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cruiser Variag. Leo Alexandrof, a young Russian officer and member of a
crew sent by the Russian government to man the cruiser Variag, then nearing
completion in the works of the Cramp Shipbuilding Company, became infatuated
with an American girl and deserted. The Russian government had him appre-
hended and made every effort to have him deported for court martial. He had
practically no means, but out of sympathy Mr. Harris undertook his defense and
so skilfully conducted the case, displaying such thorough knowledge of interna-
tional law and such sagacity in its interpretation, that he won a decision for his
client in the lower and afterward in the appellate courts, though pitted against
two of the most prominent law firms of Philadelphia and New York. The case
was carried to the supreme court of the United States, where he was given an
adverse decision by five judges against four, but his defense was so strong and
logical that the decision rendered against him was widely criticized in legal
circles and his client was eventually permitted to go free. This case, though it
was tried at an expense of several hundred dollars to Mr. Harris, won him
wide recognition and the highest esteem, not only of the legal fraternity but also
of the judges of the various courts. His practice has since called him fre-
quently before the supreme and superior courts of Pennsylvania where he has
always received the highest consideration and enjoyed gratifying success. He
has been particularly successful in the conduct of various cases involving the
admission of immigrants of his own race into this country.

Mr. Harris was regarded as one of the representative and honored men of
his race even before his graduation, and much of his success in practice has been
due to the fact that he is widely known in Jewish circles as a communal worker.
He has frequently appeared on the rostrum as an advocate of improvements of
the conditions of the Jewish population and of all matters pertaining to Jewish
welfare and interests. Soon after resigning his position as a teacher in the night
schools, which, by the way, he was instrumental in establishing, he was elected
a member of the board of the Hebrew Education Society, the oldest Jewish
educational organization in the city, and upon the death of David Sulzberger
was chosen secretary, which position he still fills. He assisted in organizing the
Jewish Shelter and Home for the Aged, which is still a useful institution. He
has supported many other benevolent and charitable works both by word and
deed, and his labors in this direction have been far-reaching and beneficial. He
is a member of most of the elemosynary and educational Jewish institutions, is
a director of the Mount Sinai Hospital, and is a member of the Federation of
Jewish Charities, of the Society for Organizing of Charity, and of others of
equally commendable aim and purpose. His church relationship is with the
Rodef Sholom congregation


Mr. Harris also belongs to the Masonic fraternity, the Independent Order
of B'nai B'rith, and the Home Beneficial Association. He is well known as a
member of the Lawyers Club and of the Law Association of Philadelphia, of the
General Alumni Society and of the alumni of the law department of the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania. He likewise belongs to the Manufacturers Club. His
strong intellect and his keen insight into any situation to which he gives earnest
thought and consideration have made his opinions of value in regard to the
management and control of the various societies, fraternities and clubs with
which he is connected.

On the 17th of March, 1893, Mr. Harris was married, in New York city,
to Miss Dascha Choslawitch, also a native of Wilna, Russia, and a descendant
of an aristocratic family of that country. The family residence is at Tioga.
Stimulated by laudable ambition and native intellectual powers to seek a broad
and liberal education, Mr. Harris upon that foundation has built his success
in life. He has ever been faithful to his clients, fair to his adversaries and
candid to the court. In various cases he has exhibited the possession of every
faculty of which a lawyer may be proud — skill in the presentation of his own
evidence, extraordinary ability in cross examination, persuasiveness before the
jury, a strong grasp of every feature of the cause, ability to secure favorable
rulings from the judge, unusual familiarity with human nature and untiring in-
.dustry. Perhaps no case involving international law has been more admirably
tried than that cited in which Mr. Harris defended the interests of a fellow coun-
tryman. His prominence at the bar would alone entitle him to mention with the
representative men of Philadelphia, but beyond the considerations of his pro-
dered his fellowmen and particularly those of his own race in alleviating the
fession there is ever to be remembered the splendid service which he has ren-
hard conditions of life for the unfortunate.


Dr. Albert E. Roussel, who ranks as one of the successful and well estab-
lished physicians of Philadelphia, was born in this city and is a son of Eugene
and Emilie (Kraft) Roussel (du Prunay). The family name was Roussel du
Prunay, but Mr. Roussel, who was a younger son, fought against the French
government in 1830. He was compelled to leave his native land and came to
Philadelphia, where he dropped the du Prunay. The family seat was the
Chateau de Condi Vailly sur Aisne, which had belonged to the Roussel family
from 1647. It was confiscated by the French government after the oldest son's
death but was returned to Mr. Roussel in 1840.

