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Goals: To promote Senate's role in
student government and its reputa-
tion with the Southern students, and
to help students understand and
utilize their value to Southern as an
^ organization.

E-mail: stevena-
[email protected] southern,

Constituents represented: Student
Family Housing

Goals: To connect every student on
campus to Jesus by providing more
ministries and by purifying the ones
Valready established.

Constituents represented: Commu-
nity students w/last names E-G, N

Goals: Ethics Taskforce.

Constituents rep-
resented Com-
munity students w/last names H-J

Goals: To pass legislation that will
help Southern have an even greater
focus on spirituality and witnessing
to the immediate community.


[email protected]


Constituents represented Commu-
nity students w/last names S

Goals: To represent the interests of
community students to the Senate.

Michael Taylor

General Studies

Constituents represented: Commu-
nity students w/last names T-Z

Goals: To create a better environment
that draws students to the outdoors
and to raise the standards of our
^Christian walk here on campus. >

' ^ ^ 1

Marisa ^


Major: Health


E-mail: [email protected]

^^^H ^^^


Constituents represented:
Thatcher South 4605 - 4817

Goals : To convey the ideas of my
constituents to Senate so their goals
will not go unheard

Kimberly Ben- ^



Pre- Physical


E-mail: kbenfield

Constituents represented Commu-
nity students w/ last names A-B, K

Goals: To provide on-campus lockers
for community students to use during
the day.


Constituents represented: Commu-
nity students w/last names L-M
Goals: To pass legislation that will
help Southern have an even greater
focus on spirituality and witnessing
to the immediate community.

Want something

changed at

Southern? Have

an issue with life

on campus? Don't

just tell your

friends; tell your

senator. Email

your concerns




Chris Clouzet
Religion Editor
[email protected]

The sunset made me thankful for my health

I IIC: 3UIWVI ■■■**%* ^ „.„„„„ -aw do me any good either. Whe

The other evening toward
the end of my run I found
myself at the top of the ridge
that overlooks the valley be-
hind Southern. It was nearing
dusk, the time of day when the
clouds are fading into a soft
pink, the shadows have dis-
solved and the cool evening air
settles down to our level. You
don't get that kind of experi-
ence from Southern's campus
because it is in its own little
forested valley. I relished the
scene, pausing for a few mo-
ments in one of the yards at
the top. I felt blessed. Even
though these days are busy
and it's hard to find that "true
rest" I need so often, God al-
ways provides the encourage-
ment I need to make it. Yet,

while I gave the sunset an
A+, I realized that I should be
thankful for something even
more important that evening:
my health.

Our bodies are
pretty amazing.
Even though hav-
ing four legs like a
horse would make
for faster running,
it would require a
serious food bud-
get. Wings, tusks,
scales and fins
all have a certain
appeal, but then
again, I doubt it'd
be fun to walk to
class with tusks.
When it comes down to it, I'm
pretty happy with the way God
made me, especially since I
am healthy. It's a privilege
and honor to walk under my

own power, to not have to
stay in bed all day and to eat
food with my mouth and not
a vein. Being healthy is the
way God intends us to be. Yet,

,, „. Stern says, "Silent
gratitude isn't much use to
anyone." Godprobably doesn't
need me to thank Him for good
health. I'm sure He'd still be

while I try to appreciate what
God has given me, I frequently
find myself forgetting to thank
Him for the health and life that
I have been given.

[ch ronicles 1634. .

Graphic by Christina Weitzel

quite Godly without a little
recognition on my part. But
at the same time, I can be sure
that staying silent won't be do-
ing Him any good. Nor does it

do me any good either. When
I stop remembering to thank
God for my blessings, I begin
to focus on myself. I might be-
come discouraged wondering
why I can't get any faster, or
frustrated because sometimes
I'm too busy to exercise. That
attitude, for me, simply leads
to a less-than-ideal approach
to life. It's definitely not an
attitude I am proud of nor
one that I recommend. There
are many things that I need
to continue to thank God for.
Not only do I think that God
enjoys hearing from me, but
I feel better for having recog-
nized His hand in my life.

There's nothing like a gor-
geous sunset to enjoy at the
top of a hill, especially when
I know I got there on my own
two healthy, human legs. Who
needs God? We all do.

