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court in 1878 for eight years, and again in 1886 for a hke term;
before his term expired, he was elected associate justice of the
supreme court of the state. After his retirement from the bench,
he quickly secured a lucrative and extensive practice. He was
counsel for the Southern Railway Company in its contest with
the state before the supreme court of the U. S. His alma mater
conferred on him the degree of LL. D. ; the same degree was
conferred on him by Trinity College ; he is a member of the Beta
Theta fraternity. He is a Mason, an Odd Fellow, an honorary
member of the Junior Order of Mechanics, an influential member
of the Southern Historical Society, a prominent member of the
Presbyterian Church, a Democrat of the Bryan school, and a
popular and effective orator — the worthy descendant of an illus-
trious line. He lives at Morganton.

Children of Alphonso Calhoun and Susan Washington (Mor-
rison) Avery:












622 The Groton Avery Clan

Mary GRAHAM^ b. Oct. 24, 1862, at Cottage Home; d. y.
Harriet Eloise', b. Aug. 16, 1864, at Swan Ponds.
Morrison RoBERT^ b. Feb. 5, 1868, at Swan Ponds; d. Jan.

23, 1890, at Washington; unm.
Anna Julia", b. Oct. 23, 1869, at Swan Ponds; d. y.
Isaac Erwin', b. Dec. 1, 1871, at Swan Ponds.
Susan Washington", b. Jan. 23, 1873, at Swan Ponds.
Alphonso Calhoun", b. Sept. 16, 1874, at Swan Ponds,
viii. Alfred Lee", b. Dec. 2, 1876, at Morganton; d. Aug. 31, 1893,

at Durham, N. C.

Children of Alphonso Calhoun and Sally Love (Thomas)
Avery, b. at Morganton:

3338. i. Lenoir", b. Oct. 3, 1889.

3339. ii. Gladys", b. March 19, 1892.

3340. iii. Edith", b. April 10, 1894.

1632. Willoughby Francis' Avery (Isaac Thomas^, Waight-
stiW, Humphrey'^, Samuel^, James-, Christopher'^) was b. May 7,
1843, at Swan Ponds, N. C; m. Nov. 7, 1866, at Morganton,
N. C, Mattie Jones, dau. of Gen. William and Sarah (Lenoir)
Jones. She was b. April 18, 1843; d. July, 1868, near Swan
Ponds. He m. 2d, Feb. 4, 1875, in Johnston County, N. C, Lora
Atkinson, dau. of Elijah and Polly Ann (Peacock) Atkinson.
She was b. Nov. 3, 1853, in Johnston County. He left college in
1861, joined a cavalry company of North Carolina troops; was
later commissioned lieutenant in the regiment commanded by his
brother, Col. Clarke Moulton Avery; was made captain of Com-
pany C ; was wounded at Sharpsburg in 1862 ; at Gettysburg in
1863; at Spottsylvania in 1864, and barely escaped death. After
the war, he became an editor at Asheville, N. C. ; then he took
charge of a daily paper at Charlotte, N. C. ; finally established
a paper in Burke County, N. C. He was an able and brilliant
writer and a man of great influence. He d. Nov., 1876, as the
result of his services to the Southern Confederacy. His widow
m. Henry Pearce and resides at Selma, N. C.

Child of Willoughby Francis and Mattie (Jones) Avery, b.
near Swan Ponds :

1. Carrie Patterson', b. Sept. 29, 1866; d. y.

Child of Willoughby Francis and Lora (Atkinson) Avery,
b. in Johnston County:

3341. i. Willoughby Moulton', b. May 2, 1876.

The Seventh Generation 623

1633. Margaret Ann^ Avery (James^, Isaac^, Humphrey*,
Samuel'^, James'-, Christopher^) was b. Dec. 10, 1823, in Burke
Co., N. C. ; m. July 30, 1846, in Burke County, Archibald Gibbs,
s. of William Gibbs.

Children of Archibald and Margaret Ann (Avery) Gibbs:
i. Martha Elizabeth'.
ii. Mary'.
iii. William".
iv. Stanly*.
V. Harrison*.

1634. Isaac Theodore'^ Avery {James'', Isaac^, Humphrey*,
Samuel^, James'-, Christopher'^) was b. July 10, 1825, in Burke
Co., N. C. ; m. Dec. 9, 1857, at Linville, N. C, Kate Roderick, dau.
of Daniel and Elizabeth (Spainhour) Roderick. She was b.
about 1834. He is a farmer. Address, Linvilles Store, N. C.

