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Murray, Ut; md (1) Genie 1 Trudy WALTON; dau of
Leonard S. and Edna WALTON; and had ch:

13-889 Peggy Joy CROPPER b 17 Feb 1950; d 31 Dec 1952
13-890 Jerry Lynn CROPPER b 17 July 1952
13-891 Janet Gay CROPPER b 7 Oct 1955

Gerald and Geniel were divorced. Geniel md (2)
Mr. BISHOP who adopted the two younger children. They
now carry the name of BISHOP.

Gerald md (2) 10 Jan 1959, in Blanding, Utah, to
Margie Fay COLLINS who was b 13 Mar 1938, Quanah, Texas;
dau of J. C. COLLINS and Martie Lee MORRIS. She grad-
uated from high school 10 Jan 1959, in Blanding, Ut.


Ch of Gerald and Margie:

13-892 Ronald Paul CROPPER b 19 Mar 1960, Quanah, Texas
13-893 Janet Colleen CROPPER b 2 Dec 1961, Quanah, Texas

Gerald Fenn Cropper graduated from South High
School, in Salt Lake City, Ut; served on an LDS miss-
ion in the Eastern States, then spent a year in the
United States Army.

In 1970 he and his wife bought "Jerry's Jewelry"
in Richfield, Ut. , and live in the community of Central,
RED Monroe, Ut. , where they raise quarter horses on
their small ranch, Jerry is active in the Sevier County
Horsebreeders Assn, the Elk's Club; served as a dele-
gate to the Republican Convention; and is a Sunday
School teacher. He enjoys hunting big game, fishing and
all athletics.

His wife is president of Xi Alpha Nu Sorority,
director for Independence Day Inc; member of the Fair
Board; drill team advisor; and enjoys league bowling.

Ronald, in 1976, was president of his junior class,
third year on the football team; second year baseball
team; has two years on the wrestling team and is a
State Qualifier; is a Priest in the LDS church.

Janet enjoys riding "barrels" with her horse Wonder
Bar; is a member of the drill team, ninth grade class
president; was Ninth Grade Harvest Ball candidate and
Most Preferred Girl; talented in tap and ballet; member
of the school chorus and drama team.

(Info: Mrs. Gerald F. Cropper, RFD Monroe, Ut.)

12-687 Craig Lynn CHIDESTER, s of Lorenzo " (Loren-

10-162„.,, , ^9-110^ , »,8-85^ , r,7-57^ -^6-47,
ao Willard D John M John P David )

and Doris Marie REQUA; b 26 Nov 1939, El Centre,
Imperial, Cal; md 22 Sept 1963, in San Leandro, Cal.,
to Sharon Isabella HARMON who was b 22 June 1943, Oak-
land, Cal; dau of Albert HARMON and Lucille HOLLIDAY:
and had ch b in Anaheim, Orange, California:

13-894 Scott Lynn CHIDESTER b 16 Feb 1972
13-895 Denise Sharon CHIDESTER b 8 Jan 1975

I attended Brigham Young University and San Jose
State College, graduating from the latter school with a
bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. I have



worked for General Electric since 1960 and have lived
in Denver, Colorado, and Philadelphia, Penn. , as well
as northern and southern California.

(Info: Craig Chidester, Cypress, Cal)

12-706 Carol Jean PHIPPEN, dau of Kenneth m"'"''"'"'^^^

Eunice E. CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^Willard D^"-' - '-°John M^"^^

John P " David ) and Elizabeth BAILEY; b 8
Jan 1936, Logan, Ut; md 7 Aug 1959, in Los Angeles,
Cal., to James Howard EDWARDS who was b 3 Feb 1932,
San Bernardino, Cal; s of James Sumner EDWARDS and
LaVon Gertrude BUNNELL; and had ch b in San Bernar-
dino, Cal:

13-896 Jeanne Dawn EDWARDS b 17 Mar 1952

13-897 Timothy Howard EDWARDSZ b 9 June 1954

13-898 Keith Sumner EDWARDS b 4 Mar 1956

13-899 Julie Ann EDWARDS b 10 Dec 1965

James Edwards is a salesman for Stationers Corp-
oration; has been in a bishopric; stake clerk; Sun-
day School president and stake Sunday School board. Son
Timothy served on an LDS mission.

