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dent Center)

11:30a - i:30p - Bubbles (Prom-

Wednesday, November 5

National Stress Out Week

Non-refundable Commitment/

Housing Deposit of $250 due for New/
Transfer Students for Winter 2008

Online Winter Registration for Re-
turning Seniors >93 hours

SA Senate Spirit Week: SAU Pride

lia-3:30p - Stress Out Booth (Stu-
dent Center)

n:30a-i:3op - Bubbles (Prome-

Noon-ip - Shoulder Massages (Stu-
dent Center)

7:3op - Test Anxiety Seminar/Video
(Talge Hall)

Thursday, November 13

National Stress Out Week

Online Winter Registration for Ju-
niors >54 hours & Seniors

PreView Southern 102

SASenateSpiritWeek:Tacky/Wacky '
Hair Day

11a - Encounters Convocation, Ber- J
nie Anderson (Church)

na-3:3op - Stress Out Booth (Stu-
dent Center)

3:30p - Graduate Council (Robert
Merchant Room)

Noon-ip - Stress video, Genre: to- j
mor (Presidential Banquet Room)

Shoulder Massages (Student Cen-j

Muffins for Malamulo I
Come to the Student Center in
the morning to donate to Mal-
amulo and enjoy a fresh-baked
muffin in return!

Prayer Groups | 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5:00 p.m.
M-F at the fountain between
Hackman and the library.

country! Deadline to drop off
your shoebox in the SA of-
fice is Friday, November 21st.

Exhibition | Southern's
School of Visual Art and De-
sign will host an exhibition
of Russian paintings titled,
"Russian Art: Social Realism,
Impressionism, and Realism."
These paintings will be on dis-
play in the Brock Hall Art Gal-
lery beginning with the show's
opening at 7 p.m. on Tuesday,
November 11.

Operation Christmas Spirit Week Schedule

Child I Come by the SA of- Monday, November 10-

fice and pick up your shoebox Monochromatic Day/Environ-

to fill with Christmas gifts for m e nta l Awareness

a child in an underdeveloped Tuesday, November 11-Cul-

ture Day

Wednesday, November 12—

SAU Pride Day

Thursday, November 13—

Tacky/Wacky Hair Day

Friday, November 14— Pajama

Day/Pancake Breakfast


November 7

Ashley Lewis, Brad Schleen-
baker, Celeste Thorns, Cyril
Roe, Heather Guhl, John Wil-
liams, Joseph Weatherford,
Kody Stewart, Laura Wendt,
Ryan Bunnell

November 8

Deborah Wyatt, Julie Sto-

tz, Karen Cottrell, Kather-
ine Webber, Nicholas Eller,

November 9

Abigail Vinton, Hannah
Freire, Leah Jewell, Matt Burt,
Paige Cunningham, Shane
Fenton, Stephen Majors, Van-
essa Cutz

November 10

Alana Lawrence, Carl
Patterson, Carolyn Smith,
Christopher Emerson, Cris-
tina Kastorsky, Eui In Lee,
Jim Hodson, Jorge Hernan-
dez Pleitez, Marleni Zorrilla,
Mary Reed, Megan Kastorsky,
Suranny Villamizar, Trisha

November 11

Haley Yunger, Jim ParHl
Lechelle-Antoni Gray, M* I
Hage, Meghan Dickard, Ry»|
Lilly, Ty Leach

November 12

Alex Voigt, Alma AntoiMj
Anita Gonzalez, Ashley S~
Villiers, Lynn Lopez, ReW|

November 13

Crystal Bueno,
Knapp, Hollie Macon*
Joan Seitz, Marty Han*
Michelle Carmona, Scott

Dai* 1




To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

Room for rent | Looking for
E female to live with 3 other
Kjrls i mile from Southern,
(private room, shared bath,
■wireless Internet, cable, din-
Rng room, kitchen, mud room,
Riving room, porch and big
■backyard. $200/mo. Plus wa-
iter and utilities. Call Melanie
■at 423-667-7564-

■Rooms for rent | 2 rooms
■for rent for female students,
located 7 miles from Colleg-
Bedale, 3 miles from Ooltewah.
■Access to kitchen, laundry,
• cable and wireless Internet.
■Quiet home in the country
■with large deck. Available im-
Bnediately for $8s/wk. Call
■Angela cell: 423-280-3243
■Home: 423-238-1490.

Whirlpool fridge | Black,
dorm-sized fridge in good con-
dition for $90. Call Samara at
423-313-0832 or e-mail at
[email protected]

Like working outdoors?

