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Five quick ways for you to get rid of stress

Christina Weitzel


Elizabeth Hernandez was
stressed, and it was only her
first day of classes.

Now a junior at Southern,
she remembers, "Last year, I
walked into my first nursing
class and sat down. The pro-
fessor started telling us every-
thing we had to do. It was only
the first day and it seemed I
had enough to do to last the
whole year. I felt there was
no way I could get everything

Elizabeth's experience of
college stress is not uncom-
mon. Seventy to 90 percent of
college students' visits to pri-
mary care physicians are the
result of stress or stress-relat-
ed sources, according to the
American Institute of Stress.

Often, it's easy to get over-
whelmed with everything.
However, stress reduction is
crucially important. So here
are five stress-reduction meth-
ods for college students that

take five minutes or less.

Take a break.

The counseling center at
Carroll College offers this tip,
"Get some exercise or fresh
air (simply a quick, brisk walk
outdoors if possible), or go
somewhere private and yell or

Even if you can't go outside,
you can still talk to a friend or
just sit for a few minutes.

Just breathe.

In the book, "The Complete
Idiot's Guide to Managing
Stress," Jeffrey Davidson ob-
serves, "You're always getting
encouraged to speed up— read
more, take in more, do more.
Sometimes, however, the best
response to a situation is not
to proceed rapidly, but take a
strategic pause."

One way, listed by Davidson,
to take that strategic pause is
simply to take a deep breath.
The best method for deep
breathing is to sit up straight
or stand, breathing in slowly

Get Your


reen on


Vexation: Way too

many plastic bags jammed

in my cabinet.

Solution: Put 'em to


Most of us probably already
use plastic grocery bags as
trash can liners (which
also saves money on buy-
ing rolls of trash bags), but
don't stop there. Use plastic
bags as packing material,
as duggie poop bags (not
in the <lnrr« f course), as
lunch t .. s „, or take them to

the store and bag your gro-
ceries with them again.

Clarification: A lot of
stores are already charg-
ing for the plastic bags and
encouraging shoppers to
buy reusable ones. IKEA
doesn't even offer dispos-
able bags anymore, only re-
usable ones that you have to
buy (which is why I left the
store looking like I had just
stolen a lot of stuff). Just be
sure to get the most out of
the plastic bags you've al-
ready paid for.

through your nose. Hold your
breath for a few seconds, then
exhale, according to the Dart-
mouth College website.

Write it down.

"I make lists for organiz-
ing things and getting them
done," said Giancarlo Peroso,
a senior nursing major at
Southern. "It helps spread out
your work load so your day is
not too packed."

Include everything that
needs to be done on the list,
but be realistic about your
goals. Don't try to fit too much
in your day, or you'll get over-

Throw it away.

G. Gaynor McTigue, au-
thor of "Why Make Yourself
Crazy? 100 Ways to Rid Your
Life of Needless Stress," offers
this tip.

"Every day, find one thing
you don't need and toss it. Or
give it away. Over time, the
clutter will begin to vanish and
space and order will magically
appear in your home... and
your life," McTigue says.

Change your mind.

Often, how you think has a
larger impact on your life than
what is actually happening.


SBoaHF «\'^W

Graphic by Christina Weitzel

The University of Georgia
health center website states,
"Changing the way you think
(a.k.a. cognitive restructuring)
can help you manage stressors
in your life. While we can't al-
ways control the events that
happen, we can control what
we think about the event,
which in turn shapes our feel-
ings about them."

If you think positively about
a test or assignment, chances
are you won't be as stressed
about it.


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed in the
right direction.

