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nothing on the Internet.

Solution: Check out
some no-cost donation
sites, where you can help
raise money for good causes
just by clicking.

There are several good ones
that use a variety of ap-
proaches to make a differ-

Charityusa.com, spon-
sors donate money, food
or resources to causes like
world hunger, breast can-
cer research and literacy,
every time you click a but-
ton. Care2.com is simi-
lar, but also gives many en-
vironmental conservation
options as well and allows
you to track your dona-
tions when vou sign up for

an e-mail account (Care 2
makes donations for every
e-mail you send too).

Goodsearch.com, a
search engine powered
by Yahoo, uses a different
approach by donating 50
percent of revenues to the
charities or schools of your
choice. All you have to do is
enter the cause before you
start searching.

Freerice.com is eas-
ily my favorite click-to-do-
nate site since it involves
a game. For each question
you answer correctly, they
donate 10 grains of rice to
the UN World Food Pro-

Clarification: Each of
the sites are easy to use.
Try bookmarking them so
you don't forget where they
are and who knows, maybe
you'll break that Myspace/
Facebook addiction.

with a toothpick and-knock on
doors to trade for something
bigger or better, then compare
final results at the end of the
night). If you meet at Moe's,
the whole night will cost what
you pay for your favorite bur-

Progressive (fast food)

Start at Arby's for a shared
appetizer of curly fries, move
to Taco Bell or Subway for the
main course and then make
your way to Sonic for dessert
(at least that's how I'd plan
mine). Enjoy your eats under
the stars by the duck pond and

plan on not eating any more
fast food for a couple of weeks.
If you all share the goodies,
the whole shebang might set
you back $6 at the worst.

Quiet & cozy night out:

If you like to read, head to
Barnes & Noble's and peruse
your favorite section. Before
you go, pick out a good maga-
zine and take a quick drive
downtown to Rembrandts,
where you can enjoy the ar-
ticles with a cup of yummy hot
chocolate. Not counting gas,
this trip might total $8 at the

Inglish on English: C = poser

Chelsea Inglish


I would hate to have to learn
English as a second language.
I'm sure it has got to be one of
the most annoying languages
to master! The spelling alone
would be enough to kill any
desires I had.

For instance, why don't the
words dough, cough, bough
and rough rhyme with each
other, instead of with the
words slow, off, cow and stuff,
respectively? Confusing. And
what about all those silent let-
ters, like in pneumonia and
know? If you ask me, silent
letters are just a mean way to
trick third graders in spelling

And what about the let-
ter C? What does a C sound
like, anyway? Sometimes
it sounds like a K and other
times it sounds like an S, and
if you put an H with it.'you get
a whole different sound. But
a C, in and of itself, has no
unique qualities whatsoever.
I'm rather ashamed of the let-
ter C, especially on papers.

Actually, there are reasons
why we have silent letters and
words that are spelled the
same and yet, mysteriously,
don't rhyme. It all goes back
into the early mists of time,
when the English language
was busy borrowing words
from other languages and
messing up the pronuncia-
tions, and then messing them
up again, and then again.

. Hats off to those of you
who have mastered English
as a second language! I know
I couldn't do it. Just ask Dr.
Parra, who tried very hard to
teach me Spanish, a language
which treats its newcomers
kindly, never trying to con-
fuse them with horrible little
poems about how to spell

"I before E, except after C,
and in sounding like A, as in
and, according to comedian
Brian Reagan, "On weekends
and holidays, and all through-
out May, you'll always be
wrong no matter what you


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed in the
right direction.

Chattanooga Symphony
Orchestra presents
"Heroic Portrait"

Celebrating Lincoln's 200th


Tivoli Theater, Chattanooga

Thursday, Feb. 5, 8 p.m.