Carol Phippen is Relief Society president in her
ward; has served as counsellor in Stake Primary; ward
Primary president.

(Info: James H. Edwards, San Bernardino, Cal)

12-708 Patricia Ann PHIPPEN, dau of Kenneth M"' - '-"^^^

(Eunice CHIDESTER-'-^'-^^^illard D^"-^-^°John M^'^^

John P "^ David^'^^) and Elizabeth BAILEY; b 13
Mar 1944, Logan, Ut; md 16 June 1967, in Los Angeles,
Cal., to Arthur Randolph BRIMHALL; s of Jarvis
BRIMHALL; and had ch:

13-900 Bradley Todd BRIMHALL b 28 June 1969, Loma Linda, Cal
13-901 Jeffrey Wayne BRIMHALL b 28 May 1971, Provo, Ut.
13-902 Tawna Leigh BRIMHALL b 10 Apr 1973, Loma Linda, Cal
13-903 Derek Michael BRIMHALL b 28 Feb 1976, Lake Havasu,

In 1976 the family was living in Lake Havasu, Ariz.


where Arthur was teaching high school and was the
bishop of the LDS ward there. He is a graduate of Ariz-
ona State University, master's degree.

Pat graduated from the Brigham Young University
in nursing and attended Church College in Hawaii during
the summer of 1966. She has served as teacher and couns-
ellor in MIA and Primary and teaches in Relief Society.

(Info: Kenneth M. Phippen, San Bernardino, Cal)

12-709 Joan Beth PHIPPEN, dau of Kenneth M-'-''""^'*^

, ^ . ^„^^^^^„„10-163,,., , , ^9-110^ ^ „8-85^ ,
( Eunice CHIDESTER Willard D John M John

p7-57David6-47) and Elizabeth BAILEY; b 1 May 1946,

Logan, Ut; md 18 Aug 1967, in Las Vegas, Nev. , to

Amos Bud PALMER; and had ch:

13-904 Michelle PALMER b 31 Aug 1968, Pomona, Cal
13-905 Scott Reed PALMER b 12 Apr 1971, Logan, Ut.
13-906 Heather Cherie PALMER b 6 Sept 1974, Logan, Ut;

d 27 Apr 1976
13-907 Leslie Ann PALMER b 22 Mar 1976, Logan, Ut.

Joan attended Brigham Young University after grad-
uation from Pacific High School in San Bernardino where
she was active in school affairs. She teaches Sunday
School and is chorister and coordinator of the Sunday

In 1976 the family was living in Hyrum, Utah, where
Amos was employed by Miller Meat Company. He now owns
a garage there. He is in the Sunday School presidency.

(Info: Kenneth M. Phippen, San Bernardino, Cal)

12-712 Pamela Dee GOESMAN, dau of Roma Fontella CHIDES-

mT:.T,ll-348 ,^ , ,,10-164„.T, , ^9-110^ . m8-85
TER (John M Willard D John M

John p'^'^'^David^"^'^) and Wendell H. GOESMAN; b 17
Mar 1943, Los Angeles, Cal; md 11 Aug 1962 to
Donald Veryl SHADRICK who was b 16 July 1941, Los
Angeles, Cal; s of Veryl Doryce SHADRICK and Gerald-
ine Florence SMITH; and had ch b in Van Nuys , Cal:

13-908 Barton Don SHADRICK b 6 July 1963
13-909 Eric Steven SHADRICK b 12 June 1967

There was a divorce and Pamela md (2) 10 Apr 1970,


Steven SEITZ who was b 15 May 1937, Oakland, Cal;

s of Wayne Carter SEITZ and Beatrice Elizabeth THOMAS?

and had ch b in Panorama City, California:

13-910 Troy Thomas SEITZ b 26 Sept 1971

(Info: John M. Chidester, Bell, California:)

12-715 Edward Lynn SAUL, s of Esther Virginia JOHN-
SON-" - "-"-^^^ (Esther Laverne CHIDESTER-'-^'-'-^^Willard
jj9-110j^j^ M^'^^John P^'^^David^""^^) and Edward Glen
SAUL; b 19 Jan 1935, Denver, Colo; md in Reno, Nev. ,
to Rose Marie MOORE; and had ch:

13-911 Robert Allen SAUL b 5 Dec 1957

13-912 Koleen Renae SAUL b 12 Sept 1964

13-913 Brian Douglas SAUL b 6 Feb 1966'

13-914 Kelly Jean SAUL b 8 Aug 1968

In April, 1976, Lynn and family were living in
Santa Fe Springs, Cal. He has a factory in Bellf lower,
Cal., manufacturing skate boards which he designed.

