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since 40% of our total student body hails
from Virginia. The Governor received an
enthusiastic reception from the gradu-
ates and their families, and was further
honored by the institution's conferring
upon him the honorary Doctor of Laws

After the ceremony, graduates, their
families and friends were treated to a
reception on Scott Plaza. The former
students had an opportunity to chat and
reminisce with their Elon mentors.
Many students left to pursue careers in
business, to continue their education in
various graduate schools, to marry, or
simply return to life in their hometowns.
One thing they all shared: warm memo-
ries of their years at Elon and the prom-
ise that they would always stay in touch
with the friends they made here. This is
the legacy that awaits us all.

■^ >i


Alpha Chi National Honor Society

Looraine Allen, Rhonda Belton, Catherine Burns. Christopher Cahill, Aaron Chatkin, Ann Cralidis, Wendy Davis, Diana
Deatrick, Karen DeHart, Lisa Elliott, Alice Essen, Nancy Evans, Mechael Ferguson, Shirly Ferguson, Patricia Gaskill. David
Haddad, George Hager. Eric Hammond, Barbara Huffman. Christopher Jessee, Marsha Johnson, Mary Kain, Joycelyn Keels.
Jane Kidwell. John Krahe. Sandra Lang, Lori Lanphear.Jane LaTour. Mark Long. Vanessa Mabe. Jay Massengill. Angelie May.
Robert Moser. Timothy Oates. Rosemary Porter. Curtiss Rickard. Roger Shore. Dee Sizemore, Susan Tabor, Lydia Tickle.
Margaret Tilley. Valeria Tuck. Wendy Watson. Trade Weary. Roger Wiles. Sylvia Williamson. Forrest Wrenn, Julie Wynn, Dr.
Robert Blake. Advisor

Beta Beta Beta

Bill Atkins. Bonnie Baxter, Diana Belcher, Jeannine Bivins. Susan Borrelli. Geoffrey Browne. Ritchie Councilman. Amanda
Crotts. Lee Cummings, William Dient, Kerin Eberle, Connie Edmonds. Tammy Eperson. Lelia Gentry. B. Hayland. Lisa
Horne. Jamie Hudler, Amy Jetter, Sandy Lang. Jeff Leonard. Donald McCauley. Raye Moore. Dennis Nye. T^ish Perulous.
Becky Rogers. Angle Scott, De De Secrist. Beverly Stewart. Mark Strelby. Kevin Tate, Donna Trollinger, Sharie Wilkinson,
Allison Woodcock, Dr. Herbert House, Advisor


Who's Who



Charlene Layne. Jake Willis, Dee Sizemore. Tammy Pugh, Jane Kidwell

Allen Lloyd

Ann Cralidii


Marti Koin
Todd Taylor
Lisa Conklin
Katherine O'Connor

Paul Purdy, John Krahe, Aaron Chatkin

Graduated Members: Robert Terry Drakeford, Thomas Christopher Jessee, Susan

Leigh Tabor

Bob Moser — Not Pictured

Ray Covington, Shawn Coker


Omicron Delta Kappa

student Members of Omicron Delta Kappa

Jay W. Allred
Christopher J. Cahill
Aaron D. Chakin
Shawn Coker
Patricia A. Costis
Kathleen C. Cotter
Taymond P. Covington
Donald M. Doster
Alice N. Essen

Sara Marcella Furr
Randall L. Holley
Mary Margaret Kain
Jane B. Kidwell
John E. Krahe
Charlene J. Layne
Mark E. Long
Loukia Louka
Scott C. Oliver

Christopher T. Olsen
Margaret P. Peterson
Tommy A. Pugh
Paul C. Purdy
Cynthia L. Wall
Sulvia A. Williamson
James K. Willis
Pamela M. York

Faculty /Staff Members of Omicron Delta Kappa

fork R. Alberlson
Dr. Malvin N. Artley, Sr.
Dr. Robert G. Blake
Dr. Carole F. Chase
Dr. David M. Crowe, Jr.
Dr. J. Earl Danieley
Dr Robert W. Delp
Mrs. Helen H. Euliss
Gayle A. Fishel
Ellen F. Gagnon
Dr Russell B. Gill. Jr.
Dr Richard C. Haworth
Dr Herbert W. House. Jr.

