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t Canadian
Div,, with the temp, rank of Major-Gen., 1916-17;
appointed to command Canadian Array Corps, with 1
temp, rank of Lieut.-Gen., 1917. — Annesle,
Street, Victoria, British Columbia.

icy, Alston

CURRIE, Sir James Thomson, K.C.B.— Cr.

Son of James Geddes Currie, Esq., of Edinburgh, who
d. 1908, by Elizabeth, dau. of the late James Thomson,
Esq., of Jedburgh; b. 1866; m. 1695 Mary E.
Constance, dau. of the late George Payter, Esq., of
Bengal. Sir James Currie, who was educated at
Watson's Coll., Edinburgh, and at Edinburgh Univ.,
was formerly a Lawyer and Merchant, and Personal
Assistant to the Surveyor-Gen. of Supply, War Office,
1917-19, and has been Personal Assistant to the 1st
Minister of Supply since 1919. — Dippingwell,FarHham
Common, Bucks; Junior Carlton, and Caledonian
Clubs, s.w. ; 10, Haiiovir Square, w.

CURRIE, Harriett Anna, Lady.

Dau.of the late Rov. Edward Golding, of Maiden Erlegh,
Berkshire, Vicar of Brimpton, Berkshire ; m. 1877 her
cousin. Sir Edmund Hay Currie, who was Secretary of
the Hospital Sunday Fund, formerly Chairman of the
London Hospital aud of the Trustees of the People's
Palace for E. London, and Vice-Chairman of the
London Scshool Board 1873-6 and 1882-5, and for
some years of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, and
who was cr. Knt. 1876 and d. 1913.— Priory Mansions,
Dragton Gardens, s.w.

CURRIE, Margaret, Lady, of Garth, and
Glenlyon, Perthshire. I

Dau. of the late John Miller, Esq., of Ardencraig, Bute- j
shire; »«. 1851 Sir Donald Currie, LL.D., of Garth, _,.,-.„T,T-n t -m i- nr- i -.r

and Glenlyon^ head of Donald Currie & Co., Ship- 1 CURRIE, LAURENCE, ^Esq., of J^mley Manor,

owners, a J.P. and D.L. for Perthshire, and one of
H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of London, who was M.P.
for Perthshire 1880-5, and for the W. Div. of Perth-
shire 1885-1900, and who was cr. K.C.M.G. 1881,
G.C.M.G. 1897, and d. 1909, leaving3 daus., * Margaret
(whom see, heiress to Garth) ; m. 1879 Sir Frederick
James Mirrielees, K.C.M.G., who d. 1914, and has,
with other issue, an only son, * Frederick Donald,
Major Surrey (Queen Mary's Regt.) Yeo. ; was on the
roll for High Sheriff of Siirrey for 1918; *. 1881;
m. 1910 Mary Cavendish, eldest dau. of Major James
Gladding Fangbourne, of Baltimore, U.S.A., and has,
with other issue, a son, *Donald Currie, b. 1915;
* Elizabeth Martin (heiress to Glenlyon); m. 1889
Percy Alport Molteno. Esq., LL.M., a Barrister-at-Law,
who was M.P. for Dumfriesshire 1906-18, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Donald Jervig, 4. 1892 ; m.

Hampshire; andofCoombe "Warren, Surrey.
Only son of Bertram Wodehouse Currie, Esq., of
Coombe Warren and Minley Manor, who d. 1896, by
Caroline Louisa, who d. 1902, younger dau. of Sir
William Laurence Young, 4th Bart. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1895
Edith Sibyl Mary, 3rd dau. of the late Right Hon.
George Henry Finch, M.P., of Burley-on-the-Hill, Rut-
land, and has, with other issue, a son, * Bertram
Francis George, Lieut. Scots Guards ; educated at the
R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst; b. 1899. Mr. Currie, who
was educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1890,
M.A. 1897), is a Magistrate for Hampshire, and was a
Member of the Council of India 1911-18. — Minley
Manor, Farnborough, Hampshire; Coombe Warren, near
Kingston-on-Thames; Traveller^ Club,s.yi.; St. James's
Club, w. ; Garrick Club, w.c. ; 1, Richmond Terrace,
Whitehall, s.w.




