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game." "Jesus, help me to do
good on my test tomorrow."
"Jesus, allow me to get a bless-
ing from vespers." I was con-
stantly asking Jesus to make
some area of my life prosper
in the way that I wanted it to.
I wanted a Burger King, a king
behind a counter who. I could
just walk up to and order
whatever I wanted and then
walk away.

I wish I could say that right
then and there in my car I
made a decision to always
have the right motives and in-
tentions when I ask Jesus for

something. I wish that, I
that point forward, I alwaj
prayed to Jesus as my sovea
eign King.

No, I definitely don't « J
sistently pray with perfect n
tives. But what that preactj
said that day did make 1
think. Am I in a relationshj
with God to get what 1 1
for "fire insurance?" Or 1
I in a privileged friendsj
with the immortal, holy "J
of the universe who desires J
me to get to know Him for«|

He is?

I did decide that day tho«

that I want my relation.'
with God to reflect His H
eignty and not my selfish^



Sound advice from seasoned students

Sarah Hayhcik _ »»»*■»*%« X* ■■ U


Sarah Hayhoe

Opinion Editor

[email protected]

sarahhiasnnlhprn P rin

The year is almost over, and
change is in the air. Between
preparing for finals and the
future, a number of seasoned
Southernites took the time to
share words of wisdom from
their Southern experience.
Here's what they had to say:

"Sure, advisers are there
to guide, but you have to do
the research for yourself and
make your own decisions. You
have to be responsible for your
own experience and graduating
on time."

Janelle Junn

Fine Arts Major
V [email protected]

"The coolest thing at Southern is
the annual Christmas Story Time
with Dr. Bietz."

' Brittany Gimbel,

Nursing Major,

[email protected]

"Discover the salad bar at the
Village Market."
Jacque Liles,
Public Relations Major,
[email protected]



"Mooch off friends with cafe
minim urns whenever you can."
Christina Liem,
Music Performance Major,
[email protected]

"College is the practice and refinement of
skills. Programs with campus organizations
are all set up to give you that practice. The
problem is they are also setup to continue
without you, so it's easy to just sit back and let
all of that invaluable experience slip by because
there are no consequences attached with lack of
involvement.'Be active, not passive, so that you
can gain the skills you need for a Christian life
instead of just being content with some math
and literature. P.S. Contra dancing is rad."

Brad Schleenbaker,

Biology Major,

[email protected]




"Take plenty of breaks especially
when the stress is on. Not allowing
yourself to get overly absorbed in
your studies is a good thing; you
don't want to burn out early in this
race we call school."

Beau Sherman,

Animation Major,

[email protected]

"Introduce yourself to your professor on the first
day of class. It helps them if they know your name and
who you are, and it will help you make an invaluable
contact and hopefully, friend."

Alyssa Foil,

Theology Major,

[email protected]


"If you're an art major, buy
an external hard drive. Back / >
everything up. If you only save it
on the computer in the lab, expect
it not to be there when you come

Nick Liuanos,

Southern Alumnus: Film

[email protected]

"The cheapest bread is at the
Little Debbie Store."
Brittany Graves,
Nursing Major,
[email protected]

"Explore everything. Don't stick to one
group of people. Get involved and enhance
your college experience by being active.
You can learn outside of the classroom,
too. Just make sure it's positive. Also, if you
can study abroad or be a SM, don't make
excuses. JUST DO IT!"

Ludine Pierre,

Psychology Major,

[email protected]

"If you want any change, you
have to make it. Even then, your
best efforts might be in vain. Soon
students will one day be viewed as
colleagues in the learning process."

Michael Hermann,

Social Work and

Pre-Med Major,

[email protected]

"Make every effort to take a year
out and be a student missionary! It
will be one of the best experiences
of your life."

