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story, Zarathustra is a proph-
et-like figure who descends to
the cities and villages in the
valley and then proclaims that
God is dead. The citizens react
with anger and dismay, chal-
lenging Zarathustra as to how
he knows God is dead. Zara-
thustra answers to the effect
that they - the valley citizens
- have told him so. The citi-
zens strenuously object, but
Zarathustra argues that while
they go to church and praise
God, their daily lives declare
God to be dead and that he
(i.e. Zarathustra) is merely de-
claring vocally what their lives
declare implicitiy.

Zarathustra has now come
to SAU and made the same
point. The last two para-
graphs of the article lament
an Adventism emasculated of
divine life and power, not un-

like the Churches of Germany
in Nietzsche's era. I observed
plenty of the citizens of Happy
Valley responding with fear
and anger, much like the citi-
zens of Zarathustra 's valley re-
sponded to him. It would not
be surprising if there are calls
for the heads of the author, ed-
itors, and faculty sponsorship,
but beheading Zarathustra will
not solve the problem.

The fact is that our reli-
gious community demon-
strates about the same rates
of divorce, child abuse, sexual
abuse, substance abuse, etc.,
as the "unbelieving" world.
Our lack of transformational
living proclaims loudly that Je-
sus is indeed dead. Our youth,
and many others-, are fed up
with the hypocritical preten-
sions we erect as a facade to
cover these and other prob-
lems, and these youth will, like
Zarathustra, bluntly confront
us. The solution is not to zap
our Zarathustras, but rather
to recapture the living vitality
of Christ in transformational

Stephen Bauer

living, demonstrating moral
consistency between our pro-
fession and our actual life-
style. Our Zarathustra has ex-
posed the disconnection of the
branch from the vine. Let us
use this opportunity to focus
on being grafted back into the
living vitality of the vine which
manifests itself in transforma-
tional living.

Stephen Bauer, Ph. D.,
Associate Professor
School of Religion

death-threats to Christians on
a whim. He had a conviction
of the heart that the Christians
were right in their faith in the
risen Christ.

"His message became even
more captivating because He
gave His life to the promotion
of peace and inclusivity and I
hope to do the same." On' the
contrary Matthew 10:34 states,
"Do not suppose that I have
come to bring peace to the
earth. I did not come to bring
peace, but a sword." Followers
of Christ have a long history
of persecution. The "teachings
of Christ are not popular but
bring division. It is not easy or
always enjoyable to stand up
for Christ. Often one is alien-
ated for standing up for the
teachings of Christ.

The author's skepticism of
the "tales" of some Bible sto-
ries on the surface seem un-
derstandable. We do not see
these things every day. How-
ever, faith in the God of the
Bible is not rooted on these
miraculous signs. Christ Him-
self says in Matthew 11 how
the cities where most of His
miracles were performed still
remained unbelieving. The
power of scripture is not in the
supernatural, though that is
certainly valuable. The power
of scripture is in prophecy.
The prophecies about the life
of Christ are truly astound-
ing in their specificity. And
the power of. scripture is in
changed lives. My father, my
friends and I can attest that,
"You will seek me and find me
when you seek me with all your
heart" (Jeremiah 29:13).
The comparison of Jesus'

The hope of
Christianity is

rooted in the
resurrection of

Christ. What

hope would
there be for us
without it? ^

fact. Jesus as the Son of God ]
is the foundation of Christian-
ity. I am reminded of the C.S.
Lewis quote that states, "I am I
trying here to prevent anyone I
saying the really foolish thing |
that people often say about I
Him: 'I'm ready to accept Je-j
sus as a great moral teacher, j
but I don't accept His claim to |
be God.' That is the one tl
we must not say. A man who I
was merely a man and said the 1
sort of things Jesus saidv
not be a great moral teacher,!
He would be either a lunatic.
or else he would be the Devil I
of Hell. You must make yon I
choice. Either this man .was, f
and is, the Son of God: or j
else a madman or soro
worse." I

In the final paragraph 1" I
author states, "After all, «
Jesus is watching I can «
imagine that He would raW

I follow His teachings a»
doubt His resurrection «
believe in His resurrection*
ignore His teachings." «
presented as an either/or*
tion. There is a third op°
Believe in His resan«
and follow His teachings-

Lorrie Schrader
Senior, religion
studies major


Lets pray for belief



With all that we might say
in response to Shane Afcer-
man's decision to cast public
doubt on the resurrection of
Christ, perhaps it's even more
important what we do.

