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f Mrary to the viewpoints in
F e ° Der ™g statements, social
|°« is an exciting and ex-
iting field with diverse job

opportunities in government,
hospitals, schools, counseling
and private and international
agencies, to name a few.

Looking back over the past
several years, I can see God's
hand leading me to social
work. As a junior in academy,
my future plans didn't include
God at all. My career goals in-
cluded going to a secular uni-
versity, then law school, and
then on to making a fat pay-
check following a trail numer-
ous cousins had blazed before
me. At school, I was the pic-
ture of a successful straight-A
student. I was on the gymnas-
tics team and held Student
Association and class officer
positions. I had been baptized
before I started academy, but
somehow I had put myself and
my wants at the center of my
lifestyle. My life was full of ac-
tivity, but I felt empty.

Fortunately, the second se-
mester of that year, I was ran-
domly asked to be a leader at

a prayer conference at Camp
Kulaqua. This experience
changed my life, and for the
first time I gave my will and
future over to God. When I did
this, I experienced peace and
a sense of purpose I had not
known before.

My senior year in academy
increased the pressure to de-
cide what to major in. I was a
little overwhelmed with all the
options, but I debated between
genetic engineering or psy-
chology. I asked God to help
me choose the one He thought
was best. When my academy
came to Southern for college
days, I flippantly chose social
work as one of my workshops
to fill the time. I had no real
idea what social work was, nor
was I seriously considering at-
tending an Adventist college.

However, as I was intro-
duced to social work for the
first time, I was impressed
with its mission of hands-on
service that impacted indi-

viduals and communities. Be-
fore graduation, I knew God
was calling me to social work.
This news came as a shock

' This

my life, and
for the first
time I gave
my will and
future over

to God.

to my family. They could not
understand why I wanted to
be in a profession whose title

even implies that. one must
work like a common laborer,
something most Asian parents
don't brag about. However,
after arguments, tears, soul
searching, praying and strong
mentoring from my chaplain,
I decided to go where I knew
God was leading me.

Since starting this journey
I have not regretted doing so.
Social work has deepened my
relationship with God, and He
has taught me that each per-
son I meet is His child and of
infinite worth. After my soph-
omore year of social work, God
guided me to a life-changing
experience as a student mis-
sionary which solidified my
desire to pursue international
social work. This summer I ^-
have an internship with ADRA \_y
in Thailand at a project for at-
risk trafficked girls. I am excit-
ed to see where the Srst social
wor r, Jesus, will lead me in
tk ure.



How to keep a sunny outlook on a rainy day

*-i_n .* n.iiv] hut r»np of

Rachel Hopkins
Lifestyle Editor

rarhplhnp lintfiKnnlhprn prill

We've had some soggy
weather lately. By the time
this is printed, I'm sure the
rain will be long gone, and
this article will be completely
irrelevant, but no worries, the
rain will eventually return and
when it does you'll know how
to take advantage of it.

Wash your car

Or more accurately, let the
rain wash your car. This seems
like a no-brainer, but it will
work a whole lot better if you
relocate to a parking spot that
is not under a tree. If you have
some tough spots, take an old
towel and give 'em a quick
wipe. Your car will sparkling
thanks to Mr. Monsoon.

Go mudding

I am fully comfortable with
admitting how redneck this
pastime is, but just because
it's hick, doesn't mean it's not
fun. You'll need the right kind
of vehicle and a remote loca-
tion, but if you hadn't noticed,
both of those are plentiful in
the South.

Go on a productivity

If your soccer game got
cancelled, don't pout about it.
Use the extra time to get some
projects done. That way when
the sun DOES come out, you'll
be able to enjoy it. Maybe de-
cide to be antisocial until it's
sunny. You'll be amazed at
how much you accomplish.

Experience your child-
hood all over again

Call me a nerd, but one of
the great joys I had on rainy
days as a kid was measuring
how much rain fell. Glue a cup
to a Popsicle stick, mark the
inches on the side and go stick
it in the ground. Hmmmm,
exactly 3.2 inches. Who says
journalism majors can't be

Buy rain boots

Admittedly, this one's for
the ladies. If you've been put-
ting off splurging on those
cute Target boots, convince
yourself of how necessary it
is that you finally go purchase
them. Those little flimsy flats
that are so "in" right now are
not conducive to the weather.
Really, go buy the boots. It's
for your health.


