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; a
J.P. and D.L. for the co. of the City of,(ilasgow;
an Income Tax Commissioner for Gliisgow ; Chairman
of the (Jlaseow Education Anthnrity, of the Glasgow
Unionist issui'iatioti. of tlir Gla-irow Local Committee
on Naval and Mil. War Pensions and of the S.W. of
Scotland Joint Disablement Coniniittir : :; Pi-ctm- of
the Glasgo-n- R. Litirtnary and Vice-i oi :' ; i;l- iw
for Panama; was a Member of tl ■ ' ' ■■':-

poration 1891-1907 and of the ('ly>i. N,-, i^n imh
Trust 1903-7, and Senior Magistrate. City of (ilasgow,
1900-1. — BnnvUle, Mary hill, Glasgow; Conservative,
and Scottish Constitutional Clubs, Glasgow ; Scottish
Unionist Club, Edinburgh.

CLEMENT, Sir Thomas, K.B.E.— Cr. 1919.

Eldest son of Andrew Clement, Esq., of Xrtliertou,
who d. 1908, by Mary, who d, 1901, dan. of the late
Thomas Brown, Esq."; b. 1869; m. 1892 Annie, only
dau, of the late James Cowan, Esq., Provost of Kirk-
cudbriKht. Sir Thomas Clement, who was educated
at High.Scliool. Glasgow, and was formerly a Director
of the Glasgow C!hamber of Commerce and President
of the Scottish Provision Trade Association, is Chair-
man of the Cheese and Butter Import Committee,
Ministry of Food. — Barcaple, Newton Mearns, Ren-
frewshire ; Farmers', and National Liberal Clubs, s.w. ;
Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James's Park, s.w.

CLEMENT. See Ashburnkam-Clcment.

CLEMENTS, Lord. See Leitnm.

CLEMENTS, Henry John Beresfokd, Esq.,
of Lough Rynn, CO. Leitrim ; and of
Killadoon, co. Kildare.
Eldest son of Col. Henry Theophilus Clements, Leitrim
Militia, of Lougli Rynn and Killadoon, and of Ashfield
Lodge, CO. Cavan, who d. 1904, by Gertrude Caroline
Lucy, youngest dau. of the late Rev. David Markham,
Canon of Windsor; b. 1869; m. 1893 Elfonore, younger
dau. of the late William Wickham, Esq., M.P., of
Binsted Wyck, Hampshire, and has, with other
issue, a son, * Henry Theophilus Wickham, b. 1898.
Mr. Clements, who was educated at Eton, is a J.P.
and D.L. for co. Leitrim, a J.P. for co. Kildare,
and was High Sheriff of co. Cavan 1891, and of co.
Leitrim 1893, and was on the roll for co. Leitrim
for 1919. — Lovgh Ri/nn, co. Leitrim; Killadoon, Cel-
bridge, co. Kildare; Carlton, and R. Societies' Clubs,
s.w. ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

CLEMENTS, Major MAECns Louis Stewart,
of Ashfield Lodge, co. Cavan.

Fourth apd 2nd surviving son of Col. Henry Theo-
philus Cletnents, Leitrim Militia, of Ashfield Lodge,
of Lough Rynn, co. Leitrim, and of Killadoon, co.
Kildare, who d. 1904, by Gertrude Caroline Lucy,
youngest dau. of the late Rev. David Markham, Canon
of Windsor; b. 1879. Major Clements, who was edu-
cated at Harrow and at Trinity Coll., Oxford, is Major
King's R. Rifle Corps. — Ashfield Lodge, Cootehill, co.
Cavan ; Kildare Street Club, Dublin.

CLEMENTS, Theophilus Edward Lucas, Esq.,

of Rathkenny, co. Cavan.

Eldest son of Theophilus Lucas Clements, Esq., D.L.,

of Rathkenny, who d. 1898, by his 1st wife Emily

Caroline, who d. 1870, eldest dau. of the late William

'Magill, Esq., of Lyttleton, co. Westmeath; b. 1864;
m. 1907 Lalage Emily, 4th dau. of the late Henry
West, Esq., Q.C., of Loughlinstown House, co. Dublin.
Mr. Clements is a Magistrate for co. Cavan, was High
Sheriff 1905 and was on the roll for 1919.— i?aM-
kenny, Cootehill, co. Cavan.

