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The Warriner family of New England origin. Being a history and genealogy of William Warriner, pioneer settler of Springfield, Mass., and his descendants embracing nine generations from 1638 to 1898 online

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Online LibraryEdwin WarrinerThe Warriner family of New England origin. Being a history and genealogy of William Warriner, pioneer settler of Springfield, Mass., and his descendants embracing nine generations from 1638 to 1898 → online text (page 12 of 18)
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1 55 1. Josephine H., born March 2, 1845; married, Dec.

18, 1867, Nelson C. Hill, of 'Warren, Mass.;
resided (1894) in Cavendish, Vt. Mr. Hill is a
finisher of woolen goods. Their son, Eugene N.
Hill, was a clerk in a dry goods store in Spring-
field in 1893.


1552. Maria Louisa, born June 25, 1849; married Edwin

M. Nichols; died Apr. 14, 1870. Children: Perlin
E., of Alittineague, ]\Iass., and Louise AL (Mrs.
Herbert M. Noble), who died Aug. 4, 1896, and
left an infant son.

1553. Wilson J., born Oct. 30, 1850.

Home of Elias T. Warriner, Monson, Mass.

827 William Lombard Warriner, son of William (303)
and Lucy, was born in Monson, Mass., Apr. 8, 181 2; married
Naomi Chase, in Wheeler, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1831. She was born
in Wheeler, N. Y., July 13, 1814, and died in Delmar, Pa.,
Feb. I, i860. He then married Eleanor Hadley. His death
occurred in Draper, Pa., Apr. 26, 1870. He and his first wife
are buried in Stony Fork. As to denomination, Free Will
Baptist; as to occupation, carpenter.


Children of William Lombard Warriner (827).

1564. Mary, born in Wheeler, N. Y., June 6, 1832; died in

Stony Fork, Pa., Oct. 4, 1834.

1565. Harriet, born in Wheeler, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1833; mar-

ried, Jan. I, 1854, John Wesley Ingerick, in Mans-
field, Pa. Children: Alfred, Rosella and Frank.
She died in 1880, and Mr. Ingerick married again,
and, in 1894, was preaching the gospel in South
Poultney, N. Y.

1566. Benjamin Howard, born in Delmar, Pa., Dec. 30,


1567. Ogilva, born in Wheeler, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1836; mar-

■ried Mary Bryant; has charge of the carpenter
work on a 95-mile division of Fall Brook Ry. His
P. O. is Wellsboro, Pa. He belongs to the Free
W^ill Baptist Church.

1568. Lucv, born Apr. 11, 1836; married B. F. Wheeler.

P.' O. (1898), Asaph, Pa. Children: Wilhs F.,
Mrs. Martlia A. Francis, Mrs. Metta E. Brooks,
Mrs. Eva E. Beauge.

1569. Hiram, born in Stony Fork, Pa., Sept. 14, 1840.

1570. Asa Chase, born in Stony Fork, Pa., Sept. 28,


1571. Nathan, born in Stony Fork, Pa., Aug. 16, 1844;

died in Jerusalem, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1846.

1572. Abram Melville, born in Stony Fork, Pa., Apr. 11,


828 Hiram Warriner, son of William (303) and Lucy,
was born in New Hampshire; married Jane Decker; died in
Stony Fork, Pa., in 1893. He was a farmer by occupation, a
Free Will Baptist by church membership.

Children of Hiram Warriner (828).

1574. ^lary. date of birth and death not given.

1575. Rachel, date of birth and death not given.


829 Samuel Borden Warrixer, son of William (^03)
and Lucy, was born in Delmar township, Pa.; married his

cousin, Mary
Ann Warriner
(850), ^lay 21,
1842; died in
Wellsboro, Pa.,
Feb. 17, 1887,
where his widow-
now resides. He
was a member
of a Free Will
Baptist church ;
a jeweler b\-

Samuel R. \V.\rrixer.*

Mrs. Makv A.vn W.ar-


Son of Samuel Borden Warriner (829).
1576. Marshall B., born Sept. 30, 1846.