Cinfo: Mrs. Ruby Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.)

12-716 Patricia Lois SAUL, dau of Esther V. JOHN-

SON-^-'-"^^^ (Esther L. CHIDESTER''-^"-'-^^) Willard D^"'' - '-'^

John M John P " David ) and Edward Glen SAUL;

b 23 Aug 1936, Twin Falls, Ida; md 29 Aug 1953, to
Eldon J. HARTMAN; and had ch:

13-915 Cynthia Lou HARTMAN b 2 July 1954
13-916 Eldon James HARTMAN Jr. b 5 June 1957
13-917 Susan Carol HARTMAN b 27 Jan 1960

(Info: Mrs. Ruby Neel, Moses Lake, Washington, )

12-717 Charles LeRoy SAUL, s of Esther V. JOHN-

Q^ll-352 (Eg^j^gj. L CHIDESTER-'-°"-'-^\illard D^"^^°

8 — R 5
John M \r ^ T,7-57 .,6-47, , , , ,

John P David ) and Edward Glen SAUL;

b 30 Nov 1937, Denver, Colo; md 15 Oct 1960, to
Carol BARKER; and had ch:


13-918 Toinette Carol SAUL b 10 Apr 1962
13-919 David Anthony SAUL b 18 June 1963
13-920 Jennifer Ann SAUL b 20 Oct 1965

(Info: Mrs. Ruby Neel, Moses Lake, Wn.)

12-725 Josetta Ann HANKINS, dau of Ruby Laverne JOHN-

SON"' - ^'"-^^^ (Esther L. CHIDESTER-'-^"-'-^ Villard D^"-' - '-^

John M^'^^John P^'^^David^'"^^) and Frank HANKINS;
b 4 July 1942, Brigham City, Ut; md 22 Jan 1966, to
Mikeal BLACK; and had ch:

13-921 Troy BLACK b 29 Jan 1962, Carson City, Nev.
13-922 Karla Louise BLACK b 11 Oct 1970, Mountain Home,

13-923 Karen Lee BLACK b 21 Jan 1974, Mountain Home, Ida

Mikeal and Josetta have a ranch in Granview, Ida.
He raises cattle, trains race horses and raises feed
for his cattle.

(Info: Mrs. Ruby Neel, Moses Lake, Wn)


The following were received too late to be included in
their regular niomerical order, but are given here.

12-215 Bonnie Lee HAMILTON, dau of Elva SPROUL

(Eveline CHIDESTER-'-°"-' - '-°John P^"-'-°^John M^~^^John
p'7-57 David6-47) and Alvin Lamar HAMILTON; b 14
May 1937, Fairview, Ut; md 24 June 1925, in the
Temple at Manti, Ut, , to Richard A. NIELSON who
was b 24 June 1932, Ephraim, Ut; s of Neils Adin
NIELSON and Reva LaBelle BRIENHOLT; and had ch b
in Mt. Pleasant, San Pete, Utah:

13-924 Brian R. NIELSON b 2 Apr 1958

13-925 Matthew A. NIELSON b 19 July 1959

13-926 Cameron A. NIELSON b 19 Nov 1961

13-927 Warren NIELSON b 4 Feb 1965

13-928 Jordan C. NIELSON b 1 Feb 1966

13-929 Brooks C. NIELSON b 25 May 19 67

13-930 Tyler L. NIELSON b 5 July 1968


(Info: Bonnie L. H. Nielson, Mount Pleasant, Ut.)

12-386 Kelly Ray CHIDESTER, s of Kenneth R

(Don cl°-^28^^^.^9-106j^j^^ M^-^Sj^hn P^-^^David^"^^)
and Florens A. PFANNENSTIEL; b 5 Mar 1947, Buhl,
Idaho; md 20 Aug 1969, in Salt. Lake City, Ut. , to
Virginia Sue WEST; dau of Mr. & Mrs. William K.
WEST; and had ch:

13-931 Carrie Virginia CHIDESTER b 30 Sept 1972
13-932 Wendy Lynne CHIDESTER b 9 Sept 1973

Kelly Chidester, born in Buhl, Idaho, was schooled
in Salt Lake City, Utah where he received a degree in
mechanical engineering from University of Utah,

He moved to Texas after being commissioned an
officer in the U. S. Air Force; served as pilot,
instructor of pilots; mechanical engineer at Sheppard
Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas for six years.