Justin Jones,

Religious Studies Major,

[email protected]


I a the F *' 5 edit ion of the Southern Accent, the article:
Missionary's Prayer in Ethiopia" was written by
Petra Howe, a missionary working at Gimbie Adventist





Rachel Hopkins

Lifestyles Editor

[email protected]

Mexican food hit list

Rachel Hopkins
Lihstyik Editor

ra fHhnpl(i ns^n il ' h ' Jrn p^ 11

Have a craving for some
south-of-the-border flavors?
Here's my top three list of the
best Mexican food around.

1. Taco Roc:

6960 Lee Hwy #101,

True-blue authentic Mexi-
can food with items you'll
never see on the menu at Los
Fotros. Tons of choices for
meat eaters, but more than
just beans for vegetarians (like
mixed grilled vegetables or
even grilled cactus) and their
fruit juices are to die for.

2. Mojo Burrito:

1800 Dayton Blvd. or
3815 St. Elmo Ave.,

The Tex-Mex food is good,
but the ambience is great.
Each location features the
work of local artists, design-
ers and photographers. It's an
awesome date spot.

3. Amigos Mexican

5874 Brainerd Road,

Two words: Taco night.
Monday night means bean,
beef or chicken tacos are only
75 cents each, and yes, they're
delicious. Since chips and
salsa are free, you can chow
and tip for $5 and service is
always speedy. If you're feel-
ing like splurging, split the
amigo dip with your friends.
It's a queso dip dolled up with
spinach, tomatoes and onions
(muy bueno).

Get Your


Vexation: The cost of
incessant dripping.
Solution: Get it fixed!

Nothing is more annoying
than a leaky faucet, shower
or toilet (yuck!). But, what's
even more annoying is how
much water you're wast-
ing by not getting it fixed.
If you're anything like me,
you have a dreadful mem-
ory and forget for at least a
week to put in a request for
repairs, but maybe knowing
that you're helping the en-
vironment as well as your
sanity will be added incen-

Clarification: A drip-
ping faucet may not seem
like tha ,g of a deal, but

you could actually waste
up to 74 gallons of wa-
ter a day by not getting it
fixed. If you do have some
leaks, you live in the dorm
and you're not sure who to
talk to, just log onto talge.
southern.edu and click on
"Repair Requests" on the
left. If you're in Southern
Village, shoot an email to
Dean Mathis and remem-
ber to be specific about ex-
actly which faucet, shower
or toilet has the problem. If
you love leaks and hate the
environment, then at least
do it to get into the habit
of saving money for the fu-
ture. If you had your own
home, a leaky toilet would
cost you about $30 a year.
That's a new pair of shoes.

'tip and info from bhg.com

Inglish on English: Communication

A .

Chelsea Inglish
Encush Education Maior

finglishias ntithprn pdn

There is nothing quite
like the spoken language. So
much goes into language that
goes beyond words, such as
body language, eye contact
and voice inflection. You can
say, "You're my best, friend,"
but add one tiny eye-roll, and
the friendship is off. You can
say, "That's not funny," but
the hysterical laughter boiling
just underneath the surface

will only encourage the teas-
ing. This can be a problem, as
I have found out. I have the
blessing (or rather the curse)
of laughing first and asking
questions later. Try getting
the point across that you don't
think the joke is funny after
you've already laughed. It's
not easy, trust me.

However, for the most part,
it doesn't take much to get your
meaning across when you're
talking face to face. But try
to convey your deepest emo-
tions in written words— now
that takes skill. Many a young
soul has labored for hours
over the exact wording of the
Valentine note he plans to lay
on Sally's desk during recess.
After much painstaking delib-
eration, he finally settles on
"Do you like me? Circle YES
or NO." Ah, young love. It is
straightforward and beautiful.

So why is it that the excla-
mation point is seemingly
the only tool used to express

strong emotion when writing?
(And when the emotion grows
in strength, the exclamation
points seem to multiply like
rabbits.) "Grandma is com-
ing to visit!" Now, what do
you mean by that exclama-
tion point? "Yay, she's bring-
ing cookies!"? "Great, now
I'm going to have to clean the
house from top to bottom!"?
"Grandma's been dead for
years, either ghosts are real
or I've been lied to!"? You can
see where the confusion might
play in.