William George Townsend, ' CURTIS, Major-Gen. Sir Reginald Salmond,
K.C.M.G., C.B, D.S.O.— Cr. 1917.

Elilost son of Mmjov-Gi'Ii. Reginald Curtis, late R.A.,
who d. 1894, by Marianne Emma, trho d. 1874,
cWcst dau. of tiio latp .Tames Salmond, Esq., of
Waterfoot, Cumberland; b. 1863; ?«. 1894 the Hon.
Hilda Margaret Barrington, youngest dau. of AValter
Bulkeley, 9th Viscount BaiTington. Sir Reginald
Curtis, ivho was educated at Cheltenham and at the R.
Mil. Academy, Woolwich, is a Major-Gen. late R.E. ;
was Director ot Telegraphs, Ashanti' Expedition,
1895-9; an A.D.C. Enginoev-in-Chief and sub-
sequently Assist.iiit Div.otorof Trkgniphs in S. Africa
1899-1902 ; Chief .'^taffl Ifficer S.African Constabulary
1903-5 ; Inspectur-Geu. thereof 1905-8 ; a Member
of the Inter-Colonial Council of the Transvaal and
Orange River Colonies 1904-8 ; Commandant Army
Signal School, Aldei-shot, 1912-13, and Assistant Adju

of Christleton,
Only surviving son of Capt. Richard Henry Williams
Currie, J.P., late 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, of
Boughton Hall, Cheshire, who d. 1889, by Charlotte,
who d. 1908, dau. of the late Right Rev. John Graham,
D.D., Bishop of Chester, Chaplain to H.R.H. Prince
Consort, and Clerk of the Closet to Queen Victoria ;
6.1879; m. 1908 Mabel Frances Parnall, younger dau.
of Edward Madgewick Roe, Fleet Paymaster ret., R.N.
Capt. Currie, who was formerly Capt. R. Fusiliers, is
Capt. R. Fusiliers, Special ReBeTve.—Chrisileton Hall,
. Chester.

CURTEIS, Herbekt, Esq., of WmdmUl Hilli
Place, Sussex. |

Eld est son of Herbert Mascall Curteis, Esq. , of Windmill
HillPlace, whod.1895, by Paulina, whorf. 1914, youngest}
dau. of the Rev. Sir Jolm Godfrey Thomas, 6th Bart., of i
Wenvoe; b. 1849 ; m. 1881 Isabella, eldest dau. of Sir
Anchitel Ashburnham, 8th Bart., and has, with other | ^^,
^Herbert Charles,

tant-Gen.at Headquarters 1913-17; appoi


Gen. in Charge of Administration 1917 ; has the Order
of tlie Medjidie, 4th Class.— ^rmy and Navy Club, s.w.

gTsi CURTIS, Sir (Richard) James, K.B.E.— Cr.

Dorothy Noel, dau. of the Rev. Herbert Seddon Rowley,
M.A., Rector of Wretham, Norfolk. Mr. Curteis, who
was educated at AVestminster and at Merton Coll.,
Oxford, is a Magistrate for Sussex, and a C. Aid. for
East Sussex.— Residence : Comphurst, Windmill Hill.

CURTIS, Sir Roger Colin Moltnedx, Bart., of
Gatcombe, Hampshire.— Cr. 1794.
Only surviving child of Sir Arthur Colin Curtis, 3rd
Bart., by Sarah Jessie (who m. 2ndly 1900 Col. Sir
Robert Maziere Brady, 3rd Bart., late R.G.A., who d.
1909), 2nd dau. of the late Alexander Dalrymple, Esq. ;
i. 1886; s. 1898. Sir Roger Curtis, who was educated
at Kebie Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1910), is a Junior In-
spector, Board of Education, and temp. Capt. R.A.S.C.
—Board of Education, nkite/iall, s.w.

