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someone else grabs up this
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students &






Adam Wamack

HHrr*"" Fnrtna


Nice Bible.

Excuse me, I believe one of
your ribs belongs to me.

Before tonight, I never be-
lieved in predestination.

God told me to come and
talk to you.

I hear there's going to be a
love offering tonight.

How about a hug, sister?

You don't have an account-
ability partner? Me neither!

Is it a sin that you stole my

Do you need help carrying
your Bible? It looks heavy.

I just don't feel called to

What do you think Paul
meant when he said, "Greet
everyone with a holy kiss?"

You have the body of Amy
Grant and the soul of Mother
Teresa. (DO NOT get this con-

SAU Cool guy files

Adam Young


Talge Hall
Weight Room

Housing: Talge Hall new

Car: 1987 Celica

Friends: Everyone in the
weight room between 7:30
and 8:15, the deans

Dress: Short gym shorts
and a really tight Under-armor

Nicknames: "Biff' and
"That really buff guy."

Weight room guy is of-
ten found in the Talge Hall
weight room. Upon arrival,
he immediately "hollers" at all
his bros. Weight Room Guy
may eventually start working
out, but mostly talks, usually
about new techniques and lift-
ing methods. Throughout the

What up homes?

course of his workout session,
he will mention how good
his genes are for lifting. He is
never afraid to brag about how
close he is to using steroids,
and will list all of the different
weight and muscle
builders he is cur-
rently using. Before'
leaving for the night,
he will probably try
to convince some-
one of why GNC
Brand weight build-
er is both safe, and
effective. Weight
room guy will soon
be seen hanging out
at The Kayak once it


Adam Warna^

Humor Edit 0r

[email protected]

Thanksgiving food.

To all those who controlled
themselves and ate only 1-3
plates full: I admire you; to
allot those who just ate too
much (4+ plates full): I empa-
thize with you.

Traffic driving back to SAU. £_

There must have been at least twofr-Y
traffic jams to go through for every \Y
one hour of driving. I now hate VJ
1-75 more than ever.

Family and friends.

Spending time with loved ones
was great over Thanksgiving and
we look forward to doing the
same over Christmas and New

Exams. f-~Y

There are only two weeks G~J

until break, but we must go Vf
through the storm first. ^


It may be cold, but it's so much
fun, not to mention beautiful!

50, CHRI& UHflfw
900 THINK OF 10

vipeo on me MifflS



few program
recycle in
n d Southern


December 1t,2008


tt Richards

Recently, many questions
■ been raised about the
of a recycling program on
ithem Adventist Univer-
s campus. This problem
soon be solved. Southern
forking with Collegedale to
mote the city's new recy-
ig program to begin Jan. 1.
he new process is called
[le-stream recycling. It will
ivailable for paper, plastic,
s, aluminum and tin.
lollegedale City Commis-
ler Larry Hanson said
je-stream recycling cuts
ji on collection costs and
simpler way to recycle, as
bly requires one bin and
compactor. However, one
[fall of this program is
ible contamination from
lining different waste,
le recyclable materials are
acted together at the col-
li! site and then sent to a
fer station to be sorted
out again. Collegedale's
will be sent to
enn in Knoxville.
hoping we could sign
lonth contract and see
St will work," Hanson

|ed on information from
"ink Green" Web site,

I see Recycle, page 3

Photo By Katie Freeland

Jessica Weaver advertises for a fundraiser car wash on Sunday afternoon.

Car wash raises money for needy

Katie Freeland

Staff Warrm

Twelve students washed
cars in the cold winter weather
oh Sunday, Dec. 7 to help raise
money to get gifts for families
who might not have the money
for Christmas presents.

JT Cinquemani, a sopho-
more accounting major, had
the idea to help out a family
during this holiday season. He

was inspired by his dirty truck,
and thought it would be a cool
idea to do a car wash in the
winter and put the proceeds
toward a good cause. He said
it would catch people's at-
tention because it's such cold
weather. He told some of his
friends about his idea and the
"Winter Wonder Wash" came

"I'm having fun here, and

it's rewarding when you're
thinking about others,"
Cinquemani said. "That's what
life is all about."