836 Rev. Levi Clark Warriner, son of Nathan (305)
and Abigail S., was born in Monson,
Mass., May 19, 1819; married Adaline
Laura, daughter of Lyman Anderson;
died in Parker's Prairie, Minn., \la.y 5,
1871, and is buried there. He was a
Baptist preacher, and his ministry cov-
ered a period of 30 years. He was a
plain, easy, interesting speaker. He
moved from Ohio to ^^linnesota for his
health in 1871, but lived only one
month after reaching Parker's Prairie.
He was the first minister there. His
widow resides ("1898) in Bloomington.
Minn. She is descended from a heroic
ancestrv. Her father's mother was

Irene Jones, whose mother was Irene Bradford, whose grand-
father 'was Gov. Wm. Bradford, of the Plymouth colony.

Rkv. Levi C. Warriner.


Children of Rev. Levi Clark Warriner (836).

1580. Eliza Marilla, born in Delmar, Pa., May 12, 1844;
married by her father to Azariah Smith, in Addi-
son, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1863. Two children were
born to them in WoodhuU, N. Y., namely: Frank,
now deceased, and Herbert A., pharmacist in Min-
neapolis. Mr. Smith was a deacon in the Baptist
church 18 years. He was a widower with three
children when he married Miss Warriner. In
1 87 1 he moved from N. Y. State to Parker's
Prairie, Minn., and was among the first settlers,
having Chippewa Indians for neighbors. The
nearest R. R. station was St. Cloud, 100 miles
away; the nearest P. O. was 25 miles distant. Mr.
Smith organized the first Sunday school, and his
wife taught the first week day school in that
region. The school house, built of logs, was low,
with earth for floor, and was heated by an old cook
stove when the mercury stood at 40 or 46 degrees
below zero. Mr. Smith died Aug. 7, 1889, and
his widow, in 189 1, married a Baptist minister,
the Rev. T. H. Sherman, pastor (1898) in
Osage, la.

1581. A son, born in Delmar, Pa., Dec. 21, 1845; ^'^^^

Feb. 4, 1846.

1582. Levi Clark, born in Delmar, Pa., Nov. 27, 1846.

1583. Adaline Betsey, born in Delmar, Pa., Oct. 4, 1848;

married, in 1873, George Nathan McComb, who
has been for many years a missionary of the Amer-
ican Sunday School Union. Their Children: Ver-
non Monroe, Daisy Adell, Mary Etta, Wilbur
Levi, Marshall ErAvin, Lillian Pearl — all living
in 1894.

1584. Lyman Nathan, born in Brookfield, Pa., Apr. 16,


1585. Jairus David, born in Brookfield, Pa., Jan- 22, 1852.

1586. Ursula Hattie, born in Brookfield, Pa., June iS,

1856; died Sept. 21, 1861.



1587. Abigail Estella, born in Woodhull, N, Y., Apr. 24,

1858; married Abrani T. Palmer. P. O. Bloom-
ington, ^limi. Children : Phebe L., Wilbur W.,
William A., Lucius, Leonard G., Gertrude E.

1588. Jennie Eveline, born in Woodhull, N. Y., Nov. 24,

i860; married George W. Handy. P. O. (1894),
Park Rapids, Minn.

1589. James ^Monroe, born in Woodhull, N. Y., Nov. 15,

1863; died Aug. 9, 1865.

Perlin N. Warriner.

838 Perlin Nathan Warriner,
son of Nathan (305) and Abigail S.,
was born in ^lonson, Mass., July 24,
1822; married, ist, Louisa Bunnell.
This wife died in Plainville. Conn.,
Sept. 5, 1845, and he married, 2d,
Martha Hart, in Barkhamsted, Conn.
She died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 14,
1858, and he married, 3d, Clarissa T.,
daughter of Nehemiah and Lucy Hoyt,
in New Haven, Conn., Aug. 29, 1859.
He was engaged in the steam and gas
fitting business in New Haven from

1852 to ]86i, and afterward in the steam heating business in
New York.

