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home game

AT&T Field,


Monday, April 13, 8 P™-

Tickets start at $2


Atlanta Hawks vs.
Miami Heat

Phillips Arena, Atlanta

Tuesday, April 14,7 P- m -
Ticket prices vary

V ■•■



The cold does not stop soccer

Zack Livingston
Sports Editor

acUijaa mihBrn . fln ' ii

Team Furia Latlna took
on the Fluffy Chickens Mon-
day night during an outpour
of confused weather that left
fans furious and frozen. Furia
scored two goals in the first
half thanks to an offensive ef-
fort by Sean Ancheta and Paulo
Tenorio. The Fluffy Chickens
had many opportunities to get
on the scoreboard, but Furia
goalie Jimmy Gains wouldn't
allow anything past him. Furia
went on to win 2-0.
I Furia is the new team to
beat after defeating the fa-
vored Masanga Boys on Sun-
day's make-up game.

"Our team usually passes
the ball very well," said Teno-

rio, a senior religious studies
major. "Today we actually
did that even though it was

In the women's division,
the Fluffy Roosters played
against Fantasy Futbol. The
Roosters played with heart
despite missing a few of their
players but Fantasy Futbol's
offense was brutal and scored
seven goals by the end of the
game. Roosters' captain, Dan-
ielle Baasch, played in a sling
after having surgery on her
arm and still managed to score
one of the team's two goals.

"I usually play goalie but I
couldn't because of my arm,"
said Baasch, senior, a senior
music major. "My team still
played well though."

Fantasy Futbol won 7-2.

Pholo by Hollie Macomber
ftm Gotshell and Andres Escobar don't let freezing weather stop their


Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

°s tfou r° I md Saral ' Crowe get their gamec
1 "uxjor posession of the ball.

Photo by Austin McAllister
a fierce battle of speed

Many winners in benchpress contest

Zack Livingston
Sports Editor

2ackl(5)Snilthprn p^ n

Students from all over cam-
pus flocked to the boy's dorm
lobby on Monday night to get
a glimpse of the buffest and
boldest men on campus. Talge
Hall hosted its annual bench
press competition that had the
lobby packed with students
cheering for their friends and
significant others. All year
long the guys have been train-
ing to lift 250, 300 or 350 lbs
in order to receive a bench
club t-shirt and the awe of ev-
ery female watching.

Fourteen men were able to
lift 250 lbs, but only two were
able to lift 300 lbs. Hubert
Maitland, a freshman music
education major, and Joshua

Walker, a sophomore con-
struction and architectural
draftings major, were the only
two to power up the massive
plates to an applause from
the crowd.

There were many excuses
for those who couldn't lift as
much as they thought they
could and some power bench-
ers completely missed the
competition. Whatever the
case may be, two under class-
men are now classified as the
strongest benchers on South-
ern's campus.

"I think this year went well
considering all the people that
showed up to support all of
the participants," said Shayne
Aris, a spotter for the contest.
"Some people went home hap-
py and some just have to try
next year."

Contest Winners
250 pounds:

Tim Attride
Raymond Mills
Andres Campos
Jordan Core
Braian Tabor
Ryan Johnson
David Craves
Malcolm Niggl
Dean Boyer
Shayne Aris
Mike Brown
Zackary Livingston
Jacob Mayer
Elshell Bertus

300 pounds:

loshua Walker
Hubert Maitland

What makes a MVP valuable

Davis Wallace

rlwaHar-pr asnnrhpm >

There are many different
awards in the National Basket-
ball Association, none more as
coveted than the Most Valu-
able Player. This prestigious
award is usually given to the
individual that has meant the
most to his ball club. Howev-
er, as of late it seems like the
MVP goes to the best player on
the best team.