While listening to a techno
version of "Jingle Bells" in the
side parking lot of the Dol-
lar Tree, the students washed
cars for a $5 dollar or more
donation, and sold cups of hot

SEE WINTER, page 3

Southern Village competes for greenest building

Alison Quiring

Staff WnrrFB

Next semester those living
in Southern Village apart-
ments will be making an ef-
fort to be more ecologically

In January, Southern Vil-
lage residents will be compet-
ing against each other for the
title of "greenest building."
Each of the six Southern Vil-
lage buildings will be divided
in half, making 12 teams.
There will be between 15-17

students per team. Each resi-
dent on the winning team will
receive a $25 gift certificate to

The Going Green competi-
tion will start at the beginning


Symphony and
jazz band concert
sets the mood on
Southern campus

Roland Scalliet

Staff Whitfp

The Southern Wind Sym-
phony and Jazz Ensemble cel-
ebrated the beginning of the
Christmas season with their
annual Christmas concert Sat-
urday night.

Ken Parsons, director of
the Wind Symphony and Jazz
Ensemble, said the goal of the
concert is "just to really get a
feeling of Christmas on cam-

The concert started with
a selection of sacred Christ-
mas pieces. Some were fa-
miliar, such as "Carol of the
Shepherds" and an excerpt
from Handel's "Messiah." But
the symphony also ventured
off the beaten paths with piec-
es such as "The Eighth Candle"
by Steve Reisteter, which is a
prayer and dance for Hanuk-
kah, and "Wassail," an English
folk melody by Ralph Vaughan

The concert contin-
ued with well-known secular
Christmas carols played by the
jazz ensemble. The symphony
then ended the concert with
a more light-hearted section
of old carols played in a new

Jennifer Brain, a junior

e GREEN, i


fc s Chatter


Check out the sock
puppets on page 12.


Read about volleyball
on page 9.




Aaron Cheney

Stiff WafTTR

Mac support now available

IS offers help for Apple computer users

However, some can be said

for software as well.

"On PCs, probably the big-

With the holiday season gest problem we have is virus-

upon us, some students may es and spyware. And to this

return to school with a new point with the Macs, there is

Apple computer. However, just not much in the way of vi-

Apple computers are just as ruses that have been written,"

susceptible to hardware and McClungsaid.

software glitches as any other IS also supports Apple

computer. Students can have computers on campus used in

peace of mind with the knowl- various departments. Henry

edge that Information Systems Hicks, executive director of IS,

is fully equipped to help with said about 8 percent of com-

any problem a student may puters used by the university

have with their new Mac. are Macs.

Mike McClung, workstation "We do software support

support supervisor at IS, said and troubleshooting and all

they fully support Macs. the stuff just like we do with

"We're not an authorized the PCs," Hicks said,
service center, so we can't do Some departments need
warranty work, but we install help more than others. The
[operating systems] and ex- School of Visual Art and De-
change hard drives," McClung sign has a large number of Ap-
said. pie computers, but does most

McClung also said they do of its own administration,

not see many Macs come in Tim Cwodzinski, head com-

with problems compared to puter technician for the School

PCs, but because PCs outnum- of Visual Art and Design, said

berMacson campus, this is to while they don't need help from

be expected. Most problems IS often, the IS technicians are

he has seen Macs have are helpful when needed,

with hardware. Cwodzinski said, "When I

"The number of hard drives do need it, it is pretty prompt,

that go bad is probably about They usually send someone

the same as Mac as it is for PC, over within a day."
because a hard drive is a hard
drive," McClung said.


The Student Voice Since 192t

Vol. 64, Issue 12

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monika Bliss




lifestyles EDITOR













Laure Chambbrlain

For questions or comme

its please e-mail [email protected]

Library's new director influences chang

Meussa K. Lechler
Staff. Writer — _

The many changes seen this
year in the McKee Library are
partially due to the new direc-
tor of libraries, Joe Mocnik.
He has actively supported and
influenced the renovations to
the library,

"I feel God led me here for a
reason," Mocnik said. "It has
been a challenge and lots of

Mocnik came to Southern
from his position as library di-
rector at Mt. Aloysius College
in Pennsylvania. He got his
undergraduate and master's
degrees in England and a doc-
torate in history from Bowling
Green State University.

Frank Di Memmo, media
librarian, was on the commit-
tee to select a new director.
He commented on Mocnik's
enthusiasm during the inter-

"I sensed an excitement
that I thought he would bring,
which is exactly what he has
done," Di Memmo said.

The library's three-year
renovation plan was already in
its second year when Mocnik
arrived, but several modifica-
tions were made at his rec-
ommendation. Mocnik envi-
sioned the library as a place for
presentations to take place.

Joe Mocnik
The new library commons,
already used for three presen-
tations this year, was added to
the main floor design. He also
suggested eight study rooms
instead of the intended three.
Mocnik's influence reaches


past renovations to relatjj.1
ships with people. DiMet^
said Mocnik is always eai I
to meet students and ans»jl

"I was in his office a toi»ffl
weeks ago and he saw J at L|
James [an enrollment cm,!
selor] come in with i
of prospective students >A
parents, and he jumped,!
and greeted them and triejjf
make them feel comfortabJ
Di Memmo said.