Ronald A. Klepcyk
William G. Long
Valerie K. Luko
Dr J. Michael Marr
Angela M. May
Dr James A. Moncure
J. Robert Moser
Margaret C. O'Connell
Dr. James H. Pace
Mrs. Jeannie Proctor
Dr William G. Rich
Dr Allen B. Sanders

Dr Martin L. Shotzberger
Dr Martha S. Smith
Joanne C. Soliday
Joyce E. Speas
Dr John G. Sullivan
Dr George W. Troxler
Dr Undo T. Weavil
Frederick T. Watts. Jr.
Dr M. Christopher White
Dr Jack O. White
Dr. Jo Watts William
Dr Fred J. Young


Newman Society

'iewnian Society Officers: Robert Morabito, President: Mary Leahy, Vice President; Lisa Crowder, Treasur-
er: Chairpersons: Criste Flagg, Social Services: Mike Snyder, Party; Heather Hoffman, Historical; Anne
Lewis, Liturgy; Nancy Fennell, Retreat: Members: Bill Abele, Mark Alfieri, Kevin Barton, Randy Booming-
burg, Susan Borelli, Randy Carpenter, Chris Cleffi, Deborah Coulbourn, Lisa Crowder, Mary Ellis, Nancy
Fennell. Criste Flagg, Chris Forshier, Betsy Goggin, Elizabeth Hannan, Carole Haught, Heather Hoffman,
Bonnie Jenkins, Lisa Kula, Mary Leahy, Pati Lamb, Pete Lesiewicz, Anne Lewis, Jay McGinty, Amm
McCarty, Lisa Milanak, Robert Morabito, Elizabeth Nagorski, Erin O'Brien, Jennifer Owens, Beulah
Perdue, Christine Rawn, Sheryl Randolph, Mark Realini, sharon Rembisz, Mike Snyder, Scott Titmus,
Pamela Valbuena, Judy Velez, Pat Drennen, Advisor

Baptist Student Union

Baptist Student Union Menil>efs: Jeff Ameling, Kara Anton, Janet Bradshaw, Roy Bruce, Lisa Camp, Mike
Chilton, Amanda Crotts, Amy Ferguson, Amy Graybill, Ann Hester, Glenda Holt, Lisa Horne, Charlene
Layne, Lori McManus, Patience Spell, Robin Perrault, Wendy Powell, Dana Reams, Collin Spruill, Lee Ann
Strittmalter, Jeanne Tilley, Wendy Tilley, Susan Vaugn, Cindy Wall, Beverly Way, Trade Weary, Allison
Woodcock, Officers: Amy Ferguson, President; Charlene Layne, Recreation: Trade Weary, Vice President:
LeeAnn Strittmatter, Fundraising & Publicity; Lisa Horne, Music


Phi Psi Cli

Everett Blake, Marlene Jansen, David King, Dennis Nye. Betsy Phillips, Bob Saye, Michelle Treece, Gayle Fishel,


Sandy Mershon

Betsy Phillips. Editor


The staff of the 1986 PHI PSI CLI
wanted to present a yearbook that was
more in touch with the climate of the
year — both in terms of events at the
college and events on a national and glo-
bal scale. We tried to capture something
of the unique spirit of 1985-86 and
worked to include as many diverse and
novel features as possible.


Betsy Phillips, Editor
Sandy Mershon, Photo Editor
Everett Blake, Advertising Sales
Bob Saye, Advertising Sales
David King, Typist
Dennis Nye, Proofreader
Marleen Jansen, Writer
Hunt Ward, Photographer
Carol Nix, Layout Artist
Gayle Fishel, Advisor

One of the trickiest jobs a yearbook staff faces is fend-
ing off the flood of names dates and places that pours in
from day one.

XlrouTd like to personally thank everyone who
generously gave of their time and talents to
help organize, design and publish the 1986
PHI PSI CLI. A project of this size can only
be accomplished as a group effort — and I
want to thank you all for your support.

