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It is our job to seek discern-
ment and speak truth even if
it calls authority figures into
question. President Obama
is an intelligent and eloquent
man, but the fact that he deliv-
ers speeches better than any
other president in office dur-
ing my lifetime doesn't make
him righteous. Our roles as
students, missionaries, citi-
zens and leaders require more
than superficial popular opin-
ions. We must ask questions
and seek answers.

In a 2003 interview, MIT
Professor and Political Ana-
lyst Noam Chomsky discussed
popular opinion and propa-
ganda. When asked: How does
one recognize propaganda and
what are some techniques to
resist it? Chomsky replied,
"There are no techniques, just
ordinary common sense-
But," he continued, "You have
to be willing to develop an at-
titude of critical examination
toward whatever is presented

to you." Take the case of U.S.
military action in Iraq as an
example. "If you hear that Iraq
is a threat to our existence,"
Chomsky said, "But Kuwait
[its neighbor] doesn't seem to
regard it as a threat to its ex-
istence and nobody else in the^
world does, any sane person
will begin to ask, where is the

That must be our question:
Where is the evidence? We
must ask why with a desire for
deep justice and truth even if it
means embarrassment for be-
ing mistaken in the past. Take
Christopher Columbus, for ex-
ample, a celebrated hero of his-
tory with a pedestal in his own
right, his own holiday, and in
my family's hometown, a mu-
seum collection in his honor,
regalia from the World's Fair
in Chicago. The town itself is
even named Columbus in his
honor. Why? He discovered
America and braved the risk of
a flat earth in the name of ex-
ploration and treasure, right?
At least, that's what my ele-
mentary school textbooks had
to say. What about yours?

Maybe you already knew
this, but all of that first-dis-
covery-flat-earth stuff is the
makings of an episode of
Myth Busters for history ma-
jors. Now you're supposed to
ask: "Where's the evidence?"
To which I respond: Look up
Jeffrey Russel Baker's book
Inventing the Flat Earth:

Columbus and Modern His-
torians (remember to check
the footnotes). You'll find that
neither Columbus nor his con-
temporaries believed in a flat
earth, and the belief that they
did is the result of historians
revising history to discredit
Christian opposition to Dar-
winism. I mention Columbus
because he is a figure we are
familiar with, and our beliefs
about him and his achieve-
ments have been wrong and
resulted from teachers and an
educational system that we

Church leaders, professors,
politicians and journalists
present us with what they call
truth. By faith, the Spirit and
our God-given mental capac-
ity we are responsible for criti-
cally examining all such teach-
ings to discern truth from
error. We are responsible for
what we believe and how we
influence others. Just as Adam
and Eve's choice was their
own, they could not leave it
beside the coils of the serpent,
neither can we blame anyone
else if we are poor followers.
We are literate, so we should
read. We are privileged, so we
should give. We are enlight-
'ened, so we should lead. We
are empowered, so we should
follow. We are educated, so
we should reason and know
the answer to the question: x
"Wl '"



The hipp(i)est eateries in Chattanooga

.. . , -i ._. k:„ „„,q ^oWtahlel


Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Rachel Hopkins

llFff*™** Fnirott

as well. I'm a huge fan of their (which are big and delectable)
"S^ST* Brain- hon.musandKn a slaveto the -^ ^

Hippies are known for a lot
of things. Among the more ko-
sher legacies they left behind
are flower power, communal
living, idealism and tie-dyed
everything. Even if you don't
have any interest in dressing
like a hippie, you may want to
eat like one.

