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, who d. 1898, by
Mary Ellen, who d. 1907, dau. of the late George
Cocking. Esq., of Ludlow; b. 1871; m. 1898 Edith
Marion, 3rd dau. of Sir Francis Fox, of Wimbledon,
and has, with other issue, a son, *Harold Francis
Theophilus, b. 1912. Mr. Davies, who was educated
at Uppingham and at Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (S.B. 1894), was formerly British Vice-
Consul at Honolulu. — Hawkley Hurst, Hawkley, Hamp-
shire; Bath Club, VI.

+ DAVIS, Ella Alice, Lady.

Dan. of Edward LoAwood, Esq., of Kingham, Oxnn;
m. 1891 Sir Francis Boileau Davis, 2nd and last Bart,
(cr. 1846), who d.s.]}. 1896.

DAVIS, Gertedde, Lady.
Dau. of Robert Manders, Esq., of Landscape, co.
Dublin; m. 1881 Sir John Davis, a Gen. ret.. Col. of
the Sussex Regt., and Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. Hampshire
Regt., who formerly Comm. a Batt. Lancashire Fusiliers
and subsequently tlie Southern District, and who was
cr.K.C.B. 1898 and who rf. \W\.— 20, Basil Mansions,
Basil Street, s.w.

DAVIES, William, Esq., of Amberley Court,
Eldest son of William Davies, Esq., J.P., of Stone-
house, Gloucestershire, wlio d. 1888, by Jane Charlotte,
who(i. 1897, dau. of the late John Blagden Hale, Esq.,
of Gloucester; b. 1847; m. 1878 Mary Ann, 2nd dau.
of the late John Caruthers Little, E.sq., J.P., of Pitch-
combe House, Gloucestershire. Mr. Davies, who was
educated at St. John's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1868,
M.A. X871), is a Magistrate for Gloucestershire, and a
Lieut. Col. ret. 2nd V.B. Gloucestershire Regt., V.D.
— Amberley Court, near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

DAVIES, Willum Heney, Esq., of Penner
House, Monmouthshire.

Eldest son of William Joseph Davies, Esq., J.P,, of
Penner House, who d. 1883, by Margaret, whot^. 1884,
dau. of the late William Daniell, Esq., of Abercarne;
b. 1844 ; m. 1880 Sarah Mary Amelia, who d. 1905,
eldest dau, of the late Tom Benjamin Batchelor, Esq,,
of Newport, Monmouthshire, and has, with other issue,
* William Gwynne Batchelor, educated at Bath Coll. ;
b. 1881. Mr. D.avies is a Magistrate for Monmouth-
shire, — Residence : Parkwern, Weymouth Road, Frame.

DAVIES, formerly of Sharcombe Park,'

Somerset. I

Thomas Morris, b. 1870 ; and Walter (youngest son), \
b. 1872 ; sons of James Davies, Esq., of North Court, \
Pembrokeshire, who d. 1895, by Mary, who d. 1899,1
dau. of the late William Morris, Esq., of Church Hill, |
Wiston, Pembrokeshire. The above are joint Lords of !
the Manor of Chilcote, Somerset.— Highjield, Llanelly, ■

DAVIES. See HardwicJce, of Tytherington , Glouces-l
tershire, and Price-Davies.

DAVIES-COOKE. See Cooke ; and Poole.
DAVIES-EVANS. See Evans, of High Mead.

DAVIS, Sir Charles Henrt, Knt.— Cr. 1910.

Youngest son of Theodore Davis, Esq., of Cleredon,
Somerset, who d. 1889, by Eliza, who d. 1892, 2nd
dau. of the late Kev. Peter Guillebaud, formerly
Rector of Nailsea-cum-Bourtoii, Somerset ; b. 1847 ;
m. 1878 Mary, dau. of the late William Davey, Esq. Sir
Charles Davis, who was educated at Worcester Coll.,
O.-cford (B.A. 1870), and admitted a Solicitor 1873,
was Assistant Solicitor to the Public Works Loan
Board 1876-1900 and Solicitor to the Board 1900-10.—
17, Cornwall Gardens, Withdean, Brighton.