Children of Isaac Theodore and Kate (Roderick) Avery, b.
at Hickory Grove, N. C. :

Laura Matilda', b. Oct. 2, 1858.
Ida Elizabeth", b. April 6, 1860.
James Daniel", b. July 2, 1861.
Hettie Ellen", b. Aug. 25, 1863.
Hannah Sophia", b. Jan. 30, 1866.
Mary Margaret", b. Oct. 30, 1867.
Olin Melvin", b. Feb. 26, 1870.
viii. Cornelia Jane", b. Oct. 26, 1872.
Catharine Lulu", b. Aug. 13, 1875.
Bessie May", b. April 16, 1878.

1635. Hannah Elmira' Avery {James'^, Isaac^, Humphrey*,
Samuel^, James-, Christopher^) was b. Feb. 22, 1827, in Burke
Co., N. C. ; m. Oct. 5, 1853, in Burke Co., the Rev. John Finger,

s. of John Finger. He was b. Dec. 30, 1813, in Lincoln Co., N. C.
He was a minister of the M. E. Church; d. June 15, 1884, at
WilHamston, S. C. She d. Feb. 20, 1905, at Bamberg, S. C.
Children of John and Hannah Elmira (Avery) Finger:

i. James Avery", b. Sept. 20, 1854, in Burke Co.; m. Carrie

Boylston Cordes.
ii. Mary Almira", b. June 21, 1864, in Union Co., S. C; m.

Alonzo Murdaugh Finger. Residence, Bamberg, S. C.
iii. Robert Gage", b. Nov. 27, 1866, in Union Co.; d. y.































624 The Groton Avery Clan

1636. William Brown" Avery {James^, Isaac% HumpJu-ey'^y
SamiieP, James-, Christopher'^) was b. Nov. 25, 1828, in Burke Co.,
N. C. ; m. Nov. 16, 1868, at Linville River, N. C, Laura Cornelia
McGimsey, dau. of Joseph Louis and Elizabeth (Alexander) Mc-
Gimsey, and widow of J. L. Warlick. She was b. Nov. 1, 1840,
at Linville River. He was a farmer; d. Dec. 22, 1900, in Burke

Children of William Brown and Laura Cornelia (McGimsey)
Avery, b. in Burke Co. :

3352. i. Joseph Waightstill\ b. Aug. 14, 1869. Residence, Morgan-
ton, N. C.
William Harrison', b. March 26, 1873.
Elizabeth Brown^ b. July 9, 1875.
Laura Ophelia', b. Dec. 30, 1877.
Robert James", b. July 6, 1880.
Alexander Leighton^ b. Sept. 29, 1883.

1637. Mary Matilda'' Avery {James^, Isaac^, Humphrey^ y
Samuel^, James'-, Christopher'^) was b. Jan. 21, 1832, in Burke Co.,
N. C. ; m. June 8, 1853, in McDowell Co., N. C, Osmond Washing-
ton Perkins, s. of Joseph and Melissa (Lavender) Perkins. He
was b. Nov. 1, 1805, in Burke Co.; was a farmer; d. June 14,.
1875, in Burke Co. Her address is Morganton, N. C.

Children of Osmond Washington and Mary Matilda (Avery)
Perkins, b. in Burke Co. :

i. John Theodore^ b. April 30, 1854; m. Mary Jane Franks j

address, Morganton, N. C.
ii. Willie Avery', b. March 3, 1856; d. y.

1638. Harriet Martha^ Avery (James^, Isaac% Humphrey^
Samuel^, James-, Christopher^) was b. May 31, 1834, in Burke
Co., N. C. ; m. Oct. 22, 1867, in Burke Co., Thomas Parks, s. of
John and Betsey (Moore) Parks. He was a farmer. She d. Feb.
8, 1869, in Burke Co. No children.

