Eng. (Diocese) Commissary Court Surrey.

Allegations for marriage licences issued between 1673-1770; with an appendix of allegations discovered whilst the ms. was passing through the press (Volume pt.2) online

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26 Feb., 173f. WiUiam WoodaU of Henley, co. Oxon, maltster,
single man, 23, and Anne Kuffeler of Chertsey, single woman, 24 ; at
Chertsey. Robert Farnham of Chertsey, inn-keeper, 2nd a. Both

26 Feb., 173f . Jeremiah Hedger of Cranlye, tailor, bachelor, 28,
and Anne Chrismas of Holy Trinity, Guildford, spinster, 21 ; at
St. Marie's, Guildford. John Crafter of Witley, tailor, 2nd s.

2 Mar., 1733. Richard Lipscomb of East Horsley, malster, 40,
and Mary Moore of Great Bookham, spinster, 29 ; at Great Bookham
or Fetcham. Robert Tegg of Great Bookham, grocer, 2nd a.

11 Mar., 1733. Richard Nap of Lingfield, bachelor, 29, and
Elizabeth Chapman of Lingfield, spinster, 24 ; at Home. John
Chapman of Lingfield, 2nd s. He signs.

18 Mar., 1733. Humphrey Finnimore of St. John, Southwark,
carpenter, widower, and Hannah Hart of the same pariah, spinster,
26 : at St. Saviour, or St. Olave, or Lambeth.


18 Mar., 173|. Daniel Burgess of Egham, husbandman, single,
27, and Mary Hooker of Egham, widow, 30; at Chertsey. John
Willis of Chertsey, 2nd s. Both mark.

22 Mar., 1733. Christopher Marshall of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, merchant, bachelor, 24, and Marj- RusseU of St. Saviour,
Southwark, spinster, 22 ; at St. Thomas, Southwarke, or Woodman-
stone, or Christ Church, SuiTey.

29 Mar., 1733. John HaseU of St. Mary, Woohioth, London,
bachelor, 30, and Mary Moorcroft of the same parish, spinster, 30 ; at
St. Saviour's, Southwark. "Both of them being feUow servants."
Robert Davis of St. Saidour's, glass man, 2nd s.

31 Mar., 1733. Luke Edwin of Hendon, co. Middlesex, labourer,
bachelor, 26, and Hannah Lovejoy of Kingston-upon-Thames, spinster,
23 ; at Thames Ditton or East Moulsey.

31 Mar., 1733. Edward Stanford of Sheere, yeoman, 21, and
Elizabeth Turner of Sheere, spinster, 23 ; at Sheere or Abinger.
Thomas Campion of Guldeford, cordwainer, 2nd s. Both sign.

13 Apr., 1734. Matthew AUen of Bentley, co. Southton, farrier,
and Mary White of New Ahesford, co. Southton, spinster ; at Old
Alresford. John Ayhng of Bentley, Gent., 2nd s. Both sign.

13 Apr., 1734 (1734 in the Bond, 1736 in the Allegation). Isaac
Newman of Godalming, stocking weaver, bachelor, 22, and Alice
Aldridge of Godahning, spinster, 30; at St. Martha on the Hill.
Henry Toft of Godalming, stocking weaver, 2nd s. Both sign.

13 Apr., 1734. Nathaniel Pink of Bishop's Sutton, co. Southton,
husbandman, bachelor, 24, and Ann Gunner of CrondaU, co. Southton,
spinster, 24 ; at Farnham. John Beldam of Farnham, butcher, 2nd s.
Both sign.

16 Apr., 1734. John Dennyer of Wotton, co. Surrey, husbandman,
bachelor, 30, and Anne Gary of Wotton, spinster, 24 ; at St. Marie's,
Guildford. Wm. Child of Holy Trinity [Guildford], tailor, 2nd s.
Both sign.

