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action to the talent show has ]
been positive and that stu-
dents seemed to be pleased
with the first, second and third |
place winners.

Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.



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chat with the deans, graduate coordinators, current
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learn how an advanced

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Get the straight scoop

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Chris Clouzet

Re l'gion Editor

[email protected]

Part 2: Christ gave His blood for each of us

Kristin Thomas
Student Missionary

Irthnmasfflsnnthprn pHii

She was pregnant with ap-
pendicitis. Dr. Bond had done
an appendectomy on her,
which is very dangerous while
pregnant. After surgery she
just wasn't recovering. She
was in a lot of pain and looked
so tired.

James decided to give her
some more blood and take
her back into surgery to see if
he could figure out what was
wrong, which was the reason I
was giving blood.

That night, Ansley came
into the middle house, and
said, "Guys, please pray for
the little Arab woman. She's
just not doing good." James
couldn't find what was wrong,
and ended up taking her baby
out to try to give her a fighting
chance at life. We stopped to
pray in a group right then and
Ansley went back to work.

As she left, I began pray-
ing silently to God; I was
upset at the thought that
this woman might die. "God
please, let her live. I gave
my blood, for her; please

don't let it be for nothing."
I stopped, astounded by
the depth of what I had just
prayed. How must Jesus feel?
I can imagine Jesus pleading,
praying the same prayer for
me, "Father, please, I gave my
blood for her. Please don't let
her go." And then the thought
went further.

That's how I feel about each
of my children.

Each person that I come
into contact with, is someone
that Jesus gave his blood for,
a gift that he doesn't want
to have been in vain. Whoa.

Shouldn't my prayers for their
souls be just as earnest as my
prayers for this Arab woman's
life? Shouldn't I be doing ev-
erything I can to make sure
that my Jesus didn't give his
blood for nothing?

All these thoughts have
opened my eyes to the value
of the people that I am work-
ing with here. And the value of
every person in God's sight. I
thought about how upset, how
sad I would be if I had given
my blood to this Arab woman,
and it made no difference.
Then I realized that all I had

was a needle in my arm for a
few minutes to very cleanly
"donate" my blood.
. Jesus spilled his blood, ft
wasn't a pretty, clean pro-
cess. Jesus gave his Mood to
the point of death. How much
more precious a gift to be
wasted, and how much more
deeply he would feel the loss if
it made no difference in the life
of someone he dearly loves, i

God help me to treat peo-
ple's lives with the value you ]
place on them, let me see with
your eyes.

We Want! No Matter What the Price

Reucious Studies

p7P(]itiflvasr| iipzrg>s niirtif»m pHii

We want our food cooked fast

and almost priceless,

Sacrificing nutrition, health and lifespan.

We want our relationships cheap and fast,
Sacrificing a love that lasts.

We want the job with the six-digit

annual salary,

Even if we sacrifice our family.

We want our education to excel,
Even if the truth it expels.

We want to be right at any cost,
Even if it is an eternal loss.

We want a heaven where we can

do anything we want to do,

But we are only painting hell the color blue.

We want our Christianity fun

and full of happy thoughts,

Rejecting anything with a scent of an ought.

We want our religion priceless,
Even if it means that it's lifeless.

For want we are willing to sacrifice
Anything except our want for vice.


include a phOtO with your graduation announcement
and make your grandma smile!

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Heartfelt Prayer

Shani Saylor

Former Student, Reucious Education

shanisiSKnnthpm pHii

Father, from You

I've gone astray,
I've chosen to go

my own way.
I haven't been happy,

You know,
But now I choose

Your way to go.
The path is hard,

and trials there
All gather, but 1 know

You care.
Before I was born

You loved me.
The light You knew

I'd want to see.
So now, dear Lord,

I come to You.
I will follow all

the way through.
My Father, I pray,

give me strength.
Give me Your peace,

restore my faith!
And I will praise You

When at last I stand

on that shore,
That shore of gladness

and of love,
Of service in Heaven above.