1639. Eliza Murphy^ Avery (James^, Isaac^, Humphrey^
Samuel^, James-, Christopher^) was b. May 22, 1836, in Burke
Co., N. C. ; m. Dec. 9, 1856, in Burke Co., the Rev. Robert Potter
Franks, s. of Joshua and Prudence (Potter) Franks. He was b.
Sept. 19, 1818, in Laurens Dist., S. C. He served on many im-
portant circuits and stations of the M. E. Church ; was presiding

The Seventh Generation 625

elder twelve years ; member of the board of trustees of Columbia

college, S. C, many years. He d. Jan. 23, 1895, at Lowndesville,

S. C. Her address is Morganton, N. C.

Children of Robert Potter and Eliza Murphy (Avery)

Franks :

i. James Brown', b. Oct. 22, 1857, at Anderson Court House,

S. C; m. Ettie Mehala Baker. Residence, 112 N. Broad

St., Philadelphia, Pa.
ii. Mary Jane', b. Feb. 3, 1861, at Sumter, S. C; m. John F.


1640. Laura Jane^ Avery (James''', Isaac-', Humphrey\ Sam-
uel\ James-, Christopher^) was b. Sept. 30, 1838, in Burke Co.,
N. C. ; m. Feb. 17, 1869, in Burke Co., Solomon Willshire Carter,
s. of Daniel and Margaret (Jennings) Carter. He was b. April
24, 1836, at Ivy, N. C. ; d. Nov. 2, 1891, at Burnsville, N. C. Her
address is Burnsville, N. C.

Child of Solomon Willshire and Laura Jane (Avery) Car-

ter '.

1. Pansy*', b. May 9, 1873, at Burnsville.

1641. Amy AbigaiF Avery {WaitstiW, Charles'', Waitstill*,
SamueP, James-, Christopher^) was b. May 2, 1776; m. Daniel
Smith, who is said to have been a sea captain. She d. Oct. 2,
1803, at Montville.

Children of Daniel and Amy Abigail (Avery) Smith:

i. Mary*; m. Abel Richards; d. April 2, 1883, at Bloomfield, la.
ii. Jerusha'; m. Mr. Chapell, a sea captain; lost in 1840.
iii. Amy Caroline'; m. Mr. Fuller,
iv. Hiram\


vi. Peter\

1642. Rebecca^ Avery {WaitstiW, Charles", Waitstill\ Sam-
uel-, James-, Christopher^) was b. Sept. 23, 1790; m. Nov. 26,
1809, Aaron or Amos Brown, s. of Amos and Rachel Brown of
West Stockbridge, Mass. He was a farmer; d. Dec. 19, 1825, at
West Stockbridge ; she d. Aug. 11, 1853, at the same place.

Children of Amos (Aaron?) and Rebecca (Avery) Brown,

b. at West Stockbridge :

i. Ezra', b. Feb. 21, 1813; m. Charlotte Strickland (No. 658,
vii) ; d. Nov. 9, 1878, at Rensselaer, N. Y.

626 The Groton Avery Clan

ii. Abel', b. Sept. 26, 1815; m. Apphia Strickland (No.. 658, i) ;

d. Feb. 13, 1891, at Greenbush, N. Y.
iii. Aaron Henry', b. Dec. 20, 1817; d. March 23, 1879.
iv. William Newton', b. Sept. 30, 1824; d. Nov. 20, 18S2;, at

New York City; unm.
It is said that there were two other children:
V. James Milton'.
vi. Amanda'; m. M. A. Griffith.

1643. Waitstiir Avery {Waitstill\ Charles^ Waif stilly Sam-
uel^, James-, Christopher^) was b. Aug. 30, 1796, at Waterford;
m. April 1, 1819, at West Stockbridge, Mass., Lydia Hendrix,
dau. of Daniel and Lydia Hendrix. She d, Feb. 14, 1826, aged 29
years. He m. 2d, July 4, 1826, at Otis, Mass., Lncinda Strick-
land, dau. of Daniel Strickland. She was b. Jan. 22, 1807. He
was a blacksmith and farmer. He d. Oct. 27, 1845, at Welling-
ton, 0. ; she d. Oct. 5, 1892, at the same place.

Children of Waitstill and Lydia (Hendrix) Avery, b. at West
Stockbridge :

3358. i. Electa Matildy', b. April 23, 1820.

3359. ii. Harriet Jane', b. Aug. 14, 1821.

3360. iii. Sanford Waitstill', b. May 13, 1823.

Children of Waitstill and Lucinda (Strickland) Avery:

i. Whiting Daniel', b. Dec. 30, 1827, at West Stockbridge; d.

May 11, 1848, at Wellington; unm.
Eliza Ann', b. May 9, 1830, at West Stockbridge.
Alfred Philander', b. March 3, 1832, at W. Stockbridge.
George Oscar', b. Feb. 15, 1836, at West Stockbridge.
Sarah A.', b. Jan. 15, 1838, at West Stockbridge; d. Sept.