Not sure what to do this week-
end? Here are a few ideas to
get you headed in the right

Shuptrine Fine Art Group
"New Works by
Dale Crawford"
2646 Broad St. Chattanooga
Friday, April 3, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Chattanooga Symphony
and Opera presents:
"Celtic Celebration"

Memorial Auditorium,
Saturday, April 4, 8 p.m.
$10 for students

Rock Point Books
. presents:
"We the People..."
(A group discussion of the
401 Broad St. Chattanooga

Sunday, April 5, 3 p.m.



Plan Ahead

Atlanta Hawks vs.
Miami Heat

Phillips Arena, Atlanta
Tuesday, April 14, 7 p.m.
Ticket prices vary




1501 Riverside Drive, Suite 110

Chattanooga, TN 37406
423.624.5555 • zibplasma.com

3815 Rossville Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37407
423.867,5195 •zlbplas


Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Restaurant review


d* d* d» d* ft»
*p «p *p *J? jp

Chris Lau

Engineering Studies Maior


3077 Broad Street
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Atmosphere - Small, inti-
mate and classy.

Fare - Exquisite Italian.
Everything homemade. Bread
delivered daily from the Bluff
View Bakery (the one that
bakes for Rembrandt's).

Service - Top tier. The
hostess was exceptionally
friendly, and the server was
very professional and helpful.

Et Cetera - Although some
entrees cost$20ormore, many

can be had for less. A real steal
comes on your birthday: free
pasta entree and desert! Res-
ervations are recommended
(required on weekends). Also,
get directions from the restau-
rant; locating the building can
be difficult.

Bottom Line - Though
pricey, Boccaccia is a jewel.
Innovative, fresh Italian cui-
sine combined with a subdued
environment puts this restau-
rant in my top 3 Chattanooga
favorites (undoubtedly the
best Italian restaurant).

Get your Green On

Vexation: Global warm-
ing caused by excessive en-
ergy use (which produces
green house gasses).

Solution: That was a
mouthful, but the solution
is simple; turn your lights

Implementation: This
is an easy one. Just be care-
ful. Turn your lights off
when you leave your room,
make sure your desk and
closet lights stay off when
you don't need them and
make sure the bathroom
light is off (if it's not in use
of course). If you do all
this already, then go a step
further. Decide that your
room lights will go off at
a certain time no matter
what. If you're still up do-
ing homework, take it to
the lobby. Those lights will
be on anyway.

Clarification: Col-
lectively turning the lights
off is a hot trend right now
and I KNOW how con-
cerned you are about being
trendy. Southern Village
has had an electricity con-
test going since the begin-
ning of the semester (ev-
eryone in the building with
the lowest bill at the end of
the semester will get Wal-
Mart gift cards). And last
Saturday at 8:30 p.m., was
Earth Hour, when people
all over the country shut
their lights off. If you don't
think it makes much of a
difference, consider this:
Last year participants m
Chicago turned their lights
off for an hour and helped
reduce the amount of C02
that 104 acres of trees con-
sume in the same amount
of time.

"Tip and info from iM-




Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

P* nga B !>l and De ^ers lead soccer intramural*

£o B r S Eo, TO R frf'" )»">or nursing major, championship. i , .

Masanga Boys went up
| against Barra Brava in the
I men's A-league division on

Monday night.
I The favored Masanga Boys
I finally got to play after both of
I their games were canceled last
I week due to rain. The intensity
I seemed equal from both teams
I until R.P. Llaguno, a sopho-
I more general studies major,
1 headed the ball past Barra

Brava's goalie late in the first

The Masanga defensive ef-
I fort was impressive as new
I teammates Juan Martinez,
I a junior theology major, and
I Lincoln Llewellyn, a senior
I biology major, provided pro-
I tection and comfort for the
I newfound goalie Jaris Gon-

zalez, a junior nursing majoi
Masanga Boys defeated Barra
Brava l-o.