During the 2001-2002 sea-
son, the Sacramento Kings
finished the year with a NBA-
best 61-21 record. Injuries
limited Sacramento's star
power forward Chris Webber
to only 54 games. That same
year the San Antonio Spurs
and Los Angeles Lakers fin-
ished with identical records
(58-24). Seven-foot Spurs
power forward Tim I)uncan
started and played in all 82
games, averaging 25.5 points
and 12.7 rebounds per game.
While for the Lakers, center
Shaquille O'Neal played in 67
games, averaging 27.2 points

and 10.7 rebounds per game.
Over in the lowly Eastern Con-
ference, newly acquired New
Jersey Nets point guard Jason
Kidd turned around an awful
Nets team from 26 wins to 52
wins in one season, also play-
ing in all 82 games, averaging
14.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and
9.9 assists per game. Although
he led the Nets to one of their
greatest turnarounds in fran-
chise history, Kidd did not win
the MVP that year. The award
went to Duncan.

This year, it seems like the
Cleveland Cavaliers and the
Los Angeles Lakers are the
top two teams in their respec-
tive conferences. If everything
goes according to plan, the
Cavs will have the best record
in the league and James will
win his first MVP. It is hard
to vote against LeBron James
since he is averaging 28.4
points, 7.7 rebounds and 7.2
assists per game along with a
flawless one-loss home record.
Some writers might consider
him the best player on the best
team, however there is a young
fellow in Orlando named

Dwight Howard, averaging
21.1 points per game, NBA-
leading 14 rebounds and 3
blocks per game, whose name
is also in the running. Not only
that but he has played most of
the season without star point
guard Jameer Nelson who is
out with a shoulder in 1 iry.

I personally belie e that
the NBA and these writers
should be done with this "the
best player on the best team"
rule. If I was going to award
the league MVP to someone,
I would base my decision on
three questions. First, how
many games did you win this
year compared to the last?
Secondly, how efficient are
your stats and, third, how
many games would your team
have won if you were not in
the lineup? If some of these
writers put more thought into
my three questions, then we'd
have different MVPs in the
past. Kidd would have won in
2002, Kobe Bryant in 2006
and Steve Nash in 2007. May-
be even Howard over James
for MVP this year.





Deadline Monday at no6 n
[email protected]

Malawi project | In conjunc-
tion with Adventist Intercol-
legiate Association, Adventist
Health International, and the
Adventist colleges/universi-
ties of the North American
Division, we are planning a
short term mission trip to Ma-
lawi, Africa this summer. The
dates for the trip will be June
23-July 8, 2009. The project
will consist of three aspects:
Evangelism, Health, and
Construction in six locations
throughout the country of Ma-
lawi. Space is limited. Pass-
ports are necessary. If you are
interested, please contact Kari
Shultz or Gayle Moore for fur-
ther information.

Prayer groups | 7:15a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F
at the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

1 fpromin g events c alendar

Friday, April 10


8 p.m. - Department/Club Vespers

(Various Locations)

8:08 p.m. -Sunset

After Vespers — Adoration (Lynn


Sabbath, April 11

8:45 a.m.-2 p.m. - SONRISE Resur-
rection Pageant (Collegedale Church)
Tickets are required until the 2p show-

1-5 p.m. - Lynn H. Wood Archaeology
Museum (Hackman)
2:15 p.m: - FLAG Camp - e-mail
[email protected] to reserve
(Parking Lot by Wood Hall)
4 p.m. - Door-2-Door Prayer Out-
reach (Parking Lot by Wood Hall)

9 p.m. - Table Game Night (Dining

Sunday, April 12


1-5 p.m. - SA/SOAP Outdoor Extrav-
aganza (Goliath Wall - Past Student
1 Park)
6-8 p.m. - SA Spring Open House

Monday, April 13

3:30 p.m. - University Senate

Tuesday, April 14

Noon-i p.m. - Dean's Luncheon
Southern Scholars (Presidential Ban-
quet Room) •

7 & 10 p.m. - Residence Hall Joint
Worship (Thatcher Chapel)