Pentecost 2 !

with Pastor
David Asscherick I

Friday, March 20

6:30 p.m. (tent)

Sabbath, March 21

4 p.m. (tent)

Monday, March 23

12 p.m. (cafeteria) -I
7 p.m. (tent)

Tuesday, March 24

12 p.m. (cafeteria)
7 p.m. (tent)

Wednesday, March 25 1

12 p.m. (cafeteria)
7 p.m. (tenfelB

Thursday, March 26

12 p.m. (cafeteria]
7 p.m. (tent) M

Friday, March 27

12 p.m. (caret*
6:30 p.m. (tent)

Sabbath, March 2 ?

4 p.m. (tent). J|



Saying what some hesitate to say

sexuality and expose sin's per- book, "Feminism," that if we
version? Have we been there could pull off culture's stamp
to remind humanity that we on gender equality we would
are all created in the image of
God, and to call into account

uncover original arguments
which were derived from the
authority of scripture.

These examples, not to
mention civil rights, non-vio-

prevention of ethnic geno-
In addition to silencing the cides, are but a few instances
voices of the exploited, many which could have been her-

■alyssa Foll •
Theoiogv (Minkthum.)

tlysafolliMsontheni.edn .

I I am currently taking a sex-
Rial abuse awareness and pre-
tention class, which Southern

Iffers. Every week, I am called ™ ose who ™ late that ima g<=
to face the brokenness of hu- m . others? 0r have we P""

inanity as I am educated on * Clp f ed in ^ "^ hu ^" ....

[exual abuse, pornography, b y suencm 8 <=ries for help and lence, human trafficking and
i, . , , . justice?

■domestic violence and vio-
lent sexual crimes. I routinely
■wonder if the reason why such
■brokenness exists is that we as
■Christians have been silent.
| If my college education has
aught me one thing, it has
been how to exegete, or in-
terpret, the world around me
my Christian faith,
xegesis, a word that means
kn "explanation or critical
Interpretation of a text," is a
pill that much of Christian-
Sty is lacking. For this reason,
'. make exegesis a part of my

I firmly believe that the
Christian story offers the
ontext, deeper meaning and
Ixplanation to the seemingly
jandom trends, patterns and
Events that mark our days on
arth, yet the majority of us
emain reluctant to engage in
nalyzing, exegeting and in-
|erpreting culture. One such
xample is in the area of sexu-


Do we as Christ's followers
Nak about God's purpose for

Christians have also recoiled in
horror when those same voices
rise up to speak. Feminism, a
word that is spoken with con-
tempt and disdain by many
Christ-followers, espouses
a main belief that men and
women are equal. This partic-
ular belief has a haunting ring
to it because it echoes what
God Himself pronounced at
creation: "In the image of God
He created them; male and fe-
male He created them" (Gen-
esis 1:27). It is along this exact
same line that Peter wrote
that the incarnation of Christ
has ushered in the priesthood
of all believers (1 Peter 2:9).
Paul wrote that there is no dif-
ference, spiritually, between
"male and female" (Galatians
3:28). Can we not recognize
that the very cause that our
culture now champions is, in
fact, something we've had in
scripture for the last two thou-
sand years? Historian Marga-
ret Walters points out in her

aided from our pulpits, street
corners and backyards over
the years. The need to exegete
life has not disappeared, how-
ever. If we claim scripture to
be a light on our path, then it
should bring light to our CNN-
watching, Internet-surfing, I-
pod-playing and Hollywood-
consuming habits. Jesus, in
His most famous sermon, told
His followers "you are this
world's light" (Matthew 5:17).
Humanity will grope in dark-
ness until we begin to read
behind the headlines, fashion
trends and movies to discover
a world desperate for Christ,
desperate for the presence of
Christ's body among them.
It's time we bring the light to
humanity, to our world. Then,
it will be fulfilled as was writ-
ten in Scripture, "The people
walking in darkness have seen
a great light; on those liv-
ing in the land of the shadow
of death a light has dawned"
(Isaiah 9:2).