I had to rewrite part of this
because it looked good on pa-
per, but when I read it out loud,
it gave the wrong impression.
Seriously, I'm not making it
up, and I'm not going to give
any hints as to what I edited
-out. The point is communica-
tion is hard. Bufwhen you get
it right... it's so cool!! (See?
TWO exclamation points!)


Not sure what to do this
weekend? Here are a few
ideas to get you headed
in the right direction.

"The Bernstein

Chattanooga Symphony


Tivoli Theatre, Chattanooga

Thursday, April 16, 8 p.m.

$10 for students


"Bug-a-Paluza 11"
VW Car Show

Scenic City Volks Folks
East Ridge, Tenn.
Friday, April 17, 3 p.m. and
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
$2 for spectators




Zackary Livingston

Sports Editor

[email protected]

Soccer season continues despite rain

Zackary Livingston
Sports Editor

The men's A division Furia
Latina beat Masanga Boys 2-0
on Monday night in a match
that most thought wouldn't
be decided until the very last
second. Furia Latina proved
otherwise by beating Masanga
with ease. Furia's Sean Anch-
eta scored a goal during the
first half that seemed almost
effortless against Masanga's
defense and the ball stayed
heavy on Masanga goalie, Jaris
Gonzalez, for the majority of
the match. At the beginning
of the second half, Masanga's
Victor Thomas tried to ignite a
spark with a goal but came up

"I think we weren't playing
our game because we didn't
have our coach who usually
subs us in and out," said Vic-
tor Thomas, a junior graphic
design major.

Mwila Chikobe added to the
pain during the second half
with a quick shot past Masan-
ga's goalie to put them up two
goals to none. Furia goalie
Jimmy Gaines didn't have to
do much this game, but he did
prevent Masanga from having
any hope of winning.

"I think we dominated and
experience is what won the
game," said Mwila Chikobe,
a senior business administra-
tion major. "I think we are the
best team overall."

Furia Latina is definitely the
new team to beat with an un-
defeated record and a couple
of ties. When you look at this
team you have to admit that
they are quite amazing. They
are a bunch of unselfish play-
ers who don't care about play-
ing time and pass the ball like
the Harlem Globe Trotters.
Their defense is almost impen-
etrable, and if you do get past
them, you have to beat Jimmy
Gaines, who is arguably the
best goalie in intramurals. If
you play in the men's league
beware, because Furia Latina
has come to conquer in 2009.

In the women's north divi-
sion, team Tjimaini defeated
Blazn 2-1. Despite the horrible
weather causing heavy rain for
five minutes, the women con-
tinued to play, still kicking the
ball through the muddy fields.
Tjimaini's Zaire Burjess didn't
let the weather stop her as she
aggressively pushed the ball
toward the opposite goal and
scored. Blazn's Dyan Urboda
replied with a goal of her own
on the other side of the field.

It was a hard fought game
on both sides of the field, but
Jazmine Martinez took the
cake with a penalty kick that
put Tjimaini up 2-1.

"It was a really close game
and we had a lot of close
shots," said Grace Nunez, a
junior psychology major. "We
played hard but it just wasn't
meant to be."

Jane Mashburn and Canique Brown compete fo
during Monday night's ladies division north s

Tarheels win sixth championship; what now?

Davis Wallace

Mass Communication Major

itoalla ccfiisiii.thcm .Hn

As of April 6, 2009, the
North Carolina Tarheels won
th «r sixth national cham-
pionship in school history.
The question is: What's next
«>r the Tarheels? Senior for-
wards, Tyler Hansbrough and
Danny Green will not be able
t0 return for a fifth year. Ju-
w °r guards, Ty Lawson and

Wayne Ellington had tremen-
dous tournament games. They
might once again test the NBA
waters, but this time around
they might forego their senior
seasons. Freshman forward,
Ed Davis is the only signifi-
cant piece to North Carolina's
championship fun that has
committed to return for his
sophomore year.