After obtaining his medical degree Dr. Roussel was appointed resident
physician at the Orthopaedic Hospital, Philadelphia, under Drs. S. Weir Mitchell,
Agnew, Osier, Goodman and Hunt. Subsequently he served as resident physi-
cian at the Philadelphia Hospital under Drs. Pepper, Mills, Montgomery, Pan-
coast and other eminent masters in medicine and sui-gery. He completed his
training for the profession at the Salpetriere and Hospital St. Louis of Paris,


France. Having thus made a remarkably thorough preparation for his life
work he located in Philadelphia, soon gaining a high standing in a calling for
which he has proved eminently adapted both by natural and acquired qualifica-
tions. He is now serving as associate professor of practice and clinical medicine
to the Medico-Chirurgical College and visiting physician to the hospital of this in-
stitution and also as visiting physician to the Howard Hospital. He is con-
sulting physician to the Hayes Mechanics' Home, physician to the French con-
sulate, the French Benevolent Society, the Day Nursery, etc. He holds mem-
bership in a number of professional organizations, among which may be named
the American Medical Association, the Pennsylvania State and Philadelphia
County Medical Societies, the Pediatric and Pathological Societies, the Phila-
delphia Medical Club, the American Therapeutic Society, the Societie Francaise
de Electro-Therapeutique, and was decorated by the French government in April,
1907, with the Palmes Academiques.

In 1888, at Philadelphia, Dr. Roussel was united in marriage to Miss Mattie
Bennett Finn, a daughter of W. W. Finn and a granddaughter of George Howell,
one of the original directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Two children have
come to bless this union, Albert E., Jr., and Lenore du Prunay Roussel. Dr.
Roussel gives his best energies to his profession but as an independent and pro-
gressive man keeps in close touch with the advancement in all the principal de-
partments of modern life. He is a valued member of the Penn Club and can
claim a host of friends who have been impressed by his sincerity and attracted
by his genial and pleasing manner.


Abbott, C. Y 135

Abbott, W. H 134

Adams, Benjamin 261

Allen, Harrison 223

Anders, H. 8 90

Armstrong, Theodore 48

Christman, J. W 137

Church of St. Anthony de Padua 138

Closson, J. H 442

Coates, E. H 429

Conarroe, G. M 96

Conrad, R. T 600

Ascension Catholic Church 4B~^Con¥erge, J. H.