DAVIS, Sir Mortimer Barnett, Knt.— Cr.

B. 1866 ; m. 1898 Henriette Marie, dau. of the late
Charles Meyer, Esq., of California. Sir Mortimer
Davis is President of the Imperial Tobacco Co. of
Canada Ltd., Director of the E. Bank of Canada, and
President and Director of several Industrial Corpora-
tions.— 516, Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Canada;
Belvoir, Ste Agathe des Monls, Province of Quebec.

DAVIS, Col. Cecil, of Well Close, Glou-

Eldest surviving son of William Davis, Esq., of Well
Close, who d. 1890, by Adelaide, who d. 1896, dau.
of the late Miles Stringer, Esq., of Efifingham Hill,
Surrey; b. 1861 ; m. 1911 Kate Amy, eldest dau, of
James A, Ross, Esq,, of Effingham, Surrey, and has,
with other issue, a son, *William James, b. 1912, Col, j
Davis, who was educated at Eton, is Col, ret,, late
Comm, 1st Duke of York's Own Lancers, Indian Army,
and temp, Lieut,-Col. and Co. Commandant Glouces.
tershire Vol. Regt. — Well Close, near Gloucester :
United Service Club, s.w,

DAVIS, Frederick Lewis, Esq., of Brynderwen,
Only son of Lewis Davis, Esq., J.P., of Bryn-
derwen, who d. 1888, by his 1st wife Mary Ann, 2nd
dau. of the late Thomas Cross, Esq., of Bryn Hyfr^d,
Monmouthshire; b. 1863; m. 1889 Helen Brydie, 3ril




dau. of Robert Smith, Esq., J.P., of Brentham Park,
.Stirlingshire, and has, with other issue, a son, * Lewis
Frederick, R. Naval Vol. Reserve; b. 1891; m. 1919
C.iry Wenonah Leonard, eldest dan. of the late Miles
Leonard Davis, Esq. Mr. Davis, who was educated at
Trinity Coll., Cambridge (LL.B. and B.A. 1884), and
called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1886, is a
Magistrate for Glamorganshire (High Sheriff 1890). —
Residence: Hangmoor, Virginia Water ; Reform Club,
s.w. ; Badminton Club, w.

DAVIS, the late Major George Frederick,
of Lady's Wood, Wiltshire.
Eldest son of Francis Aithui- Davis, Esq., of Lady's
"Wood, who d. 1918, by Hester Flora, who c?. 1906,
youngest dau. of the late Capt. Francis and the Hon.
Rose Blake-Forster, of Ashfield co. Gahvay ; b. 1863;
and d. 1919; was an Hon. Major ret., late Capt. E.
Surrey Regt. and Imp. Yeo. (1900-2).— iatfy's Wood,
Sherstonc, Wiltshire; Avglesta House, Kingston-on-
Thames, Surrey ; 7, Spanish Place Mansion, w.

DAVIS, Henry Warren, Esq., of Tre-
Warren, Pembrokeshire. .

Eldest son of Gilbert William Warren Davis, Esq.,
J.P., of Tre-Warren, who d. 1886, by Margaret Anne,
who d. 1910, 2nd dau. of the late Rer. Thomas Shrapnel
Biddulph, of Amroth Castle, Pembrokeshire; b. 1855;
m. 1890 Christobel, 2nd dau. of the late Christopher
Robson, Esq., of Little Stoke House, Oxfordshire, and
has, witli other issue, a sou, * Bertie Warren, educated
at W. Malvern and at Haverfordwest Grammar School ;
b. 1893. Mr. Davis is a Magistrate for Pembrokeshire
and was on the roll for High Sheriff for 1908.~r)-«-
Warren, Mil ford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

DAVIS, Mrs., of New House Farm, Essex.