Student tickets start at $8


IMAX 3D Theater
presents "Sea Monsters"
Saturday, Feb. 7, 7 p.m.
Tickets $8.50 for adults

"Old Crow Medicine
Show" in concert

As heard on Garrison Keillor's
"A Prairie Home Companion'
Tivoli Theater, Chattanooga
Saturday, Feb. 7, 8 p.m.
Tickets start at $20
ChattanoogaOnStage.com j

TN Valley Railroad's
Valentine's Dinner Train


Saturday, Feb. 7, 8 p.m. i
Tickets start at $55 (reserva-
tions required)

"Staggering Toward
America," presented by
UTC Fine Arts Center

Rik Reppe's documentary^ j

being an American post-9/ 11


Sunday & Monday, Feb. i

7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $2! j


FineArtsCenter/2009/rePP 8

"Love on Lookout" at

Lover's Leap

Rock City Garden's, Lo^t


Daily, 8:30 a.m. to 5 P m - ]

through February

Ticket prices vary





Zack Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

>ittsburgh vs. Arizona: A Super Bowl recap

.«< Wallace noints .. _ __ ■


For the second straight

ar, the Super Bowl ended

a dramatic fashion as the

[tsburgh Steelers defeated

j Arizona Cardinals 27-23.

Compared to last year's Su-

Bowl, there wasn't a lot

Mhype going into this game,

mwever, the players from

jth sides did not disappoint

a fans. Pittsburgh started

with the ball, drove down

and looked to be in con-

il from the get go. When

iy got on the goal line, Pitts-

rgh's Quarterback Ben Ro-

isberger ran it in for what

imed to be a touchdown.

Gwever, Arizona's Head

jach, Ken Whisenhunt threw

his risky challenge flag in

tope that the play would be

Sersed. Fortunately for him,

[re play was reversed so Pitts-

ffigh only settled for three


Arizona did not do a whole
lot on offensive; they got the
ball for five plays, and then gave
it right back to Pittsburgh. The
first quarter belonged to Pitts-
burgh who just dominated the
game on both sides of the ball.
Pittsburgh was able to punch
in a long drive for seven points
early in the second quarter to
extend the lead to 10. It was
a whole different story in the
second half for the Cardinals,
as Arizona Quarterback Kurt
Warner was able to drive his
young team up the field for a
touchdown to close the gap
to only three points. The key
moment of the game came
with only 18 seconds and it
looked like Arizona was going
tie the game, if not take a four
point lead. However, Steel-
ers' Linebacker and Defensive
Player of the Year, James Har-
rison was able to get his hands

on the ball, make a beautiful
interception and run a touch-
down back for a Super Bowl
record 100 yards. That gave
Pittsburgh a 10 point lead at

Most of the third quarter
was filled with penalties from
both teams, but mainly for the
Arizona side. There was one
drive where Arizona commit-
ted three personal fouls which
gave Pittsburgh more time to
do what they wanted to do.
In the fourth quarter, Pitts-
burgh was up by 13 points and
it seemed like the game was
coming to an end for the Car-
dinals. Nevertheless, Warner
rallied his team by throwing a
touchdown pass to WR Larry
Fitzgerald to bring the score
to 20-14. Later on the Ari-
zona defense were able to get
a holding penalty against an
end zone trapped Pittsburgh,
which resulted in a safety.

Players scramble for possession ofthi
With the score now down to
four and with less than three
minutes to play, it seemed like
Arizona was going to go in for
the kill. Fitzgerald turned a
20-yard catch into a 68-yard
touchdown that gave Arizona
a 23-20 lead with two minutes
and 37 seconds left.

Roethlisberger made what
will be known as his career de-
fying moment with a well run

Photo AP Exchange/Brian Cassella


two minute drill up the field
into the red zone. "Big Ben"
dropped back into the pocket,
looked left, then looked back
right, found his player maker
WR Santonio Holmes, who
made a gorgeous tip toe catch
in the end to win the game for
the Steelers. Just like they say
in the Wizard of Oz, there is
really no place like Holmes.