Although the hippie move-
ment died out quite some
time ago, hippie-themed
restaurants are alive and
well in the Chattanooga area.
Here's a brief overview of the
best. AIL four are reasonably
priced, casual' (obviously),
complete with retro-cool at-
mospheres and perfect for first
dates. So get out there and try
something new. Who knows,
you may find a new favorite
place to eat.

erd, Hixon and downtown)
attest to the deliciousness that
is Lupi's. Although they're pri-
marily known for calzones and
pizza (they have just about
every topping imaginable),
don't overlook the tasty appe-
tizers', Tike the bread loaf with
garlic dipping sauce and the
salads. Order at the counter
and don't expect to wait long
since they're usually pretty
quick with the service.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Don't worry mushroom-
haters, they have more to offer.
You can find them downtown
by the Tennessee Aquarium.
Although they're also known
for yummy pizza and calzones,
they offer an extensive appe-
tizer, salad and sandwich list

tempeh sandwich. Although
you often have to wait to be
seated, the servers are always
friendly and the decor is fun. .
Plus, they're open later than
most places (midnight on Sat-
urday) in case you're caught
off-guard with hunger pains.


The Yellow Deli

This is the closest you'll get
to an authentic hippie experi-
ence, hands down. The Yel-
low Deli is located on the UTC
campus and run by members
of the Twelve Tribes com-
munal religious movement.
The restaurant has very cool
decor and felt extremely cozy
and relaxing on the cold, rainy
day when I visited. The menu
consists mainly of sandwiches

Get your Green On



Vexation: My lack of
concentration. No, not
in class, in my cupboard.
Products that aren't con-
centrated use more packag-
ing materials, which means
more waste.

Implementation: Buy-
ing concentrated products,
such as laundry detergent
or juice. Ok, so you may not
buy a lot of juice to store in
your freezer, but laundry
detergent is something we
all buy on a regular basis.
Depending on how often
you do laundry, you can
go through the stuff pretty
quick ^ j\e containers it
comes in really add up. Just

think of how much space
your Tide gallon takes up in
the trash can.

Clarification: Although
the concentrated detergents
sometimes appear to cost a
bit more, they'll last two to
three times as long, which
will save you money in the
long run. It also helps to
be savvy when adding the
soap to your wash. You can
use a little less if you just go
ahead and dump the lid in
with the load. The wash will
get all the soap out and you
won't have to worry about
detergent dripping down
the sides of the container
when you put the lid back
on. I just hate that.
Tip and info from idealbite.com

the Twelve Tribes considers
the restaurant a ministry, the
servers don't try to. preach at
you. They're also open 24/5,
meaning 24 hours a day from
Sunday at 5 P-m- to Friday at
5 p.m. And you thought Steak
and Shake was your only
option at 3 a.m.

Hot Chocolatier

Although, they may not be
considered a hippie joint, they
use a lot of fresh ingredients
"and buy local as often as pos-
sible, which I think is pretty
groovy. Their grand opening
is Jan. 30 (see events at right),
so you can check them out this



of the Week

If you could.be remembered
for anything, what would it be?

"For being really
-Rose Louis

-Jason Busch

"For always making
people smile."
-Tara Weeks

"I would want to be
remembered for my
-Daisy Wood

"I want to be
remembered as a
sound wave that
infiltrates ignorance
and gives some sort
of momentum in the
pursuit of truth."
-Jake Gemmell


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed in the
right direction.

The Hot Chocolatier
Grand Opening

100 Cherokee Blvd,


Friday, Jan. 30, 3 p.m.



Mystery at the Redneck |
Italian Wedding

Murder Mystery Dinner
Theater, Chattanooga
Saturday, Jan. 31, 8:30 p:m.
$26.50 for adults

Free First Sunday

Hunter Museum of Art, I


Sunday, Feb. 1, Noon to j

5 P-m.



Black History Month
Exhibition and

South Chattanooga
Recreation Center
Monday, Feb. 2 through
the end of the month


"Hairspray" Broadway
Musical Comedy

Memorial Auditorium
Saturday, Jan. 31 at 8 p-d
Tickets at (423) 642-TKS

Old-Time Music at R«j
City Gardens

Rock City

Sunday, Feb. 1 12 P m - t0

3 p.m. . .

Free with regular admis*



Zack Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

Abusement P&rk triumphs over I Love Spiking

Linski Cherisol thinking it can't hfi tnn m ,,^ „„ ;j »«_„..„ . . . ' O

Linski Cherisol


It truly was an evening to
•emember as Abusement Park
won it all in the coed volleyball
tournament hosted Saturday
night in the Hies P.E. Center.