He professed conversion when he was 18 years of age, and
from the beginning to the end he adorned his profession by a
remarkably earnest and consistent life. While in Brooklyn
he was a member of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church,
Rev. Dr. T. L. Cuyler, pastor. He died in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Aug. 30, 1874. and is buried in New Haven, Conn. His
widow resides in Brooklyn, 141 So. Elliott Place.

Children of Perlin Nathan Warriner (838).

1590. Perlin C.. born in Providence, R. L. Nov. 2, 1849;

died in the same city, Sept. 28. 1850.

1 591. Martha Antoinette, born in Ansonia. Conn.. July 21,

1851; died in New Haven. Conn.. Jan. 22, 1856.


1592. Addie Cleaveland, born in New Haven, Conn.,
March 26, 1855; married Oliver Jo'hnston, Jan. 8,
1878, in Brooklyn, N. Y. They have five children,
namely: Stella Louise, Olive May, Arthur War-
riner, Helen Maude and Harold Lee.

1593- George Edward, born in New Haven, Conn., Feb. 2,

1594. Jennie Louise, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr. 22,

1861 ; married James Church, in Brooklyn, June
30, 1886.

1595. Ella Frances, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 31,

1862; married Andrew R. Halsey, July 6, 1887.

839 James Monroe Warrtner, son of Nathan (305) and
Abigail S., was born in Monson. Mass., July 11. 1825; married
Mary Ann Frost, in Springfield, Mass., July 3, 1844. She was
three years his senior. He died in Kalamazoo, Mich., Dec.
14, 1886. He was a traveling salesman. His church was the
Protestant Episcopal. His widow resides in Detroit, Mich.

Children of James Monroe Warriner (839).

1596. Martha Marilla, born Aug. 9, 1847; married John

Taylor on June i, 1869. Residence, 75 Ash
street, Detroit, Mich. Children: Jennie E., Wal-
ter G., J. Edibh, Charles F., William E.

1597. Henrietta Adaline, born July 13, 1849; unmarried

(1893). Residence, Detroit, Mich.

1598. 'Mary Abbie, born Nov. 20, 1851; married Everett

S. Marion. Children: Everett S., David H., Dar-
■\vin W., James Warriner, Frank A., Lillie M.,.
John T, Ralph E.

1599. Jennie Evelyn, born Apr. 26, 1858; died in Roches-

ter, N. Y., Nov. 2, 1861; buried in Detroit,

1600. Lillie Agnes, born Sept. 2, 1863; married Wm. A.

Gibson, Jan. 2, 1884. Children: William H.,
John. Arthur M., Charles F., Lottie A.


842 William Allen Warriner, son of Benjamin How-
ard (306) and Matilda, was born July 5, 1820, in Brookfield,
Vt.; married, ist, Cornelia, daugh'ter of William L. Warriner
(827), on March 2^, 1843. She died in
Addison, N. Y., March 18, 1861, and
he married, 2d, Bertha J. Thompson,
In Addison, Dec. 23, 1861. She died in
Vineland, N. J., Feb. 3, 1865. The
residence of Wm. A. Warriner (1898) is
Vineland, N. J. He is a Baptist by
church membership, and a jeweler by
trade. He was justice of the peace two
terms in Franklin township; for some
time postmaster and railroad ag^ent in
North Vineland, N. J., and a member
of the N. J. N. S. Guards over 20 years.
He won three badges consecutively at
target practice, at 70, 71 and J2 years of

age. When ''J2 he was the oldest man and oldest member of
Co. K., Sixth Regiment, and won more points than any other
man of the company.

Wm. Allen Warriner.

Children of William Allen Warriner (842).

(All except the last two born in Delmar, Pa.)

1605. Stillman Davis, born March 20, 1844.

1606. Louisa Decker, born March 12, 1846; married C. J.

Marble, Oct. 7, 1866. Residence (1896), Couders-
port. Pa. Children: Charles Warriner, Stillman
W., Cornelia, Frank Ferry, Carlton, Arch.