Brian Gauthier, a t
history major, said that M,|
nik has students in mind all

"He's very concerned al
students and their succtsl
Gauthier said. "He's
made a big effort to make(|
library more accessible."

Mocnik's main goal
show students that the libnj
is here to help them.

"The people in the lihj
care," Mocnik said. "It
like every student to leaven(
that impression."

Destiny Drama to return to Southern next yej

Manuela Asaftei

Staf f Wbtttb

Without a leader, Destiny
Drama Company is not per-
forming this year, but Campus
Ministries is looking for the
drama ministry to return next
year with a new local vision.

For more than 25 years Des-
tiny has toured the U.S. and
abroad. They have performed
for audiences of all faiths at
universities, churches, high
schools, youth events and con-
ferences, according to their
Web site.

"I joined Destiny while at
Southern and loved it," said
Maria Sager, one of the pre-
vious leaders. "Several years
after I graduated they got me
back on board to resurrect the
ministry, which had basically

After leading the team for
three years, Sager got it back
on track and then left to pur-
sue a professional acting ca-

"I always hoped Southern
would invest in Destiny and

that it would acquire a pro-
fessional level beyond where
I left it," Sager said. "I hoped
it would establish high caliber
as a Christian theater that fu-
ture students would aspire to

Destiny existed for the first
semester last year and stopped
performing in February, said
Annalisa Molina, a sophomore
business management major
and former member of the

I joined Des-
tiny while at
Southern and
loved it. J?

-Maria Sager

"Last year was a bad time
for Destiny Drama in general,"
said Josh Haddock, a junior
English major, also a former
member. "The leader at the
time decided to step down
for personal reasons, and the

team stopped performing.'

This next school yearG
pus Ministries wants I
Destiny head in a new d

Brennon Kirstein, Soulj
chaplain, said he wouldla
see the drama ministriij
cus locally and have a p
ful impact on the locals
and churches.

"I'm disappointed tojj
they will not tour the »
emies," Molina said, 1|
member when I was in f
school we were so excilj
have Destiny come. WejC
some artistic ideas from!
for our own drama tearaj

Others disagree, fl
that a local emphasis is >J
five goal.

"I think they should*,
it, organizations chanM
visions change," Sa S er *l

Kirstein said he wo*|
to have a student I
the team who has a * J
passion for drama to j
drama team.



Interest in physical therapy grows



The number of physical
majors is rising at

health programs advisor. years and get their Doctorate

Students are looking for of Physical Therapy, Kilischies
options other than going to said.

i , a m „„i™i, medical school," Klischies

Southern and at other schools .. ™, , . , ,

jouineu. "" , . said. "They see phys cal ther-
JEcause of the increasing

of the
liability of jobs and job

I "There are a lot of differ-

ent settings you can work in

Rhen you're a physical thera-

Rst," said Kim Benfield, a ju-

gor allied health pre-physical

major. "I like being

ive and being able to work

I different times and that's

St something you can have in

Sot of other medical fields."

frhe number of pre-physical

firapy majors at Southern

nearly doubled over the

st four years, going from 35

2003-2004 school year

I63 this year. The amount

physical therapy applicants

I also increasing at other

around the U.S., said

ita Klischies, the allied

apy as an option to not be in
school so long."

"The number

of pre-physical

therapy majors at

bOUthem has nearly supporting physical therapy
doubled Over the centers outside of hospitals,

past four years" and physical therapy h aiso

The increase is also because
more opportunities are open-
ing up in the physical therapy
field. There are many different
types of jobs that can cater to
students' needs and wants.

Both independent physi-
cal therapy businesses and
ones affiliated with a hospi-
tal are growing. Hospitals are

Thatcher hosts open house

Muneca Ramos
Smk ttimj

increasing in industry and fit-

~ " ness centers, according to the

American Physical Therapy

Southern offers a physical Association.

therapy program where a stu- According to the Bureau of

dent can spend three years at
Southern getting a pre-phys-
ical therapy degree, and then
go on to either Loma Linda
University or Andrews Uni-
versity to complete three more

Labor Statistics, physical ther-
apy employment is expected
to increase faster than average
occupations growing 27 per-
cent from 2006 to 2016.

Sunday, Dec. 7, at 6:30 p.m.
the girl's dorm held the bien-
nial Christmas open house.

The open house gave male & in S erDre ad houses and watch
students an opportunity to " Cnarlie Brown's Christmas'

8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the
SA Christmas party. Hot choc-
olate, milk and freshly-baked
cookies were served. Students
were able to build their own

visit the girl's dorm and see
their rooms.