CURTIS, Sir Edgae Francis Egeeton, Bart.,
of Caynham Court, Shropshire. — Cr.
Only son of John Egerton Curtis, Esq. (youngest son
of the 3rd Bart.), who d. 1879, by Mary Ella, who d.
1898, youngest dau. of the late Marshall Walhice,
Esq of Halifax, Nova Scotia; b. 1875; s. his cousin
Sir William Michael Curtis, 4lh Bart.. 1916; m. 1903
Madeline, dau. of the late Charles William Wynne
Alexander, Esq., I.C.S. Sir Edgar Curtis is temp. [
Major in the Axray .—Caynham Court, Ludlow. Shrop- j
shire. ;


Youngest son of William Curtis, Esq., of Birmingham,
who d. 1896, by Selina Parker, who d. 1873 ; b. 1868 ;
?». 1 909 Edith, dau. of G eorge Rowe, Esq., of Edmonton.
Sir James Curtis, who was educated at Bradford, N.
Devon, and at Birmingham, is a Solicitor, holding
several public appointments in Birmingham, and
Chairman of the Birmingham Disabled Soldiers Com-
mittee; was the 1st Food Commissioner appointed by
Viscount Rhondda and had control of the Midland
Div. ; served upon the Reconstruction (Local Govern-
ment) Committee and for 8 years was President of the
Society of Clerks to Poor Law Unions and Rural Dist.
Councils in England and Wales.— Sigford Hall, Newark; Junior Carlton
Club, s.w.

leir Prel., his cousin Edward Beaumont Cotton, elder |
surviving son ot VfiUiam Gotten Curtis, Esq. (grandson |
of the 2nd Bart.), wlio d. 1905, by Caroline Louisa, who d.
1903 dau. of the late Edward Thornewill, Esq., of Dove ]
Cliff, Staffordshire ; b. 1863 : m. 1905 Constance Mary, ;
youngest dau. of the late Lient.-Col. George Henry Grey, ^„TimTO tt A -c-vitT- A T)T» r, t, :, j- ^ , i

Northumberland Militia, formerly Capt. Grenadier Guards, CUBTlb-HAl WAKU. See Hat/ward, of Quedgeley.

and has.

,«Peter, 6. 1907.

CURTIS, Georgina Mary, Lady.

Youngest dau. of the late Col. Jolm Stanley Howard,
44th Regt., of Ballina Park, co. Wicklow; m. 1st 1887
Capt Arthur Bennett Mesham, 1st R. Dragoons (only
son of the late Col. Arthur Mesham, of PontrufFydd,
Flintshire), who d. 1891 ; 2ndly 1895, as his 2nd wife.
Sir William Michael Curtis, 4th Bart., of Cayuham
Court, Shropshire, a J.P. for Shropshire, and Capt.,
Adjutant and Quartermaster R. Defence Corps, who d.
1916, leaving 4 daus.— Residence: Caynham Court,
Ludlow, Shropshire.

-f CURWEN, Alan de Lanct, Esq., of "Work-
ington Hall, Cumberland; and of Belle
Isle, Westmorland.
Only surviving son of Henry Eraser Curwen, Esq.,
J.P. and D.L., of Workington Hall, who d. 1900, by
Mary Anne Susan, younger dau. of the late Col. Charles
Christopher Johnson, of Argenteuil, Canada ; b. 1869 ;
'/«. 1895 Mabel, who d. 1918, 2nd dau. of Sir Wilfrid
Lawson, 2nd Bart., of Brayton, and has,with other issue,
a son. *Alan Henry, b. 1899. Mr. Curwen is Patron
of 4 livings. — Workington Hall, Cumberland; Belle Isle,