"Barra Brava is a good team
and they played a good game,"
Llaguno said. "Teamwork is
what always wins in the end."

Coach Didier Brival, a ju-
nior photography major, did a
great job leading the Masanga
Boys to victory while trying to
juggle playing time between so
many good players.

Masanga is a team filled
with great players, but hav-
ing too many players will
stop those great players
from seeing the field. Right
now Masanga is looking like
the team to beat, but if they
don't do something about
their all-star overload they'll
end up the like the New York
Yankees; a bunch of overpaid
all-stars who never win the


"We played the game we
wanted to play and we passed
the ball well," Brival said. "We
have to work on getting every-
one in the game."

In the ladies South divi-
sion, the Defeeters took on
team Caliente in an aggressive
match that sent one player on
Caliente to the health center.

During the first half , the De-
feeters' offense proved supe-
rior. The ball rarely went past
midfield and Defeeters' goalie,
Asa Mercado, a freshman
mass communication major,
yawned as she stood in front of
the goal. In the middle of the
first half, Kristi West, an em-
ployee, put the Defeeters on
the scoreboard with a vicious
kick past Caliente defense.

Coming into the second half,
Caliente came with more in-

Vols have promising season ahead

I - Tennessee coach Lane Kif-
I fin says the Volunteer defense
I played winning football in
I practice Tuesday.

"We were into a four-min-

| ute drill where the offense just

' & to kill the clock to win the

I Same," Kirnn said. "And the

I defense got two turnovers in

■now- one after the offense

I tadmadeafirstdown. It was a

| peat job by the defense. That's

u win games, with plays

| attne endofthegame."

The Vols worked for nearly

™ce hours in their seventh

I*"* practice under their

| "«» coach.

"We're really pleased with

defense," Kiffin said. "Ob-


fc* e ballbetto - Other

i** 1 ^ht it was a

Pr % good practice."

Wveft n t S f itWasunu sualto
|B1 I^« drill atthis point.

^ « have gone live in

Tennessee defensive back Eric Berry, left, blocks during the first day of
spring football practice Tuesday, March 10, 2009, in Knoxville, Tenn.
(AP Photo)

spring ball on short yardage
on a Tuesday. But we've got to
find out who our five guys are
up front. So we've got to put it

He said the coaching staff
installed more of the offense
and defense, including short-
yardage and four-minute

up rront. so we ve got io pui il yaiuagc ™ »» „™,-.~

live and make sure our backs plays. Kiffin also welcomed

see that as well. I thought the return of junior quarter-

the offensive line responded back Nick Stephens, who has

extremely well. It obviously been sidelined with an injured

wasn't their fault on the firm- throwing hand,

tensity looking to tie the game.
Team Captain Vanessa Ruiz,
a junior allied health major,
sprinted toward the opposing
goal with a huge smile on her
face. Students on the sideline
where unaware of why she was
smiling until a lack from West
on the right side of the field
was launched into the air. Ruiz

ran and caught the ball off her
head and hit it into the goal.
Ruiz sealed the deal and put
the Defeeters up 2-0 to win
the game.

Ruiz said, "I was smiling
because I knew where the ball
was going and I thought to
myself this is going in."




Ladies Division North

4/2 6 p.m. Hoo Haa Haa vs. Simply Smashing Field 2

4/2 7P-m. Big Debbies vs. BLAZN Field 2

4/7 6 p.m. Hoo Haa Haa vs. PFC Field 2

4/8 6 p.m. Simply Smashing vs. BLAZN Field 2

4/8 8 p.m. Big Debbies vs. Alive and Kicking Field 2

Ladies Division South

4/2 9 p.m.. DeFEETers vs. Rung Fu Pandas Field 2

4/2 9 p.m. Goal Rush vs. , Just For Kicks Field 1

4/6 7 p.m. Fantasy Football vs. Fluffy Roosters Field 2

4/6 8 p.m. Kung Fu Pandas vs. Caliente Field 2

4/6 9 p.m. Goal Rush vs. Caliente Field 2

4/7 7 p.m. Kung Fu Pandas vs. Fluffy Roosters Field 2

Men's A Division

4/2 6 p.m. Furia Latina vs. Tool Box Field 1

Fluffy Chickens vs. Goya Field 1

Fluffy Chickens vs. Furia Latina Field 1

Barra Brava vs. Masanga Boys Field 2

Tool Box vs. Goya Field 1

Masanga Boys vs. Fluffy Chickens Field 2
Goya vs. Furia Latina


7 p.m.
6 p.m.