+ CLELAND, of Rath-Gael, co. Down.

Charles Arthur (youngest son), b. 1876, Mary Isabella
Eveline, Edith Adelaide, Maude Ethel, Florence May,
Alice Gertrude, (.'atherine Mabel, and Harriet Ella,
children of Richard Rose Cleland, Esq., of Rath-Gael,
who d. 1892, by Elizabeth Wilhelmina. who d. 1893,
eldest dau. of Robert Kennedy, Esq., of Lisburu. co.
Aatiim.— Rath- Gael House, Bangor, co. Down.

CLEMENTS. See Leitrim.

CLEMMET, Sii- William Henby, Knt.— Cr.

Son of the late William Clemmey, Esq., of Preston ;
b. 1846; ?». 1866 Emma, dau. of the late William
Vasey, Esq., of Liverpool. Sir William Clemmey,
who was educated privately at Preston and at the
Preston School of Art, is a Civil Engineer, and a J.P.
for and an Aid. of the co. Borough of Bootle (Mayor
1902-3 and 1912-13).— 81, Trinity Road, Bootle,




CLENNBLL. See FenwM-e-Cleime/l.

CLERK, Sir Geoege Jambs Robert, Bart.,
of Penicuik, Midlothian. -Or. 1678-9.
Only son of Sir George Douglas Clerk, 8tli Burt,, by
Aymee Elizabeth Georgiana, 2nd dau. of Sir Robert
John Milliken Napier, Hth Bart.: h. 1876; s. 1911;
7)1. 1903 Mabel Honor, youn-rst ,liiK of the late Col.
the Hon. Charles IJutfnn. Sir (;o,.ri;r Clerk, who was
formerly Capt. 3rd Batt. H. .Scots (Lothian Regt.),
is a J.P. and D.L. for Midlothian and Capt. Reserve of
OSiceis.— Pen iciii/c House, Edinburgh ; Bath diih,
w. ; Kew Cluh, Edinburgh.

Heir, his son John Diitton, h. 1917.


CLERK, Sir George RnssELi,, K.C.M.G., C.B.
— Cr. 1917.

Only sou of Gen. Sir Godfrey Clerk, K.C.A'.O., C.B.,
late Rifle Brigade, who d. 1908. by Alice Mary,
younger dati. of the late William Edward Frere, Esq.,
C.M.G., of Bitton, Gloucestershire; b. 1874; m. 1908
Muriel, dau. of Ed^^a^d Robsou Whitwell, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Tlir Kiiarage, Yarm, Yorkshire.
Sir (ieorge Clerk, who was educated at Eton and at
NewColl., (.)xford(B.A. 1897), and entered the Foreign
Office 1898, is a Comm. of the Italian Order of St. j
Maurice and St. Lazarus, and was Acting 3rd Secretary j
in the Diplomatic .Service l'JOl-7; AssistJint in the •
Agency at Adi>. Ailaba 1','')- !.:^e there 1903-4

and 1906-7 ; Acting Jii- . nr-i i) ; As,si,staiit

Clerk Foreign ntfice ni"; '' \' di^ 1st Secretary ,

Constantinople 1910-i:j; lia- Ll m Senior Clerk at
the Foreign Office since 1913 and an Acting Counsellor
of Embassy since 1917; has the Grand Cross of the!
Russian;Order of St. Stanislas. — TrsTOHers' CfoJ. s.w ; i
Jivf Club, w. ; Beefsteak Club, w.c; 4, Hertford Street,
Mayfair, w.