The tournament started at

p.m. but didn't end until 4

m. This year's tournament
had six more teams than last
year's and was the reason for
the prolonged event.

*I was quite surprised but
more a little bit concerned,"
said Robbie Parrish, a junior

jious education major,
who just arrived from a tour
with the gymnastics team at
3:35 a.m. "But once I found
out that it was a tournament,
my fears wear calmed."

"Last year we went until
'one o'clock," said Mike Boyd,
director of intramurals. "I'm

thinking it can't be too much
farther," he said.

Boyd said single elimina-
tion until the semi's or finals
would correct the problem.
Some students left and came
back to play because of how
late it was.

"I'm just glad that it's over
because we've been here since
7:00 and now it's like 4:00
in the morning," said Gabriel
Trujillo, a junior theology
major. "It was a really good
win because the team that
we played was a really good

The smooth quickness and
combination of solid team-
work is what got Abusement
Park to outplay the strength
and strong spiking of Karlyn
Ramsey and Mark Knutson
from team I Love Spiking.

"We all worked really hard
and had a lot of teamwork,"

said Molli Paige, a freshman
chemistry major and captain
of Abusement Park. "Although
we had some tough times, we
pulled together and did a good

Even though many players
weren't as good as others, ev-
eryone seemed to have fun just
by playing with friends from
the opposite sex.

"Our name was the crazy
monkeys and that's what we
did. We acted like crazy mon-
keys," said Sean Stultz, a soph-
omore embedded systems ma-
jor. "We dove for the ball; we
flew for the ball, anything for
the ball. We might have not
gotten it, but we tried, and we
had fun doing it."

Southern had a lot of par-
ticipation in the tournament.
Like other new intramural
sports that have been intro-
duced this year, coed volley-

An unearned $21 million salary

Zack Livingston

■ New York Knicks' Stephen
Arbury is making $21 mil-
Bin in the NBA for doing ab-
Hlutely nothing. Some people
■mid play in the NBA for $10
Kame just because they love
H*etball. Stephen Marbury

■ the other hand is throw-
IB a temper tantrum because
Bv Head Coach Mike Dan-

■ isn't giving him as much
Playing time as usual.

■Barbury's comments were

■Brmed on ESPN's Web

■°n Jan. 1 saying that Celt-

■Fanagement is intent on

||>ng him if he can reach a

■H agreement with the

■ think the Knicks are hurt-
's h ' m as a player" said Ren-

IBwdden, corporate well-

ness major. "He is not a bad
character, he is a stand up guy,
and if he doesn't want to play
than he doesn't have to play."

According to a story posted
on the Boston newspaper's
Web site Monday afternoon,
citing a source close to the
situation, the Celtics have
"absolutely no verbal commit-
ment" with Marbury despite
the two sides having talked,
and in spite of Boston's inter-
est in adding him, given ideal
conditions. So why is Stephen
Marbury plying basketball?

"At this -point they need to
just cut him or trade him" said
Sean Lemon, junior physical
therapy major. "It has become
a personal issue and its sup-
posed to be about business."

At Southern we play intra-
mural sports, which aren't
even considered competitive

sports at a collegiate level,
however that's not why we
play in the first place. We play
these sports because we love
them. Some students complain
about the referees, the sched-
ules and the lack of competi-
tion in the selection of sports
we offer. I'm sure we wouldn't
mind a $21 million paycheck
on the side, but the fact is that
we don't get paid for playing
intramurals, ESPN doesn't
cover our games and most
sports schools in the country
don't even know what South-
ern is. If you're not participat-
ing in intramurals for the love
of the game...why play?

"i play basketball for the
fun of it," said Tharea Lynch,
sophomore psychology major.
"I'm a competitive person and
my participation is not ego

Photo By Linski Cherisol
Abusement Park after winning Saturday nights tournament

ball might have found a spot
in the intramural line up just
because of its success on Sat-
urday night. If you would like
to see a sport implemented
into Southern's intramurals,
make sure you participate and
show your love for it, because

at Southern we play the sports
our students love.