For Head Coach Roy Wil-
liams, this will be his second
title. His first one came back in

2005 when North Carolina de-
feated Illinois. Following that
championship win; Raymond
Felton, Rashad McCants, Sean
May and Marvin Williams all
declared eligible for the NBA
draft. Not to mention Jawad
Williams, Melvin Scott and
Jackie Manuel graduating that
same year.

At the start of the 2006 sea-
son, Coach Williams rebuilt a
new team that featured fresh-
man Tyler Hansbrough. Looks

like it turned out well for him
because each year North Caro-
lina kept adding players, got
better as a team and went fur-
ther in the tournament.

It looks like Coach Wil-
liams is going to have to do
that with the five recruits
coming in next year. This in-
cludes 7-foot twin centers Da-
vid and Travis Wear. All the
critics counted North Carolina
down and count after they lost
their top seven scorers from

the 2005 team. It looks like
this might happen again next
year, too. Coach Williams has
made nothing into something
before; sure there is no rea-
son why he can't do it again.
Instead of asking what's next
for the Tarheels, maybe we
should be asking how much
longer until they win another




Deadline Monday at noon
[email protected]


Strawberry Festival

The Strawberry Festival will
be held in Hes P.E. Center.
The show will begin at 8 p.m.
Check out the sidewalk mes-
sages for more details. Straw-
berry Festival: "Relive your
last year." *Please take note,
Strawberry Festival will be
held in the Hes P.E. Center,
NOT downtown.

Student appreciation Day

This day has been rescheduled
for Wednesday, April 22. Plan
to take part in all of these free
activities! From 8:30 a.m. to
4 p.m. golf cart transports to
and from classes on the Prom-
enade will be brought to you
by Campus Ministries. From
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. come to the
Student Center to have your
caricature drawn by caricature
artist Steve Gipson hosted by
the office of Student Life and
Activities. Also from 10 a.m.
to 2 p.m. you may enjoy grilled
PB&J Sandwiches at the Stu-
dent Center Portico brought
to you by Southern Recruiters.
From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Enroll-
ment Services will be provid-
ing a free car wash in Taylor

Malawi project | In conjunc-
tion with Advenrist Intercol-
legiate Association, Advenrist
Health International, and the
Advenrist colleges/universi-
ties of the North American Di-
vision, we are planning a short
term mission trip to Malawi,
Africa this summer. The dates
for the trip will be June 23-
July 8, 2009. The project will
consist of three aspects: Evan-
gelism, Health and Construc-
tion in six locations through-
P out the country of Malawi.
Space is limited. Passports are
necessary. If you are interest-
ed, please contact Kari Shultz
or Gayle Moore for further
information. There is some
financial assistance available
through SA.

1 iprnmin g even ts calendar.

Friday, April 17

Withdrawals after today receive "F"
PreView Southern 106
3 p.m. - Fit for Eternity 5K run
(Duck Pond)

7 p.m. - Upper Room
(Gospel Chapel)

8 p.m. - Vespers Remix - Campus
Ministries (church)

8:13 p.m. - Sunset
After Vespers - Adoration
(Lynn Wood)

Sabbath, April 18

9 a.m. - Adoration 1- Jack Blanco

9:30-10 a.m. - Continental breakfast

(Church Fellowship Hall)

10:15 am. - Adoration 2 -

John Nixon (Church)

Saltworks Sabbath School

(Hulsey Wellness Center) 1

Social Experiment Sabbath School

(Church Fellowship Hall)

11:30 a.m. - No Connect this week -

picnic/ campout

11:45 a.m. - Renewal - John Nixon


2 p.m. - Adventist Theological
Society Meeting - Michael Hasel
(Lynn Wood)

4 p.m. - School of Music: Handel's
Messiah (church)

7:30 p.m. -Evensong -Music & Read-
ings: Collegedale Academy (church)
Clubs/departments parties (various
times & locations)