Need an experienced farm
hand man who can help take
care of our property 4 miles
from campus:

Will require mowing, chain
saw work, weed eating, burn-
ing and other lawn care duties.
Equipment and gas supplied.
$io/hr. Must be committed,
consistent and reliable. Call
Patrick at 706-264-9441.

Dog pen for sale 1 6 x 6 x 10

All hardware included. Call
Katrina at 423-284-6954

Schwinn world sport road Scooter for sale | 2004
bike I $60 - Call Andrew at Vespa ET-4, 1500c Scooter
423-236-7243. with only 375 miles! Like new,

Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.

GO BIG . . .


hardly used, pearl white metal-
lic, rear storage compartment,
3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage.
Asking $2,750. Serious inqui-
ries only please. Call 706-264-

Golf bumper | 2000 VW
Golf rear bumper. Black, in
good condition. Whether you
need a new rear bumper for
your VW or just a big chunk of
ABS plastic for an art project, I
need this thing gone, $10. Call
Jonathan 605-8437.

Mountain Hardwear jack-
et I Mens medium, windstop-
per fleece, dark green, a great
jacket for the weather right
now, worn a few times over
the last 2 years, $60. Call Jon-
athan 605-8437.

Media viewer for sale

MyVu pmv-ioo3i "solo edi-
tion" personal media viewer
(video glasses) - for 5th gen
iPod video only. Watch movies
on your iPod without strain-
ing to see the tiny screen, $55.
Call Jonathan 605-8437.

Room for rent | Preferably a
female. Less than 10 minutes
from Southern. Access to en-
tire house and backyard, in-
cluding a deck. Washer & dry-
er. $350/mo. Call 309-1674.
Car for sale | 1992 Lincoln
Continental Executive Series.

123,000 miles. New starter,
alternator and tires. $1,500
Call Bill at 423-476-8361.

Web cam | Orange Micro
1BOT2 USB 2.0 Web Camera
for sale. $10. Call Monika at

Apple MacBook laptop

13" Apple MacBook (White),
Clean, 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
processor, 200GB Hard Drive,
2GB of RAM, with latest soft-
ware (Leopard, iLife '08, &
iWork '08 installed). Apple-
Care Factory Warranty. $845.
Call Carol at (423) 396-9377

Website/graphic design-
er wanted. Must be willing
to work for a reasonable rate
on a website project. Contact
Narissa at [email protected]

Guitar lessons | Be a rock
star! Affordable guitar les-
sons, both group and indi-
vidual. Beginners and in-
termediate, flexible times.

E-mail Rika for more info at
[email protected]

Ford Focus for sale | '04

Ford Focus SVT, Limited Ed.
Blue, all the extras, 71K, well-
maintained. $8,500, Call Jus-
tin @ 308-9610

Honda Accord for sale

1998 Honda Accord in excel-
lent condition. Excellent gas
mileage. Silver exterior and
grey interior. New Tires. Auto-
matic Transmission. A/C.
Only $3,500. Call 916-580-
4245 for more information.

Marissa's Bakery | What do
you enjoy eating Friday eve-
ning for supper? Do you starve
on Sabbath mornings when
the cafe is closed? How about
some fresh banana bread?
Delicious blueberry muffins?
Savory Cinnamon Rolls? If so,
call 916-847-9495, or e-mail
marissaroberts ©southern,
edu with your order by 4 p.m.
every Thursday afternoon.

just can't get enough?

The Southern Accent is now online at






1501 Riverside Drive, Suite 110

Chattanooga, TN 37406

423.624.5555 • zlbplasma.com



The Fall Festival was fun and cool—

$ great planning and decoration; who says

we can't have fun on the Promenade?

Exxon setting a world record for reve-
nue this quarter, even though the oil-de-
pendent country it depends on is on the
brink of depression, struggling to pull
out of economic recession. Thanks, we
really appreciate it guys.

The lines at the early voting tables and
the normal Tuesday voting were long
enough to ensure that many, many of the
eligible voter population exercised their
rights this past week.

Standing in line at the salad bar for
lunch wondering why there is always a
person who takes 27 minutes to make a
simple salad. Why does it take so long
to make a salad!?

Enjoying the beautiful passing of the

seasons as the rejuvenation process of

the new begins with the death of the old;

the trees are changing colors, the air is

cool and the sun is warm. Fall is here,

enjoy it.

When your roommate is sick, your
girlfriend/boyfriend is sick, both of your
suitemates are sick, and you feel that
familiar tickle at the back of your throat.


Adam Wamad|
Humor Edi
[email protected],e

Someone's famous last words

Adam Wamack

Wait a minute, how do I turn this tiling off?