CLTRWEN, Bldred Vincent Moeris, Esq., of: CURZON, John, Esq., of Lockingtuu Hall

Withdeane Court, Sussex
Third son of Edward Stanley Ciu'wen, Esq., of Work-
ington, Cumberland, whorf. 187C, by Frances Margaret,
dau. of the late Edward Jesse, Esq. ; b. 1842; m. 1st
1 865 Hebe Emily, who rf. 1 889, only dau. of Sir Ch.-doner
Ogle, 3rd Bart., of Withdeane Court; 2ndly 1913
Evelyn, youngest dau. of Gen. Sir Edmund Ogle, 6th ;
Bart., and had, with other issue, Chalouer Frederick ,
Hastings, b. 1866 ; m. 18— Elizabeth, dau. of the
late Gen. Sir William Gordon Cameron, G.C.B., of
Nea House, Hampshire, and d. 1897, leaving, -with a
dau., a son, * Chaloner Eldred Cameron, an Hon.
Lieut, in the Army ; late temp. Lieut. Coldstream
Guards ; educated at Harrow ; A. 1893; ot.1919 Diana,
only dau. of Col. Burford-Hancock, of Halterworth
Lodge, Romsey. Mr. Curwen, who was formerly Capt.
and Hon. Major Westmorland and Cumberland Yeo.
Cav., is a J. P. for Cumberland. — IVithdeane Court,
Brighton ; Arthur's, and Conservative Clubs, s.tv. ; B.
Yaeht Squadron,Cowes,

Nathaniel Cokzon, K.G., G.C.S.I.,
G.C.I.E., P.C.,F.R.S., F.R.G.S.,F.R.H.S.,
F.R.G.I.).— Cr. 1911. !

Eldest son of the Rev. Alfred Nathaniel Holden, 4th
Lord Scarsdale, M.A., Rector of Kedleston, Derby- 1
shire, by Blanche, who d. 1875, 2nd dau. of the late j
Joseph Pocklington-Senhouse, Esq., of Netherhali,
Cumberland; b. 1859; s. as 5th Lord Scarsdale j
1916; m. 1st 1895 Mary Victoria, C.L, who (i. 1906, |
eldest dau. of the late Levi Zeigler Leiter, Esq., of
Dupont Circle, Washington, U.S.A. ; 2iidly 1917 Grace
Elvira, eldest dau. of the late J. Monroe Hinds, Esq.,
formerly American Minister at the Court of Brazil,
and widow of Alfred Duggai. Esq., of Buenos Aires,
and has 3 dans. Earl Curzon of Kedleston, who was edu-
cated at Eton and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1884,
M.A. 1886, Fellow of All Souls', Oxford, Hon. D.C.L.
Oxford 190-t and Durham 1913, D.C.L. Oxford 1907,
Hon. LL.D. Cambridge 1907, Manchester 1908, and |
Glasgow 1911. Hon. Fellow of Balliol Coll., Oxford,!
1907, and a Fellow of the British Academy 1908),
IS a J.P. and D.L. for Derbyshire, a Trustee of the
National Gallery, an Hon. Vice-President of the -R.
Historical Society, and Patron of 6 livings, and was j
formerly Hon. Col. 1st Cinque Ports Rifle Vols. ; M.P. I
for Lancashire (Southport Div.) 1886-98; Under-
Secretary of State for India 1891-2, and for Foreign
Affairs 1895-8; Governor-Gen. of India 1898-1904
and 1904-5, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports 1 904-5,
Lord Rector of Glasgow Univ. 1908-11, President
of the R. Geographical Society 1911-14, and Lord
Privy Seal 1915-15; elected Chancellor of Oxford |
Univ. 1907, and a Representative Peer of Ireland 1908 ;
appointed Lord President of the Council and a Member
of the War Cabinet 1916 : has the R. Victorian Chain.
— Kedleston, Derby ; Haekwood Park, Basingstoke ; ',
Montacute House, Somerset ; Athmanini, and Carlton
Clubs, s.w. ; 1, Carlton House Terrace, s.w. ,