6 p.m.

7 p.m.

8 p.m.

9 p.m.

Field 1




Deadline Monday at noon
[email protected]


Wilderness First Re-
sponder | This 8o-hour
course is being offered at
Southern Adventist Univer-
sity by the Wilderness Medi-
cine Training Center (WMTC).
This course has been designed
specifically to meet the needs
of wilderness guides, expe-
dition leaders and outdoor
instructors. It is the outdoor
industry's standard for wil-
derness medical training. The
class will take place from May
12-21, 2009, 8:oo a.m. to 6:oo
p.m. every day except Saturday
the 16th. Tuition is $570 on or
before April 1; $620 after April
1. Deadline: May 5, 2009. Visit
the WMTC Web site to view
and download the full course
information and registration.
Homepage: www.wildmed-
center.com. For more infor-
mation contact Ann Reynolds
at [email protected]

Senior Recognition Ban-
quet I Graduating seniors
are encouraged to come to the
Hawaiian-themed senior rec-
ognition banquet April 5 from
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the
dining hall.



10:30-11:10 a.m.

Friday, April 3

Online Fall Registration for Returning

Freshman < 24 hours. Soph'omores,

Juniors & Seniors

Adventist Intercollegiate Association

Convention, Takoma Park, MD

Wind Symphony Tour

SM/TF Exit Retreat

7p.m. - Upper Room (Gospel Chapel)

8:02 p.m. - Sunset

8 p.m. - Vespers, Campus Ministries

Sabbath, April 4

SM/TF Exit Retreat

9 a.m. - Adoration l-Paul Smith

9:30-10 a.m. - Continental Breakfast
(Church Fellowship Hall)
10:15 a.m. - Saltworks Sabbath
School (Hulsey Wellness Center)
Social Experiment Sabbath School
(Church Fellowship Hall)
Adoration 2 -Paul Smith (Church)

Connect Sabbath
Schools (Collegedale Academy)
"Wild at Heart" with Marcel

"Identity" with Angela McPherson
"Prayer" with Carol Loree
11:30 a.m. - Connect - LeClare
Litchfield (Collegedale Academy)
11:45 a.m. - Renewal - Musical Ser-
vice (Collegedale Church)
1:30-5 pm. - Student Cave Open
(Goliath Wall)

7:30 p.m. - Evensong - Music: Re-
becca Peck; Readings: Joann Siforites

8:15 p.m. - Dusk to Dawn Challenge
(lies P.E. Center)

Sunday, April 5

SM/TF Exit Retreat

8 a.m. - Noon - 3rd Annual

Community Health Walk

(Church Parking Lot)

5:30 p.m. - Senior Recognition

Banquet (Dining Hall)

7:30 p.m. - I Cantori Spring Concert

Monday, April 6

GRE Subject Exam only (Lynn Wood)
3:30 p.m. - Undergraduate Council
7:30 p.m. - Saxophone: Otis Murphy

Tuesday, April 7

6 p.m. - Tornado Siren Test

7 & 10 p.m. - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher Chapel)

Wednesday, April 8

7:15 p.m. - SA Senate
(White Oak Room)

• Thursday, April 9

11 a.m. - Convocation, Asian Heritage


3:30 p.m. - Graduate Council

(Robert Merchant Room)

I Cantori Spring Concert

I Join Southern's I Cantori
Chamber Choir for a celebra-
tion of America's diverse mu-
sical heritage this Sunday,
April 5 at 7:30 p.m. in Acker-
man Auditorium. Convoca-
tion Credit!