Florence Ayre, dau. of the latr William Clark, Esq.,
M.Inst. C.E., of Calcutta and Surbiton ; ,„. 1890Charles
Leicester Davis, Esq., of New House Farm, a J.P. for
Essex and formerly a tea planter in Ceylon, who d.
1917, leaving, with 2 daus., an only surviving son.
*Percival George, b. 190S.— ifew HouseFarm, Walton-
on-the-Naie, Essex.




DAVISON, Sir William Henrt, K.B.E.,
F.S.A.— Or. 1918.

Only son of Richard Davison, Esq., of Beechfield, Bally-
mena, co. Antrim, by Annie, dau. of the late John
Patrick, Esq. of Dunminning, co. Antrim; b. 18 — ;
m. 1898 Beatrice Mary, dau. of the late Sir Owen
Roberts, D.C.L.,LL.D.,D.L., &c.,ofHenley Park, Guild-
ford, Surrey, and Pl&s Dinas, Carnarvon. Sir William
Davison, who was educated at Shrewsburv and at Keble
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1893, M.A. 1898), "and called to
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1895, is a D.L. for co.
London; an Ald.of the R. Borough of Kensington (Mayor
1914, 1916, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1919) and Treasurer
of the R. Society of Arts ; at the beginning of the War
raised 3 Batts. and took the personal responsibility for
housing, clothing, and equipping one of them ; elected
M.P. fur Kensington S. I'ilS. — Athenceum, and Oxford
and Cambridge Clubs, s.w. ; 14, Kensington Park
Gardens, w.

DAVISON, Major Arthur Pearson, of
Wybournes, Kent.
Elder son of the Right Hon. John Robert Davison,
Q.C., M.P., of Underriver House, who d. 1871, by Jane

Anna, who d. 1869, eldest dau. of the late Nicholas
Wood, Esq., of Hetton Hall, co. Durham; b. 1866;
m. 1888 Dorothy Georgiana Mary, only dau. of the
late Col. Henry Crawley Norris, M.V.O., formerly
Comm. Q.O. Oxfordshire Hussars Imp Yeo., and has,
with other issue, an only son, *John Arthur, M.C., Lieut.
Rifle Brigade; educated at AVinchester and at the R.
Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; b. 1897. Major Davison, who
was educated at Harrow, is a J.P. for Kent and Major
late'rW. Kent Yeo., T.D. — Wybournes, Kemsing, Kent;
Whites Club, s.w.

+ DAVISON-BLAND, John, Esq., of Kippax
Park, Yorkshire.
Eldest son of Thomas Davison-Bland, Esq., J.P.
and D.L., of Kippax Park, who d. 1885, by his
1st wife Sophy Caroline, who d. 1856, youngest dau.
of the late John Madocks, Esq., of Glanywern,
Denbighshire; h. 1852; vi. 1899 Edith Louisa Maria,
who (i. 1911, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Charles
George Neweomb, Vicar of Halberton, Devonshire.
Mr. Davison-Bland is a Magistrate for the W. Riding
of Yorkshire. — Kippax Park, Leeds.

DAVSON, Anne Helen, Lady.

Only dau. of the late Rector Thomas Miller, M.A.,
LL.D. F.R.S.E., a J.P. for Perthshire; m. 1871 Sir
Henry Katz Davson, who was formerly a Member of
the Court of Policy of the Colony of British Guiana,
Deputy Chairman of the West India Committee 1898-
1909, and Chairman 1909, and who was cr. Knt. 1903
and d. 1909. — 20, Ennistnore Gardens, s.w.

DAVSON. the Hon. Sir Charles Simon, Knt.
— Cr.l917.