Wednesday, April 15

Income Tax Return due

Student Appreciatioir Day (Various


Faculty Fall Textbook Adoptions due

(Campus Shop)

6:30 p.m. - ACA Orientation (Miller


Thursday, April 16

PreView Southern 106
11 a.m. - Convocation, Origins

7 p.m. - Modern Language Film Se-
ries (Miller #201)

7-9 p.m. - Residence Hall Housing
Fair (Dining Hall)

Outdoor extravaganza |
S.O.A.P. + SA Senate present
an extravaganza at the Goliath
Wall on Sunday, April 12 from
1-5 pm to experience the out-
doors like never before- right
on our own campus! Activities
will include: zip lining, rock
climbing, rappelling, caving,
slack lining, and more. Don't
miss this one-of-a-kind event!

Malamulo | Thank you for
your generous donations for
Malamulo! We have currently
raised $22,009.22. Further
donations can be taken to Kari
Shultz's office.

Wilderness First Re-
sponder | This 80-hour
course is being offered at
Southern Adventist Univer-
sity by the Wilderness Medi-
cine Training Center (WMTC).
This course has been designed
specifically to meet the needs

of wilderness guides, expe-
dition leaders and outdoor
instructors. It is the outdoor
industry's standard for wil-
derness medical training. The
class will take place from May
12-21, 2009, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00
p.m . every day except Saturday
the 16th. Tuition is $570 on or
before April 1; $620 after April
1. Deadline: May 5, 2009. Visit
the WMTC Web site to view
and download the full course
information and registration.
Homepage: www.wildmed-
center.com. For more infor-
mation contact Ann Reynolds
at [email protected]



April 10

Adam Garrett, Brent Wagner,
Erin Cook, Greg Brock, John
Peebles, Kristina Dunn, Serge

April 11

Amanda Wilson, Angela John-
son, Eli Bustamante, Ginger
Crawford, Joel Morrison, Jon-
athan Martin, Kamri Trewitt,

Leif Fredheim, Satara John-

April 12

Danika Ouzounian, Kathy
Souchet, Kim Keene Quiam-
bao, Luzmineth Gorospe, Paul
Smith, Steve Casey, William

April 13

Austin Owen, Glenn Wilkins,
Hayland Bryant, Honiko
Abrams, Jason Vyhmeister,
Joseph Shoemate, Luis Rodas,
Sally Weeks, Sasha Runne,
Sibyl Beaulieu

April 14

Charlie Maddux, Harvey Win-
ter, Heidi Toppenberg, J P
Mathis, Shaina Smith

April 15

Jucinta Rome, Kate Shaw, Mi-
chael Worotikan, Patrelle Ma-
jor, Ruth Urdaneta

April 16-

Andrew Chapman, Billy Snow,
Joe Zhuang, Katie Chan-
dler, Katie Poole, Kim Poole,
Michael Monroe, Ruiguang
Zhuang, Stephen McLane

Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.







To add or remove classifieds email
[email protected]

'03 Lexus IS300 | It is in

perfect condition with all its
maintenance up-to-date. It's
white with 79,xxx miles on it.
17 inch wheels with low profile
tires on them. The exterior is
pearl white and the interior
is caramel suede and leather
6 disc CD changer and pre-
mium sound. Moonroof and
tinted windows with lifetime
warranty on the tint. It's au-
tomatic with tiptronic shifting
on the steering wheel. $13,998
obo. Call Ian at 678-689-7925
for any questions.

New Madrock climbing
shoes I Size 10. Blue and
black leather. Slip on and have
one velcrow strap around the
center of the foot for a more
secure fit. The soles are the
thick stiff kind. I just bought
them and they don't fit right.
I am asking $50/ bbo. My e-
' mail is [email protected]
edu, questions welcome.

Summer housing for
female students | $250 plus
utilities. Three minutes from
Southern by four-corners.
' From May through August
when fall semester starts.
Equipped. E-mail [email protected]
southern.edu for more info.