Felix Mendelssohn's

Bryan College, Dayton, TN
7:30 p.m., Fri, Nov. 14 and
Sat, Nov. 15

Ballet Tennessee
Presents AILEY II from
New York

Tivoli Theater,

8 p.m., Sat. Nov. 15
Tickets start at $12

Chattanooga Market

First Tennessee Pavilion,

Noon-5 p.m., every Sunday



90 Years in the
American West

Photographs by Ansel
Adams and Bob Kolbrener

The Arts Company,

10 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday-
Saturday, through Dec. 19 J



«« t^



Shake n Bake are '08 football champs

Zach Livingston

What started out as a very
competitive football season
|j for Men's A League ended with
j not so competitive game.
f Team Shake n Bake [SnB] went
against team ShowTime for
the intramural football cham-
pionship on Monday night and
I it wasn't as exciting as the Gi-
I ants and Patriots Super Bowl
I upset. SnB left victorious with
I a crushing score of 34-6.

There was a rumor going

I around that the Men's A North

I League was much better than

I the Men's A South League in

; first place, however, after

hampionship game it be-


glon't know what hap-
ted, it just wasn't that in-
ng" said Jimmy Gaines,
ike n Bake player. "We just
ayed really well."
Before the football season
■en started, Showtime quar-
rback , Brian Seymore, had

the audacity to make a bet
with Didier Brival that his
team would make it to the
championship game and win
it all. Seymore didn't have any
players on his team yet but his
confidence outweighed his log-
ic and it was decided that the
loser would have to pay for a
PF Chang's meal.

Surprisingly Seymore led

I don't know
what happened,

it just wasn't
that interesting.
We just played
really well. « .;

-Jimmy Gaines

his team all the way to the
championship but only accom-
plished one touchdown pass to
Showtime wide receiver, Willis

"We kept getting the ball

close to our end zone and nev-
er really had an opportunity to
make a legitimate drive down
the field" Seymore said. "I
know Didier was scared about
how far I made it even though
we lost."

The referees had to stop the
game and call SnB the win-
ners as it became clear who
would win. This is the second
time that SnB has dominated
Southern's intramural football
world and they're starting to
look like the Fluffy Chickens of
flag football.

The Men's B League cham-
pionship was won for the first
time by The New Breed. How-
ever, history seems to be re-
peating itself as the Men's A
League Softball and football
champions are the same teams
that won last year. Which oth-
er championship teams from
last year will take a second ti-
tle home? Keep your eyes open
and come out to watch the
electrifying drama of Southern

|Many participate in volleyball intramurals

leyball season officially kicks ern, as shown by the numer-

off! There are several stu- ous leagues,

dents here on campus that are There is a Ladies A League,

thankful for volleyball season. Ladies B East League, Ladies B

Volleyball is one of the more West, Ladies 3 Person league,

popular sports here at South- Mens A League, Mens B East

IDavis Wallace
l CnMT TiRinnR

Flag football season is over,
I the weather is getting colder,
[Thanksgiving break is right
I around the corner and vol-

New Release!

Local Author Juanita Hamil Recently Retired from SAU

. Born in a land where the main view is that God is not for real,
Cassie cries out to God in desperation as she is about to end her
life. To her amazement, He answers her cry in a miraculous way.

Born with "mixed blood," Cassic seems domed to die when the
Wood bath suddenly envelopes her country. Miraculously, she is
warned by a dream that something is going to happen. Her re-
sponse to the dream, in complete faith, opens up a way of escape.

later, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to come to America
but suddenly is informed she's to be deported back to her home-
tad where terror is still ongoing. How will God possibly see her
ttaough this time?
C»n Purchase at ABC or Campus Stop or order 8945-6375 at: www.teadiseraees.eom


