Cav. ; b. 1879 ; m. 1903 Isabel Edith Thomasine, '
elder dau. of Sir George Sidney Meade Thomas, 6th
Bart. Mr. Chichester was educated at Exeter Coll.,
Oxford.^ Verbeer, Cttllompion, Devonshire.

CHICHESTER, Major Joseph, of Calverleigb ''
Court, Devonshire ; and of Bally GriflBn,
CO. Cork.

Eldest son of Capt. Nugent Chichester, J.P., formerly !
7th Dragoon Guards, of Calverleigh Coiu't, and of'
Bally Griffin, who d. 1908, by Amelia Mary, who d.
1918, eldest dau. of the late Joseph Lamb, E.sq., of
West Denton, Northumberland; *. 1858; ;«. 1893
Etheldreda, youngest dau. of the late Robert Berkeley,
Esq., of Spetehley Park, Worcestershire. Major Chic-
hester, wiio was educated at Prior Park Coll., is a
Magistrate for Devonshire, Major Reserve of Officers,
Major ret., late Worcestershire Regt., and Patron of
2 livings. — Calverleigh Court, Tiverton, Devonshire;
Naval and Military Club, w.

CHICHESTER, Miss, of Arlington Court,

Rosalie Caroline, only child of Sir Alexander Palmer
Bruce Chichester, 2nd and last Bart., of Arlington Court
(cr. 1840), who (i. 1 881 , by Rosalie Amelia (who «/. 1908,
having OT.2ndly 1883,as his 2nd wife. Sir Arthur Chi-
chester, 8th Bart., of Raleigh. Devonshire, who d. 1 898),
3rd dau. of the late Thomas Chamberlayne, Esq., of
Cranbury Park, and Weston Grove, Hampshire. Miss
Chichester is Patron of 3 livings. — Arlington Court,
Barnstaple; Parade House, Woolacombc.

CHICHESTER, Mrs., of Grenofen, Devonshire.

Harriet Elizabetli, eldest dau. and heiress of the Rev.
Jonathan Phillipps Carpenter, J.P., of Grenofen, who
d. 1841, by Harriet Elizabeth (who d. 18S3, having m.
2ndly 18— T. Deacon, Esq.), eldest dau. of the late
Rev. William Garnier, of Rookesbury Park, Hampshire ;
m. 1853 William Henry Chichester, Esq. (2nd son of
the late Robert Chichester, Esq., of Hall, Devonshire),
a J.P. for Devonshire, who d. 1911, leaving, with other
issue, a son, * Henry, educated at Sherborne ; b. 1868.
— Grenofen, Tavistock, Devonshire.

CHICHESTER, Severne Edward Spencer
FitzWarrine, Esq., of Poslingford Hall,
Eldest son of Lord Henry FitzWarrine Chichester
(tvho7n see under the Marquis of Donegall), by Elizabeth
Julia, who d. 1902, only dau. and heiress of the late
Samuel Amy Severne, Esq., of Poslingford Hall ; h.


