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Allegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) online

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1 ir ti


Commieeatg Couvt of ^uyteg

BETWEEN 1 67J— 1770.

7i^///i «« Appendix of A /legations discovered whilst the MS. was
passing through the Press.




Of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law,

Member of Council of Surrey Archaeological Society,

Member of Coancil of Boyal Archaeological Institute.

Worfotrf) :





Some years since the Editor of these Allegations published

in the Surrey Archceological Society's Collectioiis (vol. xi. p. 204,

.^ &c.) a number of Licences granted for various purposes

Vrt (including Marriage), which he had found recorded at the

^ reverse end of a volume of Probate and Administration Acts

\ pertaining to the Commissary Court of Surrey, and preserved

I amongst the Surrey Wills at Somerset House.

^^ The discovery of these records led him to make further

^ enquiries, and he then ascertained that there were other

^documents of the same Court in the custody of the Registrar

^^;X^ of the Faculty Office, in his capacity as Registrar of the late

Commissary Court of Surrey.

The series is unhappily incomplete, and the papers — with

s,^ the exception of those contained in one volume kept at the

\r Surrey Registry — are stowed away in bundles at the Collegiate

^Church of St. Saviour (now the Cathedral), Southwark. For

all earlier documents than 1763 there was no index whatever.

Omitting those included in the series in Surrey Archceo-
logical Collections already alluded to as covering the years
1662-1665, the earhest book in the Surrey Registry is a bound
volume of Marriage Allegations of the Commissary Court of
Surre)', which begins abruptly without any title or preamble
with an entry, "6 Junij, 1674," Phillpott and Rufifhead, and
ends with "8'-'' Feb., 169J," Best of Horley and Cudington of
Leigh. It measures 13 by 8^ outside cover, and I2| by 7J


The first entry, wliich is printed in full {Sif page l), is
sometimes varied in the latter part of the form by the
expression, "and of the truth of the pmisses he made oath,"
or, " he offered to make faith," or, " of tlic truth of the pmisses
he made faith."

The allegations are only sometimes made by one of the
parties to the marriage. This is often done by the Vicar of
the parish, or by the Parish Clerk, or by a Yeoman, or (as in
Oct., 1678) by a woman, e.g., Ursula Moorhousc, wife of
John Moorhouse, Minister of Epsom.

But after 1724, if not earlier, the practice seems to iiavc
been as in the present day, viz., that one of the contracting
parties must make the declaration.

The principal Proctors at this early period .seem to have
been " Samuel Wyseman, Gent., one of the Procurators of
the Arches Court of Can^ ; " John Burnett, " of Drs. Coinons,
Gent." (30 Aug., 1675); John Mills, "one of y' proct" of y"
Arches Court of Canterbury " (Feb., 1675-6); John Shorter, "of
Drs. Coinons, Gent." (14 Nov., 1676); Peter Barrett, "of Drs.
Coinons, Gent." ; John Shorter, Notary Publique, " one of
the proctors of the Consistory Court of Winton " (January,
1677-8); Joseph Williams, Notary Publique, "one of the
proctors of this Court " ; Roger Newbury, of Drs. Commons,
London {27 July, 1680); Richard Evans, "of Drs. Coiiions,
Gent."; William Reve, "of ffarnham, Gent." (7 July, 1684);
Charles Armitt, of St. Gregory's, London, Gent. (20 Sept.,
1688), of Drs. Coinons (23 Feb., 1690-1); Step" Barker, of
St. Martin, Ludgate, London (19 Aug., 1689); and Richard
Harris, of Drs. Coinons, Gent. (20 Jan., 1684-5), perhaps
the same who is described as "of Bansted, Gent." (7 April,
1688). He issues by far the greater number.

Of Parish Clerks who apply for licences, we find the names
of Ralph Smith, Parish Clerk of St. Saviours, Suutiiwark ;


Thomas Williams, Parish Clerk of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey; Thomas Palmer, Parish Clerk of St. Olave's,
Southwark; John Mackorn, Parish Clerk of Camberwell
(ii Dec, 1688); Samuel White, Parish Clerk of St. Nicholas
Cole Abbey; Edward Calcott, Parish Clerk of St. Magnus
the Martyr. In one case the necessary declarations appear to
have been made by Henry Turner, the Sexton of St. Saviour's,
Southwark (5 Dec, 1689).