CLERK, Alice Mart, Lady.
Younger dan. of William Edward Frere, Esq.,C.M.G..
of Bitton, Gloucestershire, who d. 1880, by Eliza Jane,
dau. of the late Gen. Hugh Stacy Osborne; m. 1867
Sir Godfrey Clerk, K.C.V.O.. C.B., a Gen. ret, late
Rifle Brigade, and Col. Commandant 3rd Batt. Rifle
Brigade, wbo was Lieut, of the Tower 1897-1900,
Groom-in-AVaiting to H.M. Queen Victoria 1897-1901
and to H.M. King Edward Vil. 1901-8, and an Extra
Equerry to H.M. 1905-8, and who was cr. K.C.V.O.
1902 and d. 1908.— C/o 3fessrs. Holt cf- Co., 3,'
Whitehall Place, s.w.

CLERK, Sii- DuGALD, K.B.E., F.R.S., I
M.Inst.C.B., M.LMech.E., F.C.S., D.Sc. '
— Cr. 1917.

Eldest sou of Donald Clerk, Esq., of Glasgow, who d. 1
1880, by Martha Symington, who d. 1871, 2nd dau. of [
the late John Brown. Esq., of Glasgow ; b. 18.54 ; m.
1883 Margaret, elder ilan. of the late Alexander!
Hanuay, Esq. , of Westburn, Hcknslau-gh. Sir Dugald
Clerk, who wa^ educated at the W. of Scotland Technical
Coll. , at Andei-sonian Coll. and at the Yorkshire Coll. of
Science, Leeds (Hon. D.Sc. Manchester 1912), is a
Magistrate for Surrey ; Inventor and Investigator of
International Combustion Engines ; Inventor of the
Clerk Gas Engine ; a Director of the National Gas
Engine Co. Ltd., and a Member of the Panel of Board
of Invention and Research, Admiralty, of the Ministry
of Munitions Inventions Department, and of the Trench
Warfare Advisory Panel ; wasa Member of the Advisory
Committee for Aeronautics, Air Ministry 1916-19 and
Director of Engineering Research, Admiralty, 1917-18.
— Lukuns, Ewliurst, Surrey; Athenaum, Reform, and
R. Autovwbi/e Clubs, s.w.; R. Clyde Yacht Club,
Hunters Quay.

CLERK, Mrs., of Casfclecor, Ballymahon, co.

Emily Constance, only child of Smyth Bond, Esq.,
who d. 1895 (by Marian, dau. of Henry Murray
Campbell, Esq.), and grand-dau. of the late John
Bond. Esq., of Castlecor; m. 1901 Capt. Charles
James Clerk, late 21st Lancers, a J.P. and D.L. for
CO. Longford (High SheriflF 1906).— Crt.sVfrom-, Bally-

CLERK, Lient.-Col. Robert Mildmat, of Charl-
ton House, and Westholme, Somer.set.
Eldest son of the late Robert Clerk. Esq., of Westholme,
and of The Nook, Hobart, Tasmania, by Agues Bertha,
who d. 1885, eldest dau. of the l.ate .John Edward Cox,
Esq., of Launceston, Tasmania ; b. 1844; m. 1st 1879
Mary Jacintha, who d. 1894, only child of the late Col.
Richard Leckonby Phipps, J.P., D.L., of Charlton
House ; 2ndly 1896 Ethel Mary, younger dau. of Thomas
Farmer Hall, Esq., of 45, Prince's Gate, S.W., and
has had, with a dau., Nora May (who yn. 191 1 Major
William Alexander Onslow Churchill Mackintosh,
D.S.O., R.A.,of Ashfield, Honiton), an only son, Robert
Vere, Capt. The Cameronians ; b. 1883, and killed in
action 1915. Lieut.-Col. Clerk is a J.P., D.L., C. Aid.
and Chairman of the T.F. Association for Somerset,
and was A.A.G. Madras Army 1883-8, and Lieut.-
Col. 4th Madras Pioneers \8SS-90 .— Charlton House,
Shepton Mallet ; East India United Sermce Cluh, s.w.

CLERK-RATTRAY, of Craighall - Rattray,
Perthshire. See Burn-Clerk-Rattray.