Ashcraft, L. T 267

Atkin, Hercules 474

Audenried, C. Y 509

Babcock, W. W 541

Baile, Robert, Sr 146

Baker, W. P 101

Barth, Charles 23

Beates, Henry, Jr 182

Beerger, Bernhard 221

Belber, H. S 389

Bell, J. C 376

Belsterling, W. F., Jr 397

Bernstein, Ralph 291

Bingham, H. H 532

Bioren, J. S 349

Birch, E. K 103

Boice, J. M 596

Boston, L. N 104

Bower, W. H 407

Bradford, J. H 345

Brooks, W. H 604

Brown, J. K 77

Brown, W. A 421

Brumbaugh, M. G 117

Bryant, H. G 81

Buckley, E. S 142

Bullitt, J. C 316

Burgin, G. H 612

Buruham, George, Jr 347

Burpee, W. A 536

Campbell, C. S 341

- Carson, H. L 14

Chambers, F. T 432

Corr, Bernard 169

Coyle, J. J 471

Craig, A. R 29

Crawford, G. W 94

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Cressou 414

Croskey, Henry 372

Croskey, Knowles 154

Cummings, J. H 528

Curtis, C. H. K 483

Da Costa, J. C 181

Davis, J. L. 425

De Merlier, Franz 203

Dennisson, S. G 611

Devlin, Thomas 248

Diehl, E. C 385

Disston, Samuel 426

Dornhege, Bernard 209

Dreer, F. J 32

Dripps, J. F 258

Du Barry, J. N 391

Duross, James 143

Dye, J. H 276

Eavenson, R. M 284

Edmonds, F. S 225

Evans, Allen 78

Evans, William 189

Eyre, Wilson 54

Ferguson, W. B. S 61

Fischelis, Philipp 380

Flannery, Henry 95

Fletcher, W. M 298




Foss, C. D 204

Foulkrod, Collin 52

Fouse, A. G 161

Fouse, L. G 562

Fow, J. H. 45

Frazier, G. H 606

Furness, Frank 244

Futrell, W. H 144

Gazzam, J. M 71

Gerhab, Jacob 108

Gerhard, J. S 97

Gibb, J. S 31

Gilbert, "W. H 586

Gillette, J. E 500

Gordon, J. G 53

Graham, Bobert \ 422

Grubb, W. B 392

Grugan, F. W 151

Guenther, Emil 590

Guggenheim, Meyer 141"^

Guggenheim, William 94

Gummey, C. F 386

Gutekunst, Frederick 333

Hahn, F. E 363

Harding, W. W 602

Harris, Bernard 620

Harte, E. H 438

Hatfield, Walter 510

Hibbs, M. E 307

Hicks, G. W. B 496

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Houston, H. H 254

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Huey, S. B 170

Hunter, C. T 552

Hurflf, J. K 495

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Kieffer, G. C 274

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Kitehenman, James 418

Kley, P. A 87

Knipe, J. C 159

Kyle, D. B 43

Lamson, A. D 79

Lane, Joel 136

Lautenbaeh, L. J 324

Lawrence, Alexander, Jr 98

Leaf, E. B 210

Learned, M. T> 222

Leonard, F. M 273

Lequear, J. B 119

Lewis, James 359

Lippincott, Craige 437

Lippincott, J. B 283

Longaker, Daniel 109

Lovett Family 178

Lovett Memorial Free Library 54

MeClees, L. B 294

MeCurdy, George 460

McKeehan, C. L 168

McLean, W. L 409

McMaster, J. B 609

McNeely, G. H 450

Mackay-Smith, Alex 336

^ Jlartiudale, Thomas 303

Meeker, G. H 37

Melville, H. E 286

Meyer, Eobert 72

Michener, H. G 487

Miller, L. 56

Miller, W. J 342

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Morris, I. W 574

Morris, E. 8 270

Mott, A. C 230

Moulton, B. P 548

Mulford, S. K 567

Murphy, J. J 180

Musser, J. H 453

Nasehold, J. F 275

Nelson, T. T 364

Newhall, W. E 247

Newman, J. B 80

Oberholtzer, E. P 594

Our Lady of Good Counsel 59

Owen, Alexander 138

Paehueki, M. S 286

Packard, C. S. W 290

Painter, H. B 474

Patterson, T. H. H 200

Peirce, T. M 162

Pettit, Horace 444



Pew, J. N 313

Plumb, F. R 518

Porter, G. D 158

Posey, L. P 55

Poth, F. A 120

Poth, F. J 126

Poth, H. A 127

Potter, T. C 218

Potter, Thomas 588

Potter, Thomas, Jr 595

Potter, William 607

Potts, C. S 60

Premlergast, J. F 327

Prizer, H. A 367

Balston, Robert 390

Register, H. C 130

Reinhold, H. L 215

Remington, J. P 568

Roberts, F. C 593

Rodman, W. L 472

RomSn, Desiderio 292

Ross, G. G 28

Roussel, A. E 622

Rue, L. L 149

Rushton, B. H 74

Roesc-b, G. J 502

St. Casirair 's Parish 289

St. Elisabeth's Episcopal Church 410

St. George 's Parish 153

St. Stanislaus Parish 285

Samuel, Frank 145

Sanders, A. J 311

Sauer, A. J 268

Sauers, H. P 22

Sayres, E. S 480

Scattergood, J. H 229

Schmidt, H. C 40 .

Seeler, B. V 523

Sellers, William 190

Shattuck, F. R 202

Shober, J. B 456

Shoeh, H. B 455

Shute, F. A 447

Silberman, Simon 128

Simpson, Matthew 5

Siter, E. H 47

Slaughter, F. "V 128

Smith, G. W 448

Smith, J. J 13

Smith, J. R. 335

Spahr, B. L 13

Spiegel, C. A 383

Steel, Robert 226

Steinmetz, J. A 213

Stetson, J. B 524

Stewart, W. S 152

Stidham, J. P 107

Stirk, J. C 217

Sutcliffe Family 557

Swank, J. M 512

Swing, H. R 150

Sutliflf, V. A 559

Tatera, J. F 449

Teller, W. H 299

Thomas, G. C 62 -"

Thompson, J. W 281

Thornton, William 232

Tustin, F. W 466

Vale, Ruby R 350

Vare, W. S 112

Vaux, Richard 313

Veale, Moses 435

Vogdes, J. T 506

Wagner, John 332

Walker, L. L 89

Wallace, W. S 516

Wallerstein, David 505

Walton, C. S 269

Wanamaker, A. L 610

Ward, J. A 110

Warner, J. B 308

Washburn, L. C 29

Weber, C. H 36

Weed, G. L 4'^8

Weiss, W. F 102

Wells, B. G 425

Wells, Calvin 423

Wenger, Morris 430

West, G. A 266

Wharton, Joseph 235

■^.Whitaker, O. W 462

White, James 584

Wliite, S. 8 582

Whitehouse, C. W 479

Whitman, H. F 312

Whitmer, B. F 172

Wight, A. R 240

Wigton, F. H 469

Williams, Charles 521

Williams, I. J 371

Wilson, B. B 82

Wilson, J. C 9

Yarnall, Ellis ^ . ^ 354

Yerkes, A.J T>.^^. . 360

Ziegler, S. L 370

Ziegler, H. Z 262


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