Well, this could get interesting. Don't WOny, I got this.

I swear they weren't my chopsticks!

TAfh nnnc! Maybe this is the ri |
V V llUUpa . pfffjj can do that, to

To the left?! But I thought you said to the rig- '

I wonder what this button s tor...

Look, I can do it with my eyes closed. Watch me get a world record for thif

-looks at squirrel:: Awww, it's so cute.

Diary of a single Southern girlj

Katie Hammond
Hannah Kuntz

Mnw Fnnnn ft Copy FniT OR

Dear Diary,

Timid Tom finally spoke
to me today. I've seen him
looking at me a lot. I think he
might be interested, but he's
just too scared to do anything
about it. I thought he would
never speak to me. I remem-
ber it clearly. At exactly 12:43
a.m., in my American his-
tory class, I was staring at the
back of Tom's head (which is
full of luxurious brown locks).
Tom was stretching when he
dropped the pencil he was
holding in his right hand. The

pencil could have fallen to my
right, or it could have fallen
to my left, but fate stepped
in, and the pencil fell into my
lap. There was no choice but
to give it back to him, even
though I desperately wanted
to keep it with me forever.
When Tom turned around to
retrieve his pencil, I smiled,
handed it back to him and
introduced myself, "Hi, I'm
Compatible Cassie," I said. He
giggled nervously, as if I had
poked him in the stomach like
the Pillsbury Doughboy, and
his face turned five different
shades of red. He looked like
a sunburned tomato. He stut-
tered an awkward, "Thank

you," giggled again and thJ
turned around. It was jusla
simple interaction, but I thiiT
it tested the limits of his sori|
skills. I just want ONE <
is that asking too much? Ydl
know how Winston Churcif
said, 'Never, never, never g
up'? Sometimes as I lookattS
back of Tom's head, that qui
rings in my ears and I wona
if guys at Southern misread)
like maybe they only readuj
last part.

Until next time dear diary, I

ffl 8(«.1HPMi"S fOMOKKCld,

$01 to -met sty "toyge





^^ ^ ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY -*- %-^^- ^^^ M f I ^ JL

TuiimnAY. November 13,2008




I Education and
dean to move
to Philippines

| Melissa K. Lechler


I Denise Dunzweiler will be
.ending her 13-year career at
Southern to take a position as
! a dean at the Adventist Inter-
'■ [national Institute of Advanced
■Studies (AIIAS) in the Philip-

John Wesley Taylor took
'over as dean of the School of
fclucation & Psychology on
BJeBa o. He has been a pro-
cessor in the department for

Int. "it was a really tough deci-

l^aon," said Dunzweiler, who

has been dean for three years,

|«"but I felt a [sense of] peace

"-about it. It really was a God

weiler arrives in the
lies on Feb. 1. She will
Bean of four of the five
e schools at AIIAS, the
jiool in the Adventist
■that offers graduate-
programs exclusively,
tile Dunzweiler has never
ntothe Philippines before,
Taylor taught at AIIAS for sev-
a years. Dunzweiler noted
he irony, referring to this as,
wool exchange."
pesident of AIIAS,
I Guptill, came to

E DEAN page 4

Spirit Week focuses on Southern

Aaron Cheney

Srapf Warn.

SA Spirit Week has given
Southern students a chance
to show off their school spirit
with activities and themes for
each day.

"We are trying to get stu-
dents to think about the mean-
ing of being a student at South-
ern, and what sets Southern
apart," said Luther Whiting,
SA executive vice president.

Senator Kristina Benfield, a
senior graphic design major,
was in charge of the commit-
tee that planed Spirit Week.

"We're trying to have an ac-
tivity and an over all theme to
go with each day rather than
just super heroes, we're trying
to tie it more into Southern
student body activities," Ben-
field said.

This year's spirit week
started on Monday with
monochromatic day, encour-
aging students to wear outfits
of only one color. Tuesday

Julia Tkachuk pins her

i the world map s

had students wearing clothing served on the promenade.

showing off different cultures.
Wednesday was SAU pride
day. Today's theme is tacky/
wacky hair day. Friday, pa-
jama day will have pancakes

Student clubs an organi-
zations are also getting in-
volved, according to Benfield.
The Green Initiative club got
involved for Monochromatic

day, Outdoor Education pro-
vided a zip-line for SAU Pride
day, and Strawberry Festival is
on the ready to take pictures of
tacky/wacky hair day.


Vehical theft on rise at south end of greenway

Hannah Kuntz
rnpv Emma

Vehicle break-ins at the
Collegedale Greenway have
been on the rise.