Zack Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

Intramurals Schedule

Man's A Division

11/13 6 PM Blue Hole/Heia Norge! Court 3

1113/ 6 PM Bromance/GMA Warriors Court 1

11/13 6 PM Cool Breeze/We Serve...You Eat Court 2

11/16 7 PM Cool Breeze/A Loss Is Gain Court 1

11/16 7 PM We Serve.. .You Eat/The Destroyers Court 2

11/16 8 PM Heia Norge!/GMA Warriors Court 1

11/17 6 PM A Loss Is Gain/Bromance Court 3

11/17 6 PM Blue Hole/Cool Breeze Court 2

11/18 6 PM Blue Hole/A Loss Is Gain Court 1

11/18 6 PM GMA Warriors/Cool Breeze Court 3

11/19 6 PM The Destroyers/ Bromance Court 1

11/19 7 PM We Serve...You Eat/Blue Hole Court 1

Women's A

11/13 6 PM

n/13 7 p M

11/13 8 PM
11/16 7 PM
11/16 8 PM
11/17 6 PM
11/17 7 PM
11/17 8 PM
11/18 6 PM
11/19 6 PM
11/19 6 PM


Helix/Flakers Court 4

Homeostasis/Lunachicks Court 4

Soup-A-Stars/Hitlist Court 4

Soup-A-Stars/Served Fresh Court 4
Lunachicks/To Kill A Blocking Nerd Court 4

Homeostasis/Flakers Court 4

Served Fresh/Helix Court 4

Hitlist/Simply Smashing Court 4

Lunachicks/Helix Court 2

Helix/Simply Smashing Court 4

Hitlist/To Kill A Blocking Nerd Court 3

League, Mens B West League,
Mens 3 Man East League, and
Mens 3 Man West League. Not
only are there many different
leagues, but there are also 70
combined different teams.

The first A league game of
the season consisted of The
GMA Warriors against The
Blue Hole who both look to be
atop the standings in A league.
It was a hard fought game and
The Blue Hole was able to edge
out The GMA Warriors by a
single point on the final set.

In B East League, BBSSAD
were able to come away with
the victory against a short-
handed Smash Bros. team.
All three sets were close and
could have gone either way.
From the looks of things, both
teams have the potential of be-
ing some of the top teams in B
league. Finally, in the 3 Man

It was a great
first night

of volleyball
and from
the looks

of things it

can only get

East League, Step it up took
care of business against Chuck
Norris two sets to one.

It was a great first night of
volleyball and from the looks
of things it can only get better.
More teams this year means
that the play level will have
to increase, which ultimately
means that the games will be
at a high level and exciting




Deadline Monday at noj
[email protected]

Offering for Malamulo |

Come to the Student Center in
the morning to donate to Mal-
amulo and enjoy a fresh-baked
muffin in return!

Prayer Groups | This Friday
evening Student Association
and Campus Ministries are tak-
ing up a special offering for the
Mission at Malamulo Project.
So far we've raised $7,261.58
toward our $15,000 goal. This
offering involves a matching
fund with which we hope to
raise more than $3,000. Bring
your money to vespers to join
all 12 North American Division
SDA colleges in the campaign
to keep our sister institution in
Malawi, Africa open!

Exhibition | Southern's
School of Visual Art and De-
sign is hosting an exhibition
of Russian paintings titled,
"Russian Art: Social Realism,
Impressionism, and Realism."
These paintings are on display
in the Brock Hall Art Gallery.

Operation Christmas
Child I Come by the SA office
and pick up your shoebox to
fill with Christmas gifts for a
child in an underdeveloped
country! Deadline to drop off
your shoebox in the SA office
is Friday, Nov. 21.

Pajama Day | Remember to
dress in your pjs and eat some
delicious pancakes on the
promenade tomorrow morn-

Symphony Concert |

Double convocation credit
Sunday, Nov. 16 at the Colleg-
edale Church.



Friday, November 14

National Stress Out Week

Online Winter Registration for
Returning Juniors >54 Credit Hours

SA Senate Spirit Week Pajama

7:30 p.m. - Pierson Lectureship -
Dennis Ross (Thatcher Hall Chapel)

8 p.m. - Encounters Vespers - Ber-
nie Anderson (Church)

After Vespers - Adoration
(Lynn Wood Chapel)

5:35 p.m. - Sunset

Sabbath, November 15

9:30 a.m. - Pierson Lectureship -
Dennis Ross (Thatcher Hall Chapel)

9:30-10:15 a.m. - Continental
Breakfast (Collegedale Church Fellow-
ship Hall)

10 a.m. - French Sabbath School
(Miller Hall Chapel)

10:15a - Saltworks Sabbath School
(Seminar Room-upstairs)

9:75 Sabbath School (Collegedale
Church Fellowship Hall) .