Eldest son of George Louis Davson, Esq., Manager of the
British Guiana Bank, who d. 1901, by Josephine, who
d. 1898, dau. of the late Joseph Charles King, Esq., of
Norfolk ; b. 1857 ; m. 1889 Mary Rosa Matilda, dau.
of the late Lynch Thomas, Esq , M.D., British Guiana
Medical Service. Sir Charles Davson, who was educated
at Westminster and at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B.A.
and LL.B. 1881), called to the Bar at the Middle
Temple 1881, and in British Guiana 1882, .and
appointed a K.C. 1903, was Stipendiary Magistrate,
British Guiana, 1888-98 ; Solicitor-Gen. there 1898-
1905 and a Puisne Judge of Mauritius 1905-14;
appointed Chief Justice of Fiji and Chief Judicial
Commissioner for the W. Pacific 1914. — Suva, Viti
Levu, Fiji ; Oxford and Cambridge Club, s.w.

DAVSON, Sir Edward Rae, Knt.-Cr. 1919.

Second son of Sir Henry Katz Davson, Chairman of the
W. India Committee, who d. 1909, by Anne Helen, only
dau. of the late Rector Thomas Miller, J.P., LL.D.,
F.R.S.E. ; b. 1875. Sir Edward Davson, who was
educated at Eton, is a West Indian Merchant, and
President of the Associated Chamber of Commerce,
British W. Indies, of which he was the Founder.—
Carlton, and White's Clubs, s.w. ; Bachelors' Club, w. ;
20, Ennismore Gardens, s.w.

DAVY, Lady.

Johanna Charlotte, eldest dau. of J. F. Flemmich,
Esq., of Alton House, Roehampton ; m. 1886 Sir
James Stewart Davy, a Barrister-at-Law, and a J.P. .
for Sussex, who was Chief Gen. Inspector and
Assistant Secretary Local Government Board 1905-13,
and who was cr. K.C.B. 1911 and d. \Q\o.— Winter-
green Wood, Pyrford, Surrey.

DAVY, Richard, Esq., P.R.S.B., F.R.C.S., of
Burstone Manor, and Brixton, Devon.

Second and eldest surviving son of John Croote Davy,
Esq., of Chulmleigh, Devon, who d. 1868, by Elisabeth,




dau. of the late John Sweet, Esq., of Bui-stone
Manor; 6.1838; w. 1889 Eclith, duu. of George Cutchffe, |
Esq., of Coombe House, Witheridgo, Devon, ;iu.l has
3 daus. Mr. Davy, who was educated at Edinburgh I
tTniv. (M.B. 1862), is Consulting Surgeon to the West- {
minster KospitnL—Burstone Manor, Bow, N. Devon. j

DAVYS. See Camphell-Dav?/s. \

DAWE, Charles Hill, Esq., of Ditclieat

Manor, Somerset.
Elder son of Charles Richard Dawe, Esq., of Ditcheat
Manor, who d. 1871, by Caroline, dau. of W. Knight,
Esq. ; h. 1865 ; educated at Harrow.— 3, Soyal Terrace,

Beir Pres., hi3 brother "William Hill, b. 1869.

DAWES, Lady.

Lucy Emily, eldest dau. of the late William Bagnall,
Esq., of Hamstead Hall, Staffordshire; m. 1859 Sir
Edwyn Sandys Dawes, of Mount Ephraim, Kent, a J.P.
for Kent, who was cr. K.C.M.G. 1894, and d. 1903,
and has, with other issue, a son, William Charles,
now of Mount Ephraim {whom tee).— The Pulteney
Hotel, Bath.

DAWES, William Charles, Esq., of Mount
Ephraim, Kent.

Eldest son of Sir Edwyn Sandys Dawes, K.C.M.G., of
Mount Ephraim, who (^. 1903, by Lucy Emily, eldest
dau. of the late William Bagnall, Esq., of Hamstead
Hall, Staffordshire ; h. 1865; m. 189.3 Jane Margaret,
dau. of the late James Simpson, Esq., of Inverboyndie,
Banffshire, and has, with other issue, a son, » Edwyn
Sandys, Capt. K E. Kent Yeo. ; educated at Magdalene
Coll., Cambridge; b. 1894; m. 1917 Joau Prideaux,
only dau. of Prideaux George Solby, Esq., M.R.C.S., of
Brasons, Teynham, Kent, and has a son, * Charles
Ambrose William, /'. 1919. Mr. Dawes, who was edu-
cated at Winchester, is a Magistrate for Kent — Sioor-
danes, Banff, N.B. ; Mount Ephraim, near Faversham-;
Mountfield, near Faversham ; S. Thames Yacht Club,
■w. ; Gresham Club, B.C. ; Queen Anne's Mansions, s.w.