In 1977 he was working as a mechanical engineer
for a consulting firm in Salt Lake City, Ut.

(Info; Kelly R. Chidester, Bountiful, Ut.)

12-387 Raynee CHIDESTER, dau of Kenneth R (Don

clO-128 David^-lO^John M^'^^John P^-^^David^'^'^) and
Florene A. PFANNENSTIEL; b 31 July 1948, Salt Lake
City, Ut; md 23 Oct 1968, to Gary Lynn BENGTZEN;
and had ch:

13-933 Anthony Teague BENGTZEN b 23 Oct 1969
13-934 Kirk Everett BENGTZEN b 5 Oct 1971
13-935 Alicia BENGTZEN b 16 July 1974

Raynee Chidester attended University of Utah. Gary is
an executive in a printing firm in Salt Lake City, Ut,

(Info: Kelly R. Chidester, Bountiful, Ut.)

12-3 88 Kathryn Ann CHIDESTER, dau of Kenneth R

rr^ ol0-128^ .,9-106^, „8-85^ . _7-57^, . ,6-47.
(Don C David John M John P David )

and Florene A. PFANNENSTIEL; b 28 Apr 1951, Hutchin-
son, Kansas; md 1 July 1972, to Jeffery Louis KJAR;
and had ch:


13-936 Meghan Elaine KJAR b 25 Aug 1976

Kathy was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, but receiv-
ed her education at LDS Business College, Salt Lake
City and has a degree in fashion marketing. Her husb-
and Jeff, operates a wholesale clothing business.

(Info: Kelly R. Chidester, Bountiful, Ut.)

12-489 Erman James HILL, s of Maria CHIDESTER"' - '-'^^^

,^.. , ^10-137^ , „9-107^ , ^8-85^ , n'7-57

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P

David6-47) and William James HILL; b 23 Feb 1925,

Huntington, Ut; md 3 July 1952 in Pocatello, Ida.,

to (1) Maxine FRISK; dau of William FRISK and

Minerva Jane MILLER; and had ch:

13-937 Brenda Louise HILL b 16 Sept 1953, Pocatello, Ida;
md 5 Mar 1977, CXirtis STUART

Erman J. Hill md (2) 24 Oct 1959, Vivian LeMONS

12-491 Daniel Lon HILL, s of Maria CHIDESTER"' - '-"^^^

,^T^ , ^10-137^ , „9-107^ , v,8-85_ , ^37-57

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P

David6-47) and William James HILL; b 23 Nov 1930,
Huntington, Ut; md (1) 7 June 1947, in Reno, Nev. ,
to Barbara Jean JUCHAU who was b 22 Apr 1930, Stock-
ton, Cal; dau of Leonard JUCHAU and Minnie Magdalene
SHEPARD; and had ch:

13-938 Daniel Ray HILL b 29 June 1948, Blackfoot, Ida

md 24 Feb 1977, Janice Marie HOLM
13-939 Linda Marie HILL b 4 Jan 1953, Vallejo, Cal; md

Ronald Eugene RANEY

Daniel Lon Hill md (2) 5 May 1954, in Rock Springs,
Wyoming., Shirley Mae EIMAN who was b 24 June 1936,
Pocatello, Idaho; dau of Milford Ezra EIMAN and Sarah
Louise APEL; and had ch:

13-940 Danna Lee HILL b 15 Dec 1955, Fort Bragg, N.C.; md
7 Feb 1973 to Dudley SCHOUTEN who was b 13 Mar 1956;
s of Clarence SCHOUTEN; and had ch:

(1) Mandee Sean Victoria SCHOUTEN b 8 Oct 1975,
Gatesville, Texas ( a dau)


(2) Brandon Daniel SCHOUTEN b 1 Mar 1977, Boise, Ida
13-941 Dreena Lynn HILL b 15 Jan 1958, Pocatello, Ida
13-942 Debra LaRae HILL b 20 Jan 1969, Pocatello, Ida
13-943 Darren Lon HILL b 9 Dec 1969 Salmon, Idaho