CLERKE, Sir Willum Francis, Bart., of
Mertyn Hall, Flintshire.— Cr. 1660.
Eldest son of Sir William Henry Gierke, 10th Bart,,
by Georgina, who d. 1 909, eldest dan. of the late Robert
Gosling, Esq., of Botleys Park, Surrey; b. 1856; «.
1882 ; m. 1884 Beatrice, eldestdau. of the late Graham
Menzies, Esq., of Hijllyburton and Pitcnr, Forfarshire.
Sir William Gierke, who was educated at Eton and at
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B,A. 1878), was called to the Bar at
the Innnr Tmivlc \?.U.—Merti,n Hall, Holy well; WeU
?/,./'•. ■■•. / .'■.,'/"/■ Carlton Chilis. s,w.; Residence:
V'. /. " . ' '. ', ',-.■:, s.w.

;/(f,.h:- L( iMl-nn John l^dward Lonc^ueville, elder son of
Francis Williaui Talbot Clerke, Esq., Lieut. Ooldstream
Guards, Special Reserve, who rf. (killed iu action) 1916, by
Albiuia Mary, elder dau. ol Edward Henry Evans-Lombe,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., ot Melton Hall, Norfolk ; h. 1913.

CLERY, Sir (Cornelius) Francis.— Cr. K.C.B.
1899, K.C.M.G. 1900.

B. 1838. Is a Major-Gen. ret., .and was Chief Staff
Officer Flying Column. Zululand, 1878-9 ; Chief of the
Stafi'Suakim Expedition 1884; D.A.G. Nile Expedi-
tion 1884-5; Chief of the Staff Egypt 1886-8; Com-
mandant of the Staff Coll. 1888-93, in command of
the 3rd Infantry Brigade, Aldershot, 1895-6, D.A.G.
to the Forces 1896-9, and in command of the 2nd Div.
inS. Africa 1S99-1900.- -f/n/Ycrf Service Club, s.w.; 4,
Whitehall Court, s.w.

CLEVELAND, Sir Charles Raitt, K.C.I.E.,
K.B.B.— Cr. K.C.I.E. 1911, K.B.E. 1917.

Third son of Henry Cleveland, Esq., of Blaekhe^th,
who d. 1888, by Effie Madeleine, eldest dau. of the
late Major-Gen. Charles Malcolm Barrow, C.B., of
Loudon; h. 1866; in. 1893 Mary Kathleen, dau. of
Col. Theodore William H"gg, u.s.l. Indian Army. Sir
Charles Cleveland, who was educated at Christ's Coll.,
Finchley, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford, and entered the
Indian Civil Service 1885, was Assistant Commissioner,
Central Provinces, 1887-90; Assistant Settlement




Officer 1890-1; Settlement Officer 1891-4; Com-
missioner of Excise 1894-7 ; Deputy Commissioner
1897-1901, and Inspector-Gen. of Police and Prisons
1901-10 ; lias been Director, Criminal Icrestigation
Department, since 1910.— Calcutta, India; East India
United Service Club, s.v.; United Service Cluh,
Simla; Bengal Club, Calcutta.


Petre ; /(. 1858 ; s.his brotlier Lewis Henry Hugh, 9th
Lord, 1916 ; m. 1880CatherineMary,dau.ofR. Bassett,
Esq.— Ugbrook- Park: Chudlcigh, Devonshire; Court
House, Cannington, Somerset.

//cip.hissonCtiarles Oswald Hagh. temp. Snb-Lient.R. Naval
Vol. Reserv,; : b. 1887; m. 1917 Dorothy, wUo li. 1918,
only dau. of Alfred Joseiih Hoi-nyold, Esq., of Eaton Place,
S.W., and has a diu., Agnes Mary.


CLIBBORN, Mrs., of Rosemount, co.
Edith Frances, 3rd dau. of William Fetherstonliaugh,
Esq J P of Grouse Lodge, co. Westmeath, who d.
1887, liy Frances, dau. of the late Rev. Cuthbert
Fetherstonhaugh ; m. 1st 1877 John Joseph Nugent,
Esq. of Rosemount, a J.P. for cos. Westmeath and
Eoscommon, who d. 1888; 2ndly 1910. as his 2nd
wife, Cuthbert John Clibljorn, Esq., M.B., a J.P. for

CO. Wicklow, and formerly a Local Government Board , CLIFFORD, Sir GeOEGE HoGH ChaRLES, Bart,
Inspector, who ('. \9H.—Bosemount, mar Moate, co.