Shane says that he, like
Thomas, will not believe until
he sees Jesus for himself. If
this is where Shane chooses
to be, this is where we should
meet him. All on campus who
believe should pray morning
and evening that Jesus will
reveal Himself to Shane in a
way he cannot deny— that like
Thomas, he will "stop doubt-
ing and believe."

Shane, you also must be
willing to do your part. If Jesus
shows you His nail marks, you
must be willing to put your fin-
ger there. If He shows you His

Andy Nash

side, you must be willing to re-
turn to these same pages and
say, "My Lord and my God."

Andy Nash
Associate professor
School of Journalism
& Communication

Preparing for our future

Although I disagree with
"Jesus is dead," I applaud the
author for having the courage
to pen what is obviously an un-
popular opinion on a Seventh-
Adventist campus. How-
jever, I am frustrated with the
hard-headed, hard-hearted
way people responded.

Time and again, when stu-
dents, faculty, church mem-
bers, etc. are confronted with a
way of thinking or doing things
that differs from what we con-
sider right, we tend to react
with a self-righteous indigna-
tion, immediately categoriz-
it as ignorant and inferior
and treating it as a personal
attack on our faith. Our faith
k in a God that is big enough
to handle the tough questions;
and that is what the article re-
%is, a tough question.

The world is made of tough
Questions. Once we leave our
'dyUic university, we as Ad-
v «tists are the minority. If we
«°ose to disregard the tough
Questions n0W] when we have

„ "sources to find out the
"?"» * our fingertips, we
^ be unable to reply to these

Meredith Rodriguez

questions when we face them
in the future, and we will be
the ones disregarded. How
effective will our message be

The next time someone
voices a view that doesn't
agree with yours, resist the im-
pluse to ridicule. Rather than
puffing up with self-satisfied
smugness, try to practice a lit-
tle Jesus-like love and use the
opportunity to grow yourself
rather than belittle others.

Meredith Rodriguez
Junior English
and French major


Publishing controversy is good

A newspaper— yes, even
a Christian newspaper— yes,
even an Adventist, Christian
newspaper-by definition is
supposed to report the news!
Go- figure, right. The pride
that I had when I read the
article "Jesus is dead" almost
matched my disagreement
with its content. Opinions are
valid and everyone is entitled
to them. If Mr. Akerman's
opinion is offensive, well,
maybe you needed a slap in
the face to solidify your own
beliefs. The worst thing that
we here at the Accent could do
is become a platform for Ad-
ventist propaganda. We are
here to raise and culture up-
standing, Christian students,
not spawn a generation of
naive, ignorant, close-mind-
ed, Adventist-bubble syn-
dromized, jerks with chips on
our shoulders who think that
anyone with an opinion dif-
ferent than our own needs to
be burned at the stake (Been
there, done that; ever heard
of the Inquisition?). We don't
print vulgarity or pornogra-
phy because they are. inde-
cent, but opinions that are
legitimate and not immature
attempts at popularity or in-
famy, we will probably print—
and I am proud to be part of
such a team.

That being said, I do agree
with the notion that, if Jesus'
body decayed like everyone
else's, He would not be in-
significant nor His message
useless, but it WOULD coun-
teract the very fundamentals
of that message. You cannot
look at the human race as
the focal point of godliness.
This mindset is very com-
mon amongst us egocentric,
geocentric-minded humans.
When Jesus was on the cross,
it was at that moment.when
all the worlds of the universe
were watching, when all the
evil of the universe was trying

to make Him fall, when all the
good of the universe was taken
from His support, when all of
ours sins were placed on His
slate, when His last breath left
His tired lungs, that the war of
the universe was over.

Make no mistake about
it; without the resurrection
of Christ, the entire thesis of
Christianity is null and void.
Without the resurrection of
Christ, His message is null
and void; all morality is rela-
tive to the situation; all ethics
are utilitarian at best; all evil
is just choice with no eternal
consequence. And yes, "wor-
shipping Him, praying to Him
and telling people about Him"
are asked of us by God; ever
heard of the first command-
ment, the Lord's prayer or the
great commission? It is true,
often, that "to insist that Je-
sus is alive in heaven creates
a culture of passivity where
we wait for Him to come and
fix this world," but that is the
fault of humans not proof of
divine death.