Graduating seniors | Any-
one who knows of affordable
off-campus apartment avail-
able Fall '09 please contact
Emily at [email protected]

Summer housing avail-
able I Looking for a female
roommate for the summer
only. Shared room for rent
5i85 until June. Then it will be
a private room for $275. Nice,
I fenished house with washer/
dryer and wireless Internet.
0n 'y 1.5 miles from Southern.
Cal1 423-503-3404.

New women's sandals

' , ar ° wn 'eather rainbow san-

7 s lar 8 e (7.5-8.5), lifetime
warranty, retails $45 ^^

' 1 .[ °' E " mail [email protected]
s °Whern.edu205-482- l5 75.

Recycle ink | Please give
me your used printer ink car-
tridges. I recycle them for the
good of the environment. Did
you know that 85 percent of
ink cartridges are thrown in
land fills and are N6T biode-
gradable? Help me protect
our environment and reuse
these resources. E-mail me at
[email protected] or call
818-438-3941 so I can recycle
your ink.

Fish tank | 20 gallon tank;
-■comes with everything includ-
ing fish.Will take best offer.
Call Rob at 423-322-8738.

Room for rent for a male

Ten minutes from Southern.
Comfortable house with plen-
ty of space, privacy and perks.
Adventist male roommates.
Flexible terms. For more in-
formation, call Kim at 423-

Male roommate wanted

I 2 bedroom/i bath. Look-
ing to share house with 1-3
housemates over the summer
and possibly next school year.
Fifteen min. from Southern/
fwy. $275/mo. + utilities (wa-
ter, trash included). The more
roommates the cheaper. E-
mail [email protected] or
call 818-0438-3941.

Female roommate | 3 bed-
rooms, 2 baths. $250 plus
utilities. E-mail [email protected]

Rock climbing shoes |

Brand new climbing shoes size
7.5. Retail $120, will sell for
$60. Call Kevin at 719-235-

Laptop I Like New Fujitsu
Lifebook U810 Tablet note-
book for sale. 5-6" WSVGA
touchscreen, 800 MHz Intel
Alio processor, 1 GB DDR2
RAM, 40 GB drive, Wireless a-
b-g, Bluetooth 2.0, XP Tablet
Edition, flash card slot, $300
worth of accessories included.
Asking $725, E-mail for more
info [email protected]

House for rent 1 3 bedroom/
2 bath like new. Master'bath
with a Jacuzzi tub and sepa-
rate shower. Beautiful open
plan. All appliances included.
Available now. Around 1 mile
from Southern. $1200+ Cell
352-455-2224 or house 352-

Sofa I For sale $20, lava lamps
for sale $30 for two, large lug-
gage for sale $30, bongo for
sale $30, please contact Ste-
ven at 304-616-1156.

Two paint ball markers |

Minimag: All custom, 3 bar-
rells and tanks and mask.
Bejamin Sheridan VM-68: 2
barrells^remote, venturi bolt.
All for $150. Call Jonathan at

Bike for sale | Schwinn New
World (1940-1952 build years)

Chicago-made bike, single
speed, coaster brake, original
Schwinn grips, bike is all origi-
nal, step thru frame, awesome
fenders with a fin! Missing
"tank." This bike is boss. $40.
Call Jonathan at 423-605-

Myoplex Protein shakes
for body building |

Vanilla or strawberry flavor.
Each package has 42 grams
of protein with vitamins
and minerals. Half price at
only $1 each. 423-894-1858.

Camelback | Brand new
womens Helena Camelbak.
Was $80. Asking price $50.
Call Julie at 423-653-8302.

Photo package | Profession-
al photos at student prices!
Take your pick of outdoor or
studio pictures. Kodak Royal

Gold Quality Photographic
paper used. Package includes
1-8x10, 2-5x7, 8 Wallets for
only $35! E-mail Buddy at
[email protected]

Home for sale by owner|

in Ooltewah/Collegedale area
3 miles from Southern. 3/4
acre fenced in yard, 1,600
square feet, 3 bed, 2 bath,
central electric heat/ac, gas
fireplace in living room, dish-
washer in kitchen, laundry
room, walk-in closet in master,
crownmolding throughout,
ceramic tile & berber carpet,
front and back porch. Asking
$133,000. Call 423-508-0345.