) Donegall; O'Neill; and Temple-

George Raleigh, Esq., of Burton Con-
stable, Wood Hall, Wycliffe, and Scargill
Lodge, Yorkshire ; of Heyvrood Abbey
Staffordshire ; and of Runnamoat, co.
Eldest son of Lieut. -Col. Charles Raleigh Chichester,
D.L., 97th and 48th Regts., who d. 1891, by Mary
Josephine, eldest dau. and heiress of the late James
Balfe, Esq., of Runnamoat ; b. 1863 ; «. his mother, as
heir of entail, 1871 ; m. 1888 Edith Florence Mary, 3rd
dau. of the late John Hugh Wadham Pigott Smyth-
Pigott, Esq., of Brockley Court, Somerset, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Raleigh Charles Joseph,
D.S.O., Capt. and Brevet Major (temp. Major) Rifle
Brigade ; educated at Stonyhurst Coll. and at Exeter
Coll., Oxford ; b. 1890 ; m. 1917 Gladys Consuelo, elder
dau. of Lieut. -Col. Edward Hanly, of Avonmore House,
CO. Wicklow. Mr. Chichester-Constable, who assumed
by royal license the additional surname of Constable
1895, is a J.P. and D.L. for the E. Riding and a J.P.
for the N. Riding of Yorkshire, a J.P. and D.L. for co.
Roscommon (High Sheriff 1896), Major late 3rd Batt.
King's (Liverpool) Regt., late Major and Hon. Lieut.-
Col. T.F. Reserve, previously Major and temp. Lieut.-
Col. 5th Batt. Yorkshire Regt., and 44th Lord
Paramount of the Seigniory of Holderness. — Burton
Constable, Hull; Wood Hall, Hull; Wyclife Hall,
Barnard Castle ; Scargill Lodge, Barnard Castle ;
Hey wood Abbey, Great Haywood, Staffordshire ; Runna-
moat, Roscommon.

CHILD, Brigadier-Gen. Sir Smith Hill, Bart.,
C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O., of Newfield,
and Stallington, Staffordshire ; and of
Glen Losset, Argyllshire.— Cr. 1868.
Elder son of John George Child, Esq., who d. 1895,
by Helen, 2nd dau. of the Rev. George Mather, of
Huntley Hall, Staffordshire; b. 1880; s. his grandfather
Sir Smith Child, 1st Bart., 1896. Educated at Eton
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford; is Major Reserve of Officers,
an Hon. Brigadier-Gen. ret., late Lieut.-Col. Comm.
2nd N. Midland Brigade R.F.A., T.F., and temp.
Brigadier-Gen. R.A., and was formerly Lieut. Irish
Guards ; elected M.P. for the Stone Div. of Stafford-
shire \9\S.~Stallington Hall, Blythe Bridge, Stafford-
shire; Guards' Clvb,B.-m.; Bachelors', and Turf Cbibs,w,




of Bromley Palace.

CHILD, Coles,

Onlv son of Coles William John Child, Esq., D.L., J.P.,
of iSromley PaUice, who d. 1873, by Elizabeth, who
(i. 1911, dau. of the late Robert Jones, Esq. ; b. 1862 ;
m. 1885 Eliza Caroline, only dau. of the late Richard
Bolton Barton, Esq., LL.D., J.P., of Stour Lodge,
Essex, and has, with other issue, a son, * Coles John,
b. 1906. Mr. Child, who was educated at Eton and
at B.N.C., O-xford, is a J.P., D.L. and C. Aid. for
Kent, Chairman of AV. Kent Quarter Sessions, and
Hon. Lieut-Col. 7th Batt. Kent Vol. negt.— Bromley
Palace, Kent ; Carlton, and Conservative Clubs, s.w.

CHILD, Mrs., of Bonvilles Court, Pembroke-

Sally, ath dau. of Robert Nash, Esq., of Bilsington,
Kent; m. 1868 James Mark Child, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Begelly House, Pembrokeshire, who d. 1870,
father of, with other issue, a son, * James Mark,
educated at Jesus Coll., Cambridge ; b. posthumous
1871. — Residence: OakDeae, Craig-y-don,Llandtidno.

C HILD-CHAPLIN. See Chaplin, of Colliston.

+ CHILDE, Mrs., of Kinlet Hall, Sliropsliii-e.

Carlotten Amalia, dau. of Henry Montgomery, Esq. ;
m. 1st 18— Arnold Crossley, Esq., of Halifax, who d.
18—; 2n.lly 1884 Charles Baldwyu Childe, Esq., of
Kinlet Hall, a J.P. and D.L. for Shropshire (High
Sheriff 1899), Capt. and Hon. Major Shropshire Yeo.
Car., and formerly Lieut. R. Horse Guards, who was
killed in S. Africa 1900 ; 3rdly 1901 Col. Ralph Brom-
field Willington Fisher, C.B., formerly 10th Hussars,
a Slagistrate for Shropshire, who assumed the name
of Childe by royal license 1901. Mrs. Childe is Patron
of 1 XWimr.— Kinlet Hall,

OHILDE. See Baldw!/n- Childe.