Anne, Lady.
Youngest dau. of Lieut.-Col. John Towneley, M.P.,
of Towneley, Lancashire, who d. 1878, by Lucy Ellen,
who d. 1900, 6th dau. of Sir Henry Joseph Tiehborne,
8th Bart.; m. 1890 Lewis Henry Hugh, 9th Lord
Clifford of Chudleigh (A.D.C. to The King), who d.s.p.
1916.— Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh, Devonshire.

CLIFDEN, Viscount (Thomas Charles Agar-
RODARTES, F.Z.S.).— Cr. 1781.
Only son of Thomas James, 1st Lord Robartes, by
Juliana, v;hod. 1881 , dan. of the late Right Hon. Reginald
PoleCarew; b. 1844; s. as 2nd Lord Robartes 1882,
and as 6th Viscount Clifden on the death, 1899, of his
kinsman Leopold George (Agar- Ellis), 6th Viscount;
m 1878 Mary, dau. of the late Francis Henry
Dickinson, Esq., of Kingweston, Somerset. Viscount
Clifden, who was educated at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A.
1867, M.A. 1869), and called to the Bar at the Middle
Temple 1870, is a J.P. for Cambridgeshire (H.M.'s
Lieut 1906-1 .5), a J.P. and D.L. for Cornwall, and Pat-
ron of 4 livings ; was M.P. for E. Cornwall 1880-2 ; sits
in the House of Lords as Lord Mendip, G.B., or. 1794.
—Lanhydrock, Bodmin ; Wimpoh- Hall, Royston, Cam.
bridgeshire; Athenatim, New Ihiirrrsdy, and Well-
iiwton Clubs, S.W. ; 1, Crrcut Siu„h,,,e Street, w.

Beir, his son Francis Ger.ald, M. V.Q. , a Slid Secretary in the
Diplomatic Service ; educated at Eton and at Oh. Oh.,
Oxford ; b. 1883.

-f CLIFF, Joseph Tektius Talbot, Esq., of
Scawby Grove, Lincolnshire.

Son of Joseph Cliff, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of
Scawby Grove, who d. 1914, by Ada E., dau of the
late George Talbot, Esq., of Burley, "iorkshire; b
1874- »«. 1909 Eleanor, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Arnold;
Winder, of Horton Levett Hall, Yorkshire. Mr. Cliff,
is a J.P. for Lincolnshire and temp. Capt. 4th Batt.
Lincolnshire Vol. Vifigi.— Scawby Grove, Brigg.

CLIFFE, Anthony Loftds, Esq., of Bellevue,
CO. Wexford.
Eldest son of Anthony John Cliflfe, Esq., of Bellevue,
who d. 1894, by Amy, who d. 1906, 2nd dau. of the
late Sir John Howley, Serjeant-at-Law in Ireland ; b.
1861 ; »K. 1904 Frances Emma (whom, see), eldest dau.
of the late Capt. Henry Segrave, of Cabra, co. Dublin,
of Kiltymon, co. Wicklow, and of Calla House, co.
Galway, and widow of Sir John Talbot Power,
3rd liart., of Edermine, co. Wexford. Mr. Cliife,
who was educated at The Oratory, Edgbaston, and
was formerly a Capt. 3rd Batt. R. Irish Regt., is
TjP and D.L. for co. Wexford (High Sheriff 1897)
—Bellevue, Macmine. co. Wexford; Carlton, and
Boodle's Clubs, s.w. ; Sackville Street Club, Dublin.
Heir Pres., his brother John Edward, b. 1862.

LiAM Hugh Clifford:.— Cr. 1672.