16, 1855, at Wellington.
Martin Hendrix, b. Oct. 1, 1840, at Wellington.
Henry Milan', b. Feb. 6, 1843, at Wellington.

1644. Frederick^ Avery {Waitstill^, Charles^, Waitstill*, Sam-
uel^, James", Christopher'^) was b. Feb. 27, 1799, at Waterford;
m. April 20, 1823, at State Line, N. Y., Mary Crossen, dau. of
Oliver and Patsey (Woodman) Crossen. She was b. Oct. 8, 1799,
at NeM'' York City. He was a farmer; he d. July 14, 1853, at
Lake Mills, Wis. ; she d. May 8, 1879, at Peach Orchard, Ark.

Children of Frederick and Mary (Crossen) Avery, b. at
West Stockbridge, Mass.:


























The Seventh Generation 627

Mary Caroline', b. April 10, 1824.

Julia Budington", b. Dec. 17, 1825.

Amanda-, b. Dec. 11, 1827; d. June 1, 1841.

Amy Maria', b. Oct. 28, 1829.

William Frederick", b. Jan. 30, 1832; d. July 16, 1869, at
Clinton, Kas.; unm.

Gilbert Milligan', b. Feb. 28, 1834.

XiMENA Hannah", b. May 18, 1836.
viii. Emily Frances', b. May 1, 1838.
ix. Erastus Young', b. Oct. 13, 1840; d. y.

X. Lewis John", b. June 24, 1844; d. Jan. 19, 1865, at Clinton,
Kas.; unm.

1649. Apphia'^ Avery {Frederick^, Charles^, Waitstill*, Sam-
uel, James-, Christopher^) ; m. John Colfax; 2d,

Wynne. She d. Nov. 1, 1854, at Albany, N. Y.

Child of John and Apphia (Avery) Colfax:

1. Mary Amelia', b. Oct. 14, 1812, at New York City; m.
George Cady; d. Nov. 14, 1849, at Albany, N. Y. Their
son, Edwin Avery'^ Cady, was b. Aug. 22, 1842, in Mont-
gomery County, N. Y. He was a member of Co. H, 33d
reg't, N. Y. vols.; wounded at Chancellorsville, May,
1863, and left on the field without care for five days; left
foot mortified and was amputated by a Confederate sur-
geon; after parole, he spent several months in hospital
where, on account of the gangrenous condition of the
bone, he underwent two successive amputations of the
left leg; honorably discharged from the army in Novem-
ber, 1863. Prior to 1867, he removed to California where
he has undergone three more amputations of the left leg,
making six in all. Since going to California, he has been
employed in the United States mint. He lives at 1016
Devisadero St., San Francisco, Calif. Not married.

1650. Mary^ Avery (Frederick^, Charles% Waitstill*, Sam-
uel^, James-, Christopher^) ; m. James Forsythe.

Child of James and Mary (Avery) Forsythe:

i. Frederick J.* He served in the Mexican war, and the civil
war; entered service Mai'ch 1, 1862, as serg't-maj. of
16th Mich. Inf.; second lieut. Nov. 3, 1862; resigned Oct.
27, 1863, and honorably discharged {Mich, in the War,
p. 829) ; d. at Bay City, Mich.; m. but no children.

628 The Groton Avery Clan

1651. Harriet' Avery {Frederick^, Charles^, WaitstilV, Sam-
uel^, James^, Christopher'^) ; m. Caleb Mapes.

Children of Caleb and Harriet (Avery) Mapes:
i. Charity*, b. about 1814, at New London; m.
ii. Elizabeth*, b. Feb., 1815, at New London; d. unm.
iii. Mary*, b. May 23, 1817, at Parma, N. Y.
iv. Mercy', b. April 23, 1820, at Parma.
V. Caleb* ; m.

vi. Harriet', b. Oct. 14, 1826, at Parma,
vii. Nathaniel*, b. March, 1829; d. Aug., 1895, at Rochester,

N. Y.
viii. Apphia*; d. y.

ix. Elias*, b. May 12, 1833, at Parma; m. Clara J. Earl.
X. Thomas', b. Aug., 1835, at Parma.