Women's b-ball gets intense

Dpi Cherisol

Eolla wins against Spar-
Sf Monday night with the
kelp of Rochell Barr and Molly
" ible.

ich scored four points in
lie overtime to secure the
for Holla. Barr, a sopho-
general studies major,
f a game-high 17 points
>g her team to victory 39-

Wory Garcia scored 12
j to lead Crazy Bailer's
jpltimatum 40-8.
|e had a really good sea-
V were 5-1," said Mia
Eey,^ a public relations
? r ; " We were trying to
jtor that "Remember the
6-0- One loss is not
'd-but we're going to
J* this year's playoffs un-
". the women's league is

beginning to get more notice.
As these teams battle it out for
the championship, many of
these women's teams are turn-
ing it up, by hustling, playing
organized defense and even
scoring more than some of the
men's teams.

"We play the same way that
the [men] do sometimes," said
Christiana Anderson, a junior
pre-dental/hygienist major,
"sometimes we may do it at a
slower pace, but then when it's
time to turn it up that's exactly
what we got to do."

Other scores: Triple S
dominated the Mighty Midg-
ets 31-8, Gianna Spence, a
freshman psychology major,
scored 17 points. Wildcats de-
feated Dunkin' Donuts 23-16
as Jasmine Maxwell, a fresh-
man biomedical major, scored
eight points to lead her team.
Simply Smashing also defeat-
ed Resolution.

Southern has all-star weekend

Davis Wallace


Now that football season is
basically over, aside from the
NFL Pro Bowl next week, we
can focus our attention toward
the NBA. Sunday, Feb. 15 will
mark the 58th installment of
the NBA All-Star Game that
features the best from the
West going up against the best
from the East in a "bragging
rights game." At the moment,
Southern doesn't have a sports
team or any sports offered
here besides intramurals, but
that doesn't mean that we
can't compete in a "bragging
rights game" as well. SA presi-
dential candidate, Bradford
Wise, has presented this idea
and strongly believes in turn-
ing this fantasy into a reality if
elected. Now that Rees Series
has been deleted and turned

into the playoffs, there is op-
portunity for such an idea.
This would not only be for bas-
ketball, but for all the sports
offered here at Southern in-
cluding: Softball, flag football,
volleyball, floor hockey and
soccer. When asked why he
would present such an idea to
Southern, Bradford said, "In-
tramurals are one of the things
that make Southern great, and
I feel like all-star games will
increase the quality of the in-
tramural experience."

So as you get ready for the
three point contest and dunk
contest later today, try to pic-
ture an all-star game to go
along with what is already a
very strong intramural pro-
gram. Some may find it hard
to make the cut for a specific
all-star team in a sport, so
skills challenge events would

also be provided for those stu-
dents to participate. This idea
would create a similar effect
to MLB's Home Run Derby,
or NFL's QB's Challenge for
all the different sports of-
fered here at Southern. So as
you prepare for the Pro Bowl
this coming weekend and you
see Peyton Manning throw
50-yard bombs, just imag-
ine yourself in Southern's
Intramural Pro Bowl game
throwing 60-yard bombs. If
basketball is your sport, then
watch when the NBA All-Star
Game comes in two weeks and
Chris Paul makes one of his
no look passes. Picture your-
self, picture doing that here at
Southern's Basketball All-Star
Game. If they can have fun
playing a meaningless game in
the pros, why can't we do the
same thing at Southern?




Deadline Monday at noon

[email protected]

Malawi Project | In conjunc-
tion with Adventist Intercol-
legiate Association, Adventist
Health International, and the
Adventist colleges/universi-
ties of the North American
Division, we are planning a
short term mission trip to Ma-
lawi, Africa this summer. The
dates for the trip will be June
23-July 8, 2009. The project
will consist of three aspects:
Evangelism, Health, and
Construction in six locations
throughout the country of Ma-
lawi. Space is limited. Pass-
ports are necessary. If you are
interested, please contact Kari
Shultz or Gayle Moore for fur-
ther information.

Parents Weekend \ Parents
Weekend is February 13-15.
Invite your parents to sign up
and spend the weekend hang-
ing out with you. Sign-up
deadline is TODAY, February
6 at www.southern.edu/par-
ent. Need further information
about the details of the week-
end? Contact Kari Shultz at
[email protected]

Prayer Groups | 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; i2:oop
MWF in the Student Center
seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F at
the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

Volunteers Needed | We

have patients that are on
MatchingDonors.com that
need an organ transplant
and need help using their
MatchingDonors.com Web
site. Those interested in vol-
unteering can contact Brenda
at MatchingDonors.com 781-
821-2204. You can be located
anywhere in the United States
- all is done by phone.