Louise, dau. of Charles Edward Johnston, Esq. ; m. 1888
SirClinton Edward Dawkins,of Polesden Lacey, Surrey,
who was Private Secretary to Viscount Cross, India
Office, 1886-88, and to Viscount Goschen (Chancellor
of the Exchequer), 1888-91; Under Secretary of State
in the Finance Department, Egypt, 1895-9 ; Finance
Member of the Council of the Governor-Gen. of India
1899-1900 ; Chairman of the Committee on War Office
Reorganisation 1901, and Chairman of the British
Committee of International Mercantile Marine, and
who was cr. K.C.B. 1902, and d. 1905.— 5, Eaton
Square, s.w.

DAWKINS, Major-Gen. Sir Charles Tye-
WHiTT, K.C.M.G, C.B.-Cr. 1918. See

Dawkins, of Over-Norton, Oxfordshire.

DAWKINS, George Henry, Esq., and
DAWKINS, Major-Gen. Sir Charles
Ttrwhitt, K.C.M.G., C.B., of Over-
Norton, Oxfordshire.
Eldest and 2nd sons of the Rev. James Annesley
Dawkins, M.A., formerly Rector of Daylesford,
Worcestershire, who d. 1913, by Augusta Charlotte,
who d. 1913, 4th dau. of the late Thomas Tyrwhitt-
Drake, Esq., of Shardeloee, Buckinghamshire.
1. George Henry, a Magistrate for Oxfordshire and
temp. Capt. 2nd Bait. Oxfordshire Vol. Hegt. ;

ediicated at Rugby and abroad; h. 1854; m. 1886
Mary Hermione {whom see), 2nd dau. of the late
James Henry Callander, Esq., of Ardkinglas, Argyll-
shire, and of Craigforth, Stirlingshire, and widow
of Charles Sartoris, Esq., of Wilcote, Oxfordshire. -
Residence: Wilcote, Charlhury, Oxfordshire; Arthur's
Club, S.W.; St. James's Cluh, w.; 22, Cheyne Walk,
Chelsea, s.w. 2, Charles Tyrwhitt. K.C.M.G.. C.B.,
Major-Gen. ret., late King's Shropshire L.I. and a
Comm. of the Belgian Order of Leopold ; was Mil.
Secretary to the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope
1886-9 and 1895-7, Acting Imperial Secretary to the
High Commissioner for S. Africa May-Oct. 1897,
A.Q.M.G. Eastern Command 1910-14, and a D.Q.M.G.
1914-17; has the Russian Orders of St. Anne, 1st
Class, with Swords, and St. Vladimir, 4th Class, with
Swords, and the Belgian Croix de Guerre; h. 1858;
m. 1887 the Hon. Neredah Leeta Robinson, youngest
dau. of Hercules George Robert, 1st Lord Rosmead,
G.C.M.G., P.C., and has a son, * Charles George
Horeward, temp. Capt. Gen. List, late R.A.S.C. ;
1888.— Residence: 21, £?rtye>-or's Gate, s.w. The above
s. their uncle liieut.-Col. William Gregory Dawkins,
late Coldstream Guards, as joint owners, 1914.

DAWKINS, Mrs., of Wilcote, Oxfordshire.