Christians so unlike Christ



Michael Shermer, the
founder of Skeptic Magazine,
made a formidable objection
to Christianity in a public de-
bate. In his opening state-
ment he called God a "place
marker" because he believed
that saying, "God did it" was
just another way of saying, "I
don't know." For example,
one could ask how this world
came into existence. Simple:
God did it! How did my can of
Veja-Links mysteriously dis-
appear from the fridge when
all my roommates claim they
didn't eat them? Simple: God
did it! These examples are an
oversimplification of the first
part to Shermer's objection. It
was his next point that I found
to be especially valid. He con-
sidered God a "place marker"
because the life of a "Chris-
tian" was remarkably similar
to that of an atheist.

If the God of Christian-
ity was more than a "place
marker" wouldn't there be a

difference? Is this not the God
that said He would change the
human heart? Is this not the
God that claims that He could
regenerate fallen man? Then
how could someone believe
in the life-changing power
of God and not be changed?
How can someone believe in
a God of love and not love?
Could someone really believe
in a God that could make a dif-
ference and not be different

The cross is an event that
did not just impact a small
band of Palestinians, but the
world. Unfortunately, similar
sentiments have been vocal-
ized by other religious leaders
like Gandhi, when he said, "I
like your Christ. I don't like
your Christians. They are so
unlike your Christ."

Are those realistic ideals?
Notice Paul's descriptions of
what a church leader should
be like: "an overseer must be
above reproach," (1 Tim 3:2)
and "let them serve as dea-
cons if they prove themselves
blameless" (1 Tim 3:10).

Although truth never ceases
to be truth in spite of the fact
that religion is so often mis-
represented, the biblical ex-
hortation is to not even give
skeptics a reason to use this
argument. So is God a "place
marker?" Unfortunately that's
exactly what He is for a num-
ber of "Christians." Ideas
have consequences and the
consequence of a Christ-less
Christian life is a Christ-less

Fortunately, things don't
have to be this way. Christ
says, "If anyone would come
after me, let him deny himself
and take up his cross daily and
follow me." What did Christ
do on the cross? He showed
the world unimaginable love.
What challenge does He give
to us? To live the cross; to live
a life of selfless love and to do
it daily. So put aside your self-
ish pride, your materialistic
ambition and your temporary
goals and dreams. Take up
your cross and please, please
make God more than a "place
marker" in your life.

o pinion

Sarah Hayhoe

Opinion Editor

[email protected]

Curiosity: Cat killer or key to happiness?

Sarah Hayhoe
Opinion Editor —

One fine day in the dale, In-
quisitive Irma asked Compli-
ant Carl a question.

"Why is it that I have to pay
$90 for a parking permit when
I'm already paying thousands
of dollars to be at Southern? I
mean, really? Why is that?"

"Well, tuition doesn't cover
all the costs," offered Carl.
"Maybe the permit fee covers
Campus Safety staffing and
parking lot upkeep, repaving
or expansion."

"Is that the best you can
come up with?" Irma rolled
her eyes. "We're talking about
2,500 students paying $90
each to park their cars for
the year. That's.. .what?. ..over
$200,000 for just one year.
Why? I just want to know
why? Don't you want to know

"Well,...no. No, I just pay
for the permit and put the
little sticker on my wind-
shield like they tell me. I just
do what they tell me. And, you
know what else? I walk on the
sidewalks. But, let me guess...
you.. .you walk on the grass,
don't you?"

Several seconds of silence

"Yep, I walk on the grass."

While Irma and Carl's dis-
course is more humorous than
[ constructive, curiosity and
questions can lead to great re-
wards. We live in a generation

of questions. We are a genera-
tion of questions. Generation
Y seems to be named after
our favorite question. And in
general, "because I said so"
doesn't satisfy our curiosity.

David is eight years old and
loves to ask his mom questions
about everything. Why don't
we eat at McDonald's? Why do
people eat cows? Why do trees
lose their leaves? Why do peo-
ple think Oprah is cool? When
his mom has had enough Q&A
time, her typical response was
"because lizards are green" to
which David had no reply until
he saw a cameleon on PBS.

Granted, not all questions
are equal. There's a difference
between "How do I register to
vote?" and "When does The
Office premiere?" (which is
today by the way), "What are
Sarah Palin's qualifications?"
and "Doesn't that nose pierc-
ing hurt?" In many ways, our
curiosity reflects who we are
and who we will become. Da-
vid probably won't ask his
mom about SAU parking per-
mits for another decade or
so. One can only wonder how
much they'll cost then.