Malawi Project | In con-
junction with Adventist Inter-
collegiate Association, Adven-
tist Health International, and
the Adventist colleges/uni-
versities of the North Ameri-
can Division, we are planning
a short term mission trip to
Malawi, Africa this summer.
The dates for the trip will be

June 23-July 8, 2009. The
project will consist of three as-
pects: Evangelism, Health and
Construction in six locations
throughout the country of Ma-
lawi. Space is limited. Pass-
ports are necessary. If you are
interested, please contact Kari
Shultz or Gayle Moore for fur-
ther information.

SM/TF Exit Retreat | Stu-
dents leaving to be student
missionaries will be leaving
for the student missionary and
task force retreat for the week-
end on Friday.

Prayer Groups | 7:15 a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F
at the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

Malamulo | Thank you for
your generous donations for
Malamulo! We have currently
raised $22,009.22. Further
donations can be taken to Kari
Shultz's office.

Preregistration | Students
must be ' preregistered for
classes by April 3 to be able to
squat on their dorm room or
reserve a room at the housing
fair on April 16.


April 3

Alicia Zinner, Allan Faigao,
Dave Lu, David Garner, Gre-
tell Morell, Jon Daniel, Merlin
Wittenberg, Muneca Ramos,
Niki Penola, Nikki Smith, Oy-
indamola Ajumobi, Tanner

April 4

Barry Scott, Beverley Self,
Carissa Haley, Casey Walter,
Derek Wright, Linda Fergu-
son, Lorella Howard, Matt
Wetmore, Norquis Sanabria

April 5

Barbara Olsen, Brittany
Gifford, Christina Verrill, Ed
Lamb, Eric Otis, Faye Strang,

Jordan Core, Julie Fernando,
Mariesa Swisher, Nathan Nal-
ley, Ryan Siebel, Scott Tucker,
Steven Green

April 6

Jefferson Twomley, Joey
Rouse, Nancy Valencia, Wil-
liam Hensley

April 7

Elizabeth Manullang, Enoc
Martin, Iluan Lin, Jace Cos-
ton, Jordan Pierce, Junior
Toussaint, Matthew Shogi

April 8

David Burghart, Kevin
Quimby, Lisa Koffler, Randy
Craven, Russell Thorman,
Ryan Rigsby, Trevor Stout

April 9

Crisairy Guzman, Genn-
evieve Brown-Kibble, Jen
Fincher, Jennifer Stollenmai-
er, Jessica Tielves, Jon Miller,
Laura Mashburn, Michelle
Sanders, Thomas Hinrichs II



To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

Tent | Two man, 3 season
tent for $100 (Eureka 2XTa
Pinnacle Pass). Fairly new and
has been barely used. Product
features: Dome-style back-
packing tent sleeps two (7*5"
by 4'n" floor; 36.5 square foot
area). Two built-in fully cov-
ered vestibules for added gear
storage (6.7 square feet each).
Two doors, two windows, two
mesh roof vents, and a poke-
out vent in the sidewall for
additional ventilation, weighs
4 pounds, 11 ounces. Con-
tact: Vuyo at [email protected]
southern.edu or call 256-375-

Female roommate | 3 bed-
rooms, 2 baths. $250 + utili-
ties. E-mail [email protected]

Rock climbing shoes

Brand new climbing shoes size
7 1/2. Retail $120, will sell
for $60. Call Kevin 719-235-

Logitech AudioHub
Speakers | Brand New, still in
box. Premium 2.1 audio, pow-
ered, integrated 3-port USB
hub, space-saving design, ad-
justable body, webcam stand,
perfect for laptops. Bought
two, only using one. Regular
price $100, selling for $30. E-
mail [email protected] or
call 8x8-438-3941.

Camera | Like New Fujitsu
Lifebook U810 Tablet note-
nook for sale. 5.6" WSVGA
touchscreen, 800 MHz Intel
Alio processor, l GB DDR2
RAM, 40 GB drive, Wireless a-
| o-g, Bluetooth 2.0, XP Tablet
Edition, flash card slot, $300
worth of accessories included.
Asking $725, E-mail for more
[email protected]

' House for rent | 3 bedroom/
2 bath like new. Master bath
*•* a Jacuzzi tub and sepa-
fate shower. Beautiful open
P'an. All appliances included.
Available now. Around 1 mile

! ™ m Southern. $1200+ Cell
352-455-2224 or House 352


Sofa I for sale $20, lava lamps
for sale $30 for two, large lug-
gage for sale $30, bongo for
sale $30, please contact Ste-
ven 304-616-1156.