1607. Sarah Sabrina, born Apr. 24. 1849; married Jesse

]\Iyers. Residence (1896), Allegheny, Pa.

1608. Emma Jane, born May 9, 1851. Residence (1898),

Vineland, N. J.

1609. Laura Cornelia, born June 7, 1853; died in Addison,

N. Y., Feb. 10, 1858.

1610. William Anson, born in Addison, N. Y., Apr. 14,

1863: married Kate Lambert. He is professor in
Albany Business College (1898).


Chauxcey Howard

1611. Bertha May, born in Vineland, N. J., Nov. 20, 1867.
She was a stenographer in 1896 in Schenectady,
N. Y.; married, 1897, Dr. W. L. Woodruff, of
AIol>ile, Ala. Their son, WiUiam Warriner Wood-
ruff, was born Feb. 2}^, 1898.

843 Chauncey Howard War-
riner, son of Benjamin Howard (306)
and Matilda, was born May 25, 1822;
married, Feb. 6, 1842, Lovina M.
Smith; died July 5, 1887, in New Lis-
bon, Wis.; buried there.

Children of Chauncey Howard
Warriner (843).

1613. Joseph O., date and place oi birth
not given. He held for some
time an appointment as special
agent for the inspection of
timber depredations in Wis-
consin. His P. O. was Tomah, Wis. Imforma-
tion has been solicited; no reply.
1614. Charles E., date and place of birth not given. His
P. O. was New Lisbon, Wis.

846 ii<A AIann Warriner, son of Benjamin Howard (306)
and Matilda, was born in Roxbury, Vt., Alaroh 10, 1837; mar-
ried, March 26, 1866, H. Elizabeth Carney. P. O. (1896),
Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa.

Children of Ira Mann Warriner (846).

1620. Laura Almira, born June 14, 1867; married, in

March, 1882, Orrin N. Warriner, supposed to be
No. 1638.

1621. Minnie L., born Oct. 26, 1869; married F. K.

Ogden, in July, 1892.

1622. Ida M., born Dec. 31, 1872; married A. W. Dibble,

in the month of March, 1890.


1623. Clara Viola, born Apr. 27, 1876; died May 2, 1886.

1624. Mina ^Matilda, born May 14, 1878.

1625. Cora v., born March 3, 1881; died Sept. 29, 1881.

1626. Albert Ira, born Oct. 18, 1883.

853 Abel Silas Warriner, son of Abel (309) and Sophia,
was born in Alonson, Mass., Jwne 18, 1830; married Harriet
Stout; died June 5, 1863. He followed farmin.c;-, and he was
a member of the Free Will Baptist church. The P. O. of his
widow (1896) was Hornellsville, N. Y.

Children of Abel Silas Warriner (863).

1632. Orpha, place and date of birth not given.

1633. Carrie, place and date of birth not given.

1634. Carson A., born 1861 ; is married; no children.

Foreman M. Deutch & Co., Hornellsville, N. Y.

856 James Nelson Warriner, son of Abel (309) and
Sophia, was born in Monson, Mass., Feb. 5, 1835; married
Adaline Decker. P. O. (1898), Stony Fork, Pa.

Children of James Nelson Warriner (856).

(All born in Stony Fork, Pa.)

1636. Clarence, date of birth asked for but not given.

1637. Bertha, date of birth not given.

1638. Orrin N., date of birth not given.

858 Charles Royce Warriner, son of Abel (309) and
Sophia, was born in Delmar township. Pa., Jan. 26, 1841;
married Elizabeth Miller for his first wife and Elizabeth Plum-
ley for his second wife.

Children of Charles Royce Warriner (858).

1640. George, date of birth not gfiven.

1641. Charles, date of birth not given.


859 John Ferry Warriner, son of Abel (309) and
Sophia, was born in Delmar township, Tioga Co., Pa., March
10, 1844; married Delana Backus. He died June 3, 1890.
His widow resides in Stony Fork, Pa. (1898).