1653. Elias' Avery {Frederick^, Charles^, Waitstill*, Sam-
uel", James-, Christopher^) ; m. Jan. 6, 1820, at Baltimore, Md,,
Mary Ray, dau. of John and Jane (Pritchard) Ray. He was a
sea captain and farmer. She d. Sept. 29, 1860, at Rochester,
N. Y. ; he d. about 1870, at Rochester.

Children of Elias and Mary (Ray) Avery, b. at Baltimore:
i. Charity-, b. Oct. 3, 1821; d. y.
ii. Mary Anne', b. March 11, 1823; d. y.

They legally adopted Charity Connolly, the dau. of his sister,

1654. Charity^ Avery (Frederick^, Charles^, Waitstill*, Sam-
uel^, James-, Christopher'^) was b. about 1799, at New London;
m. John Connolly, s. of the Rev. John Howland and Mary Herbert
(Mitchell) Connolly. He was a sea captain ; was drowned Sept.
25, 1819, in Mobile Bay; she d. Oct. 15, 1819, at Mobile, Ala.

Children of John and Charity (Avery) Connolly, b. at
Mobile :

i. John*, b. 1816; d. Oct., 1819.

ii. Charity*, b. Oct. 12, 1819; was legally adopted by her uncle,
Elias Avery (No. 1653) ; m. Nov. 6, 1843, at Rochester,
N. Y., Daniel Samaine, s. of Joseph and Jane (Pritchard)
Samaine. He was b. July 22, 1813, at Baltimore; d. Nov.
13, 1867, at Rochester. Children:
(a.) Mari/ Jawe, b. Aug. 10, 1844 ; m. William John Wilcox;

d. March 10, 1908, at New York City,
(b.) Charity Avery, b. April 21, 1847.
(c.) Sarah Anne, b. May 16, 1850; m. Charles Egert Giles.

The Seventh Generation 629

(d.) Elias Daniel, b, Dec. 23, 1853; m. Kate Sanderson

(e.) Helen Frances, h. Aug. 26, 1857.
(f.) Emily Ray, b. March 1, 1861.

1655. Edwin ^ Avery (Frederick'^, CJiarles% Waitstill\ Sam-
uel^, James-, Christopher^) was b. about 1802, at New London;
m. about 1824, at Parma, N. Y., Emily Schofield, dau„ of B. and
Olive (Brown) Schofield. She was b. about 1806, at Georgetown,
N. Y. He was a merchant tailor. He d. about 1877, at Toledo,
0. ; she d. about 1884, at the same place.

Children of Edwin and Emily (Schofield) Avery:
i. Almira^ b. about 1824; d. y.

Elias', b. about 1826, at Rochestei-, N. Y.

Mary*, b. about 1828; d. y.

Frederick', b. Aug. 9, 1830, at Rochester, N. Y.

Emily*, b. about 1836; m. Andrew Shurtz; d. in March,

1908, at Toledo, O.
Edwin^ b. about 1838, at Rochester.

Apphia'', b. about 1840, at Rochester; m. Scott Hitchins; d.
about 1896, at Toledo.

viii. Mariah'*, b. about 1842, at Rochester ;^m. Canniff.

John Gifford', b. April 4, 1844, at Toledo, 0. Enlisted in
4th Ohio Inf.; was in all the battles of that regiment
from Tunnel Hill to Raleigh; seventeen years member
of Ohio National Guard, retiring with rank of lieutenant-
colonel; seventeen years member of the fire department,
serving at one time as chief; served as police commis-
sioner; as clerk in the county auditor's office; as in-
firmary director; commander of Forsythe post of G. A.
R.; a Knight of Pythias; a Mason, and an Odd Fellow.
Residence, 316 Locust Street, Toledo.
X. Thomas', b. about 1847; d. about 1863.
xi. Julia', b. about 1850; d. y.
















630 ' The Groton Avery Clan



1674. David ^ Avery {Ru fits', James\ James'% James\ James\
James-, Christovher^) was b. Oct. 9, 1781, at Groton; m. Jan. 21,
1804, at Groton, Hannah Smith, dau. of Charles and Hannah
(Stewart) Smith. She was b. July 6, 1780, at Groton. He d.
June 19, 1822, at Groton. His tombstone in the Ledyard ceme-
tery has the square and compass.

Children of David and Hannah (Smith) Avery, b. at Gro-

i. Hannah Emeline', b. Feb. 11, 1806; d. y.

3400. ii. Charles Smith', b. Feb. 7, 1808.

3401. iii. Curtis Lord', b. June 1, 1810.

3402. iv. Marcus Stewart', b. April 22, 1812.