Betsy Phillips, Editor



Lauri S. Crowder. Editor; Lynn Bregler. Poetry Editor; Mary Jo Wray, Asst. Poetry Editor; Ed Spruell, Short Story
Editor: Rae Anne Seal, Assl. Short Story Editor; Mary Kathy Williams. Photography Editor; Kathy Lyday-Lee,



WSOE is Elon's 500-Watt FM stereo radio station. It is totally run by students
and operated seven days a week. It is advised by Don Grady.

The Pendulum

Jane Kidwelt, Editor, Frank Isley, News Editor. Jonathan Marton, Features Editor. Paul Harris. Arts Editor. Brian E. Batchelor, Sports
Editor, Loukia Louka, Sports Editor, Meredith Lee. Stuart White. Joe Coco. Photographers, Michele Lashley. Ad Manager. Carol Como,
Advertising, Marlene Jansen. Advertising, Mark Dance, Cartoonist. Bob Nowell. Advisor


Residence Hall Association

R.H.A. Executive Board Members: David Boggess. Oris Dearborn, Jane Kidwell, Lisa Kula, Charlene Layne, Dean Valerie Luko,
Ryan McClernan. Andy Minnis. Peggy Peterson, Dan Pike, Tammy Pugh. Gordon Rankin, Dotlie Souder, Jonathan Whaley,
Lynda Wright. Valerie Zipf

Black Cultural Society



Ihiinpets: Chris Small, Anthony Brown, Brian Quakenbush, Lisa Harris

IVombones: David Rich, Andy Necessary, Todd Temple, Darrell Mines

Saxapfaones: Dale Hedrick, Carole Naught, Shawn Coker, Scott Drewery, Tommv Willard

Rhythm: Donny Kuhns, Kevin Long. Rick Heath, Keith Slusher

Singers: Donna Euliss, Jeff Pierce, Ray Waldron, Janice McQueen, Cythia Stone

Soiuid Engineer: Brent Votlz

Gospel Choir


The Gents

The GENTS are a
collegiate organization
promoting friendship
and togetherness,
while looking out for
one another as well as
the fellow student who
makes things happen
both socially and edu-
cationally around cam-

GENT Members: Don Moore. President. George Ivey, Vice President, Greg Talum. Secretary,
Mitch Ryan, Treasurer, Troy Givins. Sergeant of Arms. Clinton Settles. Representatives, Jeff
Thompson. Not Pictured: Calvin Riiey. Roosevelt Robinson, Joe Ford, Willis Dingle, Del Ray
Anthony, Darrell Smith

Human Services

Human Service Club: Mark Long, President. Elizabeth Hansen, Vice President. Ellen Abelman, Secre-
tary & Treasurer, Tommy Taylor, Betsy Markley, Zoe Rizzos


International Student Association

Members of the Internationa] Student Association: Students: Sam Al-Habahbeh, Jordan: Octavio Aquilera, Mexico; Mauricio
Arraya, Bolivia; Marleen Jansen, Netherlands; George Pastidis, Greece; Ralf Schaefer, West Germany: Ester Szoverffy, Hungary;
Yvonne Taylor, Bahamas: Ebba Thiede, West Germany: Clayton Walker, Virgin Islands; Omar Zlitoun, Saudi Arabia: Leslie Bell.
USA; Shane E. Jones, USA; Tommy Taylor, USA; Faculty: Gerardo Rodriguez, Spain; Andrew Angyal, USA; Valerie Luko, USA;
Jackie Matlock, USA: Richard McBride, USA; Sandy McDannold, USA: Gene Oliver, USA; Lela Faye Rich, USA; Dottie Souder.

Homecoming Parade



Student Government Association

Members of the Student Government Association: Stephen Au-
sherman. Shawn Coker, Ray Covington, Daphne Darden. Jeff
Downs. Beth Godsey, Shane Jones, Charles Kashner, Anne Lew-
is, Gretchen Maass, Betsy Markley, Tom Mayes, Becky Moore,
Robert Morobito, David Murao, Michele O'Donnell, Hevdt
Philbeck, Kent Pond, William Powell, John Rhodes. William
Saunders, Lisa Shadyac, Darrin Smith, Jeff Smith