Sunday, April 19

No Field Trips or Tours
10 a.m. - Committee of 100 Brunch
(Presidential Banquet Room)
12-6:30 p.m. - McKee Library Open
8 p.m. - SA Strawberry Festival
(lies P.E. Center)

Monday, April 20

No field trips or tours
3:30 p.m. - Undergraduate Council
6 p.m. - Social Work Field
Instructor Appreciation Dinner
(White Oak Room)

Tuesday, April 21

No field trips or tours

8 a.m.-5 p.m. - Campus Research

Symposium (various locations)

Noon - Tornado siren test

7:30 p.m. - Japanese Drums: San

Jose Taiko, double convocation credit

(lies P.E. Center)

Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day

National Administrative Profession-
als Day

No Field Trips or Tours
6 p.m. - Lights Volunteers Banquet
(various locations)

7:15 p.m. - SA Senate (White Oak

Thursday, April 23

No field trips or tours
11 a.rn. - Convocation, clubs/depart-
ments/schools (church)
6 p.m. - Employee retirement party
(Church Fellowship Hall)

Prayer groups | 7:15a.m.
M-F near the flag pole; 12:00
p.m. MWF in the Student Cen-
ter seminar room; 5 p.m. M-F
at the fountain between Hack-
man and the library.

Malamulo | Thank you for

your generous donations for
Malamulo! We have currently
raised $22,009.22. Further
donations can be taken to Kari
Shultz's office.

Fit for Eternity 5k run |

This Friday, April 17, at 3 p.m.
there will be a 5k run at Duck
Pond. The cost is $10. Please
contact the Hulsey Wellness
Center desk for more informa-

April 17

Andres Escobar, Benjamin
Zimunya, Danette Hutton, Da-
vid Costner, Deairne DeLong,
R. Eldon Roberts

April 18

Aric Turlington, Ashlee
Pacamalan, Brandon Bailie,
Joshua Inglish, Kellan Feyer-
harm, Melia Chamberlain, Ra-
chel Santos, Wesley Statler

April 19

Andres Crespo, Ben Schnell,
Cheri Snowden, LaFranche
LaBorde, Zoraida Cardenas

April 20

Amanda Allen, Danny Dav-
enport, Jeremy Wong, Jim
Stewart, Mark Barrett, Mon-
ition Marasigan, Paola Cor-
nejo, Rochelle Thompson

April 21

Christina Tozer, Holly Har-
gus, Jennifer Meyer, Nicole
Domaschuk, Yarizel Negron,
Yora Zyra Quiambao

April 22

Ashley Sisson, Ash-
ley, Taylor, Elizabeth Hol-
land, Laurel McPherson,

Nicole Baltzer, Rebecca Peck

April 23

Amanda Ernst, Ann Larsen,
Brett Martin, Emanuel Ed-
wards, Jon Green, Lance Prit-
chard, Stephen Weitzel



To add or remove classifieds, e-mail
[email protected]

Laptop | Dell XPS mi 4 o
with brand new motherboard,
hard drive, power, cord, bat-
tery, trackpad and top cover.
Great computer has been re-
paired to be like-new. SD card
slot, long battery life, front-
mounted speakers, i.86-GHz
Pentium M 750 chip and lGB
of memory. New $1,600. Will
take $850. Call Emily at 423-

Fridge | 2.5 cu ft. dorm-sized
fridge for sale. In good condi-
tion except for a sticker mark
in the front of the door and
one broken freezer hinge. Sale
price is $60 which is a deal
compared to the original cost
of $130. I am willing to bar-
gain. If interested please call

Join Campus Ministries
in the development of this
dynamic venture providing
practical social and spiritual
activities for community and
non-traditional student fami-
lies. Do you like planning in-
novative picnics, banquets or
vespers? Call today! For more
information contact Volod-
ymyr Hrinchenko or Kevin
Kibble at 236-2787 or blu.
[email protected]

100 percent recycled jour-
nals I made from plastic bags,
cereal boxes and recycled
paper are being sold to raise
money for ADRA to fight sex
trafficking and starvation.
They are in display in Maple
6 in Southern Village and
will be sold on campus soon.
Watch for your chance to buy
an awesome recycled journal
and help others! E-mail ben-
[email protected],edu.