Fourth son of Charles Hugh, 8th Lord, who d. 1880:

— Cr. 1887.
Eldest son of Sir Charles Clifford, 1st Bart., by Mary
Anne, who d. 1899, 3rd dau. of the late John Hercy,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Cruchfield, Berks; b. 1847;
s. 1893; TO. 1st 1880 Mary, who d. 1880, eldest dan.
of Sir John Lawson, 2nd Bart. ; 2ndly 1884 Janet, who
d. 1 885, eldest dau. of the late James Burnett, Esq.,
of Nelson, New Zealand; 3rdly 1891 Helen Frances,
dau. of the Rev. James Dennis. Sir George Clifford,
who was educated at Stonyhurst Coll., and matriculated
at London Univ. 1866, was called to the Bar at the
Inner Temple 1&70.— Stonyhurst, Christchwreh, New
Zealand; Avonliolme, Fendalton, Christchurch, New

aciV.his son Charles Lewis, Lieut. Lancashire Hussars Yeo. ;
educated at Stonyhurst Coll. ; b. 1885.

CLIFFORD, Sir Hdgh Charles, K.C.M.G.—
Cr. 1909.

Eldest son of Major-Gen. the Hon. Sir Henry Hugh
Clifford, K.C.M.G., C.B., V.C, who d. 1883, by
Josephine Elizabeth, who d. 1913, only c^hild of_ the
late Joseph Anstice, Esq., of Madeley

by the Hon. Agnes Louisa Catherine, who
youngest dau. of William Henry Francis, ]

1866 ; m. Ist 1896 Minna, who d. 1907,
dau. of the late Gilbert a'Beckett, Esq.; 2ndly 1910
Elizabeth Lvdia Rosabelle, C.B.E., eldest dau. of the late
Edwnr.l William Bonham, Esq., H.M.'s Consul at Calais,
and widow of Henry Philip Dncarel de la Pasture, Esq.,
of Llaudogo Priory, Monmouthshire. Sir Hugh
Cliftbrd, who entered the Malay Civil Serrice 1883,
was Resident at Pahang 1896-9; Governor of
Labuan and of British North Borneo 1899-1900, and
Colonial Secretary of Trinidad and Tobago 1903-7,
and of Ceylon 1907-12; .ippointed Governor and
Commander-in-Chief of the Gold Coast Colony 1912 and
transferred to Nigeria 1919.— Government House,
Nigeria; Travellers', Athtnaum, and Wellington Clubs,

CLIFFORD, Mrs., of Frampton Court,
Adelaide Hilda, younger dau. of Charles John Clay,
Esq., of Holly Bush, Staffijrdshire, who d. 1910, by
his 2nd wife Elizjbeth Teasdale, dau. of the late
Mark Smith, Esq., of Alnwick, Northumberland ; to.
1913 Major Henry Francis Cliffiard, R. Gloucestershire
Hussars'Yeo., of Frampton Court, a J.P. for Gloucester-
shire and an Hon. Lieut, in the Army, who d. (killed in
action) 1917, father of a dau., Henrietta Hilda
Elizabeth Clifford, b. ^osthnmous.-Frampton Court,
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

CLIFFORD, Lieut.-Gen. Robert Cecil
Richard, C.B., of Cam Cottage, co. Cavan.
Second son of Capt. Robert Clifford, late H.E.I.C.S., of

til Lord ' Carn Cottage, a J.P. for co. Cavan, who d. 18o8, by


Mary, who d. 1876, dau. of the late Eev. Thomas ' CLINTON, MARGARET, Lady

WiUiams, Army Chaplain : J. 1839 ;™. 1863 Mary, [ Second dau. of Sir John Walron(

younger dau. of the late Major William Alexander

Troup, Bengal .irmy, and has, with other issue, an only

surviving son, *Ric'Iiiu'd, Major 22nd Punjabis, Indian

Army; educated at Biadfield Coll.; b. 1877. Lieut.-

Gen. Clifford, who was formerlv in the 2nd Punjab Cav.,

and a Col. on the Staff in India 1894-5, is a J.P. .'.nd

D.L. for CO. Cavan (High Sheriff 19(14), a Lieut.-Gen.

u.s.l. Indian Army, and Col. 22nd Sam Browne's Cav.

(Frontier Force) Indian Army. — Cam Cottage, Beltur-

lief, CO. Cavern.


