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virtual networking. A huge as-
pect of this is making outreach



SA President

opportunities readily available
to students. I also want to fa-
cilitate an environment that
promotes success through a
system of motivation and ac-
countability among SA offi-
cers. Some specific examples
include the following:

Personally hold l-on-i

meetings with SA officers on a
weekly basis. Make event infor-
mation and Southern Breeze
podcasts readily available on
the SA Web site; continue to
develop SouthernServes.com
to list club and service activi-
ties. Place suggestion boxes
throughout campus; and cre-
ate online forms for student

Simplify intramural net-
working through a Web site
that allows captains to post
needed positions and seek-
ers to browse listings. Push
for use of alternative mate-
rials for tableware, bottles,
take out boxes, etc. Increase
funding for clubs that oper-

ate local outreach programs,
and specifically continue sup-
port for Malamulo College.
Delegate 'Honors Halls' in
the dorms, and increase their

Enhance worship partici-
pation by providing incentives
to lead a small group, get in-
volved in Renewal and Sab-
bath School and give dorm
worships. Hold once-a-week
discussion forums in the cafe
on issues relating to our school,
religion and world. List specif-
ic mission calls in the Accent,
and push for a resurrection of
a student led Big Brother, Big
Sister program.

As majestic artwork com-

bines many shades and col-
ors, as an unyielding build-
ing depends on the durability
and strength of each brick and
as a glorious song resonates
through harmony and diver-
sity, so a university thrives
on the creativity, passion and
uniqueness of each one of us.

Let me be the facilitator
who motivates, delegates and
organizes this collection of
personalities. For the strong
leadership of our fascinating
student body, vote Johnny
Hodgson your next SA presi-

Visit myspace.com/Hodg-
sonForSA to see a short video
of my fresh ideas.

For the Student Association
next year, I would like to see
Southern recapture its purpose
as Southern "Missionary" Col-
lege - to reclaim its missions
aspect on a local scale and to
make our campus user and en-



SA President

vironmentally friendly.

Here are my three goals in
accomplishing this:

Community for Unity

l. Reinstating club presi-
dent's council.

Before we can impact the
world around us, we must be
united! By doing this, each

unique club has a say in how
we impact the community and
how each club can contribute
to this project.

2. Utilizing

User-friendly campus

1. Renovating CK.

I will work with the current
SA administration and Wright
Hall to allocate funds for reno-
vating CKs in a two phase pro-
cess so it does not drastically
affect tuition.

2. Information location for
Southern Village.

I will work to create an in-
formation billboard for up-
coming events located in
Southern Village. This will

help unify and keep Southern
Village informed.

3. Applicable Dorm wor-

Friendly Campus

1. Takeout boxes.

I will work to replace Sty-
rofoam containers with more
environmentally friendly con-

2. Utilities

I will work with Plant Ser-
vices to implement energy
and money saving light-bulbs,
hand-driers, etc.

These are ambitious goals,
but I feel I have the qualifica-
tions and experience to get
these things done. I have

worked with student asso-
ciations in previous years by
holding offices such as SA
president, vice-president and
parliamentarian at Colleg-
edale Academy. Also, I have
served as class president, stu- j
dent community service direc-
tor for three years. Current™ ,
serve as SA senator and serve j
in the Student Ministerial As- J

I am but one person, but j
with God's help and YOUR?,
we can make a difference,
reaching our surrounding
community and making our
campus user and environmen-
tally friendly!

FOCUS is an acronym that
stands for Focused On Cre-
atively Utilizing Service. FO-
CUS would be a relatively
informal advisory group or-
ganized by myself; the group
would be a venue for student



SA President

concerns about the school and
what they would like to see
changed. The group would be
open for anyone to join.

The Guardians would be an
initiative that I would actively
lead out in; it would have both
a local and an international
element. I love kids, and I be-

lieve that we have a responsi-
bility to help guard their inno-
cence. Currently the Guardian
program entails four main
groups/ministries; these in-
clude Flag Camp, Big Brother/
Big Sister, Juvenile Detention
ministries and Advent Home.
My main objectives would in-
clude generating support for
these programs, helping them
function and facilitating our
role in their operations. I re-
alize that not everyone has a
passion for kids; that is why
it is so important for student
lead organizations to unite
behind a common theme of
stewardship and service so
that we are organized enough

to jointly develop diverse min-
istries that suit everyone's spe-
cial gifts and interests.