Following the Allegations 1662-1665, there is a gap until
the first entry in the volume just described, and again after
the last in that book (8 Feb., 169^). None are known to exist
until the year 1724, if we except one single allegation for
1709. From the former date (1724) they are mostly in files
or bundles and have suffered terribly from damp, dust, dirt,
the ravages of mice or rats, and the neglect of past generations.
Indeed, the i8th century appears to have been one of the worst
for all kinds of records ; quite as much injury seems to have
been caused by the indifference of the proper custodians of
that time, as in other ways during the earlier centuries.

It is a singular circumstance that the same gap is found in
the Testamentary Division of the Commissary Court of Surrey
as in the Marriage, only in the former case the Registration
of the Wills appears to have been omitted, whilst the originals
were duly filed ; in the latter both Register and Allegation are
alike wanting. . Probably it will never be known what has
become of them, unless they should be unexpectedly discovered
like those in the Appendix. From 1724 the records are con-
tinuous until the present day.

As some of those who consult this book may have never
seen the form in which the Allegations are set forth, one is here
reproduced as nearly as possible like that used about 1768, and
specimens are given of Bonds in 1737 and 1767.


Commiffary )
of Surry )

FORM USED IN 1766-68.

.Appeared perfonally

and made Oath that he is of

and intendeth to marry with

and that he knoweth of no lawful Impediment, by reafon
of any Pre-contract entered into before the twenty-fifth
Day of March, one Thoufand feven Hundred and Fifty-
four, Confanguinity, .Affinity, or any other lawful Means
whatfoever, to hinder the faid intended Marriage, and
prayed a Licence to foleninize the fame in

and further made Oath, that the ufual Place of Abode of

hath been in the faid Parifh of

for the Space of four Weeks laft part.

Sworn before me



"NOW all Men by these Prefents That ^t Joseph Nost
of the Parish of Streatham in the County of
Surrey yeoman j and

Edward Kempton of the Parish of Tooting in the County of

Sjirrey Gardiner

are holden and firmly bound to the Right Reverend Father in
God Benjamin by Divine permifsion Bishop of Winchester
in the sum of Two hundred pounds of lawful Money of Great
Britain to be paid to the faid Right Rever'' Father or his
certain Attorney, his Executors, Adminiftrators, or Affigns :
To which Payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourfelves,
and each of us by himfelf for the whole, our Heirs, Executors,
and Adminiftrators, firmly by these Prefents. Sealed with our
Seals, Dated the Seauenth Day oi January in the Year of our
Lord One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Thirty Seven

' I ■'HE Condition of this Obligation is fuch. That if hereafter there shall
-*- not appear any lawful Let or Impediment, by reafon of any Pre-

contract, Confanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful Means whatfoever ;
but that Joseph Nost, Widower, and Maty IVatner, Widow, may lawfully
solemnize Marriage together, and in the fame afterwards lawfully remain
and continue for Man and Wife, according to the Laws in that behalf
provided : And moreover, if there be not at this prefent time any Action,
Suit, Plaint, Quarrel, or Demand, moved or depending before any Judge
Ecclesiaflical or Temporal, for or concerning any such lawful Impediment
between the faid Parties : Nor that either of them be of any better Eflate
or Degree, than to the Judge at granting of the Licenfe is fuggefled,

And laftly, if the fame Marriage fhall be openly folemnized in the Church,
in the Licenfe fpecified, between the Hours appointed in the Conftitutions
Ecclefiaflical confirmed, and according to the Form of the Book of Common
Prayer, now by Law eflablifhed, then this Obligation to be void, or else to
fland in full Force and Virtue.

Joseph Nost.
Sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of
N. Brady.

Edward Kempton.



KNOW all Men by thefe Prefents, That we Thomas Larby
of the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Guildford in the
County of Surrey and Diocese of Winchester, Labourer, And
Charles Mallas of the said Parish, St'c, Shoemaker, are
holden and firmly bound to the Right Rev. Father in God
John, by Divine Permiffion, Bilhop of Winton, in the sum
of two hundred Pounds of lawful Money of Great BRITAIN,
to be paid to the faid Right Rev. Father, or his certain
Attorney, Executors, Adminiftrators, or Affigns : To which
Payment, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and
each of us by himfelf for the whole, our Heirs. Executors,
and Administrators firmly by thefe Pfefents. Sealed with our
Seals Dated the lylh Day of January the Year of our Lord,
One Thoufand Seven Hundred sixty seven.