Boyd said, "[Overall] we
had a great night of volleyball
and we've got some great vol-
leyball talent. Next year there
will definitely be a coed league
when we play intramurals."




Men's A Division

1/29 6 p.m. Squirrel Tails/Veteran Bailers Court 1
1/29 6 p.m. Toon Squad/Redeem Team Court £

Men's B Division East

1/29 5 p.m. Tropics/Still Kickin' Court ;

1/29 8 p.m. Madison/The Phenoms Court £

1/29 8 p.m. 8th Wonder/Los Toros Court 1

1/29 9 p.m. Team Williams/Pirates Court 2

Men's B Division West

1/29 5 p.m. Jorts/Thunderhorse

Women's A Division

1/29 8 p.m. Spartans/ Resolution
1/29 9 p.m. Holla/Team Fresh

Women's B Division

Court 3
Court 3

1/29 9 p.m.
1/29 8 p.m.

Badunkadunks/Triple "S"
Team Fresh/Dunkin' Donuts

Court 1
Court 3



Deadline Monday at noon

[email protected] .edu

Church Secrets| On Thurs-
day, January 22nd, the Colleg-
edale Church launched a new
website targeting students
who have not found other
means of communication with
spiritual leaders effective.
This website "churchsecrets.
net" will assist the Collegedale
Pastoral team, faculty and
staff at Southern in connect-
ing with students by igniting
the desire to engage in pursuit
of Christ-centered resources
to achieve maximum lev-
els of personal satisfaction.
Churchsecrets.net is designed
so that anyone may be able
to share personal questions,
relational dilemmas, and
other secrets confidentially.
Privacy is achieved through an
anonymous blogging system,
where the students can post
a message without undue
concern of embarrassment or
fear of reprisal. After posting,
others may offer comments.
Each conversational thread is
compassionately monitored.

Prayer Groups| 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student
Center seminar room; 5 p.m.
M-F at the fountain between
Hackman and the library.

The Kayak | Come join us at
the The Kayak! We are open
Monday through Thursday
11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. in
the Hulsey Wellness Center.
We have sandwiches, fruit
smoothies, power booster
bars, yogurt, fresh fruit,
tossed or fruit salads and a
variety of healthy drinks. We
look forward to seeing you!
Remember, all SAU employee
are eligible for a 25% discount
^n at all four of the Food Service
W eateries!

Friday, January 30


Summer Camp Recruiting
Noon -Social Work Major Applica-
tions due (Daniells)
6:06 p.m. - Sunset

7 p.m. - Upper Room (Gospel

8 p.m. - Student Week of Prayer
Vespers (Church)

After Vespers - Concert with Scott
Kabel, Jake Gemmell, Jessica Weaver,
& Aimee Burchard (Church)

Sabbath, January 31

9 a.m. - Adoration 1 - Leonard
Sweet (Church)

9:30-10:15 a.m. - Continental
Breakfast (Church Fellowship Hall)

10:15 a.m. - Saltworks Sabbath
School (Hulsey Wellness Center)

Social Experiment - formerly SMC
& 9:75 (Church Fellowship Hall)

Come & Reason (Wolftever Room -
Thatcher South)

Adoration 2 - Leonard Sweet

11:30 a.m. - Connect: Andy Nash
(Collegedale Academy)

11:45 a.m. - Renewal: Leonard
Sweet (Church)

2 p.m. - Brazilian Club Evangelism
(Wright Hall)

3:30 p.m. - Benefit Concert for the
Pewitts (Church)

Adventist Theological Society - Dr.
Jud Lake (Lynn Wood Chapel)

6 p.m. - Evensong - Collegedale
Academy Choir (Church)

8 p.m. - Warren Miller Ski Movie
(lies P.E. Center)

Sunday, February 1

6 p.m. - SA Super Bowl XLIII Party
(lies P.E. Center)