Male roommate wanted

$i8o/mo. 2 bedroom/
1-5 bath. 5 mins from South-
ern. Includes water, power,
Internet and trash.Nicely kept
2-story townhouse. Flexible
terms - E -mail [email protected]
wn.edu or call 818-438-3941.

'03 Lexus IS300 I In per-
fect condition with mainte-
nance up-to-date. White with
79,000 miles. 17-inch wheels
with low-profile tires on them.
The exterior is pearl white and
the interior is caramel siiede
and leather 6 disc CD changer
and premium sound. Moon-
roof and tinted windows with
lifetime warranty on the tint.
It's automatic with tiptronic
shifting. $i3,9 9 8/obo. Call Ian
at 678-689-7925 for any ques-

New Madrock climbing
shoes I Size 10. Blue and
black leather. Slip on and have
one velcrow strap around the
center of the foot for a more
secure fit. The soles are the
thick stiff land. I just bought
them and they don't fit right.
■ I am asking $50/ obo. dgar-
[email protected], questions

Summer housing for
female students | $250 plus
utilities. Three minutes from
Southern by four-corners.
From May through August
when fall semester starts.
Equipped. E-mail [email protected]
southern.edu for more info.

Graduating seniors | Any-
one who knows of affordable
off-campus apartment avail-
able fall 2009 please contact
Emily at [email protected]

Summer housing avail-
able I Looking for a female
roommate for the summer
only. Shared room for rent
$185 until June. Then it will be
a private room for $275. Nice,
furnished house with. washer/
dryer and wireless Internet.
Only 1.5 miles from Southern.
Call 423-503-3404-

Recycle ink | Please give
me your used printer ink car-
tridges. I recycle them for the
good of the environment. Did
you know that 85 percent of
ink cartridges are thrown in
land fills and are NOT biode-

gradable? Help me protect
our environment and reuse
these resources. E-mail me at
[email protected] or call
818-438-3941 so I can recycle
your ink.

Fish tank | 20 gallon tank;
comes with everything includ-
ing fish. Best offer Call Rob at

Room for rent for a male

Ten minutes from Southern.
Comfortable house with plen-
ty of space, privacy and perks.
Adventist male roommates.
Flexible terms. For more in-
forlhation, call Kim at 423-

Male roommate wanted

2 bedroom/i bath. Looking to
share house with 1-3 house-
mates over the summer and
possibly next school year.
Fifteen min. from Southern/
fwy. $275/mo. + utilities (wa-
ter, trash included). The more
roommates the cheaper. E-

mail [email protected] or
call 818-0438-3941.

Female roommate | 3 bed-
rooms, 2 baths. $250 plus
utilities. E-mail Celitzania®

Laptop I Like New Fujitsu
Lifebook U810 Tablet note-
book for sale. 5.6" WSVGA
touchscreen, 800 MHz Intel
Alio processor, 1 GB DDR2
RAM, 40 GB drive, Wireless a-
b-g, Bluetooth 2.0, XP Tablet
Edition, flash card slot, $300
worth of accessories included.
Asking $725. E-mail jger-
[email protected] for more

Rock climbing shoes |

Brand new climbing shoes size
7-5- Retail $120, will sell for
$60. Call Kevin at 719-235-

House for rent | 3 bedroom/
2 bath like new. Master bath
with a Jacuzzi tub and sepa-

rate shower. Beautiful open
plan. All appliances included.
Available now. Around 1 mile
from Southern. $1200+ Cell
352-455-2224 or house 352-

Sofa I For sale $20, lava lamps
for sale $30 for two, large lug-
gage for sale $30, bongo for
sale $30, please contact Ste-
ven at 304-616-1156.
Two paint ball markers |

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