1675. Asa Lord'^ Avery {Rufus\ James\ James'', James\
James', James-, Christopher^) was b. March 1, 1783, at Groton ;
m. Nov. 26, 1806, at Groton, Betsey Miner, dau. of Dr. John
Owen and Elizabeth (Avery) Miner (No. 695) . She was b. June
18, 1789, at Groton. He was a private in the militia in the war
of 1812, under Capt. Noyes Barber {Comi. Me7i in the War of
1812, p. 7). He d. Oct. 26, 1844; she d. Aug. 18, 1885, both at

Children of Asa Lord and Betsey (Miner) Avery, b. at

Groton :

3403. i. Erasmus Darwin', b. May 12, 1808.

ii. Hannah Elizabeth', b. Feb. 13, 1814; d. Oct. 30, 1893;

3404. iii. Owen Miner', b. March 5, 1815.

3405. iv. Albert Lord', b. April 16, 1817.

V. Hermann Morgan', b. May 9, 1819; d. y.

1676. Rufus' Avery {Rufus\ James\ James% James\ Jamcs\
James-, Christopher') was b. March 7, 1785, at Groton; m. Sept.
2, 1804, at Groton, Caroline Latham, dau. of Capt. William and
Eunice (Forsythe) Latham, and sister of Eunice Latham, who
m. Youngs Avery (No. 745). She was b. June 25, 1783.


The Eighth Generation 631

"My son, Rufus Avery, sailed from New London in the schooner Mars
on the 17th day of Nov., 1812 — and on the 5th day of December he
took charge of a prize Brig which was taken by the Mars and on that
said fifth day came on a gale of wind and up to this date we have no
account of him. Dec. 21 A. D., 1812" (From the family Bible of
Rufus' Avery, No. 673).

She d. Nov. 14, 1813, at Groton.

Children of Rufus and Caroline (Latham) Avery:

3406. i. Guerdon Latham', b. July 4, 1805; d. March, 1831, probably

ii. Solon W.', b. Dec. 2, 1808; d. y.

3407. iii. Luke Williams', b. Dec. 1, 1810.

iv. Hermann Morgan', b. May 9, 1812; d. Sept. 13, 1820.

1677. Lydia Lord^ Avery (Rufus', James^, James^, James*,
James^, James-, Christopher^) was b. Sept. 24, 1791, at Groton;
m. Dec. 15, 1811, at Groton, Samuel Solon Walworth, s. of Sam-
uel and Mary (Latham) Walworth. She d. Dec. 21, 1867. No

1678. Sarah Belton** Avery (Caleb', James^, James^, James*,
James-\ James", Christopher^) was b. June 25, 1790, at Groton;
m. Jan. 13, 1811, at Groton, Park Williams, s. of Park and Deb-
orah (Williams) Williams. He was b. June 29, 1786, at Stoning-
ton. She d. Jan. 9, 1859 ; he d. about 1875, in Vt.

Children of Park and Sarah Belton (Avery) Williams, b. at

Stonington :

i. Elizabeth', b. May 7, 1812; d. y.

ii. Perry Allen', b. Sept. 8, 1813; d. y.

iii. Park Avery', b. March 10, 1815; m. Electa Packer.

iv. Alfred Griswold', b. Dec. 17, 1817; m. Mary Lucetta Crow-

v. James Augustus', b. Nov. 29, 1819; d. Nov. 15, 1835.

vi. Courtland Aurelius', b. Oct. 14, 1821; d. y.

vii. Sarah Elizabeth', b. May 28, 1823; m. Thomas Hinckley

viii. Deborah A.', b. Feb. 15, 1825; m. Orville F. Morrison.

ix. Mary', b. Dec. 23, 1826; m. Ephraim Bartlett.

X. Frances Ann', b. Sept. 8, 1829; m. John Vaughan; d. June
23, 1892.

1679. James M/ Avery (Caleb', James^, James^, James*,
James^, James-, Christopher^) was b. Jan. 16, 1794, at Groton;
m. Nov. 3, 1814, Matilda Williams, dau. of Eleazer and Mary

632 The Groton Avery Clan

(Billings) Williams. She was b. Jan. 29, 1797, at Stonington.
He d. Aug. 3, 1819, at Groton; she m. 2d, the Rev. Ira Rogers

Children of James M. and Matilda (Williams) Avery:

3408. i. James Augustus", b. Dec. 16, 1816, at New London.