And even so, God loved us
so much that instead of ending
• all sin at that moment of vic-
tory, he extended sin's domain
over this planet in hopes that
even more would choose to
follow Him, accept grace and
be saved. We are the most un-
deserving creatures ever to be
in existence and yet God still
loves us enough to allow sin to
permeate longer into His uni-
verse so that we have a chance
to be saved. The main idea is
that no matter what tempta-
tion, THEY CANT WIN! The
battle is over, the war is won,

Adam Wamack

and YES Jesus is alive! He is
the LIVING proof of a loving
God's victory over selfishness
and egocentrism. No mat- ■
ter what the opinion may be,
even if they are entitled to it,
the truth is made clearly evi-
dent in nature, in scripture, in
people throughout the world,
and (at the very least) in my
own heart: Jesus is very much
alive and knocking, and be-
cause of that reason and that
reason alone, I have a chance
at life as well. What a God we

"The only reason that Chris-
tians have any hope, that their
message has any validity, that
forgiveness, goodness, justifi-
cation, sanctification, or right
and wrong have any foun-
dation at all, is that the Son
of God rose from the dead.
Without this single incident
the entirety of their message
and the very reason for the
life of good-living is wasted."
-T. Hoffman

Adam Wamack
Humor Editor

To view more letters to the editor in response

to the 'Jesus is dead' article, please visit

accent.southern.edu and look under

"Letters to the Editor."

Also, visit last week's article i view comments.





Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Unique shops to help beat your boredom

. . . m ,orvthini7 is fair trade. This

Rachel Hopkins

I mam r FniraB

If you're anything like me,
you occasionally get in one of
those moods where nothing
sounds fun. I want to get out
of the house, but I don't feel
like going to any of the plac-
es I normally would. Sure, I
could go downtown and walk
around, but Coolidge and the
walking bridge get old some-
times. If you need a new desti-
nation, here are a few random
spots that might spark your
curiosity and will still be fun to
peruse even if you don't plan
on spending any money.

Dragon Dreams: Dragon
Museum & Gift Shop

Every town has a weird
museum— This is Chattanoo-
ga's. According to the Web
site, they house thousands of
pieces of artwork, collector's
items, artifacts and memora-
bilia, all with Dragons! As if
that weren't enough, they have
a dragon gift shop (I'm actu-
ally quite smitten with their
"I Love Dragons" rhinestone
brooch). Although admission
is $6, I'd like to think the ex-
perience would be worth it.
They're right off the East Brain-
derd Road exit off 1-75- Visit
their Web site for more info.


The name is pretty self-
explanatory. What's not to
love about a store whose sole
purpose is to give you a sugar
high? Although they used to
be located on Market Street,
right near the aquarium, they
recently moved across the riv-
er to 115 Frazier Avenue. Take
a look-see at their Web site.

World Next Door Market

Located at loo Market St.
right next to the aquarium.
You can feel good about shop-
ping here. They sell really
cool, handmade items from all
over the world and best of all

everything is fair trade. This
means nothing was made in a
sweatshop and the person who
made the item got paid what it
was worth. Find out more at
their Web site. .

Rick's Guitar Room

If you play the guitar or
just enjoy music in general,
this is a cool shop to check
out. Although Ricks sells new
equipment and accessories,
the store is primarily stocked
with vintage guitars and amps.
Take a look at their Web site
for hours and directions.


of the Week

What would your

ideal spring break

consist of?


"Going to Australia to visit my best friend." —Janessa James

"Snowboarding on fresh powder every morning." —Areli Ruiz

"Hanging out in Harlem with my friends that go to NYU." -Kristopher Houghton^

"I'm doing it! 70 miles of canoeing, 56 miles of backpacking and lots of fly fishing."

—Ryan Rogers
"Quality alone time. I'd go somewhere where I could read, write and hike. In fact, maybe I

will." —Andrea Keele
"The perfect amount of sun so I could tan but not burn and I wouldn't have a schedule or an

alarm clock or anyone telling me where to go." - Michelle Knowles.

Get Your Green On



Vexation: All the empty
water bottles in my trash.

Solution: You gotta' tap
that! Your sink, that is. Stop
being such a snob and drink
your tap water.

We've already discussed
how the endless supply of
plastic used for bottling
water is bad for the envi-
ronment, but maybe you're
still worried about making
the switch because you're
not too sure how safe your
tap wa»->- ' . Knowledge is
power, so go to www.ewg.
org/tapwater and see if

your state's water makes
the grade.

Clarification: Even if
your state doesn't have a
stellar report, don't throw
in the towel. Invest in a wa-
ter purifier that hooks onto
your faucet. You can also
try the pitcher form that
easily stores in your fridge.
Even if your state does
well, but you're still wor-
ried about chlorine, then
just fill a pitcher and let it
sit out over night to allow
the chlorine to evaporate.