Sunday 9 ajn. - 6 p.m.

Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.




Sarah Hayhoe

Opinion Editor

[email protected]

Spring and good surprises

Sarah Hayhoe
Opinion Editor

sarahhtfil snnthpm ^ p

I like surprises, the good
kind anyway. Birthday par-
ties, an e-mail from a friend I
haven't seen in 10 years, com-
ing back from spring break
to find that it's spring again
in the 'dale. I guess changing
seasons shouldn't be much of
a surprise. They're pretty pre-
dictable, it's true. They begin,
they end, they come again.
Still, I forget how the sunshine
can heat up parked cars, how
it feels to play soccer, how it
feels to not be studying busi-
ness finance. Then, surprise!
Times change, we remember
and we move on.

A friend of mine just left
Africa last week after living in
Chad for six months. The sea-
sons are changing for her, and
I was impressed by what she
wrote about it:

This. That. Here, and There.
It's the end of Africa for now.
We're here and there for a

time only.

Then we do this and that for

the next bit of time.

I can honestly say this has

been that thing I needed.

But now I'm going there, and

I'm going to be grateful

for that. ■

Thank you for this.

All of this experience.

Love, Emily

I'm buying regalia for
graduation, finishing proj-
ects, sending out resumes, re-
searching graduate programs
and praying for guidance. I
know I'm not the only one.
Things change, we change and
life changes us. Wherever we
are in the journey, whatever
opportunity comes our way,
it is probably that thing we
needed. All of this experience.
We might even get surprised,
in a good way.

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Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Getting the best bang for your buck

Rachel Hopkins
Lifestyle Editor

Mrhplhnpl <in<fi><niilhprn pHii

It's no secret that the econ-
omy is in a slump. Now more
than ever it's important for
students like us to learn how
to live in a fiscally responsible
way before we get spit out
into the "real world." Making
a monthly budget and being
responsible with credit are im-
portant, but another easy way
to protect your wallet is to curb
your consumption. Here's a

few simple ways to cut back on

Repair instead of re-buy

It's too often that we chuck
items that could be repaired,
just because we don't know
where to take them, or we
don't want to bother. Hakky
Shoe Repair in the Hamilton
Place Mall will fix shoes and
purses for just a few dollars.
This is not only good for your
bank account, since you won't
have to buy new sneakers, but
also good for the environment,

Get your brcen 0n

r ^ / ^ v Special editj^

I'm all for going green,^
but sometimes I'm a little
overwhelmed by all the jar-
gon of the environmental
movement. This week, in-
stead of a green tip I'm go-
ing to share the definitions
of a few buzzwords from the
conservation movement, so
the next time someone's
telling you how you can
save the planet, you'll know
exactly what they mean.

Carbon footprint: "Your
carbon footprint is the sum
of all 002 emissions that
are directly and indirectly
associated with your activi-
ties over a given time frame
(usually a year)." -loiuiu.
glossary.php. (Calculate
yours at carbonfootprint.

Carbon offsets: "A finan-
cial donation or other act
that aims to remove a cer-
tain amount of carbon di-
oxide fr _ die atmosphere,
to compensate for another

carbon dioxide emitting ac-
tivity, e.g. a flight." -www.
carbondescent.org .uk/

Carbon trading: "The
process of buying and sell-
ing carbon credits. Large
companies or organiza-
tions are assigned a quota
of carbon that they are
allowed to emit. If a com-
pany's emissions are less
than its quota then it can
sell credits if emissions are
more then it will need to
buy carbon credits." -www.

Fair-trade: "A trading
process that involves a co-
operative association that
ensures that marginalized
and disadvantaged world
producers and farmers
receive sufficient compen-
sation for goods and pro-
duce. Usually associated
with the coffee industry,
and identified with the Fair
Tr ade logo." -www.food-

since these items won't end up
in the local landfill.