17 Apr., 1734. John Piper of Croydon, carpenter, bachelor, 29,
and Susan Colgate of Croydon, spinster, 25 ; at Godstone. John
Killick of Godstone, baker, 2nd s. Both sign.

21 Apr., 1734. Henry Mant of Hedley, co. Southton, bachelor,
24, and Ann VaUor of Hedley, spinster, 24 ; at Frensham. Peter
Rivers of Bramshott, co. Southton, 2nd s. Both sign.

23 Apr., 1734. Robert Porter of Worplesdon, weaver, bachelor,
40, and Sarah Wood of Horsham, co. Sussex, spinster ; at St. Martha's.
Richard Armstrong of St. Marie's, Guildford, linen draper, 2nd a.
Both sign.

24 Apr., 1734. John Butler of Brampshott, co. Southton, G«nt.,
widower, and Anne Whitehead of Brampshott, spinster, 25 ; at
Haslemere or Brampshott. John Wakeford the younger of Haslemere,
gentleman, 2nd s. Both sign.

26 Apr., 1734. Edward Northey of Epsom, Esq., bachelor, 21,
and Mrs. Susannah Peirce of Epsom, spinster, 21 ; at Bansted.
Signature of S' Edw. Northey.


27 Apr., 1734. Josepli Kingham of Walton-upon-Tliames,
cordwainer, bachelor, 22, and Mary Burchet of Walton, spinster, 25 ;
at Long Ditton. John Burchet of Walton-upon-Thames, cordwainer,
2nd s. Both sign.

29 Apr., 1734. James Parker of Pulborough, co. Sussex,
husbandman, 26, and Ann Hackinan of Godalming, spinster, 29 ; at
GodaLming. Joshua Hackman of Godalming, victualler, 2nd s.

29 Apr., 1734. John Young, of Farnham, husbandman, bachelor,
22, and Mary Grout of Farnham, spinster, 22 ; at Farnham. Henry
Allen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s. Both sign.

4 May, 1734. Edward Cuplen of Albury, husbandman, bachelor,
26, and Sarah Stredwick of Albury, spinster, 25 ; at St. Martha on
the Hill. Wm. Child of Holy Trinity, Guildford, tailor, 2nd s. Both

5 May, 1734. Henry Gosden of Godakning, farmer, bachelor, 28.
and Mary Caringham of Thursley, spinster, 25 ; at St. Martha's,
Wm. Smyth of Kingston, shoemaker, 2nd s. He marks. H. G.

6 May, 1734. John Tupper of Abinger, sawyer, bachelor, 27,
and Grace Cooper of Abinger, spinster, 25 ; at Dorking. George
Denyar of Albury, husbandman, 2nd s., marks. J. T. signs.

9 May, 1734. Francis Searle of St. Nicholas, Guildford, yeoman,
bachelor, 22, and Mary Parsons of Compton, co. Surrey, spinster, 22,
at Frensham. John Denton of Frensham, 2nd s. F. S. signs well.

9 May, 1734. Robert Phipps of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London,
bachelor, 21, and Mary Giddings of St. John, Wapping, co. Middlesex,
spinster, 21 ; at Tooting Graveney. Benjamin Giddings of St. John,

13 May, 1734. John Lane of Staines, co. Middlesex, inn-holder,
bachelor, 25, and Sarah Warden of Chertsey, spinster, 25 ; at

13 May, 1734. Richard Winter of Thursly, labourer, bachelor,
21, and Mary Boxall of Bramley, spinster, 21 ; at ShaHord. Thomas
Street of BranJey, yeoman, and John Arnold of Bramley, coUar
maker, ss. Both sign. Penalty, £100.

15 May, 1734. William Coster of Staynes, co. Middlesex,
husbandman, single man, 32, and Susan Parson of Laylham, co.
Middlesex, single woman, 25 ; at Chertsey. Richard Jordan of
Chertsey, bricklayer, 2nd s. Both sign.