"T^HE Condition of this Obligation is fuch, That if hereafter there (hall
-^ not appear any lawful Let or Impediment, by Reafon of any Pre-

contract, entered into before the Twenty-fifth Day of March, One Thoufand
Seven Hundred and Fifty-four, Confanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful
Means whatfoever : but That the above bounden Thomas Larby of the
Holy Ttintty, Guildford, And Sarah Hopkins of the said Parish may
lawfully folemnize Marriage together, and in the fame afterwards lawfully
remain and continue for Man and Wife, according to the Laws in that
Behalf provided : And moreover if there be not at this prefent Time any
Action, Suit. Plaint, Quarrel or Demand, moved or depending before any
Judge Ecclefiaftical or Temporal, for or concerning any fuch lawful Impedi-
ment between the faid Parties, Nor that either of them be of any other
Parifh, or of better Eftate or Degree, than to the Judge at granting of the
Licenfe is fuggefled, and by them fworn to

And laftly, if the fame Marriage fhall be openly foleninized in the Church,
or Chapel in the Licenfe fpecified, between the Hours appointed in the
Conftitutions Ecclefiaftical confirmed, and according to the Form of the
Book of Common Prayer, now by Law eftablifhed ; and if the above

do fave harmlefs and keep indemnified the above-mentioned Right Reverend
Father, his Commissary and Surrogates, and all other his Officers and
Ministers whatfoever, by Reafon of the Premifes ; then this Obligation to be
void, or elfe to remain in full Force and Virtue.

Sealed and Delivered

7'he mark of Thos. Larby.

in the Prefence of

James Hill, Surrogate. Charles Mallas.


After the passing of Lord Hardvvick's Act to prevent
clandestine marriages, it was enacted " that no Licence of
Marriage is to be granted after 25 March, 1754, in any other
Church or Chapel than in the Parish Church or Publick Chapel
of or belonging to the Parish or Chapelry within which the
usual place of abode of one of the persons to be married shall
have been for the space of four weeks immediately before the
granting of such licence."

No mention of the length of residence, nor indeed of any
time is found in the earlier allegations, but the requisite period
was reduced to fifteen days by 4 Geo. IV. c. jd, section 10.

The preparation of this work has occupied the Editor
during such time as he has been able to spare from other and
pressing engagements for several years : every care has been
exercised to prevent errors, but in a book containing between
nine and ten thousand Allegations, and including the Bonds,
involving the examination of nearly twice that number of
documents, it is probably impossible to prevent some few errors
creeping in. It is hoped, however, these are very few.

Concerning the social position of the parties married, there
are several Peers, sundry Esquires, many Clergymen, Gentlemen,
Merchants, and Yeomen, but the moet part belong to the trading
and working classes.

There are some curious and uncommon Christian names
from Biblical and Classical sources ; amongst those of
females, Achsa, Adeliza, Aphara, Anastasia, Aquila, Avarillar,
Bathana, Bedia, Bethia, Cassandra, Caroline-Shepherdess, Celeste,
dementia, Damaris, Dionisia, Dufiner, Dulcibella, Eleanor,
Emmaritta, Emlin, Euphemia, Grachauna, Gratitude, Hephzibah,
Israel, Jacobinea, Jaminia, Juliana, Kimbra, Melior, Milbrough,
Pamelia, Parthenia, Paterniller, Pleasant-Furs, Protesia, Silvestria,
Sina, Statira, Tamar, Tempearance, Theodosia, Tryphena,
" Virgin " [Price] ; and amongst males those of Ananias, Bivel,


Calverley, Chrusophilus, Demetrius, Deodatus, Derik, Emmet,
Eusebius, Ezekiel, Fretwill, Gershom, Haman, Haseldine [Crab-
tree], Jonah, Lazarus, Nazareth, "Offspring" [Brown], Ono, Prew,
Purchas, Redhead [Eagle], Rulove, Sills [Gibbons], Theophilus,
Truth, Uphill, Ward, Wintz, Zacheus, Zenas, Zeuler.