Student Union Board

Members of the Student Union Board: Steve Ausherman. Rick
Barnes, Stephanie Bell, Peter C. Braatz, Drew Christians, Hope
Conner, Deborah Coutbourn, Kerry Doyle, John Dray, Mark
Faircloth, Robin Griffin, Lisa Haug, Scottie Holland, Lauren
Humphrey, Anne Lewis, Bob Manners, Kevin Morgan, Kim Po-
korny, Gordon Rankin, Eric Rider, Keith Slusher, Tommy Tay-
lor, Scott Titmus, Todd Smith, Scott Ward. Jake Willis. Peter
Yelverton. David Atkins — Advisor


Computer Science and Math Club

Computer Science & Math Qub: Jay Allred, Stephanie Aycock, David Bank, Bill Barbee, Paula Blevins, Robert Brettler, Tracy
Bryan, Al Carpenter, Rob Castle, Sieve Chatam, Susan Farrington, Mike Fitzgerald, David Cant, Randall Holley, Anne Jonas,
Jack Kott, Becky Moore, Jim Powell, Dee Calton Sizemore, Mike Snyder, Mike Soliday, Cindia Thomas, Finley Thompson, Patti
Whitaker, Sylvia Williamson, Maurice Withers, Faculty: Wesley Alexander, Arland Eyl, Richard Haworth, Stephanie
McClellna, Rosalind Reichard, Janice Richardson


Commuters as well as residents take advantage of the
lounge and the Varsity Grill in Long Student Center.



Persian Ri/les


Reserved Officers Training Corp



Study Abroad

Last August, while most students were preparing to
pack and return to campus for another semester, a small
group of Elon students were traveling another route. They
were heading eastward, across the Atlantic to spend the
next four months in London, England. It's a far cry from
Elon College, North Carolina. Those nineteen students,
accompanied by Professor Will Migniuolo, would prob-
ably all venture to say that their semester abroad was as
enlightening, challenging, and exciting as any experience
they'd had.

Unlike Elon's winter term extravaganza in England, the
semester students had to call their flats home, had to get to
know London just as they would any other town in which
they'd chosen to live. There were classes each week just
like at Elon, there was homework to be done and obliga-
tions to be met, but there were a few differences. For
instance, there were no classes on Fridays; instead the
students were asked to keep that day open for day trips to
such places as Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon,
Wales, and Canterbury. Weekend road tripping (say to
Edinburgh or Paris) was encouraged and all the students
took advantage of a fifteen day fall break where students
toured countries in Great Britain and Europe.


. ^"-iV __'.-• .t-a.^ •^■-•:ij.zf r^




Come as you are


Coffee Anyone?

Thursday mornings bring the best out for coffee and doughnuts,
to socialize with friends and faculty or just to relax.



of the










Integrating Greek life at Elon

The 1985-86 school year has been pros-
perous for the Inter-Fraternity Council.
Its members have worked diligently to im-
prove Greek image on the campus and to
unify the relationships among the six fra-
ternities. "Success" is the best way to de-
scribe the effort that hasd been put forth
by the council. Credit for the success is
extended to the foUlowing: Bob Moser,
Phil Hobaugh, Dwayne Mirelli, Chris
Gilbert, as well as those individuals al-
ready listed with the picture. These are
the people that put the time, frustration,
effort, and patience into making the
Greek Fraternity System a viable and
strong organization. It hopes that the sys-
tem will continue to strengthen in the
coming years.

During Spring semester, 1986, David
Rich, Kevin Torchia, Grice Murray, John
Walker, and Steve Wilson became the
newest members of the Inter-Fraternity

David Atkins. Advisor: Paul Purdy, President: Chris Olsen. First Vice-President: John Carretta. Second Vice-President; Greg Smith, Treasurer: Don
Dosler. Secretary; Ed Snider; Ken Markowsky; Sean Torpev; Alan Porter: Ed Youssef



Janet Cherry, Barbara Cosby, Cindy Frick. Jenny Frick, Beverly Gordon, Susan Grace. Susan Jones, Julie Kellom, Linda Matney,
Andrea Orr, Beth Peters, Sally Roberts. De-dee Sechrist, Lori Smith, Joyce Whittington