16 May, 1734. Nicholas Monger of Godalming, framework
knitter, 22, and Elizabeth Monger of Godalming, 25 ; at Pepper-
harrow, Godalming, or Hambledon. Nicholas Edsell of Godalming,
framework knitter, 2nd s. Both sign.

21 May, 1734. Thomas Cousins of Chertsey, gardener, single
man, 21, and Elizabeth Mulford of Chertsey, single woman, 22 ; at
Chertsey. George Jordan of Chertsey, bricklayer, 2nd s. Both sign.

22 May, 1734. John Gauntlett of Farnham, yeoman, bachelor,
34, and Lucy Trimmer of Binsted, co. Southton, spinster, 27 ; at ... .
John How of Farnham, carpenter, 2nd s. Both sign.


23 May, 1734. ThomaB Moore of Dorking, maltster, widower,
40, and Susan Lisney of Dorking, widow, 30 ; at Dorking. Henry
Martyr of Dorking, inn-holder, 2nd s. Both sign.

26 May, 1734. William Ayres, the younger, of Ripley, parish of
Send, gardener, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth Burchett of St. Olave's,
Southwark, single woman, 28 ; at Wisley or Send. John Wood of
Ripley (? Send), labourer, 2nd s. Both sign.

27 May, 1734. Benjamin Hudson of St. John, Southwark,
baker, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth Smith, of the same parish, spinster,
18 ; at Christ Church, Surrey.

Solemn declaration and affii-mation of Edward Smith of St. John,
Southwark, felt maker, that he is one of the Dissenters from the
Church of England, commonly called Quakers, and that he is the
father of the said Ehzabeth S., and consenting to the said intended

30 May, 1734. John Ede of Woking, husbandman, bachelor, 28,
and Mary Sherrott of Woking, widow, 30 ; at West Horsley. Richard
Peters of Woking, blacksmith, 2nd s. John Ede, his mark ; Joseph
Eed, signature.

1 June, 1734. WiUiam Young of Farnham, bricklayer, bachelor,
22, and Ehzabeth Watts of Farnham, spinster, 23 ; at St. Martha's.
Thomas Taylour of Frimlye, labourer, 2nd s.

4 June, 1734. Richard Keighley of Cudham, co. Kent, bachelor,
31, and Mary Knolden of Godstone, spinster, 22 ; at Godstone.
Richard Wright of Godstone, 2nd s. Both sign.

5 June, 1734. Thomas Greener, the younger, of Farnborrow,
CO. Southton, carpenter, bachelor, 30, and Mary Pither of Farnborrow,
spinster, 22 ; at Farnham. Thomas Greener, the elder, of Farnborrow,
gardener, 2nd s.

8 June, 1734. William Ede of Newdigate, co. Surrey, husband-
man, widower, 40, and Anne Pinion of Newdigate, widow, 30 ; at
Newdigate or Dorking. WiUiam Badger of Dorking, periwig maker,
2nd s. He signs. W. E. makes his mark.

10 June, 1734. James Rickett (or Rickardes) of Worplesdon,
husbandman, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth Byrd of Worplesdon,
widow, 47 ; at St. Martha's. Richard Chapman of Woking, husband-
man, 2nd s.

13 June, 1734. Henry Davy of Yately, co. Hants, domestic
servant to Mr. Symmonds there, bachelor, 30, and Angel Burningham
of Yately, widow, 40; at St. Marie's, Guildford. "Thos. Frost of
Yately, servant, 2nd s. Both mark.

14 June, 1734. John Paige of Watlington, co. Norfolk, brick
maker, bachelor, 36, and Anne Puckeridge of Alton, co. Southampton,
widow, 30 ; at Farnham. Wm. Nash of Farnham, inn-holder, 2nd s.
Both sign.

18 June, 1734. Charles Vanacker of Godahning, painter,
bachelor, 25, and Damaris Finch of St. Marie's, Guildford, spinster,
23 ; at St. Martha's. James Toft of Godahning, stocking weaver,
2nd s. Both sign.