Stereo for sale | Sony, sin-
gle CD, single cassette. $20.
Please call Melissa at 423-313-
1691. Leave message.

We want you!

next year for the

Southern accent

We are looking for a copy editor,
sports editor, humor editor,
opinion editor, lifestyles editor,
investigative reporter
and layout editor.

Send your resume and three
references to Emily Young at
[email protected]




Adam Warnack

Humor Editor

[email protected]| u

Celebrity look-alikes on Southern's campus

Chad Higgins

Business Administration Major

fhlEginiConiithprn Mil

Adam Wamack

Humor Editob

Sometimes, for those who
hve in places like Los Ange-
les, Atlanta or New York it is
a common occurrence to see a
famous celebrity walking down
the street. But I didn't know
that Southern was another hot
spot iot wanting-to-be-out-of-
celebrities! Just the other day
I saw four celebrities in one
hour! . Thankfully, I had my
camera on me and I snapped a
few candids, ya dig? However,
after some careful scrutiny,
I began to doubt that these
were the actual, true celebri-
ties. Malcolm's beanpole body
was replaced with a strapping,
more muscular one; Linguini's
goofy-grin-plastered face was
replaced with a calm, cool and
collected one that resonated

intelligence; Frodo's— I mean,
Harry's I'm-better-than-you,
cool-guy demeanor with a big,
square face was replaced with
a down-to-earth, easy-to-be-
around attitude with a much
better looking face; and oT
Grizzy's overgrown beard and
hair was replaced with a much
more suave and well-trimmed
beard that better accented his
seemingly wiser face. It was
then that it hit me: These were
Southern students (and fac-

The next thought that hit me
was to ask them their thoughts
on how closely resembling, and
yet better looking they were
than the celebs. Here are the
photos that I snapped and their
own comments beneath so that
you can see what I found out.

Whatever the case, the truth
of the matter was plainly evi-
dent. Our school may house
more than a few celebrity look-
alikes, but we certainly house
the better looking half of the

Dr. Braam Oberholster
and Grizzly Adams

Daniel Cooper and Linguini
(from Pixars "Ratatouille")

"His sun bleached hair and beard speaks of many

days outside - something I am envious of, "

— Braam Oberholster

Scott Tucker and Elijah Wood

"Pretty close, except I can cook without a r
— Daniel Cooper

Joe Valente and Frankie Muniz

"Iknow... right? Elijah Wood,

yeah J get it all the time. "

— Scott Tucker

"Well, at least [Frankie's] got money!"
— Joe Valente


Certain upper-division classes finish-
ing a month early this past week.

After years of hard labor, it is a well-de-
served time to bask in the glory of the sun-
when it's warm, at least.

No tornado hit Southern.

As far as I can tell all the buildings are still
here. Sadly I am sure that elsewhere it is
not the case; but we can be thankful for
what we have.

21 days until the last day of exams.

I don't care how many times this appears
in the Thumbs Ups; you can never tell me
enough times that the summer is closer
than it was the day before.


Ketchup counting at CK.

Can I have more than two ketchup packets
please! CK workers end up giving us four
packets in the long run when we have to send
someone else up in our place to ask for more
ketchup. I know the economy is bad but re-
ally?!? (Submitted by: Rebeca Valentin)
No tornado hit Southern.
Between you and me, I was kind of excited to
see some action around here for once... but
there was none... again.

Ads for Sonrise ticket distribution.

I was under the impression that the date of tick-
et distribution for both students and the public
would coincide. However, they were sold out.

Submit in 100 words or less the

most embarrassing story that has

happened to you at Southern.