CHILDE-FREEMAN, the Rev, Edwaed
Leonard, of Edwyn Ralph, Herefordshire.

Second and eldest surviving son of the Rev. Arthur
Childe-Freeraan, of Edwyn Ralph, who d. 1882, by
Mary Harriet, eldest dau. and heiress of the late John
Freeman, Esq., of Gaines, Herefordshire ; 4. 18.53 ; m.
1880 Edith, dau. of George Mercer, Esq., of Deal, Kent,
and has, with other issue, * Leonard George, b. 1881 ;
VI. 1906 Gwladys Violet, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Charles
EdgarCroker-King, andhasason, * Charles Edward, b.
1907. Mr. Chiide-Freeman, who was educated at Mal-
vern and at B.N.C., Oxford (B.A. 1879, M.A. 1885), is
Rector of Edwyn Ralph with CoWmgton.— Edwyn
Ralph Rectory, Bromyard.

CHILSTON, Viscount (Aeetas Akers-
DOUGLAS, P.C.).— Cr. 1911.

Only son of the Rev. Aretas Akers, of Mailing Abbey,
Kent, who d. 1856, by Frances Maria (who d. 1900,
having m. 2ndly 1866 William Whitmore, Esq., who d.
1869)tdau. of the late Francis Hollis Brandram, Esq.,
of Tunbridge Wells ; b. 1851; m. 1875 Adeline Mary,
elder dau. of Horatio Austen Smith, Esq. Viscount
Chilston, who was educated at Eton and at Univ.
Coll., Oxford, called to the Bar at the Inner
Temple 1874, and assumed, by royal license, the addi-
tional surname of Douglas, under the will of his kinsman,
Alexander Douglas, Esq., of Baads, is a J.P. and D.L;
for Kent, for Midlothian, and for Dumfriesshire, a
Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem,
and Patron of 1 living ; late Lieut . E. Kent Yeo. Cav. ;
was M.P. for E.Kent 1880-5, and for the St.Augustine's
Div. of Kent 1885-1911, Secretary to the Treasury

188-5-6, 1886-92, , and for a few days in 1895; First
Commissioner of Works 1895-1902, and Secretary of
State for the Home Department 1902-5. — Chil.tton
Park, Maidstone; Craigs. Dumfries; Baads, Mid-
lothian; Carlton, and Junior Carlton Clubs, a.vi.; 18,
St. James's Court, Buckingham Gate, s.w.

■, his son Aretas, OM.G., a 1st Secretory in the Diplo-
matic Service, and an Hon. Oapt. in the Army ; late Capt.
, at Eton : 6. 187G ; 7«. 190:^ Amy
late John Robert Jenninps Bramly,
with other issue, a son, *Aretas, h.

3rd Batt. R. Soots
Constance, dau. of the
Esq., R.H.A., and has,

hCHINNOCK, Hubert Somerset, Esq., of
Davernifchen, Radnorshire ; and of Dinor-
ben Court, Hampshire.
Son of Frederick George Chinnock, Esq., F.R.G.S., of
Davernithen, and of Dinorben Court, who d. 1918, by
Georgiana Mary, eldest dau. of the late Cliarlos John
Phillips, Esq., of Mortlake, Surrey, and of Balblair,
Sutherland; A.1874; educated at Radley and at B.N.C.,
Oxford ; is temp. Lieut. Remount Service. — Dinorben
Court, Crookham, Fleet R.S.O., Hampshire.


CHIROL, Sir Valentine, Knt.— Cr. 1912.