and Bi-eedon-on-tlie-Hill, Leicestershire ,
and of Mickleover Manor, Derbyshire.
Only son of Capt. F'rancis Curzon Curzon. J. P.,
Territorial Force Reserve, late temp. Major Derbyshire
Yeo., of Lockington Hall, and Brecdun-on-the-Hill,
and of Mickleover Manor, whorf. 1918, by his 2nd wife
Aimee Johanna, only dau of the late Henriek Elgeues,
Esq., of Molds, Norway; b. 1913; is Lord of the
Manors of Keyworth and Lockington and Patron of
Lockington living. — Lockington Hall, Derby.

CURZON. See Howe ; Teynham ; AnAZouche.

CURZON-HERRIOK, William Montague,
Esq., of Beaumanor Park, and Bardon
Hall, Leicestershire.
Only son of Col. the Hon. Montagu Curzon, M.P., late
Rifle Brigade, who d. 1907, by Esme (who m. 2ndly
1909 the Rev. William Arthur King, Vicar of Wood-
house, Loughborough), youngest dau. of the late
Francis Horatio FitzRoy, Esq., of F'rogmore Park,
Hampshire; b. 1891; s. Mrs. Sophia Perry-Herriek,
widow of William Perry-Herrick, Esq., J.P.'and D.L.,
1915, and assumed the additional surname of Heri-ick
by royal license 1916 ; ;«. 1916 Lady Maud Kathleen
Cairnes Plantagenet Hastings, eldest dau. of Warner
Francis John Plantixgenet, 14th Earl of Huntingdon.
Mr. Curzon-Herriek, who was educated at Eton and at
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1915), and was formerly Lieut.
Rifle Brigade, is Lord of the Manor of Eardesley and
Patron of 5 livings. — Residence: Garats-hay, Lough-
borough; Cavendish Club, w.

CURZON - HOWE, the Hon. Lady, formerly
of Hubborn, Hampshire.
Alice Anne, elder dau. of Major-Gen. the Right Hon.
Sir John Clayton Cowell, K.C.B., who d. 1894, by
Georgina Elizabeth, V.A.. only child of the late James
Pulleine, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Clifton Castle, and
Crake Hall, Yorkshire; m. 1892 the Hon Sir Assheton
Gore Curzon-Howe, G.C.V.O., K.C.B., C.M.G., of
Hubborn, an Adm. and a Commander of the Legion of
Honour, who had the Grand Cross of the R. Order of the
Redeemer of Greece, of the Order of St. Benedict of
Portugal, and of the Order of Osmanieh, and the
Grand Cordon of the Order of St. Maurice and St.
Lazarus of Italy who was A.D.C. to H.M. Queen
Victoria and to H.M. King Edward VII. in 1901,
Second in Command of the Channel Squadron 1902-3,
on the China Station 1903-5, and of the Channel Fleet
1905-7, and Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet
1907-8, on the Mediterranean Station 1908-10, and at
Portsmoiith 1910-11, and who was cr. K.C.B. 1905,
G.C.V.O. 1909, and (?. 1911, leaving, with other issue,
a son, Leicester Charles Assheton St. John, Lieut.
R.N. ; educated at the R. Naval Colls, at Osborne
and Dartmouth; b. 1894. — Sautfland, Chrislchurch,

Heir Pref., under a special remainder, to the Viscountcy of
Scarsdale (cr. 1911) aud to the Barony of Scarsdale for.
1761), his brotherAlfred Nathaniel, a Magistrate for Derby-
shire, Hon. Col., previously Lieut.-Ool. and Hon.CoI. Comm.,
3rd Batt. Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derby-
shire Regt.) and Major T.F. Reserve ; was temp. Major
Comm. 3/6th Batt. Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire
and Derbystire Regt.) 1916-16 ; b. 1860 ; m. 1891 Henrietta
Mary, younger dau. of the late Hod. Spencer Dudley
Robinsou-Montagn, and has, with ofier issue, an only son,
• Richard Nathaniel, Lieut. Reserve of Officers, late 2nd
Dragoons (R. Scots Greys) ; educatod at the R. Mil. Coll.,
Sandhurst ; h. 1898.