(Info: Ardell "G" Hill, Meridian, Idaho)

12-492 Reginald Leon HILL, s of Maria CHIDESTER''""''"^'*^

,^,^ , ^10-137_ , -9-107^ , »,8-85^ , t^7-57

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P

David6-47) and William James HILL; b 12 May 1932,

Huntington, Ut; md 18 Dec 1958, to Patsy Colleen

BOWMAN who was b 2 May 1935, Dodge City, Kansas;

dau of Clarence F. BOWMAN and Addie Lucita TIPPIE.

Patsy was md (1) to Clinton Eugene BARNES and

had ch:

(1) Robin Ray BARNES b 1 Oct 1953, Hutchinson, Kansas

(2) Michael Ray BARNES b 28 Mar 1955, Hutchinson, Kansas

To Reginald and Patsy were born:

13-944 Glen Wade HILL b 7 July 1960, Annapolis, Md.

13-945 Tina Joy HILL b 22 Sept 1964, Coupeville, Washington

(Info: Ardell "G" Hill, Meridian, Ida.)

12-493 Joyce Arlene HILL, dau of Maria CHIDESTER"'"-'-"^^^

(Alfred G^^"^^"^ Joshua P^'^°^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^
David6-47) and William James HILL; b 30 Mar 1934,
Sterling, Idaho; md (1) 18 Sept 1951, in Pocatello,
Ida., to William Kay OLSEN, a miner, who was b 9 Oct
1927, Price, Ut; d 6 May 1970, in Meridian, Ida;
s of Hyrum William Olsen and Ada Francis NOYES.

William K. Olsen was md CD to Donna SORENSON.
Ch of Joyce and William:

13-946 Joyce Arlene OLSEN b 18 June 1952, Price, Ut; md 4
Feb 1972, in Manti, Ut. , to Lane Clifton RICH who was
b 25 July 1951; s of Vearl Ray RICH and Ella LANEY;
and had ch:

(1) Heidi Sue RICH b 10 Feb 1973, Nampa, Idaho

(2) Dustin Kay RICH b 26 Sept 1976, Boise, Idaho
13-947 Linda Kay OLSEN b 26 June 1953, Price, Ut; md (1)

2 Aug 1971, in Meridian, Ida., to Mark Baker HUFFMAN


who was b 7 May 1953, Nyssa, Oregon; s of James Lee

HUFFMAN and Joy Nell BAKER; and had ch b in Quantico,

West Virginia:

(1) Carrie Dean HUFFMAN b 6 June 1973
02) Marco William HUFFMAN b 3 June 1975

Linda md (2) 7 Feb 1976, Joseph Michael BRIDGEWATER
13-948 Debra Lynn OLSEN b 9 Sept 1954, Price, Ut.
13-949 Gloria Jean OLSEN b 5 Nov 1956, Price, Ut.
13-950 Denice Joanne OLSEN b 7 June 1962, Los Angeles, Cal
13-951 Ada Francine OLSEN b 14 June 1965, Carlsbad, N.M.

Joyce Arlene Hill md (2) Norman ORR

(Info: Ardell "G" Hill, Meridian, Ida.)

12-494 Roger Delane HILL, s of Maria CHIDESTER"'"''""^^^
(Alfred g1°'137j^^^^^ P^-lO^j^hn M^'^^^^hn P^'^V
David6-47) and William James HILL; b 13 Feb 1936,
Sterling, Idaho; md 9 Mar 1959, in Blackfoot, Ida.,
to Sharon Lavone ANDERSON who was b 1 Jan 1941,
Nyssa, Oregon; and had ch ch:

13-952 Kevin Delane HILL b 25 Dec 1959, Pocatello, Ida

13-953 Terry Lynn HILL b 9 Oct 1960, Pocatello, Ida (twin)

13-954 Jerry Ray HILL b 9 Oct 1960 Pocatello, Ida (twin)

13-955 Alauna Diane HILL b 7 Oct 1961, Spokane, Wn

13-956 Christine Denice HILL b 20 Dec 1962, Spokane, Wn

13-957 Jeffery Brian HILL b 1 Apr 1965, Spokane, Wn

13-958 Shellie Jo HILL b 27 Jan 1969, Spokane, Wn

Cinfo: Ardell "G" Hill, Meridian, Idaho)