21 June, 1734. William Ifold of St. Marie's, Guildford, maltster,
widower, 30, and Hannah Brown of Holy Trinity, Guildford, spinster,
21 ; at St. Martha's, Holy Trinity, or St. Marie's, Guildford. Wm.
Matthew of Holy Trinity, Guildford, carpenter, 2iid s.

24 June, 1734. Joseph Proctor (or Prockter) of Rygate, Gent.,
bachelor, 23, and Jenny Bosier of Rygate, single woman, 24 ; at
Hedley or Dorking, in Surrey. William Swan of Dorking, chair
maker, 2nd s. Both sign.

25 June, 1734. John Colcock of Ifield, co. Sussex, yeoman,
bachelor, 33 or 23 (age has been altered in original), and Susan
Nightingale of Crawley, co. Sussex, spinster, 24 ; at Godstone.
George Jones of Ifield, 2nd e. Both sign.

26 June, 1734. Edmund Drinkwater of Trinity Parish, London,
(sic), oilman, widower, and Elizabeth Lester of St. Thomas, Southwark,
spinster, 20 ; at Christ Church, Surrey. With consent of Elizabeth
Wilson (late wife of Joseph Lester, deceased), of the Parish of
St. Thomas, Southwark, the mother of the said Elizabeth Lester.
Sign, of Edmund Drinkwater and Eliz. Wilson.

27 June, 1734. Robert Hurst of St. George, Hanover Square,
Westminster, sadler, bachelor, 25, and Elizabeth Chadwick of Chertsey,
spinster, 22 ; at Kingston-upon-Thames. John Paterson of Kingston-
upon-Thames, inn-keeper, 2nd s. Both sign.

2 July, 1734. George Byrd of Darking, farmer, bachelor, 23,
and Mary Symmonds of Darking, spinster, 23 ; at St. Martha's or
Holy Trinity, Guildford. John Farnham of Holy Trinity [Guildford],
victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.

3 July, 1734. Peter Dickinson of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, bachelor, 34, and Joanna Cheshire of St. Mary,

Newington, widow, 30; at John Morris of St. Mary

Magdalene, Bermondsey, clerk, 2nd s. Both sign.

6 July, 1734. Henry Marchant (or Merechant) of Farnham, hat
maker, bachelor, 24, and Mary Matthews, now Uving in Farnham,
spinster, 22 ; at Farnham.

8 July, 1734. John Dell of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey,
felhnonger, bachelor, 25, and Rachael Stibbs of Wandsworth, spinster,
24 ; at St. Thomas, Southwark.

8 Jtdy, 1734. Timothy Eghngton of St. Gyles, Cripplegate,
London, Gent., widower, 34, and AvareUar Bean of St. Gyles,
Cripplegate, widow, 30 ; at Lingfield. Peter Eglington of Christ
Church, London, Gent., 2nd s. Both sign.

13 July, 1734. John Howard of Purbright, carpenter, bachelor,
21 "on 1st day of September next," and Anne Wellar of

Worplesdon, spinster, 25 ; at Richard Seller of Purbright

made oath that he is godfather to the within-named John Howard,
that he lives near him in the said parish, and is well acquainted
with his parents, that all things are fair and equal, and that he
does not know that the parents of John Howard are otherwise than
willing and consenting to his marriage with Anne WeUer aforesaid. —
Richard Seller, Wm. Bibber of Guildford, servant, 2nd a. With
consent of his father, John Howard, Sen., of Pirbright.


14 July, 1734. Richard Matthew of Farnham, bachelor, 32,
and Barbarah Booker of Farnham, spinster, 33 ; at Seal or Elsted.
Edmund Chase of Frensham, 2nd s.

15 July, 1734. John Geale of Croydon, carpenter, 21, and Jane
Tunnell of Braniley, spinster, 21 ; at St. Mary, Guldeford. Thomas
Mayor of Godalming, framework knitter, 2nd s. Both sign.