Second surviving son of the Rev. Alexander Chirol,
who d. 1873, by Harriet, who d. 1908, dau. of
the late Rev. Denny Ashburnham, Rector of Cats-
field, Sussex: h. 1852. Sir Valentine Chirol, who
was educated in France and Germany, was a Clerk
in tlie Foreign Office 1872-6, and Director of the
Foreign Department of 'The Times' 1899-1912, and
is the Author of many works dealing with foreign
questions, &c. ; appointed a Member of the R. Com-
mission on Indian Public Services, \'i\2.—AtheniEum
Club, B.w. ; St. James's Club, w.: 34, Carlyle Square,
Chelsea, s.w.


CHISHOLM, Sir Samuel, Bart.— Cr. 1903.

Eldest son of John Chisholm, Esq., of Dalkeith,
Midlothian, who d.. 1882, by Isabella, who d. 1888,
dau. of the late George Wilson, Esq., of Dalkeith ; b.
1836 ; m. 1st 1S66 Charlotte, who d. 1900, dau. of
the Rev. John Thompson, of Holywell, Cumberland;
2ndly 1903 Agnes Gibson, dau. of Andrew Carnduff,
Esq., and widow of Thomas Henderson, Esq. Sir
Samuel Chisholm, who was educated at Dalkeith (Hon.
LL.D. Glasgow 1901), is a J.P. and D.L. for Lanark-
shire and for the co. of the City of Glasgow, and
Chairman of the Glasgow and W. of Scotland Coll. of
Domestic Science ; was Lord Provost of Glasgow 1899-
1902.— 20, Belhaven Terrace, Glasgow; Liberal Club,

less Castle, Inverness-shire.
Mary Isabella, eldest dau. of James Sutherland Chis-
holm of Chisholm, Esq. (The Chisholm), D.L., of
Erchless Castle, who d. 1 885, by Annie Cecilia, who d.
1905, 3rd dau. of the late Angus Macdonell, Esq., son
of the late Capt. James Macdonell, of the family
of Scotus (Cadets of Glengarry).— &c/ifcss Castle,
Beauty, Inverness-shire, N.B.

Heiress Pres., her sister Annie Margaret.

CHITTY, Sir Arthur, K.C.M.G.— Cr. 1910.

Eldest son of Capt. Arthur AVhatley Chitty, C.I.E.,
late Indian Navy, H.E.I. C.S., who d. 1905, by Mary,
s 257



dau. of the late Sir George Jameson, of Bombay ; b.
1864. Sir Arthur Chitty, who was educated at
Clifton Coll. and entered the Egyptian Government i
Service 1883, was Comptroller of Direct Taxes,
Ministry of Finance 1892-1900, Director-Gen. of]
Customs 1900-6 and of Revenue 1906-8, and Adviser
to the Ministry of the Interior 1908-10; has the
Orders of the Osmanieh, 1st Class, and the Medjidie,
3rd Class, and the rank of Bey.

CHITTY, Clara Jessie, Lady.

Sixth dau. of the Right Hon. Sir Frederick Pollock, !
1st Bart., who d. 1870, by his 2nd wife Sarah Anne !
Amowah, who d. 1895, 2nd dau. of the late Capt.
Richard Langslow, of Hatton, Middlesex ;' m. ISiiS i
the Right Hon. Sir Joseph William Chitty, a Lord
Justice of the Court of Appeal, M.P. for Oxford 1880-1, '
who was cr. Knt. 1881, and r1. 1899.— 72, Onsloin
Gardens, s.w.


CHITTY, Sir Charles William, Knt.— Cr.

Eldest sou of Gen. Walter Theodore Chitty, Bombay

Staff Corps, who d. 1904, by Helen Alves, who d. 1884,

2nddau.of tlie late Gen. Sir George Jameson, K. C.S.I ;

6.1869; ?n. 1893H6lenMary, elder dau. of Francis Law

Latham, Esq., J. P., formerly Advocate-Gen. Bombay,

of Gad's Hill Place, Kent. Sir Charles Chitty, wlio

was educated at Eton and at King's Coll., Cambridge

(B.A. 1882, M,A. 1915), and called to the Bar at the

Inner Temple 1884, was Chief Judge of the Small

Cause Court, Bombay, 1892-1905; Officiating Puisne

Judge, Chief Court of Lower Burma, 1903-4 ; Addi- ^tt^t -.iz-vnTTTmr -rrrr -n • t /~i tt

tionil Puisne Judge of the Chief Court, Punjab, CHOLMONDELEY, Brigadier - Gen. HuGH

1905-6, and a Puisne Judge of the High Court of '^'""" "^ ^ nnv „f T?^r.i-„„4.„^ oi.