Children of John Ferry Warriner (859).

1643. Lewis Abel, date of birth not given.

1644. George Luther, date of birth and death not given.

1645. Nettie Jane, date of birth and death not given.

1646. Mabel Sophronia, date of birth not given.

1647. Edith Anne, date of birth not given.

862 James Wilson Warriner, son of James (310) and
Cretey, was born March 11, 1828; married Polly Ann Demill.
P. 0."(i898), Greenwood, N. Y.

Children of James W. Warriner (862).

1650. Charles Scott, killed by railroad cars in Steuben Co.,
N. Y., at the age of 18.

867 VoLARUs B. Warriner, son of James (310) and
Lucretia (often called Cretey), was born Jan. 15, 1839, i^ Tioga
Co., Pa.; married Huldah M., daughter of Bradshaw and
Nellie White, in West Union, Steuben Co., N. Y. Residence
(1896), Greenwood, N. Y. Farmer; member of the Methodist
Episcopal church.

Children of Volarus B. Warriner (867).

1655. William V., bom about 1862.

1656. Amelia, born about 1864; married Curtis Mattison.

1657. Bradshaw, born about 1868.

1658. Ephraim, born about 1870.

1659. Nellie, born about 1872.

1660. Charles, born about 1873.

1 66 1. Carrie, born about 1879.

1662. Mav, born about 1886.


868 Nathan Allen Warriner, son of James (310) and
Cretey, was born Nov. 7, 1842, in Delmar, Pa.; married Mary
P. White, at West Union, N. Y., Jan. i, 1863; class leader and
exhorter in Wesleyan Methodist Church; has held offices in
the towns of Jasper and Greenwood, N. Y.

Children of Nathan A. Warriner (868).

1670. Effie Isadore, born May 27, 1864; died Apr. 17, 1880.

1671. Francis Lazelle, born Jan. 17, 1866.

875 Moses Warriner, son of Capt. Walter (313) and
Sophia, was born in Springfield, Mass., Aug. i, 1817; married
Jane, daughter of George and Susanna Hale, in Waterford,
N. Y., in Jan., 1839. He was a farmer. He died in Spring-
field, July 28, 1896.

Children of Moses Warriner (875).
(Born in Springfield, Mass.)

1680. Walter B., born Dec. i, 1850.

1681. Sarah, born Jan. 29, 1853; married, Sept. 28, 1871,

Albert B. Crosby, wire worker, of Springfield,
Mass. They have a son named Charles.

890 William D. Warriner, son of Daniel (313) and
Rebecca (Darling), was born in Spring-field, Mass., May 6,
1826; married, in Springfield, Dec. 25, 1848, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Chauncey Belknap, who was born Feb. 28, 1826. He
was for many years a resident of East Windsor, Conn., and
from that town, on Nov. i, 1861, he enlisted in the nth Vol.
Infantry of Conn.; mustered Nov. 14, 1861 ; promoted May
28, 1862; wounded at Antietam Sept. 17. 1862; died Oct. 5,
1862, in East Windsor, Conn. His widow married Daniel

910 Justin Bliss Warriner, "SI. D., son of Hezekiah (320)
and Hannah, was born in Hawley, Mass., March 15, 1818;

1 84

married Laura Alfreda Grout. He went to Philadelphia when
young, graduated at the College of Phamiacy, later at the
Aledical College; practiced medicine in Burlington, N. J., and
died there July 13, 1849. His widow married Christopher
Stebbins. She writes concerning her former ihusband: "As
a physician he was devoted to his profession, and really sacri-
ficed his life for his patients during the cholera season of 1849.
He had forty cases a day to look after, and every one recov-
ered. His last day's work, when he was going from 3 o'clock
in the morning till 10 at night was too much for him;
and so rapidly did the deadly disease do its work that,
although he prescribed for his patients till 10 a. m., he had
gone to his reward before 5 p. m." No children.