Student Cave Open | Need
something fun to do this Sat-
urday afternoon? The cave
in Student Park will be open


Friday, February 6

Remember to file for Financial Aid
(Priority Deadline Mar.- 30)

2 p.m. - Benjamin: A Redemption
Story (Lynn Wood Chapel)

6:13 p.m. - Sunset

7 p.m. - Upper Room (Gospel Cha-

8 p.m. - Vespers, Bryan Gallant

After Vespers - Adoration (Lynn

Sabbath, February 7

9 a.m. - Adoration 1 - John Nixon

9:30-10:15 a.m. - Continental
Breakfast (Church Fellowship Hall)

10:15 a.m. - SaltWorks Sabbath
School (Hulsey Wellness Center)

Social Experiment Sabbath School
(Church Fellowship Hall)

Adoration 2 - John Nixon

11:30 a.m. - Connect - Andy Nash
(Collegedale Academy)

11:45 a.m. - Renewal - Whitley
Phipps (Church)

1:30-5 P-m. - Cave Open (Student


2:15 p.m. - FLAG Camp, reserve
spot [email protected] (Wright
Hall Steps)

4 p.m. - Wintley Phipps Concert

7 p.m. - Benjamin: A Redemption
Story (Lynn Wood Chapel)

8 p.m. - The Ben Carson Story -
film (Brock #333)

7:30 & 9:30 pjn. - Rees Series (lies
P.E. Center)

Sunday, February 8

5:30 p.m. - SA Valentine's Banquet
- Doors Open (Chattanooga Trade
& Convention Center) All dress code
policies apply including the jewelry

Monday, February 9

Last day for 60% tuition refund
LSAT Exams (Lynn Wood)
3:30 p.m. - University Senate
5:15 & 5:45 p.m. - College Bowl
(Presidential Banquet Room)

Tuesday, February 10

Noon-i p.m. - Dean's Luncheon

(Presidential Banquet Room)

3 p.m. - Tax Seminar for Interna-
tional Students (Lynn Wood)

7 & 10 p.m. - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher)

7:30 p.m. - Drama: William Peck-
"Abe Lincoln," Convocation Credit!
(Ackerman Auditorium)

Wednesday, February «

5:15 & 5:45 P-m. - College Bowl
(Presidential Banquet Room)

Thursday, February 12

9a.rn.-5p.rn. - Lincoln Room open
to the public (McKee Library)

11 a.m. - SA Election Speeches (Ties
P.E. Center)

Noon-11 p.m. - SA Primary Elec-
tions (Various Locations)

3:30 p.m. - Graduate Council (Rob-
ert Merchant Room)

5 p.m. - Badminton Team Meeting
(Hulsey Wellness Center)

5:45 p.m. - Club/Dept. Presi-
dent's Meeting (Presidential Banquet

7 p.m. -Modern Languages Film
Series (Miller #201)

from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Come son game at 11:15 P-m.
on out and enjoy romping in
the mud.

College Bowl | Southern's
College Bowl will take place
next Monday and Wednesday
from 5:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
in the Presidential Banquet
Room. Come out to watch your
peers compete.

Rees Series | This Saturday
night from 7:30 p.m. to mid-
night Southern's intramurals
program will host the Rees Se-
ries where teams will compete
for the title of divison cham-
pions. Come out and cheer on
your friends and classmates.
Ladies B Division game and
Mens C Division game at 7:30
p.m., Mens B Division game at
8:45 p.m., Ladies A Division
game at 10 p.m., Mens A Divi-

SA Primary Elections |

Thursday, Feb. 12 vote for SA
president for next year. There
are three students running for
president. The two that get the
most votes during the prima-
ries will go on to the general
elections. Cast your vote!