Monday, February 2

9 a.m.-5 p.m. - Mid-Semester Book
Buy Back (Campus Shop)

Noon - SA Media applications/
portfolio due (Student Services)

3:30 p.m. - Undergraduate

5:15 & 5:45 P-m- - College Bowl
(Presidential Banquet Room)

7:30 p.m. - Storytelling: Charlotte
Blake Alston, Convocation Credit
(Ackerman Auditorium)

Tuesday, February 3

9 a.m.-5 p.m. - Mid-Semester Book
Buy Back (Campus Shop)

11 a.m. - Faculty Portfolio Work-
shop (Presidential Banquet Room 2)

6 p.m. - Tornado Siren Test

7 & 10 p.m. - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher)

Wednesday, February 4

3 p.m. - Tax Seminar for Interna-
tional Students (Lynn Wood)

5:15 & 5:45 P- m - _ College Bowl
(Presidential Banquet Room)

5:30-6:30 p.m. - Enrollment Ser-
vices Open House (Wright Hall Lob-

7:15 p.m. - SA Senate (White Oak

Thursday, February 5

11 a.m. - Convocation: Black His-

3:30 p.m. - Deans/Chairs

hanging out with you. Sign-
up deadline is February 6 at
Need further information
about the details of the week-
end? Contact Kari Shultz at
[email protected]

Volunteers Needed

We have patients that are on
MatchingDonors.com that
need an organ transplant help
using their MatchingDonors.
com Web site. If interested in
volunteering contact Brenda
at MatchingDonors.com 781-

Parents Weekend | Parents
Weekend is February 13-15.
Invite your parents to sign
up and spend the weekend

Adventist Theological
Society meetingl "The Case
of D.M. Canright: Father of
Ellen White Criticisms" will

be presented by Dr. Jud Lake.
Please notice that we will
NOT be meeting in our usual
location. We will meet in
Lynn Wood Hall Auditorium
at 3:3op on Sabbath after-
noon January 31. Everyone is
. invited to attend.

Computer Animation

The School of Visual Art and
Design at Southern Adven-
tist University is hosting a
presentation on computer
animation today, January 29
at 8:15 p.m. Southern gradu-
ates Kevin Jackson, Michael
Hutchinson, and Jeff Mac
Neill will be discussing the
art of animation and showing
examples from their recent
high profile projects, which
include Kung-Fu Panda, Bolt,
and Hulk. For more informa-
tion, call 423.236.2732.

January 30

Brandon Peggau, Brit-
tany Graves, Chelsea Heydt,
Felycie Bertresse, Josh Mayo,
Wilky Briette, Yvonne Saint

January 31

Amanda Gray, Da Hye Sung,
Eliud Sicard, Eloho Toweh,
Jorge Granada, Juanita
Hamil, Keila Morales, Kenny

February 1

Andrea de Melo, Brittany Mc-
Kee, Daniel Gonzalez, Edna
Moreno, Ganoune Diop, Julie
Lubin, Kristal Turner, Nathan
Plank, Richard Johnson, Rick
Hickman, Sandy Haviland,
Sandy McKenzie,

February 2.

Alana Pabon, Greg White,
Jennifer Grisham, Joseph
Brannaka, Kathy Reeves

February 3

Anthony Southard, Ashley
Cheney, Clayton Greenleaf,
Erica Becker, Krystal Richter,
Travis Bischof

February 4

Becky McCarty.Cathi Dema-

ree, Jill Linthwaite, Josh Kim.
Manuela Asaftei

February 5

Alexzandria Marotta, Court
Stanton, Damoi Cross, En*

Wright, Jonathan Gard-
ner, Josiah Daniels, Paulo
Tenorio, Penny Webster, ^




To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

I Inexpensive room avail-
able next semester | Seek-
ing a female to live with 3 girls.
■Located one mile from South-
lern. Private room, shared
fcath, wireless Internet, cable,
Wining room, kitchen, wash-
Br/dryer, living room, porch
and big back yard. $200/
mo. plus water and utilities.