"Tip and info from Page-A-
Day Calendar 2009, Workman


...humble apologies

Rachel Hopkins


Mistakes happen. As
much as I wish my edit-
ing skills were prefect, they
are not. The lifestyles page
makes this abundantly clear
every now and then.

To those of you who were
dying to try the restaurant
that critic Chris Lau de-
scribed in last week's res-
taurant review, I am sorry.
Greenlife is the name. You
may know this if you made
it all the way to the editor's
note at the end of the article,
but it was not my intention
for it to be a word search.

Also, if you were truly

excited about the Big Band
concert at the Tivoli on Sat-
urday night, I once again
apologize for tricking you
into thinking that you could
afford it. The ticket price
for this event (and all Chat-
tanooga Symphony Orches-
tra events) has been $10 for
students for as long as I've
been here. In fact, The Tivo-
li charged students $10 on
Friday night, but chose to
forgo the student discount
for Saturday night and
charge a minimum of $40
to attend. That's just high-
way robbery in my opin-
ion. Hopefully, none of you
went and we taught them a


Not sure what to do this week- 1
end? Here are a few ideas to j
get you headed in the rigk\

Shuptrine Fine Art
Group presents

Art celebrating the changes 0!

a new year.

Gold Leaf Designs & Framing I

Broad Street, Chattanooga I

Friday, Feb. 20, 9 a.m.

p.m. (exhibit through the end I

of February)



Burnt Music presents the 1
"Charlie Hall Concert J
& Middle East Relief

Calvary Chapel Ckat-j
tanooga, Broad Street,

Saturday, Feb. 21, 7 p.m.
$12 for tickets
charliehall.com or e-mail me- 1
[email protected] for |
more info.

Ruby Falls Lantern Tours J


Saturday, Feb. 21, 8:30 1&

$20 (reservations required)



"Go, Dog, Go!"

Presented by Chattanooga!
Theatre Centre
Sunday, Feb. 22, 2:30 P*
Tickets start at $9

Houston Museum's An-
nual Antiques Show

The Mill, Chattanooga
Sunday, Feb. 22, ua.ro- "5 1


thehoustonmuseum.coro |




Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

Sporting events have downgraded this year

Zack Livingston

Sennit Emm*

After watching the Cardi-
nals go up against the Steelers
in the Super Bowl, fans weren't
left wanting more. It was a
good game, but the underlying
question still remained: Who
cares about those two teams?
After the Super Bowl let-
down, fans once again ex-
pected this past weekend to be
filled with special, unforget-
table moments in sports with
the Daytona 500 and the NBA
All-Star weekend underway.
Instead, fans watched half of
a rained-out Daytona and wit-
nessed the first costume party
on a NBA basketball court.

The Daytona 500 is consid-
ered the Super Bowl of racing
and Matt Kenseth won the
race after it was stopped due
to rain that made driving con-
ditions dangerous. Accord-
ing to ESPN, the whole event
was sold out by Sunday, which
means that 160,000 seats
»ere bought along with the in-
ield crowd seats. Thousands
of fans present and millions
itching at home witnessed a
laytona 500 that took 15 min-
tes to end after the red flag.
I When the race is stopped
[lecause of the rain, the driver
the lead is proclaimed
swinner. This person just so

happened to be Matt Kenseth,
who might go down in history
as the driver to win the Dayto-
na 500 the fastest. There were

game and dunk contest show-
cased more dancing and gyrat-
ing than actual dunks. What
used to be a weekend filled

and he added no finesse to
the dunk like Michael Jordan
did. Did Nate Robinson really

dR lans loftin n,„ . i_- >. ., ," ■— v-». uu ...ioi jump off someone's back to

S!: rt I,«tt WththebeSt ^-^win g dunkthebalKIknowhe',
produced a different outcome,

almnrt ^rf.,:„i ,, ■ , f'"'-" o""»ui B uuiik uie DaiiM Know ties on v

almost certamly would have their rare athletic talent has 5 '8, but isn't that cheating? It
OT0<1U< td ' ' i,H '-' " - ™ into a scripted WWF definitely shouldn't h"e given


Instead of having special,

big men like Hakeem Olaju-

won and Patrick Ewing go at it

in an all-star brawl, we get to

watch Shaquille O'Neal "pop

however the band continued
to play, along with the fire-
works and confetti to celebrate

b Fans

witnessed the

first costume

party on



court, a

Kenseth's victory.