[email protected]

[edia Board
khooses new
festival editor


j Writm

IKristine Barker, the new
loducer for the fall 2009
mual Strawberry Festival,

■ hoping to create a produc-
lon that positively impacts

I "It is a show that reflects
It students' experiences from

lie whole school year," Barker

"My dreams for Straw-

Irry Fest it to have it as en-

Btaining as possible."

■ Barker

Kristine Barker
is in high school. Barker
jswon the SONscreen Jury
ard for best spiritual expres-
aon a film. The Sunscreen
1 Festival Film School is
■summer camp program to
|lpkids learn to script write,
1' »d shoot films. She was
awarded the Commit-
f M to Excellence scholar-
Pi among others.
I Stephen Ruf, a professor

E FESTIVAL, page 4

SonRise attracts 10,000 spectators

Emily Young

Managing Editor
emi1wniinpiBsmit>n>m on,,

On Saturday, almost 300
Southern students and more
than 600 ' community mem-
bers volunteered to make the
fourteenth annual SonRise
pageant a reality, said Sherrie
Williams, assistant director of

The pageant started in 1996
as a ministry to the commu-
nity. It is held each year on
Easter weekend, and it chron-
icles the events leading up to
the crucifixion and resurrec-
tion of Christ.

This year more than 10,000

people walked through the
play in 13 different showings,
said Ingrid Skantz, execu-
tive director of SonRise. She
has been involved with Son-
Rise for 12 years, and has
served as executive director
for seven years.

"We had an excellent at-
tendance and have received
positive feedback," Skantz
said. However, she added that
a good turnout is not most
important. "Success to me is
when SonRise becomes a tool
for the Holy Spirit to prompt
a life-changing experience...
It is hard to gauge whether
we have been successful at
heart matters that are not so

easily counted."

Other volunteers agreed.
The night before the pageant
Andy Compton, who was one
of the six people to play the
role of Jesus and has been in-
volved in SonRise for 12 years,
told cast members, "If we just
touch one person we've done
our jobs."

SonRise not only affected
spectators, but cast members
as well.

For Ben Smith, a senior
biology major who also played
Jesus this year, being a cast
member of SonRise is a pow-
erful experience.

used for first
time Friday

Katie Hammond
News Editor

katiphammnnHifi) Bm it hprr> -Hi.

The text message and voice
mail emergency notification
system was implemented for
the first time last Friday to
alert Southern students and
faculty of potential tornado

"The emergency text [and]
voicemail system is one tool...
administrators can use to alert
the campus in the event of
an immediate emergency or
potential emergency situa-
tion," said Ingrid Skantz, as-
sociate director of marketing
and university relations who
implements the system. Skantz
also decides what message will
be sent during emergencies.

Students and faculty re-
ceived emergency alerts via
text message, voicemail or
both. One emergency alert on
Friday told students a tornado
had been sighted and advised
students to seek shelter. After
the storm had passed another
text was sent out that said it
was safe to carry on with regu-
lar activity.

Elizabeth Underwood, a se-
nior nursing major said, "I was
relieved to get the follow
















Compatible Cassie
makes a comeback.
See what she has to
say on page 12.





Artwork to be displayed

Audrey Cooper
staff wutik

rrtnppra^ 'ifflltllPlT pf] "

Southern's School of Visual
Art & Design will be hosting
a general art show to display
artwork created by its students
in the Brock Hall second floor
gallery starting Thursday,
April 23, at 7 p.m.

"The purpose of this show
is to motivate students to do
quality work and expose that
work to the public," said Gi-
selle Hasel, a professor in the
School of Visual Art & Design
and the coordinator for gallery

Hasel went on to say that the
yearly general art show gives
the university and the com-
munity an opportunity to see
what is going on in the School
of Visual Art and Design.

"This exhibit shows how the
education the students are re-
ceiving here is improving their
work," Hasel said.

Krista Turner, a junior fine
arts major, had some of her art
pieces displayed for the first

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