The Club Coalition would
be both an initiative and or-
ganization composed of club
leaders and chaired by myself.
The Club Coalition would be
divided into smaller coalitions
of clubs with similar interests.
The clubs would not merge,
simply work together through
my facilitation. I think it
makes sense for the SA presi-
dent to bring the clubs that
have similar interests together
to form smaller coalitions so as
to pursue their interests more

I would like to see campus

food menus up„.-_
renovated, an "All Star" ele-j
ment added to each intramu-j
ral sport, persistence on envi- j
ronmental sustainability and j
green initiatives, a Leadership J
Scholarship become a reajy
ity and worship credit award-
ed for community service. .
would like to work extensively!
as a liaison between SA Sen* j
and Southern administration I
to work for the development]
of programs, practices an J
renovation that will nirlWJ
maximize students' return »
tuition dollars.




Steven Arauz



science is as true to duty as the

needle is to the pole, and who
A godly lady once wrote, jij, ,, ., . , ,
l \ / i c xi m " stand for the n ght though

Jie greatest want of the t v_ t„ „ , „ „ „ ,. ."

f , , f , ... , -, tne heavens fall." Realizing

Trld is men who will not be t u.,.n,' ■ ...

that this is a goal that our cam-
pus and SA nurtures, here are
my three focal points:

l. Stimulate. Potentially,

Blight or sold, who in their
ffimost souls are true and hon-
est, who do- no! fear to call sin
Bits right name, whose con-

around 2,700 students de-
sire to achieve the most for
their Savior. However, many
times there are physical, spiri-
tual, emotional and financial
needs that prevent them from
blooming to their full capacity.
Recognizing each student's in-
dividual obstacles, actively lis-
tening and sketching solutions
is vital.

2. Generate. Currently,
our campus is thriving with
ministries, clubs and orga-
nizations that promote the
wellbeing of students. I am
impressed at how our campus
is flourishing with much lead-
ership and constant achieve-

(contim iprj)

mehts. These goal-oriented
students need our support
for them to continue advanc-
ing. It is necessary not only
to provide nourishment to
the already existing entities,
but also an action to establish
new resources to students who
are being held back by their

3. Be. Being an SA senator
has provided me with an expe-
rience that calls me to a higher
level of dedication. I plan to
continue stimulating, in lis-
tening to whom I represent
and developing action plans. I
plan to generate changes as I
have been accomplishing with

the new SA Senate Scholar-
ship. I desire to involve our
Creator in every aspect of our
campus. We can't just keep
dreaming and believing, we
need to make the difference

The steps are stimulate,
generate and be the change]
Challenges will be encoun-
tered, however, Wilberforce
wrote, "Without a raindrop
there can be no shower. With-
out a spark there can be no
fire. Without a seed there can
be no harvest. Without a step
there will be no journey." Let's
be the change and achieve our
greatest ambitions.

Bocial vice president. Of all
|ffl positions in SA, social VP
Battle most well-known and
BDs criticized. Each year it's a
am adventure when' going to
EBparties: They either rock
Wiey very much don't. This
B I've had the privilege of

Jason Ortega


Social Vice

being on the social commit-
tee and observing firsthand all
the work and heartache that
goes into planning the various
events. I've seen the things we
did right this year and how we
can improve for next year. I
believe that the social events
on campus should be just that,
social. There should be healthy

mingling and fun among the
party goers and not just en-
tertainment. That is why next
year I will bring together peo-
ple from many different walks
of life to form a planning team
that will not only be creative
but extremely organized and
diverse. My ideas for next
year's parties will be fun for
everyone from the most social
butterfly to the most reclusive
bookworm. Our theme will be
centered around creating an
atmosphere where everyone
can both make new friends
and grow closer to old ones.
Many of us have chosen this
school not only for academics
but also for the good Christian
friends we can have here. So

Primary voting will occur next Thursday.
Place your online votes at


or various polling stations around campus.
General election will be held February 19.

I, Jason Ortega, promise you tain you with awesome par-

that if I am elected as social ties, but will give you a chance

VP for next year, I will build a to get involved, have fun and

diverse, organized social com- make lasting friendships and

mittee that will not only enter- memories.

Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.

60 BIG...






Chris Clouzetl

Religion Editor!

ch[email protected] I

Stop trying to find a spouse and let God take control

Delyann Hernandez
ffl^ 1 ""™

The phrase, "How to get a
date" met my eyes. No, I wasn't
reading the latest Accent ar-
ticle on dating. I was in class
and the phrase was referring
to radiometric dating, not boy/
girl dating. I smiled to myself
and allowed my thoughts to
drift away from rocks and dirt
to the far more interesting top-
ic of boy/girl dating.

The articles that have been
written for the Accent on dat-
ing have ranged from tips for
getting a date, what not to do
and articles that satirize the
whole concept of dating, es-
pecially in a Christian setting.
Does the guy make the first
move or doesn't he? Does the
girl act coy or forward? What
does a "vespers date" really
mean anyway? All these ques-
tions and more seem to plague

the minds of the students
at Southern.

I think Southern guys and
girls need to do one very es-
sential thing: RELAX!

I'll never
find a good

husband if
I don't find

him now.

That guy that you thought
was into you, well, turns out
he isn't, he took out Susie Q
and left you with one less pro-
spective future mate. You're a
senior and time's a' wasting,
but I say throw all concern to

the wind. You might say, "But
after I graduate I have to en-
ter the real world and there
aren't as many Christians
in the workplace. And for-
get about my church family;
there's no one there. I'll never
find a good Christian husband
if I don't find him now." True.
Good point. My, what a sad,
sad story. Let me play the vio-
lin for you.

In Song of Solomon it says,
"Do not stir up or awaken love
until the appropriate time,"
(Song of Solomon 8:4). Maybe
all this talk about what you
should do to get noticed by the
opposite sex is just that: talk.
Maybe Southern guys don't
need to be more forward. May-
be Southern girls don't need to
be so anxious for a husband. I
mean I can spout tons of vers-
es that make me trust in God's
promises: "Do not be anxious
for anything," "It is not good

for man to be alone" and so
on. So why, if we have the evi-
dence of God's promises, do
we continue to try to do things
that will help us find mates for

I propose it's God's job, not
mine, to find my future hus-
band. I trust in Him to find
me a good job when I gradu-
ate. I trust in Him to be able
to provide for my financial
needs here at Southern. Why
wouldn't I trust in Him to pro-
vide for me one of the most im-
portant things in my life?

Going back to the verse in
Song of Solomon about not
awakening love until its appro-
priate time, only God knows
when a time is appropriate. I
can only see the past and pres-
ent. But God sees the past,
present and future. He knows
what I need and when I need
it. Throughout Scripture we
see lots of evidence that shows

us how God's timing is best.

As soon as we begin to do I
things with our own under-
standing we begin to fail, ij
am not saying that girls, m J
shouldn't give encouragement 1
to a guy who likes us. Ask God |
if it is His will, and if it is go 1
for it. Guys, I am not sayi
that you should just sit bi
and wait for God to plop a |
down on your lap. All I am s;
ing is to, "Trust in the Loidl
with all your heart, and leanf
not on your own understand-
ing; in all your ways acknowl-
edge Him, and He shall direct I
your paths," (Proverbs 3:5, 6). \

Be strengthened. God 1
someone for you. Be patient I
Good things are always worth!
the wait. Be faithful. Lean oil
God and the rest will fall into|

Review of book by Southern grad: "Unspoken Confessions'

Helen Pyke
Contributor _

"Unspoken Confessions," a
collection of poems by 2007
Southern graduate Jason
Vandelaan, might have been
banned from the McKee Li-
brary, a few years ago, and
even in 2009 some readers on
campus might think the poet
too frank about male sexual-


is a call to
sexual purity
* at every level,

of mind as
well as body.

ity. However, a careful reader
reads introductions, and the
introduction of Vanderlaan's
book is as telling as any of
the poetic confessions which
follow. Vanderlaan speaks
for himself in some poems,
in other poems for friends
or for men he would hardly
call friends. He examines the
sometimes faltering resolution
of Christian men and the an-
guish of spirit resulting from
their disappointment in them-
selves. He challenges them
to hold themselves and each
other accountable. He warns
young men that "loving the
way she made me feel" is not
the same as loving, and warns
young women that what they
and their girlfriends may think
is a cute outfit may inspire the
"Vampire" to more than play-
ful nibbles.

