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place, 163.


Gallasius^ Nicholas, was sent from Geneva to take charge of
the Presbyterian Church in England, 205.

Geneva^ the place of Calvin's residence and labours, 15. Cal-
vin's expulsion from this place, 23. The return of Calvin
to it, 28, 52, 267, 274, 288. Difficulties encountered by
Calvin in it, 382—392.

Gerard Chauvin, the father of Calvin, his calculations re-
specting his son, 2.

Governincnt of the Church at Geneva, 396.

Grotius, Hugo de, his ungenerous aspersion of Calvin togctli-
er with the reason of it, 132, 133.

GryneiiSy Calvin^s letter to him repelling the charge of Ari-
anism, 18.


Henry II. King of France, his remarkable death, 195, 190.
VIII. his religious character, 260.

Hereticks, opinions respecting their punishment, 100, 101,
112, 133.

Institutes of Calvin published at Basil, 11. Revised ai»d
published, 26. The high value put upon theiii l)y all men
of piety and learning, and the time when they began to be
neglected, 133 — 142. Different editions of the work, 192.
Reasons for the publication of it, 236.

Interim^ explained, 57.

Intrepidity of Calvin on a perilous occasion, 54. ^

Junius^ Francis, his testimony respecting Calvin's ordinulion,
405, Ao. 10.


ifltv::', Ae study of this profession prosecuted by Calvin, 2.
And is relinquished for the cause of religion, 6.

Legend of Papists respecting Calvin's tomb, 126.

Lisset, Peter, an Inquisitor who zealously and with great art
persecuted the reformers, 36.

liturgy of the Church of England formed under the influ-
ence of Calvin, 5^^ 59, 162, 181.


Marot, Clement, an account of him, 402, J\'o. 8.

Martyr^ Peter, his letter to Calvin on the subject of his sick-
ness Sec. 193. An account of his arrival at Strasburg, 408,
Ao. 13.

Mclancthon^ Philip, his first acquaintance with Calvin, 27.
Too accommodating, 60, 345. Calvin's opinion of him,
172, 175, 176, 254, 260. Plis commendable conduct in the
Diet at Ratisbon, 283. Requested by Calvin to appear
openly, ^75,

Ministers of the jurisdiction of Geneva, Calvin's address to
them, 222. And people their leading object, 250.

Moderation and forbearance of Calvin, 24, 25, 46, 48, SS-^ 250.

Modesty and diffidence predominant in Calvin, 5.

Mosheim^ John Lawrence, ecclesiastical historian ; his un-
candid treatment of Calvin's character, together with the
reasons of it, 105.


Olevianus^ Gasper, Calvin's letter to him, 596.

OUvetan early acquaintance of Calvin with him, 3, 400, Xo. 3.

Ordination^ Calvin's, 405, JVo, 10.

Osiander^ Andrew, revives the dispute about the Eucharist,


Perrin, Ammi, a demagogue of Geneva, 53, 57^ 382. Used

his inlluence as Syndick to distract the Church, 142.
Persecution^ the first step of it against Caivin, 6.
Piety of Caivin discovered in early life, 2.
Pighius^ Albert, his attack upon Calvin and his disgrace, 37,

38, 407, Ab. 12.
Plague in Geneva, 35. Designedly spread by those who

nursed the sick, the corruptions. Sec. which succeeded it,

43, 44.
Poissy, conference between the Romish Prelates and the Re-.

formed Ministers held at this place, 209.


Poralisy a Syndick of Geneva, his death, 296.

Predestination^ and free will, Mclancthon's letter on the sub-
ject, 305. Calvin's letter on the subject, 370.

Psaifnsy their versification, the practice of sini^ing them in
measured verse first introduced, 402, JVo. 8.


Ratzsbon, Diet of, the state of things when it was assembled
by the Emperour and the character of its members, 275 — 280.
Its members agree on original sin and free will, 282. Tlieir
contention about the Eucharist, 283. Mclancthon and
Bucer frame an ambiguous confession, 285. The Marquis
of Brandenburg sent an Ambassador to Luther with the
hope of obtaining opinions more favourable than those held
by the Protestant members present, 287- Tlicy submit the
whole to the imperial chamber, ib. The Protestant Prin-
ces assembled petition Francis I. King of France in behalf
of the Protestants, 293.

Reformation, letter of Calvin on this subject to the Protector
of England, 326. Letters on the subject, 350, 354, 358.

JRenee, Princess, an account of her, 404, JVo. 9.

Roscoe, William, author of the history of the Pontificate of
Leo X. detected in his false statements respecting the
Conduct of Calvin in the case of Servetus, 104 — 126.