17 July, 1734. Richard Bartlett of Chiddingfold, blacksmith,
34, and Anne Ryde of Chiddingfold, spinster, 30; at Chiddingfold,
Hambledon, or Hascomb. Henry Eede of Chiddingfold, timber
merchant, 2nd s. Both sign.

20 July, 1734. John Tanworth of Bramly, yeoman, bachelor,

21, and Sarah Balchin of Braniley, 20 ; at Streatham or Shalford, co.
Surrey. Edward Walker of Bramley, yeoman, 2nd s. Both sign,
"that he hath the consent of her parents."

22 July, 1734. Thomas Trinnner of Compton, husbandman,
bachelor, 55, and Mary Beagly of Com23ton, widow, 56 ; at Farnham.
Thomas SeUon of Farnham, blacksmith, 2nd s.

23 July, 1734. Stephen Line of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey,
bachelor, 21, and Ehzabeth Vanner of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey,
spinster, 18 ; at ... . Paul Line of St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey,
2nd s. Both sign.

26 July, 1734. Peter Shortman of Byfleet, wire drawer, widower,
28, and Sarah Newlyn of Wisley, co. Surrey, single woman, 18 ; at
Wisley or Send. With consent of Peter Kewlyn of Wisley, Gent.,
uncle and guardian of Sarah Newlyn. Thomas Newlyn of Wisley,
Gent., 2nd s. Both sign.

27 July, 1734. Richard Sylver of St. Bridget, als. Bride, Fleet
Street, London, haberdasher, bachelor, 39, and EUenor Carrol of St.
Bridget, als. Bride, spinster, 38 ; at St. Olliffe, Southwark.

3 Aug., 1734. Stephen Goard of Godstone, labourer, bachelor,

22, and Mary Tab of " LingviUe," co. Sussex, spinster, 28; at
Godstone. Wm. Richardson of Godstone, 2nd s.

3 Aug., 1734. Stephen Babbidge of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, widower, and Elizabeth Leach of St. Maiy Magdalene,

Bermondsey, spinster, 36 ; at Joseph Lock of St. Mary

Magdalene, Bermondsey, 2nd s. Both sign.

5 Aug., 1734. Thomas Butler of Banstead, carpenter, bachelor,
27, and Martha Dibble of Dorking, spinster, 21 ; at Dorking. John
Nettlefold of Betchworth, yeoman, 2nd s. T. B. signs. J. N. marks.

6 Aug., 1734. Richard Berryman of Chertsey, yeoman, bachelor,
22, and Ann Deane of Colebroke, co. Bucks, spinster, 22 ; at Thames
Ditton. Richard Deane of Chertsey, yeoman, and Wm. Jeale of
Isleworth, co. Middlesex, maltster, ss.

6 Aug., 1734. William Osborn of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, bachelor, 26, and Sarali Johnson of Walthamstow,

CO. Esses," spinster, 28 ; at Richard ElUson of St. Mary

Magdalene, Bermondsey, 2nd s. Both sign.


12 Aug., 1734. Isaac Style of Sunbury, co. Middlesex, farmer,
single man, 30, and Susanna Haskins of "St. James," co. Middlesex,
single woman, 28 ; at Chertsey. Thomas Biggs of Chertsey, 2nd s.
Both sign.

19 Aug., 1734. Henry Denyer of Wonersli, widower, 21, and
Elizabeth Stone of Albury, 21 ; at St. Martha on the Hill. James
Lee of Stoke, co. Surrey, 2'ud e. Both sign.

24 Aug., 1734. Benjamin Bowyer of Richmond, draper, bachelor,
28, andMargarett Adams, otherwise Fauntleroy, of Riclmiond, spinster,
21 ; at Chertsey, Weybridge, or Walton-upon-Thames.