Judicature, Calcutta, 1907-19.— O-rforf? and Cam-
bridge Club, s.w.

b. 1876 ; m. 1912 Louisa Susan Violet, dau. of the late
Major-Gen. Charles Rowland Hill, formerly R.A., and
has, with other issue, a son, * George Rowland Hill,
b. 1918. Mr. Cholmley, who was educated at Queens
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1868), is a J.P. and D.L.
for the E. Riding of Yorkshire, and Patron of 3
\W\ngs.— Place Newton, Rillington, Yorkshire; Oxford
and Cambridge Club, s.w. ; Yorlcshire Club, York.

CHOLMONDELEY, Marquis of (George
Henry Hugh Cholmondeley, P.C). — Cr.

Eldest sou of Charles George Cholmondeley, Esq.,
who d. 1869, by Susan Caroline, who d. 1891, dau. of
Sir George Dashwood, 4th Bart., of Kirtlington Park,
Oxfordshire; b. 1859; .•!. his grandfather William
Henry, 3rd Marquis, 1884; m. 1879 Winifred Ida,
younger dau. of the late Sir Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge
Kingscote, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., of Kingscote, Gloucester,
sliire. The Marquis of Cholmondeley, who was educated
at Eton, was formerly Sub-Lie\it. 1st R. Cheshire Militia,
and Lieut. Cheshire Yeo. Cav., and is a D.L. for Nor-
folk ; Joint Hereditary Great Chamberlain ; Patron of
livings, and alternate Patron of 2 others. — Ckol-
monddey Castle, Malpas ; Carlton Club, s.w.; Turf
Club, w.

I/eir, his sou George Horatio Charle.=;. Earl of Rocksavage
( floucjhton Hall, King's Lynn, XorfoU-), Capt. 9tii L:incers,
Special Reserve, and temp. Major 8.A.F. : late Lieut. 9th
Lancers : educated at Eton : b. 1883 ; m. 1913 Sybil Rachel
Betty C«cile,A.=fistant Principal Womeu'sR. Naval Service,
only .lau. of Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, 2nd Bart., M.P.,
and has, with other issue, a son, b. 1919.

CHITTY, Sir (Thomas) Willes, Knt.— Cr.

Eldest son of Thomas Edward Chitty, Esq., Barrister-
at-Law, who d. 1868, by Mary Anne, who d. 1875,
dau. of the late James Willes, Esq., of Cork ; /-. 1855 ;
VI. 1st 1888 Emily Eliza, who d. 1903, dau. of the late ,
Rev. Henry Francis Newbolt, of Bilstou ; 2ndly 1904
Beatrice Maud, 3rd dau. of the late Eev. Edward Hale,«|
M.A., of Eton Coll. Sir Willes Chitty, who was I
educated at Winchester, and called to the Bar at the '
Inner Temple 1877, has been Master of the Supreme !
Court of Justice, King's Bench Div., since 1901. — 48,
Queen's Gate Gardens, s.w.; Room 112, Royal Courts '
of Justice, w.c. I

CHOLMELEY, Sir Hugh John Francis I
SiBTHORP, Bart., of Easton Park, and
Norton Place, Lincolnshire. — Cr. 1806.
Only son of Capt. Sir Montague Aubrey Rowley
Cholmeley, 4th Bart., Reserve of Officers, late i
Grenadier Guards (who was killed in action), by Mabel !
Janetta, eldest dau. of Montagu Richard Waldo Sib-
thorp, Esq. ; b. 1906 ; s. 1914 ; is Patron of 1 living.—
Easton Park, Grantham; Norton Place, Normanby-by-
Spital, Lincoln.