Now more

than ever it's

important for

students like

us to learn

how to live

in a fiscally


way before we

get spit out

into the
"real world." ? '

Choose your entertain-
ment wisely

How many times have you
made the 20 minute-drive to
the Rave on a Saturday night
to spend $8 on a movie and
then be disappointed with it.

If you're patient, the movie
you've been dying to see will
show up at the cheap theater.
You'll be able to enjoy the big
screen experience with your
friends for less than half as
much. Plus, if the movie is a
dud, or inappropriate, you
won't feel as bad about leav-
ing in the middle. Or, for a
completely different Saturday
night activity, skip the movie
and be creative. Like I've said
in previous articles, game
nights can be a big hit and
they're free!

Eat for your health and
your budget

I happen to have a bad habit
of wanting to try everything,
even if I don't want to eat it
all. This vice causes me to buy
too much food at the cafe, and
end up throwing away most of
it. Choose to not live like the
rest of America and only pay
for what you know you'll com-
fortably eat. This will save you
money on your Southern bill
(if you're accustomed to going
over your limit) and when you
go out to eat.

Question of the Week

If you could make a new rule for Southern,
what would it be?

Everyone must exercise five
times a week at the wellness
center. - Jaela Carter

Everyone must make one
non-Adventist friend.

- Laurel Dominesey

Students with GPA of 3.5
or higher must not have
roommates. -IvyJoo

Southern must play
other schools in sports,
and nursing students
must be excused from all

- John Record

Southern must provide
enough parking spaces for
everyone. -LaceyDortch

KR's must not microwave
Styrofoam. -JenessaKing

Dorm rooms must be made ;
soundproof so you don't '
have to hear your neighbors.

- Katie Sterns

People who break the
jewelry rule must drag
around a diamond studded
ball and chain.

- Bjorn Harboldt



JVof sure what to do this week-
end? Here are a few ideas to
get you headed in the right

Chattanooga Symphony
Orchestra presents
"The Heart of Romanticism"

Tivoli Theatre, Chattanooga
Thursday, March 19, 8 p.m.
$10 for students

C.S. Lewis Society of
Chattanooga Meeting:
Discussion of
The Problem of Pain,

Open to public

Rock Point Books,


Friday, March 20, 7 p.m.



"Mystery at the Redneck I
Italian Wedding"

Murder Mystery Dinner
Theater, Chattanooga
Saturday, March 21, 8:30 p.m.
$26.50 for adults
(Includes dinner and show)

CSO Chamber Concert

Cadek Hall, UTC Campus,


Sunday, March 22, 3 p.m.

$5 for students


NCAA Division 1 Women's
Basketball Championship

1st & 2nd Rounds
McKenzie Arena, Chattanooga
Monday, March 23, 7P- m -
$20 for single session,
$35 for all sessions

Hawks vs. Timber-wolves

Phillips Arena, Atlanta
Monday; March 23, 7 P"]
Ticket -prices vary

IhURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2Q0.9.



Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

k-rod is human; cut him some slack

Back Livingston

Sport* Editoh
[email protected]

I It seems as if every player
in the MLB at one point or
Riother will get accused of us-
Hg performance-enhancing
Last month Yankees'
jar Alex Rodriguez admit-
Id that his cousin injected
jim with "boli" from 2001 to
I003. This substance from the
Bominican Republic gives an
energy boost to help players
nprove their performance.

s hard for Rodriguez to
kce the public and his team-
liates at a news conference
at Steinbrenner Field and he
Idmitted to the public his ner-
iousness. Rodriguez said that
because "boli" is an over-the-
munter product he didn't feel
ihese drugs could be illegal to
[ise in the MLB.

This three-time MVP and er you knew you were cheating

the h.ghest-paid player in the fact remains that you still

baseball blames the pressure cheated. Their wrongs must be

of his $250 million contract corrected and disciplined but

with the Texans for the deci
sion to use performance-en-
hancing drugs.

After recently overcoming
arthroscopic surgery to repair
torn cartilage in his right hip,
the media and critics are still
hammering him in blogs, and
magazines about his illegal us-
age of the drugs.