Amongst the names of Visitation Families will be found
those of Byne of Carshalton, Buckle of Banstead, Bray of
Sheere, Duncomb of Sheere, Hampton of Blechingly, Herringman
of Carshalton, Molyneux of Parish of St. Nicholas, Guildford,
and Loseley, Onslow of Imber Court, Uvedale (Ewell) ; other
names of repute are those of Foudriiiier of St. Martin's in the
Fields, Champion Crespigny (Camberwell), Walter (Reigate),
Bewicke (Clapham), Sir John Strachan (Huntingdon), Morton
(Reigate), Beamish (Battersea), Sir Booth Williams, Bart, &c. ;
whilst of entries of special interest are those of Robert Plott,
Herald and Antiquary, F.R.S. 1677, Secretary R.S. 1682, first
Custos, Ashmolean Museum, 1683, author of Natural History of
Oxfordshire; Edward Northey, Esq., of Epsom, Abraham
Tucker of Dorking and Betchworth, Percy Shelley of Warnham,
Sir John Bosworth, Chamberlain of London, Peter Fussell, who
succeeded James Kent as organist of Winchester Cathedral, and
taught Charles Dibdin the elder his notes; Rev. John Harris,
D.D., admitted Fellow of Winchester College, 1704, Rector of
Chiddingfold and Ash ; Rev. Dr. Conyers Middleton, Rector of
Hascomb, Principal Librarian to the University of Cambridge,
Woodwardian Professor of Geology, Cambridge, 1731, author of
Life of Cicero : he had a literary controversy with the learned
Dr. Bentley, the Master of Trinity College ; Rev. Thomas
Jones, Chaplain of St. Saviour's, Southwark (see his epitaph
in W. Taylor's Annals of St. Mary Ovcry) ; — Toft of
Godalming, a name associated with a gross fraud. Rev. John
Thomas of St. Saviour's, Southwark, Wm. Wicker of Horsham,
Ellis Bostock of Otford, Samuel Blunt of Horsham, Rev. Dr.


Edward Barnard of Eton, Headmaster 1754, Fellow of
St. John's, Cambridge, Canon of Windsor 1761, Provost of
Eton 1764; Edmund H. Chishull of Horley (fine ledger to
his wife in floor of Church there); Philip Carteret Webb, F.R.S.,
F.S.A., of Godalming, Solicitor to the Treasury, 1756-1765,
M.P. for Haslemere; Rodgers of Mickleham, Rev. Henry
Miles, D.D., of Tooting, William Bray of Guildford, afterwards
of Sheere, the County Historian ; Rev. Claudius Bridger, Jacob
Burnap, and Hon. Bridgetta Maria Power.

Two instances of Fleet Marriages are found amongst
the Licences, viz., one on 8 June, 1749, and the other on
14 May, 1753, Sproule = Mochen.

The old spelling of words and the names of towns and
villages has in many instances been preserved, even where to
modern eyes such spelling seems wrong — sometimes this has
been amended when the name appears several times in an
Allegation, by printing it on the second or third occasion
according to the way it is usually now written ; there are also
some glaring instances in which a town or village is as.signed to
the wrong county. These are given as they were found without

About 1770 the farce was enacted of substituting the
names of John Doe and John Roe, fictitious persons, as second
sureties, and their supposed signatures were actually appended
in the hand of the person who filled up the Allegation (the

A few words in explanation of some abbreviations :
s., surety ; ss., sureties ; " mark," makes his or her mark ; " both
sign " or " both mark," signifies that both the appearer (one of
the contracting parties) and the second surety do this, and
never the other party to the contract, unless it should be in
some isolated case where the contracting parties are themselves
the only sureties. The word " at " always precedes the name


of the place or places where the marriage may be celebrated.
"Abode 3 months," "abode 4 weeks," does not necessarily
imply that the person named had only lived there for that
period, but that he or she had conformed to the Act. The
Editor has not always noted whether the appearer and sureties
sign or make their marks ; it is not therefore to be assumed
that they did not, because not stated in every instance.