Mary Hermione, 2nd dau. of James Henry Callander,
Esq., of Ardkinglas, Argyllshire, and of Craigforth,
Stirlingshire, who rf. 1851, by his Isl wife the Hon.
Jane Plumer, who d. 1846, dau. of David, 2nd Lord
Erskine; )«. 1st 1862 Charles Sartoris, Esq., of Wilcote,
a J.P. for Oxfordshire (High Sheriff 1872), who d.
1884; 2ndly 1886 George Henry Dawkins, Esq.
(whom see).— Wilcote, Charlbury ; 22, Cheyne Walk,
CheUea. s.w.

DAWNAY, Lord. See Downe, Viscount.

DAWNAY, the Hon. Mrs., of HilHngtou Hall,
Dorothy, only child of Sir William Hovell Bro-mie
ffolkes, 3rd Bart., K.C.V.O., of Hillington Hall, who
d. 1912, by Emily Charlotte, who d. 1915, 3rd dau. of
the late Robert Elwes, Esq., of Congham House,
Norfolk ; m. 1902 the Hon. Jolin Dawnay {whom see
under Downe. Viscount). Mrs. Dawnay is Patron of 1
living. — Hillington Hall, Lynn, Norfolk.


, dau. of ; m. 18— Sir Archibald Davis

Dawnay, a Civil Engineer, a J.P. for co. London,
Hon. Commandant (Hon. Lieut.-Col.) 13th Co. of
London Vol. Regt., an Aid. of Wandsworth (Mayor
1908-19) and Head of a firm of Engineers, Battersea
and Cardiff, who was cr. Knt. 1918 and d. 1919.— 4,
Cedars Bead, Clapham Common, s.w.

DAWNAY, Major-Gen. Gny Payan, C.B.,
C.M.G., D.S.O., M.V.O., of Longparish
House, Hampshire.
Elder son of Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Lewis Payn Dawnay,
M.P., J. P., late Coldstream Guards, of Beuingborough
Hall, Yorkshire, who d. 1910, by Lady Victoria
Alexandrina Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of the late Gen. the
Hon. Charles Grey, and sister of Albert Henry George,
4th Earl Grey ; b. 1878 ; m. 1906 Cecil, youngest dau. of
the late Francis William Buxton, Esq., and has, with
other issue, a son, Christopher Payan, b. 1909. Major-
Gen. Dawnay, who was educated at Eton and at
Magdalen Coll., Oxford, and was formerly Capt. Cold-
stream Guards, is a Major-Gen. Reserve of Officers,
and an Officer of the Legion of Honour and of the
Italian Order of St. Maurice and St Lazarus ; has the
Russian Order of St. Anne, 2nd Class, with Swords ;




was a Gen. Staflf Officer 1915-16, temp. Brigadier-Gen.
1916-18 and temp. Major-Gen. l9lS-\9. —LcngparisA
House, Lonijparish, Hampshire ; Brooks's, and Guards'
Cluht, s.w. ■; Bath Club, -w. ; 52, Rutlatid Gntt, s.w.

DAWNAY. See Downe. Viscount.

DAWSON, Capt. the Hon. Edward Stanley,
of Caunon Hill, Berkshire.
Second son of Richard,' 1st Earl of Dartrey, K.P.,
■who d. 1897, by Augusta, who d. 1887, 2nd dnu. of
the late Edward Stanley, Esq., of Crosahall, Lancashire ;
h. 1843; 711. 1898 Lady Elizabeth Selina Georgina
Meade, eldest dan. of Adm. of the Fleet Richard
James, 4th Earl of Clanwilliam, and has a dan.,
Kaitilin Elizabeth Anne. Capt. Dawson is Capt. R.N.
ret., and a Magistrate for Berkshire and was High
SheriflFof CO. Monaghau 1899. — Cannon Hill, Maiden-
head : Travellers' Club, s.w. ; Naval and Military, Turf,
and Bachelors' Clubs, w. ; 30, Cadogan Square, s.w.