CURZON, Viscount. See under Howe.

CUSACK, Major James Willum Henry Claud,
of Abbeville House, co. Dublin; and of
Bally Murray, co. Roscommon.

Y'ounger son of Heni7 Thomas Cusack, Esq., of Abbe-
ville House, who d. 1865, by Sophia Ann, who d.
1877, 4th Jan. of the late William Tanner, Esq., of
Blacklands House, Wiltshire ; b. 1856 ; m. 1887 Mary,
youngest dau. of the late Sir Ralph Smith Cusack, of
Furry Park, co. Dublin, and of Cussington, co. Meath.
Major Cusack is a J.P. for co. Dublin (High Sheriff
1900), and Major ret. late R. Irish Fusiliers. — Abbeville
House Malahide, co. Dublin : Bally Murray, Roscommon.




d. 1897, leaving 3 dans. Mrs. Porcelli-Cust is Patron
of — livings. — Clif Side, Cowes ; The Wayside, Ems-
worth ; 13, Great Stanhope Street, yr.

CUSACK, the Misses, formerly of Furry Park,
CO. Dublin.

Mary Alice and Elizabeth Frances, dans, of Sir Ralph

Smith Cusack, J.P. and D.L., of Furry Park, and of j

Oussiugton, CO. Meath, who (?. 1910, by Elizabeth, OUST. See Brownhno, Earl

■who d. 1902, 2nd dau. of the late Kichard Barker, |

Esq., of Sterling, co. Meath. — Chitra, Malahide,


CUSACK, Ralph Smith Oliver, Esq.,
A.M.I.C.E., formerly of Cussington, co.

Elder son of James William Cusack, Esq., who d.v.j).
1886, by Bessie Watson, 2nd dau. of the late Robert !
Morrison, Esq.. of Cork; b. 1875; «. his grandfather
Sir Ralph Smith Cusack, J.P. and D.L., 1910; m.
1905 Mabel Arabella Nicholson, elder dau. of John
Arthur Cooper Ormsby, Esq. Mr. Cusack, who was
educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin, is ten.p. Capt.
and Acting Major B..A.fi.C.—Chinbrook Road, Gro.ve
Park, s.E.

OTJSACK-SMITH. See Smith, Bart., cr. 1799.

OUST, Sir Charles Leopold, Bart., G.C.V.O.,
C.B., C.M.G., C.I.E., of Leasowe Castle,
Cheshire.— Or. 1876.
Eldest son of Sir Leopold Cust, 2nd Bart., Gentleman
Usher of H.M.'s Privy Chamber, by Charlotte Sobieski
Isabel, V.A. (a Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen
Victoria 1885-99, and an Extra Woman of the Bed-
chamber to H.M. 1899-1901), who d. 1914, 4th dau. of
the late Viee-Adm. the Hon. Cliarles Orlando Bridge-
man ; b. 1864; s. 1878. Sir Charles Cust is Capt.
ret. R.N., and a Comm. of the Danish Order of the
Dannebrog, and of the Order of the Redeemer of
Greece; has the Orders of St. Stanislas of Russia, with
Star, Leopold of Belgium, with Swords, and the White
Eagleof Serbia ; was Equerry to King George V. (when
Duke of York and Prince of Wales) 1892-1910, and
has been to H.M. since 19\0.— Naval and Military,
and Turf Clubs, w. ; Marlborough, and Orleans Clubs,
s.w. ; Beefsteak Club, w.c. ; 90, Piccadilly, w.

Heir Pres., bis brother Leopolcl Peregrine Edward, 6. 186S.