(front). Pat Morgan, (middle), Caroline Matthews, Sondra Hinte. Sandra Willis, (back), Patti
Stadtler, Amy Zeanon, Beth Peters, Rexanne Ayers, Not Pictured, Bonnie Finn



Alpha Sigma Alpha Sisters:

Kathy Bangtey

Diana Belcher

Shannon Bentley

Charlie Bouchard

Kim Bride

Brandy Burroughs

Cindy Burton

Cathy Chatham

Janet Cherry

Susan Crace

Sara Davidson

Gretchen Davis

Lisa Elliott

Mary Ellis

Beth Earless

Nancy Fennell

Robyn Griffith

Anne Hartsoe

Lisa Horner

Lisa Huffman

Penny Huskey

Karen Johnson

Rita Kountis

Lee Mann

Gail Martin

Caroline Matthews

Francie Melville

Lisa Otey

Sandra Perry

DeEtie Poulin

Kathy Pritts

Sally Roberson

Shelby Roberts

Sheri Sochurek

Brucie Sutton

Carrie Town

Pam Watson

Beverly Way

Pat White

Linda Winslow

Lisa Young

Amy Zeanon

Joe Coco, Sweetheart

Dr. Tom Arcaro, Advisor


^I^SI^B^hE ^^^^

ip^itk/ - ' /I'l,— ".^^

H H'l^r^^?^







mm^\.^ti ^




PM Mu Sisters:

Donna Benton

Shell Mackay

Kim Benton

Jenienne Miniter

Beth Boyer

Laura Mahaffey

Lauren Brown

Debbie Moore

Barbie Callahan

Dawn Montplaisir

Jennifer Camp

Leslie Nagel

Michelle Collins

Chris Owen

Ann Conaty

Chrissy Pikula

Amy Evans

Cabby Raymer

Bonnie Firm

Kim Self

Sarah Forbes

Monica Shifflet

Anne Frank

Susan Shirlaw

Vickie Freeman

Kelley Smith

Lisa Gentry

Sara Springer

Beth Godsey

Patti Stadler

Beverly Gordon

LeeAnn Strittmatter

Nancy Gorman

Missy Swaim

Julie Gravett

Pam Tarini

Amy Griffith

Beth Thompson

Linda Hamilton

Amy Tilghaman

Mary Hamrick


Holly Hance

Mariah Vignali

Lisa Hart

Brondwyn Walker

Melinda Howard

Pam Walser

Lisa Hugus

Diane Washburn

Jane Marie Jones

Kelly Westmoreland

Autumn Jordon

Joyce Whittington

Marti Kain

Elizabeth Wirth

Lyn Linke

Jimmy English, Sweetheart

Loukia Louka

Joyce Speas, Advisor

Jessica McDondald

Tarra, Phi Mu cat

Phi Mu Officers:; Elizabeth Wirth, Phi Director; Barbie Callahan. Rush Chair-
man: Brondwyn Walker, President; Kim Self, Vice President; Jane Marie Jones.
Treasurer; Not Pictured: Kim Benton, Chaplain: Anne Frank, Secretary



Sigma Sigma

Sigma Sisters:

Susan Andrews

Nancy Marks

Meredith Bachman

Linda Matney

Sheila Beauvais

Mari Mayo

Laura Beckett

April Moser

Jill Biggerstaff

Christy Murphy

Rhonda Boldman

Nancy Murphy

Cathy Brown

Melindo Nelson

Carrie Cash

Suzanne Nelson

Keltee Cone

Michelle O'Donnell

Kay Kay Cotter

Sheri Olson

Karen Dalrynple

Andrea Orr

Debbie DeMasters

Tammi Oxman

Beth Deven

Penny Pickering

Nancy Dudney

Megan Poldy

Beth Ellis

DeDe Secrist

Pamela Ernst

Lisa Shadyac

Missy Flora

Lydia Shull

Barbara Gordon

Lynne Smith

Gayle Grasich

Rusty Sparhawk

Mary Margaret Haddock

Valerie Stick ley

Sondra Hinte

Susan Tabor

Lisa Holland

Susan Vaughan

Paige Hughes

Vicke Ward

Susan Jones

Sandy Willis

Julie Kellam

Beth Warnick

Mary Lambert

Gretchen Wolf

Jill London

Sigma Sigma Sigma Officers:; Debbie DeMasters. Vice President; Lisa Shadyac,
President; DeDe Secrist. Secretary; Nancy Marks, Education; Mary Lambert, Co-
Rush; Susan Tabor, Rush; Sheila Beauvais, Treasurer — Not Pictured