DAWSON, the Hon. Mrs., of Holne Park,

Jane Emily, eldest dan. of Lieut-Col. Samuel Long, J.P.
and D.L.,late Grenadier Guards, of Bromlev Hill, Kent,
whoV. 1881, by his 3rd wife Emily, who d. \»6n, 2nd
dan.'of the late Charles John Herbert, Esq., of Muck-
ross Abbey, Co. Kerry ; m. 1878Capt. the Hon. Richard
Maitland Westenra Dawson, late 92nd Highlanders,
of Holne Park, a J.P. and D.L. for Devonshire (High
Sheriff 1 909), and a J.P. for co. Waterford, who d. 1914,
and has had, with a dan., * Norah Phoebe, a son,
Richard Long, f apt. Reserve of Officers, late Cold-
stream Guards; h. 1879, and killed in action 1914.
— Holne Park, Ashburton, Devonshire; 6, Lennox
Gardens, s.w.

DAWSON, Brigadier-Gen. Sir Douglas
Frederick Rawdon, G.C.V.O., C.B.,
C.M.G.— Cr. K.C.V.O. 1907, G.C.V.O.

Younger son of Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Thomas Vesey |
DawsoE, M.P., Coldstream Guards, who d. 1854, by
the Hon. Augusta Frederica Anne (who d. 1903, having
m. 2ndly 1856 Charles Magniac, Esq., M.P., of
Colworth House, Bedfordshire, who d. 1891), 2nd dan.
of John Wilson, 1st Lord Castletown, P.C. ; b. 1854 ; w.
1903 Aimee Evelyn, G.B.E., youngest dau. of the late
Gordon Pirie, Esq., of Chateau de Varennes, France,
and widow of Herbert Oakley, Esq. Sir Douglas
Dawson, who was educated at Eton, is a Magistrate
for Buckinghamshire; an Hon. Brigadier-Gen. ret.,
late Col. Coldstream Guards; a Knight Commander
of the Iron Crown of Austria, a Comm. of the Order
of the North Star of Sweden, with Star, and a
Grand Officer of the T,egion of Honour, and was Mil.
Attache at Vienna 1890-5, and at Paris 1895-1901;
in command of the 10th Provisional Batt. 1902 ; Master
of the Ceremonies to H.M. 1903-7, Assistant Director
of Personal Services, War Office, 1914 and 1915 (un-
paid), Inspector of Vulnerable Points and a Gen. Staff
Officer 1915-17 and a Gen. Staff Officer 1917-19;
appointed Secretary to the Order of the Garter 1904,
Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain's Department
1907 and Registrar of the Order of the British Empire
1918 ; has the Grand Cro.ss of the Danish Order of the
Dannebrog, the Grand Cordon of the Japanese Order
of the Sacred Treasure, and the Orders of the
Red Eagle of Germany, 2nd Class, with Star, the
Rising Sun of Japan, and the Medjidie, 2nd Class.
_ Medmenham Abbey, Marlow, Buckinghamshire ;
Guards , and Marlborough Clubs, s.w. ; Turf Club, w. ;
St. James's Palace, s.w.

DAWSON, Sir Berteand Edward, G.C V O
G.B., M.D., B.Sc, F.R.C.P.— Cr.K.C.V 6'
1911, G.C.V.O. 1918.

Son of the late Henry Dawson, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., by
Frances, who d. 1907, dau. of the late Obadiah Wheeler,
Esq., of Peri vale; b. 18—; ?«. 1900 Minnie Ethel,
O.B.E., youngest dau. of Sir Alfred Fernandez Yarrow,
1st Bart. Sir Bertraud Dawson, who was educated at
Univ. Coll., London, and at the London Hospital (B.Sc.
London Univ. 1888, M.B. 1890, M.D. 1893, F.R.C.P.
1903), was Physician-Estraordinary to H.M. King
Edward VII. 1907-10. and to H.M. King George V.
1910-14; appointed Physician-in-Ordinary to H.M.
1914 and a Member ot the Army Medical Advisory
Board l'J18 ; is a Knight of Grace of the Order of St.
John of Jerusalem, Physician to the London Hospital,
Consulting Physician to King Edward VII. Sanatorium,
Midhurst, Cap'. 2nd London Gen. Hospitjil, R.A.M.C.,
T.F., temp. Major-Gen. A. M.S., Consulting Physician
British Expeditionary Force, and a Fellow of the R.
Society of Medicine and of other learned Societies. —
32, Wimpole Street, w.