Confessions leads the reader
from recognition that what all
too often is seen as normal is
sin to revulsion, to confession,
and to contrition. Vanderlaan
rejoices in God's recreative
power. In "Sleeping in Geth-
semane" the poet cries out of
slumber for a clean heart, a
heart which will hate the sin
which has taken over even his
dreams. Another speaker in "I
Could Not Betray Eve Again"

And sometimes we
must say no
Even when she's
begging for a yes.

And I could not betray

Eve again

By giving in

To her offer of forbidden


When she needed me to
stand firm.

So she stood, waiting
With pursed lips
And empty hands

As I turned away.

"Unspoken Confessions" is
a call to sexual purity at every
level, of mind as well as body.
Vanderlaan challenges Chris-
tian males to surrender their
desires to the One who made
them men, to become, not
just the man of some woman's
dreams, but the husband who
can joyously give his wife all
the love of his lifetime. The fi-
nal section of the poetic collec-
tion is called "The Way Back
Starts Not with a Step, But
With a Stand." The collection
of poems itself is a banner in

the hands of a color bearernl
Christ's army. In effect, ikel
poet says, "Here I stand. If)»|
choose to be Christ's man o;
woman, come stand with ik I


lason U a n d e r I a a

Title: Unspoken Confe
Available at: Amazon.*^

Price: $7-99
Genre: Religion




Sarah Hayhoe

Opinion Editor

[email protected]

letter to the editor: Revelation is relevant todav

Matthew Shallenberger Revelation seminar "in an or- hnnk ™. rt,„t ;.,,„„. .- _, . /

i seminar "in an or- book, one that is very impor-
gamzed effort to bolster its tant for these last days.

'" '" " ^ Moreover, if Hermann

that we need to change.

Hermann is right that our

hi nril ,,i ,.;„ , ,,, ., , "'" church should be known for

- Shll ^ thlnksweshould be using Je- its humanitarian efforts. More

» may be true that some Ad- sus; methods to evangelize, community service would be

excellent. But the goal of any


membership." That is a rather
Matthew Hermann,
latest religion article, makes

some good points about our ventists are only concerned perhaps" heThouM "take 'into,
church's evangelistic methods, with numbers, could it not be consideration tt,» ,.„, «„* , " "

..s^thatalltoooftenwe that there are those who have Zt^^ZlZ Zp^ ^^1™
hold a senes of meetmgs with- a burden for the lost people elation of Jesus Christ, which and feed a homeless man, Z
outfirstlayingthegroundwork around them who have notyet God gave Him to show to His if all I do is give him a pie e of
necessary to produce healthy, met Jesus? Could it not be that bond-servants, the things bread, and never tell him about
they want to do something to which must soon take place" Jesus, then all I have done is
reach those people with the (Revelation 1:1). Jesus Himself to produce, in the words of Dr

thriving Christians. However,
I believe he oversimplifies the
issue. It seems he is throwing
the baby out with the bathwa-
ter. Just because the Revela-
tion seminar has been misused
does not mean it has no value.
While it is true that scaring
people into becoming Adven-
tist is not the best way to pro-
duce members, the end-time
prophecies of Revelation are
highly relevant for our times.
There is a time and a place for
Revelation seminars.

Hermann seems to misun-
derstand the point of these
types of meetings. He writes


Furthermore, Hermann
seems to misunderstand the
book of Revelation itself. He
writes that it is the "most ar-
cane and esoteric book of the
Bible." It is true that the sym-
bolism in Revelation can be
confusing, but that does not
mean it is not worth study-
ing, nor that it is impossible to
understand. John, the writer
of Revelation, records that an
angel commanded him not
to seal the book, "because
the time is near" (Revelation

Matthew Shallenberger

eral principles— and they were

that his church is holding a 22:10). Revelation is an open

commanded us in Matthew 28 Carlos Martin, a "healthy sin

to go into all the world and ner." Community service and

make disciples, teaching them other outreach programs are

to observe all the things He good starting points, but they good"" princTples-but'''l did

commanded. If Revelation is must lead to something deep-
er. They must lead to evange-
lism, to the sharing of the good
news of Jesus Christ.