In the meantime, we have
a new coffee table book at my
apartment with this quote by
someone I've never heard of:
"If I had influence with the
good fairy, I would ask that her
gift to each child be a sense of
wonder so indestructible that
it would last throughout life."
Some of us are more curious





than others, but most of us
are interested in something,
whether it's playing bluegrass
or scrapbooking.

According to a study cited
by Psychology Today, Todd
Kashdan of George Mason
University found that "people
who exhibit high levels of curi-
osity.. .experience higher levels
of satisfaction with life than
their more disengaged peers.
While the less curious derive
more pleasure from hedonis-
tic behaviors such as sex and
drinking, curious people re-
port finding a greater sense of
meaning in life, which is a bet-
ter predictor of sustainable,
lasting happiness."

An indestructible sense of
wonder means never running
out of questions. Sadly, social
pressures can make us forget
our interests and curious in-
stincts. After all, as Kashdan
said, "Lots of people played
an instrument when they were
younger, and they say, T don't
do it anymore because I work
now.'" Our curiosity was never
meant to die. As we pursue in-
terests and careers at Southern
on this quest that some people
call "getting a life," Kashdan's
observation is worth consid-
ering that "really there's no
definition of what an adult's
supposed to be, and for some
people, that's earthshaking to
hear." Whether or not curiosi-
ty killed the cat, don't be afraid
to ask questions and walk on
the grass.

1501 Riverside Drive, Suite 110

Chattanooga, TN 37406

423.624.5555 • zlbplasma.com

3815 Rossville Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37407
423.867.519S. zlbrji,

ZLB Plasma

Raw Questions

Renee Baumgartner

Where can I question?

Do you know a place?

Can I plant my questions?

Can they grow into understanding

Instead of being stifled?

I don't want the textbook answer,

especially the one we've always accepted.

I want to search. I want to discover.

I want to know more deeply. I want a place to question.

And if I am led back to the conventional answer,

Fine. I'll accept it. That's why I asked.

And if I am led to a new, terrifying answer, good!

That's why I asked.

I need help questioning again:

My questions have been ignored.

I still have one. Why?

Why didn't You save Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Before they had to enter the fiery furnace?

It would have saved them so much pain.

Why did you wait?

Why do You still wait today?

Why don't You save us from our pain?

I remember more now.

Why does our church act like we have the truth,

The whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

"What is truth?" Pilate asked

And then washed his hands not expecting an answer

While You stood before him silent.

If my desire is to follow God and I pursue Him regardless,

Why does my church get upset

When my pursuit suddenly doesn't look like our, culture

and traditions?

Why does it seem that I have to choose between

Adventism and Christianity?

If salvation is based on God's gift,

why can't I make mistakes?

Are there mistakes when exploring Him?

The questions are there,

In my heart and in the hearts of others.

Why isn't the art of questioning a part

of our Advenrist culture?

Why can't we see that our lack of questions

has made us stagnant?

Can there be a place for the "whys,"
The "hows," the "because of whats,"
And the "where does it say that"?
What would that place look like?

Where can I question?

Where can I seek first the kingdom?

That's why I ask.




Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

The restaurant guide for the (dietarily) needy

Rachel Hopkins

Iiftstvih FnrniB

I've been a vegetarian for
about seven years now. Sure, I
miss asteak now and then, and
the smell of lamb (inhumane
as it may seem) still makes
my mouth water a little, but
in general, I no longer struggle
with the decision. The only
thing that can still be difficult
is going to a restaurant that is
in no way friendly to people
like me. I may get a laugh from
baffling the waitress when I
order a hamburger sans the
hamburger, but sometimes it's
more trouble than it's worth.

Some of you may have ex-
perienced the same problems,
but luckily for you, this is my
fourth year here at Southern,
and since I enjoy eating out
quite a bit, I know a few win-
ners. Here are some places
you may not have tried yet,
and since I believe in equal op-
portunities, I'll be fair to our
vegan and omnivore friends
as well.


Imperial Gardens

If you enjoy Chinese food

and need a break from China
Kitchen, this is a great place
to try. They offer a lot of veg-
etable dishes and their meat
substitutes are yummy. Im-
perial Gardens is a sit-down
restaurant with a nice atmo-
sphere and prices under $io.
It's located on Gunbarrel Road
in the same center as Hobby
Lobby and Fresh Marixet.