DAWSON, Sir (Arthur) Trevor, Kut.— Cr.

Fourth son of Hugh Dawson, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,
of the Inner Temple, who d. 1885, by Mary Anne,
dau. of the late Thomas Chaffer, Esq., of Burnley;
h. 1866 ; III. 1892 Louise, dau. of the late John Miller
Grant, Esq., of London. Sir Trevor Dawson, who was
educated at the R. Academy, Gosport, at the R. Naval
Coll., Greenwich, and at the R.A. Coll., Woolwich,
was Experimental Officer, R. Ordnance Factories,
1892-6, and Is Lieut.-Comm. and temp. Comm. Emer-
gency List R.N., a Managing Director and Vice-Chair-
man in Vickers Ltd., a Director of the Whitehead
Torpedo Works Ltd., Weymouth, and of several other
Cos., and Chairman of the Chillworth Gun Powder Co.
— Edgwarebury House, Elstree, Hertfordshire ; United
Service, Marlborough, Ranelagh, and R. Automobile
Clubs, s.w. ; 2, Green Street, Park Lane, w.

DAWSON, Arthur EiNCH, Esq., of Barrow Hil,
Third son of Henry Dawson, Esq., of Barrow Hill, who
d. 1849, by Louisa Jane Finch, who d. 1865, 2nd dau.
and co-heiress of the late John Finch Simpson, Esq., of
Launde Abbey, Leicestershire ; b. 1836; »«. 1st 1868
Jessie, who d. 1876, 3rd dau. of the late Ai-thur Went,
worth Lyon, Esq., of Clownholme, Derbyshire ; 2ndly
1878 Helen Emilia, who d. 1911, younger dau. of the
late Rev. Henry John Goodwin, and has, with other
issue, a .son, * Henry Finch, Major and Brevet Lieut.-
Col. Reserve of Officers and Major ret., late R.A. ; b.
1869; m. 1901 the Hon. Anne Margaret Cross, youngest
dau. of Richard Assheton, 1st Viscount Cross, and has,
with other issue, a son, "Arthur Henry Finch, h. 1901.
Mr. Dawson, who was educated at Harrow, and was
formerly Capt. 6th Dragoons, and Capt. Staffordshire
Yeo. Cav., is a J.P. for cos. Derby and Stafford. —
Barrow Hill, Rocester, Staffordshire; Army and Navy
Club, s.w.

DAWSON, Lieut.-Col. Edward Alfred Finch,
of Lavmde Abbey, Leicestershii-e.
Eldest son of Edward Finch Dawson, Esq., of Launde
Abbey, who rf. 1892, by Emily Sarah, who d. 1905, eldest
dau. of the late Thomas Fowke Andrew Burnaby, Esq.,
of Brampton Manor, Hunts; b. 1865; m. 1903 Myra,
elder dau. of the late Major William Benjamin Battis-
combe, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and has,
with other issue, a son, * Edward William, /,. 1904.
Lieut.-Col. Dawson, who was educated at Eton, is a




Magistrate for Leicestershire and for Exitland, Lieut.
CoL late Coram. 6th Batt. and Major ret., hite Rifl
Brigade. — Launde Ahhey, Leicester; Haval and Military ,
Club. w. I

DAWSON, Geoege Augustus Pilkington, Esq.,
of Groton House, Suffolk.
Younger son of Thomas Pilkington Dawson, Esq., of
Groton House, who d. 1867, by Emma Ann, who d.
1911, eldest dau. of the late James King-King. Esq.,
of Staunton Park, Herefordshire; A. 1858 ; m. 1886
Eugenie, younger dau. of the late Richard Peac

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