Walrond Walrond, 1st Bart.,
who d. 1889, by the Hon. Frances Caroline, who d.
1903, youngest dau. of Samuel, 2nd Lord Bridport;
m. 1875, as his 2nd wife, Charles Henry Rolle, 20th
Lord Clinton, -who d. 1904.— 15, Bc/le Vue Road,
Souihhourm-on-Sca; 174, Ashlep Gardens, s.w.


Darnlcy, Earl of.


Baroness (Elizabeth Adeline Mart Bligh).

— Cr. 1608.
Only child of Edward Henry Stuart, 7th Earl of
Darnley, by Jemima Adeline Beatrice (who m. 2ndly
1902 Vice-Adm. Sir Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, K.C.B.,
R.N.), only dau. of the late Francis James Lindesay
Blackwood, Esq.; s. her father as 17th Baroness
1900. — 16, Hyde Park Gardens, w.

Heir Pres., her uncle the Earl of Darnley (ichom tee).

CLIFTON, John Talbot, Esq., of Lytham Hall,
and Warton Hall, Lancashire.
Eldest son of Thomas Henry Clifton, E.sq., M.P., who
d. 1880, liy Madeline Diana Elizabeth (who d. 1907,
having m. 2ndly 1889 Sir James Hamlyn Wilhams
Williams-Drummond, 4th Bart., who d. 1913), eldest
dau. of Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th Bart. ; h. 1868; s. his
grandfather John Talbot Clifton, Esq., 1882; m. 1907
Violet Mary, 2nd dau. of the late William Nelthorpe
Beauclerk, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Little Grimsby Hall,
Lincolnshire, and has, with other issue, a son, * Harry I
Talbot de Vere, h. 1908. Mr. Clifton, who was edu- j
cated at Eton and at Magdalene Coll., Cambridge, and
was formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt. Loyal N. Lancashire |
Regt., is temp. Lieut. R. Naval Vol. Reserve and Lord j
of the Manor of 'Lyt.\i:\m.—L;/tham Hall, Lyiham, '
Lancashire : Kylemore House, co. Galway; Carlton, and j
Pratt's Clubs, s.-w. j

3LIFT0N. See Grey de RtUhyn, Lord.

CLINTON, Lord (Charles John Robert
Hepburn- Stuaet- Foebes - Teepusis) . —
Or. 1298-9.

Eldest son of Cliarles Henry RoUe, 20th Lord Clinton,
by his 1st wife Harriet Wi'lliamina, who d. 1869, only
dau. and heiress of Sir John Stuart Hepburn-Forbes,
8th Bart., of Pitsligo and Mouymusk, Aberdeenshire ;
b. 1863; s. 1904; m. 1886 Lady Jane Grey McDon-
nell, 4th dau. of Mark, 5th Earl of Antrim. Lord
Clinton, who was educated at Eton, and ,?. his uncle
the Hon. Mark George Kerr Rolle at Bicton 1907, is a
J.P. and D.L. for, and Convener of, Kincardineshire, a
Magistrate for Devonshire, Lieut.-Col. T.F. Reserve,
late R. North Devon Yeo., and Patron of 19 livings ;
appointed a Member of the Council of the Duchy of
Cornwall 1911 and Keeper of the Privy ."^eal to
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and Joint Parliamentary
Secretary to the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries
and its Representative in the House of Lords 1918. —
Heanton Satchville, Dolton, Devonshire : Fdlercairn
House, Kincardineshire ; Bicton, Bmlleigh Sallerton,
Devonshire ; Carlton Club, s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w.

m. 1910 Capt. Henvy

CLINTON. See Newcastle.