The Editor cannot conclude without acknowledging the
great courtesy he has always received during the preparation of
this work from Mr. W. P. Moore, Registrar of the Court of
Faculties, and Registrar of the Commissary Court of Surrey,
who has permitted him unlimited access to the Records ; also
from his nephew, Mr. Arthur Wm. Dodwell Moore, his Associate
at the Faculty Office ; nor must he omit to mention the willing
assistance which Mr. B. B. Bull, his chief clerk, has been ever
ready to render, whether in searching amongst the chaos of
documents at Southwark, or in deciphering a doubtful name.

The Editor hears with pleasure that a proper Muniment
Room for these Records is in course of erection at Southwark.

Ivy Bank,

ffaversfock Hill,

Hainpsfead, N.W.


Allegation accidently omitted.

5 Dec, 1730. John Tuer (Juer, or Steer) of St. Marie's,
Guildford, and Anne Gold of Holy Trinity, Guildford ; at St. Martha's.

Page 5. 1676, Deo. 15. Misprint, for 6t. Mary read St. Mary.

Page 28. March 15. For Tyleing read Tyteing.

Page 29. On a bend, not " in."

Page 30. Nov. 20. Ockingham = Wokingham.

Page 49. Jan 4. " Leathered, eo. Middlesex," wants sic after it, as this place

is in Surrey.

Pages o4, 60, 63, &c. Bausted = Banstead, letter w has been inserted instead

of n.

Page 63. March 5. Hockfield = Heckfield (?).

Page 67. June 9, 10. Harmer, perhaps Starmer (Richmond Register).

Page 77. March 24. Berryton = Buriton.

Page 78. April 2. Ingelhart, now Engelhart. Tillman may be Bilman.

Page 85. Sept. 29. Crauley may be Cranley — indistinct in original.

Page 85. Oct. 1. Lawrence Saint Waltham = Waltham St. Lawrence.

Page 89. Jan. 2. Dele " Bishopston " in Foot Note, and substitute Bishopstrow.

Page 98. Sept. 14. Shawford = Shalford.

Page 120. July 14. Sunning = Sonning, co. Berks (?) at that period reckoned

as in Wilts.
Page 121. Sept. 29. Conchmaker, perhaps Couohmaker.
Page 122. " Hannath, Middlesex," local pronunciation of Hanworth.
Page 122. Oct. 15. Hartingthome = Harlingthome in Richmond Register.
Page 166. Oct. 6. Naphill = Knapphill.

Page 158. Nov. 4. Turton, perhaps Sutton (Richmond Register).
Page 172. 1740, March 26, and 1740, March 28, should be 1741 in both cases.

Page 175. July 7. Dele Foot Note. Frecham misread as Fretham, contracted

for Frencham = Frensham.

Page 178. Sept. 22. Halhamstoue = Alphamstone (?).

Page 216. June 6. Thale = Theale (P).

Page 238. July 20. Poppard = Peppard (P), i.e., Rotherfield Peppard, known

simply as Peppard.

Page 254. Oct. 6. Swallowfield, Wilts, locally Berks.

Page 310. Oct. 17. Peterschafon, co. Bucks = Chalfont St. Peter.

Page 311. Nov. 15. Bramzell = Bramshill.

Page 339. Oct. 7. Rumnell = Rummell.

Page 399. Dele the ? Saint Allum was well known.

Page 429. April 11. Mongridge, probably Mougridge = Muggeridge.

Page 450. Feb. 17. Axy, co. Lincoln = Arkesey (?).

Page 499. Oct. 13. Tommin, perhaps Tomlin.

Page 499. Oct. 16. Fageller = Fagetter, see 21 July, 1764.

Page 536. Nov. 10. Bennell may be Bennett.

Page 556. Aug. 8. Natkin Brooker, perhaps Napkin.

Page 645. Dec. 31. AUee, probably Atlee.

Page 650. Feb. 17. " Schoolmaster " is apparently an error.

Page 658. Butter = Butler (?).

§ntgati0us foi* Jlamagc limxm


CDmmissarg Court of Surrtg.

[From the Bound Volujie of Allegations, 1674-
the first in full.]