26 Aug., 1734. John Smet of Whitechapel, co. Middlesex,
dealer in hoUand, widower, and Mary Rose of Whitechapel, widow ;
at Battersea.

28 Aug., 1734. Ralph Uvedale of Ewell, co. Surrey, Gent.,
bachelor, 25, and Mary Russell of Nutfield, spinster, 22 ; at Chipstead.
Sign, of R. V.

30 Aug., 1734. Joseph Shirley of St. Mary's, Guldeford, cooper,
28, and Jane Mackartney of Guldeford, spinster, 25; at St. Mary,
Guldeford, or St. Martha on the Hill. John Underwood of Holy
Trinity, Giddeford, victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.

6 Sept., 1734. Richard Hampshire of Albury, farmer, bachelor,
22, and Elizabeth KeUsey of Wonersh, spinster, 20 ; at St. Martha's.
John Hill of Wonersh, maltster, made oath that he is uncle to
Elizabeth Kellsey, and knows, and hereby declares, that he has heard
her father, Wm. KeUeey, testify his consent to her marriage. John
Hill. J. Hill is 2nd s.

6 Sept., 1734. Richard Waterer of Woking, husbandman,
bachelor, 30, and Mary Wells of Woking, spinster, 30 ; at St. Martha
on the Hill. R. W. signs. WiUiam Wells of Woking, fanner, 2nd s.,
makes his mark.

7 Sept., 1734. Thomas Matthew of Hambledon, servant to Mi-.
Elliott, Rector of the Parish, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth Green of
Chiddingfold, spinster, 25 ; at Hambledon.

8. Sept., 1734. Robert Stone of Staines, co. Middlesex, mealman,
bachelor, 30, and Rebecca Harris of Staines, spinster, 21 ; at Windlesham.

10 Sept., 1734. Jeremiah Willford of St. Mary Magdalene,
Bermondsey, rope maker, bachelor, 34, and Mary Dent of St. Mary
Magdalene, Bermondsey, spinster, 26 ; at St. Saviour, Southwark.

11 Sept., 1734. John Ives of Woking, husbandman, bachelor,
26, and Amey Elmes of Ash, co. Surrey, spinster, 23 ; at Purbright
or Bisley. Edward Young of Farnham, salesman, 2nd s. Both sign.

11 Sept., 1734. Thomas Hills of Godstone, labourer, bachelor,
30, and Mary Tamplin of Godstone, spinster, 25 ; at Godstone.
Thomas Plaw of Godstone, 2nd s. Both sign.

14 Sept., 1734. John Balchin of " Shawford," co. Surrey,
yeoman, and Eleanor Lutman of Bentley, co. Southton, single woman ;
at Bentley, co. Southton. Jonathan Groves of Bentley, yeoman,


14 Sept., 1734. Robert Swaysland of Godstone, husbandman,
bachelor, 49, and Ann Woodgate of Godstone, spinster, 27 ; at
Godstone. Wilham CanfiU of Godstone, labourer, 2nd s.

14 Sept., 1734. Jeoffrey Pullen (or Pidlyn) of Godahuing, comb
maker, bachelor, 25, and Anne Watersfield of Godalming, spinster,
22 ; at St. Martha's. WiUiam Child of Guildford, taylour, 2nd s.

16 Sept., 1734. John Hill of Northfleet, co. Kent, yeoman,
widower, 35, and Clementia Trigg of Kingsdown, co. Kent, widow,
34 ; at Home, co. Surrey. Thomas Everist of Hever, co. Kent, 2nd s.
Both sign.

17 Sept., 1734. John Ballcbin of BranJey, yeoman, widower, 40,

and Ehzabeth Hart of Bramlc}', spinster, 21 ; at John Hart

of St. Nicholas, Guildford, brick burner, 2nd s.