CHOLMELEY, of The Priory, Woodchester,
Gloucestershire. See Metcalfe.

CHOLMLEY, Alfred John, Esq., of Place j
Newton, Yorkshire.
B. 1845 ; m. 1875 Mary, dau. of the late Rev. Francis
Simpson, formerly of Foston Hall, Yorkshire, and has,
with other issue, a son, *Hugh Alfred, Capt. Yorkshire
Hujsars Yeo. ; previously Lieut. 7th Dragoon Guards ;
educated at Radley and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge ;

Cecil, C.B., C.B.E., of Edstaston, Shrop-
Eldest son of the Hon. Thomas GrenviUe Cholmon-
deley, J.P. and D.L., of Abbot's Moss, who d. 1883,
by Katharine Lucy, 2nd dau. of Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th
Bart., of Sledinere, Y'orkshire ; A. 1852 ; m. 1885 Mary
Stewart, dau, and co-heiress of the late Horace Payne-
Townshend, Esq., of Derry, co. Cork, and has a
dau., Cecily Charlotte; m. 1911 Capt. Richard St.
John Jefferyes Colthurst {whom .^ec). Brigadicr.Gcn.
Cholmondeley is a J.P. and D.L. for Shropshire ;
an Hon. Brigadier-Gen. ret., and Lieut.-Col. and Hon.
Col. late Comm. London Rifle Brigade ; was temp.
Lieut.-Col. and Co. Commandant Shropshire Vol.
Corps 1916-18; and .^taff Officer for Vol. Services,
W. Command, 1917-19 ; formerly Capt. Rifle Brigade ;
commanded Mounted Infantry City Imp. Vols, in S.
Africa. — Edstaston, Went, Shropshire ; Army and Navi/
Club, s.w.

CHOLMONDELEY. See Bdamere, Lord.

CHRISTIE, Sir William Henry Mahoney,
K.C.B., P.R.S., F.R.A.S., D.Sc— Cr. 1904.

Son of the late .Samuel Hunter Christie, Esq., F.R.S.,
Professor at the R. Mil. Academy, Woolwich ; b. 1845 ;
m. 1881 Viulette Marv, who d. 1888, 3rd dau. of Sir
Alfred Hickmau, 1st Bart., of Wightwick, Stafford-
shire. Sir William Christie, who was educated at
King's Coll. School, London, and at Trinity Coll., Cam-
bridge, of which he was formerly a Fellow (B.A. 1868.
M.A. 1871, Hon. D.Sc. Oxford 1902), was Chief
Assistant in the R. Observatory, Greenwich 1870-81,
and Astronomer Royal 1881-1910. — The Tower House.
Dotmie. Kent ; Savile Club. w.

CHRISTIE, Augustus Langham, Esq., of

Glyndebourne, Sussex; and of Tapeley

Park, Devonshire.

Eldest son of William Langham Christie, Esq., M.P.,

J.P. and D.L., of Glyndebourne, who d. 1913, by


Agnes Hamilton, elder dau. and eo-heiress of the late
Col. Augustus Saltren Clevland, J.P. and D.L., of
Tapeley Park; h. 1857; m. 1882 Lady Rosamond
Alicia Wallop, 3rd dau. of Isaac Newton, 5th Earl of
Portsmouth, and has a son, *JohB, M.C.. a Magistrate
for Buckinghamshire, Assistant Science Master at
Eton and Capt. Eton Coll. Contingent, Junior Div.,
Officers' Training Corps, Territorial Force ; was temp.
.Capt. 9th (Service) Batt. King's R. Rifle Corps 1914-
16; educated at Eton and at Trinity Coll., Cambridge
(B.A. 1905, M.A. 1914) ; b. 1882. "Mr. Christie, who
was educated at Eton and was formerl

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