C Jmiii, 1674°
Wiich day appeared personally John Shorter of the parish of
S' Saviour in y' Borough of Southwarke in the County of Surrey,
and alleadged that John Philpott of the parish of Reddrith in y*
County of Surrey, aged about 50 yeares and widdow, intendeth to
marrj- w"' Judeth RuSehead of the same parish, widdow, aged about
40 yeares, and that he knoweth nor believeth that there is any lawfull
lett or impediment by reason of any p^ contract, consanguinity,
affinity, or otherwise w'^'' may hinder their intended marriage, and
of the truth of the pmisses he made faith and prayed Licence for
them to be marryed in the parish Church of Reddrith aforesaid.

Jo. Shorter.

The FOLLOWING Entries are all practically in the same form as^

THE above.

13 June, 1674. Charles Merry of St. Saviour's, Southwark,
widower, 50 years, and Elizabeth Warren of St. George, Southwark,
widow, 40 ; at St. Saviour's or St. George's, Southwark. AUeged by
James Ley, sexton of St. Saviour's.

17 June, 1674. Robert Lusher of Chiddingfold, bachelor,
20, and Joan Bookeham of Farneham, spinster, 17 ; at Farnham,
Chiddingfold, or Frensham. Alleged by John Mannering of
Farneham, tanner, with consent of the parents of the said Robert
Lusher and Joane Bookeham.


10 October, 1674. Edward Smith of Chertsey, -widower, 40,
and Elizabeth Jeffcot of Chertsey, spinster, 30 ; at Chertsey.*
Alleged by Mr. Thos. Wheatley, Vicar of Chertsey.

20 Octob', 1674. Robert Jones of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey,
bachelor, 25, and Margaret Hodges of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey,
spinster, 17 ; at St. Mary, Magdalen, Bermondsey. " With consent of

Jones, her aunt, w"" whom she hveth." Alleged by

Thomas Williams, parish clerk of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey.

20 Nov', 1674. John Wells of St. Olave, Southwark, bachelor,
24, and Mary Beulos, St. Gyles, Criplegate {sic), London, spinster, 23;
at St. Olave, St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, or St. George's,
Southwark. With consent of her parents. Alleged by Mr. Samuel
Wyseman, one of the Procurators of y^ Arches Court of Cant.

22 Dec', 1674. James Wellbeloved of Chertsey, widdower, 40,
and Mary Stent of Chertsey, spinster, 25 ; at Chertsey. Alleged by
Thomas Wheatley, Vicar of Chertsey.

22 Dec', 1674. Richard Asleby of Noi-manbee, co. of Yarmouth
{tic), marriner, bachelor, 28, and EUzabeth Baker of St. Catherine
Coleman, London, spinster, 24 ; at St. Olave, Southwark. " Att her
owne dispose, her parents being dead." AUeged by Samuel Wyseman,

24 Dec"", 1674. Thomas Sayer of London, widdower, and
EHzabeth Luck of St. Saviour's, Southwark, widdow, 55 ; at St.
Saviour, Southwark. AUeged by James Ley of St. Saviour's,

28 Dec', 1674. John Portree of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey,
widdower, 35, and Maiy Haines of St. Peter, Cornhill, London,
spinster, 26 ; at St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. Alleged by
iTiomas Williams, parish clerk of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey.

1 Feb., 167f. Edmoud Hunt of White ChappeU, London,
bachelor, 26, and Anne Day of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey,
spinster, 20 ; at St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. AUeged by
Thomas Williams.

13 Martij, 167|. Thomas Sanders of St. Saviour, Southwark,
bachelor, 26, and Mary Cubish of same parish, spinster, 19 ; at
St. Saviour, Southwark. ' AUeged by Robert Cartricke, of St. Saviour's,

26 Martij, 1675. Jeremy ToUcott of Colchester in Essex, bachelor,
30, and Mary EUis of St. Mary Magdalen, Bennondsey, single woman,
20; at St. Mary Magdalen, Bennondsey. She " ha^dng neither father
nor mother living, with the consent of Daniel Elhs, her uncle and
guardian." AUeged by Thomas WiUiams.

30 Martij, 1675. Roger Glan of Chertsey, bachelor, 30, and
Elizabeth Wheatley of same parish, spinster, 20 ; at Chertsey. With
consent of Richard Wheatley, her ffather. AUeged by Thomas
Wheatley, Vicar of Chertsey.

• This entry is struck out — entered twice.

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