91 1 Edwin Warriner. son of Hezekiah (320) and Han-
nah, was born in Agawam, Mass., May 10, 1819. He was
married on Jan. 27, 1848, to Elizabeth, daughter ol Edward
and Apphia Crowell. She was born in Hadley, Mass., June
16, 1823, and was living there in 1894. He died June 15,
1882, in Hawley, Mass., and is buried there. He was a farmer
and a deacon in the Congregational church. He served in Co.
E., 52d Regiment, Mass. Volunteers, in the war for the Union.

Children of Edwin Warriner (911).
(All bom in Hawley, Mass.)

1695. Hezekiah Edward, born March 10, 1849; died in

Hawley while very young.

1696. Justin Bliss, born Oct. 21, 1851.

1697. WilHam Henry, born Feb. 27, 1855.

1698. Henry Augustus, born Nov. 3, 1866.

912 Judge Benjamin Leonard Warriner, son of Heze-
kiah (320) and Hannah, was born in Hawley, Mass., Sept. 15,
1820. He married, ist, Laura Eldridge. She died in Spring-
field, and he was married again to Lucina Kinney. He learned
the carpenter's trade while young. He moved to California in
1849, and thence to Idaho aibout 1863. O" gfoing" west he


became a lawyer; was a member of the Legislature of Idaho
Ter. in 1876 and 1877, ^^'^^ '^v^s judge of probate oi Boise Co.
at the time of his death in Idaho City in June, 1889. He was
buried with Masonic honors, being at the head of the order in
Idaho, and having been a Mason nearly 50 years. No chil-
dren. His widow, Lucina, died May 29, 1895.

913 Hezekiah Ryland Warriner, son of Hezekiah (320)

and Hannah, was born in Hawley,

Mass., July 23, 1822. He married
Olive Longby. He engaged in teach-
ing in Philadelphia for a number of
years, and was remarkably successful
and popular. When he left his school
in Philadelphia to take charge of Deer-
field Academy in Massachusetts, sev-
eral of his pupils followed him. He
returned after awhile to Philadelphia,
studied law, and practiced there his pro-
fession until he died, Jan. 31, 1873.
Some of his old students in Deerfield
erected a monument there to his mem-
ory. " None knew him but to praise."

Prof. H. Rylanu War-

No children.

914 Henry Augustus Warriner,
M. D., son of Hezekiah (320) and Han-
nah, was born Sept. 21, 1824, in Hawley,
Mass. In Yellow Springs, O., he mar-
ried Fanny Swan. She died in less
than a year after their marriage, and in
May, 1865, he married Sarah Pope
Shepard. He studied medicine and
received his degree in a Cincinnati
medical school, but never practiced, as
he preferred teaching. So he went to
Cambridge and 'studied a year with
Agassiz at Harvard previous to taking
a professorship in comparative anatomy at Antioch College,

Henry A. Warriner,
M. D.


Yellow Springs, Ohio. At the breaking out of the Civil War
he gave up his chair and offered himself as a soldier, but his
friends knew that he was capable of doing a greater service,
and were gratified when he was induced to take the superin-
tendency o^f the distribution of supplies in the western depart-
ment of the Sanitary Commission. His healtJh failed, and he
had to abandon that work. After recruiting he edited a daily
newspaper in Louisville, Ky., but the Union sentiment there
was not strong enough to sustain it long. He was then
appointed to write the history of the Sanitary Commission, but
his health utterly failed before he had completed his task, and
he died in Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 17, 187 1. No children.

926 Samuel Dexter Warriner, son of Reuel (327) and
Anna, was born in Agawam, Mass., Feb. ii, 1817, and was a
farmer at the old homestead before his marriage. He married
the widow of Capt. Strong Holt, a popular and wealthy master
of a whaling vessel for many years, who, after surviving many
perils by sea, was drowned in New^ London harbor by the cap-
sizing of a small pleasure boat. Mr. Warriner still owns the
homestead in Agawam (1898), but since his marriage has had
no business except to manage his own and his wife's prop-
erty. No children.