Zeta Tau Alpha

Blake Adcock

Mary Lynch

Kara Anton

Jftnie McMillian

Rexarme Ayers

Janice Orlando

Janet Bradshaw

Karen Pace

Beth Bruuoughs

Beth Parker

Anita Butler

Laura Perkins

Franny Caccomo

Beth Peters

Beth Cogan

Brenda Pickett

Lisa Conklin

Fina Quinones

Barbara Cosby

Kim Rhinehart

Denise Cummings

Barbara Roberts

Susan Dorman

Theresa Sandall

Betsy Dranttel

Deedee Shugart

Debbie Drummond

Dede Simmons

Cindy Frick

Susan Simpson

Jenny Frick

Sherrie St. Clair

Leslie Gallagher

Kelley Stiener

Teresa Gauldin

Catherine Stockard

Jill Goodman

Caroline Stall

Dee Dee Hartnett

Rachel Strauss

Beth Hirschy

Elise Vincenlini

Amy Howell

Laura Vincentini

Amy Jetter

Tonya Walker

Aim Jividen

Cindy Wall

Laura Jones

Kelly York

Krista Lee

Lonnie Horsey, Sweetheart

Marinda looney

Coach Jerry Tolley, Advisor



Kappa Sigma Brotbeis:

Tom Cole

Glenn Craig

John Davis

Mike Edwards

Chip Harrison

Steve Hess

Robert High

Chuck Hodgin

John Kiser

Jay Luke

John McFadyen

Doug McGowan

Phillip Markley

Ben Meisel

Steve Menck

John Moncure

Scott Moncure

Chris Olsen

Ken Patterson

Kip Rackley

Chris Roe

Jim Ifyan

Jim Saunders

Greg Smith

Greg Tripp

Carl Walker

John Walker

Martin Wheeler

Dean White

Stuart White

Don Worsley

Elizabeth Wirth, Sweetheart



Kappa Alpha Brothers:

David Ambrose
Jeffery Balberde
Peter Carlson
Benjamin Draper
Timothy Farmer
Darrell Gilliland
Daniel Goodman
Anthony Green
Garth Haas
Paul Harris
Mike Helfrich
Phil Hobaugh
Roy Holdford
Fred Hutton
Ron Jandoli
Jimmy Leatherman
James Mcintosh
Anthony Meason
Grice Murray
Allen Porter
William Saunders
Michael Simonelli
George Tarry
George Taylor
Kevin Torchia
James Weaver
Andrea Orr, Sweetheart

s^'^'^ii^.A* 'S«;^



Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Membership

Randy Armour

Jeff Daniels

Jonathon Martin

Jim Ayers

John Day '

Marty Matthews

Jeff Ayersman

Keith Dubois

John McHugh

Roy Badgley

Chris Ellis

Dewayne Mirelli

Ban Baisley

D-ip Godsey

Sam Peterson

Brian Batchelor

Brian Hanes

Jack Quarterman

Jamie Bekeler

Corky Harry

Chris Ridehover

Michael Besller

Rick Heath

David Rich

John Brothers

George Heston

Mike Rowlands

Terry Burke


Andy Sack

Paul Callis

Nat Lewis

Brian Siemering

Johnny Carros

Mike Lundahl

Steve Shown

Clint Curry

Greg Martin

Ed Strothers

Mark Dance




Pi Kappa Phi Brothers

Rick Barns

Chris Bell

Terry Best

Ken Babbitt

Mark Buckley

Mark Cheadle

John Corretta

Ron Dorrestein

Dave Foreman

Chrisla Gilbert

Danny Hart

Gary Krape

Karl Linguist

Tripp Minich

Billy Mitchell

Chris Moore

Steve Nelson

John Nye

James H. O'Donnell

Billy Peach

William Poston

Charles Ruberson

Mike Spolz

Mike Stanley

Dallas Swan

Chris West

Bennett Whitlock


John Cornetla. Archon

Danny Han. Vice Archon

James H. O'Donnell, Secretary

Gary Krape. Treasury

Mike Stanley. Historian

Chris Moore, Chaplain

82 GRE

Sigma Pi Officers: Bob Moser. President: C.L Marshall, Vice-President: Paul Purdy, Secretary:
Bill Coffman, Treasurer: Chris Best, Pledge/Rush Director: Doug Lewis, Pledge/Rush Director:
Ed Snider, Sergeant at Arms