3409. ii. Mary Matilda', b. Dec. 4, 1818, at Groton.

1680. Eliza* Avery {Caleb\ James^, James% James\ James^,
James-, Christopher') was b. Aug. 31, 1796, at Groton; m. Nov.
21, 1850, at Groton, Denison Billings Williams, s. of Eleazer and
Mary (Billings) Williams, and brother of the wife of James M.
Avery (No. 1679). He was the widower of Hannah Avery (No.
1813) . He was b. March 2, 1794, at Stonington ; d. Feb. 23, 1867,
at Preston. She d. June 27, 1883, at Groton.

1681. Robert Austin" Avery (Caleb\ James^, James^, James*,
James^, James-, Christopher') was b. Aug. 3, 1803, at Groton; m.
Oct. 6, 1822, at Groton, Nancy Eldridge Avery (No. 1752), dau.
of Elihu and Nancy (Eldridge) Avery. She was b. April 30,
1803, at Groton. Early in life, he became deeply interested in re-
ligious matters and was baptized into the church by the Rev. Ros-
well Burrows (No. 699) . By reason of his exemplary, godly life,
he was chosen deacon of the Fort Hill Baptist Church at the age
of twenty-eight. He was the real founder of the Groton Bank
(now Groton Heights) Baptist Church, organized in 1843. He
was its senior deacon until he passed over from the church mili-
tant to the church triumphant. He spent the greater part of his
life as a farmer, occupying the historic home that had descended
to him from James^ Avery. A lover of his country and as un-
compromising in his politics as in his religion, he was universally
esteemed as a citizen and deeply loved by those who knew him
best. His wife d. Sept. 19, 1845; he d. Dec. 20, 1862, both at

Children of Robert Austin and Nancy Eldridge (Avery)
Avery, b. at Groton:

Emily Ann", b. May 24, 1824; d. July 8, 1836.
Louisa Latham", b. July 9, 1825.
Elihu', b. March 8, 1827.
Giles Williams', b. May 1, 1829.

David Austin', b. Nov. 2, 1830; d. April 4, 1852, in the Sand-
wich Islands; unm.
vi. Ann Eliza', b. Nov. 8, 1832; d. y.









The Eighth Generation 633

3413. vii. Dean Richmond', b. Nov. 25, 1833.

3414. viii. Delia Frances", b. Nov. 25, 1833.

3415. ix. William Caleb", b. Feb. 4, 1836.

3416. X. Nancy Matilda", b. Nov. 16, 1837.

3417. xi. JuDSON", b. Feb. 11, 1840.

3418. xii. Emma Jane", b. Sept. 14, 1842.

1682. Elizabeth Allyn' Avery (Eleazar^, James"", James\
James*, James^, James-, Christopher'^) was b. July 21, 1810, at
Bozrah; m. Sept. 27, 1835, at Colchester, Dr. Jonathan Williams
Brooks, s. of Nathan and Sally (Bingham) Brooks. He was b.
Nov. 3, 1811, at Lisbon. She d. June 6, 1839, at Norwich. He d.
July 26, 1892, at Chicago, 111.

Child of Jonathan Williams and EHzabeth Allyn (Avery)
Brooks, b. at Norwich:

i. Elizabeth Allyn", b. June 5, 1839 ; m. Alfred Stephen Rich-

1683. Mary Harris^ Avery (Eleazar, James^, James°, James\
James^, James-, Christopher'') was b. June 7, 1812, at Bozrah; m.
Nov. 3, 1837, at Colchester, Israel B. Bigelow, of Selma, Ala.
They removed to Texas. He was senator from Texas ; presiding
judge of the Brownville district; d. in that office March 29, 1869,
aged 57 ; she d. about 1878. They had three children who died

1684. Eleazar James" Avery {Eleazar, James^, James^,
James*, James^, James-, Christopher'^) was b. Jan. 6, 1815, at
Bozrah ; m. Sept. 2, 1857, Eunice Maria Allen, dau. of Luke and
Mehitabel (D wight) Allen. She was b. Nov. 15, 1831, at East
Windsor. He was graduated from Brown University in 1845;
from the Newton Theological seminary in 1849 ; ordained at
Addison, Me., in 1851 ; principal of the academy at Worcester,
Mass., 1852-1854; of the Lewis academy, 1854-1858; principal
of the Peddie Institute, at Hightstown, N. J., at the time of his

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