SMC Sabbath School (Gospel

Adoration - Bernie Anderson

11 a.m. - Pierson Lectureship
Dennis Ross (Thatcher Hall Chapel)

11:30 a.m. - Connect - John Nixon
(Collegedale Academy)

11:45 a.m. - Renewal- Bernie
Anderson (Church)

3:01 p.m. - Random Acts of Kind-
ness (Wright Hall Steps)

3:45 p.m. - Sabbath Ministries:
Nursing Home (Wright Hall Steps)

5:30 p.m. - Evensong - Reader:
Dennis Negron, Organist: Doug Ba-
asch & Southern Ringtones (Church)

6:30 p.m. - Heartreachers
Bluegrass Band (Lynn Wood Chapel)

9 p.m. - King & Queen of the Court
Tournament - hosted by BCU (lies
P.E. Center)

Sunday, November 16

7:30 p.m. - Symphony Orchestra/
Organ Concert - Double Convocation
Credit (Church)

Monday, November 17

Online Winter Registration for Re-
turning Sophomores >23 hours, Ju-
niors & Seniors

PRAXIS Exams, Lynn Wood
3:30 p - Undergraduate Council

Tuesday, November 18

Online Winter Registration for |

Returning Sophomores >23 hours,

Juniors & Seniors

Noon - Tornado Siren Test

7 p.m. & 10 p.m. - Joint Worship!

"God's Solution to Stress," presented!

by Dr. Jud Lake, (Thatcher Chapel)

Wednesday, November 19

Online Winter Registration for
Returning Freshman <24 houtsj
Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

Noon-ip - Employee Brown B
(Presidential Banquet Room)

7:15 p.m. - SA Senate (White

Thursday, November 20

Online Winter Registration for 8
turning Freshman <24 hours,
Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

11 a.m. - Convocation, Carrie
McDonnall (Church)

5 p.m. - 3 on 3 Basketball Team|
Meeting (lies P.E. Center)

7:30 p.m. - Convocation, Carri^|
McDonnall (Thatcher Chapel)

November 14

Danielle Karppala,

Batson, Lindsay Gorecki,
Meghan Gorecki, Mindy Josh-
nick, Onisim Chitu, Seth May-
ers, William Otis

November 15

Autumn Davis, Charlotte
Athey, Doug Jacobs, Ellen Ma-
lupande, Jenna Schleenbaker,
Kaitlyn Gavin, Kris Kimbley,
Krista Mattison, Thomas Er-

November 16

Cristina Hernandez-Persia,
Jose Del Aguila, Marie Con-
stant, Paul Campanello, Rod-
ney Voelker, Tim Cwodzinski,
Tony Ludwig, Tyler Thornton

November 17

Kristin Thomas, Maria Roy-

bal-Hazen, Ralph Morales,
Stephanie Kirschmann, Tekoa

November 18

Alisha Ottati, Aurora Pullar,
Chris Bolton, Elshell Bertus,
Jessica Ball, Lucas Dobyns

November 19

Christopher Vazquez, Dori
Trivette, Mishaela Creed

November 20

Barbara James, Bryan
Stitzer, Carrie Francisco,
Christina Arias, Desmond
Suarez, Elizabeth Hernandez,
Hans von Walter, Heather
Haynes, Joel Hanlon, Katie
Hammond, Mariah Gage,
Nardia Leonce, Summer
Schleifer, Suzy Robertson

Are you encountering malicious microbes?
Arm your immune system with

Immune Ammunition!

It's a 5-herb blend to aid the fight against
bacteria, virus, fungus, & inflammation.