GLINTON-BAKER, Henry Willum, Esq., of
Bayfordbury, Hertfordshire.
Eldest son of William Clinton-Baker, Esq., of Bay-
fordbury, who d. 1903, by Edith Mildmay Ashhurst,
eldest dau. of the late Rev. Henry Lewis Majendie,
Vicar of Dunmow, Essex ; *. 1865. Mr. Clinton-Baker,
wlio was educated at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, is
a Magistrate for Hertfordshire (High Sheriff 1915),
Lord of the Manor of Bayford, and Patron of 1 living.
— Bayfordbury, Hertford.

nder Newcastle, and

Co-heiresses Pres., his daus. H.irr
Nevile Fane, of Boyton JIanor,
Fenella, m. 1914 the Hmi. .lol
liieut. T.F. Reserve, late .'ith
(R. Highlanders), and has 2 daui


Pelham- Clinton -Hope.

OLITHEROW. See Stracey-Clitherow.

CLIVE, Viscount. See under Darcy de Knayth,
Barotiess, and Powis, Earl of.

CLIVE, Col. George Sidney, C.B., G.M.G.,
D.S.O., of Perrystone Court, Hereford-
Eldest son of Gen. Edward Henry Clive, F.R.G.S., J.P,
and D.L., late Grenadier Guards, of Perrystone Court,
and of Ballycrov, co. Mayo, who d. 1916, by Isabel,
eldest dau. of "the late Daniel Hale Webb, Esq., of
Wykeham Park, Oxfordshire ; b. 1874 ; m. 1901
Madeline, 2nd dau. of the late Francis William
Buxton, Esq., formerly of Pishiobury. Hertfordshire,
and has, with other issue, a sou, *Areher Francis
Lawrence, h. 1903. Col. Clive is Col. late Grenadier
Guards, temp. Brigadier-Gen. on the St.aff, a Comm.
of the Belghan Order of the Crown, and an Officer of
the Legion of Honour; has tlie Russian Order of St.
Stanislas, Ist Class, with .Swords, and the French
Croix de Guerre. — Perrystone Court, Boss, Hereford-
shire ; Guards' Club, s.w.

CLIVE, Mrs., of Ballycroy, co. Mayo.

Isabel, eldest dau. of the late Daniel Hale Webb, Esq.,
of Wykeliam Park, Oxfordshire ; »«. 1867 Gen. Edward
Henry Clive, F.R.G.S., late Grenadier Guards, of Bally-
croy, and of Perrystone Court, Herefordshire, a J.P.
and D.L. for Herefordshire and forco. Mayo, and Col.
of The King's Liverpool Regt., who was M.P. for Here-
ford 1869-71, Cnl. Comm. Grenadier Guards 1880-5,
Commandant of the Staff Coll. 1885-8 and Governor
of the H. Mil. Coll., 8anahur-t, 1888-93, and who (f.
1916, leaving, with other issue, a son. *George Sidney,
C.B.,'C.M.G., D.S.O., now of Perrystone Court {whom
see). — Ballycroy, co. Mayo.

CLIVE, Mrs., of Wliitfield, Herefordshire.
Alice Muriel, youngest dau. of Col. George Frederick
Dallas, who d. 1889 ; m. 1905 Lieut.-Col. Percy Archer
Clive, of Whitfield, a J.P., D.l,. and C. Aid. for
Herefordshire, Capt. Reserve of Officers, late Grenadier
Guards, temp. Lieut.-Col. E. Yorkshire Regt., and a
Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, who had the
French Croix de Guerre, was M P. for the Ross Div.
of Herefordshire 1900-6 and 1908-18, and who d.
Skilled in action) 1918, leaving, with other issue, a
'■ T 273




son, * Meysay George Dallas, b. 1907. Mrs. Clive is
Patrou of 1 living. — Whitfield, AUensmore, Hereford-
shire; 21, Chester Street, s.yf.

CLIVE. See Plymouth. Karl of.

CLONBROCK, Lord (Robert Edward!
Dillon, M.R.LA., F.S.A.I.).— Cr. 1790. j

Only son of Luke Gerald, 4tli Lord, K.P., P.C., a|

Eepreseutative Peer of Ireland, by the Hon. Augusta j

Caroline, only dau. of Edward, 2nd Lord Crofton ; h. I

1869; «. 1917. Lord Clonbrock is a J.P. and D.L.

for CO. Galway (High Sheriff }S96).—Clonbrocl:

Ahascragh, co. Galway ; Wellington Club

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