Fresh 2 Order

Fast, casual and delicious.
Fresh 2 Order just opened last
year, so you may not have no-
ticed it yet. The atmosphere is
trendy and the food is differ-
ent and unique with dishes
you won't find anywhere else.
Although they have a menu of
meat entrees, they serve sev-
eral vegetarian salads (that
are big enough to be a meal),
sandwiches and sides. You can
also add seared tofu to any of
your dishes. Pretty much all
of the vegetarian items are
under $io. Its located next to
Smoothie King on Gunbarrel

Get Your Green On

Vexation: Wasting wa-
ter. We don't have much
clean fresh water in the
world these days, and we
spend about $4 billion a
year in the U.S. to treat the
water we do have. That's

Solution: Here's an
easy one. Try shortening
your showers by one min-
ute (or more if you can).

Time your showers with a
stopwatch to see how long
you take and then set an
alarm. Or play some of your

favorite tunes and see how
many it takes before you
finish. Then shower to the
same play list and get out
before it's done.

Clarification: For ev-
ery minute you shave off
your shower time, you
save about eight gallons of
water. That means if you
shortened your showers
by just one minute every
day, you'd save 248 gallons
next month Think how
much you'd save if your
roommates and suitemates
joined in the green fun.

Tip andinfoJromidealbite.com

Meat Eaters

Kanpai of Tokyo

Even if you aren't a huge
fan of Japanese or Asian food
in Kanpai is an exciting place
to eat. A chef makes your food
in front of you and entertains
you while you eat. Although
I lose a little bit of credibility
on this one since I've never
actually eaten any of the meat
dishes, all of my meat-eating
friends say they're amazing.
Some of the more expensive
dishes are over $10, but there
are several good ones that are
cheaper. If you look at it as
dinner and a show, its a great
deal regardless. Located next
to Olive Garden by the Hamil-
ton Place Mall.


Red Robin

My friend groups are com-
prised of all sorts of eaters, and
Red Robin is one place that ca-
ters to all of them. They serve
every kind of burger you could
ever imagine, each of which
can be substituted with a Gar-
den Burger or Boca Burger.
Most burgers are under $10,
but they come with unlimited
fries so you never leave hun-
gry. Located at the entrance of
the food court at the Hamilton
Place Mall.


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed in the
right direction.

Women's Hang Gliding

Lookout Mountain Flight
Park, Rising Fawn, GA
Now through Sept 28
Free to watch, $25 for fliers
Hangglide.com or
(800) 688-5637 for more info

Susan G. Komen Race for
the Cure

UTC McKenzie Arena,
Sunday, Sept. 28.
Registration begins at 12. p.m.
Entrance fees start at $30
(cheaper if registering online)

Red Clay Pickin' Barn

Cleveland, TN (intersection
of Weatherly Switch and Old
Lead Mine Valley Road on
State Highway 317 near Red
Clay Park.)

7-11 p.m., each Saturday
Free ($5 suggested donation)

2008 PGA Tour Playoff

East Lake Country Club,

Atlanta, GA

Now through Sunday,

Sept. 28

Ticket prices vary


just can't get enough?

The Southern Accent is now online at





Zack Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

Bombshells and Rebels victorious

Zack Livingston
SbqriS-Ediidr —

Ballistic Bombshell and
Team SWAT faced off last
night in the women's A league
Softball division. Nathalie
Mazo, SWAT shortstop, start-
ed the team off strong with a
home run in the first inning.

Although Mazo's intensity
caused the Bombshells to start
the game a little shaky their
power hitters carried them

Amanda Woodard, fresh-
men nursing major, said
"We got creamed the last two
games and it feels good to fi-
nally win."

The final score, Bombshell
19 and SWAT 12, left the fa-
vored SWAT disappointed.

"I think both teams played
well," said Lilly Loza, SWAT
catcher. "We made a lot of
small mistakes and although
we hustled, they simply played

In the men's A league divi-
sion the Rebels reminded ev-
eryone why they are last year's
reigning All Night Softball
champs as they took on team
Just Playin. The game looked
pretty predictable when the
Rebels went up ll-o in the first

Ruben Covarrubias, Just
Playin outfielder, stepped up
to the plate in the third inning
not to win the game but to win
his team some respect. With
the bases loaded he hit a grand
slam that brought life back to

Just Playin" fans.

Despite Ruben's fire the
game ended, Rebels 26 to Just
Playin's 13.