The public often won't pro-
vide any sympathy for profes-
sional athletes and the scan-
dals that they are involved in.
Sometimes we fail to realize
they never wanted to be in
the public light, they just hap-
pened to be good enough at a
sport to get paid for it.

We shouldn't take up for
these athletes because wheth-

if they have performed a pub-
lic confession and are whole-
heartedly sorry for what they
did, who are we to judge them?
The rest is between them
and God.

As Christians who believe
that confessing our sins to God
is the first step toward making
things right, it would be very
hypocritical to require any-
thing of them except an apol-
ogy. When was the last time
you prayed for a professional
athlete who was involved in a
scandal before you criticized
them? These athletes are
prompted and manipulated
by the devil just as we are and
sometimes they won't always
do the right thing just as we of-

Iack Livingston
Sports Editor
za rk l ^sonlhprn p ri i i

I Whether you are a "Big
Bristotle" fan or not there is
one thing you simply have to
■dmit. Shaquille O'Neal has a
Thenomenal ability to make
ams better.

I Many basketball critics said
Be Phoenix Suns' style of play
ps too fast for Shaq and that
le would ultimately slow down
Jie offensive success they had
leveloped under coach Mike
Jantoni. Although the Suns
■ever really played any de-
fense, they are known for their
■pensive power and are very
jttiting to watch.
" Now that Shaq resides in
poenix, many don't want to
!« it, but the Suns have
|otten better. The Suns' of-
fensive efficiency mark since
r e w coach Alvin Gentry has

E»r, er is a very impres -

■m 1 7 P ° mts a 8 ame - ™ s
f»»* could quality them as

being the best offensive team
in history if they can reach this
mark for a full season. Shaq
has made almost every player
in the starting five better, in-
cluding himself.

Right now Shaq is shooting
68.4 percent from the field and
is averaging three points more
a game in fewer minutes. The
Suns have scored 140 points
or more four times in the last
16 games. NBA teams have
only done this eight times in
the last 10 seasons.

With Shaq on the floor, the
offense in Phoenix has gotten
better. The reason their play-
off run is in question is be-
cause of their defense, which
has always been a problem for
the Phoenix organization.

Shaq has been the defining
factor for team progress for a
very long time. Dwight How-
ard is viewed as the big man
in Orlando now, and they are
doing well, but many are too
young to remember that Shaq

A fan holds up a sign regarding New York Yankee third baseman Alex
Rodriguez during a spring training baseball game in Fort Myers, Fla.,
Friday, March 13, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

ten don't. The only difference
is they have to make apolo-
gies and face accusations on
national television unlike us,
who aren't exposed when we
mess up.

The next time you mention
A-rod's scandal try starting

the conversation with "Dear
Father" and ending it with


Hockey championships

today from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

in the Hies P.E. Center.

ihaq continues to improve team

brought Orlando respect back
in the Penny Hardaway days.
Believe it or not he is the rea-
son for the Lakers' last three
championship rings and the
Heat's last ring.

Whether he scores 30 or
doesn't score at all, his pres-
ence on the floor demands
double coverage and makes
every player think twice about
driving to the lane.

Shaq is the reason that flop-
ping became an art form in the
NBA and the three second rule
became bread and butter for
opposing teams. Shaq is the
only player that I've ever seen
cause other veterans to hop on
his team in hopes of winning a
championship ring before they

Shaquille O'Neal has had
this effect on the league for
a very long time and now his
success on the Phoenix Suns
proves that the Shaq effect
lives on.

A special evening for our students in the
Presidential Banquet Room



MARCH 29. 2009 AT 6:30 PM

Make it a fun night with your friends or a ..
romantic evening with your boyfriend /girlfriend

ENTREE CHOICES: FeHucini Alfredo

Eggplant Parmi giana
Capelli Mariiiar.i
! VEGETABLE. Broccoli

BREAD: Garlic Sticks

SALAD. House Salad

DRINK- Sparkling While


il. reinemb

or each

ani choice of entree,
be made by March 25th (limit:

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