"I like that we can be inside
the girls dorm without fear
of deans and RA's," said Kyle
Cox, a sophomore mass com-
munication major.

Also, the girls were able to
decorate their rooms and par-
ticipate in a contest to win one

and Dr. Seuss's "How the
Grinch Stole Christmas."

"I like that we get to hang
out with our friends, build
gingerbread houses, eat candy
and watch movies that bring
back childhood memories,"
said Silvia Preza, a junior pre-
physical therapy major.

More than 100 students

of three prizes: $80 for first showed U P t0 en J°y the Christ-
place, $60 for second and $40 mas festiv >ties that the SA of-


ntinued from Pg. 1

t semester and run until
Bend of March. At that time,
Iwinning team will be de-
pined before the end of the
il year by using the water
t electricity meters on the
Mngs. The half of the build-
hat conserves the most per
during the semester
n the prize.

-r and electricity usage

ng the winter 2009 se-

j will also be compared

J amounts used this past

iter to see whether or not

1 campaign will reduce


J.P. Mathis, the dean of
Southern Village, got the idea
for the challenge at a dean's
conference in Dallas last Octo-
ber. She hopes students learn
to take better care of resourc-
es, such as water and electric-
ity, and become more aware
of how they are using these

"I would like students to re-

dents to use utilities wisely.

Jeff Harper, a junior theol-
ogy and Southern Village RA,
is looking forward to the chal-

"I'm stoked about the idea,"
Harper said. "It will raise
awareness for taking care of
the world and the environ-

Chelsea Inglish, a senior
English and education ma-

for third place.

"This is a great opportu-
nity to gather and mingle in
a comfortable environment,"
said Joyce Reyna, a junior ele-
mentary education major and
Thatcher South RA. "As RA's
we just have to trust the stu-
dents and stick to the honor

Hot chocolate, cookies and
popcorn were served until 8
p.m., when the open house

Christmas festivities con-
tinued in the Dining Hall from


"I'm really shocked that
there was such a big turnout so
early," said Lunelle Bertresse,
a senior social work major and
SA social committee member.
"I think it was because of pre-
vious parties B J [SA social vice
president] has had," Bertresse
said. "[SA] allowed students
to get more involved and I am
happy about that. That's the
point at the end of the day:
involvement of students in ac-
tivities in a good atmosphere."

alize it's important to take care jor and Southern Village RA,
of the resources we have," Ma- agreed.

this said. "In this country we
take so much for granted that
we sometimes waste it."

Southern Village RA's also
want Southern Village resi-

Inglish said, "Every little bit
helps, so hopefully residents
will want to make changes in
their lives by participating."


|tinued from Pg. :

i-stream recycling results
recovery of up to 30
« more recyclable ma-
due to its convenience

? will now be col-

at the Public Works

ti°n Center located on

D °rn Drive. The center's

lhave yet to be deter-


Collegedale will be working
closely with Southern's Green
Initiative Club to promote the
new program.

"We're helping to campaign
and advertise for the Colleg-
edale recycling program,"
said Megan Sutherland, a
sophomore non-profit admin-
istration and development

because we create a huge per-
centage of the recyclable ma-
terials in the community."

Shelby Lambertson, a ju-
nior public relations major
and public relations officer
of the club, said they have al-
ready begun raising aware-
ness by posting "Green Tips"
around Southern's campus.

Lambertson said, "We're


Continued from Pg. 1

major and vice president of hoping to get recycling bins
the Green Initiative Club. "Our around campus sometime next
biggest focus will be Southern semester."

chocolate for $1.

"I figured I could give a lit-
tle time on a Sunday for a good
cause," said Audrey Cooper, a
junior intercultural communi-
cations major.

After the day's events, over
$300 was raised to buy gifts
for needy families, including t|"|JS holiday Se3'

son because of

I hope that even

if people didn't

decide to give,

they will think

1 twice about

serving others

$20 that was donated by the
Ooltewah Wal-Mart. The stu-
dents collaborated with the
Samaritan Center to receive a
list of families. They will soon
have another meeting to de-
cide how many families they
can buy gifts for and what
kind of gifts will be best, said
Jessica Weaver, a sophomore
public relations major.

"I hope that even if people
didn't decide to give, they will

what we did."

-Jessica Weaver

think twice about serving oth-
ers this holiday season because
of what we did," Weaver said.
"That's really what this season
is about."

Js I _,



Southern to offer new courses

The class will be held on tionally balanced meals and
Tuesdays and Thursdays and prepare for small groups

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