"The Rebels are a really
good team and we started off
slow which is not the way to
beat them," said Ruben. "We
played hard to at least make it
a game."

The Rebels savor and con-
tinue their undefeated season
knowing that almost every
player is a graduating senior.

"This is our last time play-
ing together so each game is
very special to all of us," said
Kevin Haag, senior biology
major. "We try to have fun and
make the most out of our last
games together."

Broken to strengthen

Anyone who has ever tried
to participate in sports in a
public institution knows that
keeping the Sabbath, main-
taining a relationship with
God and excelling in the sport
is almost impossible. There's
always a practice on Friday
night or a tournament that
breaks the Sabbath at some
point. Those who attempt usu-
ally find themselves compro-
mising one or the other.

Southern intramural sports
are intense, but they accom-
modate our academic and
spiritual lives as well. There
are many Southern stu-
dents on campus who have
had the opportunity to play
competitive sports in other

Sean Lemon, a junior physi-
cal therapy major, was favored
to play the one or two guard for
the University of Central Flor-
ida, Knighf s basketball team.
After graduating from Forest
Lake Academy and playing on

their varsity basketball team,
UCF was Sean's preferred
destination, although his par-
ents wanted him to attend

In 2006, he began his fresh-
man year at UCF as a pre-med
major, and tried out for the
Knight's basketball team. He
impressed the coaches and
players with his athleticism
and intimidating demeanor
on the court. However, twenty
minutes into the tryout, Sean
came down hard from a re-
bound and broke his ankle.

Although he was broken in
body, Sean was not broken in
spirit. He decided to let the
season go and try out the fol-
lowing year. As the 2007 bas-
ketball season approached,
Sean worked hard to raise
his skill back to the level it
had been before the injury. A
month before the tryouts, he
came down hard during a pick-
up game again. He visited the
doctor about a recurring pain
in his wrist and he discovered
that he'd been walking around
with a broken wrist.

When he realized that bas-
ketball had nothing to do with
the plan God had for him, he
stopped resisting and regis-
tered for Southern. He took his
broken body as a sign of God
trying to strengthen his lack
of spirituality at UCF. Tryouts
and practices were always on
Sabbath and no time was left
for God inbetween. Basket-
ball was slowly suffocating his
connection with God. Sean
Lemon had a choice to make
and he decided to stop jump-
ing with the Knights and begin
to fly with the angels.

Photo By Marlin
Hilary Prandl runs while K
Hunt waits for the throw.

Photo By Marlin Thoi m in
Jason Herod tags Rolando
Morgado as he tries to slide into

Intramurals Schedule


9 A Ifiagiifi


6 PM WeGetTheRuns/Mud Hens

Field 2


7 PM Team Fresco/IceMen

Field 3


9 PM Shazam/Just-Playin

Field 2


6 PM Mighty Professors/Mud Hens

Field 3


9 PM Shazam/Team Fresco

Field 3


6 PM WeGetTheRuns/Just-Playin

Field 3


9 PM Rebels/Shazam

Field 2


s R Ifiagi ifi


7 PM Yetis/Crazy-Aces

Field 2


9 PM Yellow Fever/Sign-Up Bi

Field 3


6 PM Buster/Yellow Fever

Field 3


7 PM Crazy-Aces/Stanley Steamers

Field 3


7 PM Yetis/Rainbow

Field 2


8 PM Yellow Fever/Yetis

Field 3


6 PM Buster/Stanley Steamers

Field 2


7 PM Sign-Up Bl/Rainbow

Field 3


6 PM Dark White/Sign Up A

Field 3


6 PM Dark White/Sign Up B2

Field 2


7 PM B2 A's/Wheeze Kids

Field 2


7 PM Sign Up A/Dollar Zone

Field 3


7 PM Wheeze Kids/Dark White

Field 2


8 PM Smash Bros/Sign Up B2

Field 2


6 PM Unity/BB

Field 1


7 PM Lunachicks/SWAT

Field 1



Field 1


8 PM SWAT/Unity

Field 1


6 PM Unity/Lunachicks

Field 1

Wom°"'° R leaniifi


8 PM Hot Tamales/Underdogs

Field 1


8 PM Myrmidon/Kung Fu Pandas

Field 1


9 PM Blue Comer/Ultimatum

Field 1


6 PM Whatchamacallits/Underdogs

Field 1


6 PM Business Casual/Blue Corner

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