Roussel, Gerard and others, first preached the doctrines of
the Reformation in France. 402, JVo. 7.


Sacfamentarians, who they were, 253.

Sadolet, James, bishop of Carpentras attempts, to recover the
Church at Geneva to the Papal communion and interest,
Calvin answers him, 25, 26.

Schism to be avoided, 249, 256.

Servetus, Michel, requested a public disputation with Calvin
on the doctrine of the Trinity, 8. Ignorant of the Grcik
language while he confidently quoted the writings of (iroc-k
authors, 97. His principles stated, 92 — 104. Is complained
of for his heresy, 78. Is condemned by the Syndicks and
Senate of Geneva, 90. Not condemned by Calvin's influ-
ence, 124, JVote. A commutation of his punishment de-
sired by Calvin, 89, \\2, JVote, 133. His punishment ap-
proved by Bullinger, 100, Melancthon, 101,374, '?>77, Peter
Martyr, 101, Farel, 80, Bishop Hall, 129.

Sin, God not the author of it, Calvin's opinion, 41, 42.

Socinus, Loelius, his artful address to Calvin, 61. Faustus.
adopted 5ind published his uncle's tenets, 62. Pcrscruted


fuloptcd and published his uncle's tenets, 62. Persecuted
to death Francis David, 126.

Son^ death of Calvin's, 26.

Storder^ John, a reclaimed Anabaptist, ib.

Sijndicks^ chief Magistrates of Geneva of whom there were
four, their character, and their conduct with regard to the
ecclesiastical order and discipline, 24 — 27. Calvin's last
address to them and the Senate, 218. Their judgment on
Servetus, 90.

Tonsure^ in the Church of Rome explained, 400, A''o. 2.
Trent, Council convened there January 7, 1546, 55.
Troilett^ an impostor who troubled the Church at Geneva, 50.
His penitence and death, 74, 75.


Valois, Margaret dc. Queen of Navarre, protectress of Cal-
vin, 6, 7. Is undeceived by Calvin respecting the charac-
ter of the Libertines, 43, 313, 401, Ao. 5.

Vandellius, a leading conspirator against Geneva, 583.

Union with Christ by faith and its effects, 378,

Volse, Paul, a reclaimed Anabaptist, 26.


Walachians, their revolt from the Turks, 27S.

Waldenses, their sufferings, 44, 45. Retires to Bohemia and

petition to be received into the Church of Geneva, 203.
lVarburt07i, Bishop, in his notes on Pope's essay on criticism

inconsistent in his censure of Luther, Calvin, Sec. as cruel,

while he praises Erasmus, 106.
Wife, Calvin's judgment respecting the properties of a good
wife, 26. Death of Calvin's, 62 — 67.
Will of Calvin, 2 1 4—2 1 7.
Wolmary Melchior, an account of him, 401, Afo. 4.


Youth, their education important in Calvin's view, 34.


Zcbedeus, Andrew, his confession on his deathbed, 183.

Zurich, the church in that place with its Professors and Pas-
tors induce Calvin to return to Geneva, 28 — 30. Their let-
ter to the Syndicks and Senate of Geneva respecting Ser-
vetus and his heresies, 84. The Senate in that place
strengthens the Church in Geneva in her discipline, 155, 1 56,



Rev. Philo Judson
Joseph Palmer, M. D.

JBark hams ted.
Peletiah Allen, Esq.
Gideon Mills
Oliver Mills
William Taylor

Abijah Flagg
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Rev. John Smalley, D. D.
Gad Stanley, Esq.

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Elijah Flower
Bliss Hart, Esq.
Simeon Hart, Esq.

Can a cm.
Rev. Cliarlcs Prentice

Andrew T. Judson, Esq.
Rev. Erastus Learned
Joseph Simms

Elijah Barber
Jonathan Barber
Jasper Bidwell
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Theophilus Humphrey
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Elisha Nilcs

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Rev. Chauncey Lee
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Martin Rockwell

Rev. Timothy Sioiie


Gideon Hollister
John Howard
Nathaniel Kingsbury
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Gideon Gates

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Rev. Shubaei Bartlett
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George Catlin


Aaron Chapin

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Wiliiam Mather, Esq.
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Asa Butler

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Dr. David Carrier, 2 copies
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Thorn fis 071.
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Willing ton.
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Rev. William Graves.



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William Wells, jr.

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Sandivich ,
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Eleazar F. Backus, 31 copies

Cat skill.
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Rev. John Chester, 2 copies

J^eiv- York.
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Whiting & Watson 100 copies

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Burlington, New-Jersey.

David Allison


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