12-495 Roma Ann HILL, dau of Maria CHIDESTER'^'^"^ ^

,-,^ , ^10-137^ . „9-107^ , v,8-85^ , t.7-57

(Alfred G Joshua P John M John P

David6-47) and William James HILL; b 26 Aug 1938,
in Rose, Bingham, Idaho; md 27 June 1958, in Poca-
tello, Idaho, to Ronald Eugene DARKES who was b 2
June 1930, Hebron, Licking, Ohio; s of Medred
Eldred DARKES and Dorothy GLENROSE; and had ch :

13-959 Kimberly Marie DARKES b 5 Dec 1960, Newark, Ohio
13-960 Kelly Ann DARKES b 3 Mar 1964, Robinsdale, Minn



Roma Ann Hill was md previously to Manuel Jose

(Info: Afdell "G" Hill, Meridian, Ida)

12-750 Richard Lee McCABE, s of Florence Edna JOHN-

SON-' - '-"^^^ (Carrie M. BARR-'-^""'-^^ Carrie G. CHIDESTER^'"'-^^

„.TT. .-8-133^ ^ 7-50,^.,,. 6-44„.TT. 5-29
William N Erastus William William

,,.,T. 4-12^ -^3-2^ 2-1^ 1-1, , ^

William David James James ) and Gene

McCABE; b 31 Oct 1937, Fairfield, Jefferson, Iowa;

md 8 Feb 1958, to Mary Ellen BUNCOMBE who was b 20

Dec 1937, Salt Lake City, Ut; dau of Milton DUNCOMBE

and Helen BISHOP; and had ch:

13-961 Mark Alan McCABE b 7 Nov 1958, Lynwood, Cal

13-962 Michael Patrick McCABE b 6 June 1960, Lynwood, Cal

13-963 Katheleen Louise McCABE b 7 June 1961, Lynwood, Cal

13-964 Kelli JoAnn McCABE b 11 Oct 1964, Concord, Cal.

Richard Lee McCabe md (2) 9 Sept 1972, in Oakland, Cal.,
Marilyn Jean SCHOEMAN who was b 22 May 1951, Whittier,
Cal; dau of Edwin SCHOEMAN and Helen HARPER.

(Info: Mrs. Florence E. J. McCabe, Fairfield, Iowa)

12-778 Robert Keith BLANCHARD, s of Hulda Lee HOW-
ELL "'■■'•'"^^^ (Ruth I. BARR-'-°'"-'-^-'-Carrie G. CHIDESTER^""'-^^

William N^"-'-^^Erastus^""^°William^'^^William^"^^

4-12 3—2 2—1 1—1

William David James James ) and Carmie Earl

BLANCHARD; b 7 Dec 1935, Los Angeles, Cal; md 7

June 1953, in Delhi, Cal., to Anna Ruth SAPP who was

b 4 Nov 1933, Washburn, Barry, Missouri; dau of Elden

Erskin SAPP and Susie Thelma ETCHASON; and had ch:

13-965 Rebecka Ann BLANCHARD b 22 June 1961, Van Nuys, Cal
13-966 Robert Keith BLANCHARD Jr. b 7 Nov 1969, Call, Valle,

Columbia, South America; d 10 Nov 1969
13-967 Kathy Ann BLANCHARD b 18 Oct 1970, Call, Columbia
13-968 Randy Keith BLANCHARD b 4 July 1973, Turlock, Cal.

Robert Keith Blanchard Sr. , graduated from Biola College,
Los Angeles, Cal., in 1960. He pastored for five years
in California. He and his wife Anna, served as mission-


aries in South and Central America from 1967 to 1971.
Robert is currently, 1976, with Campus Crusades for
Christ International, Latin American Representative.

Robert and Anna both graduated from Spanish Lang-
uage Institute, San Jose, Costa Rica.