Matthew Spears, a patrol-
man on the Collegedale police
department, said there have
been at least three break-ins

in the last two weeks.

"The four years I've been
here the number's [of vehicle
break-ins] have definitely in-
creased," Spears said.

He said most of the chefts
have occurred in the evening
at the Tucker Road entrance to
the Greenway, but there have
been thefts at the Imagination

Station as well. He advises stu-
dents to lock their valuables in
the trunks of their cars.

"Most of all the break-ins
have occurred out of vehicles
where purses have been in full
view," Spears said. "Our big-
gest hurdle right now is get-
ting people to lock things up
just to where it's not painfully

obvious that there's something
to steal."

Melissa Otis, a sopho-
more allied health major, had
her car's passenger window
smashed three weeks ago at
the Greenway and an empty
purse was taken.



> a "ipus Chatter


£0 V\u4l Sjrfe...



Have too much stress
in your life? Check out
some solutions on page


See what Southern
students are doing to
help the community on
page 2.




Weekend to focus on purity

Alison Quiring
Staff Wiiih

Encounters Weekend will
feature Pastor Bernie Ander-
son this coming weekend as
he speaks about the craving
humans have for life, fulfill-
ment, joy and meaning.

Anderson said that he chose
the theme "Craving" because
many are spiritually hungry
and often our legitimate hun-
ger is sometimes filled with
something outside of God's
plan for our lives.

Friday night's message will
focus on why God has drawn
boundaries around sexuality.
Church service on Saturday
will focus on how our inner
desires often drive our out-
ward actions.

"My hope is that students
will come away thinking seri-
ously about holiness, sexual
integrity and just what it is that
drives them," Anderson said.
"I want them to crave Jesus
and a life devoted to Him."

Kevin Kibble, associate
chaplain, said that Anderson's
specialty is speaking to young
people about spiritual victory
in an environment where pu-
rity is not valued.

"Bernie's personal testi-
mony is a unique witness to
how young people can become
stronger spiritually in this age

of the media devaluing purity,"
Kibble said.

Anderson is the senior pas-
tor of the Wasatch Hills SDA
Church in Salt Lake City,
Utah and was invited to speak
for Encounters Weekend by
Southern's Chaplain, Brennon

Encounters Weekends were
started by the former South-
ern Chaplain Ken Rogers. He
wanted students to gain a spir-
itual blessing in mini weeks of
prayer spread throughout the
course of the school year so
there would be uplifting spiri-
tual programming between
the larger events like Student
Week of Prayer.

This is the third year since
Southern decided to start hold-
ing Encounters Weekends.

Donnie Keele, assistant
chaplain, said that Campus
Ministries puts on Encounters
Weekends because a full week
of prayer tends to disrupt the
academic schedule.

"Encounters Weekend gives
us a compromise," Keele said.
"It is a spiritual emphasis that
doesn't create problems with
the regular school schedule."

The next Encounters Week-
end will be held next semester
on March 12-15 with Manny
Cruz as guest speaker.


Vol. 64, Issue 9

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monika Bliss















Laure Chamberlain



Patten Project focuses on serviq)

Roland Scaluet

Now as an official club on
campus, leaders of the Patten
Towers project are putting a
strong emphasis on service
this year, looking to make a
difference in residents' every-
day life with things like mani-
cures and trips to the zoo.

The project started in fall
of 2007 as an initiative of the
South East Youth Conference.
Patten Towers houses home-
less and disabled people in
downtown Chattanooga. The
project's main goal is to help
meet the residents' spiritual,
physical and social needs.

"Last year was our first
year," said Thomas Beihl,
president of the Patten Proj-
ect Club. "We learned from
what worked and what didn't

Besides holding a church
service every two weeks at Pat-
ten Towers, students are trying
to reach out to the residents in
many different ways.

New outreach efforts have
included a food drive where
nine carts full of groceries
were collected from Village
Market customers, a zoo trip
and cruise on the Southern
Belle Riverboat, a girl's night

Hilary Prandl and Ezequiel Vasquez collect food for Patten Towers]

out where Southern female
students took Patten women
out to eat and a makeover day
where residents could get free
haircuts, hair braiding, mani-
cures and massages.

Upcoming events include
a stop-smoking program, a
Thanksgiving meal and a cel-
ebration of Patten Towers'
looth anniversary.

Biehl said Patten residents
participate more as their con-
fidence grows.

"Last year they were a little
more cautious because they
didn't really know us," he said.
"But this year we have more
residents attending."