932 Rev. Edward Augustus Warriner, son of Reuel
(327) and Anna, was born in Agawam, Mass., Feb. 19, 1829;
married, in Lancaster, Pa., July 5, 1865, to Louisa Voorhis.
She died in 1874, in Bridgeport, Pa., and he was married to
Esther Bolles, June 30, 1881. He prepared for college in a
classical school in Springfield, boarding at home and crossing
the river daily. He entered Yale University in 1850; was laid
by a year on account of ill health; graduated at Union Univer-
sity in 1855; in the folio-wing year was admitted to the bar in
Springfield, Mass.; practiced three years; health failed; went
south; taught an academy in Washington, Ga.; during a period
of enforced seclusion on account of the war studied the Bible
systematically and determined to enter the ministry.


Since 1867, with the exception of two years \v<hen he was in
charge of Christ Church, Philadelphia, he has been rector of
St. Paul's Church, Montrose, Pa., and " has won enviable dis-
tinction for his
literary attain-
ments and pulpit
ability." He
has written sev-
eral poetical
works w h i c h
show real talent.
They deal
1 a r g e 1 }■ with
speculative and
moral philoso-
phies. His lat-
est literary pro-
duction is a
prose volume, pubHshed in 1898, entitled: "The Gate Called
Beautiful; an Institute of Christian Sociology." He is
described in the Magazine of Poetry as " fond of athletic
sports, . . . utterly without pretension, and though
sociallv and professionally a successful man, yet seemingly
indifferent to prominence or promotion."

Rev. Edward A



Mrs. Louisa Voorhis

Children of Rev. Edward Augus-
tus Warriner (932).

(The eldest was born in Lancaster, Pa. ;
the others in Montrose, Pa.)

1710. Samuel Dexter, born Feb.
24, 1867; graduated from
Springfield, Mass., High
School, Amherst College
and Lehigh Valley Univer-
sity School of Mines — from
each with high honors;
has the degrees of A. B.,





F'liii.ii' BoiJ.Ks VVakkinek. Jkssk Hoi.i.es VVakriner.

Mrs. Esther Boi.les Warriner.
Paul Sherman Warriner. [JJ^. ;_^ Anna Chaffee Warriner.


A. M., B. S. and E. M. For a time he was
engaged in the engineering department of the

Edward Vookhis Warrinkr.

Louise Vo(jkhis Warrinkr.

Lehigh X'alley Coal Co., and is now (1898) super-
intendent of Calumet and Hecla Copper Mine,
Calumet, Mich. He was
married to Stella Mercer
Farnham, of Wilkesbarre,
Pa., May 18, 1898.

171 1. Edward Voorhis, born Sept.

12, 1869; residence (1898),
143 Cedar street, Spring-
field, Mass.

1712. Reuel Chaffee, born Jan. 11,

1872; graduated from
Springfield High School
and L e h i g h University
School of Mines, and has

S. and

the degrees of B.

Reukl Chakkee War-


1 90

E. M. He was mining engineer for Lehigh Val-
ley Coal Co., and is now (1898) acting in the
same capacity for the Rand Gold Mining Co. at
Johannesburg, South African Republic.

1713. Louise Voorhis, born June 24, 1882.

1714. Jesse Bolles, born March 18, 1885.

1715. Paul Shemian, born Nov. 11, 1886.

1 7 16. Anna Chaffee, born May 22, 1888.

942 Edwin Baldwin Warriner, son of Lewis (341) and
Fannie, was born Jan. 25, 1826, in West Springfield, Mass.
(now Agawam); married Charlotte W., daughter of Wm. H.
McNutt, in Yellowhead, Will Co., Ill, Oct. 21, 1851. He
removed with his father to Lake Co., Ind., in 1837; moved
thence to Kankakee, 111., in 1855, and resided there to the time
of his death, July 29, 1893. He held many positions of public
trust, and was always looked upon as one of the foremost men
in that section of the State. He was a member of the Baptist
church in Kankakee for more than 30 years. He was deputy
county clerk four 3'ears; county treasurer one term; justice of

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