More info at www.bonherbals.com
Bonnie Mattheus (423) 238-7467




To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

Room for rent | Looking for
a female to live with 3 other
„i r ]s 1 mile from Southern.
Private room, shared bath,
wireless Internet, cable, din-
ing room, kitchen, mud room,
living room, porch and big
back yard. $200/mo. Plus wa-
ter and utilities. Call Melanie
at 423-667-7564-

Rooms for rent | 2 rooms
for rent for female students.
Located 7 miles from Colleg-
edale, 3 miles from Ooltewah.
Access to kitchen, laundry,
cable and wireless Internet.
Quiet home in the country
with large deck. Available im-
mediately for $85/wk. Call
Angela cell: 423-280-3243
Home: 423-238-1490.

Sch win n world sport road

bike I $60 - Call Andrew at

Whirlpool fridge | Black,
dorm-sized fridge in good con-
dition for $90. Call Samara at
423-313-0832 or e-mail at
[email protected]

Dog pen for sale | 6 x 6 x 10

All hardware included. Call
Katrina at 423-284-6954

Scooter for sale | 2004
Vespa ET-4, 150CC Scooter
with only 375 miles! Like new,
hardly used, pearl white metal-
lic, rear storage compartment,
3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage. Asking
$2,750. Serious inquiries only
please. Call 706-264-9441-

Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.



Mountain Hardwear jack-
et I Mens medium, windstop-
per fleece, dark green, a great
jacket for the weather right
now, worn a few times over
the last 2 years, $60. Call Jon-
athan 423-605-8437.

Media viewer for sale

MyVu pmv-ioo3i "solo edi-
tion" personal media viewer
(video glasses) - for 5th gen
iPod video only. Watch movies
on your iPod without strain-
ing to see the tiny screen, $55.
Call Jonathan 423-605-8437.

Room for rent | Preferably
a female. Less than 10 min-
utes from Southern. Access
to entire house and backyard,
including a deck. Washer &
dryer. $35o/mo. Call 423-

Apple MacBook laptop

13" Apple MacBook (White),
Clean, 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo
processor, 200GB Hard Drive,
2GB of RAM, with latest soft-
ware (Leopard, iLife '08, &
iWork '08 installed). Apple-
Care Factory Warranty. $845.
Call Carol at (423) 396-9377

Website/graphic designer

wanted. Must be willing to
work for a reasonable rate on a
website project. Contact Naris-
sa at [email protected]

Guitar lessons | Be a rock
star! Affordable guitar les-
sons, both group and indi-
vidual. Beginners and in-
termediate, flexible times.
E-mail Rika for more info at
[email protected]

Ford Focus for sale | '04

Ford Focus SVT, Limited Ed.
Blue, all the extras, 71K, well-
maintained. $8,500, Call Jus-
tin at 423-308-9610

Honda Accord for sale

1998 Honda Accord in excel-
lent condition. Excellent gas
mileage. Silver exterior and

grey interior. New Tires. Auto-
matic Transmission. A/C. Only
$3,500. Call 916-580-4245 for
more information.

Marissa's Bakery | What do
you enjoy eating Friday eve-
ning for supper? Do you starve
on Sabbath mornings when
the cafe is closed? How about
some fresh banana bread?
Delicious blueberry muffins?
Savory Cinnamon Rolls? If so,
call 916-847-9495, or e-mail
[email protected]
edu with your order by 4 p.m.
every Thursday afternoon.

1998 Honda Accord | excel-
lent condition, excellent gas
mileage, silver exterior, grey
interior, new tires, automatic
transmission, A/C, power
steering, $3700 / obo. Call
Brandan: 916-580-4245.

Build a Board | I have a
Sector 9 carving deck, 78mm
wheels w/ fresh Speed Cream,
risers, but NO trucks. We sell
all or piece out. Contact Brian

2004 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, fully loaded with
new tires. Grey with leather
interior. 82,000 miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam
at 423-503-5286.

35mm SLR Camera for
sale I Nikon N70, 35mm, SLR
camera with 70-300 telephoto
lens, and rechargeable batter-
ies. Includes Vivitar flash and
all manuals. $40. Call Jona-
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Velborn monopod for sale

Extends from 22 inches to 65
inches. Quick release head. $5
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1 Brand new pair of Smith
sunglasses | Large fit. Po-
larchromic lenses. Chrome
fade frames. [email protected]

Paintball gun for sale |

2 paintball markers, Minimag
(all upgrades) and VM-68,
tons of extras. If you know
what it is, you know what its
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Jonathan 423-605-8437.