Two paint ball markers

Minimag: All custom, 3 bar-
rells and tanks and mask. Be-
jamin Sheridan VM-68: 2 bar-
ren's, remote, venturi bolt. All
for $150. Jonathan, 423-605-

Bike for sale | Schwinn New
World (1940-1952 build years)
Chicago-made bike, single
speed, coaster brake, original
schwinn grips, bike is all origi-
nal, step thru frame, awesome
fenders with a fin! Missing
"tank." This bike is boss. $40.
Call Jonathan 423-605-8437.

Myoplex Protein shakes
for body building

Vanilla or strawberry flavor.
Each package has 42 grams
of protein with vitamins
and minerals. Half price at
only $1 each. 423-894-1858.

Camelback | Brand new
womens Helena Camelbak.
Was $80 Asking price $50.
Call Julie at 423-653-8302.

Photo package | Profession-
al photos at student prices!
Take your pick of outdoor or
studio pictures. Kodak Royal
Gold Quality Photographic
paper used. Package includes
1-8x10, 2-5x7, 8 Wallets for
only $35! E-mail Buddy at
[email protected]

Home for sale by owner

in Ooltewah/Collegedale area
3 miles from SAU. 3/4 acre
fenced in yard, 1,600 square
feet, 3 bed, 2 bath, central
electric heat/ac, gas fireplace
in living room, dishwasher
in kitchen, laundry room,
walk-in closet in master,
crownmolding throughout,
ceramic tile & berber carpet,
front and back porch. Asking
$133,000 call 423-508-0345.

Stereo for sale | Sony, sin-
gle CD, single cassette. $20.
Please call Melissa at 423-313-
1691. Leave message.

VCR for sale | Toshiba. $5.
Please call Melissa at 423-313-
1691. Leave message.

Inexpensive room avail-
able next semester | Seek-
ing a female to live with 3 girls.
Located one mile from South-
ern. Private room, shared
bath, wireless Internet, cable,
dining room, kitchen, wash-
er/dryer, living room, porch
and big back yard. $200/
mo. plus water and utilities.
. Call Melanie at 423-667-7564.

Wildlife lover's paradise

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
cable/Internet, washer/dryer.
$250 plus utilities. Within a
mile from Southern. E-mail
[email protected] for ap-

Female roommate wanted
$275 plus utilities. 1.5 mi.
from Southern. E-mail glery-
[email protected] for more

Roommate wanted | Look-
ing for a female roommate to
live with 3 other girls about
1.5 miles from Southern. 2
bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
Would need to be willing to
share a small room with one
other girl. $i8s/mo. Contact
Jenny 423-503-3404.

Rooms for rent 1 2 rooms for
rent for female students. Lo-
cated 7 miles from Collegedale,
3 miles from Ooltewah. Access
to kitchen, laundry, cable and
wireless Internet. Quiet home
with large deck. Available im-
mediately for $85/wk. Call
Angela cell: 423-280-3243
Home: 423-238-1490-

'04 Envoy XL | Excellent
condition, fully loaded with

new tires. Gray with leather
interior. 82k miles. Asking
$12,000. Please contact Sam

'04 Ford Focus SVT | Lim-
ited Ed. Blue, all the extra's,
73k miles, well-maintained,
great shape, $5,495 Call Jus-
tin at 423-308-9610.

'05 Subaru BAJA | Black
Pearl. 66k miles, turbo, Au-
tomatic Snuglid hardcover, 1
1/4" Towing Pkg, Bed Extend-
er plus more. Contact Brian

Printer | Epson photo print-
er . If you have questions, call
Rob at 423-322-8738.

RC airplane | Radio-con-
troled airplane, Electristar.

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