Valentine's Banquet | This
year's Valentine's Banquet is
at the Chattanooga Trade &
Convention Center. Doors will
open at 5:30 p.m. for ticket
holders. Food will be served
around 6 p.m. Directions to
the Trade and Convention
Center will be at the front
desks of Thatcher, Talge, and
Thatcher South. Free parking

is available along the street.
There is a fee to park in the
parking garage attached to the
Trade & Convention Center.
Note - the dress code applies
to this banquet including the
jewelry policy!

February 6

Brittany Mudrich, Byron Rive-
ra, Eric Trevino, Joseph Ran-
gel, Josh McGraw

February 7

Alina Duhaney, Brian Glass,
Emily Kurlinski, Katie Norris,
Kristine Gemora, Robbie Par-
rish, Steven Mayberry

February 8

Ari Guindon, Brenda Janzen,
Delyann Hernandez, Jenn

Mauer, Kelli Lamberton, Lau-
ren Parks, Stephen Ruf

February 9

Abagail Smith, Allison Owen,
Ben Van Allen, Bridgette |
Matthews, Hifsy Alcudia, Ian
Brooks, Rachel Otto

February 10

Christina Dorn, Elisabeth
Scott, FrescaniaTaitague.Jaf
ed Coston, Jecsy Villami*
John Frescino, Jon Just, Katie j
Drexler, Patrice Hieb,Ri*«\
Boyd San Miguel, YadiraHefj


February 11

Crystal Xu, Ryan Moore 1

February 12

Ken Yim



To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

■inexpensive room avail-
able next semester | Seek-
ing a female to live with 3 girls.
■Located one mile from South-
ern- Private room, shared
ftath, wireless Internet, cable,
Mining room, kitchen, wash-
Rr/dryer, living room, porch
and big back yard. $200/
mo. plus water and utilities.
fcll Melanie at 423-667-7564.

2 Roommates wanted |
Kjpstairs apartment within
walking distance from cam-
Bras. Two rooms available.

Large room $275, small room

$245 plus utilities. Located
Right across from Health Ser-

vices. [email protected] or
■all 423-653-8302.

Roommate wanted | Look-
ing for a female roommate to

Hive with 3 other girls about
1.5 miles from Southern. 2
bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
Would need to be willing to

Share a small room with one

■fher girl. $l7o/mo. Contact

■enny 423-503-3404.

Room for rent | Preferably
H female. Less than 10 min-
utes from Southern. Access
B> entire house and back-
Bird, including a deck. Wash-
m & dryer. $35o/mo. Call

Booms for rent | 2 rooms
|r rent for female students.
Icated 7 miles from Colleg-
iate, 3 miles from Ooltewah.
Jpess to kitchen, laundry,
B>le and wireless Internet.'
Jiet home in the country
Pi large deck. Available im-
|diately for $8 5 /wk. Call
cell: 423-280-3243
tp*'- 423-238-1490.

Pommate wanted | Inter-
ping roommate for semes-
I' ^e house in high-end
fghborhood, garage, fur-
[email protected]

Scooter for sale | 2004
Vespa ET-4, i 50 cc Scooter
with only 375 miles! Like new,
hardly used, pearl white metal-
lic, rear storage compartment,
3 Vespa helmets included, re-
cently serviced, new battery.
Excellent gas mileage. Asking
$2,750. Serious inquiries only
please. Call 706-264-9441.

'04 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, fully loaded with
new tires. Gray with leather
interior. 82k miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam
at 423-503-5286.

'88 Honda Prelude SI | pw

ac cc power sunroof, pioneer
deck and speakers, new tires,
lots of receipts too much to
list. $2,85o/obo [email protected]

'04 Ford Focus SVT | Lim-
ited Ed. Blue, all the extra's,
73k,' well maintained, great
shape, $5,495 Call Justin at

'05 Subaru BAJA | Black
Pearl. 66k miles, turbo, Au-
tomatic Snuglid hardcover,
1 1/4" Towing Pkg, Bed Ex-
tender + more. Contact Brian

RC Airplane | Radio-con-
troled airplane, Electristar.
Comes with 4 channel ra-
dio, chargers, batteries and
box, ready to fly. If you
have questions, call Rob at

Longboard | Sector 9- Pin-
tail complete, Bones bearings,
Independent trucks, 44mm
wheels. $65. Call Amelia 423-

For sale | C.B. Radio (mobile
unit) with 40 channels and
two emergency channels. $75.
Complete with antenna, mike
and hanger. Call George Web-
ster at 423-728-4340.