2002 Cavalier | 4-door tail
lights excellent condition $15
call Jonathan 423-605-8437.

1988 Honda Prelude SI |

pw ac cc power sunroof, pio-
neer deck and speakers, new
tires, lots of reciepts too much
to list. $2,85o/obo jdicker-
[email protected]

Roommate wanted | In-
terviewing roommate for sec-
ond semester. Large house in
high-end neighborhood, ga-
rage, room comes furnished,
great roommates. jd\[email protected]

2 Roommates wanted |

Upstairs appartment within
walking distance from cam-
pus. Two rooms available.
Large room $275, small room
$245 + utilities. Located right
across from health services.
[email protected] or call

For sale | GBS-prevention
seat warmer. Gently used.
$750/obo. Call Jason Maxie at

For sale | C.B. Radio (mobile
unit) with 40 channels and
two emergency channels. $75-
Complete with antenna, mike,
and hanger. Call George Web-
ster at 423-728-4340-


.Visit the , w





Christmas decorations
before Thanksgiving

There is nothing worse than rushing
Christmas; there is nothing better
than enjoying it at the right time.

The great array of scarves
that people wear

There's nothing like a warm, colorful
scarf to pull an outfit together in the
chilly, fall air.

Discourse of Hope

Circulating that Obama is going to
make all the economic problems dis-
appear; there needs to be a distinc-
tion between realistic optimism and
naive sensationalism.

Senator Obama's presidential-
elect speech

We haven't seen such a great orator in
many years; Senator McCain's Conces-
sion speech— his class, humility, and
patriotism are worthy of aspiration.

Those monotone teachers

That make the most interesting topics
as mundane as the last time my great
aunt made my brother and I decorate
over two hundred little dreidels for
Hanukkah back in 1993.

The new wellness center

It's amazing! I feel like I'm burning ca/o-
\~~ '4 ries just when I walk in the door! I won-
der if there's something in the air...

The higher food prices

...and the people who complain about
the cafe, saying, "The prices in the cafe,
man, they're so high!" They always have
been and they always will be, so get
over it already!


Adam Wamack

Humor Editor

[email protected]

Diary of a single Southern male

Dear Diary,

I spoke to Compatible Cass-
ie the other day. She handed
me my pencil in history class.
All I said was, "Thank you,"
and though I wanted to say
so much more, I felt like I
couldn't. I just wish that girls
weren't so confusing. I have
absolutely no idea whether or
not they are interested in me
because they purposefully play
hard-to-get; they do not want
to be made vulnerable by be-
ing openly interested in me, in
return. Instead, they selfishly
hide these insecurities behind
the excuse that the guy has to
be the one to make the first
move, to be the one to pursue
her. And this may be true, and
I would love to be such a guy,
but that does not mean that
they should be closed down;
that does not mean that they
should purposefully pretend
to not be interested in me (or

even to IGNORE me) all in the
hopes that it will strike a match
to some flame of passion that is
supposed to be ignited within
my heart that will cause me to
rise up and conquer the castle,
slay the dragon and rescue the
princess that resides captive
in the uppermost tower. But
even when that flame is lit,
what am I to do when the cas-
tle I must conquer is the walls
that the princess has set up to
block me: a protective shield
ensuring her safety from expo-
sure. What am I to do when the
dragon I must conquer is the
attitude that the princess has
donned to let everyone know
that she is capable of taking
care of herself, that she needs
no man, when in actuality all
that she wants is the man will-
ing to come and rescue her
from herself. What is a guy
to do when the very reasons
that he is supposed to be the
one to pursue the girl are the
same reasons by which she is
un-pursuable— behind which
she hides to mask her scared

vulnerability. I would be hap-
py to step up and pursue the

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