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Cal)

12-780 Helen Rae Dene HOWELL, dau of Robert Marion
1 1 „ -3 pq i fi — 1 Q 1


TER^'-'-^^William N^~-'-^^Erastus'''^°William^"'*Sill-

c;-'?Q 4-19 T-9 9 — 1 1-1

iam^ ^William David"^ James Jams ) and

LaDanta Evelyn WHITE; b 29 Nov 1936, Los Angeles,
Cal; md 10 Oct 1954, in Cottonwood, Shasta, Cal.,
to Harley E. HERRICK who was b 22 Nov 1933, Redding,
Cal; s of Ira HERRICK and Edna EVERETT; and had ch:

13-969 Roberta R. HERRICK b 26 Oct 1955, Redding, Cal;
md 17 Sept 1972, in Reno, Nevada, to Gilbert R. FELIX
(a student) who was b 6 Oct 1949, Dinuba, Cal; s of
Gilbert R. FELIX and Eva RODRIQUEZ

13-970 Karen HERRICK b 5 June 1957, Vallejo, Solano, Cal;
md 22 July 1972, in Woodland, Cal., to Jimmy Dean COMBS
who was b 5 Sept 1953, Woodland, Cal; s of Robert Dean
COMBS and Edith Louise PARKER; and had ch:

(1) Jimmy Dean COMBS b 2 Dec 1973, Sacramento, Cal

(2) Robert Eugene COMBS b 6 Sept 1974, Woodland, Cal

(Info: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Cal)

11 — 3 89
12-781 Evelyn Lee HOWELL, dau of Robert M. HOWELL

(Ruth I. BARR-^^'-'-^-'-Carrie G. CHIDESTER^'-'-'^^William


David"^~^James^~'^James-^""^) and LaDanta Evelyn WHITE;
b 7 Nov 1939, Los Angeles, Cal; md 17 Nov 1956, in
Anderson, Shasta, Cal., to James D. DONNELLY, a warr-
ant officer in the U.S. Army, who was b 14 Feb 1933,
Winooski, Vermont; and had ch:

13-971 Robert Ray DONNELLY b 22 Oct 1957, Redding, Cal
13-972 Theresa Evelyn DONNELLY b 18 Feb 1959, Frankfort,

13-973 David William DONNELLY b 21 Apr 1960, Frankfort,



13'-974 Don Lee DONNELLY b 25 Mar 1961, Fort Lewis, Wn
13-975 Danny James DONNELLY b 16 July 1967, Fort Lewis, Wn

Cinfo: Mrs. Kate B. Stanford, Santa Ana, Ca, 1974)

12-480 Homer ENGLE, s of Susannah CHIDESTER-'-"'""^^^

(Alfred G^^'^^"^ Joshua P^~^°'^John M^'^^John p"^"^"^
David6-47 ) and Edward ENGLE; b 1 Dec 1926, Hunt-
ington, Utah; md (1) 7 June 1945, in Wellington,
Ut. , to Lily Lucille SLAMA who was b 20 Feb 1928,
Ogden, Ut; dau of Alfred Thomas SLAMA and Ella
BITTON; and had ch:

13-976 Kathleen Ruth (Kathy) ENGLE b 4 Feb 1947, Salt

Lake City, Ut; md (1) 21 July 1967, in Elko, Nev. , to
Bruce Craig CLAYTON who was b 28 Apr 1947, Salt Lake
City, Ut; s of Joseph Clair CLAYTON and Joice STARDUF;
and had ch:

(1) Stephanie Elaine CLAYTON b 4 June 1968, Murray, Ut

(2) Natalie Rochelle CLAYTON b 6 Mar 1971, Salt Lake
Divorced, Kathleen md (2) 27 Apr 1974, Steven WOLOWINA

13-977 Judy Lynn ENGLE b 7 Dec 1949, Price, Ut; md 7 Dec
1967, in Granger, Salt Lake, Ut., to Thomas Leroy BACA
who was b 3 Mar 1944, Rock Springs, Wyoming; s of Alf-
onso Joe BACA or BACCA and Emma GARCIA. He was md (1)
to Carol ACEVES.