Guitar | Electric guitar with
amp. Washburn X-series
metallic blue. This guitar is
practically new and includes
a canvas backpack style case.
Asking $150/000. Call 423-
208-2618 or e-mail [email protected]

Telescope | Message
Meade 8" telescope. Ex-
cellent condition. $250.
Please call 423-503-7802 or

Classical/folk guitar |
Made by Hohner. Contessa
model HG 14 and case. All
good strings and good condi-
tion. Looks new! Comes with a
Teach Your Self Classical Gui-
tar chord book. Asking $150.
Email [email protected]
if you are interested.

Drum set | Black, 5pc Tama
Swingstar drum kit with 16"
Zildjian Medium Crash, 17"
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash,
20" Sabian ProSonic Ride, 13"
Sabian ProSonic hats, 10" Sa-
bian B8 Pro Splash. Gibraltar
throne, all hardware included.
14" Tama maple snare. $750.
Call Stuart 706-676-1295

Apple iPod Touch 8GB | In

excellent condition. Includes a
USB sync cable, a pair of ear-
phones, and quick start guide.
Features include Music, Vid-
eo, Photos, Safari, YouTube,
iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, 3.5
in. multi-touch screen, and
more. $20p/obo [email protected]
southern.edu or ■ 423-310-

Fishtank | 46 Gallon Bow
Front Fishtank w/ Stand. In-
cludes sand, rocks, plants, fil-
ters, food, meds, aerator, etc.
Dorm legal. Perfect for fresh
or salt water fish. Paid more
than $600. Will sell for $300/
obo. [email protected]

Camping Backpack | Deu-
ter Futura Vario 50+10. Awe-
some pack, basically brand
new, only used 3 times. $140
Austin: 937-684-2254

Netgear RangeMax WNDA

system was used once! Call
423-618-6573 and ask for Jon
for info.

Airline Voucher | I have a
Southwest Airlines voucher
valued at $583 that I will not

3100 Dual Band Wireless-N be able t0 use - lt expires on
Adapter. High speed USB Marcn 14, so it would be per-
wireless adapter for 80211 fect for s P rf ng Break. It can be
A,G, and N. In new condition - y0urs for just $4 °°- Cal1 596-
and comes with original pack- 94 * 3 '

aging. $20. Call: 423-503-

Europe For Sale | $4,999
will buy 24 days (May 4-28)
of once-in-a-lifetime educa-
tional social immersion in
Europe. Explore Amsterdam,
Dachau concentration camp,

Whirlpool fridge | Black,
dorm-sized fridge in good con-
dition for $90. Call Samara at

423-313-0832 or e-mail at cruise down the Rhein River,
[email protected] climb the Eiffel Tower, throw

snowballs in Switzerland and
Printer | Epson photo print- visit Buckingham Palace. All
er . If you have questions, call mis Pl us 3 hours Cultural An-

Rob at 423-322-8738.

Media viewer for sale

MyVu pmv-10031 "solo edi-
tion" personal media viewer
(video glasses) - for 5th gen
iPod video only. Watch movies
on your iPod without strain-
ing to see the tiny screen, $55.
Call Jonathan 423-605-8437.

Subwoofers | Two 10"
Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2
Subwoofers. 4 Ohms. 500
Watts RMS each. 1000 Watts
Peak each. Comes in a ported
box. $800 new. Asking $250/
obo. [email protected]

Flute I Gemeinhardt 2np
flute. Some scratches. $150/
obo. Call 423-605-5145.

2 hoodies 1 1 white with black
designs and 1 cream with gold
designs. Brand new 1 for $20.
If you are interesting contact
me at [email protected]
edu., or call 305-457-3177-

Electric bass guitar | For

Sale Ibanez 4 string electric
bass guitar, comes with Fend-

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