CUST, Lieut.-Col. Mitford, of Danby Hill,

Youngest son of the Ven. Archdeacon Edwards Cust, |
of Danby Hill, who d. 1895, by Selina, who d. 1893, j
dau. of the late Bradford Wilmer, Esq., M.D., of I
Coventry; b. 1846; s. his brother Arthur Cust, Esq.,]
1911 ; in. 1889 Ethel, dau. of the late Gen. Henry St.
Clair Wilkins, R.E., of Queen's Gate, S. Kensington, j
and has, with other issue, a son, * Ronald Wilmer
Rattray, b. 1905. Lieut.-Col. Cust, who was educated
at Durham School, is Lieut..Col. ret., late The Queen's
E. W. Surrey Regt. — Danby Hill, near Northallerton,

CUST, Mrs.PORCELLI-, formerly of Arthing. j
worth, Northamptonshire.
Alice Marianne, only surviving dau. of Capt. the Hon. j
Charles Henry Cust, M.P., of Arthiugworth, late R. I
Horse Guards Blue, who d. 1875, by Caroline Sophia,
who d. 1887, eldest dau. of the late Reginald George
Macdonald, Esq., of Clanranald; s. (jointly with her;
sister Emma Augusta Charlotte, who d. 1913) her
brother Ernest Richard Charles Cust, Esq., D.L., 1893 ;
m. 1876 Allan Roger Charles Porcelli, Esq., Lieut.-
Col. 4th Batt. Lincolnshire Regt., who assumed the ad- '
ditional surname of Cust by royal license 1893, and

CUSTANCE, Adm. Sir Reginald Neville,
G.C.B., K.C.M.G., C.V.O., F.R.C.L— Cr.
KC.M.G. 1904, K.C.B. 1908, G.C.B.

Eldest son of Gen. William Neville Custance, C.B., Col.
11th Hussars, who d. 1886, by his 2nd wife Mary,
eldest dan. of the late Thomas Meggison, Esq., of Wal-
ton, Northumberland ; b. 1847. Is an Adm. ret., and
Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1913, and was Assistant Director
of Naval Intelligence 1887-90; Naval Attach^ at
Washington, U.,S.A., 1893; A.D.C. to Queen Victoria
1897-9; Director of Naval Intelligence 1899-1902,
and Second in Command of the Mediterranean Fleet
1902-4, and of the Channel Fleet l^Ol-S.—Army and
I Navy Club, s.w. ; May/air Chambers, 42, Half Moon
Street, w.

CUSTANCE, the Rev. Charles Edward
Only son of the Rev. Charles William Neville Cus-
tance, of Ashill Rectory, Norfolk, who d. 1899, by
Harriet Charlotte, who d. 1870, eldest child of Edward
Salwey, Esq., of The Lodge, .Shropshire, and of Elton
Hall, Hereford.shire ; b. 1864; m. 1893 Mary, eldest
dau. of Edward Taylor, Esq., of Seaton, Devonshire,
and has, with other issue, a son. Edward Cecil Neville,
Lieut. Norfolk Regt. ; educated at Trinity Hall, Cam-
bridge, and at the R. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 1894.
Mr. Custance, who was educated at Gloucester CoU. and
at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B. A. 1894,M.A. 1900), was
Vicar of Lullington, Derbyshire, WOS-li.— Elton Hall,
j Ludlow.


CUSTANCE, Col. Frederic Hambleton, C.B.,

of Weston, Norfolk.

Eldest son of Sir Hambleton Francis Custance, K.C.B.,

of Weston, who d. 1892, by Frances, who d. 1892,

youngest dau. of Sir Edmund Bacon, 10th Bart., and

; widow of the Rev. Henry Walpole Nevill ; b. 1844 ; m.

' 1871 Eleanor Constance, who

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Online LibraryEdward WalfordThe county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland .. (Volume ed.59, yr.1919) → online text (page 93 of 415)