Sigma Pi Brotliers

Jay Allred

Jonathan Batts

Chris Beebe

Chris Best

Todd Campbell

Aaron Chatkin

Bill Coffman

Mike Curtis

Johnathan Davis

Gelnn Day

Peter Farrell

Charlie Granim

Bill Girni

John Greaves

Draig Mailman

Terry Hill

Ernie Hyman

Michael Joseph

Chris Kirchner

Doug Lewis

Bo Loy

C.L. Marshall

Dave Martin

Mark Michael

Bob Moser

James Murphy

Jeff Noakes

Paul Purdy

Mike Roth

Dave Scheiback

Lawerance Simmons

Ed Snider

Tom Strassner

Chris Sweeney

Gil Timberlake

Sean Torpeay

Mark Vance

Chris Wiley

Jim Winn

Marinda Looney, Sweetheart

Dr. Ben Flora, Advisor

Grayson Whitt, Alumni Advisor



Sigma Phi Epsilon Brotbers:

Bob Batchelor
Donnie Bickley
Todd Black
Joey Bradshaw
Jeff Broadbridge
Mark Bumgarner
Jim Burton
Scon Bushman
Robbie Carver
David Chew
Joe Coco
Chuck Collins
Andy Dempsey
Don Dosler
Ken Drumheller
Mike Faircloth
Bruce Fioretti
Johnny Flournoy
Mike Garcia
Ken Griffin
Richard Gurganus
Jeff Hooks
Tim Home
Dake Johnson
Greg Johnston
Jim Leary
Ken Markosky
Todd Martin
Greg Meeks
Ken Merritt
Allen Morningstar
Wink Nelson
John Rouals
John Rhoades
Larry Rhodes
Ted Salyer
Tim Scales
Tim Smith
Mike Storck
Mark Summers
Craig Taylor
Todd Taylor
John Tobias
Scott Ward
Jerry Wilhelm
Greg Woodle
Ed Youssef





Sigma Chi Omega Members:

Stewart Arens
Macon Baird
Bill Breunig
Bruce Breeger
Troy Coghill
Kirk Eldridge
Dan Evory
Scott Flournoy
Gary Grace
Lonnie Horsey
Shane Jones
Bob Landrum
Chris McCultough
Kirk Monroe
Pearce Mottershead
David Oliver
Roy Parks
Douglas Payne
Billy Poplin
Scoot Powell
Meade Rhoads
Gordon Rainey
George Rose
Andy Shaffer
Darrin Smith
Ed Spruell
Jace Stirling
Jon David Stewart
Joe Thompson
Kurt Zeberlein

Officers: Douglas Payne, President: Ed Spruell, Secretary; Bruce Breeger,
Treasurer: Shane Jones, Annotator; Try Coghill, Rush Chairman: Gordon
Rainey, Pledge Trainer: Jon David Stewart, Social Chairman: Darrin Smith,
IPC Representative



New Officers

4lplia Kappa Psi Members:

Mauricio Arraya

Susette McLendon

Alonzo Barnes

Frank Moore

Tim Bines

John Moore/ield

Teddy Blackwell

Todd Nassief

David Calhoun

Lee Oaks

Mary K. Carr

Greg Partin

Aaron Chalkin

Tom Phillips

Kelley Cody

William Pruitt

John Crawford

Tammy Pugh

Gwen Dickson

Bob Sari

Rodney Evans

Kim Self

Susan Farrington

Tony Settles

Bill Galbraith

Melonv Sneed

Junie Goodwyn

Michelle Treece

Lisa Graves

Brondwvn Walker

Stan Hairslon

Faculty Members:

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