There was not a nail bit-
ing finish, no glory story to
talk about, and the winner of
the Daytona 500 hardly ever
represents who will win the
season championship anyway.
Fans watched and tried to
pretend the event was special
when they knew in the back of
their minds they'd been bam-
boozled. We don't want to rain
on Matt Kenseth's parade, but
that's what happened literally.

In the NBA, the all-star

-n'- lock" his 300-pound body
with dance crew Jabberwocky
and see Dwight Howard do the
Superman dance after every
one of his overrated dunks.

They can dance well for big
guys, and entertainment is
definitely provided, but what
happened to the seriousness
and obligation to give the fans
what they paid for? We re-
member all of Vince Carter's
dunks in the 2000 dunk con-
test because they were phe-
nomenal and unreal. All we
seem to remember this year is
Dwight Howard's tight Super-
man costume and Nate Rob-
inson's ridiculous kryptonite
gimmick to beat Dwight How-
ard. Fans could have watched
an episode of Smallville and
been more satisfied.

Did Dwight Howard really
try to go from the free throw
line? This almost 7-foot player
was a whole step past the line

him a perfect score to put him
into the final round.

It was also kind of suspect
how Kobe Bryant and Shaq
shared the MVP trophy for the
all-star game. It seemed like


Sunday 9 a

Friday 7 ;i.i

. - 6 pjn.
•8 p.m.
■ 4p.ni.

David Stern had a revelation
and said, "Since every event
this weekend was suspect,

let's make Kobe and Shaq co-

Once again, fans had to
pretend to be satisfied as the
West beat the East by almost
30 points and Nate Robinson
killed Superman in the dunk
contest. There were no intense
matchups, no defense, no
buzzer beaters and the week-
end concluded on a very weak
note. After this all-star week-
end no one said, "I can't wait
until next year's." However,
someone did say, "Sporting
events just aren't the same."




Men's A Division

2/19 6p

2/23 6p

2/23 9 p.


2/24 7P

2/25 7 p.

2/25 9p,

Band of Brothers/ Mighty Pucks
Killaz & Gorillaz/Mighty Pucks
Sharks/Norge Ringerike
27,000 Sheiks/Mighty Pucks
Wheeze Kids/Sharks
Norge Ringerike/Wheeze Kids
27,000 Sheiks/Killaz & Goriljaz

Court 1
Court 1
Court 2
Court 1
Court 1
Court 1
Court 1

Women's A Division

2/19 6 p.

2/19 7 P-

2/19 8 p.

2/19 8 p.

2/19 9P

2/23 6 p.

2/23 8p

2/23 9P

2/24 6p,

2/24 7P

2/24 9 p.

2/25 7 P.

2/25 8 p.

2/25 8 p.

2/25 9P

BLAZN/Shot Clinic
Fri-chickerz/Kung Fu Pandas
Hocky Babes/Simply Smashing
The Macrophages/Mangosteen
Simply Smashing/Mangosteen
Hockey Babes/fri chickerz
Hot Sticks/Kung Fu Pandas
Slap Shots/BLAZN
Hockey Babes/Ultimatum
The Macrophages/Shot Clinic
Mangosteen/Slap Shots
Kung Fu Pandas/Hockey Babes
Simply Smashing/fri-chickerz
Shot Clinic/Hot Sticks

Court 2
Court 2
Court 2
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3
Court 3




Deadline Monday at noon
[email protected]


SA elections | Today is SA
General Elections in which the
2009-10 SA President, Execu-
tive VP, and Social VP will be
elected. Don't forget to vote
online from 7 a.m.-n p.m.!
Also, enjoy a pancake after
voting from 7:45 a.m.-io:45
a.m. Sponsored by SA Senate.

Graduatingseniors | March
13 is the deadline to order your
regalia and announcements
at www.shop.jostens.com. If
you haven't turned in a senior
contract you must do so right
away at the Records & Advise-
ment Office.

Exit exams | Examination
required for May Baccalaure-
ate Graduates. The Measure
of Academic Proficiency &
Progress Test (MAPP) will be
given: February 22 and March
22, 23, 24 and 25. Please call
Counseling & Testing Services
at #2782 to sign up for a time.

Wilderness First Respond-
er I This 80-hour course is
being offered at Southern Ad-
ventist University by the Wil-
derness Medicine Training
Center (WMTC). This course
has been designed specifically
to meet the needs of wilder-
ness guides, expedition lead-
ers, and outdoor instructors. It
is the outdoor industry's stan-
dard for wilderness medical
training. The class will take
place from May 12-21, 2009,
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. every
day except Saturday the 16th.
Tuition is $570 on or before
April 1st; $620 after April 1st.

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