I pall Melanie at 423-667-7564.
2 Roommates wanted |
■Jpstairs apartment within
Balking distance from cam-
Bus. Two rooms available.
■Large room $275, small room
$245 + utilities. Located right
Bcross from Health Services.
[email protected] or call

Roommate wanted | Look-
ing for a female roommate to
Hive with 3 other girls about
H.5 miles frorn Southern. 2
Bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
■Vould need to be willing to
Bare a small room with one
■Bier girl. $i70/mo. Contact
fcny 423-503-3404.

Boom for rent | Preferably
■ female. Less than 10 min-
utes from Southern. Access
B entire house and back-
Brd, including a deck. Wash-
B & dryer. $3 5 o/mo. Call

Bpoms for rent | 2 rooms
Bf rent for female students.
Bated 7 miles from Colleg-
Hale, 3 miles from Ooltewah.
Spss to kitchen, laundry,
B>le and wireless Internet,
■gjet home in the country
B n large deck. Available im-
■pately for- $8 5 /wk. Call
■pela cell: 423-280-3243
■""^ 423-238-1490.

Hpommate wanted I Inter-

Bfwing roommate for semes-
■ Urge house in high-end
Hjghborhood, g ar a g e, for-
■ ckers °[email protected]

Scooter for sale | 2004
Vespa ET-4, i 5 occ Scooter
with only 375 miles! Like new,
hardly used, pearl white metal-
lic, rear storage compartment,
3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage. Asking
$2,750. Serious inquiries only
please. Call 706-264-9441.

'04 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, fully loaded with
new tires. Gray with leather
interior. 82k miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam

'88 Honda Prelude SI | pw

ac cc power sunroof, pioneer
deck and speakers, new tires,
lots of receipts too much to
list. $2,85o/obo [email protected]

'04 Ford Focus SVT | Lim-
ited Ed. Blue, all.the extra's,
73K, well maintained, great
shape, $5,495 Call Justin @

'05 Subaru BAJA | Black
Pearl. 66k miles, turbo, Au-
tomatic Snuglid hardcover,
1 1/4" Towing Pkg, Bed Ex-
tender + more. Contact Brian

RC Airplane | Radio-con-
troled airplane, Electristar.
Comes with 4 channel ra-
dio, chargers, batteries and
box, ready to fly. If you
have questions, call Rob at

Longboard | Sector 9- Pin-
tail complete, Bones bearings,
Independent trucks, 44mm
wheels. $65. Call Amelia 423-

For sale | C.B. Radio (mobile
unit) with 46 channels and
two emergency channels. $75.
Complete with antenna, mike
and hanger. Call George Web-
ster at 423-728-4340.

Guitar | Electric guitar with
amp. Washburn X-series
metallic blue. This guitar is
practically new and includes
a canvas backpack style case.
Asking $i5o/obo. Call 423-
208-2618 or e-mail [email protected]

Telescope | Message
Meade 8" telescope. Ex-
cellent condition. $250.
Please call 423-503-7802 or

Classical/folk guitar |

Made by Hohner. Contessa
model HG 14 and case. All
good strings and good condi-
tion. Looks new! Comes with a
Teach Your Self Classical Gui-
tar chord book. Asking $150.
Email [email protected]
if you are interested.

Drum set | Black, 5pc Tama
Swingstar drum kit with 16"
Zildjian Medium Crash, 17"
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash,
20" Sabian ProSonic Ride, 13"
Sabian ProSonic hats, 10" Sa-
bian B8 Pro Splash. Gibraltar
throne, all hardware included.
14" Tama maple snare. $750.
Call Stuart 706-676-1295

Apple iPod Touch 8GB | In

excellent condition. Includes a
USB sync cable, a pair of ear-
phones, and quick start guide.
Features include Music, Vid-
eo, Photos, Safari, YouTube,
iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, 3.5
in. multi-touch screen, and
more. $200/obo [email protected]
southern.edu or 423-310-

Fishtank | 46 Gallon Bow

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