Hermann sees some of the
problems with typical Ad-
ventist evangelism. But I am
still waiting to hear a solu-
tion. Although he writes that
he knows "how to evangelize
to non-Adventists," I did not
see any specifics in his ar-
ticle. There were a few gen-

part of inspired Scripture, and
if it is indeed the Revelation of
Jesus Christ, it certainly falls
under the category of things
we ought to be teaching.

I agree with Hermann that
this post-modern generation is
not attracted to typical modes
of evangelism. We need to be
exploring" new ways to share
the gospel. However, it is the
methods and not the message

not see any real methods of
evangelism that produce well-
grounded, long-term Adven-
tist Christians. It is all too easy
to criticize the current state of
affairs within the church. It is
much harder to come up with
viable changes and lasting so-
lutions that will improve our
methods of evangelism and
help us fulfill Jesus' command
to spread His good news to the
whole world.

letter to the editor: Truth isn't always pretty

r Maranda Record
I CoKTpiqirron

As Seventh-day Adventists
Iwe have a solemn duty to warn
Ipeople of what is coming in
these last days. If a person
pre in a building and you
Mew that there was a bomb
feady to go off, would you not
Warn people of the coming di-
saster? We have been given
fuch prior knowledge in the
prophecies of Daniel and Rev-
elation. If we take the exam-
ine of Noah and the flood, we
Jttuld not be surprised that
Wn few people are truly con-
Ifrted. Only eight people got
T"°theark. Does this mean
F a t we should stop giving the
Pessage? First Thessalonians
JW says "For when they shall
f»y. peace and safety, then
r M «i destruction cometh
P°nthem." Our message is

not a message of reassurance
but of solemn warning to a
sinful world soon to be de-

Naturally we should also
use other methods to bring
people to Christ. When Jesus
was on earth he approached on
an individual basis, we should
try to follow this example. The
problem is not using other
methods; the problem is when
we neglect the prophetic warn-
ings of Daniel and Revelation
entirely. We must be careful
not to forget that the purpose
is not to increase membership
but to bring people to a clear-
er knowledge of God. Our
responsibility is to take the
gospel of Christ to every na-
tion and kindred and tongue.
Too often in our attempts to
convert the world we end up
abandoning the very truths
that make us who we are. In

Maranda Record

the modern 21st century it
can be hard to remember that
although times may change,
God does not. What was truth
100 years ago is still true to-
day. God has been waiting for
a people that will follow the
Lamb whithersoever He go-
eth. If we will be true to God's
word we can be part of His fi-
nal message to this world.

A Missionary's Prayer

in Ethiopia

Thank you, Cod, that I had a hot shower .
this morning. My neighbors do not have a
hot water heater... or even a bathtub for that

Thank you that I could read my Bible today.
Most of my coworkers do not have their own
Bible... in fact, some of them cannot read.

Thank you that I have a loving husband.
Many of the women in the maternity ward
do not have loving husbands... if they have
husbands at all.

Thank you that I ate lunch today. Most of
the people I passed on the street did not eat
today... hopefully they'll eat tomorrow?

"To whom much is given, much
is required..." (Luke 1248)





Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Cheap, fun ideas for your Saturday night

I just finished balancing
my checkbook and surprise;
I'm still poor. Good thing I
know how to have fun on Sat-
urday night without breaking
the bank. If you're starting to
grow weary of cheap theater
and Taco Bell evenings (and
you can't afford tickets to
any of the events in my "This
Weekend" section), here are a
few ideas that will be fun and
won't require you to be up-
wardly mobile.

Game night in:

Find a friend off-campus or

in Southern Village with a spa-
cious living room, or take over
the lobby of the dorm. Have
everyone bring their favorite
game (I'm a big fan of Apples
to Apples) and give Domino's
a ring to let them know you'll
need the Southern special. If
your friends all pitch in for the
pizza, the night will set you
back about $2 each.

Game night out:

If you can't get excited about
table games, do something a
little less conventional and
make the game night mobile.
Try a photo scavenger hunt or
Bigger and Better (teams start

Get your GfCen On


Vexation: All the time
wasted doing absolutely

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