21 Sept., 1734 (1734 on Bond, 1724 in Allegation). James Sanders
of " Stains," carpenter, 22, and Anne Goodwain of Sunbury, single
woman, 22 ; at Chertsey. Robert Street of Chertsey, 2nd s. Both

21 Sept., 1734. James MiUist of Wistley, husbandman, bachelor,
22, and Mary Swann of Wisley, spinster, 23 ; at St. Martha's.

23 Sept., 1734. John Betts of Holy Trinity, Guildford, barber,
bachelor, 30, and Ehzabeth Watersfield of Holy Trinity, Guildford,
spinster, 22 ; at Holy Trinity, Guildford. WiUiam Mills of St. Marie's,
Guildford, grocer, 2nd s.

24 Sept., 1734. Anne Vinall of Hurstperpoint, co. Sussex,
widow, and James Bucksell of Woodmausterne, bachelor, 24 ; at
Headly, co. Surrey.

2 Oct., 1734. William Geater (or Jeater) of Stoke Dawbom,
blacksmith, bachelor, 40, and Maiy More of Esher, spinster, 40 ; at
Esher or Stoke Dawborn. Robert Tilsley of Kingston-upou-Thames,
blacksmith, 2nd s. Both sign.

2 Oct., 1734. • Robert Chandler of Thames Ditton, taylor,
l)acbeior, 28, and Ann Wicks of Esher, spinster, 24 ; at Kingston-
upou-Thames or Long Ditton. John Monger of Thames Ditton,
barber, 2nd s. Both sign.

2 Oct., 1734. John Bissell of Staues, co. Middlesex, apothecary,
bachelor, 30, and Mary Beighton of Egham, spinster, 25 ; at Egham.
Thos. Beighton, clerk and vicar of Egham, 2nd s. Both sign.

5 Oct., 1734. John Corbet of Waltham, co. Southampton,
husbandman, bachelor, 26, and Jane Bradley of Waltham, spinster,
24 ; at Faruham. John Corbet, the elder, of Waltham, husbandman,
2ud s. Both sign.

5 Oct., 1734. Richard Huntingford of Worplesdon, yeoman,
bachelor, 24, and Alice Atfeild of Stoke next Guldeford, spinster, 22 ;
at Worplesdon, Stoke, or Send. John Bullen of Stoke next Guildford,
gentleman, 2nd s. Both sign.

9 Oct., 1734. Robert Boxall of Midhiu-st, co. Sussex, maltster,
bachelor, 25, and Jane Collins of Sheer, spinster, 30 ; at St. Martha's
H 2


or St. Marie's, Guildford. Jolin Mills of St. Marie's, Guildford,
victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.

10 Oct., 1734. Abraham Jones of Kingsley, co. Southton,
husbandman, widower, 60, and Sarali Carter of Headly, co. Southampton,
widow, 50 ; at Farnham. Harry Allen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s.

11 Oct., 1734. Thomas Collyer of Elsted, co. Sm-rey, bachelor,

26, and Betty BoxaU of " Chiltiugfold," spinster, 23 ; at

John Wilkinson of Pepi^erharrow, 2nd s. Both sign.

14 Oct., 1734. Robert Fincham of St. Pancras, Middlesex,
gardiner, bachelor, 25, and PrisciUa Hancock of Ishngton, widow ; at

15 Oct., 1734. William Percy of Eashire, shop keeper, bachelor,
24, and Maiy Hayman of Esher, spinster, 22 ; at Eashire.

16 Oct., 1734. Stephen Crawle of Headly, co. Southton, husband-
man, bachelor, 21, and Sarah Key of Newiham, co. Southampton,
spinster, 24 ; at Farnham.

17 Oct., 1734. WiUiam CoUgate of Bromley, co. Kent, husband-
man, bachelor, 29, and EUzabeth W'ickenden of Bromley, spinster, 30,
at Godstone. William Allen of Lympsfield, wheelwright, 2nd s. He
signs. W. C. marks.

21 Oct., 1734. Stephen Mascall of Dorking, "heg?," « bachelor, 22,
and Sarah Bilby of Dorking, spinster, 22 ; at Mickleham. Edward
Marshall of Leathered, shoemaker, 2ud s. Both sign.