However, the benefits of the

project are not only for M
Towers' residents. Elistj
boldt, secretary of the if
Project Club, said anothij
is to get Southern i
excited and involved bl
istry and to see God's |
restored in those whoa"
pate in doing what Jestil

Samara Larson,
nursing major, has I
volved in the project si
year. She said her i
is her desire to share «
residents some of theblj
of her Christian walk.

She said, "I'm trji
bring them the SabbaLl|
rience that I have."

Southern buys Spalding Cove ApartmeJ

Katie Freeland
Staff Writer

For questions or comments phase e-mail [email protected]

For all advertising inquiries, please e-mail Matt Turk at [email protected]

This October, Southern
purchased the Spalding Cove
Apartments off of Tucker Road
on Spalding Drive for $2.6
million, and currently plans to
use them as family housing.

Enrollment is up 137 stu-
dents, and the need for more
housing for both singles and
families is growing.

"The pressure we keep feel-
ing is in housing," said Marty
Hamilton, associate vice presi-
dent for financial administra-
tion. 'The economy isn't do-
ing very well, and gas prices
are high, so students want to
be closer to campus."

The purchase of the Spald-
ing Cove Apartments erased

the need to start a new build-
ing project. One option was
to build more apartments
in Southern Village. The is-
sue was that they would have
needed to start construction
in October, and there was a lot
of pressure to get those done,
Hamilton said.

There are seven buildings
in the Spalding Cove area.
Each building contains four
apartments, each with two
bedrooms and one and a half

The Spalding Cove Apart-
ments will be transitioned into
family-only student housing.
There are currently tenants
who are not affiliated with
Southern living there, but
when they move out Southern
will transition it exclusively

for student family hous
of Nov. 1, current tea
paying their rent to Sm

Around 20 to 25fa>'
in need of on or neaij
housing, said Cindy J
administrative assist
financial administrate
families will be pi
new apartments
come, first-serve

Jim Turner, a
major, has been 9
apartments with his<1
April, six months V

"They're new, soL
really clean and m
tained," Turner s
close to campus, so 1
the convenience.




Southern trying to prevent pedestrian injuries on crosswalk



Many people are unsure
whether pedestrians or driv-
ers have the right of way when
approaching a crosswalk on
University Drive, and univer-
sity officials are working to
prevent an accident.

"Cars have the right of way
and sometimes pedestrians
think they do, especially here
in Collegedale," said Jeff San-

1 tos, a senior accounting major.
"I am a city boy, so I am used

i to sharing the roads with many
According to the law, cars

have the right of way and pe-
destrians must wait for the
car to stop before crossing the
road. Once the pedestrian is in
the crosswalk, cars must yield
the right of way. However,
some students keep walking
without breaking stride across
the road, said Kevin Penrod,
director of Campus Safety.

Campus Safety is working
with Marketing & University
Relations to raise awareness
and promote safety. So far,
Campus Safety is hoping to
present at convocation and
residence hall worships, as
well as meet with the SA Sen-
ate to talk about these issues.

Southern doesn't own the
road and can't make changes,
so they're looking to awareness
and education to prevent inju-
ries. Hamilton County owns
University Drive and has ex-
clusive jurisdiction to change
the warning system, lights or
paint on the crosswalks, Pen-
rod said.

The traffic flow will only in-
crease as the Hulsey Wellness
Center is up and running and
construction of a roundabout
is underway, said Ruthie Gray,
director of Marketing & Uni-
versity Relations.

Pedestrians and drivers are
not the only ones who need to

be aware of each other. Penrod
said bikers, skateboarders and
others also need to follow traf-
fic laws when using the cross-

"Students and drivers don't
pay enough attention to each
other and tend to take stop
and yield signs as suggestions,
and all it takes is one distract-
ed person to create a recipe for
disaster," he said.

Rebecca Wong, a senior art
education major, was hit by a
car last school year.

Wong said, "As a pedestrian
you can't just assume the car wait until they slow down be-
will stop, you must make eye fore even stepping onto the
contact with the driver or just crosswalk."

Woosly Calixte, Alex Hernandez,
and Oscar Espinosa cross Univer-
sity Drive afier class.

JLocal gallery to feature student art

| Angela McPherson

<jt»« VVrnTFB

The Wolftever Creek Gallery
in Ooltewah, which opened
Oct. 20, showcases local and
regional artists and plans to
showcase student art, giving
Southern students a new place
to display their art.

Artists and owners Erik
and Christine Vetne started
the gallery because they saw a


"There is nothing of this
kind in the area," Christine
|Vetne said. "Normally, to ap-
preciate art, you have to go
downtown. There's so much
Wound here that has not been

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