Ch of Judy Lynn ENGLE and Thomas Leroy BACA:

(1) Wende Michelle BACA b 4 Apr 1968, Salt Lake City

(2) Laura Lee BACA b 27 Apr 1969, Salt Lake City, Ut

(3) Stacey Nicole BACA b 3 May 1970, La Mesa, Cal

(4) Tawnia Denise BACA b 26 May 1971, La Mesa, Cal

(5) Tommy Shane BACA b 14 Oct 1972, La Mesa, Cal
13-978 Eldean Roy ENGLE b 25 May 1953, Salt Lake City, Ut;

md 13 Oct 1973, Salt Lake City, Ut., to Lynette ANDER-
SON who was b 20 July 1952, Payson, Ut; dau of Raymond
George ANDERSON and Sarah (Sally) SUMMERHAYS; and had ,

ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut: '^^)5'^ - ' ''' Cc',^_'s^ Bml^ tJ^Nt

(1) Melissa Lynn ENGLE b 2 May 1974

(2) Joshua Roy ENGLE b 18 Nov 1975

(3) Melanie Ella ENGLE b 27 June 1977

After their divorce, Homer ENGLE md (2) 14 Feb 1957,
Ruth HANSEN. Lily Lucille SLAMA md (2) 30 Oct 1959, Lorn
Kenneth MINTER from whom she was later divorced. She md
(3) 7 Apr 1972, Sam Salvadore LATINO. Divorced, she
re-married Lorn Kenneth MINTER.

(Info: Fam recs of Eldean Roy Engle, Salt Lake City)



13-33 Charles Poulsen CHIDESTER, s of Theodore Car-

T T 12-23 ,„ , 11-67, , ^10-103 , ^ t.9-102
lyle (Theodore John F John P

John M^~^^John p'^'^'^David^"^^) and Rhoda POULSEN;
b 25 Aug 1927, Mt. Pleasant, Utah; md (1) Joyce
PARKENSON and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut:

14-1 Theodore (Sonniel CHIDESTER b 13 Apr 1950

14-2 Mary Lucile CHIDESTER b 18 Oct 1951

14-3 Debra CHIDESTER b 2 Mar 1953

14-4 Dianne CHIDESTER b 29 Aug 1955

Charles md (2) Joann YORK; md (3)

(Info: Mrs. Rhoda Chidester, Tucson, Arizona)

13-37 Joyce CHIDESTER, dau of Myron Lionel"'"^"^'' (Theo-

, 11-67, , ^10-103, , „9-102, , ,,8-85, , t.'7-57
dore John F John P John M John P

David6-47) ^^d Bessie Bell OTT; b 18 Mar 1928, San

Diego, Cal; md 23 Apr 1946, in Ely, Nevada, to

Lawrence Cannon HINMAN who was b 22 Sept 1922, Salt

Lake City, Ut; s of Frank HINMAN and Anna Beth

CANNON; and had ch b in Salt Lake City, Ut:

14-5 Lawrence Cannon HINMAN Jr. b 17 Feb 1947; md Laura —
14-6 Christy HINMAN b 3 Feb 1949; md 16 July 1966, to
William Lawrence BARKER who was b 27 Nov 1945, Esca-
lante, Ut; s of William Lawrence BARKER and Elizabeth

(Info: Ida J. S. Chidester, Panguitch, Ut.)

13-40 James Junior CHIDESTER, s of James C (Theo-

, 11-67, , ^10-103, , „9-102, , „8-85, ,„ -07-57
dore John F John P John M John P

David6-47) ^^d Elva BRINKERHOFF; b 1 Jan 1928,

Richfield, Ut; md 13 Dec 1946, in Circleville, Ut. ,

to Jessie Louise BEEBE who was b 6 Mar 1926, Salt

Lake City, Ut; dau of Carl George BEEBE- and Rose

Anna BARNSON; and had ch :

14-7 Steven Craig CHIDESTER b 18 Aug 1947, Richfield, Ut
14-8 Brent James CHIDESTER b 16 Aug 1951, Roosevelt, Ut.
14-9 Royce Aaron CHIDESTER b 9 Apr 1955, Salt Lake City, Ut

(Info: Mrs. Ida J. Chidester, Panguitch, Ut.)


13-47 John "F" CHIDESTER, s of John "f""'-^'^'^ (Theo-
dore^l-^^John plO-lO^j^j^ P^'^^hohn M^'SSj^hn P^'^^
David6-47) and Kate "B" SMITH; b 1 Apr 1939,
Panguitch, Ut; md 19 Aug 1961, in Panguitch, Ut.,
to Mary Kathryn HENRIE who was b 12 Oct 1944, Cedar
City, Ut; dau of Keith "O" HENRIE and Rosemond
Mamie DAY; and had ch b in Panguitch, Ut:

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