23 Oct., 1734. Thomas Gent of Holy Trinity, Guildford,
victualler, bachelor, 30, and Charity Sutton of Chichester, co. Sussex,
spinster, 22 ; at St. Martha's.

24 Oct., 1734. Richard Bryan of Sheppen Norton,t co. Oxford,
single man, 22, and Sarah Stone of Stanes, co. Middlesex, single
woman, 30 ; at Chertsey. George Jordan of Chertsey, 2nd s. Both

30 Oct., 1734. John Wadham of Wincanton, co. Somerset,
brick maker, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Davy of Ashtead, spinster,
22 ; at Leathered. Wm. Davj' of Ashtead, husbandman, 2nd s.

31 Oct., 1734. Richard Brown of Farnham, malster, bachelor,
26, and Anne Tubbs of Farnham, spinster, 22 ; at Farnham. Henry
AUen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s.

1 Nov., 1734. Edward Gatton of St. Mary, White Chappell,
CO. Middlesex, carpenter, widower, and Mary ChurchiU of All Hallows,
Barking, London, widow ; at Lambeth or Clapham, co. Surrey.

1 Nov., 1734. Benjamin Longwith, rector of Petworth, co.
Sussex, Doctor of Divinity, bachelor, 49, and Sarah Gregory of
Darking, spinster, 29 ; at Hedley (? Surrey). George Hohne, Doctor
of Divinity, rector of Hedley, co. Southton, 2nd s. Both sign.

3 Nov., 1734. John Mildred of Farnham, cordwainer, bachelor,
23, and Joan Hewitt of Farnham, spinster, 26 ; at Farnham. James
Longhurst of Farnham, cordwainer, 2nd s. Both sign.

• Higler. t Chipping Norton.


4 Nov., 1734. Nathaniell Richbell of Walton on the Hill, malt
maker, baclielor, 30, and Olive Morrice of Banstead, spinster, 30 ; at
Banstead. Eicliard Hurst of Dorking, bricklayer, 2nd s. Both sign.

4 Nov., 1734. Thomas Hockley of Godalming, tallow chandler,
widower, 45, and Elizabeth Garratt of Godahning, widow, 55 ; at
East Clandon, East Horsley, or " the United Churches in Guildford."
Johu Mills of Guildford, victualler, 2nd s. Both sign.

7 Nov., 1734. Charles Freeland of Farnham, hay maker,
bachelor, 24, and Sarah Howell of Farnham, spinster, 23 ; at Farnham.
John Allen of Farnham, glover, 2nd s. Both sign.

8 Nov., 1734. Nicholas Hosmar of Esher, servant to the Duke of
Newcastle, bachelor, 50, and Ann Bui'ton of Esher, spinster, 30 ; at
Long Ditton. John King of Esher, baker, 2nd s. Both sign.

9 Nov., 1734. Thomas Steer of Burstow, farmer, widower, and
Susannah Bristow of Burstow, spinster, 21 ; at St. Saviour, Southwark.

11 Nov., 1734. Charles Hossack of St. Saviom-'s, Southwark,
marriner, bachelor, 25, and Elizabeth DoUanson of St. Saviour's,
Southwark, spinster, 23 ; at St. Saviour's, Southwark.

21 Nov., 1734. Thomas Cowper of Pyrford, yeoman, widower,
55, and Ann Carpenter of Byfleet, single woman, 39 ; at Wisley or
Pyi-ford. John Cowper of Woking, taylor, 2ud s. He signs.

24 Nov., 1734. John Cheesman of Godalming, carpenter,
bachelor, 27, and Ehzabeth Smyth of Godahning, spinster, 20 ; at
Wonersh, St. Martha's, or St. Mary's, Guildford. With consent of
her mother, Hannah Smyth of the same parish. Francis Floyd of